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Subject and Personality Materials: Congressional Record Clippings to Graham.

F 1: Congressional Record Clippings (1913-1917).
Speeches and Remarks by WHM 1913. April 7, pp. 33-40.
Remarks. Re: rules of the House. April 29, pp. 653-654.
Remarks. Re: cost of wages.June 10, pp. 2233-2234.
Remarks. Re: resolution to limit lobbying. (2 copies) July 2, pp. 2601-2602, 2606-2608.
Remarks. Re: investigation of Mulhall charges concerning manipulation of labor legislation by Association of Manufacturers; House rules. (2 copies of all pages except 2607-2608) July 5, pp. 2627-2628.
Remarks. Re: Mulhall charges. (2 copies) July 15, pp. 2755-2758.
Remarks. Re: labor arbitration board. September 2, pp. 4519-4520. Remarks. Re: land grant for San Francisco dam in the Hetch Hetchy Valley. September 3, pp. 4571-4572.
Remarks. Re: appropriation for indemnity payment to heirs of Italians killed at Erwin, Mississippi, on July 1, September 4, pp. 4645-4670.
Remarks. Re: relief and transportation of destitute American citizens in Mexico; appropriations for public buildings.September 5, pp. 4731-4738.
Remarks. Re: appropriation for Interstate Commerce Commission for valuation of railroad property. September 6, pp. 4809-4810. Remarks. Re: Army and Navy appropriations September 16, pp. 5369-5374.
Remarks. Re: Federal Reserve Board. September 17, pp. 5445-5446. Remarks. Re: Banking and public currency legislation. September 18, pp. 5517-5518.
Speech. Re: "Currency." October 3, pp. 5981-5982.
Remarks. Re: amendment procedure. November 5, pp. 6569-6572. Inclusion in record by D. W. Shackleford of WHM speech at Lake Mohonk Indian Conference, October, 1913. November 7, pp. 6595-6605.
Extension of Remarks. Re: "Intervention for the Protection of Life and Property in Mexico. December 16, 1007-1014. [Appendix?] Speech, December 11. Re: "Vocational or Agricultural and Mechanical Education."1914. January 31, pp. 2807-2810.
Remarks. Re: immigration legislation. March 27, pp. 5955-5956. Remarks. Panama Canal; Sims bill. March 28, pp. 6117-6124. Extension of Remarks. Re: "Mexico and Asiatic Menace." (3 copies) April 1, pp. 6361-6362.
Remarks (incomplete). Re: Pensions for widows and orphans of the Spanish-American War, the Philippine insurrection, and a Boxer uprising. April 3, pp. 6467-6468.
Remarks (incomplete). Re: mileage May 19, pp. 9623-9626. Extension of Remarks. Re: Standard Oil control of crude oil prices in Mid-continent Field. May 21, pp. 9767-9768.
Remarks. Re: furnishing of information by corporations to the Interstate Commerce Commission. May 22, pp. 9833-9836.
Remarks. Powers of Interstate Commission. May 29, pp. 10313-10314.
Extension of Remarks. Re: "Exemption of Farmers and Like Organizations from the Antitrust Laws." June 2, pp. 10477-10480; 10483-10486.
Remarks. Re: Trial and appeal of contempt cases; control of prices by large corporations.June 5, pp. 10725-10726.
Remarks. Re: legislation concerning common carriers.July 9, pp. 12973-12976.
Remarks. Re: Creek equalization amendment.October 5, pp. 17707-17708.
Remarks. Re: correction of Congressional Record.October 6, pp. 17741-17760.
Remarks. Re: Philippine Islands. (2 copies of pp. 17753-17756)October 19, pp. 18517-18528.
Extension of Remarks. Re: "Cotton Crisis--It's Remedy, Both Temporary and Permanent." (3 copies)October 21, pp. 18605-18610. Remarks. Re: loans for cotton and tobacco producers; Hardwick amendment.December 22, pp. 585-586. Remarks. Re: prohibition amendment; Morrison amendment.1915.January 8, pp. 1281-1310. Remarks. Re: Indian appropriation. (2 copies of pp. 1309-1310)January 9, pp. 1343-1344.
Remarks. Re: Choctaw trust fund.January 25, pp. 2451-2452. WHM as Speaker pro tem.February 4, pp. 3373-3381.
Extension of Remarks. Re: "Cabinet Officers Before Congress." (2 copies of pp. 3373-3378)March 3, pp. 5969-5990. Remarks. Re: unallotted lands of Creek Indians.1916.February 16, pp. 3065-3072, 3077-3078.
Remarks. Re: Indian war veterans.March 7, pp. 4237-4242. Speech. Re: "Reserved Increment or Single Tax on Lands."March 23, pp. 5423-5424.
Remarks. Re: military training in educational institutions.March 25, pp. 5597-5612.
Extension of Remarks. Re: "Pacifists' Dream of Perpetual Peace." (2 copies of pp. 5597-5608)April 5, pp. 6353-6376. Extension of Remarks. Re: "Adequate Preparedness." (2 copies of pp. 6353-6370).May 16, pp. 9169-9172.
Speech. Re: "Rural Credits."May 20, pp. 9499-9512.
Remarks. Re: transferral of supervision of allotted lands of Five Civilized Tribes to Superintendent for the Five Civilized Tribes at Muskogee, Oklahoma. (2 copies of 9501-9504 and 3 copies of 9505-9512)June 8, pp. 10709-10710.
Remarks. Re: "The Judiciary in Politics."June 28, pp. 11713-11714.
Extension of Remarks. Re: "I Am Neutral in the European Struggle." (2 copies)1917.February 1, pp. 2735-2738.
Extension of Remarks. Re: "Cumulative Suffrage, or an Equitable Electorate."February 19, pp. 4119-4122.
Extension of Remarks. Re: "Torrens Land Title System."

F 2: Congressional Record. Miscellaneous reprints (1938-1942).
a. February 19, 1931. Insertion by Tom D. McKeown of speech by WHM on Lincoln.
b. June 16, 1938. Speech of Joseph W. Martin re New Deal Expenditures.
c. May 1, 1939. Remarks of Usher L. Burdick re American Indian Federation.
d. September 25, [1940?]. Remarks of Mr. Schafer of Wisconsin re Elliot Roosevelt.
e.August 28, 1941. Speech by Emanuel Cellar re Reduction of Social Security Taxes.
f.October 6, 1941. Extension of Remarks of Emanuel Cellar re Morgenthau's Tax on Invested Capital.
g.February 12, 1942. Speech by Martin J. Kennedy on Lincoln.
h.April 13, 1946. Extension of Remarks of Compton I. White re Pearls from the Congressional Mail.

