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Subject and Personality Materials: Gubernatorial Investigations to "Q" Correspondence.

F 1: Gubernatorial Investigations. Correspondence (1931-1934).
a. Atoka County Attorney. WHM to Charles Burns (1933). Re: statements of McReynolds.
b. Armour & Company. Fred Hansen, Assistant Attorney General, to WHM (1932). Re: purchase price of cream.
c. Banfield Brothers Packing Company. F.E. Riddle and De Arthur Wilson to WHM (1934). Re: inspection of plant by Dr. J.S. Groves and Dr. E.T. Martin.
d. Capitol Cafeteria. WHM to the State Senate and House of Representatives (1931). Re: excessive profits, identity of owners, sale of fixtures, liquor permit, rental fee, recommendations of WHM.
e. Capshaw Assault. E.L.Capshaw to WHM (1932). Re: lack of action in case.
f. Carter County Home. Carter County Commissioners to WHM (1932). Re: Grand Jury investigation and report.
g. Custer County Farmer Protective Association. Fred E. LaRue, Custer County Attorney to/from WHM (1933). Re: arrests at foreclosure sale.
h. Exchange National Company (1933). Judge F.E. Kennamer to WHM (1933). Re: furnishing of information to Judge Springer by receiver.
i. Lawton City Council. Anonymous to WHM (1931?). Re: Chamber of Commerce attempt to force council to adopt use of pumps rather than natural gravity flow.
j. Major County Investigation. Claude Hendon to WHM (1933). Re: complaints against former Sheriff Frank Lockett and present County Attorney Howard Lindley.
k. Northeastern Teachers College. Lee Nix to WHM (1931). Library appropriation.
l. Tulsa City Police. W.L. Coffey and Mrs. H.S. Masterson to WHM (1931-1932). Re: third degree practices.
m. Tulsa Election Law Violations. S.R. Lewis et al., Joe O'Donnell, and A.P. Bowles to WHM (1932). Re: disappearance and reappearance of petition for grand jury, request for special prosecutor; false registrations.
n. Wentz, Lew. H.M. Harris to WHM (1931). Re: meetings and contacts with Senators opposed to WHM, suicide of Bellah or Bullah, debts of Sen. Dougherty, and purchase of home by Sen. Jennings.
o. Woodall, Elleen. C.K. Templeton, Prosecuting Attorney, Osage County, to/from WHM (1932). Re: reported abortion.
p. Unidentified investigations: 1. Authorization of Charles A.Burns as investigator addressed to Dr.John Alley (1931); 2.Authorization of C.C.Cooper as personal investigator for WHM (1933).

F 2: Guess and Crosby Investigation. Correspondence (1931, 1934, and n.d.).
Blackard, Charles G., to the Attorney General and reply from Marvin Shilling, County Attorney (1931). Re: information about case.
Brown, W.H. (1931). Re: date of case and authorization to proceed.
Burns, Richard, St. Benedict's College (1931). Re: scholarships for Mexicans.
Carter County Sheriff (1931). Re: advice against rehiring recently tried deputies.
Clark, J. Reuben, Jr., American Ambassador to Mexico (1931). Re: stopping of Col. Clowe at border.
Clowe, Col. Charles E.(1931). Re: claim for trial expenses.
County Attorney, Ardmore (1931). Telegram. Re: killing of two Mexican citizens; need for investigation; assistance of Attorney General.
Gonzales, M.C., to Marvin Shilling, County Attorney (1931). Re: Acceptance of invitation to be present and assist at trial.
Harvey Brothers Funeral Parlors (1931). Re: payment of claim for expenses.
Hull, Cordell, Secretary of State (1934). Re: facts concerning Guess and Crosby trials to be used in defense of certain claims by Mexican government against the U.S. based on allegedly wrongful acts by Oklahoma authorities.
King, J. Berry, to Marvin Shilling, County Attorney (1931). Re: lack of authority from Governor to appear at trial; no necessity for appearance.
Lawrence, F.E.(1931). Re: punishment of killers to be determined by court, not by Governor.
McManus, R.D., to Judge J.M. Springer (1931). Re: claim.
Moore, J.B. (1931). Re: location and designation of cases.
Murray, Massena Bancroft (1931). Re: claim.
Nutter, Charles, Chief of Staff, The Associated Press, Mexico City (1931). Re: praise of WHM action and statement.
O'Brien, J.B.(1931). Re: inability to assign firm to prosecution of case.
Rubio, Cortez (1931). Telegram. Re: testifying at trial; payment of expenses.
Shilling, Marvin, to Editor, Tulsa World (1931). Re: editorial, "Too Much Assistance."
Shilling, Marvin (1931). Re: Crosby demand for immediate trial, filing of motion to dismiss, and hearing; WHM's refusal to give his opinion on Shilling's action; request that Springer or W.H.Brown handle the case; Shilling's refusal to comply with request; criticism of Springer's conduct of trial.
Springer, Jim (1931). Re: authorization to proceed in case. Stimson, Henry L., Secretary of State (1931). Re: request for investigation; transport of bodies to Mexico City; resolutions of regret; report for Mexican government of circumstances of killings and trial; appearance at hearing of attorney representing Oklahoma; difficulties with county attorney and sheriff's force; dissatisfactions withfirst trial.
Valdes, H., Mexican Consul (1931). Re: report of shootings; payment for transportation of bodies; conference with Attorney General and Gonzalez, readiness to cooperate.
Walden, Asa, District Judge (1931). Re: appointment of Warren as special sheriff in the case, stacked jury in first case, concern of State Department and Mexican Government; discussion of brief with Springer.
Weaver, Claude (1931). Re: information concerning Guess and Crosby; inadvisability of allowing defendants to hold commissions as deputy sheriffs; cost of and payment for transporting bodies to Mexico. Weaver, Claude, to Charles H.Champion (1931). Re: praise of conduct of examining trial.
Weaver, Claude, to Frank M. Dudley (1931). Re: thanks for and praise of work as trial lawyer. Weaver, Claude, to Massena Bancroft Murray (1931). Re: processing of claim. Weaver, Claude, to Marvin Shilling (1931). Re: thanks for and praise of work as trial lawyer.

F 3: Guess and Crosby Investigation - Report by Claude Weaver (1931).
a. "Report of Claude Weaver, Secretary" (n.d.). Re: circumstances of shootings, hearing, examining trial, habeas corpus hearing, representatives of State and Federal government at trial. (4 copies)
b. Covering letter for above addressed to the Honorable Secretary of State (1931). Re: procedure for investigation. See also Box 2 F 27, Executive Orders, Appointment of Counsel and Box 5 F 1-b.

