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Dick T. Morgan Collection, 1880-1920
Carl Albert Center, University of Oklahoma

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Series 8: Cards, Invitations, Programs, Travelogues, etc., 1888-1928 (bulk: 1898-1920), continued

Box/Folder Number: 7/1
Folder Title and Dates: Invitations

This folder contains invitations to the Congressional Club, memorials, and commencement exercises. There is also personal correspondence.

Box/Folder Number: 7/2
Folder Title and Dates: Invitations

This folder contains invitations to commencement exercises, special events and dinners, weddings, Christmas activities, and News Year's activities. There are also invitations from President William Howard Taft's Cabinet and from the Congressional Club.

Folder contents include the following item(s): membership lists, Congressional Club, 1916, 1918; bylaws, Congressional Club, 1916, 1918.

Box/Folder Number: 7/3
Folder Title and Dates: Invitations

This folder contains invitations to Congressional Club events, weddings, the New Orleans Pan American Exposition, and commencement exercises. Wedding invitations include on to the wedding of President Woodrow Wilson's daughter. There are other invitations from Presidents William Howard Taft and Woodrow Wilson.

Box/Folder Number: 7/4
Folder Title and Dates: Invitations

This folder contains invitations to the unveiling of a statue, commencement exercises, and weddings. There is an invitation from President William Howard Taft.

Folder contents include the following item(s): yearbook, Congressional Club, February 1920.

Box/Folder Number: 7/5
Folder Title and Dates: Invitations

This folder contains invitations to Congressional Club events, weddings, commencement exercises, and special events. There is an invitation from Vice President Thomas R. Marshall.

Folder contents include the following item(s): miniature hand fan.

Box/Folder Number: 7/6
Folder Title and Dates: Mementoes

Folder contents include the following item(s): perfume bottles; wallets of Porter Morgan (containing cards and licenses; campaign buttons; letter openers; cards and passes; leaf cut out (leather); woodcut print on tissue paper; funeral crape; congressional member's pass; miniature flower pot with plant; miniature elephant; "How to Behave at a Banquet," booklet; delegate badge, Deep Waterway Convention, October 30-November 2, 1909; small banner on which is printed "Morgan"; announcement, Central Law School (Indianapolis, Indiana); bond stamp, January 1, 1888; small ribbon on which is printed "Christian Church To-night"; invitation; card for "Buff and Morgan, Attorneys-at-Law"; miniature bust of Mark Twain; ticket, Republican National Convention, Chicago, June 1904.

Box/Folder Number: 7/7
Folder Title and Dates: Pamphlets

Folder contents include the following item(s): pamphlet, Indiana Society, 1910; program, senior class day, June 10, 1903; program, thirteenth annual convention, Oklahoma Missionary Society, September 19-22, 1904; program, twelfth annual convention, Oklahoma Missionary Society, September 15-17, 1903; sale brochure for a house, Washington, D. C.; forty-ninth annual catalog, Union Christian College, 1908-1909; directory, First Christian Church (Woodward, Oklahoma), 1908; Christmas card, Midshipman Class, U. S. Naval Academy, 1919; pamphlet, 184th anniversary of George Washington's birthday; program, Third Subscription Concert, Symphony Society of New York, February 25, 1918; New National Theater Magazine; bill of the play, Belasco Theater, 1916-1917 season; brochure, presentation of I. J. Paderewski, pianist, by Mrs. Wilson-Greene, December 17, 1915; brochure, Polish Victims Relief Fund, October 15, 1915; brochure, presentation of John McCormack, tenor, by Mrs. Wilson-Greene, November 26, 1915; program, Biennial Session of the National Council of Women, January 12-14,1916; booklet, "Dr. J. A. McLean's Almanac and Diary," 1893; booklet, "Some Old Historic Landmarks of Virginia and Maryland, 1904; report, Oklahoma World's Fair Commissioners, 1902; calendar, Drake University, 1902; program, annual banquet, State Oratorical Association, February 27, 1902; program for a convention (newspaper clipping); advertisement and recipe card, Carnadero Orchard, Santa Clara County, California.