F 3: Constitution of Oklahoma. A copy of the constitution (1907).

F 4: Cook, Ben R., Jr. (1941-1942): Correspondence concerning WHM column in Indian Citizen Democrat; essay on freight rates; publication of "Essays on Government."

F 5: Coordinating Board of the State of Oklahoma.: Proceedings (June 3, 1933).b.Statement on executive orders. (2 copies, one of which is incomplete).

F 6: Corsicana Daily and Navarro County News (1894). Jester, Mrs. George (1894). Advertisement of dinner to be given by Ladies of the Methodist Church. Ramsey, W. F. (1894). Receipt of marked copy of paper, conduct at Waxahachie, election of Judge Burke.

F 7: County Treasurers. Statutes concerning term of office, bond, and qualifications.

F 8: Court Cases. Brief. Prince and Cantrell vs. Scroggins, et al. (n.d.).

F 9: Court Cases - Miscellaneous (1915-1943 and n.d.)
a. Briefs.
1. Cantrell, Wilson & Moore vs. Scroggins et al. (1943).
2. Cary vs. Oklahoma Corporation Commission (1933).
3. McCoy vs. McCoy (1932).
4. Holdenville, Oklahoma vs. Amerada Petroleum Corp. et al. (n.d.).
5. Oklahoma vs. Bozarth (1933).
6. Oklahoma ex rel William H. Murray etc. vs. Pure Oil Company, et al.
7. Rio Neches, Inc. vs. W. H. Murray et al. (1933).
8. Westgate Oil Co. vs. W. H. Murray et al. (1933).

b. Opinions.
1. Opinion of the Judges re conviction of Luke Nichols (1933).
2. Opinion of the Board of Governors of Oklahoma re W. M. Williams, Atty. (n.d.).

c. Petitions.
1. Petition for rehearing in U. S. Supreme Court by Joseph Taggart et al. (1915).
2. Petition for investigation of Cherokee County Commission (1931).
d. Syllabus. Craig vs. Wright (1934).

e. Miscellaneous notes re powers of courts and president; liability of surviving partner; Pierce vs. Magnolia Petroleum; Plaintiff vs. El Reno Sanitarium surgeons; Kier vs. Smith; Pierce vs. Brockman et al. (n.d.).

F 10: Court Cases (1931-1934). Correspondence.
a. Blackburn, Mort (1934). WHM to Roy White reserving sentence.
b. Cherokee County Investigation (1933). Claude E. Thompson and C. C. Cooper to WHM.
c. Christenson vs. State (February. 12, 1934).
d. Gas Utilities Co. vs. Oklahoma Natural Gas Corp. and Clarence Caraker et al. vs. Oklahoma Natural Gas Corp (December 1, 1933).
e. Jenson vs. Gower (1933). WHM to/from Sebe Christian and WHM to H. A. Jenson.
f. Johnson, Charley (1933). WHM to/from L. Keith Smith re insanity petition and county appropriation for medical assistance.
g. Logan County investigation (1934). WHM to J. D. Murphy.
h. McCoy vs. McCoy (1933). WHM to/from Judge E. V. Varner.
i. Oklahoma vs. Burnett (1931). S. R. Lewis to WHM and WHM to C. K. Templeton and S. R. Lewis.
j. Oklahoma vs. Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Railway Company (Re: Railroads in the Oklahoma City Oil Field) (May 15, 1933).
k. Oklahoma vs. Davis (1931). Transcript receipt by WHM.
l. Oklahoma vs. Dickson (1933). Clarence Tankersley to WHM.
m. Oklahoma vs. Godfrey (1934). John C. Stevenson to WHM and WHM to Judge McCollom.
n. Oklahoma vs. Haynes (1933). WHM to/from Carl A. Beavin.
o. Oklahoma vs. Hollins (1934). Claude Weaver to Judge Mark L. Bozarth.
p. Oklahoma vs. Mellon (1933). R. E. Maxey and WHM to C. A. Burns.
q. Oklahoma vs. Nichols (1932). 1. WHM to the Criminal Court of Appeals. 2. Judge J. W. Bird to WHM (1932) with attached handwritten note by WHM and Railway Express receipt.
r. Oklahoma vs. Pure Oil Co., Royalty Corp. of America, et al. (September 14, 1932). See also Box 4 F 57, Glenn O. Young letter of May 22, 1940.
s. Oklahoma vs. Self (1933). Wallace Wilkinson to WHM.
t. Oklahoma vs. Stephens (1934). WHM to/from W. F. Hurt and Hiram Stephens to WHM.Oklahoma vs. West, see Cherokee County Investigation.
u. Oklahoma vs. White (1933). Moman Pruiett to WHM.
v. Oklahoma vs. (Ham case) (1931). D. R. Ham to/from WHM and Marvin Shilling to/from WHM.
w. Roadway Express Co. vs. WHM et al. (February 16, 1932).
x. Westgate Oil Co. vs. WHM (March 9, 1933).
y. Miscellaneous letters concerning unnamed cases (1933-1934). See also Box 3 F 2, Guess and Crosby Investigation.

F 11: Craig County Investigation. Request for investigation (1934).

F 12: Creek County Investigation (1931-1932).
a. Correspondence: 1. Hepburn, James, to/from WHM (1931-1932). Re: progress of investigation; 2. Jeter, Harry L., to WHM (1931). Re: W. E. McDaniel. b. Charge to the Special Grand Jury.