F 4: "H" Correspondence. Ha-He (1936-1942).
H., H.E. (1941). Reference to article on freedom of the press in Oklahoma Bar Journal.
Hackenberg, Wm. H.(1936). Praise of Constitution speech.
Hagen, Ike (n.d.). Enjoyment of service with Murray.
Hale, Chas. L. (1936). Praise of Constitution speech; American political crisis, danger of war, no copy of speech.
Hall, F.W. (1935). Request for and sending of rock from Oklahoma.
Hall, Mrs. Wm. M. (1942). Book order. Halliburton, Erle (1941). Thanks for book. Halm, C.J.(1941). Request for autographed book.
Hamilton, Mrs. A.J. (1942). Advertisement on church program. Hamilton, John (1936). Disparaging remarks on spending not meant for WHM.
Hammaker, Wilbur E. (1941). Opinion that convoying would be repudiation of promises.
Handy, Emmett (1936). Copy of Constitution speech.
Hargrove, S.L.(1942). Accomplishments as Governor.
Harpe, Mrs. M.L.(1936). Real estate business.
Harper, Jess (1941). Book order.
Harr, Ray D.(1936). Copy of Constitution speech.
Harris, James A.(1936, 1940). Battle against New Deal; probable results of Roosevelt's re-election, Tulsa speech.
Harrison, Mrs. Ben F.(1936). Impromptu speech at husband's funeral.
Harrison, Luther (1940). Thanks for book, last election, Josh Lee.
Hartman, J. Lloyd (1936). Copy of Constitution speech.
Haskell, Albert (1936). Praise of Constitution speech and request for copy.
Haskell, C.N.(1929). WHM's return to U.S., proposed visit to Oklahoma.
Hatcher, Mrs. H.A. (1941). Book order, thanks for kindness. Hatchett, C.C.(1933). Recommendation of Sydney Clute or R.H. Couch as business manager of State Hospital. Hathcout, Rev.H.C.(1940). Permission to quote passages from Pocahontas and Pushmataha. Hawkins, Mrs.H.W.(1936). Copy of Constitution speech.
Hawkes, Charles E.(1936). Copy of Constitution speech.
Hayes, James J.(1936). Praise of Constitution speech.
Hayes, S.W.(1940). Book order; return of check because orders not sufficient to cover cost of publication.
Hearne Chamber of Commerce (1940). Invitation to Alfalfa Fiesta. Heath, Hubert H.(1949). Rent controls, sedition law, conscription, alcoholism in Washington, prosecution of The Tulsa Property Owners Association.
Heflin, Emmett E.(1939). Defense of WHM in train incident, request for autographed photograph, invitation to visit. Henderson, Jas. A.P. (1934). Laws governing State Police; coal field strike, Ranger system, qualifications.
Henderson, W.K.(1931, 1936). Invitation to speak on Shreveport radio station; Roosevelt and election; Hoover speech; Landon's radio voice.
Hendrickson, Mrs. F.M.(1936). Copy of Constitution speech.
Henry, Edwin P.(1936). Election.
Henry, Hugh (1936). Copy of Constitution speech.
Henthorne, N.G.(1941). Publishing chapter from WHM book.
Herbert, James H.(1936). Copy of Constitution speech.
Hervey, Mrs. Frank (1941). Book order. Hettie to Jessie Hawkins (n.d.). Arrival at Bloomfield Indian Seminary.

F 5: "H" Correspondence. Hi-Hy (1924-1948).
Hicks, Jewell (1942). Hotel Blackstone, unemployment in Oklahoma City, governor's race.
Hicks, Mr.and Mrs.R.H.(1933), see Box 1 F 20, Beckham County Attorney.
Higgins, Thomas (1936). WHM radio introduction of Landon, Roosevelt's ignoring of campaign promises.
Hill, George (1936). Inquiry concerning WHM birthplace, Texas Centennial.
Hill, J.H.(1936, 1940, 1942). Speakers for Liberty League, sending copy of The New Deal with Mephistopheles; request that JHH mix with crowd during speech; praise of WHM book, Willkie's lack of principles, control of political parties; radio speech for Ed Moore, Teamsters' Union Case, Anti-Racketeering Statute.
Hilt, C.F.(1936). Copy of Constitution speech.
Hine, Harry O.(1924). List of D.C.elementary school textbooks.
Hines, Gordon (1939). Unsuccessful efforts to make arrangements for anti-administration lectures; Bill Murray Hotel.
Historical Lecture Bureau (1934). Desire to book WHM lectures.
Hockensmith, John (1941-1942). Payment on lease contract, rent pay-ments; selling of books, unpreparedness for war; presence of WHM's nephew at Pearl Harbor; payment on mule and wagon; payment for mowing machine.
Hodges, Will (1940). Action to defeat third term; canvass in 1935-36 against Roosevelt; financial support for WHM speaking tour for Willkie; opposition to Lee's bill and policies.
Hodson, Anna (1936). Copy of Constitution speech.
Hogan, D.W.(1941). Book order; autograph on birthday; WHM good cof-fee definition.
Hogan, E.L.(1936). No intention of selling home.
Holman, C.L.(1936). Assistance with campaign speech; defeat for State legislature; support for any future candidacy of WHM.
Holmes, Thomas B.(1942). Autographing of book, enlistment in merchant marine, request for WHM recommendation; service assignments of WHM's nephew and son.
Holt, Thomas P.(1942). Filing of papers with Historical Society; Anson B. Campbell's complete set of Blue Valley Farmer.
Hon, Mr., American Book Company (1936). Request for replacement catalog.
Hood, R.B.(1941-1942). Epigrams; inability of Democrats to check effect of WHM speeches; WHM article in Bar Journal. [April 4, 1942, letter is incomplete.]
Hopkins, J.C.(1941). WHM assistance at American rally for peace, support for any WHM candidacy.
Hopwood, R.F.(1936). Praise of Constitution speech; recollection of Congressional days together; Roosevelt's attitude toward money.
Horner, Mr. (1942). Publication of Horner's book; poem, "Workers of the Field," by Horner.
Horr, Rosalie M.(1936). Copy of Constitution speech.
Horse Chief Eagle, Chief of the Poncas (1933). Appreciation of gift of handmade drum.
Horsley, Thos, J.(1941). Book order.
Hoskins, Mrs.J.M.(1946). Newspaper article, admiration for deductions.
Hottes, H.G.(1936). Copy of Constitution speech.
Howard, Albert W.(n.d.). Influence of Constitution speech on his vote. [First page of letter is missing.]
Howard, Eugenie (1941). Lack of opposition to Josh Lee's re-election.
Howell, Hugh (1936). Copy of Constitution speech.
Howell, Mr.and Mrs.W.C.(1936). Praise of Constitution speech.
Howlett, M.A.(1936). Copy of Constitution speech.
Hudson, L.L.(1949). Meeting with WHM in Ardmore.
Huey, Charles M.(1939). Praise of Wesley Disney, forgiveness of Monroney.
Huffman, Aeron (1936). Prevention of cruelties to negroes.
Huffman, Clyde A.(1936). Address of Landon.
Hull, Cordell (1936). Tariff-free shipments of lard and flour to ports on the Amazon.
Humphrey, W.D.(1938, 1942). References to Harpers Magazine, birthday card; request by WHM for information on citizens' giving up firearms or reference to "there not being an election this Fall or in 1944," sale of latest book, death of Roy Allen; abandonment of neutrality, order respecting women's wear.
Huntler, Aurela (1940). Marriage proposal.
Hurst, Irvin (1939). Praise of WHM's knowledge of constitutional law, salty discussions, stand for preparedness in 1916, offer of services.
Hutchings, T.J.(1940). Praise of book.
Hutchinson, F.S., Chief of Investigation (1934). Request for reaction to letters of Senator Copeland and himself.
Hutchinson, Forney (1942). Thanks for book.
Hyde, C.H.(1948). Printed Christmas letter, reduction of government expenses.
Hyde, Herbert K.(August 27, n.y.). Conference with Lindbergh and Wheeler, request for reaction to City Council action concerning use of public buildings.

