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Subject and Personality Materials: "A" to Committee for Constitutional Government.

F 1: "A" Correspondence (1931-1947).
Abegg, Samuel J. (1940).  WHM books, religious freedom.
Abernethy, John R. (1947).  Palestine message, West Oklahoma.
Abreu, Hon. L. Perez, Counsel of Mexico (1940).  Alfredo's location.
Acker, C. S. (1936).  Copy of speech.
Ackerman, Ross D. (1936).  Copy of speech.
Adair, H. E. (1936).  Anti-New Deal song.
Adams, Agnes (Mrs. Arthur R.) (1936).  Constitution speech.
Adams, Evelyn (Mrs. I. S.) (1936).  Copy of constitution speech.
Adams, Martha A. (1936).  Praise of constitution speech, desire to sell land.
Aikman, Con. A. (1941).  Purchase of Finished Scholar.
Airey, Richard (1931).  Oil production.
Alleman, Mrs. L. S. W. (1936).  Copy of speech.
Allen, Douglas (1936).  Praise of constitution speech.
Allen, Mrs. Odessa S. (1942).  Desire to correspond.
Allen, Walter E. (1942).  Justice to all.
Allyn, Bayard T. (1936).  Copy of constitution speech.
Alsup, J. F. (1935).  Organization to campaign for good political candidates.
American Book Company (1931).  Extension of state book contract.
American Defense Society, Inc. (1939).  Invitation to luncheon.
Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. W. and Jennie Bender (1936).  Praise of constitution speech.
Anderson, Royal M. (1936).  Praise and copy of constitution speech.
Anderson Prichard Oil Corporation (1942).  Contributions for second edition of brochure "Theocracy to Foolocracy."
Anglin, Tom (1935, 1941, 1947).  Campaign speeches; purchase of books; thanks for letter.
Ashley, Mr. and Mrs. J. R. (1936).  Praise of speech.
Associated Press (1940).  Birthday message.
Associated Taxpayers of Oklahoma (1941).  Date of meeting.
Atwater, Henry F. (Mrs. L. P.) (1938).  Death of Elizabeth Kingdom.
Aucutt, F. D. (1936).  Copy of constitution speech.
Audiphone Company, John L. Stanley (1941).  Sales letter.
Austin, H. T. (1936).  Praise and copy of constitution speech.
Austin, Alice L. (1936).  Praise of constitution speech.
Averill, M. R. (1936).  Copy of constitution speech.

F 2: Advertising (June and July, 1942): Correspondence with various Oklahoma newspapers.  Re political advertisements.

F 3: America First Committee (1936-1941).
a.Correspondence between WHM and America First Committee members (1936, 1941).  Re WHM contribution; reaction to President's speech of September 11, 1941; invitation to membership on national committee; invitation to National Committee meeting; problems with Chairman of Speaker's Bureau; minutes of meeting; WHM statement of Committee's duty after Japanese attack.

b.Reports and Bulletins of Committee (1941).
1.Running schedule of speaking dates.
2.Bulletin #625 "Our Strength Is Growing!"
3.No. 27, "Did You Know These Things about Arming American Merchant Ships?"
4.Bulletin #694, "What Are You Doing Towards Following Christmas Directions in Bulletin #690?"
5.Bulletin #695, "Correspondents are British Propagandists," excerpt from "Outside Stuff."
6.Statement by Committee, December 1, 1941.  Re re-election of anti-war Senators and Representatives.
7.Bulletin #700, "Col. Kuznik...Renounces Legion for America First."

1."America First Committee, Aims and Activities."
2."'Don't Enter War'--Kennedy."

F 4: American Economic Foundation (April 10, 1942): Form letter from Fred G. Clark, Chairman, to WHM.  Re participation in "debate-in-print."  Enclosures include list of acceptances, specimen debate, brochure entitled "Reaching an Audience of Millions...," and acceptance post card.

F 5: American Indian Federation: Copy of Resolution of the Muskogee County Unit of the American Indian Federation commending WHM for his address at the International Tribal Indian Council on November 22-24, 1939 (November 30, 1939).

F 6: Association for Economy and Tax Equality.  WHM was National Director (1935-1936 and n.d.).
a.Statements, speeches, and/or articles by WHM.
1."Abolish 32 New Deal Bureaus..." (n.d.).  Re thrift and economy in government, cutting of congressional salaries, Declaration of Principles of Association.
2."Bleeders of Bread Eaters Are Not the Bakers..." (n.d.).  Re bread bill and cost of producing bread.
3."Congressional Cravens and Inquisitorial Lords..." (n.d.).  Re voting intelligently, repudiating platform repudiators, fears of Congressional candidates, congressional attempts to intimidate the public.
4."Congressional 'Instruments of Public Power'..." (n.d.).  Re instruments of potential tyrannies Triple A, NRA, relief bill; government debt.
5."Government by Bureau-Bulletins and Bulldoze" (n.d.), addressed to The members of House and Senate.  Re reason for collapse of Rome, taxes, constitution, Democratic 1932 platform, Supreme Court and "Cripple A."
6."New Dealers to Correct Mistakes of Creation..." (n.d.).  Re need for government thrift before collapse. Advertisement for Association.
7."Political Chiselers and Raketeers" (n.d.).  Re government income producing business, bureaucracy.  Advertisement for Association.
8."Tax-Eaters 'Grease Their Palms' with Oil Taxes" (n.d.).  Original and carbon of first draft; original of second draft.  Re oil taxes.  Advertisement for Association.
9."Political Economic Planning, of P.E.P." (n.d.).  Re suggestions for organization and planning of national economic reconstruction.
10."Weak, Low Mentality in Legislators Is Reflected in a Nation's Policies" (n.d.).  Re America's need for learned, able, courageous statesmen, Minnesota fire claims, Potato Law.
11.News Release.  "Former Governor Wm. H. Murray said..." (n.d.).  Re destruction of cotton grower by Wallace policy.
12.News release.  "Former Governor Wm. H. Murray gave out today for publication..." (March 22, n.y.).  Re criticism of Gov. Marland's "Social Security Amendment."
13.News release.  "Ex-Governor Murray, the erstwhile Governor and Yashau Sage,.." (n.d.).  Re membership in The Academy of Political Science.
14.Advertisement.  "Simon-Pure; Dyed in the Wool; 18 Carat Squander-Mania-Acs" (n.d.).  Re appropriation for operation of Congress.

b."Facing Economic Disaster" by Dr. Gerald B. Winrod (n.d.).  Re domination of U. S. and world by international Jewish communism.
c.German bond and note.

F 7: Association for Economy and Tax Equality.  Correspondence with William Langer (1935-1936).  Re WL's acquittal; not printing WHM letter, North Dakota speech on Constitution, sending synopsis of Enid speech; impossibility of speaking in North Dakota again.

F 8: Association for Economy and Tax Equality.  Correspondence with Cicero Murray (1936).  Re appearance of article before convening of conventions; mailing of speech and pamphlet; cost of printing circulars; mailing materials; speaking date in Salina; DeQueen speech.

F 9: Association for Economy and Tax Equality.  Correspondence with William Allen Page (1935-1937).  Re New York speech, finances of organization; membership, printing of Enid speech, newspaper advertisements; declining aid from Liberty League; contribution to AE&TE, praise of Constitution speech, 1936 election and totalitarian state, loss of two-party system.

F 10: Association for Economy and Tax Equality.  Correspondence with E. E. Robertson, The Kansas City Star (1935-1936).  Re Association newspaper advertisements.

F 11: Association for Economy and Tax Equality.  Correspondence with United Press Associations, Frank McNaughton (1936).  Re synopsis of speech; false statement.

F 12: Association for Economy and Tax Equality.  Correspondence with Universal Service, Wiley S. Smith (1935-1936).  Re articles for Hearst papers; synopsis of Enid speech; reasons for not attending Democratic Convention; articles on Social Service Security Act and general political situation; reply to Roosevelt by Rev. Charles Brooks.

F 13: Association for Economy and Tax Equality.  Correspondence with H. P. Wright (1935-1936).  Re Talmadge's proposal to repeal the Sixteenth Amendment; article by George W. Maxey and letter from John Kirby; birthday greetings, comments on advertisements, suggested distribution of WHM literature in the East; comments on audiences and speechmaking, materials for Wichita Beacon; Father Coughlin's radio addresses, New Deal's attempt to change nature; opinions of poor whites in Florida, Arkansas, East Texas, and Oklahoma; universal suffrage; Roosevelt's involvement with speculation in German marks; investigation of Kirby; lack of Federal control over state land.