F 13: "D" Correspondence (1916-1944).
Dale, F. Hiner (1941). Finished Scholar.
Damon, Arthur H. (1936). Constitution speech.
Daniels, Sara B. (n.d.). Constitution speech.
D'Arcy, John (1936). Copy of constitution speech.
Darks, Herman (1940, 1951). Praise of WHM, invitation to visit. Darrah, A. J. (1936). Copy of constitution speech.
Daugherty, Hon. H. P. (1936). Apology to and praise of WHM; constitutional amendments.
Davenport, Dr. A. E. (1939, 1941, 1942). Book orders, illness; financial condition of Gov. Johnston's family, book review; payment for books; WHM's cataracts and family news.
Davison, Sanford A. (1936). Copy of constitution speech.
Deal, P. H. (1916). Indian enrollment, contract and division of fee.
Decker, Arthur (1936). Copy of constitution speech; political activities.
Delavan, Wayne (1940). Hesitancy to join organization. D.E. Mocrat (1936). Roosevelt election and Landon defeat.
Des Champs, Frank (1940). Book order.
Derr, Rev. William (1940). Declining of invitation.
Desell, R. D. (1936). Praise of constitution speech, resolution concerning repeal of 14th Amendment.
Devlin, Roger V. (n.y.). Book order. DeWitt, Edgar (1936, 1942, 1944). Constitution speech; brochure on government; FDR's support by South.
Dickerson, J. T. (1941). Praise of The Finished Scholar.
Dingle, Frank E. (1936). Inability to get copies of Constitution speech for distribution; election.
Disney, Wesley E. (1940). Sending of reports.
Dixon, Frank M., Governor of Alabama (1940). Right to organize home guard.
Dodds, D. G. (1936). Praise of book on constitution; Richard M. Johnson, Senator from Kentucky.
Doenges, Soland (n.y.). Book order.
Doerfler, Rev. Hilary (1944). Thanks for pamphlet, sending of Pope's Encyclical.
Doolin, J. B. (1924). Receipt of books, copy to library. Doolittle, John, see Box 1 F 21, Burris, H. L. Doyle, C. J. (1936). Copy of constitution address.
Duckett, Pearl E. (n.y.). Order for autographed copy of The Finished Scholar.
Dudek, Monsignor J. B. (1936). Thanks for copy of John W. Davis speech on "Redistribution of Power."
Dupree, W. E. (1938). Thanks for Blue Valley Farmer, family history, relation to Stand Watie, friendship with Jas. G. Hogg. Durr, Frank (1941). Book order, speech at America First rally. Dwight, Ben (1940). Publication of story of deliberations re Indians at Constitutional Convention.
Dyer, Pete (1942). Request for legal help.

F 14: Daily Oklahoman and Oklahoma City Times (1933-1942).: Correspondence re criticism of E. K. Gaylord in Blue Valley Farmer; WHM's subscription payment; commendation of H. R. King; answer to W. S. Mudd; articles for publication; control of Highway Commission; receipt of copies of WHM books; and support of WHM for U. S. Senate.

F 15: Dale, Edward Everett. A copy of The Prairie Schooner and Other Poems by E. E. Dale, inscribed by the author to Mrs. WHM.

F 16: Davis, Phil W., Jr. (1941-1942; 1946). Correspondence concerning WHM's campaign for Senator; death of civilization.

F 17:The Defender Magazine (1941-1949).
a. Correspondence (1941-1946) between WHM and Gerald B. Winrod and M. L. Flowers of The Defender Magazine re reviews of and orders for WHM books; unspecified legal matter.
b.Letter. L. P. Staplin to WHM (1949). Re: Zionist and Jewish attempt to infiltrate America. Attached is May 31, 1948, issue of "The Individualist."
c. The Defender Magazine, Vol. 18, No. 9 (January, 1944).
d.Advertisement for The Defender Magazine (n.d.).
e.The Letter #148 (1949). Gerald L. K. Smith, editor. Black list of Anti-Defamation League includes Defender editor.
f. Copy of letter from W. Henry MacFarland, Jr., to B'nai B'rith Council of Philadelphia (1947). Re: debate proposal.
g. Advertisement for "Education in Wartime" by Robert Sargent (n.d.).
h. Open Letter to the People of Kansas, "Unmasking a Conspiracy of Lies" by Gerald B. Winrod (n.d.). Re: smear campaign against him by inter-national Jewry.

F 18: Democratic Party (1939-1942). Correspondence.
a.Garner for President Committee, E. B. Germany to WHM (1939). Re: appreciation for support. Attached is carbon copy of letter from Germany to K. L. Maddox.
b.E. B. Germany to WHM (1940). Re: book order. Attached is WHM check to Germany.
c.Oklahoma League of Democratic Women, Anna Brosius Korn, to WHM (1940). Re: invitation as honor guest at annual session.
d.WHM to Hon. France Paris, Chairman, Democratic Committee, Tulsa (1940). Authority of Chairman.
e.State League of Young Democrats, Woody Hunt, to WHM (1942). Re: appearance on program.
g.Democratic Ladies Precinct Club, Mrs. E. L. Cole and Mrs. Glen Clarkson, to WHM (1942). Re: invitation to rally.

F 19: Dorrance and Company (1941-1942). Correspondence concerning a publishing contract for The Finished Scholar. Includes signed contract.

F 20: "E" Correspondence (1933-1942).
Early, C. B. (1936). Copy of constitution speech.
Eckert, Walter H. (1941). Book order.
Ediger, J. B. (1941). Book inquiry. Edmiston, Retha (n.d.). Autographed book order.
Edmondson, Robert Edward (1940). Copy of War-War-War. Attached is printed copy of "Looking Ahead Politically" by Edmondson advocating return to republic.
Edwards, J. L. (1942). Social Security pension procedures. Edwards, M. Jack (1935-1936). WHM's political plans; views of campaign.
Elkouri, Frank (1940). Meeting Gamewell, friend of WHM. Ellsworth, William W. (1936). Copy of constitution address. Eubank, Leah (1941). Information re move to Brazil.
Evans, Evan (1936). Copy of constitution speech.
Evans, H. C. (n.d.). Legal aid re old age pensions.
Evans Lecture Bureau or Agency (1936). Speaking engagements.

F 21: Educational Foundation (1935-1949).
a. Notice of meeting (1935) with attached list of names to whom circular letter and program were sent.
b.Resolution appointing John Steel Batson a member of the Board of Trustees (1949).
c. Brochure. "Wm. H. Murray Educational Foundation" (n.d.). Re: facts relating to Foundation Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws, Minutes of first meeting, financial statement. (2 copies)
d.List of teachers in independent schools of McCurtain County, 1941-42.
e.List. "Members of the Association--Wm. H. Murray Educational Foun-dation (n.d.). Lists name, city, and amount of subscription.
f.Correspondence concerning WHM Educational Foundation (1935-1949). American Book Company, F. G. Bossi (1935). Disposition of royalty checks.
Bennett, Dr. Henry G. (1935). Re: meeting of Foundation. Carrell, Florence (1936). Re: limitation of loans to students in Oklahoma colleges.
First National Bank and Trust Co., Hugh L. Harrell (1949). Re: deposit of check. Former Student's Association, Murray State School of Agriculture.
Lynn W. Norman (1949). Re: reunion.
Martin, A. D. (1936). Re: control of fund.
Murray, Clive E. (1935). Re: royalty checks from American Book Company.
Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical College, C. R. Strong, Business Manager (1949). Re: receipt of Articles of Incorporation, distribution of copies of "History of Wm. H. Murray Educational Foundation," United Press.
Frank McNaughton (1936). Re: Board of Trustees, loans made.