Box/Folder Number: 7/8
Folder Title and Dates: Pamphlets

Folder contents include the following item(s): "Share Clean," booklet of pink and blue tissue paper; envelope, L. P. Northrup, jeweler and optician, Woodward, Oklahoma; brochure, "War, Painting and Drawing by British Artists," Corcoran Gallery, Washington, D. C., January 2-February 2, 1919; map showing interstate shipment sales tax (includes pressed flower); advertisement, Lake Minnewaska Mountain Houses, May 29-October 1, 1912; "About Our Ancestors--The Morgans," excerpt from Southern Womens Magazine; "Prairie Creek Arbutus," high school yearbook, March 1911, March 1912; Christmas card; philosophical postcard; A Little Book of New Year's Wishes, 1909; brochure, Jefferson Hotel, Richmond, Virginia; "Grand Concert by the Woodward Commercial Club Band," program, October 26-27, 1908; program, third annual Woodward County (Oklahoma) fair, September 13-16, 1910; program, G. A. R. reunion, August 24-27, 1910; Christmas menu, 1909; receipts, registered mail, 1904-1908, 1910.

Box/Folder Number: 7/9
Folder Title and Dates: Pamphlets

Folder contents include the following item(s): advertisement, Hotel Donald, Washington, D. C.; advertisement, Parisian dye works, Oklahoma City; Easter menu, Dewey Hotel, Washington, D. C., 1916; Thanksgiving menu, Dewey Hotel, Washington, D. C., 1915; New Year's Dinner menu, Congress Hall Hotel, 1919; Thanksgiving menu, Congress Hall Hotel, 1918; Christmas Day Dinner menu, Congress Hall Hotel, 1917; room bills, Congress Hall Hotel, March 1, 1909, December 1, 1908; Lincoln calendar, 1920; program, commencement exercises, Drake University, 1903; The Delphic, April 17, May 22, 29, June 9, 1903; pamphlet, "The Bishop of Oxford's Riddle"; handbill for millinery goods, Williams (proprietor), Perry, Oklahoma; "Mexico by a Mexican," lecture, May 17, 1914; report cards, sixth grade, William Morgan, 1926-1927; program, commencement exercises, Drake University Music Conservatory, 1903; catalog, Drake University; program, commencement exercises, School of Oratory, Drake University; Serbian Aid Fund calendar, 1920; menu, King Ying Low Restaurant, 1928; season ticket, Lyceum Course, Y. M. C. A., 1903-1904; Thanksgiving menu, Congress Hall Hotel, 1919; "Vote for Hon. Dick T. Morgan for Congress," poster; report card, fourth grade, Porter Morgan, 1927; postcard; Christmas dinner menu, Congress Hall Hotel, 1919; souvenir program, Perry Lyceum Course, 1898-1899; "Publicity with Motion Pictures," pamphlet, Bureau of Commercial Economics.