F 6: Harmon County Investigation (1934). Statements and testimonies concerning alleged irregularities of funds of previous years.

F 7: Highway Commission (1931-1933 and n.d.).
a.Correspondence (1931-1933):
Arnold, H.W., Chairman (1933). Re: approved requests; removal of Mr.Cooper.
Crawford, A.W.(1931). Re: stolen car.
Hawks, Sam R., Chairman (1932). Re: dismissal of Ferrell at Sana-torium and accident of Dr. Doler.
b.Newspaper clipping (n.d.or source). "New Cross-State Highway Is Seen by Miss Thomas." Re: proposal to name highway "Alfalfa Bill Sunset Trail."

F 8: "I" Correspondence (1939-1946).
InterTribal Council, Ben Dwight, President (1939). Invitation to attend and address the group.
Irvin, S.E.[?], M.D. (1944). Length of his residence in Gage, written on prescription blank.
Irvine, Francis S., Jr.(1941). Message to be included in book re 50th Anniversary celebration of Oklahoma A & M, praise of The Finished Scholar.
Irwin, Jn. R.(1946). Re: forwarding of booklets, doom of the White Gentile.
Ishcona, Monroe (1940). Government promise to sell coal lands, power of Indian Bureau.
Italian Embassy Secretary (1939). Re: WHM letter.

F 9: Impeachment of WHM (1933).
a.Special Message from WHM to the State House of Representatives re development of impeachment conspiracy (April 16, 1933). (3 copies)
b.Letter and statements of J.L. Taylor relative to conspiracy (June 19, 1933 and n.d.).
c.Copies of Statues relating to conspiracy, riot, and resisting an officer (n.d.).

F 10: Indian Affairs (1931 and n.d.).
a.WHM statement to Committee on Indian Affairs concerning disposition of Chickasaw and Choctaw coal lands (n.d.). (2 copies)
b.Carbon of unsigned letter to Lawrence Lindley, Secretary, Indian Rights Association (1941). Re: purchase of coal and asphalt lands by the government, Congressional Indian Delegate.
c.Miscellaneous correspondence (1931): Hinds, Iredelle (1931), re: investigation of commissioners of Cherokee County; and Kivett, Glenn (1931), re: investigation of law violation in Seminole County.

F 11: International Advisory League. "The Only Remedy" (1931). A plan for world peace and universal disarmament and for relief of the unemployed with penciled criticism by WHM on page 2.

F 12: Invitations and Programs (1893-1932)

F 13: "J" Correspondence (1931-1943).
Japanese Embassy, Kensaku Maeda (1939). Agricultural situation in Japan.
Jones, Hugh C.,and C.D.Tanner (March 21, n.y.). Salaries of Osage County Commissioners.
John, Father (n.d.). Thanks for Christmas letter and book.
Johnson, Allen R.(1936). Copy of Constitution address.
Johnson, B.L.(1936). Back salary.
Johnson, Glenn (1931). Congratulations on election, location of Hugh Blount.
Johnson, Hugh M.(1940). Book order.
Johnson, Roy (1939). Inter-State oil compact; Guthrie reunion, Cicero's trip to Dallas for Garner activities, WHM's constructive service to the oil industry.
Johnson, W.L.(1938). Combining forces with Glasser in campaign for constitutional democracy.
Johnson, Patron of Dell Hotel (1942). Ethridge's payment of debt, unpreparedness of country for war, sinking of "Arizona," family members in service, book sales.
Johnston, C.W., Seminole County Commissioner (1931). Petition for investigation of county, recent audit.
Johnston, D.H., see Box 6 F 28, Personal Correspondence, Misc., Alice Hearrell Murray (1936) for letter concerning progress of Indian welfare legislation and claims cases, 200th anniversary celebration of the Battle of Ackia.
Johnston, Gordon (1931). Parrish Taxicab Co. vs. WHM.
Johnston, Sam M.(1940). Thanks for books, praise of WHM's contribution to history of state.
Jones, Boyd (1941). Information for use in thesis on WHM and his administration.
Jones, Jesse H., Secretary of Commerce (1940). Thanks for book.
Jones, Lawrence (1941). Book order.
Jones, C.H., Under Sheriff (1933). Thanks for information.
Joseph, Leon (1940). Arrival of telegram after burial ceremony for Joseph's father.

F 14: Jeffersonian Democrats (1936, 1940). Correspondence with Sterling E. Edmunds and James W.Mellon concerning support of group and speeches for group by WHM, present state of Oklahoma group.

F 15: Johnston, Henry S., Correspondence (1924-1944). Re: WHM books; election of HSJ as governor; position for Clyde Murray (WHM's nephew), problems of governorship, Al Smith's campaign, law reform which involves changing viewpoint of youth, Ed Trapp, C.N.Haskell, Jim Reed; Sam Hawk, Hal Muldrow, Houston convention and Sen. Gore's speech seconding nomination of Jas.Reed; impeachment charges against HSJ, American architectural progress, Cosmo Conception, Byrd's experiences; recommendation of lake site; WHM's back-to-the-land movement; WHM's campaign (1942); Supreme Court decision "in the application Habeas Corpus for the Germans," possibility of congressional adjournment for duration and can-cellation of '44 election; WHM decision to retire; reunion of Constitutional Convention delegates[?]; book order.

F 16: "K" Correspondence (1933-1942 and n.d.).
Karren, W.L.(1936). Copy of Constitution speech.
Keith, Harold (1942). Information for history paper on Clem Rogers.
Kellough, Robert W.(1941). Book order, appreciation of WHM's political service, choice of Joe Dunn for governor; Andrew Johnson trial, reconstruction, WHM's Bolivian venture as step to Americanization of Western Hemisphere, comparison of Congress with English Parliament a century ago.
Kenison, Elmer L.(1936). Constitution for new state from western Oklahoma and Texas Panhandle.
Kennedy, W.W.(1933). Recommendation for W.M.Moore as Live Stock Inspector.
Kent, F. Lillian (1936). Copy of Constitution speech.
Kerr, Eugene M.(1940). Thanks for book, WHM's election stand; book order and donation, Lindbergh meeting.
Keys, Commander Leon (1946). Memories of WHM's term as governor; breakup of "Parrot" Harrison and Gaylord.
Kimsey, Ernest J.(1936). Copy of Constitution speech.
Kindley, G.C.(1940). Praise of Lincoln Day speech in Bentonville, Arkansas, comments on Roosevelt.
Kingsley, Richard (1940). Printing of Birmingham speech in The Carolinas Magazine.
Kirkpatrick, Frank (1936). Copy of Constitution speech.
Kiwanis Club of Macon, Georgia (1942). Offer of assistance to Massena while stationed at Camp Wheeler.
Knight, G.E.(1936). Constitution speech.
Knight, James C.(1942). Real estate sale for taxes.
Knight, Robert H.(1942). The will of God and the wickedness of man.
Kniskern, Caroline (1936). Copy of Constitution speech.
Knox, Chas.E.(1940). Contribution toward book.
Koch, R.H.(1936). Copy of Constitution speech.
Korn, Anna B.(1941 and n.d.). Constitutional Convention, association honor roll; recall of invitation to speak at dinner before Primary.
Kratz, Mrs.Joe F.(1941). Order for autographed copies of book.