F 22: Embezzlement Statutes. Certificate of R. A. Sneed, Secretary of the State of Oklahoma, Pertaining to Certain Sections of Law on Embezzlement (May 4, 1933).

F 23: Equal Rights (1947-1948).
a. H. R. 3488, 80th Congress, 1st Session (May 15, 1947). Re: protection of citizens from mob violence and lynching.
b. S. 984, 80th Congress, lst Session (March 27, 1947). Re: prohibition of discrimination in employment.
c. H. R. 4951, 80th Congress, 2d Session (January 14, 1948). Re: equal privileges for persons within District of Columbia.

F 24: Etheridge, E. D. (1941-1942).
a. Memo of agreement between Etheridge and WHM (1941). Re: Weekly Newspaper Column by WHM for sale to weekly newspapers. Attached is copy of form letter to newspaper editors describing series of articles and stating fee for use.
b.Correspondence between Etheridge and WHM (1941-1942). Re: speaking engagements for WHM; Etheridge's move to San Diego; criticism of and opposition to Josh Lee; unemployment in Oklahoma City; failure of Busby canvass.

F 25: Exchange Trust Company (1933-1934).
a.Correspondence concerning charge of embezzlement against the directors of the Exchange Trust Company. Correspondents include W. J. Barnett, Judge F. E. Kennamer, Major Eugene Kerr, R. M. McCool, WHM, Malcolm E. Rosser, and Judge J. M. Springer.
b.List of Collateral Pledged and Notes Payable, Exchange Trust Company, Tulsa, Oklahoma, as of June 29, 1933.

F 26: Executive Orders--Admission to State School (1932). Douglass, Billie (May 18, 1932). Hicks, Thelma (January 21, 1932). Nye, Rube (May 20, 1932).Sanders, Leroy (June 11, 1932).

F 27: Executive Orders--Appointment of Counsel (1931-1934).
Busey vs. State of Oklahoma (September 21, 1931).
Canadian County Grand Jury (September 17, 1931).
Maupin, Robert, vs. W. H. Murray, Charles A. Moon, et al. (May 21 and June 19, 1931).
Muskogee County Grand Jury (August 5, 1932).
Oklahoma vs. W. E. Guess and Cecil Crosby (June 18, 1931). Oklahoma vs. Pushmataha County Commissioners (July 3, 1931). Oklahoma vs. Sand Springs Home and Charles Page Estate (May 26 and July 29, 1931).
Oklahoma and County and City of Tulsa vs. School Board for School District 22 (May 8, 1934).
Oklahoma vs. J. W. Seth (September 15, 1931).
Oklahoma vs. State Savings and Loan Association (May 9, 1933). Oklahoma vs. John Wade County Commissioner, Cherokee County (June 17, 1931).
Payne County Grand Jury (January 20 and March 31, 1931).
Sinclair Oil vs. Oklahoma Corporation Commission et al. (April 22, 1931).
School District No. 43 (Pittsburgh County) vs. School District No. A-2 (March 11, 1931).
State Bank of Sapulpa Liquidation (May 3, 1932).

F 28: Executive Orders--Extradition (1931-1932).
Albain, Samuel F. (April 17, 1931).
Browning, Robert P. (May 12, 1931).
Conn, Kenneth (April 22, 1931).
Cunningham, L. C. (June 4, 1931).
Gifford, Joseph B. (March 21, 1932). (2 copies)
Groff, Elmer C. (June 11, 1931). (2 copies)
Henderson, Harold, alias Ralph Holmes (April 11, 1931).
Rader, Mrs. Glen (August 20. 1931).
Rook, L. W. (January 16, 1931).

F 29: Executive Orders--Hospital Admissions (1931-1932 and n.d.). Chaddick, Lamont, to University Hospital (April 17, 1931). Cheadle, Tom, to University Hospital (n.d.).
Crosby, Marie, to Central State Hospital (October, 1931).
Flynt, Mrs. Anna, to University Hospital (May 8, 1931).
Folsum, Albert, to University Hospital (March 3, 1931).
Freeman, Roy E., to Central State Hospital (April 22, 1931). Goff, James J., to University Hospital (May 8, 1931).
Janowiak, Mrs. Susie, to University Hospital (June 19, 1931). Tims, Mrs. O. W., to State Tubercular Sanitarium at Clinton (February 10, 1932). General order concerning restrictions on admissions from Oklahoma County (1932).

F 30: Executive Orders--Investigations (1931-1932).
Lawton City Government (March 14, 1932).
Major County Officers (August 17, 1931).
Ottawa County Sheriff Election (January 26, 1931).
Wood, Henry, Osage County Judge (May 13, 1931).
Woods County Commissioners (May 18, 1931).

F 31: Executive Orders--Military Orders (1931-1933).
Bank Holiday, Mar. 1-8, 1933 (March 4, 1933). 1 order.
Oil Drilling in Oklahoma City (December 30, 1931, and May 5 and 7, 1932). 3 orders.
Oil Proration Violation (May 20-September 21, 1932). 10 orders.
2 copies of 1 order) Red River Bridge Closing (July 23-27, 1931). 2 orders. State Highway Commission Door Guard to prevent entry of Lew H. Wentz (n.d.). 1 order.