F 14: Association for Economy and Tax Equality.  Miscellaneous correspondence A-E and form letter (1935-1936).
a.Form letter signed by WHM as National Director (November, 1935).  Re purpose and principles of association.

b.Correspondence A-E (1935-1936).
Academy of Political Science (1935-1936).  Journal subscription, articles;membership; inability to attend meeting.
Adams, Dr. A. B. (1936).  Need for new enterprises; commendation of thought expression.
Adams, Mr. and Mrs. Willard (1936).  Membership materials.
Advertiser, Montgomery, Alabama (1935).  Reply to October 27th editorial.
Armstrong, Hon. Leo (1936).  Speech regret.
Astell, John (1936).  Membership materials.
Baughman, Julia (1936).  Size of membership and newspaper articles.
Beaver, C. O. (1936).  Comments on circular.
Beeman, Earl E. (1936).  Membership materials.
Bennett, Dr. Henry G., President of A. & M. (1936).  Speech for Historical Society.
Blackett, Walter N. (1936).  TVA Supreme Court decision, power not property, opinion in Gold Clause.
Bledsoe, Hon. S. T., President, Santa Fe Railway System (1936). Request for copies of Washington and Jefferson College speech.
Boehm, F. J., Executive Vice President, Union Electric Light and Power Co. (1936).  Financial arrangements of Association, meaning of economy.
Bumgardner, D. (1936).  Sending materials.
Braver, D. (1936).  Sending materials.
Brooks, Rev. Charles L. (1936).  Advice to scout and distribute literature instead of speaking.
Burgess, Miles (1936).  No intention of running for Congress, sending Association materials.
Burrun, Mrs. M. E. (1936).  Advice re Society Insurance Policy, sending literature.
Bushia, J. W. (1936).  Cannot support or attack any plan, sending membership card.
Buttram, Lois (1936).  Unable to assist from Association funds.
Cagle, W. M. (1936).  Sending materials.
Campbell, Rev. P. W. (1936).  Sending membership card, no need to contribute.
Capper, Arthur ( ). Congressional elections. Includes clipping re A.E. & T. E.
Carr, John (1936).  No speeches to small groups.
Carson, James M. (1936).  Praise for illustration of bureaucratic control, speech on constitution by Maxsey, WHM's constitution speech.
Cassaday, Hetty A. (1936).  Sending of materials and acknowledgment of contribution.
Cerruti, P. E., Editor and Publisher, The Ozarks Advertiser (1936). Thanks for overtures through paper, sending materials.
Clark, Hon. Bennett Champ, (Joel Bennett) Senator [Missouri] (1935).  Neutrality legislation, return to Isolation.
Clarry, S. N. (1936).  Employment or assistance.
Coggin, O. L. (1936).  Issuance of currency, sending literature.
Coil, Fred R. (1936).  Contribution, membership card.
Culverwell, A. (1936).  Sending membership literature.
Cunningham, Hon. Chas. A. (1936).  Contribution.
Daily Oklahoman (1936).  Printing letter to Brain Stormer.
Daily Oklahoman, E. K. Gaylord (1936).  Article on "The Old Boat Rocker."
Davis, Grace Norris (1936).  Campaigning by teachers, removal of institution heads, school warrants.
Davis, John W. (1936).  Purposes of Association; sending application.
Dionne, Jack (1935).  Government financing, press articles.
Donnan, Dwight A. (1936).  Purposes and financing of Association.
Doolin, D. M. (1936).  Membership card and literature.
Doty, Andrew E. (1935).  Purposes of Association.
Douglas, Col. Clarence B. (1936).  Finances and membership of Association.
Dunaway, Hon. L. S. (1936).  Sending Gordon Hines biography of WHM.
Edmiston, W. S., Publisher, The Western Farm Life (1936).  Authorization to print advertisement.
Ellis, Hon. A. H. (1936).  Not running for office, control of votes, Association power, sending literature.
Ellison, H. C. (1936).  Contribution and literature.

F 15: Association for Economy and Tax Equality.  Miscellaneous correspondence F-I (1935-1936).
Ferguson, Hon. Walter (1935).  Articles in newspapers.
Fleming, Col. W. O. (1935).  Appeal of doctrine to all classes and political groups, series of articles.
Gardner, Rev. Nelson (1936).  Taxing of federal and state officers.
Goodall, Hon. John A. (1936).  Anglin, public vs. private ownership, municipal ownership problems.
Graham, Gordon (1936).  Song on constitution.
Greene, John A. (1936).  Rejection of all "plans," retaining only nine principles, wrong time to experiment, statecraft results from experience, depression caused by degeneration of people, recommendation of The Problems of Poverty by John Rustgard.
Gulf States Steel Corp. (1936).  Barbed wire, sending of literature.
Hall, Grover C. (1935).  Economy in government, variety of Oklahoma citizens and resources, WHM attitudes toward blacks.
Hardin, Hal C. (1936).  Receipt of application and contribution, sending literature.
Harper, Hon. Jess (1936).  Circulars for primary and their distribution, silence about WHM's participation.
Harris, Hon. Vernon D. (1936).  FDR's lack of program, publication of WHM's appraisal of administration, opposition to New Deal.
Hastings, Hon. Dan O. (1936).  Distribution of DOH speech of April 20 in Oklahoma, Kansas, and Arkansas, sending literature.
Hatcher, Hon. O. E. (1936).  Advice to new lawyer.
Hazlett, J. H. (1936).  WHM attitude toward churches, political parties, sending literature.
Herman, David S. (1936).  Opposition to New Deal and third party, saving of Constitution, CCC, concern about principles not candidates.
Hardison, H. C., Advertising Manager, Western Farm Life (1936).  Response to publication.
Hawkins, J. W. (1936).  Receipt of application and contribution, sending literature.
Heald, Imogene (1936).  Request for stories or essays.
Henderson, Col. W. K. (1936).  Four principles needed to preserve liberty, sending of literature.
Hendrickson, O. A. (1936).  Sending membership card and literature.
Herring, Geo. D. (1936).  Comment on bureaucrats, sending membership card and literature.
Hill, George W. (1936).  Place of birth, Santa Ana's gift of Masonic Apron to Capt. Stiles.
Hill, J. H. (1936).  Response to Enid speech, federal spending, copy of "Sledge Hammer," letter to Jouett Shouse.
Hill, M. H. (1936).  Receipt of application and contribution, sending literature.
Hillemeyer, J. E. (1936).  Rise in cost of labor, cause of Cleveland panic.
Holloway, Hon. Arthur (1935).  Offer of service, finances of organization; manuscript copy of Enid speech.
Holman, C. L. (1936).  Help with speech, road money and Act of 1933, suggested division of state for election of highway commissioners to control finance.
Holt, James H. (1936).  Speeches not written, sending of published articles, and speech synopsis.
Hood, R. B. (1936).  Squandering of government money, need for rigid economy and support for Constitution, vote for best interests of country not for candidates.
Hoover, Hon. Herbert (1936).  WHM support of Hoover speech.
Hoover, W. W. (1936).  No longer practicing law.
Hotchkiss, H. G. (1936).  Publication of statistics of Association.
Houghton Mifflin Company (1936).  No longer Governor, sending literature.
Hudson, R. M. (1936).  Agreement re New Deal bureaucracy, purpose of Association, publication of articles and membership of organization.
Hughes, D. E. (1936).  Duty to warn people of dangers confronting civilization, parallel with Roman Republic, lack of interest in politics.
Humphrey and Humphries [Humphry], W. D. (1935).  Issuance of paper money; visit to Washington, invitation to join Academy of Political Science, reference to Section 8, Article 1.
Huston, Paul (1936).  Criticisms of platform and article, speechmaking, railroads, farm financing.
Ideal Publishing Co. (1936).  Handling of Camco book.

