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Subject and Personality Materials: "R" Correspondence to Young
Speeches 1908-1935

F 1: "R" Correspondence (1934-1942).
Raby, Georgina (1936). Praise of speech introducing Landon, memories of trip through Oklahoma after NEA meeting in 1905.
Railway Express Agent, Broken Bow (1936). Refusal to accept package.
Rains, Hall (1941). Receipt of book announcement, need for accurate Oklahoma history, Lindbergh visit.
Rall, Owen (1940). Opposition to third term for president.
Ralph, David C.,to Malcom E. Rosser and reply (1952). WHM's preparation and delivery of speeches.
Ramsey, F.A.(1936). Copy of Constitution speech.
Ramsey, T.G.(1936). Letter of recommendation.
Rankin, Mr.and Mrs.T.C.(1936). Support for stand in 1936 campaign.
Ransom, May Oma (1936). Request for appointment.
Ratner, Payne (1940). Thanks for autographed book.
Ray, W.O.(1939, 1941). Legislation for naming of Lake Alice Murray; book order.
Raymond, Newman H.(1936). Copy of Constitution speech.
Read[?], Chester O. (1936). Landon introduction, praise of Oklahomans.
Reardon, W.E.(1940, 1941). Book orders.
Reed, James A. (1936, 1940). False statements in article from Oklahoma Labor; cancellation of meeting in Chicago, possible disturbances at Convention.
Reeves, C.R.(1936). Senatorial race, election of Governor.
Republican State Committee (1936). Speaking dates in Kansas.
Reynolds, Ted (1940, 1941). Isolationism; introductory speech at Oklahoma City.
Richards, Preston D.(1936). Copy of Constitution speech.
Riddle, J.(1940). Invitation to speak in New Mexico campaign.
Riddle, Kenneth M.(1941). Book order.
Ring, M.A., Company (1936). Request for loan, WHM's financial difficulties after 1932 campaign.
Rippel, J.S.(1936). Copy of Constitution speech.
Roberts, Roy, Kansas City Star, (1936). Need for copy of National Republican Convention proceedings.
Robinson, James B."Bob" (1942). Campaign assistance; reasons for war.
Roddie, Reuben M.(1931). Oil Proration law and its effect on the small independent operator, request for appointment.
Rodenbeck, Adolph J.(1936). Copy of Constitution speech.
Roix, William R.(1936). Copy of Constitution speech.
Rolph, James, Jr., Governor of California (1934). Endorsement of Interstate Commerce legislation.
Rorschach, Harold E.(1942). Book order.
Rosenfeld, Arthur (1941). Employment.
Rotary Club of Kansas City, Watt G. Randall, Executive Secretary (1935). Invitation to address club.
Rourke, S.A.(1941). Offer to take orders for new book, inability to hear WHM at Lindbergh-Wheeler meeting.
Rowsey, W.E.(1941). Genealogy of Roosevelt; book order.
Rubin, Isidore (1936).Copy of Constitution speech.
Rupe, W.S.(1940). Possibility of speaking date in Atlantic, Iowa.
Rural New Yorker (1940). Book order.
Rush, William S.(1941). Bad check from Etheridge.
Russell, F.O.(1936). Request for address.
Russell, U.S.(1936). Explanation of course WHM pursued in campaign, popularity of Constitution speech.
Rutherford, Joseph F. Copy of Constitution speech and appreciation of WHM; receipt of pamphlet.

F 2: Ramsey, Geo. S. Correspondence (1940). Re: article by Westbrook Pegler; tax on lawyers, lack of respect for Supreme Court, opinions on national affairs, Hoover, and Wilson; book order, Roosevelt and the New Deal, war preparedness, Lindbergh; letter published by Eugene Lorton, monetary policy.

F 3: Red Path Bureau. Correspondence (1938-1939). Re: management of lecture tours, thanks for book.

F 4: Relief--Scandal Cases (1931, 1933-1934).
a.Bristow, Oklahoma (1934).
b.Marietta, Oklahoma (1933).
c.Newkirk, Oklahoma (1933).
d.Tulsa, Oklahoma (1931).

F 5: Relief, Miscellaneous(1931, 1933).
a."Call for Mississippi Basin Relief Conference" (n.d.). Conference to be held at St.Louis on September 25, 1931.
b.Copy of Governor's Order appointing Colonel Rook as general superintendent of state charities with the proviso that he not disturb present charities (1931).
c.Two copies of a cash voucher for Jim Sartin (1933).
d.Seven Remittance Registers for Governor's State Relief Fund SB28 (1933).
e.Telegrams between E.V.Harrison and WHM (1934). Re: legal tangles which prevent payment from relief funds.

F 6: Republican Party (1936, 1941).
a. Menu and Program for Lincoln Day Banquet (February 12, 1941).
b. Correspondence: Republican National Committee, Henry P.Fletcher, Chairman (1936),re: suggestions for pre-convention publicity, WHM's experience handling relief under Hoover, comparison between Hoover and Roosevelt days for farmers; Wyoming Republican State Central Committee, Milward L.Simpson (1936), invitation to address rally on election eve, broadcast of address.

F 7: Rewards (1931-1934). Correspondence.
Balinger, A.M. (1931). Offer of reward for C.G. McGee.
Burgess, K.I., Barber County, Kansas, Sheriff (1931). Reward for arrest of Wimmer for robbery of the Bank of May.
Carmick, H.C.(1932). Payment of reward, death of D.J.Turner.
Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railway Company, E.P.Kelly (1931).
Circular offering reward for person or persons displacing switch.
Crawford, A.W.(1931). Claim for reward for Paul G.Martin's capture.
Evans, Elza (1931). Warrants payable as rewards for capture of certain criminals.
Ford, Walt (1934). Power of attorney for Hugh M. Sandlin to collect reward for arrest and conviction of Whitey Walker.
Hales, Emmet, Chief of Police, Hereford, Texas (1931). Reward for capture of Colquet Davis.
Hughes, B.G.(1931). Claims for arrest and conviction of Crawford and Parker and for Jefferson and Turner.
Lyell, W.O., Wichita, Kansas, Police Dept.(1934). Receipt for reward warrant.
Potes, Ira (1931). Claim for reward in Bill Granthan case.
Rayen, George L., and Wm. C. Robeen, Metropolitan Police Department, Kansas City, Missouri (1931). Claims for reward for apprehension of Earl Quinn.
Roberson, R.R.(1931). Claims by Claude Johnson and C.P. Lloyd for reward.
Stephenson, Judge R.E.(1931). Reward for the robbery of the Bank of Mounds.