F 32: Executive Orders--Rewards (1931-1934).
Arrest of Q. P. McGhee (July 13, 1931).
Arrest and conviction of forgers of release orders for Eddie Cowden, Ralph Rhodes, and Reao Stutz (July 21, 1931).
(2 copies) Arrest and conviction of robbers at Texas Cafe in Gusher City on June 8, 1930 (September 17, 1931).
(2 copies) Arrest and conviction of Bun Land or information leading to same (December 3, 1931).
Arrest and conviction of person or persons who caused derailment of Rock Island train No. 41 on October 30, 1931 (December 7, 1931).
Arrest and conviction of Charles Arthur Floyd, alias "Pretty Boy" (January 18, 1932).
Capture and conviction, or information resulting in same, of murders of J. W. Quick, July 20, 1932 (July 25, 1932).
Capture and return to penitentiary of Bob Brady (October 24, 1932).
Evidence leading to conviction of burglars of National Guard Armory, Konawa, January 30, 1933 (February 2, 1933).
Arrest and conviction of person who shot C. N. Nunn (referred to in first order as John D. Nunn), June 13, 1934 (June 14, 1934). (2 orders) Arrest and conviction of Raymond Knoel for killing of Cecil Thomas and Harry Hicks (October 23, 1934).
Information resulting in arrest of murderer or murderers of W. H. Berry, October 16, 1934 (November 27, 1934). Conviction of livestock stealers in Choctaw, Pushmataha, Atoka, McCurtain, and Bryan Counties (December 4, 1934). (2 copies)

F 33: Executive Orders--Leaves of Absence for Prisoners (1931-1933).
Balliet, Carl (April 6, 1931).
Ealey, R. T. (April 24, 1931).
Jeffries, Howard (May 4, 1931).
Jones, Fay (February 15, 1933).
Landrum, Jesse (April 23, 1931).
Manley, Lyndel (April 28, 1931).
Manwarren, LeRoy (May 9, 1931).
Nance, J. E. (February 7, 1931).
Storey, Claude (May 19, 1931).
Waldock, A. J. (March 24, 1931).
Welch, Clint (April 9, 1931).

F 34: Executive Orders--Parole of prisoners (1930-1933).
Allen, Oder (April 25, 1931).
Bates, L. L. (April 16, 1931).
Clark, F. E. (April 23, 1931).
Corder, H. G. (May 14, 1931).
Everest, Miles (May 6, 1931).
Hatfield, Jesse (May 5, 1931).
Hatfield, W. K. (May 5, 1931).
Hayes, Dock (April 24, 1931).
Lay, Arthur (June 29, 1933).
Marshall, J. A. (April 21, 1931).
Orum, Riddle (April 29, 1931).
Pierce, M. W. (May 21, 1931).
Reynolds, Ernest (January 17, 1930).
Strout, Bryant (April 21, 1931).
Thompson, Thurman (May 7, 1931).
Watkins, A. A. (April 17, 1931).
Zellner, Charles (March 24, 1931).

F 35: Executive Orders--Reprieves for Convicts (1931 and n.d.).
Hall, Sam (March 19-April 2, 1931). 7 pieces.
Jones, J. W. (n.d.).
Murray, C. C. (April 8 and May 6, 1931). 2 orders.
Thompson, Charles (May 14, 1931).

F 36: Executive Orders--Stays of Execution (1931-1932).
Gomez, Ignacio (November 12, 1932).
Jackson, John Henry (April 11, 1931).
Nichols, Bennie (July 9, 1931).

F 37: Executive Orders--Sentence Commutation and/or Fine Remission (1931).
Berryhill, J. G. (October 12, 1931).
Hays, Shorty (April 9, 1931).
Jefferson, Isaac (April 18, 1931).
Kerr, Denny (March 20, 1931).
Porta, Francis (May 12, 1931).
Skipworth, Fred (May 12, 1931).

F 38: Executive Orders--Use of Prisoners as Court Witnesses (1931).
Clary, Roy, and Ralph Smith (May 2, 1931).
Price, Fred (April 23, 1931).
Sams, V. E. (May 16, 1931).
Smith, Ralph. See Clary, Roy.

F 39: Executive Orders and Proclamations, Miscellaneous (January-May, 1931).
Donations to Red Cross for drought relief (January 16, 1931).
Enforcement of laws against unlawful assembly (January 17, 1931).
Removal of Lew H. Wentz from chairmanship of the State Highway Commission (January 28, 1931).
Cessation of efforts to organize march on Capital of unemployed (February 9, 1931).
Release of James Marshall from allegations of indirect contempt (July 8, 1931).
Appointment of committee for George Washington celebration (March 17, 1931).
Reinstatement of Fred E. Dixon as resident and inmate of Union Soldier's Home at Oklahoma City (March 26, 1931).
(2 copies) Appointment of C. M. Cude to Board of Managers of seven State Children's institutions (April 7, 1931).
Appointment of Wm. C. Hughes to Board of Managers of seven State children's institutions (April 7, 1931).
Appointment of J. O. Mattison to Board of Managers of seven State children's institutions (April 7, 1931).
Assistance of Attorney General in prosecution of State of Oklahoma vs. Fred Salee (April 7, 1931).
Reciprocity between Oklahoma and Arkansas in recognition of auto tags (April 16, 1931).
Removal of Frank Buttram from Board of Regents for the University and appointment of Col. H. E. Dorwin (April 17, 1931).
Dismissal of H. B. Converse, State Grader, and Mrs. Helen Evans, stenographer for Market Commission, and employment of "Federal Inspectors" (May 8, 1931).
(2 copies) Designation of June 15-20, 1931, as Emancipation Week (May 12, 1931).
Calling of first meeting of Code Commission on May 24, 1931 (May 12, 1931).
Appointment of Hugh C. Jones to Board of Managers of seven State children's institutions (April 7, 1931).

F 40: Executive Orders and Proclamations, Miscellaneous (June-December, 1931).
Forbidding deposit of public funds in bank or trust company which purchases state, county, municipal or school district warrants at less than par value (June 24, 1931). (3 copies)
Matching funds for construction of Federal aid roads and use of gasoline funds to construct Farm-to-Market roads (July 3, 1931).
Release of James Marshall from allegations of indirect contempt (July 8, 1931).
Retainment on tax rolls and collection of taxes from Morningside Hospital and Nurses Training School (July 14, 1931).
Deferred rental payments on school lands (July 21, 1931).
Enforcement of taxation of motor carriers (July 22, 1931).
Use of unemployed in building state roads (July 22, 1931).
Granting of permission to Texaco Salt Products Co. of Tulsa to purchase alcohol for scientific research (August 26, 1931).
Arrangements for sale of Geological Survey documents by Carl L. Pawlowski (September 17, 1931).
Appointment of Dr. C. C. Hisel, State Veterinarian as quarantine enforcement officer (September 28, 1931).
Appointment of James W. Bachelor to bring suit to cancel default judgments against school districts (September 28, 1931).
Call upon citizenry to give due credit to Thomas Alva Edison and ordering of flag at half mast until after funeral (October 19, 1931).
Securement of water supply for Western Oklahoma Hospital for the Insane (October 28, 1931).
Celebration of Armistice Day, November 11, 1931 (October 29, 1931).
Release of Lillian Brewer and forbiddance of arrest for vagrancy under certain conditions (n.d.).