F 17: Kelley, Bishop Francis (1936-1941 and n.d.).
a.Correspondence (1936-1941). Re: WHM's fame in the east, speaking trip, Spanish situation; election; thanks for book; book order; sending set of government documents and letters, disposition of other correspondence.
b.Religious pamphlets.

F 18: Kerr, Robert S.(1934-1942).
a.Correspondence (1934-1942). Re: WHM's address to joint session of legislature and "marvelous record as Governor"; appointment of WHM to State Advisory Committee for Jackson Day Campaign; thanks for assistance in Washington Day Campaign.
b.The Visitor, May, 1942. Contains on page 1 an article on RSK.

F 19: "L" Correspondence (1924-1942 and n.d.).
Lambert, Claude L.(1936). Campaign for Governor of Missouri.
Landrum, Carl R.(1940). Contribution toward Prospectus of Farm Economics.
Lane, Calvin (1936). WHM's lack of support of Jeffersonian Democrats; New Dealers' attempts to gain negro votes.
Lane, Gertrude B., Editor, Woman's Home Companion(1936). Copy of Constitution speech.
Lane, Willi Baze (1934). Redemption of property sold for taxes.
Langer, William, Governor of South Dakota (addressed to secretary of) (1934). Date of Governor Langer's arrival in Oklahoma City.
Langston, Everett E.(1942). Book order, Lee bond bill.
Langston University, S.G.Washington, Director, Division of Home Economics (1941). Request for donation of autographed copy of Finished Scholar to the library.
Lansford, Chattie O.(1942). Acknowledgment of letter.
Lawter, Z.H.(1941). Book order.
Leader, Otis W.(1939). Job assistance.
League of Women Voters, Norman (1938). Invitation to speak on Oklahoma state government.
Leigh, W. Colston, Inc.(1938-1939). WHM's desire to give lectures; terms of contract for arrangement of lectures.
Lester, P.S.(1924). Request for letter of introduction.
Leven, Rev.Stephen A.(n.d.). Book order.
Leverberg, Selma H. (1939). WHM presentation.
Ford Hall Forum (1939). Interest in WHM presentation.
Lewis, Roy W (1936). Copy of Constitution speech.
Lewis, S.R.(1941). Invitation to speak at Indian Federation Convention.
Lincoln, B.G.(1936). Praise of Constitution speech.
Little, Reuel W.(1941). Book order.
Littlefield, Samuel (1936). Copy of Constitution speech.
Lobdell, Helen A.(n.d.). Difference between Republic and Democracy.
Logan, Bill (1939). List of best 10 or 15 books.
Long, H.W.(1936). Praise of Constitution speech.
Loofbourrow, R.H.(1924). Acknowledgment of essays, wish for success in Bolivia.
Lookeba, Public Schools (1941). Book order.
Lorton, Otis (1936). Changing name of Murray County.
Love County National Bank, J.D.Davis (1931). Bankruptcy of John B. Alexander.
Lowdermilk, W.H.,and Co.(1936). Book order.
Lucas, Jim O.(1936). Reasons for not consolidating counties, transfer of felony cases from county to state.
Lucas, Zula (1942). Acknowledgment of check for Cemetery Association of Tishomingo Daughters Club, death of husband.
Ludlow, Mrs.Edwin (1936). Date of publication of speech in Daily Oklahoman.
Luther, Tennie (1933). Acknowledgment of letter re Texas County.
Lydick, L.N.(1941). Order of book for Harry Harvey; unpreparedness of country for war.

F 20: Land Office, Commissioners of (1908).
a.Correspondence from G.C. Whitehurst to S.D. Morr, Secretary (1908). Re: note due on rental of school land, draft lease and transfer from McDonald to Whitehurst.
b.Receipt by State Treasurer of "Report on Audit of the Commissioners of the Land Office for the Period from Statehood, November 16, 1907 to June 30, 1932."

F 21: Landon, Alf M.(1936, 1940, 1941, 1944): Correspondence with WHM, Cicero Murray, and J.M. Jewett. Re: WHM's ads concerning governmental waste; acknowledgment of materials; Roosevelt; desire for personal visit with WHM; method for budget reduction, representation of all constituents; Hallmark; sending list of county chairmen; Kansas-Oklahoma border.

F 22: Law Enforcement. Correspondence (1931-1934).
Chandler, John (1934). Inability to investigate law violations in Hobart at present.
Coppedge, Judge Ad V.(1933). Rogers County Grand Jury investigation.
Crump, Judge George C.(1931). Correspondence with Gladys Cooper Erlach concerning judge in Wewoka district.
Kiowa County Attorney (1934). Letter from citizen of Kiowa County and from District Attorney.
Sheriffs and Peace Officers of Oklahoma (1934). Procedures in case of mob organization.
Springer, Judge J.M.(1934). Orders for procedure in unidentified case.
Strange, Willis C.(1934). National Guard handling of situation in Creek County.
Taylor, W.H.C.(1932). Protection of Mrs.Cherry.
Wagoner County Sheriff and County Clerk (1934). Statutes concerning licenses for cigarette vendors.
Washington County Attorney and Sheriff (1933). Violations of law concerning games of chance.
Williams, Etta (1931). Law enforcement of sale of whiskey.
Worten, Judge Jesse J.(1934). Advice of Judge Springer and investigator to await grand jury action.

F 23: Lee, Josh (1937, 1941-1942 and n.d.).
a.Lee Committee Report. Carbon copy of Senate Report No.30, 75th Congress, 1st session, on S.530 to repeal a provision relating to teaching or advocating communism in the public schools of the District of Columbia Appropriation Act for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1936 (1937). (2 copies).
b.S.2124. Introduced by Josh Lee "To provide for mobilizing the financial and credit resources of the country under a mandatory investment plan.
c.Carbon copy of circular letter from Josh Lee to the Senate Committee on Military Affairs and letter from Eugene Wilkinson to Josh Lee commenting on circular letter (1942). Re: prevention of strikes.
d.Program. Washington Victory Dinner, February 23, 1942.
e.Ticket for Washington Victory Dinner, February 23, 1942.
f.Campaign letter from Roosevelt-Wallace Clubs of Oklahoma (June 5, 1942). Re: keeping Roosevelt and Lee side by side.
g.Poem. "Joshua Lee," by Harold Delashaw.