F 8: Rogers, Charles L. Correspondence (1936-1940). Re: Reactions to Tahlequah speech; Constitution speech and copy thereof; Jack Garner in Washington, letter to WHM from Jim Johnson, financial conditions in Tahlequah, possibility of appointment for CLR to State Board of Education; candidate to support for President, campaigning for Garner; Willkie's defeat, WHM birthday, poor sales of books.

F 9: Roosevelt, Franklin D.(1930-1941).
a.Correspondence (1932-1941):
1.Letters between FDR and WHM (1933). Re: attendance at Inaugural ceremonies on March 4th.
2.Correspondence with Malonia Scheider, Secretary to Mrs.Roosevelt (1934). Re: State of Oklahoma vs. Billy Prescott.
3.Correspondence with H.P.Wright and Eric DeWolf (1936) concerning pamphlet "Lest We Forget" and clipping concerning German marks listing FDR as President of United European Investors, Ltd.

b.Miscellaneous materials:
1.Excerpts from FDR speeches (1930-1933).
2.Mimeographed copy of letter from L.E. Patterson to FDR (1941). Re: request to Congress to slow up proposal to curb strikes.
3.Copy of quotation from Lord Thomas Babbington McCauley (sic) (n.d.).
4.Pamphlet. "Franklin D.Roosevelt Could Be a World Hero If He Had the Moral Courage of a Lincoln" (1941) by Frank A. Crowe.
5.Circular. "'Mother ought to feel Swell!'said Captain Elliott Roosevelt"(1940). Re: commission for ER.
6.Circular. "Roosevelt Yields U.S.Independence" (1941). Re: impeachment or resignation of Roosevelt and Wallace.
7.Poem. "A Stranger Stood at the Gates of Hell."

F 10: "S" Correspondence. Sa-Sh (1936-1942 and n.d.).
Sadler, O.B.(1936). Request for information concerning Millard Fillmore Sadler.
Sandburg, Mary (1936). Request for information concerning her son.
Sanders, P.R.(1940). Location of J.M.Doughty.
Sanders, J.T.(n.d.). Anti-isolationism.
Santa Rosa Orphans (n.d.). Saying of prayers for servicemen.
Saph, Hale P.(1936). Copy of Constitution speech.
Saturday Evening Post Editor (1942). Sending of article.
Schaffer, Franklin P.(1936). Copy of Constitution address.
Schlensker, Mrs.O.F.(n.d.). Copy of Constitution address.
Schloss, Horace L.(1940). Death of Judge Reese Tatum.
Schmid, R.J.(1936). Copy of Constitution address.
Schneider, Ph., Brewing Company (1936). Default of Sam Hawks on checks to company.
Schroeder, Capt.C.(1940, 1942). WHM's obligation to his followers, writing of life story of John Palmer; offer of honorary charter membership and ordination as a Bishop in The Master Church of the Faith of Nature, Inc., Economic Liberty Movement, American First Committee.
Scott, John N.(n.d.). Suggestion that WHM aid in averting national calamity instead of retiring to his storm cellar.
Scott, M.L.(1936). Copy of Constitution speech; praise of Portland speech on currency four or five years ago.
Scott, Z.W.(1936). Copy of Constitution address.
Scougal, A.D.(1936). Praise of Constitution address; endorsement of WHM for Supreme Court if vacancy occurs.
Seiler, Robert E. (1940). Address at Joplin meeting.
Selah, Dr.W.B.(1942). Request for Conference report containing addresses for mailing out article, gift of book.
Sever, H.E.(1936). Praise of Constitution address and request for copy.
Sexson, W.Mark (1947). Replacement copy of pamphlet.
Shadid, Dr.M.(n.d.). Book order.
Sharp, Harris C.(1936). Request for copy of Constitution address to use at American Legion meeting.
Shaw, Frank V.(n.d.). Application of John L.Shaw as gasoline inspector.
Shea, Katherine (1936). Copy of Constitution address.
Sheets, J.M.(1936). Copy of Constitution address.
Shilliam, Frank C.(1942). Book order.
Sholten, W.N.(1941). Book order.
Short, Mrs.C.W.(n.d.). Book order.
Short, Ora (1936). Referral to lawyer.
Short, Sybil H.(1941). Book order.
Shorter, W.B.(1936). Necessity of adherence to Constitution.
Shubert, Mrs. Doren D.(1942). Book order.

F 11: "S" Correspondence. Si-Sp (1936-1946).
Sigma Phi Epsilon, Oklahoma Alpha chapter, Harry H. Synar (1940). Invitation to speak.
Simcoe, H.L.(1936). Copy of Constitution speech.
Simmon, Glenn (1941). Book order.
Sitz, H.S.(1936). Praise of Constitution speech.
Slusher, B.F.(1931). Praise of WHM's election and beliefs.
Small, Mrs. Arthur (Terrel) (1938). Job for her husband.
Smith, C. McLeod (1942). Praise of book on forms of government.
Smith, Lena R.(1936). Copy of Constitution address.
Smith, Loyd (1941). Formation of third party in Tulsa called United Native Americans.
Smith, R.P.(1936). Landon speech, public reactions to Constitution address.
Smith, Rev. Rembert Gilman (1936). Invitation to join association; request for assistance.
Smith, Roy (1946). Autographed book for collection.
Smith, Wiley S.(1942). Article by Washington political correspondent.
Sneed, Frank (1936). Letter of condolence on death of Gen.R.A.Sneed; RAS's friendship and loyalty to WHM.
Snethen, Dr.C.Ethel (1941). Book order.
Snodgrass, T.L., see Box l F 21, Burris, H.L.
Social Security Board Regional Office, Ed McDonald (1941). Transfer of Mrs.Ruby M.Bray.
Southeastern State College, T.T.Montgomery, President (1941). Book order.
Spence, Lida Hervey (1936). Praise of Tulsa speech.
Springer, J.M. (1946). Request for WHM's opinion on constitutionality of Oklahoma beer law.
Spurlock, Hon. Jim (1936, 1946). Reunion of Springtown pupils; request for WHM's opinion on restraining Board of Elections from issuing certificate of election.