F 41: Executive Orders and Proclamations, Miscellaneous (1932-1934).
Remission of tax penalty payments; employment of lawful methods to stop re-sale of real estate for taxes (February 8, 1932).
Declaration of afternoon and evening of February 12 as holiday in honor of Abraham Lincoln (February 10, 1932).
Consent to Petty cash account for Oklahoma College for Women (March 10, 1932).
Cooperation of Capital Hill citizens with Phillips Petroleum and Oklahoma Natural Gas Corporation in connection of pipe lines (March 12, 1932).
State clean-up period, April-May 7, 1932 (March 31, 1932).
Removal of Lew H. Wentz from office and from all connection with State Highway Department (April 1, 1932).
Appointment of Cal Harvey to Town Council of Lenapah (May 6, 1932).
Pardon for seven unemployed persons arrested for receipt of left-over food at St. Anthony's Hospital; pardon for Clark Stagg and for any person hereafter charged with vagrancy (August 4, 1932).
Payment of Malcolm E. Rosser, Sr., for legal work for State School Land Commission (August 4, 1932). (3 copies)
Conveyance and distribution of food to the destitute of Tulsa (August 24, 1932). (2 copies)
Revocation of any authority granted to W. E. Bill Guess and Cecil Crosby as state detectives or criminal investigators (August 29, 1932).
Proclamation of October 11, 1932, as holiday in commemoration of General Casimir Pulaski (September 19, 1932).
Authorization of use of additional funds by Highway Commission to provide fourteen enforcement officers (September 26, 1932).
Declaration of November 5-9, 1932, as Election Holiday for state employees (November 1, 1932).
Requirement of signature and indelible amount written by receiver of all expense accounts paid by Auditor (November 17, 1932).
Revocation of order for expulsion of members of the D. D. M. C. (December 19, 1932) with statement of explanation by WHM.
Proclamation of bank holiday March 2-6, 1933 (March 1, 1933).
Making of bonds by state agencies by filing state warrants with Trust Department of State Treasury (May 8, 1933).
Investment of State Funds in short term Federal Bills to safeguard funds (February 1, 1934).

F 42: Executive Orders. Miscellaneous lists of state, county, and Oklahoma City employees as of July, 1932.

F 43: Executive Orders. Petitions for investigations or grand juries. (1931-1932 and n.d.).
a. Craig County (1931). Grand Jury.
b. Citizens of Lenapah (n.d.). Appointment of Cal Harvey to Town Counsel.
c. Pottawatomie County (1932). Investigation of County Commissioners.d.Tulsa County (n.d.). Grand Jury.

F 44: Executive Orders. Red River Bridge Materials (1931, 1933).
a. First Amended Bill of Complaint, J. R. Handy vs. Bert McCaleb, et al. (1931).
b. Message of record facts concerning judgment against State (1933).
c. Notification to Attorney General not to appear further in Red River Bridge Case (1933).

F 45: Executive Orders. Correspondence concerning the following Prisoners:
Clary, Roy (April 30, 1931).
Covington, Ivory (November 12, 1932).
Dumas, Charles (May 11, 1933).
Gomez, Ignacio (August 11 and 13, November 12 and 14, 1932 and n.d.).
Henderson, Harold, alias Ralph Holmes (April 11, 1931).
Manley, Lundel (April 28, 1931).
Miller, Bill and Hattie (February 15, 1933).
Morris, Tom (October 2, 1933).
Nichols, Luke (March 9 and 13, 1933).
Quinn, Earl (June 1, 1933).
Rightsell, Nathan (November 12, 1932). (2 copies)
Sams, V. E. (May 15, 1931).
Simpson, Robert, see F 48, Shaw, Harrison. Smith, Ralph, see Clary, Roy. Strickland, H. P. (January 17, 1930).

F 46: Executive Orders. Miscellaneous Correspondence (1931-1932).
Booker T. Washington Home (May 11 and 18, 1931). Re: request for declaration of Emancipation Week and publication of proclamation. County Attorneys of the Several Counties of Oklahoma (n.d.).
Re: payment for officers sent with requisitions. County School Superintendent (June 25, 1931).
Re: distribution of executive order re warrants for teachers. Langley, H. N. (May 18, 1931).
Re: issuing of executive order concerning placement of member of Harley Brown family in hospital.
Parnell, Harvey D., Governor of Arkansas (May 5, 1931).
Re: harassment of citizens of Oklahoma or Arkansas when entering each other's state.
Poteau Chamber of Commerce (May 5 and 15, 1931). Re: desire for amicable relations between Arkansas and Oklahoma citizens.
Smith, Dr. J. B., University Hospital (April 30, 1932). Re: admission of Dick Colbert.
Taylor, Baxter, to Sheriff Burl Wheeler (May 8, 1931). Re: fee for attestation concerning extradition of W. G. White.
Trent, Dr. (May 8, 1931). Re: signature on executive order as member of the Market Commission. U. S. Secretary of State from WHM's secretary (June 12, 1931). Re: appointment of Attorney General J. Berry King as participant in prosecution of William Guess and Cecil Crosby.
Wood, James R., (September 11 and 15, 1931). Re: appointment of Wood as prosecutor for state of Oklahoma vs. I. W. Seth.