F 16: Association for Economy and Tax Equality.  Miscellaneous correspondence J-R (1935-1936).
James, Rev. G. W. (1936).  State income tax.
Jenkins, Hon. W. D. (1936).  Letter of introduction to Reford Bond, sending cards and literature.
Jones, Abe L. (1936).  Membership cards to pass out.
Jones, Jim (1935).  Inability to help financially.
Juelfs, Christian (1936).  Membership in Association for those believing in its principles.
Keiter, E. Y. (1936).  Thanks for contribution.
Keith, Harold (1936).  Will Rogers and W. C. or "Uncle Clem" Rogers, probability of war with Japan, sources for more information, sending literature.
Keniston, C. C. (1936).  Receipt of application and contribution, sending literature.
Kline, David A. (1935).  Information about Bolivia and other South American countries.
Kornegay, Judge W. H. (1935).  Receipt of contribution and copy of letter to E. W. Marland, death of J. Howard Langley.
Lambert, Claude L. (1936).  General principles re platforms, inability to take sides.
Landy, Mr. G. H. (1936).  Inability to supply requested estimates and copy of message to legislature, suggested sources for information.
Lewis, W. G. (1935).  Back to Constitution stand of WHM.
Lewis, W. J. (1936).  Indian suits, Melven Cornish's case, sending literature.
Lial, Albert (1936).  Colonization project in Bolivia, testimony concerning citizenship.
Limebaugh, Hon. D. Haden (1936).  Thanks for "kindly expressions."
Lincoln, W. B. (1936).  Receipt of coupon and contribution, sending literature.
Locke, Victor M. (1936).  Return of The Whited Sepulchre, reference to passages in Decline and Fall.
Lupton, Ralph A. (1935).  Liking of unnamed biography.
McBee, Effie (1936).  Wm. H. Murray Educational Foundation.
McClelland, Roger (1936).  Contribution and membership card.
McCormick, Lester (1936).  No longer Governor, sending literature.
McCracken, J. H. (1936).  Inability to speak at School Reunion, sending literature.
McCrory, Hon. A. (1936).  Clipping from Lawton Constitution, state budget deficit, membership in thirty-two states, sending literature.
McFadden, M. C. (1936).  Inability of state administrative officers to nullify law, sending literature.
McKee, E. V. (1936).  Allowances for President's widow, expenses of "White House Establishment."
McKeel, Hon. J. F. (1936).  Association membership and newspaper articles; sending literature.
McKinney, Hon. Arthur L. (1935-1936).  Mixed up clauses of Constitution, no desire to run for Congress, ordinary man's desire for official to do job himself; "Potato Law," page for March Labor Magazine, political appointments; lack of knowledge about Constitution, Senator W. B. Pine's copies of Constitution incorrect.
Maddox, [?]. L. (1935).  Organization and purpose of Association.
Martineau, W. R., Editor, Oklahoma Live Stock News (1936).  Thanks for page one of Live Stock News.
Maytubby, Peter (1936).  Sending literature.
Maxey, Judge Geo. W. (1935).  Publication of article on Constitution.
Mazer, Joseph (1936).  Offer to introduce WHM to Michigan audience, speaking tour in Oklahoma, Missouri, and Nebraska.
Miller, Dora (1936).  Sending membership card and circular.
Miller, Hon. Henry J. (1936).  Morehouse interview in Daily Oklahoman, opposition to New Deal.
Monroe, E. T. (1935).  Payment for advertisement, return to farm, writing expense, books.
Moore, A. C. (1936).  Contribution, membership card, literature.
Moore, Loren Alton (1936).  Sending literature and membership card, nine declarations.
Morehead, Mrs. Oscar B. (1933).  Inability to purchase piano from Fronenberger Male and Female Institute but willing to contribute toward purchase, suggestion of Hon. R. B. Hood.
Murray, J. B. (1936).  Membership card and literature.
Murray, Owen M. (1935).  Advertisements in city papers.
Myers, Mr. and Mrs. Lo. (1936).  Membership card and literature.
Nichols, Hon. Allen G. (1935).  Membership cards, articles in Wichita Eagle, Carl Giles, effect of Association in Washington.
Oklahoman & Times, Walter H. Harrison (1936).  Sending article.
O'Neil, E. L. (1936).  Unicameral legislature; advantages of bi-cameral legislature, checks and balances of three government branches, ignorance of people about Constitution.
Otis, Judge Merrill E. (1936).  Possible publication of address by MEO, Government loan for city light and power plant in Wichita Falls.
Owings, H. L. (1936).  Sending materials; acknowledgement of contribution.
Palmer, Hon. J. W. (1936).  Effect on audience of speech in Sedalia and elsewhere, sending materials.
Palmer, R. W., Associate Editor, Printer's Ink Publications (1936).  Three questions of Association platform, finances of Association, articles, membership.  (2 copies)
Paxton, Hon. W. W. (1936).  Assistance with political platform; economy, lower taxes, less expenditure of public money, Initiative Law, land purchase for Reform School, School Block and taxes, relief policy of helping people to help themselves, communism, Association Declaration of Principles.
Pendergraft, Dr. J. (1936).  Sending membership cards and literature to Pendergraft and George Self.
Peters, Marion F. (1936).  A Heart Brand.
Prentice, Rev. Carl (1936).  Request for contribution to church.
Radford, Ernest, President, Shawnee Real Estate Board (1936).  Taxes, financial effect of Independent School Districts, 'matching' funds.
Reed, James A. (1936).  Statement in labor paper concerning Reed, editorials about WHM, sending literature, reference to article by H. Parker Willis.
Reeves, Hon. C. R. (1936).  WHM's running for Senate, Association membership, multitude of "plans," sending literature and membership card.
Reynolds, Hon. Robert R. (1936).  Speech in Congressional Record of March 12th re aliens, impeachment of Commissioner of Labor.
Reynolds, Hon. Ted (1936).  Taking sides in no race, Senator Hastings' speech.
Roberts, Roy (1936).  Letter from O. A. Hendrickson.
Rogers, Henry (1936).  Contribution and membership cards.
Rosser, Judge Malcom E. (1936).  Opposition to New Deal, membership in Association.
Russell, U. S. (1936).  Address at Ben Harrison's funeral.
Ryan, Charles D. (1936).  Newspaper advertisements, Oklahoma Republican Convention delegates.
Ryan, L. F. (1936).  Newspaper advertisements.  (2 copies)

F 17: Association for Economy and Tax Equality.  Miscellaneous correspondence S-W (1935-1936).
Salmon, E. W. (1936).  Speech at Grant City, Missouri, sending literature.
Sampson, Lewis D., Newspaper Feature Service (1936).  Return to simplicity of government.
Schilling, A. J. (1936).  Receipt of coupon and contribution, sending card and literature.
Scott, Hon. Walter (1935-1936).  Clipping from the Star, sending Association materials; Roosevelt, opposition to New Deal, Law of Compensation, balancing of national budget, book recommendations.
Self, George, see F 16, Pendergraft.
Sessions, D. E. (1936).  Speech at Altus, August 25.  Includes news clipping.
Shepard, M. H. (1936).  John Vaughn and text book adoption, sending literature.
Shoel, A. W. (1936).  Sending membership card and literature.
Shouse, Hon. Jouett (1935, 1936).  Making of radio speeches; speech on proposed constitutional amendments under auspices of AE&TE but financed by the American Liberty League.
Sieman, Margaret E. (1936).  Receipt of contribution, sending membership card and literature.
Simons, Earl (1936).  Inability to contribute to church.
Smith, A. D. (1936).  Sending membership cards and literature, law's dependence on administration, reason for nine declarations.
Smith, Rev. C. McLeod (1936).  False statement in clipping from San Diego Union (clipping attached), financial condition of WHM, Association membership.
Smith, Ed. M. (1936).  Thanks for contribution, sending membership card and literature.
Smith, Elba and M. B. (1936).  Acceptance of invitation to Onion Festival and subsequent cancellation.
Smith, J. V., Manager, Kerry Fruit Co. (1936).  Association membership recruitment, thanks for contribution, purchases of fruit trees.
Smith, M. B., see Smith, Elba.
Smith, N. H. (1936).  Monetary system, sending literature about Association, difficulties in establishing third party.
Smith, W. D. (1936).  Request for Folio No. 3.
Sneed, Maud (1936).  List of old Springtown pupils, sending of literature.
State Board of Pardons & Paroles (1936).  Clemency for son of friend.
Stern, J. B., Publisher, Southern Farmer (1936).  Articles about Association, finances and membership of Association.
Stoll, Caroline F. (1936).  Thanks for contribution, sending literature.
Stout, L. R. (1936).  Preservation of "written Constitutional government," types of relief, belief in "statement of a sound, wholesome principle."
Sullivan, Mary (1936).  Drawing of lands or funds by Indians, sending membership card and literature.
Tauton, Frank (1936).  Thanks for contribution, sending membership card and literature.
Tegley, John (1936).  Government spending, membership in Association and articles published.
Thomas, Rev. John W. (1936).  Suggestions concerning book about Lincoln; speech by WHM at Lincoln's tomb in 1931.
Todd, Arthur F. (1936).  Sending cards and literature.
Tracy, Fred (1936).  Inability to take sides in Senatorial contest; popular reception of Constitution speech.
Turner, O. W. (1936).  Sending membership card and literature, Wallace's attempt to destroy small farmer.
Uber, C. A. (1936).  Sending membership card and literature.
Waid, Perry E., President, Farmers National Bank (1936).  Promise to stay out of political contests, information about Association.
Walker, M. E. (1936).  Thanks for letter and address of Father Coughlin.
Wallace, R. H. (1936).  Membership cards, copy of WHM's Tulsa speech.
Walter, Margaret (1936).  Extension of property loan; sending membership card and literature.
Warren, W. R. (1936).  Sending circular, comments on various resolutions concerning public ownership of utilities, monetary system, Supreme Court, and the Constitution.
Weaver, Hon. Carlton (1936).  Not running for public office, Association articles and membership.
Werner, A. W. (1936).  Thanks for contribution.
Wheatley, Mrs. L. (1936).  Thanks for card, sending Association membership card.
Wich, Mary Jane (1936).  Conducting political campaign, sending Association literature.
Williams, T. B., see Box 4 File 43, letters of March 8 and 14, 1936.
Wilson, Frank E. (1936).  Interview in Daily Oklahoman, opposition to New Deal.
Wilt, D. M. (1935).  Redistribution of wealth, basic idea behind New Deal, restoration of better feeling caused by Supreme Court decision, General Johnson's knowledge of governmental problems.
Winrod, Gerald B. (1936).  Thanks for subscription, return to fundamentals.
Wren, Thomas H. (1936).  Reply to questions about newspaper report re taxes for "Common Defense" and "General Welfare," CCC and National Guards Association membership and ads.
Wright, B. R. (1936).  Sending membership card and literature.
Wright, H. P. (1936).  John H. Kirby literature.
Young, Glenn O. (1936).  Collection of back taxes from Fraternal Organizations, success of AE&TE, proposed speech replying to Fletcher Riley, request for references concerning Sapulpa Bank case and the Williams decision.