Box/Folder Number: 7/10
Folder Title and Dates: Pamphlets

Folder contents include the following item(s): death notice, Vinnie R. Hoxie; certificate of membership, Women of '89, for Morgan's wife; map of New Orleans and Northeastern Railway, Alabama and Vicksburg Railway, Vicksburg, Shreveport, and Pacific Railway, and connections; notice for settlement in Oklahoma, December 1900; notice for eleventh Patriotic Vesper Service; "Seventh Edition Training Course," pamphlet, International Sunday School Convention; speech notes; name card for H. O. Brown; dinner ticket, National Civic Federation, March 6, 1912; advertisement, "How Great Britain Prepared," Belasco Theater; speaking schedule; menu, twelfth annual dinner, National Civic Federation, New Willard Hotel, March 6, 1912; seating list; program, fifth annual convention, Oklahoma Christian Endeavor Union, May 31, June 12, 1895; advertisement, Queens of England (George Barrie and Sons, Publishers); "India Relief Proclamation," May 16, 1900; program, library benefit concert; "Camp Songs of the United States Army and Navy," pamphlet; "Schedule of the President's River Trip from St. Louis to New Orleans," October 25-30, 1909; handbill, Juvenile Cantata, Kansas City; eighth report card, William Morgan, 1928; report card, sixth grade, Porter Morgan, 1928; "Messages for Our Soldiers and Sailors," flyer; "The House in Which Abraham Lincoln Died," brochure; program, banquet, Delta Chi Founders Day, October 13, 1927; program, song recital, Congressional Club; invitation, Thanksgiving festivities, University of Oklahoma; program, annual Christmas concert, University of Oklahoma; program, first convention, Second District, The Woman's Christian Temperance Union (includes card written by Frances E. Willard), September 21-22, 1898; sales pamphlet, House of Brentano's, 1912; program and menu, twenty-first annual banquet of the Drake alumni; program, commencement exercises, Belcourt Seminary, 1913; letter from Mary Heath to Morgan and his wife, February 20, 1907; advertisement, Heath's railroad coupler; clothing shop receipts; card, Parisian Cleaning and Dye Works; calendar, Lungstras Dyeing and Cleaning Co., 1904; "Bill Affair" riddle card; notes; bill, Congress Hall Hotel, January 1, 1919; manuscript for the play "John and Harry on a Fishing Trip"; "Municipal Organ, City of Portland, Maine, City Hall Auditorium," brochure; "Facts of Interest about the Mississippi River," brochure; "America My Country," postcard; "The First National Community Song Day," songbook, December 9, 1917; weekly program, Columbia Theater, January 2, 1911; advertisement, Mildred L. Garrison, teacher of piano and accompanist; tickets, Wabash Railway Line; "Down the Mississippi River," pamphlet describing President William Howard Taft's trip, October 25, 1909; daily schedule, Congressional Club, March 24, 1918; "Home Club Entertainment by the Office of the Secretary," brochure, Department of the Interior, May 4, 1914; "Musical Entertainment by the Ladies of the Christian Church, Benefit, Perry Concert Band," program, May 2, 1895; newspaper clipping about Morgan's interest in the liberty sale; "The Crazy Tea," card; schedule, song recital, April 14, 1916; program, President's Day, Cape Girardeau, Missouri, October 26, 1909; "The Renaissance of Asia," card, April 17, 1914.

Box/Folder Number: 7/11
Folder Title and Dates: Programs

Folder contents include the following item(s): brochure for Girls' Declamatory Contest, Woodward Public Schools (Woodward, Oklahoma), May 1905; "The Magic Mirror," brochure, Woodward City Schools (Woodward, Oklahoma), April 7, 1905; "The District School at Python Opera House," brochure, April 20, 1905; "Musical Programme by the Red Men's Band," April 14, 1905; "Reception Banquet and Grand Ball," brochure, September 3, 1890; menu for fifth inaugural banquet, May 13, 1901; newspaper clipping about election for U. S. House race; "The Coburn Players Present 'As You Like It' and 'Twelfth Night,'" brochure; brochure for Colonial Theater, 1902-1903 season; advertisement for "See Boston Guide"; brochure for Wallace statue unveiling, Washington, D. C., January 11, 1910; "New National Theater," brochure; "Thomas Travelogues," pamphlet; "The Shubert-Garrick Playbill"; brochure for B. F. Keith's Theater, 1919-1920 season; "Woman's Society of the Vermont Avenue Christian Church," brochure and calling card, 1910-1911; "Third Biennial and Sixth Convention of the Oklahoma State Federation of Women's Club," brochure, 1917; brochure for debating contest, December 20, 1898; brochure, second annual convention, Oklahoma County Sunday School Association, September 10-11, 1903; "Lincoln Sunday, Thirteenth Organ Service, City of Portland, Maine," brochure; brochure, Fifth Provisional Training Regiment, Fort Meyer, Virginia; brochure, second annual convention, Comanche County Sunday Schools (Oklahoma), August 18-21,1903; "Union Literary Society, Thanksgiving Evening," brochure, University of Oklahoma, 1899; program, Opera House, Perry, Oklahoma; "Chimes of Normandy," brochure, University of Oklahoma, June 6, 1899; "Remember the Maine," name card; "University of Oklahoma, Music Department Graduates--1899, June 8, 1899; brochure for baccalaureate services, June 4, 1899; program, First Christian Church, Guthrie, Oklahoma, July 5, 1903; program, annual commencement exercises and college forum, University of Oklahoma, June 5, 1899; brochure, second annual Inter-Collegiate Oratorical Contest, Oklahoma City, December 31, 1896; brochure for "How to Live 100 Years," New National Theater; "Mme. Lillian Nordica in Concert," brochure; "Last Days of Pompeii," brochure, Pain Fireworks, 1903.