F 12: "S" Correspondence. St-Sy (1936-1943 and n.y.).
Stallings, Dr.T.W.(1936, 1938). Corporation Commission race.
State National Bank of Denison, W.L.Peterson, President (1941). New Year's greetings and thanks for business.
Stegner, Mae (1936). Copy of Constitution address.
Stephens, C.C. (Clyde) (1942). Enclosed editorial from The Oklahoma Daily praising WHM.
Stephenson, S.H.(1936). Return of card containing "an ungentlemanly declaration."
Sterling, L.F.(1936). Copy of Constitution address.
Stevens, E.(1936). Information on South America..
Stimpson, George W.(1942). Origin of sobriquet, "Alfalfa Bill".
Stimson, Henry L., Secretary of War (1943). Copies of requested letters.
Stobaugh, John J.(1942). Request for list of ministers of Church of Christ for mailing out copies of booklet.
Stocksen, Adolph (1936). Information about land prices and rainfall.
Stokes, Frank (1936). Wooden image of WHM and coffin for image.
Stoneking, Tom (1936). Request for legal advice.
Stout, W.M., Secretary of Commerce, Gate (1934). Necessity of increased quota for Beaver County projects because of blizzard and sand storm.
Stovall, Jesse (1940, 1941). Book orders.
Straup, William T.(1936). Praise of Constitution address and opinion of present government.
Strickland, Chas. E. (1935). Visit to WHM's home, forwarding of books by John Rustgard; WHM's comments on causes of poverty and the depression.
Stroud, Audrey B.(1936). Desire to return to state, assistance in procuring a job.
Strum, Helen D.(1936). Copy of Constitution address.
Stuckey, Lewis N.(1942). Thanks for booklet.
Sullivan, Sam (1941). Book order.
Sumney, Geo.C.(1941). Order for autographed copy of book.
Swann & Company, J.T.(1942). Sending of cigars from Walter B. Paschall.
Swedish Minister, W. Bostrom (1939). References for answers to WHM's questions concerning certain Swedish laws.
Sweeney, A.F. (March, 19, n.y.). Incorrect printing of election ballots, request for supervision of Adjutant General.
Swiger, Ernest S.(1936). Copy of Constitution address.
Synnestvedt, Paul (1936). Appreciation of Constitution address.

F 13: Salary Reports from State Educational Institutions (1931). Includes reports from the following institutions:
C.A.& N.University
Cameron State School of Agriculture
Central State Teachers College
Connors State Agriculture College
East Central State Teachers College
Murray State School of Agriculture
N.E.Oklahoma Jr.College
Northeastern Teachers College
Northwestern State Teachers College
Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical College
Oklahoma College for Women
Oklahoma Military Academy
Panhandle A & M College
Southeastern Teachers College
Southwestern State Teachers College
University of Oklahoma
University Preparatory School and Junior College

F 14: Sales Tax Legislation (1933): Letter from WHM to the Honorable House of Representatives and Senate of the Fourteenth Legislature, Special Session (1933). Re: reasons for veto of Sales Tax Bill, House Bill No.2.

F 15: School Lands (n.d.).
a.Carbon copy of typescript of a proposed joint resolution to transfer an appropriation to purchase a lease on school land for the West Oklahoma Orphans Home at Helena, Oklahoma, to a fund for the repair of sewers of that institution (n.d.).
b.Committee Substitute for Senate Bill No.108 concerning rules and regulations governing loans by Commissioners of the Land Office from school funds (n.d.).

F 16: Sequoyah Constitutional Convention (1905): State of Sequoyah Constitutional Convention Buttons. (2 buttons)

F 17: Smith, Wiley S. Correspondence (1942). Re: WHM's candidacy, construction of canal across Florida for oil barges, search for evidence of movement to prevent election and disarm the people, statement by Senator that Japan will not fight, congressional ignorance of government history, public officials' lack of faith in themselves, clipping re war progress, campaign support, progress of campaign.

F 18: Society for a Mediated Peace (1941).
a.Letter from Paul V.Beck to WHM asking to serve on the Advisory Executive Committee of the Society for a Mediated Peace and help distribute booklet.
b.Brochure. "A Personal Message" (n.d.). Re: a program to keep America out of war.
c.Booklet. "A Suggested Plan for a More Permanent Peace" (n.d.). Re: reasons for and plan for a just peace to be mediated by the United States.

F 19: South American Colony. Government Correspondence (1921-1929 and n.d.).
a.Contract between WHM and Hannibal Boone Kelly and Arthur Ransford Fletcher to present application for land grant to Congress of Bolivia (1919).
b.Letter, A.B. Leguias[?]to WHM (1921). Re: advice to send commission to visit region of proposed settlement and prepare report.
c.Letter, A.B.Leguias[?]to WHM (1921). Re: size of land grant.
d.Letter, Arturo E. Bauer to WHM (1923). Re: discontinuance of construction of railroad, transportation of colonists, surveying of land.
e.Copy of certified title issued by government of Bolivia May 22, 1923, resolution accepting WHM's proposition, and conditions of such acceptance.
f.Letter. J.C. Alborta to WHM (1924). Re: rewards to cotton planters.
g.Letter. J. McGurk, American Consul, to WHM (1926). Re: procedure for protest against foreign government, re-registration at consulate.
h.List of attorneys at La Paz, Bolivia, from the American Consulate (1926).
i.Letter. J.McGurk to WHM (1927). Re: Lapse of registration at Consulate.
j.Letter. David E. Kaufman, American Minister, to WHM (1928). Re: Signing of protocol by Bolivia and Paraguay for arbitration of Chaco difficulties.
k.Letter. J. Rodas Equino to WHM (1928). Re: mediation for settlement between Jamison and WHM.
l.Letter. Julio C. Alborta to WHM (1929). Re: settlement with Bolivian government.
m.Draft of "Petition for the adjudication of government lands as indicated" with handwritten additions and corrections (n.d.).
n.Copy in Spanish of above petition (n.d.).

F 20: South American Colony. Questionnaires for prospective colonists (1923 and n.d.).
Balthrop, John W.
Cannon, David C.
Carruthers, Wm.Eugene.
Daily, Edwin H.
Eliott, Thomas E.
Fillmore, Dr. Hartson Dustin.
Hall, Edwin Carlton.
Hilbert, Walter.
Johanson, Petrus Emanuel.
Jordan, Wiley Percy.
Knight, Malcom Lee.
Knight, Willie A.
Lacewell, Frederick Ralph.
Maxwell, G.E.
Moore, Stephen D.
Mosher, Henry G.
Nutter, Irvin E.
Price, Lisette.
Reed, Jesse J.
Richardson, Thos. 2.
Smith, G.D.
Snyder, John Walter.
Waller, Richard Anderson.
Warren, Edward P.
Wood, Harrison.
One blank questionnaire.