F 24: "M" Correspondence. M-Ma (1916-1942 and n.d.).
MC (1941). Trip to mountains, publishing of Finished Scholar, hope that Hitler will destroy Russian communism.
McAdoo, Wm.(1916). Sen. Gore's statements about Treasury; agreement with principle of WHM speech.
McBee, W.D.(1938). Request for job recommendation.
McBride, Joe W.(1942). Thanks for autographed books.
McCalla, J.G.[1936]. Copy of Constitution speech.
McCarl, John R.(1940). Complimentary copy of Smoke Screen by Pettengill.
McCormac, Col.(1941). Poem by WHM to accompany copy of book.
McCormick, Robert R., The Chicago Tribune (1941). Thanks for book.
McCracken, Dr.J.H.(1941). Book order; comment on book.
McCrory, A.M.(1934). Advice concerning position elsewhere.
McCrory, R.F.(1941). Contribution for book.
McDougal, D.A.(1924). Receipt of book, need for WHM to stay in U.S.
McEnerney, Garret W.(1937 and n.y.). Receipt of autographed book; Christmas greeting.
McFadden, Dr.F.(1936]. Copy of Constitution speech.
McGill, Arch K.(1936). Praise of Constitution speech, widespread response to speech.
McGrath, R.W.(1936). Copy of Constitution speech; opinion of Landon.
McGraw, Grayce (1942). Order for autographed book.
McKay, Doc (1941). Book order.
McKee, J.R.(1936). Copy of Constitution speech.
McKeel, J.F.(1916, 1934). Politics; reduction in salary.
McKeever, Horace G.(1936). Candidacy of HGM for U.S.Senate; WHM's geographical politics, opposition to League of Nations.
McKenney, A.L.(1936). Anti-New Deal speech in Muskogee.
McKeown, Tom D.(1924, 1934). Distribution of books; President's regard for WHM, possible handling of commercial interests in South America.
McKnight, Felix (n.d.). Intention to come.
McMahan, Boyd (1940). Contribution to book fund.
McMahon, E.D.(1941). "Warehouse receipt" money system; banking systems.
McManus, Roy D.(n.d.). Statement praising WHM as executive and governor.
McMillen, Ralph (1942). Defense of present "long" ballot system.
McMullan, C.H.(1934). Recommendation of R.E. Rader to fill Haitt's place as Kay County Commissioner.
McPherson, Geo. L.(1936). Constitution speech.
Maguire, T.H.(1936). Copy of Constitution speech.
Mahany, Rowland B.(1936). Praise of Constitution speech.
Markham, Edgar C.(n.d.). Praise of Constitution speech.
Marler, Elma Ruth (1941). Writing for public, WHM speech at Chickasha, rightness of minority; book order.
Marsh, S.C.(1936). Copy of Constitution speech.
Martin, Dr.D.M.(n.d.). Bible references.
Martin, Don C., Strother Public School (1942). Hybrid corn developed by WHM, editing of agricultural text.
Martin, M.J.(1936). Copy of Constitution speech.
Martin, R.B.(1936). Copies of Constitution speech.
Marx, Ron (1946). Article by WHM in New York Sun, June 25, 1946.
Masland, Marion W.(1936). Copies of Constitution speech for use in classes.
Masonic Lodge, Dalhart, Texas (1940). Invitation to speak.
Massey, Guy B.(1941). WHM article in Broken Bow News. Attached is news clipping of picture of WHM.
Mathews, Frank (1936). Retirement from business and politics, statement of former WHM enemies re owing him an apology.
Mayfield, John S.(1935). Introductory note for Christmas greeting.
Maytubby, Peter and family (1936). WHM stand against New Deal.

F 25: "M" Correspondence. Me-My (1931-1946 and n.d.).
Melton, Homer, to "Friend Claude" (n.d.). Removal of Adams from institution.
Memphis Chamber of Commerce, C.M.Anderson, Executive Vice President (1931). Memphis as site for unemployment relief conference.
Menus, Bert A.(1936). Expiration of term as governor.
Merithew, Clayton F.(1941). Trip through Texas, book order; request for WHM biography, season's greetings.
Mertz, N.M.(1936). Copy of Constitution speech.
Meyer, J.D.E.(1936). Copy of Constitution speech.
Mid-Day Luncheon Club (1931). Reaction to address in Springfield, Illinois,at commemoration of Lincoln's birth.
Milam, J. Bartley (1941). Book order.
Milburn, W.J.(1932). Unwillingness to harm friend by intruding upon Washington administration.
Miller, M.C.(1936). Copy of Constitution address.
Miller, W.F.(1936). Copy of Constitution address.
Minnesota Historical Society, Esther Jerabek (1941). Request for book.
Mitchell, E.Y.(1938). Scrapping of ships.
Moberry, L.A.(1936). Copy of Constitution speech.
Mobley, Ernest C.(1931). Unwillingness to accept government position.
Montgomery, A.E.(1941). Book order.
Montgomery, Edyth T.(1936). Copies of Constitution speech.
Montgomery, J.H.(1931). Job for R.A. Pinson.
Moore, E.H. (U.S.Senator from Oklahoma,1943-1949) (1941). Support of proposed constitutional amendments; receipt of autographed copy of book.
Moore, J.G.(n.d.). Article about origin of a disease.
Moore, Jay W.C.(1940). WHM's stand on Willkie.
Moore, L.M.(postmarked 1939). Roosevelt and foreign situation.
Moorman, John L.(1936). Copy of Constitution speech.
Morehouse, Ward, Dramatic Critic, New York Sun (1946). Request for talk with WHM.
Moroney, J.J.(1941). Book order and praise of WHM writings.
Morton, J.N.(1936). Copy of Constitution speech.
Motor Vehicle Administrators Conference Chairman (1934). Satisfaction with present laws on transport question.
Mott, Gertrude [1936]. Copy of Constitution speech.
Mueller, H.A.(1936). Copy of Constitution speech.
Mulhern, Mary F.(1936). Copy of Constitution speech.
Mullis, J.H.(1936). Copy of Constitution speech.
Mumson, Mr., Lawyer Abagado, Brazil (1940). Questions about Brazil under Vargus.
Murdock, Victor (1935). Penalizing of government official for doing his duty.
Murray, Cicero (1944). Subscription to Oklahoma History, Dewey's chances, purchase of property.
Murray, Dick (1936). Sen. Hill's willingness to have Bond appoint DM.
Murray, Geo.T.(1938). Lecture tour in North Dakota.
Music, W.T.(1931). Fight against creamery monopolies.
Muskogee Public Library (1941). Praise of The Finished Scholar.
Myers, Mrs.S.E.(1940). Invitation for Colorado vacation as repayment for appointment as postmistress in 1916.

F 26: McCurtain County Grand Jury (n.d.). Judge Arnette's charge to the McCurtain Grand Jury.

F 27: McGowan, W.E. Correspondence (1923, 1940-1942). Re: Haskell for President Club, WHM's campaign for Congressman-at-Large; real estate business, runoff primary law, distribution of Essay on Forms of Government, "World Government."

F 28: Maddox, K.L. Correspondence(1936, 1940, 1942). Topics include Gomer Smith, Townsend Plan; Willkie's campaign strategy, Roosevelt's summoning of guards; book order; WHM's campaign for U.S.Senate; governor's race.

F 29: Market Commission (1931). Recommendations re State Market Commission concerning personnel approved by WHM.

F 30: Memo for Posse Comitatus. Correspondence (1940).
Holt, Homer A., Governor, West Virginia. Receipt of Memo.
Wilson, Alexander, Administrative Assistant to Henry Horner, Governor of Illinois. Receipt of Memo, WHM's unfamiliarity with laws of other states, worthlessness of WHM opinions.

F 31: Meador Publishing Company. Correspondence (1936-1942, 1946). Re: publication of Constitution speech, The Presidency, The Supreme Court and Seven Senators, book orders and sales, speaking engagements, comments from reader about Uncle Sam Needs a Doctor, incorporation of the National Family Association and use of WHM's name therewith, WHM comments on world religions, Kennedy clipping.