F 18: Audits, Miscellaneous (1933-1935).
a.School Land Department (1935).
b.Wetumka Independent School District (1933).
c.Form for audit and investigation of State employee's compensation to be filed by employee (1934).

F 19: Auslander, Joseph, Gift Officer, The Library of Congress (1942).  Re request for WHM Collection.

F 20: "B" Correspondence.  Ba-Bl (1916-1942). 
Babcock, C. D., Editor, Pacific Coast Review (1936).  Constitution speech, sending book.
Baer, Eli (1936).  Copy of speech.
Baggett, James H., Program Chairman, Capitol Hill Kiwanis Club (1939).  Change of meeting date, subject for talk.
Bailey, John T. (1935).  Praise of WHM, appointment to Tax Commission.
Baker, Rev. George B. (1941).  WHM's books; comments on past wars, isolationism.
Baker, George H. (1936).  Disapproval of WHM's alliance with Republicans.
Baker, Walter (1936).  Constitution address.
Barber, F. M. (1936).  Constitution address.
Barkley, W. E. (1936).  Manager of drought relief.
Barnes, Julius H. (1936).  Copy of Constitution address.
Barney, Mary D. (1936).  Constitution address.
Batson, Emmeline (1936).  Copy of Constitution address, resale to oil company of family farm.
Batten, R. E. (1936).  Copy of Constitution address.
Bayer, Karl W. (1940).  Isolationism.
Beach, R. S., NRA State Coordinator (1934).  Date of next legislative session.
Beasley, George H. (1941).  Speech at Texarkana Rotary Club, book order.
Beasley, W. G. (1942).  Praise of WHM's book.
Beaudoux, Dr. H. A. (1936).  Praise of Constitution address.
Beck, Walter W. (1936).  Copy of Constitution address.
Beckett, Judge A. L. (1936, 1941).  Oklahoma Primary results, Josh Lee's future, Gov. Marland's errors; reasons for Gore's loss, sending literature, reference to articles; book order, Governor's race.
Beckham County Attorney (1933).  Release of R. M. Hicks.
Bellatti, C. R. (1941).  Book order.
Bender, Jennie, see Box 1 F 1, Anderson, Geo. W.
Bennett, Henry G. (1935, 1936).  Cost of second semester for Burbank; Jefferson's principle of government, lack of toleration in U. S., book request.
Benson, John W. (1936).  Copy of Constitution address.
Berry, Frank H. (1941).  Comments on and order for WHM's book.
Berry, James E. (1938).  Christmas greetings.
Bewley, John C. (1942).  Autographed copy of book, WHM's opinion on article.
Bezanson, Mrs. M. O. T. (1936).  Agricultural relief.
Bezemer, K. (1936 and n.d.).  Copy of Constitution address; sacred mystic square.
Bierer, A. G. C. (1940, 1941).  Book order, comments on recovery; comments on book.
Bingham, E. H. (1941).  Book order.
Black, Roy W. (1936).  Copy of Constitution address.
Blank, Charlotte (1936).  Copy of Constitution address.
Blankenhorn, H. (1939).  Sending copies of Hitler's speech.
Blatt, Joseph (1931).  Appointment to committee.
Blessing, W. L. (1936).  Disparagement of WHM.
Blocher, Mrs. R. C. (1935).  Financial assistance.
Bloom, Sol (1931).  Celebration of Washington's 200th birthday.
Blumenauer, George (1942).  Recommendation of Meador Publishing Co.

F 21: "B" Correspondence.  Bo-By (1923-1942). 
Borah, Hon. Wm. E. (1936).  WHM's opinions on corporations.  (3 copies)
Borders, M. W. (1936).  Copy of Constitution address.
Bounds, T. (1936).  Sending letter.
Bourland, Franklin (1940).  Invitation to speak to V.I.A.
Bower, Henry A. (1942).  Receipt of and payment for books.
Boslew, W. M. (1931).  Ministerial committee to investigate eleemosynary institutions of Oklahoma, opening for son, "Mabel" in headlines.
Bowlam, Geo. L. (1929).  WHM's nomination for governor.
Boyd, Robert St. B. (1936).  Copy of Constitution address.
Boydstun, Glenn E. (1941).  Speech at Comanche Trades Day Association.
Bracken, A. K., President, Bethany-Peniel College (1942).  Thanks for gift of books.
Bramlage, John (1942).  Advice on making speeches.
Braniff, Edward A. (n.d.).  Sending Ginkgo leaf for birthday.
Bransoin, Fred P. (1923).  Praise of WHM, regret at his leaving the country.
Braselton, Brothers, Inc. (1936).  Praise of Constitution address.
Brass, Ted (1942).  Admiration of WHM, possible acquaintance with Dan Anthony; WHM's pride in working for public good, opposition to New Deal.
Brewer, Hon. C. M. (1936).  Speech in Tahlequah, possible campaign for governor in 1938.  (2 copies of WHM's reply)
Brewer, R. P. (1931).  Service to Oklahoma wheat growers and cotton growers.
Brian, Gene (1940).  Error in election returns.
Bristow Public Schools to Bureau of Criminal Investigation (1934).  Use of state-adopted text books.
Britton, Lawrence (1940).  Christmas greetings.
Brooks, Charles L. (1931, 1936, 1942).  Service to state, position for son; reactions from audiences at speeches; book dedication, State constitution; article on forms of government, list of Ministers.
Broillet, A. W. (1937).  Series of meetings opposing President's plan.
Brown, Mrs. M. B. (1936).  Husband's imprisonment.
Brown, Mrs. Wm. J. [1936].  Copy of Constitution address.
Bruere, L. V. (1944).  Book order.
Brum, G. M. (1938).  Removal of Rock Island Ardmore line, sale of fence, quit claim deed to right of way.
Bruner, Joseph, President, American Indian Federation (1939).  Praise of address to International Tribal Indian Council.
Bruton, T. O. (1942).  Taking movies at capitol and in Guthrie.
Buchanan, J. S., Acting President, University of Oklahoma (1924).  Gift of books and praise of essays.
Bucher, Henry (1936).  Copy of Constitution address.
Bullard, T. E. (1936).  Copy of Constitution address.
Burbank Public Schools (1942).  Invitation to deliver Commencement address; topic of address; arrangements.
Burke, Edward R. (1940).  Attendance by WHM at hearing on limitation of President's term of office.
Burris, H. L. (1933).  Levy for audit of county.
Burt, Kathlene, Secretary, Strother Agriculture Class (1942).  Name of hybrid corn.
Busby, Orel (1941).  Book order.
Bushman, Francis X. (1941).  Unwillingness to help England.
Butler, Margaret (1936).  Copy of Constitution address.
Butt, Louis H. (1942).  Photograph of WHM.
Byers, Louis H. (1942).  Information about Joe Rex Frank Dotter.

F 22: Bank Deposits (1932-1933): Deposit slips for the Tradesmen National Bank deposited by WHM as Governor of Oklahoma.

F 23: Banking, Bank Holiday (1933): Correspondence.  Re bank holiday.

F 24: Banking, Miscellaneous (1931-1933).
Arnold, H. N. (1933).  Opportunity to supply information before liquidating agent named for Buffalo bank.
Barnett, W. J. (1932-1933).  Re Telegram signed "Texas"; Pushmataha County investigation.
Brewer, R. P., Chatham Phoenix National Bank and Trust Company (1931).  Re acting as fiscal agent for state.
Fisher, Irving, et al. to President Herbert C. Hoover (n.d.). Re economists' recommendation concerning gold and monetary stabilization.
Gish, Rollin E. (1933).  Re payment of current state expenses in scrip.
M., R. D. (n.d.).  Re list of books on the Canadian Banking System with note concerning loan of one of the books. Shull, C. G. (1931).  Re bank failure at Ringling.

b.Section 7 of a deposit protection act.
c.List of Oklahoma banks approved as depositories for state funds (May 1, 1931) with covering letter from State Treasurer.

F 25: Barber Examiners, State Board of (1931): Correspondence concerning appointments to the State Board of Barber Examiners of the following: Broome, Ben C.; Miller, Freeman E.; Stewart, Howard.

F 26: Barrett Case (December, 1933).  Oklahoma vs. W. W. Barrett: Correspondence between WHM and Joe T. Blackburn, A. L. Commons, A. J. Lampkin, and Perry Porter, Ottawa County Attorney.  Re charges against W. W. Barrett for obtaining money under false pretenses by selling stock in a Mexican gold mine. 

F 27: Biblical Comparisons: Comparisons of the Protestant Bible and the Catholic Bible.

