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Speeches 1908-1935
Written Works by WHM and others
Clippings (1891-August, 1931).

F 1: Miscellaneous speeches of WHM (1906-1941).
a."Murray Grams Selected from Speeches of Governor Wm. H. Murray from 1906 to 1931." Clippings pasted into pamphlet. 18 pages.
b.Statement concerning Guess and Crosby Investigation (1931). Re: importance of avoiding international incident.
c.Address before the American Legion Convention, Department of Oklahoma, September 3, 1934. Re: necessity of solving nation's economic problems.
d."Replying to your question: 'What are the most important acts of my administration?'"[1935]. Re: solving of financial problems, opening of three bridges on the Red River, reduction of crime, relief money, future plans.
e."Speech of Former Governor William H.Murray Introducing Governor Alf M. Landon" [1936]. Re: Landon's strengths.
f."Speech of Wm. H. Murray over WKY and Radio Stations of Oklahoma November 1, 1938." Re: State Questions concerning city or county ownership of utilities, operation of slot machines, transfer of gasoline inspectors to the Tax Commission, authorization of retirement allowances and death and disability benefits for teachers and other employees, payment of the Legislature. (5 copies)

g.Address at the funeral of Douglas H. Johnston, Governor of the Chickasaw Nation (June 29, 1939). Re: WHM's observations and memories of Johnston.
1.Typed reading script with notations and corrections by WHM in pencil.
2.Typed transcription by Gilbert Carlisle, stenotype operator, and as recorded by WKY Broadcasting Station of Oklahoma City.
3.Insertion of address in Congressional Record by Hon. Wilburn Cartwright, August 4, 1939, pp. 15713-15715.
4.Typed sheet of biographical information for Johnston.

h."This is the first address to the people of Oklahoma since the private auction and sleight of hand performance of July 12th" [1940]. Re: economic effect of New Deal on the agricultural interests of the country. (2 copies)
i."General Comment on Current Political Issues" [1940]. Re: Presidential election, support of Willkie. Clipping attached re testimony at Interstate Commerce hearing about tipping incident involving Eleanor Roosevelt.
j."Murray on Current Issues [1940]." Re: Elliot Roosevelt's commission, Revenue Department arrest of grocer for sale of sugar, visit to Oklahoma of Henry Wallace and Congressman Jones of Texas.
k."The Traditional American Foreign Policy," WHM's introduction of Colonel Charles A. Lindbergh, August 29, 1941. Re: expatriation. First page of introduction only.

F 2: Miscellaneous Speeches by WHM (n.d.).
a."The experienced legislator soon discovers..."(n.d.). Re: threat of discontinuing elections and the right to bear arms.
b."There is but one position for any American political party..." (n.d.). Re: opposition to internationalism. (2 copies)
c."A word about Japan...."(n.d.). Re: jeopardizing trade with Japan.
d."Before I proceed I shall ask all to clasp your hands..."(n.d.). Re: solutions for country's economic problems. (2 copies)
e.Funeral Address of WHM honoring the Honorable Ben Franklin Harrison (n.d.). Re: meaning of word "Image" in phrase "Let us make man in our own image," praise of Harrison.
f."My statement that the science of agriculture is an old one..."(n.d.). Re: fanaticism which led to the Dark Ages.
g."Radicalism has a different meaning today..."(n.d.). Re: need for return to sound governmental principles. Incomplete typescript.

F 3: Materials concerning WHM speeches (1935, 1940 and n.d.).
a.House Concurrent Resolution No.22, Legislature of the State of Texas, inviting WHM to address a joint session of the House and Senate on January 30, 1935 (adopted January 30, 1935).
b.Program of Fifth Annual XIT Reunion and Rodeo, August 5 and 6, 1940, Dalhart, Texas. Lists WHM address at memorial service dedicated to old cowhands on Sunday, August 4. Printed.
c.Flyer for WHM speech, August 31, [1940], sponsored by the Democratic Willkie Club of Shawnee. Topic of speech: fundamental issues of Presidential campaign. Printed. (4 copies)
d.Newsletter. Advertising Club News, Vol.XXII, No.40 (October 11, 1940. Contains on page 1 announcement of Ad Club Luncheon and Open House, October 14, with WHM as speaker on the topic, "Advertising...The American Way." Included is a short description of WHM's career. Printed.

e.Newspaper clippings concerning WHM speech to students at the Oklahoma College for Women in Chickasha (n.d.).These three clippings are attached to an advertising card from New Chickasha Hotel, Anderson Molz, Mgr.
1."Murray Will Speak at O.C.W.Tonight." Re: announcement of speech.
2."National Constitution Must Be Preserved Says W.H.Murray." Re: summary of speech on "Sound Economics and our Federal Constitution."
3."Murray Advocates Thinking Instead of Drinking Knowledge." Re: summary of speech on "Government and Economics."

f.Flyer. "Pie Supper" (n.d.). Sponsored by the Britton Eastern Star and Britton Rainbow Girls. Printed.
g.Publicity folder. "Wm.H.Murray, 'Alfalfa Bill,' Congressman at Large from Oklahoma (n.d.)." Contains character sketch and short description of WHM's career. Printed.
h.Handwritten list of WHM's Congressional speeches.