F 32: Mexico (1934, 1940).
a.Clipping. "Alta Distincion Al Srio.de Relaciones," El National, sabado 10 de febrero de 1934. Re: gift of his book by WHM to the Mexican Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Dr.J.M. Puig Casauranc, through the Oklahoma City Mexican Consul.
b.Letter. WHM to Hon.L. Perez Abreu, Consul of Mexico (1940). Re: mutual friend Alfredo.

F 33: Miscellaneous Lists (1931-1940 and n.d.).
Living Members of the Oklahoma Constitutional Convention as supplied by Judge Robert L.Williams (November 17, 1938).
Names of Delegates to the Constitutional Convention, now living (November, 1935).
Insurance Policies ordered by unspecified office from September 13, 1933, to October 25, 1933, inclusive.
Republican State Committee, 1940.
Register of Visitors (n.d.)
Returned Cards for Membership, from Minute Men (n.d.).
Roll Call of the House of Representatives (Oklahoma), Eighteenth Legislative Session (n.d.).
State of Oklahoma, Expenditures by Departments and Institutions from July 1, 1937, to May 1, 1938.
U.S.S.Oklahoma, Roster of Officers, 1 June, 1931.
Unidentified list of names by counties (n.d.).
Unidentified lists of names and addresses (n.d.).

F 34: Miscellaneous handwritten and typewritten notes (n.d.).

F 35: Miscellaneous Pamphlets and Brochures (1940-1947).
"Adulterating Americanism; Unassimilated Immigration Deadly Poison to U.S.A.," an Invitation Address Delivered April 4, 1940, Before The Public Relations Council of The Women's City Club of Philadelphia by Robert Edward Edmondson.
"America in Danger!" Bulletin No. 292 & B#59 "March on Washington to Impeach Pres.Roosevelt (Nov. 26, 1941).
"The American Gentile Army" (n.d.). Brochure.
"Back to the Republic"(n.d.). Book Advertisement.
"Be Still"(n.d.). Religious poem.
"Be Strong"(n.d.). Religious poem.
"Can Christian Americanism Survive?" Brochure published by Temple Hall Foundation (1947).
"Comfort for those who Mourn." Religious tract.
"Demonstrate for Unemployment Demands." Flyer concerning demonstra-tion for unemployment relief (February 10, n.y.).
Family Congress of America Bulletin-Digest (October 23, 1941). Re: Social Security.
"Fighting Men of Oklahoma." Book advertisement.
"Gothic Ripples, An Occasional report on the Jewish question in world affairs" (March 17, 1946).
"Governmental Ideas." Clipping (n.d.or source). Re: 22nd Amendment, Lilenthal Confirmation, U.S.as empire, payroll expansion, curbing immigration, Stewart case, and Wallace.
"The Individualist (April 30, 1947). Organization Brings Out the Worst in Men."
"Jewish Merchants of Death (International Warmongers) vs.'American Merchants of Hate (Kosher Label for Patriots)'"(October 1, 1940). Open letter.
"The Loyal and Lawful Opposition; Where are Its Twenty-Two Millions?"by Sterling E.Edmunds (n.d.)
"'Manifesto to the Jews' (with Misleading Statistics) Entangles Ministers" by Robert Edward Edmondson (August 15, 1940).
Publications of W.H.Lowdermilk & Co.(n.d.).
"The Second Division 1917-1919, American Expeditionary Forces (n.d.). Collection of official communiques.
"Should Local Taxes Be Increased" by Wm. E.Amend (n.d.). Reprint of article published by the Research Institute, Inc.
"Temple Hall"(n.d.). Brochure.
"Which of Two Amendments Do You Prefer?(1941). Flyer.

F 36: Mitchell, Ewing Young. Correspondence (1938-1942). Re: sending out copies of EYM's book, subject for magazine article by WHM, book publication, cataract surgery for WHM, WHM's defeat in primary, case of Saboteurs, national monetary policy. (2 copies of October 5, 1942, letter)

F 37: Murray, Johnston. Copy of WHM's circular endorsing his son, Johnston Murray, as a candidate for governor (1950). Also included is correspondence between B.B. Chapman and Jack D. Haley concerning the loan of the circular for copying (1974-1975).

F 38: Murray, Robert A. Correspondence (1935-1943). Re: birthday greetings, praise of constitution speech, personal information, invitation to Nova Scotia, gifts, book orders, daughter's marriage announcement, family news, books on the Canadian banking system, WHM preference for Scotch banking system, information concerning prominent Murrays and relatives in the armed services.

F 39: Murray's Magazine. Prospectus (1910). Lists departments, creed, and first subjects.

F 40: "N" Correspondence (1930-1942).
Nader, Francis (1933). Copy of State Constitution for class assignment.
Nakdimen, I.H.(1936, 1941). Newspaper articles; attempt to organize cooperative effort of states, WHM course in campaign, democratic principles; book order.
Nance, J.C.(1939). Bill naming Lake Alice Murray, WHM speech in Norman and check for expenses, invitation to visit Senate.
National Youth Administration (1938). Invitation to dedication of NYA building.
Native Sons of Golden (1931). Invitation to annual banquet and Memorial Day address to Oklahomans.
Neal, Wm.J.(1935). Running for U.S.Senator or Governor.
Neely, J.F.(1938). Location of "Lake Alice" now called Lake Thomas.
Nelson, W.C.(1941). Book order, recommendation for book on nutrition.
Netherland Legation, Bureau of Agricultural Attache (1939). Information concerning farm lands, taxes, and legislation in the Netherlands.
Newlin, Mrs.George (1936). Election campaign, Constitution speech.
Newton, Earl F.(1936). Constitution speech, request for comparison of Roman and English law.
Nichols, H.W.(1936). Election outcome.
Nichols, James N.(1936). Constitution speech.
Nichols, Mr.& Mrs.John B.(1930). Invitation to reception and banquet for Patrick J.Hurley.
Noble, Jim (1943). Book sales.
Norcross, Gertrude (1936). Copy of Constitution address.
Northrup, Frank D.(1936). Constitution address.
Nothing, I.C.(1942). Information concerning defense contracts.

F 41: Navarro County, Texas, Teachers Institute (1893). Program. Lists Essay by WHM.

F 42: No Foreign War Committee (1941).
a.Yankee Comrades Leaflets:
1.No.12, "No Foreign War."
2.No.13, "British Ballyhoo."
3.No.14, "Our Danger."
4.No.15, "Plutocracy."
5.No.17, "Witch-Hunters."
6.No.18, "Yankee Voices."
7.No.19, "War in Concord."

b.Names and addresses of National Sponsoring Committee by state.
c.Correspondence: Lancaster, Robert A., Treasurer, Broadcast of WHM speech; Marshall, Verne, Chairman, Invitation to WHM to membership on national sponsoring committee; Williams, J.Harvie, Chairman, Speakers' Division, Broadcast of WHM address.