F 28: Bills and Resolutions by WHM (1913-1916).
a.H. Con. Res. 12, Sixty-third Congress, First Session (July 22, 1913).  Re protection of American citizens and their property in The Republic of Mexico during military regime; and intervention by U. S. to establish civil government and take possession of public property if order not established within thirty days.
b.Draft of resolution (1913).  Re furnishing of information by the Secretary of Agriculture on Farm Co-operative or Demonstration Work. 
c.H. R. 13817, Sixty-third Congress; Second Session (February 14, 1914) A Bill for regulation of use of the mails by cattle, cotton, fruit, tobacco, grain, or stock exchanges and their members, and to amend certain sections of the Criminal Code relating to lotteries and other purposes.
d.H. R. 15458, Sixty-fourth Congress, First Session (May 8, 1916) A Bill to provide credit for farm home societies.

F 29: Biographical Materials--Manuscripts and clipping (1935?-1953 and n.d.).
a."To the Hon. William H. Murray, M.C." by J. E. Bushnell (July 25, 1913).  Poem in response to H. Con. Res. 12).
b.Biography.  "William Henry Murray was born..." (1935?).  (2 copies)
c.Personality sketch of WHM by Armine W. Kingsland, personal secretary to WHM (1935?).
d.Carbon copy of letter.  WHM to J. Riddle (August 19, 1939).
e."Oklahoma First State Legislature, Its Problems Setting Up State Government How Solved by Wm. H. Murray, Its Speaker and Former Governor," written by WHM (1939?).
f.Newspaper Clipping.  "Hell and Inflation Ahead, Warns Alfalfa Bill," Dallas Morning News (September 14, 1941).
g.Letter.  WHM to Dr. Ralph Richardson (October 2, 1943).  Biographical information.
h."Governor Murray's Official Record," a listing of the more important of his many achievements by Juanita Johnston Smith (August, 1945).  Includes "The Murder of 2 Mexican Boys at Ardmore" from WHM's "Memoirs and History of Oklahoma."
i."William H. (Alfalfa Bill) Murray, Oklahoma's most fabulous figure..."  by Laymond Crump (November 17, 1953).  News story for WHM's 84th birthday.
j."Some Pioneer incidents little known now,..." (n.d.).  Written by WHM?
k."Subject" (n.d.).  Author unknown.  Personality sketch of WHM.
l."A Multificient Man (as estimated by Newal A. Ellis) (n.d.).  Tribute to WHM in poetry.
m."I Never Saw a Man Like Bill Murray" by T. B. Williams (n.d.). Personality sketch of WHM.
n."In 1898 as I was busily engaged..." by R. H. Vaughter [?] (n.d.).  Visit by WHM to his school, Constitutional convention.
o."'Alfalfa 'Bill' Murray" (n.d.).  Character sketch.  Attached is information about WHM ancestors.
p.List of Murray family members as enrolled in Chickasaw tribe (n.d.).

F 30: Biographical Materials--Book and Pamphlets (1929-1943).
a.Pamphlet.  Brief Biography of Murray (Alfalfa Bill), the Statesman and Sage of Oklahoma (1929).  Includes in Appendix WHM's speech accepting presidency of the Constitutional Convention.
b.Pamphlet.  Alfalfa Bill by William Krohn (1931).  (2 copies)
c.Periodical.  The Reader's Digest, March, 1932.  Contains on pp. 49-52 the article, "The Imperial 'Alfalfa Bill,'" by Louis Cochran (Condensed from Outlook and Independent, December 30, 1931).
d.Master's thesis.  "A Study of the Social and Economic Record of William Henry Murray, Governor of Oklahoma, 1931-1935" by Senie Lee Hargrove (1943).

F 31: Blue Valley Farmer (1933).
a.Report of legislative committee investigating charges made by the Blue Valley Farmer against State officials and Senators re raising funds for impeachment of Governor and destruction of proration laws.
b.Lease Contract (1934).  Leasing of Blue Valley Farmer Publishing Company to Cicero Murray.
c.Correspondence: Leader Press, Freda Ameringer (1938), re overdue accounts; and Eugene (1933), re inaccuracies in editorial.

F 32: Bridge Cases (1933): Correspondence among Gov. WHM, Attorney General J. Berry King, Assistant Attorney General W. C. Lewis, and Malcolm E. Rosser.  Re State vs. Eugenia Rhea et al., concerning Red River toll bridge; discussion of other bridge cases in Oklahoma.

F 33: Broadsides (1941-1942): Miscellaneous advertisements for books by others.

F 34: Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation (1931-1934).  Miscellaneous correspondence.
Beall, J. H. (1932).  J. L. Christman and oil leases.
Burns, Charley (1931-1933). Bribe taking in McCurtain County, W. L. Lindsey; search for and imprisoning of Fillmore Davis, report of C. C. Cooper.
Gum, Eugene B. (1932).  Search for "Pretty Boy" Floyd, praise of Bureau.
Hume, W. Fred (1932).  Arrest of Cain and his use of Murray letters.
James, S. L. (1930).  Percy Ellis case.
Krueger, Dr. Owen (1933).  Application of Harry Stege for Bureau of Identification position.
Lathrop, John F. (1932).  Photographs of criminals.
Maxey, R. E. (1922).  Case of B. C. Dickson, irregularities in road bond Funds in Harmon County, conditions in Picher.
Page, Charles (1931).  Roff bank robbery investigation.
Parker, C. A., Superintendent, Alva Schools (1934).  Reasons for not using state adopted textbooks.
Webb, W. M. (1932).  Investigation by Cooper of Tobin and Hughes matter.

F 35: Burns, Robert, Lieutenant Governor of Oklahoma (1931-1932).
a.Petition, re change of Burns' attitude toward WHM or resignation as Lieutenant Governor.
b.Correspondence.  Re Robert Burns.
Blanton, J. T., to Cicero I. Murray (1932).  Release of Bill Callaway.
Burns, C. A., Supt. Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation, to County Sheriff, Wellington, Kansas (1932).  Arrest of Robert Burns in Wellington.
Burns, Robert, to WHM (1931).  Parole of Art Neff.
Burns, Robert, to Hon. J. Berry King (1932).  Authority of State Board of Public Affairs in regard to Atoka subpenitentiary.
Murray, W. H., to Robert Burns (1931-1932).  Case of Paul Cole; request not to handle death cases in his absence.
Stroud, Le Moyne, to WHM (1932).  Information about Burns.
Warren, C. C., to WHM (1932).  Burns and possible impeachment proceeding.

F 36: "C" Correspondence.  Ca-Cl (1931-1949).
Cagwin, A. B. (1936).  Copy of Constitution address.
Caldwell, Fred S. (1936).  WHM's letter to Bill Hearst.
Caldwell, Roy (1936).  Payment of outstanding government warrants.
Callahan, Mrs. R. J. (1936).  Copy of Constitution address.
Cameron, W. H. (1935).  Control of corporate grants.
Campbell, Anson B. (1940-1942 and n.d.).  Advertising matter, revisions and additional chapter; seating of John Wilcox, USNeeds a Doctor, voting record of Lee and Thomas; names of publishers; storing of papers, "Dr.  Sorghum's," "Sword of Lafayette"; Scotch Banks; misplaced letters.
Canada, E. J. (1940).  Agreement with WHM against New Deal.
Cantley, J. M. (1936).  Copy of Constitution speech.
Cantrell, D. E., Sr. (1940).  Support of WHM.
Capper, Hon. Arthur (1939).  Endorsement of statements in WHM book.
Carr, Ralph L. (1942).  Sending copy of Lincoln's birthday speech.
Carson, Hon. James M. (1935).  Misquotation of WHM; written and unwritten constitutions.
Cartwright, Benjamin M. (1936).  Textbook "Agriculture for Elementary Schools."
Carver, Willard (1936).  WHM's political demise.
Casement, Dan D. (1938).  Kansas Farmers Liberty League.
Casey, Ralph W. (1941).  Book order and request for autograph, visit from Johnston.
Chadwick, Glenn B. (1936).  Copy of Constitution address.
Challenger, Mr. and Mrs. Howard (1936).  Constitution address.
Champlin, H. H. (1941, 1942).  Book order; distribution of brochure re communism to ministers and professional men.
Chapman, L. T. from R.A.M., Colonel, Oklahoma Militia (1940).  WHM book, "Farm Economics."
Chappell, Mrs. Will H. (1949).  Good wishes.
Childers, D. B. (1940).  Invitation to speak to Broken Arrow Pioneer Club.
China, Legation of (1939).  Request for answers to specific questions concerning land and taxes in China.
Christensen, Soren (n.d. [1945?]).  Conscription of life, property, and money, revival of American First Committee.
Christian, Sebe, County Attorney of Creek County (1933).  Termination of Blake and Shuman cases.
Christopher, H. R. (1936).  Birthday greetings, praise of WHM.
Clark, W. H. (1931).  Inability to serve on committee to examine eleemosynary institutions.
Clarke, Rev. Harry D. (1940).  Appearance on memorial program for Billy Sunday.
Clarke, William T. (1941).  Book order.
Clegg, Woodrow Wilson (1949).  Letter or autograph for C. H. Banta.
Clemens, Cyril (1941).  Honorary membership in Mark Twain Society.
Clement, W. H. (1941).  Book order.
Clinkenbeard, L. A. (1938).  Farm Crop Control Plan.
Clugston, W. G. (n.y.).  Advance copy of address.