F 21: South American Colony.Murray Colony of Peru No.1 Colonization Contracts (1921-1922).
Baker, Carl W.(1922).
Bart, Harvey E.(1921).
Church, W.E.(1921).
Davenport, Dr.A.E.(1921).
Feagin, L.O.(1921).
Gates, C.O.and Erwin (1921).
Gates, Warren (1921).
Guenzel, Martin (1922).
Hoehman, C.A.(1922).
Layton, H.R.(1922).
Merryman, Reuben (1922).
Mitchell, Robert W.(1921).
Murray, Dick (1922).
Neel, Henry D.(1922).
Oliver, J.S.(1921).
Strode, Oscar C.(1921).
Walker, Jarrett B.(1921).
Wheeler, Agnes P.(1921).

F 22: South American Colony. Murray Colonies of Bolivia Colonization Contracts (1923-1924).
Alborta, Julio A.(1923).
Amsey, Wm.Sam (1924).(2 copies)
Bradshaw, Elmer W.(1923).
Carroll, Ralph W.(1923).
Fleming, Edward A.(1923).
Gallentine, Robert (1924).
Gates, C.O.and Erwin Gates (1923).
Gates, Warren (1923).
Graham, Ray (1923).
Hall, G.P.and C.W.(1923).
Hatton, N.L.(1923).
Hilbert, Bodo (1923).
Hilbert, Gus (1924).
Hilbert, Gust (1923).
Hilbert, Herman (1923).
Hilbert, Herman R.(1923).
Hoehman, C.A.(1923).
Hogue, Gibson R.(1924).(2 copies)
Hogue, Homer (1924).(2 copies)
Hogue, Noah (1924).(2 copies)
Jordan, Wiley P.(1924).(2 copies)
King, C.R.(1923).
King, Henry Lee (1924).(2 copies)
King, Wm.L.(1923).
Logan, James A.(1923).
Logan, Porter D.(1923).
Mitchell, Robert W.(1923). (2 copies)
Murray, Clive E.(1923).
Murray, Dick (1923).
Murray, Johnston (1924).
Murray, Massena B.(1924).
Osborne, Clinton (1923).
Osborne, Samuel A.(1923).
Pryor, J.L.(1923).
Richardson, James J.(1923).
Sanguin, Thomas E.(1923).
Walker, Jarret B. (1923).
Whittle, Charlton C.(1924).
Young, Andrew C.(1923).
Two blank contracts.

F 23: South American Colony. Notes Receivable and Miscellaneous Correspondence (1923-1929).
a.Notes Receivable: Gallentine, Robert (1925); and Pitner, W.C.(1925).

Gates, C.O.(1923?). Partial contract payment.
Hawks, Sam, to Bill (1927). Bills to create Pan American Highway Commission, WHM-Hawkes prospectus for selling pasture land.
Hoehman, C.A.(1924). Refusal of fiancee to go to South America, refund of deposit.
Jamison, J.A.(1925). Desire for information concerning first trip.
Johnson, Roy M.(1927). Extension of note, new notes, impeachment possibilities.
Lasater, Milas (1925). Press comments on WHM colony.
Leach, J. Gordon and S. Hermanos (1929). Disposal of mule left by Mr. Busk.
Osborne, Clinton (1923). Information concerning land and animals, contract payment.
Richardson, T.E.(1923). Land payment.
Sheet with note: "Tom Gilbert Quitage."

F 24: South American Colony. Information sheets (1924-1925 and n.d.).
a."Final Instructions" (1924). Re: packing of belongings, passports, and police, health and vaccination certificates.
b."Murray Colony of Bolivia, To All Interested Therein" (1925). Re: WHM's report after year's residence in Bolivia. (2 copies)
c."Murray Colony. To Those Interested" (n.d.) Re: deadline for contracts.

F 25: South American Colony. Bank Deposit Slips and Receipt (1921-1924).
a.Carbon copies of bank deposit slips in WHM's account in the First National Bank of Tishomingo (1922-1924).
b.Receipt [?] dated May 2, 1921, from Perez [?] to WHM.
c.Adding machine tape with figures and total.

F 26: South American Colony. Pamphlet Materials and Travel Materials (1919-1923 and n.d.).
a.Pamphlet. "Murray Colony of Bolivia, Its Governing Laws and Rules" (1919). Includes signatures of colonists acknowledging these laws and rules as part and parcel of colonization contract.
b.Pamphlet. "Murray Colonies of Bolivia, Their By-Laws and Rules" (1923).
c.Pamphlet. "Prospectus for Murray Colonies of Central South Bolivia, South America" (1923). (4 copies).
d.Pamphlet. "Prospectus of Murray Colony of Peru" (n.d.). (2 copies)
e.Pamphlet. "South American Tours to the West Coast," Passenger Dept., Grace Line (n.d.).
f.Menu. United Fruit Steamship Service (1921).
g.U.S.Shipping Board, S.S. Callao, Munson Steamship Line, Voyage No.3 from Buenos Aires to New York, September 2, 1920. WHM is listed as first class passenger.