Box/Folder Number: 7/12
Folder Title and Dates: Programs

Folder contents include the following item(s): menu and program, twenty-first annual banquet, Drake Alumni; poetry and committee list, Women of '89, 1912-1913; constitution and bylaws, Women of '89, 1911; poetry and committee list, Women of '89, 1913-1914; poetry and committee list, Women of '89, 1916-17; menu and program, complimentary to Dr. V. H. Roberts, Drake University, May 22, 1903; brochure, twenty-sixth annual banquet, Lincoln Club, Portland, Maine, February 12, 1916; "Eleventh Anniversary of the Ancient and Accepted Masons," brochure, March 15, 1928; brochure for concert, Drake Glee Club; "'The Taming of the Shrew' Presented by the Class of 1903," Drake University, June 10, 1903; "The Bird Concert," handwritten note; brochures for "The Mission Play," Old San Gabriel Mission, California, undated and 1915; "The Coming of Columbus," brochure, Washington, D. C.; "Belasco Theater Engagement of the Ben Greet Players," brochure, Washington, D. C.; "Belasco Theater Engagement of Mr. Hodge in 'The Man from Home'", May 15, 1910; "The Columbia," brochure, Washington, D. C., July 17, 1911; "Dramatic Recital and a Musical Program," brochure, the Arlington, Washington, D. C., April 10, 1912; brochure, thirteenth annual concert, Nordica Mandolin, Banjo, and Guitar Club, May 17, 1912; brochure, New National Theater, March 10, 1913; pamphlet, World's Fair ("Louisiana Purchase Exposition"), 1904; brochure for Mrs. Wilson-Greene's concernts, Polis Theater, Washington, D. C., October 28, 1919; "Tepee Trails and Wild West 101 Ranch," brochure; schedule and advertisements for 101 Ranch; seat assignment list, complimentary dinner for Joseph G. Cannon, February 15, 1913; seat assignment list, twelfth annual dinner, National Civic Federation, New Willard Hotel, Washington, D. C., March 6, 1912.

Box/Folder Number: 7/13
Folder Title and Dates: Programs

This folder originally contained commencement announcements for the University of Oklahoma, 1898-1899. They have been moved to the University of Oklahoma's Western History Collections.

Folder contents include the following item(s): "The Last Visit to America by Sarah Bernhardt," brochure, Sappho Theater, New York, New York, 1910-1911 season; brochure, New National Theater, Washington, D. C.; brochure for the opera Daughter of the Regiment; brochure for the opera Pagliacci, New York; brochure, Aborn English Grand Opera Company, New York, New York; brochure, New National Theater, Washington, D. C., May 15, 1911; brochure, Belasco Theater, Washington, D. C., March 28, 1920; brochure, International Festival of Peace, July 4, 1919; brochure for victory parades, First Division, U. S. Army, New York, New York, and Washington, D. C., September 10, 17, 1919; brochure, twenty-fifth anniversary, Union Printers Home, August 15, 1917; "Dinner by His Friends to the Honorable Joseph G. Cannon," brochure, February 15, 1913.

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