F 37: "C" Correspondence.  Co-Cu (1929-1948).
Cobbin, M. LeRoy (1936).  Copy of Constitution address.
Cocieham, Roland, Secretary to Sam H. Jones, Governor-Designate, Louisiana (1940).  Application of Sam Bounds.
Coffey, F. Morton (1936).  Copy of Constitution address.
Coffin, Stanley H. (1936).  Praise of Constitution address.
Coker, Bascom (1939).  Vote on renaming of Lake Alice Murray.
Colbert, Walter (1942).  Meeting of Durant and Maytubby.
Cole, Bessie (1939).  Loan on property.
Collins, Dr. B. F. (1933).  Hospital regulation by State Nurses Association.
Colvin, Eva L. (1936).  Distribution of copies of Constitution address to schools, horror of war, Townsend Old Age Pension Plan.
Congressional Intelligence, Inc., Edwin B. Patterson, Managing Editor (1942).  Cost of information on Josh Lee's Senate attendance and voting record.
Conrady, Elsie (n.d.).  Christmas greetings and wishes for success.
Cookingham, Mrs. Oakleigh T. (1936).  Copy of Constitution address.
Cook-McFarland Company (1936).  Copy of Constitution address.
Cooley, Dr. C. Sterling (1941).  Book orders.
Cooper, Gene L. (1941).  Book order.
Cooper, Walter A., to Logan W. Carey (1933).  Inquiry re Georgette Blake.
Cornish, Melven (1929, 1939).  Admiration for WHM, financial reverses, trouble for Gov. Johnston; financial contribution.
Cowan, Walter A. (1936, 1940-1941).  Copy of Constitution address, Maine support for Landon; clipping re WHM, Rights of Americans, support of Willkie, order for and praise of The Finished Scholar.
Cowell, James L. (1936).  Telegram re WHM's lack of conviction, pay, or ambition.
Coy, Joseph A. (1941).  Book order.
Crabbe, G. W. (1941).  Parole of Fred L. Crabbe.
Crable, A. L. (1941).  Book order.
Crandall, Percy (1936).  Oklahoma relief under Hoover.
Creason, Walter (1942).  Fan letter; advice from WHM; interest in history and government.  (Two copies of WHM's reply)
Crews, James A. (1936).  Copy of Constitution address.
Cromwell, Harvey (1940).  Thesis on speaking techniques of WHM.
Cropley, Charles Elmore, Clerk, U. S. Supreme Court (1935).  Source for information.
Crossett, Hon. Guy (1936).  Comments about editorial.
Crow, A. M. (1948).  Praise of book on negro question; history of Oklahoma sales tax.
Crowe, Frank A. (1941).  Plan for saving taxes.
Cullins, Capt. T. O. (1946).  Appointment to U. S. Naval Academy in 1917.
Cummins, Geo. V. (1942).  Government criticism.
Cunningham, Charles A. (1936, 1942).  Praise of Constitution address; obtaining of newspaper clippings; book order; Rube Geers.
Curtis, R. E. (1931).  Support and praise for WHM.

F 38: Campaigns (1892): State Senate Campaign in Texas.  Contains letter Jno. W. McCracken to Tom Gilbert; letter H. Montie Walker "To the Light"; and list of arguments by Tom Gilbert for nomination of WHM.

F 39: Campaigns (1907): Oklahoma State Democratic Convention.  Pamphlet.  "Platform of Democratic Party" adopted June 18, 1907, at State Democratic Convention at Oklahoma City.  Printed.  29 pages.

F 40: Campaigns (1908).
a.Campaign brochure.  "What Bill Murray did for the People."
b.Delegate's Ticket, Democratic National Convention.

F 41: Campaigns (1910).  WHM Campaign for Governor.
a.Editorial clippings, The Kendrick Review, re WHM campaign for governor.
b.Campaign song.  "Cockle-Bur Bill" by Andrew Allen Veatch (1910).  (3 copies)

F 42: Campaigns (1912): "Temporary Roll of Delegates and Alternates to the Democratic National Convention" (June 25, 1912).  Includes W. H. Murry (sic).

F 43: Campaigns (1914).  WHM Campaign for Congressman-at-Large: Campaign brochure.  "Murray's Tenants Defend Him" (1914).

F 44: Campaigns (1916).  WHM campaign for Congressman - 4th District.
a."Delegates and Alternates to the Democratic National Convention" (June 14, 1916).  Includes WHM.
b."An Old Neighbor's Estimate of Congressman Murray" by W. D. French (June 1, 1916).
c.Clipping.  "Congressman Bill Murray Wants to be a Delegate" (n.d.).
d.Typescript of article for newspaper.  "To My Constituency" by WHM (March 4, 1917).  Re WHM's defeat.

F 45: Campaigns (1918).  WHM Campaign for Governor. 
a.Brochure.  "Draft Murray for Governor" (1917).  (2 copies)
b.Brochure.  "Draft Murray for Governor is the Wise Course for Oklahoma Democrats" (1917).
c.Broadside.  "'Win the War' Murray's Platform" (1918).  (3 copies)

F 46: Campaigns (1920): "Murray on Cause of Defeat."  (2 copies)

F 47: Campaigns (1926): Brochure for W. D. McBee.

F 48: Campaigns (1930).  WHM Campaign for Governor.
a.Official Program of the State Democratic Convention (1930).
b.Notarized Oath of Office (1931).
c.Campaign brochure for WHM's opponent Ira A. Hill.  "Football, Baseball and Highballs" (n.d.).
d.Typescript of radio address by John B. Turner, "Two American Artists" (July 26, 1930).
e.Carbon copy of letter.  M. C. C. to Miss Edith Johnson and the Daily Oklahoman (August 7, 1930).  Re WHM's qualifications for occupying gubernatorial mansion.
f.Letter.  Sam R. Hawks, Campaign Manager, Oklahoma Democratic State Central Committee, to Mrs. WHM (1930).  Re safety of WHM while campaigning, impropriety of ball at State Capitol or Governor's Mansion in honor of Mrs. WHM before the election.
g.Letter.  U. S. Russell, Mg. Editor of Harlow's Weekly, to WHM (1930).  Re attached clipping from Black Dispatch re Boley speech.
h."Turkey in the Straw, Alfalfa Bill" by Andrew Allen Veatch.  Words for campaign song to the tune of "Turkey in the Straw."

F 49: Campaigns (1932).  WHM Campaign for Presidential Nomination.
a.WHM platform (1932).  (4 copies)
b.Radio address by Geo. W. Armstrong over Station WBAP, April 3, 1932.  Re official records of Speaker Garner and Governor Murray, candidates seeking Democratic nomination for the Presidency.
c."The Murray Doctrine" (n.d.).
d.Postcard and campaign stickers (4) (n.d.).
e.Campaign song, "Alfalfa Bill" by William J. Brown and Zeb Seybold with harmony by Abijah Colbert (1931).
f.Brochure.  "Murray Presents His Democratic Platform to State Convention of Party" (1932).  (4 copies).
g."Murray Grams" (n.d.).  Excerpts from WHM speeches.

1.Form letter from Ira Mitchell, Governor's Office, with brochure, "The Truth About the Murray Administration" (June 10, 1932).
2.Hagerling, C. J., Director of Murray for President Organization, to E. L. Kirkpatric [sic] (February 15, 1932).  Re donation to and support of campaign.
3.Murray, Geo. T. (1931).  Meeting of committee leaders, Non- Partisan League, Independent Voters Association, source of votes for WHM.
4.Page, William Allen to Mrs. WHM (1932).  Convention pictures, regret at loss of nomination of WHM, wish that WHM were Secretary of Interior to clean up Indian Bureau, review of Alfalfa Bill, picture of Burbank, appreciation of WHM.
5.Taylor, W. H. C. (1932).  Election results.
6.Weaver, Claude, Secretary to WHM, to Prof. E. L. Kirkpatrick (March 10, 1932).  Re WHM trip to North Dakota.

i. Wrapper for the "Alfalfa Bill Bar." This was a candy bar produced by the Fine-Reding Candy Co. of Oklahoma City.
For nominating speech of Henry S. Johnston at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago, see Box 5 F 11.  For newspaper clippings see Box 6 F 4 and for cartoon see Outsized Materials Box A F 2-b.
For Platform and editorial cartoon.  See Outsized Materials.

F 50: Campaigns (1934).
a.Constitution of the Democratic State Central Committee.  (2 copies)
b.Brochure.  "Sparks from the Record of William H. Murray," two radio speeches by J. Berry King (January, 1934).  Re campaign for governor by JBK.