F 27: South American Colony. Affidavits and Certificates (1919-1923 and n.d.).
a.Character reference for WHM by J.Card.Gibbons, Archbishop of Baltimore (April 4, 1919). Written in Portuguese.
b.Character reference for WHM by C.M. Crowell, County Judge, Tishomingo, Oklahoma (June 1, 1920).
c.Entry visa for WHM for Argentina (June 20, 1920). (2 copies)
d.Character reference for WHM by Milas Lasater, President, The Federal Land Bank of Wichita addressed to the President of Peru (July 7, 1921). Written in Spanish.
e.Identity card[?], Lima, Peru, for WHM (August 10, 1921).
f.Two character references for WHM from C.N. Haskell (Ex-Governor of Oklahoma) addressed to the President of Argentina and "To whom it may concern" with covering letter to WHM (July 25, 1922).
g.Character reference for WHM by C.M.Crowell, County Judge, Tishomingo, Oklahoma (August 15, 1922).
h.Health certificate for WHM by Dr. J.T. Looney (August 15, 1922).
i.Health certificate for WHM by Dr.Harry Strung [?] of Panama (August 30, 1922).
j.Police pass [?] for WHM issued in La Paz, Bolivia (September 15, 1922).
k.Gun registration for WHM issued in La Paz, Bolivia (September 15, 1922).
l.Health certificate for WHM issued by Dr. Isidoro Aramayo S., LaPaz (September 16, 1922).
m.Copy of item f above stamped by the Consul General of Argentina in La Paz, Bolivia on September 18, 1922.
n.Certificate of vaccination for WHM from Department of Health, Argentina (September 27, 1922).
o.United States Passport for WHM, Mrs.WHM, and three minor children, William H., Jean, and Burbank (March 21, 1924).
p.Certificate of residence and good citizenship for WHM, Mrs.WHM, William H., Jr., Jean, and Burbank, signed by D.W. Lon, Sheriff of Johnston County.
q.Health certificate for WHM, Mrs.WHM, William H., Jr., Jeane, and Burbank, signed by J.J. Clark, M.D.(March 26, 1924).
r.Visa for Chile for WHM and family (April 4, 1924).
s.Visa for Bolivia for WHM and family (April 4, 1924).
t.Health certificate for WHM from Dr.Tom S. Mebane, Colon Hospital, Panama Canal Zone Health Department (April 18, 1923).
u.Medical certificates from Consulate of Chile for WHM, Mrs.WHM, Jean, and Burbank (July 31, 1929).
v.Character reference [for WHM?] from Thos. H. Doyle to the President of Brazil (n.d.).
w.Unsigned visa for Argentine for WHM and family (n.d.).

F 28: South American Colony. Family Correspondence (1921-1925). Includes letters from WHM to his wife and children and letters from Alice H. Murray to "Aunt Betty, Nita and children," "folks at home," and "Stell." Re: train trips and voyage, scenery, arrival of other colonists, flora and fauna, Indians, return of doctor to states.

F 29: South American Colony. Diary of Alice H. Murray (July 15-August 20, 1929). Re: Return trip from Bolivia to U.S. There are miscellaneous notes on the end pages; a religious pamphlet, a calling card for Herbert Eugene Gatti, and an advertising card [in Spanish] for the Hotel Ritz are inserted in the pages.

F 30: South American Colony. Information concerning Panama and the Canal Zone (1929 and n.d.).
a."Information Concerning Agricultural Opportunities and the Acquisition of Land in the Canal Zone and the Republic of Panama."
b.Portion of report with headings "San Juan Grant" and "Timber."

F 31: State Park Commission (n.d.). Copy of Oklahoma House Bill No.305 creating the State Park Commission.

F 32: States Rights Democratic Party. Platform of the States Rights Democratic Party Unanimously Adopted at Oklahoma City, August 14, 1948. (14 copies)

F 33: Subpoenas (1934). Subpoenas for T.C.Spoon and F.H. Warner.

F 34: "T" Correspondence (1929-1946 and n.d.).
Talbert, R.E.(1936). Copy of Constitution address.
Taliaferro, B.N.(1940). Book order.
Taylor, Frank J.(n.d.). Article from Reader's Digest, "Ships on Short Order."
Taylor, J.J.(1929). Request for copy of speech at reunion of Oklahoma Constitution Convention Delegates.
Taylor, Velmer R.(1936). Expiration of term as Governor.
Thomas, John, Jr.(1941). Book order.
Thomas, Maud O.(1936). Declining to campaign for any candidate.
Thompson, Joe Little (1940). Book order.
Thompson, Myron B.(1936). Copy of Constitution speech.
Thompson, Nancy (1936). Expiration of term as Governor.
Thompson, Will M.(1946). Agreement with Murray; article and picture of Murray.
Tishomingo Lodge No. 91, Roger G.Baker (1949). Invitation to celebration.
Tinsley, Minnie Lee (1941). Request for hand-painted picture of Alfred Smith Tinsley which hung in governor's mansion during WHM administration.
Todd, Jarrett, Greer County Judge (1931). Roundabout way in which Hollis Arnett entered Democratic primary.
Tracy, F.C.(1931, 1936). Desire for appointment to committee on revision of constitution, suggestion of A.S. Dickson as member; support for WHM.
Treadwell, W.M.or Wm.(1936). Effect of WHM's introduction of Landon on his political future.
Treasury Department, Defense Savings Staff, to members of the American Legion (1942). Oklahoma pledge day for purchase of War Bonds and Stamps.
Trewhela, H.(1940). Request for copy of WHM's Agriculture for Elementary Schools.
Tuck, Wm.M., Governor of Virginia (1946). Request for meeting with WHM.
Tulsa Chamber of Commerce, Charles E. Andrews, Manager (1941). Invitation to speak.
Tulsa Tribune, Jenkin Lloyd Jones, Editor (1943). Information concerning WHM's intentions when writing state constitution in regard to reapportionment.
Tulsa World, N.G. Henthorne, Editorial Director (1931). Holding of information furnished by WHM until time appropriate for publication.

F 35: Tasto, B.F. Correspondence concerning book orders and reading suggestions (1941-1946).

F 36: This and That (1941-1942).
a.Correspondence from Newal A. Ellis and Josephine (1941 and n.y.). Re: faults of present administration; book order; move to California; election materials; support of Pine. Includes clipping of letter to the editor about Jack Nichols.
b.Issues of This and That for June and October, 1942. June issue contains poem "About Bill Murray."
c.Reprints of "On Forming an Opinion of Men" by A.H.Ellis and "The Forgotten Man."

F 37: Thomas, Elmer. Correspondence (1934 and n.d.). Re: St.Lawrence Great Lakes Waterway; denial of support by anyone or for anyone for election.

F 38: Townsend Recovery Plan. Pamphlet. "33 Questions & Answers Explaining the Simplicity and the Workability of the Townsend Recovery Plan" (1938).

F 39: Trent, Dover P.
a.Correspondence between DPT and WHM (1940-1941). Re: material for "Farm Economics"; book order; request for material on land use, ownership, and tenure; effect of Oklahoma escheat law; explanation by WHM of Oklahoma constitutional provisions concerning real estate, land policies of other nations.
b.Clippings and carbon of typed copy of articles on land policy (n.d.).