F 43: "O" Correspondence (1917-1949).
O'Donohue, Anne (1936). Copy of Constitution address.
O'Halloran, Robert M.(1936). Copy of Constitution address.
Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce (1939, 1941). Invitation for McGuffey Society members to attend "Old Oklahoma Day"; address at Friday Forum (1939); Address at Public Forum luncheon (1941), no radio broadcast but possibility of transcription.
Oklahoma Democratic State Central Committee, S.W.Hayes, Chairman (1931). Suggestions for appointments to State Election Board.
Oklahoma Department of Public Instruction (1941). Oklahoma Directory for 1940.
Oklahoma League Against Communism, Naziism and Fascism (1938). Invitation to meeting, "Fourteen Flaming Facts" about Communist activities.
Oklahoma Library Commission (1941). Book order.
Oklahoma McGuffey Society, John R. Riley (1939). Invitation to address Society.
Oklahoma Military Academy, Walter E.Downs and Clarence B.Douglas (1932). Loss of first page of letter to WHM; proposal for Oklahoma Shrine Cemetery.
Oklahoma Public Expenditures Council (1949). Campaign to urge citizens to contact congressmen and Senators concerning reduction of federal spending.
Oklahoma Statuary Club (1939). Request for list of citizens interested in placing busts of ex-Governors in State Historical Society building.
O'Neill, Thomas J.(1917). Repayment by State of monies advanced by WHM, appropriation for preparation and preservation of Constitutional Convention debates.
Oppliger, Sam A., see Box 6 F 30, Personal Correspondence, Misc., Alice Hearrell Murray, postscript to letter from D.H.Johnston (1936) re WHM's address to the Tax League and SAO's pride in his association with WHM.
O'Toole, Dr.J.T.(1931). Loss of confidence in WHM. Attached is a letter from C.C. McCarroll to "Friend Doc."
Owen, J.F.(1940). Book order.
Owens, O.O.(1933, 1936, 1937). "Job-Making Corporation" manuscript; receipt of contribution, requests for copies of Constitution Speech, possible publication of speech; proposed publication of "Rights of Americans" in Blue Valley Farmer; attempt to have book adopted by State Textbook Commission; purchase of recordings of WHM speech and use of recordings in campaign.

F 44: Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical College (1918-1952).
a.Correspondence: Chapman, Dr.B.B., Professor of History (1952), Need for round trip bus ticket to Stillwater in order to accept "gracious overture;" and Lackey, Guy A., Chairman of Convocation Committee (1929). Convocation speech by WHM; tour of institution; information concerning Luther for article.
McElroy, C.H., Chairman of the Historical Packet Committee (1941). Record Book for Centennial Celebration.
b.Folder. "Service Flag of the Oklahoma Agricultural & Mechanical College up to August 1st, 1918 (1918).
c.Photocopy of certificate granting WHM title of Honorary Professor of History in the Department of History, Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical College (1952).

F 45: Oklahoma Historical Society (1924, 1931-1934). Correspondence between WHM and the Society. Re: requests for materials and information; donations of materials to Society by WHM.

F 46: Oklahoma Tax Commission (1936). Letter.Horace L. Schloss to Judge Melton, Oklahoma Tax Commission (1936). Re: receiving bulletins.

F 47: Orton, L.V. Correspondence between L.V.Orton and WHM (1936- 1941). Re: OLV's resignation from Highway Commission; contribution toward WHM book, possibility of OLV's running for Senate; book order, change in law business; praise of book.

F 48: "P" Correspondence (1933-1946).
Pallardy, E.B.(1942). "Hedges" against possible difficulties at end of war.
Palmer, Irwin H.(1940). Song to help curb war fever.
Parkin, Mr.and Mrs.T.C.(1936). WHM achievements in leading a Right-eous Minority.
Patchell, O.W.(1936). Quotation from American Commonwealths by Ambassador Bryce concerning results of exhaustion of public lands and expansion of Supreme Court; Constitution speech, results of Labor Amendment; calamity of election result.
Pate, Herbert J.(1941). Book order.
Patriot, The (1943). Sending of requested issues and articles.
Patterson, Mrs.W.K.(1941). Book order.
Payne, George Henry, Commissioner, Federal Communications Commission (1936). Comments on address at Harvard University.
Peddar, Thomas C.(1941). Publication of review of The Finished Scholar.
Peek, George N.(1940). Booklet of speech reviewing agricultural situation.
Peery, J.E.(1941). Book order.
Penney, F.W.(1941). Book order.
Pennington, J.B.(1934). Request for assistance in school election.
Penny [sic], J.C., Company (1935). Statement of clerk concerning sales tax.
Penners, Lizzie (1936). Expiration of term as governor.
Perez-Abreu, L.(1936). Receipt of booklet, interest in Mexico.
Perry, A.E.(1936). WHM's reasons for not wanting to be a Congressman.
Perry, Ed, (1936) Arrangements for meeting.
Peters, Elizabeth (1936). Copy of Constitution speech.
Petersen, O.B., General Manager, John F. Cuneo Co.(1941). Printing of The Finished Scholar.
Peterson, Blanche (1936). Sending of clipping which names WHM as "defection" of Oklahoma; probability that reference was to present administration.
Peterson, Hugh, Representative, Georgia (1939). Sending copy of H.R. 1675 establishing national land policy.
Pettit, Francis (1936). Praise of Constitution speech.
Phillips, Frank, from W (1940). Admiration for WHM, publication of "Farm Economics."
Phillips, Leon C.(1936). Request concerning W.N. McCulley of Okemah, reluctance to take sides in legislative office.
Phinney, Pearl Bussey (1946). Fear that WHM victim of Senate shooting; persecution of Columbians of Atlanta, Georgia.
Piatt, W.H.H.(1936). Copy of Constitution speech, Democrats for Landon.
Pickens, Anna Gwin, to Mr. Gafford (1944). Opportunity to see WHM's History; request for account of WHM's statements about South American colony.
Pierson, Eva (1941). Information about woman called Emma at Central State Hospital.
Ponca City Historical Association (1942). Return of subscription by trustees of 101 Ranch Historical Foundation.
Post, George R.(1936). Copy of Constitution speech.
Postmaster, Broken Bow, Oklahoma (1942). Return of forwarded mail.
Potts, Joshua R.(1936). Copy of Constitution speech.
Pottsville Supply Company (1936). Copy of Constitution speech.
Poulson, Daphne Ely (1936). Copy of Constitution speech and suggestion to Herald Tribune that it be published.
Powell, Fred M.(1941). Speech at Topeka Kiwanis Club.
Press Club, Joe Mayfield, President (1941). Speech at Annual Press Club Gridiron Banquet in Stillwater.
Prewitt, Carl (1942). Addresses of ministers for distribution of article on forms of government.
Pugh, M.W.(1941). Book order and request for autograph.
Pullen, Jess L.(1933). Possible firing of Pete Cooper.
Purple, Wm.H.(1936). Copy of Constitution speech.
Puterbaugh, J.G., President, McAlester Fuel Company, to William Green, President, American Federation of Labor (1939). Burden on mining industry of wage stabilization, capital stock tax, and the Social Security Act.(Mimeographed copy of letter)

F 49: Page, William Allen (1935-1940). Correspondence. Re: thanks for materials sent, WHM's summary of his term as governor, salute to WHM; birthday greetings; speaking tour; New York City speech, anti-New Deal party, death of Douglas H.Johnston, Governor of Chickasaws; names of lecture bureaus; future book order, trial of Binghamton mayor, greetings from Bishop Kelley; disappointment in election results, possible results of third term, New York State election tally.

F 50: Parole - George L. Horton (1931). Correspondence from Mr.and Mrs. K.L.Horton to WHM.