F 47: Extradition. Correspondence A-J (1931-1934).
Allen, Albert, see Thompson, Ben.
Allen, Arline (June 27 and July 1, 1933).
Armstrong, Bill (July 30-31, 1931, and n.d.).
Arnold, E. A. (May 7, 1932).
Baker, Howard (September 28, 1931).
Beck, Cornish (February 27, 1931).
Behney, William (February 16, 1932).
Beller, Fred (April 28, 1932)
Benning, Mary, see Hyatt, Charles.
Bourns, Curtis (May 22-June 30, 1931).
Browning, Robert Preston (April 28, 1931).
Bryant, Jim (June 13, 1931). Includes Rackley and Taylor Byrd, Oscar (November 15, 1932).
Cain, Snake (January 16, 1931). [Telegram dated January 16, 1930, should be 1931?]
Campus, Joe (December 6-7, 1934).
Candle, L. D. (April 25, 1932).
Carroll, Jack (August. 7, 1934).
Cooper, James (November 15, 1932).
Christensen, Josephine (April 2, 1934).
Cunningham, L. C. (June 25, 1931).
Dalton, Roy R. (September 1, 1933).
Dodson, Charlie (November 29-December 1, 1932).
Easley, Ed, see Hyatt, Charles.
Fields, Johnnie (December 7, 1932).
Forrester, W. E. (September 16-22, 1931).
Glasser, Frank J. (January 9, 1933).
Gordy, J. D. (September 27, 1932).
Hall, R. V. (January 12, 1932).
Hani, Harlette V. (March 14, 1932).
Harper, J. F. (March 27, and April 26-29, 1931).
Headrick, (October 24, 1932).
Hook, Ray (October 26, 1932).
Houghton, A. T. (January 23, 1931).
Hyatt, Charles (June 12, 1931). Includes Benning, Story, and Easley.
Jackson, Howell (November 19, 1931). Johnson, T. H. (Cyclone) (February 13, 1932).

F 48: Extradition. Correspondence L-W (1931-1934).
Lemon, John (August 4 and 18, 1933).
Lindsey, Walter, see Thompson, Ben.
Lukenbill, Roscoe H. (January 6, 1932).
Martin, H. R. (February 10-13, 1932).
Martin, Paul (April 28, 1931).
McKee, George (December 19-29, 1931 and n.d.).
Moran, Rom (June 21, 1933).
Murray, J. C. (September 11, 1931).
Newton, Calvin (October 28, 1931).
Norcom, Eva (November 27, 1933).
O'Brien, Floyd (April 15, 1932).
Parker, Pat (November 3-4, 1931).
Potts, (September 20, 1934).
Pugh, J. S. (November 10, 1931).
Rackley, L. E., see Bryant, Jim.
Ratliff, S. E. (September 11-17, 1931).
Ratliff, Van (October 22, 1931).
Reynolds, Ray (May 19, 1932).
Roark, Sam T. (December 7, 1933).
Robinson, L. M. (June 1, 1932).
Rutherford, John and Martha (October 17-18, 1934). Includes Williams. Sanders, L. V. (October 20-31, 1931).
Scott, Napoleon, see James Cooper.
Shaw, Harrison, Jr. (April 15, 1932).
Shields, J. R. (January 11, 1933).
Smith, Amos (February 5, 1932).
Squires, (February 6, 1932).
Stones, H. L. (May 19 and 22, 1931).
Story, Paul, see Hyatt, Charles.
Sullins, Ray O. (April 19, 1932).
Tanner, Q. A. (December 19, 1933).
Taylor, Ralph, see Bryant, Jim.
Thompson, Ben (June 22 and July 10, 1933). Includes Lindsey and Albert Allen.
Todd, Joe (August 17, 1931).
Wackerly, Ted (November 14 and December 14, 1931).
Wheaton, L. C. (January 14, 1932).
Wilkinson, John (October 15 and 26, 1931).
Williams, Floyd, see Rutherford, John.
Wind, Harry A. (September 28, 1934).

F 49: Extradition, Unspecified. Correspondence (1931-1934 and n.d.).

F 50: Extradition. Miscellaneous Correspondence (1931-1933).
a. Baxter Taylor to Hollis Arnett, County Attorney, Mangum (September 11, 1931). Re: expenses for agents of interstate requisitions.
b. Baxter Taylor to and from T. M. Linder, Atlanta, Georgia (August 8 and 22, 1933). Re: fees for granting rendition warrants.
c. Baxter Taylor to A. A. McCorkle, Nashville, Tennessee (July 10, 1931). Re: Oklahoma extradition laws.
d. Baxter Taylor to Bob Perdue, Wilburton (March 22, 1932). Re: extradition blanks.
e. Baxter Taylor to and from C. E. Templeton, Pawhuska (December 2 and 4, 1931). Re: preparation of papers for extradition.

F 51: "F" Correspondence (1929-1950).
Fallin, C. U. (1936). Church and lodge memberships of Landon and Roosevelt.
Farley, James A. (1937). Courteous reception by WHM at Oklahoma City.
Feakins, William B., Inc. (1938). Booking for lecture tour. Ferguson, Walter (1929, 1936). Welcome back to Oklahoma, document by WHM on Constitution.
Fetherolf, Mrs. James M. (1936). Copy of constitution speech. First National Bank, Ardmore (1931). Loan.
Fillmore, Dr. H. D. (1929, 1941). Reunion of members of Constitution Convention, Oklahoma and country's need for more men like him; address for Dr. Davenport and order for The Finished Scholar.
Fischer, Bessie C. (1936). Copy of Constitution speech.
Fisher, Guy B. (1936). Praise of Constitution speech.
Fisher, William (1942). Visit to Henryetta; thanks for copy of essay.
Fitch, Stanley H. (1929). Bookplate.
Fitting, Joseph Philip (1936). Copy of Constitution speech. Fitzpatrick, Kirby (March 30, n.y.). Telegram. Date of Governor's return.
Fleming, W. O. (1936). Re-reading of "Alfalfa Bill," inability to attend Nebraska speech, and contrast between Marland's and WHM's administration.
Flynt, Elma D. (1941). Book order, and service to WHM in "wars." Foley, A. V. (1936). Copy of Constitution speech. Forsyth, Grant G. (1950). Johnston Murray's victory.
Foster, F. W. (1936). Copy of Constitution speech.
Foster, Geo. D. (1941). Book order.
Fox, Edith (1936). Inability to provide assistance.
Fox, S. N. (1949). Request for WHM's help in preventing change in segregation laws.
Fox-Vilet Drug Company, R. M. Vilet (1933). Federal regulations regarding alcohol procedures in the drug business.
Franklin, Rev. Bernard (1936). Forwarding of book, friend named Carlton Weaver.
Franklin, William M. (1950). Agreement with WHM, bread baking industry, land problem, statement which influenced LaFollett, political guesses, non-publication of articles, time and place of WHM statement.
French, Fred (1941). Book order.
Friend, Silas J. (November 11, n.y.). Increase in pension. Fritch, L. C. (1936). Praise of Constitution speech.
Frohliger, John C. (1936). Appreciation of Constitution speech.