F 40: Tumlin, W.E. Correspondence with WHM (1941-1942). Re: visit, New Dean opposition, book order; universal ignorance; desire that WHM run against Lee, campaign support; forecast of election results.

F 41: Turner, Roy J. Letter. RJT to WHM (1946). Re: invitation to opening of campaign for governor; request for advice and counsel.

F 42: "U" Correspondence (1936-1946).
United Fruit Steamship Lines (1942). Requesting information concerning trip to port between Panama and Mexico.
United Light and Power Company (1936). Copy of Constitution speech.
United Press (1946). Brief birthday statement from WHM.

F 43: University Hospital - Patients (1931-1934). Correspondence. Re: admission and treatment authorization.

F 44: University Hospital - Miscellaneous Correspondence and Reports (1931-1934 and n.d.). Re: payment of accounts; personnel matters; delegate to American Medical Association; proration of patients; list of number of patients according to counties (1932).

F 45: University of Oklahoma - Miscellaneous Correspondence (1931-1934). Re: admissions to Medical School; resolutions passed by the Student Congress Literary & Forensic Society.

F 46: "V" Correspondence (1936-1942).
Van Dyke, F.A. (1936). Copy of Constitution speech.
Varney, Bristol (1936). Copy of Constitution speech.
Vaught, Judge Edgar S.(1936). Receipt of address at Emery and Henry College of Virginia.
Vernon Junior Chamber of Commerce, W.H.Wright, Secretary (1940). Speech by WHM at Americanism Rally; misleading or incorrect statements in introduction.
Voth, Peter D.(1942). Advice on how to prepare for inflation.

F 47: Vehicle Usage by State Agencies (1931).
State Board of Accountancy.
State Examiner & Inspector's Office.
University of Oklahoma.

F 48: "W" Correspondence. Wa-We (1936-1942).
Wade, Ethel C.(1936). Copy of Constitution speech.
Walberry, Perry D.(1936). Praise of Constitution speech.
Walker, E.A.(1936). Receipt of material, use of identical paragraph by Roosevelt and Smith in speeches, characters of Smith and Roosevelt, worth of paper money in the Revolution.
Walker, J.Ellis (1936). Copy of Constitution speech.
Wallace, Mrs.A.R.(1936). Copy of Constitution speech.
Walraven, J.E.(1942). Thanks for copy of Finished Scholar.
Walston, Mrs. Mary (1942). Inflation and advice for dealing with it.
Warfield, H.P.(1941). Book order.
Ware, L.F.(1936). Inability to get involved in local politics.
Warren, J.A.(1931). Effect of Oklahoma Pharmacy Law of 1929 on the self-taught pharmacist who is not permitted to take the examination.
Warren, R.A.(1936). Disappointment in WHM's present political stand.
Washita Valley News, Sam (1939). Editing by Campbell of reminiscences, comments on Hull, keeping articles free of political entanglements.
Watkins, Dr.Harvey M.(1936). Autographed copy of Constitution speech.
Watson, C.W.(1941). Book order.
Weaver, Carl C.(1936). Election results, political comments; treatment of prominent visitors to the state, Democratic tariff policy.
Webb, H.B.(1936). Recommendation by WHM.
Weeks, J.A.(1936). Case before Industrial Commission.
Weems, Ray O.(1940). Book order.
Weisendnager, J.J. (1936). Lots in Fairview.
Welch, Don, State Representative (1938). Advice from WHM concerning unnamed resolution.
Welch, Max (1940?). Photograph in Los Angeles Times, November 4, 1940, of outstanding Democrats opposed to 3rd term (includes WHM) and a list of characteristics of outstanding men determined by Spectrum Analysis which lists WHM as visionary, reading others automatically by contact, and literary and investigative.
Wentz, L.H.(1941). Demonstration of WHM's human side.
West Virginia Legislature, A.J. Lubliner, Chairman, Taxation and Finance Committee (1933). Information re Oklahoma legislation on emergency moratorium and relief of debtors laws.
Western Oklahoma Farmer, Helen Okerberg (1940). Possibility of being official publication of new version of Willkie clubs.
Wever, Carl C.(1940). Solicitation of Frank Phillips for financial assistance for WHM book.

F 49: "W" Correspondence. Wh-Wr (1936-1946 and n.d.).
Whaley-Eaton Service, Letter No.1196, (March 17, 1942). Re: foreign affairs.
Wheatley, W.A.(1941). Receipt of books, criticisms of New Deal.
Whitaker, S.B.(1940). Reasons for WHM's desertion of Democratic Party, sacrifices made in order to fight New Deal.
White, Clark (1941). Book order.
White, George L.(1936). Copies of Constitution speech.
White, Gertrude S.(1936). Distrust of oil companies, lease of land.
White, L.H.(1946). Agreement with WHM comments on Truman in June 25th Oklahoman Times article, note from WHM to forward to an admirer.
Whitehurst, William Gordon (1941). Invitation for WHM to visit his home.
Whitfield, G.W.(1936). Anti-Murray comments.
Wiedenmayer, M.Jones (n.d.). Praise of Armistice address, anti-Communist arguments, book order.
Wiggins, Russell (1936). Copy of Constitution speech.
Wilcox, John Michael Murray (1941). Receipt of JMMW's letter of appreciation.
Wilder, Clifton W.(1936). Copy of Constitution speech.
Wiley, Lew J.(1936). Copy of Constitution speech.
Wilkins, Lewis N.(1940-1941). Admiration of WHM's "fearlessness, independence of thought, and genuineness," disrespect of people to WHM in some north Texas towns.
Williams, L.C.(1947). Book order, praise of WHM as governor, desire for biography of Norman Pruitt.
Williams, Ross (1942). Book orders, printer's alignment error.
Williams, Tant, Jr.(1940). Information about history of MountCalm, Texas.
Wilson, Charles O.(1936). Copy of Constitution speech.
Wilson, R.R.(1936). Copy of Constitution speech.
Witwer, J. Frank (1936). High praise for Constitution speech, no reprint in Tulsa press.
Woleslagel, Ernest G.(1938). Attempts to have "Wealth versus Money" published, receipt of final page proof.
Wolff, Mr.and Mrs. Bert (1936). Copy of Constitution speech.
Wood, Lena (1941). Book order.
Wood, Robert E.(1941). Success of meeting, thanks for WHM's part in program, receipt of copy of WHM Lindbergh introduction.
Worthington, Henry (1941). Book order.
Wooddy, J.T.(1936). Naming of places for WHM.
Woodward Chamber of Commerce, Corb Sachet (1942). Distribution of booklets, framing of picture of WHM from Life article.
Wren, T.H.(n.d.). Book order.
Wrinkle, Herbert E.(1941). Thanks for book.