F 51: Campaigns (1938).  WHM campaigns for Governor and for Senator.
a.Legislative expense report (n.d.).  Initialed by USR.
b.Copy of editorial "Landmark Submerged" (1938), Miami, Florida, Daily News.  Re WHM defeat in Oklahoma primary.  (4 mimeographed copies)
c.Correspondence (1937, 1938).
Elrod, R. C. (1937).  WHM membership in "unsavory" organizations.
Flint, C. Greenlaw (Mrs. A. T.) (1938).  Invitation to stay overnight, present state of education.  Attached is copy of poem by CGF.
Kelley, Jim (1938).  Wish for success, California pension.
McElroy, K. P. (1938).  Support.
McNaughton, Frank, United Press (1937).  Announcement for governor, platform, advice to keep national picture out of Oklahoma campaign.
Merithew, C. F. (1938).  Use of parts of WHM's platform, running for Congress in New York.
Stallings, T. W. (1938).  WHM's defeat, campaign contributions.
Wright, H. P., see Box 4 F 55, letters of June 13 and September 1, 1938.

F 52: Campaigns (1940).  WHM campaign for Congressman-at-Large.
a.Newspaper advertisement. "Murray Enters Race for Congressmanat-Large" (April 25, 1940), McAlester News-Capital, with covering letter, Melven Cornish to WHM (May 10, 1940).  Re clipping, financial arrangements for publication, filing of protest.
b.Articles or speeches (n.d.).  (2 copies): "Platform of Today," re division of government powers; "Today's Wise Foreign Policy," re world relationships after war.
c.Expense Statement (1940).
d."A Challenge to Henry Wallace" by Arthur I. Boreman.
e.Listing by Oklahoma Counties of Republican voting statistics for 1936 and 1940 (n.d.).
f."Water-Boy Elmer and Chore-Boy Josh" (n.d.).  Campaign poem.

F 53: Campaigns (1940).  Correspondence (1938, 1940).
Albright, Ernest (1940).  Meetings in Illinois and Iowa.
Alexander, J. M. (1940).  Sending out cards, request for quotations.
Balch, George (1940).  Thanks for support, expectation of Roosevelt campaign train.
Best, D. C. (1940).  Support.
Bowles, J. E. (1940).  Campaign financing.
Chandler, Robt. P. (1940).  Active support.
Cornish, Melven (1940).  Presence of voluntary and enthusiastic support, expression of loyalty and friendship; advertisement in McAlester, using issue of preparedness.
Crump, George C. (1940).  Support for campaign.
Dean, Carney O. (1940).  Campaign and platform support, memory of service as WHM'S page in state legislature, 1932 campaign speech.
Evans, Dr. M. H. (1938).  Running as partisan candidate.
Fillmore, H. D. (1940).  Wishes for success, government treatment of veterans, PWA payments, campaign for son.
Fly, George S. (1940).  Support, Rogers' vote against Logan-Walter bill.
French, William D. (1940).  Addresses for obtaining books, WHM speeches at Wapanucka and Tishomingo, material for campaign edition of paper.
Furrow, Dr. W. E. (1940).  Offer of campaign assistance, request for comments on piece of legislation.
Gill, Ed (1940).  Wish for success.
Grisso, W. D. (1940).  Campaign contribution, wish for victory.
Grisso, W. E. (1940).  Campaign contribution.
Harris, James A. (1940).  Location of speech.
Hartwig, W. G. (1940).  Never speaking as a candidate to a "club or exclusive class organization" or running on a "Club Ticket."
Ishcona, See Box 2 F 59 for letter re campaign expenses.
Hendon, Claude (1940).  Invitation to speak at Shawnee "Old Settlers and Veterans Reunion Picnic."
Herrington, Dan (1940).  Invitation to speak in Locust Grove.
Hill, George (1940).  Speech in Wapanucka.
Hopkins, J. C. (1940).  Speech in Woodward.
Howe, R. D. (1940).  Distribution of literature.
Leonard, E. C. (1940).  Support.
McCrory, R. F. (1940).  Advice to avoid open fight against President.
McGowan, W. E., see Box 3 F 17, Letters May 4 and 8, 1940.
McKay, Doc (1940).  Reaction to Enid speech, keeping name in minds of people.
Melton, Alger (1940).  Voting for WHM.
Miller, Claude (1940).  Assistance with campaign, publication of poem.
Moore, Edward H. (U. S. Senator from Oklahoma 1943-1949).  Oklahoma City meeting, campaign contribution.
Newton, William M. (1940).  Volunteering of services for campaign.
Orton, L. V. (1940).  Support and assistance for campaign.
Osborn, Campbell (1940).  Use of first chapter of book as campaign literature.
Paschall, Walter B. (1940).  Campaign suggestions.
Pennington, J. B. (1940).  Assistance and support for campaign, proposed race for Clerk of Supreme Court in 1942.
Rogers, Charles L.  (1940).  Campaign assistance.
Stovall, Jesse (1940).  Publicity for speeches in Cordell.
Stroud, W. D. (1940).  Comments by WHM on campaign issue proposed by WDS regarding agriculture.
Tennison, J. W. (1940).  Support of elderly Oklahomans.
Thomas, L. D. (1940).  Preference for defeating Roosevelt's policies to winning election.
Thomas, O. D. (1940).  Campaign support and assistance, probable support of relief clients in Custer County.
Tracy, F. C. (1940).  Campaign support, comments on race, assistance in obtaining admission to School of Medicine for applicant from Beaver County.
Turlington, Dr. M. M. (1940).  Campaign support.
Vanderslice, J. (1940).  Campaign assistance.
Wall, John P. (1940).  Belated praise of Constitution speech, candidacy for President in 1932, wishes for success in campaign for Congress.
Weaver, Jack (1940).  Publicity for speech in Yukon.
Wever, Carl C. (1940).  Prediction that WHM will carry Osage County, opposition to FDR; distribution of WHM platform to prominent Democrats and newspapers.
Williams, W. B. (1940).  Thanks for contribution, low cost of campaign, small vote in primary.
Wilson, W. E. (1940).  Cause of defeat in primary.

F 54: Campaigns (1942).  WHM Campaign for Senator.
a.Filing Forms.
b.Expense Statement.
c."Wm. H. Murray Platform for United States Senator" (n.d.).  (2 copies, 4 carbons; one copy has pencil notes by WHM)
d."Governor Murray Challenges Senator Lee."  (3 copies)
e."Ex-Gov. made this formal statement..."  Re labor policies.
f."Ex-Governor Wm. H. Murray for United States Senate Against Josh Lee."  (2 copies)
g."Our War with Japan" by Paul V. Beck, with covering letter from PVB to Editors of Papers.... (March 11, 1942).  Re Post-war economic system.
h.Statement on issues by Paul V. Beck, candidate for U. S. Senate (June 27, 1942).
e."Governor Murray Challenges Senator Lee."  (3 copies)

F 55: Campaigns (1942).  Miscellaneous Correspondence A-H (1941-1942 and n.d.).
Adair, Roy L. (1942).  Offer to act as chauffeur for WHM.
Alexander, G. L. (1942).  Publicity for speech in Tuttle.
Antlers American (1942).  Advertisement of speeches.
Bailey, J. B. (1942).  Request for more literature, willingness to campaign for WHM, prediction of carrying Seminole County.
Bilby, Dr. Walter E. (n.d.).  Advice to withdraw from Senate race and run for judge.
Bounds, Sam. (1942).  Advertisement of speeches in Broken Arrow, Collinsville, Sand Springs, and Skiatook.
Bradfield, Hon. George (1942).  Arrangements and publicity for speech in Shawnee.
Burchett, Helen (1942).  Praise and campaign support.
Campbell, Dr. W. H. (August 16, 1938).  Re petition for name on ballot, should run for governor instead.
Chickasha Daily Express, Dave Vandivier (1942).  Re publicity for Chickasha and Rush Springs speeches.
Conner, Judge A. P. (April 30, 1942).  Re speaking dates, canvass, Lee's political record.
Coon, Elmer (March 22 and 26, 1942).  Re political support of WHM; cost of campaign, Busby's supporters and judicial record, Republican banquet.
Cooper, R. L. (1942).  Campaign support.
Cope, Milton B. (1942).  Printing of notice of meeting in El Reno, prediction of victory for Lee in Canadian County and in state.
Crabtree, Rev. John (1942).  Material re Josh Lee's advocacy of communism, article in Oklahoma Law Journal on "Theocracy to Foolocracy," list of Baptist ministers; circular challenging Lee, bills introduced by Lee, Judge Busby, "House Bill 4" re utility charters.
Derwin, Henry (1941, 1942).  Book order, endorsement of Frances Haskell; circular against Lee, possibility of WHM's running for office; photograph of WHM, speech arrangements, announcement.
Dorris, W. J. (1942).  Thanks for past and future support, sending of booklet.
Eilder, Laura B. (1942).  Contribution toward campaign travels; progress of campaign.
Ellis, Newal A. (1942).  Campaign support.  See also Box 4 F 36.
Evans, Dr. Dwight L. (1942).  Campaign contributions.
Examiner & Enterprise (1942).  Advertising rates.
Express Editor (Evans) (1942).  Re speaking dates.
Faires, C. E. (1942).  Promised campaign support, use of bad language.
Fall, Arlo J. (1942).  Campaign assistance, progress of campaign.
Fillmore, Dr. H. D. (1942).  Best wishes for success.
Fisher, Ens. Carl (1942).  WHM's picture in Life, results of primary.
Frye, Chas. O. (1942).  Support.
Grable, Mrs. R. C. (postmarked 1942).  Invitation to candidate's luncheon in Enid, speech in Enid.
Gibson, James (1942).  Advertisement of speech in Elmore City.
Graves, Carter E. (1942).  Wishes for success, opinion of present administration, state Supreme Court ruling on filing as independent candidate.
Grisso, Dick (1942).  Incompetence of Lee, possible helpfulness to Lee of WHM's candidacy.
Hamilton, Sam, Jr. (April 30, 1942).  Re speaking dates, Lee, Busby, carrying of country counties.
Hardin, Joe W. (April 23, 1942).  Re campaigning in Henryetta.  Attached is letter from Jim Kirby, Chief of Police, Henryetta, assuring WHM of courtesy and protection.
Harp, Mr., Editor, Newspaper, Commerce, Oklahoma (1942).  Re article and photograph in paper, carrying Busby's county, canvass tactics.
Harper County Journal (July 1, 1942).  Re order for advertising.
Harrell, L. A., Mayor of Fairfax, Oklahoma (April 28, 1942).  Re advertising of speaking dates.
Harrod, J. Q. A. (April 20, 1942).  Re campaign contribution; Busby, campaign progress, sending copy of book.
Hatcher, O. E. (April 24, 1942).  Re advertising of speaking dates; support of WHM, and sugar rationing.
Hopkins, J. C. (1942).  Re visit to Woodward.