F 51: Paschall, Walter B. Correspondence (1936-1943). Re: extension of courtesies of Oklahoma Club to WHM; 1936 election; gift of cigars to WHM; making WBP custodian of plates of constitution speech until later filing with Historical Society; gift to WBP of governor's chair; book loan. See also Box l F 53 and 57 (1940 and 1942 Campaigns).

F 52: Patent Rights. Proposed act to regulate the execution and transfer of notes given for patent rights in the State of Oklahoma (n.d.).

F 53: The Patriot, London, England (1941 and n.d.).
a.Issue of August 14, 1941, Vol. XXXIX, No.1,018. Contains articles "India and the War" and "Jews in the Bolshevik Revolution."
b.Issue of August 21, 1941, Vol.XXXIX, No.1,019. Contains articles "Soviet Facts and Fallacies" and "Our Communist Chameleons."
c.Circular for private circulation by Arnold Freeman, August 11, 1941. Effect of Rudolf Steiner's ideas upon author presented in fictional form.

F 54: Patronage. Correspondence (1931).
Journeyman Barbers International Union of America, Local No.403, M.E.Byrd, President (1931). Appointment of Dave Brown to Board of Barber Examiners.
Montgomery, J.H.(1931). Appointment of Mr.Pinson.
Strickland, Otto (1931). Protest of appointment of Lee Pollock.

F 55: Penitentiary, Oklahoma State. Correspondence concerning the following prisoners:
Covington, Ivory (1932-1933).
Dumas, Charles (1933).
Ellis, Albert (1933).
Gomez, Ignacio (1932).
Jackson, James (1934).
Lane, Willi Baze (March 19, n.y.).
Lattimer, Charlie (1933).
Lemke, John (1933).
McDonald, Proctor (1933).
Martin, Joe L.(1933).
Martin, Paul J.(1931).
Mayes, Henry (n.d.).
Morris, Tom (1933).
Nichols, Luke (1933).
Oglesby, Ernest (1934).
Parsons, Johney (1934).
Patton, Ted (1933).
Prescott, Billie (1934).
Quinn, Earl (1933).
Reed, H.W.(1934).
Rider, Horace M.(1934).
Rightsell, Nathan (1932).
Vicars or Vickers, I.N.(1934).
Ward, Harry (1931).
White, Everett (1933).

F 56: Penitentiary, Miscellaneous (1911, 1932, 1933).
a.Estimate of Amount Necessary to Continue Construction Work until January l, 1912, and Building Claims June 19, 1911.
b.Correspondence between J.F.Dunn and Claude Weaver (1933). Re: prisoners under death sentence.
c.Letter. S.E.Brown to Claude Weaver (1932). Re: prisoners under sentence of death.
d.Inventory signed by D.W. Anderton, Deputy Sheriff.

F 57: Petroleum Industry - The Oklahoma City Oil Field in Pictures (1931), compiled by Jack Lance, Inc. Publicity pamphlet concerning Oklahoma City oil companies and oil men. 63 pages.

F 58: Petroleum Industry, Miscellaneous (1931 and n.d.).
a.Letter from WHM to the Honorable Senate and House of Representatives (1931). Re: the oil lobbyists point of view concerning pending tax legislation.
b.Copy of teletype news release (n.d.). Re: opening of intercoastal canal from Galveston to Corpus Christi.
c.Statement of WHM on oil situation and Texas Federal Court ruling on proration.

F 59: Phillips, Leon C.(1933-1941).
a.Correspondence between WHM and LCP. Re: changes in personnel; assistance in regard to reelection; cut in public building program, legislation concerning transportation of horses and cattle; invitation to LCP's inauguration as governor.
b."First Message of Governor Leon C. Phillips" delivered to the Senate and the House of Representatives January 10, 1939. Re: program commitment, general financial condition, retrenchment, taxation, schools, re-commended legislation, Denison Dam Project, lobbying, pardons and paroles, and private investigators.
c."Message of Governor Leon C. Phillips" delivered January 7, 1941. Re: reform bills of previous legislature, methods for avoiding deficit in current fiscal year, accomplishments of various departments, recommendations for current legislature.

F 60: Picher, Oklahoma - Law Enforcement (1934, 1936).
a.Correspondence between WHM and Guy Pearce et al., concerning lack of law enforcement in Picher, and affidavits which were used in a Court of Inquiry.
b.Clipping. "Man Still Has Half Dollar After Fine" (n.d.or source).

F 61: Press Releases (1908-1946 and n.d.).
a."Murray for Delegate to National Convention" (January 20, 1908). Re: WHM's desire to be at-large delegate to the Democratic National Convention at Denver in July.
b."Wm.H.Murray" (January 29, [1918]). Re: Congressional controversy concerning War Cabinet.
c."To the Friends of R.C.Blocher, through the Press" (December 2, 1935). Re: contributions for Blocher's funeral expenses.
d."...statement...relative to the four proposed Constitutional Amendments initiated by the school bloc...."(1946). Re: dangers of amending constitution right after war and of amendments proposed by a "bloc."
e."On the Coordinating Board amendments to the Constitution..."(n.d.). Re: WHM's opposition to formation of Board of Regents.
f."Former Governor Wm.H.Murray gave out the following formal state-ment" (n.d.). Re: need for provisions to prevent break-down of country at end of war.
g."Will It Happen Here?"(n.d.). Re: threat of Communism.
h."Former Governor Wm.H.Murray authorized the following statement" (March 8, n.y.). Re: challenge to Josh Lee to a debate on his pension vote, winning of war and conversion to peace-time activities, advocacy of Communism, and use of old age pension funds.
i."Former Governor Wm.H.(Alfalfa Bill) Murray, when asked about at-tending the National Democratic Convention..."(n.d.). Re: futility of attending convention.
j."Why I Will Vote for Willkie" (n.d.). Re: WHM's reasons for voting for Willkie and for a Congress that will aid him.(2 copies).

F 62: Public Lands (1939). H.R.1675, 76th Congress, 1st session, a bill to establish a national land policy, and to provide homesteads free of debt for actual farm families. Introduced by Hugh Peterson of Georgia and referred to the Committee on Public Lands.

F 63: Public Schools (1899, 1931-1934).
Board of Public Affairs (1931, 1932). Audit of School Land Department, appointment of trustees for Wynona Public School District.
Carroll, E.G.(1932). Investigation of School District No.10.
Enid City Schools, DeWitt Waller, Superintendent (1934). List of textbooks used in 1934-1935 school year.
Jones, H.A.(1932). Investigation of expenditures for School District No.21. Theodore Roosevelt Junior High School, Raymond Fields (1932). Request for information about Oklahoma for library scrapbooks.
b.Typewritten copy of "An Act Granting a Charter to John Couch" to establish Couch College in Ravia, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory (1899).

F 64: Public Welfare (1941). Letter. J.B.Harper, Director of Public Welfare, to WHM (1941). Re: transfer of Ruby M.Bray from the Muskogee office to Oklahoma City.

F 65: "Q" Correspondence (1935, 1936, 1942).
Qualls, Cpl.James Winfield (1942). The Federal Union; the International Banking group, world government.
Quarles, Col.J.J.(1935). Reply to question about Will Rogers.
Quinn, Mamie (1936). Constitution speech, death of husband, deaths of Mitch, Campbell, Langley, Ledbetter, Haskell, Genratty, Lehay, and King.

Box 4
William H. Murray Collection Description

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