F 50: Western Oklahoma Tuberculosis Sanatorium (1932).
a.Correspondence concerning patients.
b.Correspondence between Dr. C. Doler, Superintendent, and WHM (1932). Re: contributions from employees to help defray expense of Initiative Referendum Bills.

F 51: Wheeler, Burton K.(1942). Correspondence between Burton K.Wheeler and WHM. Re: world government after war, "America First" statements; requests for Congressional Directory, Report of the National Resources Planning Board, obtaining copy of Lee's "Conscripting Wealth," and Lee's voting record.

F 52: Willkie, Wendell (1940).
a.Telegrams re speeches in support of Wendell Willkie.
b.Copy of address "Keeping the Record Straight" by George N.Peek before the Willkie Democratic Club of Boone County, Columbia, Missouri, October 28, 1940. Re: reasons for electing Willkie and Senator McNary.

F 53: Williams, Robert L., Governor of Oklahoma and District Court Judge (1914-1916, 1936). Correspondence between Robert L.Williams and WHM. Re: inclusion of national issues in platform, importance of education as a state issue; advisability of calling special session of the legislature; charges by WHM that RLW opposed WHM's reelection and directed removal of Charles W. Briles; RLW's reply to charges; campaigning of judges for public office and former attempts to have restrictions included in the state constitution, references to speeches on limitations of the Court.

F 54: Williams, Thomas Benton (1936, 1941-1942).
a.Correspondence between Thomas Benton Williams and WHM. Re: circular letter concerning subscription to "The Hornet," praise of Uncle Sam Needs a Doctor, "Little Visits to Oklahoma Shrines;" letter to Jed Johnson; Senate campaign; Cham Johnson; praise of Theocracy to Foolocracy.
b.Letter from TBW to the Voters of the 6th Congressional District of Oklahoma (1942). Re: withdrawal of Independent filing and filing for Congressman in the 6th District on Democratic ticket.

F 55: Wright, H.P.(1938-1944). Correspondence between H.P.Wright and WHM. Re: 1938 campaign, death of Mrs.Murray, Hoover address to Republicans in Kansas City, praise of book; HPW's correspondence with Ed praising WHM; book orders; presidential campaign (1940), Christmas greetings (1940, 1941 and 1942); WHM's eye problems, writing of Oklahoma history by WHM.

F 56: "Y" Correspondence (1940, 1946).
Young, Robert R., Chairman of the Board, the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway Company(1946). Through train service at Chicago and St.Louis, policing of sale of sleeping car space.
Young Negro Democratic Organization, Paul McGlory, President (1940). Invitation to speak at Emancipation celebration in Tulsa on June 19.
Yowell, M.(1946). Praise of WHM, book, and first address to legislature, request for information on amount of land obtainable by Cherokee from Cherokee Nation or strip, invitation to visit St.Petersburg.

F 57: Young, Glenn O. Correspondence(1933-1947). Re: Marshall Gower case; poem, "Retort to False Philosophy," use of gossip and slander in 1936 campaign, indictment against GOY instigated by Owen Black, Pure Oil Company case, candidacy for legislature, book orders, 1940 election, invitation to speak at Senate Club of Norman, American Legion's definition of Americanism; Union-Now movement, R.F.C.loan to Britain; governor's power to sue; contribution for book publication, Roosevelt's foreign policy; creation of state of Israel, leaven of Communism, and Palestinian problem.


F 58: Torrens Land System.
a.Speech of Hon. William H. Murray on the "Torrens Land System" Delivered in the Oklahoma House of Representatives May, 1908. Re: system of registering land titles, advantages of using system and opposition to its use.
b.Certified copy of "Argument Submitted by Joint Committee of the Legislature, in Re State Question -- Referendum No.2, filed April, 26th, 1908." Re: amendment to the State Constitution proposed by WHM to grant the Legislature power to install by statute the "Torrens" Land Title Registration System."

F 59: "Murray's Altus Speech, Opening His Campaign for Governor" (April 19, 1910). Topics include education, labor legislation, taxation, loaning of school funds, interest on public funds, election of good officers, judiciary reform, economy in government, enforcement of prohibition, preparation for unemployment, white slave traffic, Torrens land registration system, usury laws, purpose of Corporation Commission, and monopoly. Printed copies also include statements from WHM's tenants, the statement announcing his candidacy, and an extract of a speech by W.A. Durant praising WHM. (1 copy of typescript of speech and 5 copies of printed speech)

F 60: "The Lobby." Delivered by WHM in the U.S.House of Representatives June 10, 1913. Re: an amendment to House Rule XLII, to limit lobbying, registration and public appearance of lobbyists. Printed. (5 copies)

F 61: "The Banking and Currency Bill." Delivered by WHM in the U.S.House of Representatives September 16, 1913, concerning H.R.7837, "to provide for the establishment of Federal Reserve banks...." Re: explanation of WHM's vote on various amendments to the bill submitted in the caucus. Printed. (4 copies)

F 62: "The Trinity of Evils." Delivered by WHM before the Fifteenth National Convention of the Anti-saloon League at Columbus, Ohio, November 13, 1913, and printed in the Congressional Record November 26, 1913. Re: drinking, gambling, and libertinism. Printed. (5 copies)

F 63: "Intervention for the Protection of Life and Property in Mexico." Extension of Remarks by WHM in the U.S.House of Representatives November 7, 1913. Re: protection of citizens in foreign lands as one purpose of armed forces. Printed. (4 copies)

F 64: "Vocational, or Agricultural and Mechanical Education." Speech by WHM in the U.S.House of Representatives December 11, 1913, concerning S.J.Res.5 providing for the appointment of a commission to consider the need and report a plan for national aid to vocational education. Re: need for agricultural instruction in common schools as well as at the college level, argument for defeat of Lever bill. Printed. (4 copies)

F 65: Two Speeches printed and bound together. (6 copies)
a."The Five Civilized Tribes--Why They Employ Attorneys." Speech by WHM in the U.S.House of Representatives February 10, 1914, concerning H.R. 12579, making appropriations to Bureau of Indian Affairs for fulfilling treaty stipulations. Re: difference between Five Civilized Tribes and other Indian tribes and effect it should have in Indian legislation.
b."'Peacock Boulevards' or Country Roads--Which?" Speech by WHM in the U.S.House of Representatives February 6, 1914, concerning H.R. 11686, to provide U.S.Government aid in construction of rural post roads. Re: necessity for good roads.

