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Dick T. Morgan Collection, 1880-1920
Carl Albert Center, University of Oklahoma

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Series 11: Oversize Materials, 1882-1920 (bulk: 1900-1920)

This box contains the following items:


"Land is Wealth," advertisement;

reprint of George Washington ledger;

anti-German poster;

advertisement for tailor, Garden City, Kansas;

certificate admitting Morgan to practice law in the Western District of Oklahoma;

certificate allowing occupation of land;

certificate, Morgan as delegate from Oklahoma, National Conference of Social Work;

certificates, nomination as Republican candidate for U. S. Congress, 1908, 1916, 1918;

blueprints for house;

advertisement, National Constitutional Prohibition Campaign;

advertisements, Union Christian College;

vote at general election for governor, senator, and congressman, Eighth Congressional District, Oklahoma, November 5, 1918;

Collier's, October 31, 1914;

State Banker, August 1919;

clippings, Literary Digest, 1908;

miscellaneous clippings;

Prosperity: The Republican National Magazine, January 1916;

The Nation, February 17, 1916;

College Mirror (Oklahoma A & M College), September 15, 1897;

Saturday Evening Post, May 15, 1920;

Christian Standard, June 19, 1920;

poster, James R. Tolbert (Democratic candidate for the U. S. Congress), August 4, 1914.

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