F 52: Farming. Program and Publications (1929, 1940, 1941).
a. Publication. The Financing of Farming, The Federal Land Bank of Wichita, Federal Intermediate Credit Bank of Wichita, Wichita, Kansas, Vol. 3, No. 9 (March, 1929).
b. 1942 Program. National Farmers Union, Adopted by the Delegates to the 37th Annual Convention at Topeka, Kansas, November 19, 1941.
c. Program. Thirty-Sixth Annual Convention, Oklahoma State Union of F. E. and C. U. of A., January 21 and 22, 1941.

F 53: Fields, Walter: Correspondence concerning high school commencement address at Prairie Valley Public Schools (1942).

F 54: Finances, State. Bar Commission Fund (1933).
a.Rogers, John, State Examiner & Inspector (1933). Re: the Bar Commission Account.
b. Weems, Ray, State Treasurer (1933). Re: Bar Commission Account.

F 55: Fiscal Agency for State. Correspondence (1931-1932).
a. Chase National Bank (1931). Re: delivery of all balances to Chatham Phoenix National Bank & Trust Company (1931).
b. Chatham Phoenix National Bank (1931-1932). Re: contract and appointment as state's New York fiscal agent; transfer of funds; acceptance of deficiency certificate as attorney's fees in ONG rate reduction matter; balance due state on Ft. Supply water supply contract.
c. Guaranty Trust Company of New York (1931). Re: desire to negotiate appointment as state's fiscal agent. d. King, J. Berry, Attorney General, to F. C. Carter, State Auditor (1932). Re: method of paying interest by Manufacturers Trust Company. e. Manufacturers Trust Company (1933). Re: retirement of non-payable state warrants by issuance of Treasury notes; appointment as Fiscal Agent; required bond.
d. Weems, Ray O., State Treasurer (1932). Re: transmittal of bond and resolution for execution by Manufacturers Trust Company in connection with Oklahoma fiscal agency account.

F 56: "G" Correspondence (1917-1947).
Galloway, A. E. (1941). Book order.
Gantner, John O., and family (1936). Praise of Constitution speech.
Garcia, Juana, de Valdez (1931). Appeal for release of son from jail in Lawton. (Letter is written in Spanish.)
Gardner, Bruce C. (1936). Copy of Constitution speech.
Gardner, J. G. (1941). Praise of WHM's family, Daniel Folsom and the Choctaw Telegraph, picture of Bloomfield Academy by Mrs. WHM. Gardner, Mrs. George Warren (1936). Copy of Constitution speech. Gardner, James G. (1942). Transfer to Ft. Sill; reading and praise of WHM book. Attached is clipping advocating abolishment of CCC.
Garfield County Woman's Democrat Club, Mrs. R. C. Grable (1942). Invitation to luncheon and short speech.
Garner, John F. (1917). Confirmation by committee.
Gatz, F. J., and Company (1936). Paying off of warrants.
Gavin, T. Austin (1941). Information for pamphlet on background of Bill of Rights.
Gawne, Christine L. (1941). Book order.
Gilbert, A. G. (1931). Desire to purchase strip of land adjacent to building site.
Gill, Ed (1940). WHM candidacy for Congressman-at-Large.
Giolan, Helen (1940). Advice on becoming good writer.
Gipson, J. H. (1941). Copy of speech on convoys; book order. Goldsmith, Mr. and Mrs. J. (1936). Copy of Constitution speech. Goodnow, H. F. (1936). Copy of Constitution speech.
Gore, T. P. (1936). Copy of Constitution speech.Graham, Gid (1939). Suggestions for WHM's speech to Landman's Indian meeting, WHM's connection with A & M College; desire to see WHM elected to Senate or Congress.
Graham, W. F. (1941). Book order.
Grant, Richard Southall (1936). Copy of Constitution speech. Graves, J. K. (1940). WHM biography by Gordon Hines, availability of WHM books and commission for sales, WHM's opinion that coming election is "last stand for Americanism.
"Greek Legation, D. Sicilianos, Minister (1939). Obtaining information requested from Greek authorities.
Greene, Charles T. (1936). Copy of Constitution speech.
Greene, Dr. Inslee Blair (1936). Desirability of series of articles on Constitution, request for copy of Constitution speech.
Gregg, John C. (1936). Praise of Constitution speech, request for copy.
Gregory, Mrs. S. W. (1938). Information on Constitution Convention.
Greis, Henry N. (1940). Book order.
Gresham, James M. (1940). Congratulations on WHM's courage, agreement with his views; Praise of Cleveland and Johnson as presidents.
Griffin, D. W. (1941). Thanks for copy of Finished Scholar, use as text book.
Griffith, Frederick [1936]. Praise of Constitution speech.
Grimes, Chas. W. (1940). Praise of circular, "Farm Economics," recommendation that WHM read Chapter 8 of Deserts on the March.
Grimes, Otha (1942). Book order.
Grisso, W. E. (1939). WHM's speech at Seminole; sending of money.
Grometer, Geo. H. (1941). Praise of America First radio speech.
Groom, W. W. (1947). Praise of The Presidency, Supreme Court, and Seven Senators.
Grorud, A. A. (1936). Copy of Constitution speech.
Guymon Chamber of Commerce (1942). Invitation to attend 10th Annual Pioneer Celebration.

F 57: Garland, R. C. (1936-1942): Correspondence concerning political and governmental situation, formation of new party; Constitution speech, Association for Economy and Tax Equality, Blue Valley Farmer management; New Mexico politics, campaign strategies; suggestion that WHM run as Democrat for Senator in 1938; invitation to WHM to give pro-Willkie speeches at Las Cruces, Albuquerque, and Roswell; educational system.

F 58: Governors' Conference, French Lick, Indiana, June 1-3, 1931. Souvenir Book. Contains short descriptions of states and U. S. possessions with pictures of capitol buildings.

F 59: Graham, Gid (1936, 1941-1942, and n.d.).
a. Correspondence concerning prison outbreak; handling of convicts; support of WHM's opposition to Roosevelt; Game Commission (Sykes); searches without warrant; changing name of Murray County; book order; support of WHM campaign; clipping concerning criticism of Britain; insertion in paper of WHM speech notice.
b.Circular. "Kingdom of England." Re: isolationism.

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