F 66: Three Speeches printed and bound together. (7 copies)
a."Cloture Rule on Canal Tolls." Speech by WHM in the U.S. House of Representatives March 27, 1914, concerning H.R. 14385. Re: WHM's opposition to "gag" rule on bill and to violating party platform which favored free tolls.
b."President Wilson and Platform Pledges." Extension of Remarks by WHM March 28, 1914, concerning H.R.14385. Re: reasons for following Wilson's platform pledges and not following him now.
c."Question of Personal Privilege--Canal Tolls Vote." Remarks by WHM in the U.S. House of Representatives April 8, 1914, concerning H.R. 14385. Re: Oklahoma condemnation for WHM's vote on Panama Canal tolls bill, reasons for that vote.

F 67: "Mississippi Choctaws and Choctaw-Chickasaw Rolls." Remarks of WHM in the U.S. House of Representatives April 24, 1914, concerning H.R. 12579, "making appropriations for the current and contingent expenses of the Bureau of Indian Affairs...." Re: opposition to reopening of Choctaw and Chickasaw rolls to admit persons who do not come within the laws and treaties defining and governing their rights. Printed together with statements by others (including Robert L.Owen, Senator from Oklahoma). (5 copies).

F 68: "Exemption of Farmers and Like Organizations from the Antitrust Laws."
a. Extension of Remarks of WHM in the U.S. House of Representatives May 29 and June 2, 1914, concerning amendments to sections of the Clayton Antitrust Bill (H.R.15657). Re: amendments to bill exempting non-commercial organizations, court procedures for contempt cases.
b.Amendments to H.R.15613 "To create a Federal Trade Commission, to define its powers and duties...." Remarks of WHM in the U.S.House of Representatives May 22, 1914. Re: necessary powers for Interstate Commerce Commission to enforce law. Printed. (4 copies)

F 69: "Personal Government or Cabinet Officers Before Congress." Remarks of WHM in the House of Representatives February 3, 1915, quoting a speech by Hon. Perry Belmont of July 2, 1914. Re: changes in procedures to allow Cabinet officers to discuss public measures on the floor of Congress. Printed.

F 70: Five Sets of Remarks and Speeches printed and bound together. (4 copies)
a."Rural Credits." Speech by WHM in the House of Representatives May 12, 1916, concerning S.2986. Re: amendment to aid tenant farmer.
b."Tariff and Wages." Floor remarks by WHM in the U.S.House of Representatives April 29, 1913, concerning H.R.3321, "to reduce tariff duties and to provide revenue for the Government...." Re: lack of relationship between tariffs and wages.
c."Income Tax." Floor remarks of WHM in the House of Representatives May 6, 1913, concerning H.R.3321, "To reduce tariff duties and to provide revenue for the Government...". Re: approval of income tax clause as it stands.
d."Arbitration." Floor remarks of WHM in the U.S.House of Representatives July 15, 1913 concerning amendments to H.R.6141/S.2517, "providing for mediation, conciliation, and arbitration in controversies between certain employers and their employees." Re: representation from other occupations on arbitration board.
e."Oklahoma Schools." Floor remarks of WHM in the U.S.House of Representatives January 8, 1915, concerning the Indian Appropriation Bill, H.R. 20150, "Making appropriations for the current and contingent expenses of the Bureau of Indian Affairs...." Re: just payment by government for taxes on exempted Indian land.

F 71: "Homesteading Public Lands." Floor remarks[?]of WHM in the U.S. House of Representatives January 17, 1916, concerning H.R. 407, "To provide for stock raising homesteads...". Re: voting for bill arranging for remaining public domain to be homesteaded by tenants in 640-acre blocks. Printed. (4 copies)

F 72: "The Judiciary in Politics." Speech of WHM in the U.S.House of Representatives June 8, 1916. Re: wisdom of prohibiting nomination or election of Supreme Court member while a member of the court with specific reference to Justice Hughes. Printed. (3 copies)

F 73: "Cumulative Suffrage, or an Equitable Electorate." Speech of WHM in the U.S. House of Representatives February 1, 1917. Re: substitute to "Susan B. Anthony Amendment," classification of voters according to "talents" such as education, family ties, and patriotism, giving greater voting power to best element of citizenship. Printed. (12 copies).

F 74: "First Message of Governor Wm. H. Murray Delivered to the Joint Session of the Thirteenth Legislature of the State of Oklahoma" (January 12, 1931). Re: policies which will lead to economy, efficiency, and honesty in government, including recommendations concerning taxation, constitutional revision, and education. Printed. (3 copies)

F 75: "Second Message of Governor Wm. H. Murray Delivered to the Joint Session of the Thirteenth Legislature of the State of Oklahoma" (February 4, 1931). Re: recommendations for legislation including judiciary and election law changes, reorganization of county government, provision of free textbooks; financial condition of state. Printed. (3 copies)

F 76: "First Message of Governor Wm. H. Murray Delivered in Joint Session of the Fourteenth Legislature of the State of Oklahoma" (January 3, 1933). Re: financial condition of the state, audit of School Land Department, appropriation for sub-penitentiary, and oil proration. Printed. (3 copies)

F 77: "Second Message of Governor Wm. H. Murray on the Subject of Crime Delivered in Joint Session of the Fourteenth Legislature of the State of Oklahoma" (March 2, 1933). Re: breakdown in public morals and neglect of child training, suggested methods of punishment. Printed. (3 copies)

F 78: "Governor Wm. H. Murray's Last General Message to the Fifteenth Legislature of the State of Oklahoma" (January 8, 1935). Re: governor's report on acts of clemency, dam construction, new textbook adoption, audit of School Land Department, resistance to Federal attempts to influence state legislation, opposition to Pari-Mutuel gambling, indemnity insurance policy, gas tax diversion to pay outstanding warrants, business advice to young men, sub-penitentiary, sterilization law, inaugural appropriation, homestead exemption, and control of judicial salaries. Printed.

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