F 56: Campaigns (1942).  Miscellaneous Correspondence K-M (1942 and n.d.).
Kaser, Bob (1942).  Wish to be here for the campaign.
Keiger, Mrs. C. G. (1942).  Campaign donations; remarks concerning WHM's talk on west coast.
Kent, Irene (1942).  Campaign donation from Wiley Smith.
Kingsland, Armine Wilkins (1942).  Watching campaign.
Kinkaid, Robert L. (1942).  Re speeches in Sapulpa and Woodward;
meeting in Sapulpa; car accidents, inequality of races, listing of wrong date in Haskell, radio speech cost, Busby; close of campaign, plans for speeches.
KOME, Harold Grimes, Commercial Manager (n.d.).  Campaign advertisements.
Krettenbrink, Frank (1942).  Inability to get to Okarche.
Kroutil, John (1942).  Speech at Yukon.
Langley, Ex-Senator (1942).  Publicity for speech at Locust Grove.
Langston, Everett E. (1942).  Announcement of WHM's running for Senate, recording of speeches.  Includes clipping from Washington Daily News, absentee voting law.
Lannon, Mrs. R. C. (1942).  Sorrow at loss of election.
Lansford, Mrs. Chattie O. (1942).  Speech at Duncan, appreciation of WHM's public service and philosophy.
League of Women Voters, Bartlesville (1942).  Invitation to speak at county Candidates meeting.
League of Women Voters, Oklahoma (1942).  Congressional candidate questionnaire.
Leasure, Chester (n.d.).  Statement against Lee.
Lockridge, Homer (1942).  Influence in Caddo.
Lockridge, Murray (1942).  Influence in Caddo.
Lockridge, W. A. (1942).  Campaign assistance; inability to get to Boswell, weather's effect on campaign, loss of supposed friends.
Long, J. W. (1942).  Effect on people of building airport at Ardmore, comparison of New Deal with Poker game; speech at Ardmore.
McKay, Doc (1942).  Advertisement of speeches, election predictions.
Martin, J. A. (1942).  Offer to drive.
Mathies, Wharton (1942).  Invitation.
Mayfield, L. M. (1942).  Offer to drive.
Mazer, Joseph (1942).  Best wishes for campaign; WHM's confidence in nomination.
Meisenheimer, Editor, Kiowa newspaper (1942).  Publication of speaking dates.
Mills, Walter S. (1942).  Campaign contribution; need for Senators with knowledge of international law.
Moore, Ed. H. (1942).  Sending brochure to ministers and possibly doctors and dentists, speaking tour.
Moore, William S. (1942).  Approval of WHM's New Deal views; WHM's expectation of winning, sending brochure.
Mueller, Harold, State Capitol Press Room (1942).  Announcement of speaking date in Capitol Hill.
Munn, J. E. (1942).  Inability to support Lee's opponent, ability to defeat Lee.

F 57: Campaigns (1942).  Miscellaneous Correspondence N-Z (1941-1942 and n.d.).
Nance, J. C. (1942).  Publicity for speaking dates.
Nunn, J. E. (1942).  Advice to support candidate with chance of election rather than running for office.
Oklahoma City Advertiser (1942).  Campaign advertisements.
Oklahoma Legionnaire, L. B. Wiggins, Advertising Representative (1942).  Mimeographed form letter soliciting advertisements.
Okmulgee Daily Times (1942).  Campaign advertisements.
Orton, L. V. (1942).  Campaign suggestions; story about Lee, Busby's attacks on Lee; Gaylord, World Government, fight for liberty, speeches, mood of audiences; LVO's letter to Gaylord; Busby's chances, county seat poll, election predictions; WHM picture and writeup in Life; straw ballots for businessmen and farmers.
Overstreet, Mr. (1942).  Publicity for speech in Spiro.
Page, William Allen (1942).  Campaign contribution, thanks for and praise of The Finished Scholar.
Paschal, Walter B. (1942).  Campaign suggestion, reason for loss of Governor's race; gift of suit and hat; office help for campaign.
Pashell, O. W. (1942).  Publicity for Pauls Valley speech.
Poe, E. I. (1942).  Campaign support, Indian land payment, pension inequity.
Quarrels [Quarles, J. J. ?](1942). Advertisement of speaking date at Fairfax and Shidler.
Ray, Senator Wm. O. (1942).  Material for Idabel Gazette, campaign progress, governor's race.
Redwine, Senator (1942).  Publication of list of speaking dates, election predictions, speaking tour.
Rhoten, Grover (1942).  Advertisement of speaking dates.
Ridley's Inc. (1942).  Sales and rental of sound equipment for campaign.
Smith, I. B. (1942).  Wish for success, future campaign contribution; WHM's desire to oppose Busby, expectation of winning.
Smith, Jaunita (sic) Johnston Smith (1942).  Mimeographing, speaking dates.
Smith, John (1942).  Reasons for candidacy, unprofessional behavior of Judge Busby in Pure Oil case.
Southerland, Judge Emmet (1942).  Advertisement of speech at Konawa.
Sowerd, Senator (1942).  Advertisement of Chandler speech.
Spurlock, James (1942).  Campaign publicity; location and advertisement for speech in Norman.
Stewart, Luther M. (1942).  List of speaking dates, publicity for Copan.
Streetman, Col. Frank (1941).  Advertisement of speech in Sasakwa.
Summers, William H. (Uncle Bill) (1942).  WHM's reasons for opposing Busby.
Swanson, Alfred V. (1941).  Offer to drive car for WHM.
Switzer, Charley (1942).  List of speaking dates, publicity for speech in Soper and in Ft. Towson, election predictions.
Talahina Hospital Superintendent (1942).  Publicity for Talahina speech.
Taylor, M. E. (n.d.).  Campaign progress and assistance.
Taylor, M. K. (n.d.).  Campaign support.
Thompson, J. P. (1942).  Derogatory remarks.
Tucker, J. C. (1941).  Suggestion that WHM run for governor.
Van Noy, Walter (1942).  Reasons why Busby should not be elected. Vernor, Vilas V. (1942).  Strong suggestion that WHM enter race with old- fashioned campaign; problems with Washington bureaus and civil service control.
Whitcomb, James A. (1942).  Hopes that WHM will "take some Josh out of our state."
Wiggins, E. F. (1942).  Thanks for book, support of Chigley people.
Wilcox, John W., State Representative (1942).  Democratic opposition to Josh Lee.
Williams, Hon. C. C. (1942).  Publicity for Spiro and Talihina speeches.
Williams, Thomas Benton, see Box 4 F 54, letters of April 19, 21, and 22, 1942.
Woodward Chamber of Commerce, C. M. Sarchet (1942).  Time of speech in Woodward, acceptance of luncheon invitation if time coincides.
Young, Glenn O. (1942).  Advertisement of speech in Sapulpa; Sapulpa Bank Case, campaign assistance, Tulsa Tribune editorial on candidates for governor and war industry money, election predictions by WHM; campaign planning.

F 58: Carr, Ralph L., Governor of Colorado (1942).
a.Correspondence.  Re speech by RLC, sending of book, prediction of postwar conditions.
b.Speech "Abraham Lincoln--the Union--Yesterday and Tomorrow" (February, 1942).

F 59: Commissioner of Deeds (1935): Suggestion to Legislature by WHM that such a position be created.

F 60: Committee for Constitutional Government (1940-1942).
a.Correspondence.  Re Congressional elections, passage of Senator Byrd's amendment concerning taxes, North Atlantic Pact.

Box 2
William H. Murray Collection Description

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