B. Speeches by Others

F 4: Bailey, Hon. Joseph W. "Speech of Hon. Joseph W.Bailey at Newark, N.J."(1917-1919).
a.Letter from Joseph W.Bailey to Hon. T.B. Terrell (March 26, 1917). Re: occasion of speech, questions asked in political part of speech.
b.Extract from speech. Re: inability "to support the democratic party after it has ceased to support its principles."
c.Letter from Joseph W.Bailey to Hon.Leon O.Bailey (March 23, 1919). Re: reasons for protest against present course of Wilson and Democratic Party.

F 5: Gordon, Hon. William. "In Defense of the Right to Trial by Jury--Ex Parte Milligan." Extension of Remarks of Hon.William Gordon of Ohio in the U.S.House of Representatives (October 4, 1914) concerning H.R.18459, "To declare the purpose of the people of the United States as to the future political status of the Philippine Islands, and to provide a more autonomous government for those islands." Re: power exercised through military com-missions. (2 copies)

F 6: Hood, R.R. "Address of R.B. Hood of Weatherford, Texas, at Jacksboro, Texas, September 10, 1941--Delivered in Defense of Mrs. Bessie Holt...Charged with the Murder of Gerald Billings, Alias Jack Parker, at Graham, Texas, November 6, 1940."

F 7: Johnson, General Hugh S. Address of General Hugh S. Johnson before the National Democratic Club of New York (April 6, 1940), honoring Thomas Jefferson. Re: change in Democratic Party.

F 8: Johnson, Russell V. "Racial Restrictions, Private Covenants Discriminating Against Persons on Account of Race, Color, or Religion" by Russell V. Johnson, presented to Tulsa Lawyers Group (December 17, 1948).

F 9: Johnston, Douglas H. Message of Governor Douglas H.Johnston of the Chickasaw Nation delivered to the Chickasaws in Convention assembled at Tishomingo, Oklahoma (November 11, 1929). Re: The Atoka, Sulphur, and Treaty Rights Association Conventions, The Enabling Act (1924), suits filed, and extension of restrictions.

F 10: Johnston, Governor Henry S. "Governor's Messages to the Eleventh Legislature of the State of Oklahoma (1927). Messages of Henry S. Johnston including inaugural address and messages to the legislature of Oklahoma with annotations.

F 11: Johnston, Governor Henry S. "Speech of Former Governor Henry S. Johnston of Perry, Oklahoma, Before the Chicago Democratic National Convention, Nominating William H. Murray for the President of the United States [1932]. (3 copies)

F 12: Kincheloe, Hon.David H. "Life and Character of Jefferson Davis." Speech by Hon.David H.Kincheloe of Kentucky in the U.S.House of Representatives (June 3, 1916). Re: tribute to Jefferson Davis.

F 13: Murray, Governor Johnston. "Message and Report by Johnston Murray, Governor of Oklahoma, to the Twenty-fourth Oklahoma Legislature, January 6, 1953." Re: policies and aims of administration. (3 copies).

F 14: Murray, Governor Johnston. "Conservation Through Cooperation," a paper presented by Johnston Murray at the 33rd Annual Meeting of the American Petroleum Institute, November 11, 1953. Re: conservation of oil and gas through intergovernmental cooperation of the oil states. (4 copies)

F 15: Taylor, Myron C. "Ten Years of Steel," extension of remarks of Myron C. Taylor, Chairman, Board of Directors of the United States Steel Corporation, April 4, 1938. Re: summary of the major developments in the corporation of the last ten years and the extent to which objectives have been attained.

F 16: Miscellaneous speeches and articles by others (1929, 1940-1949 and n.d.).
a.Beck, Paul V. "My Reasons for Running for the United States Senate" (March 5, 1942). Re: removal of economics from political control, plan of mediated peace.
b.Haney, Lewis H., Professor of Economics, New York University. Clipping of article. "Today's Business Trends," The Purchaser's Digest, September, 1949. Re: current favorable and unfavorable business conditions. Incomplete article. Back of clipping lists the membership roster of the Purchasing Agents Association of Oklahoma City as of July l, 1949.


F 17: Essays on Pocahontas and Pushmataha (1924).
a. Carbon copy of typed manuscript. "Life of General the Hon.James Murray, a Builder of Canada." by Major-Gen.R.H. Mahon.
b.Carbon copy of typed manuscript. "Pocahontas-James Murray Family Tree." Re: reasons for assumption that WHM's family are descendants of Pocahontas and John Rolfe. (3 copies)
c.Advertising brochure from B.F.Johnson, Inc., publishers of family histories.
d.WHM notes concerning reference books.

F 18: Essays on Pocahontas and Pushmataha (1924). Correspondence.
Aswell, J.B., U.S.Representative, Louisiana (1924). Thanks for copy.
Burke, Chas. H., Commissioner of Indian Affairs (1924). Thanks for copy.
Crisp, C.R., U.S. Representative, Georgia (1924). Thanks for copy.
Garber, M.C., U.S. Representative, Oklahoma (1924). Thanks for autographed copy.
Hart, W.O., Clerk, U.S. House Committee on Indian Affairs (1924). Thanks from Homer P. Snyder for copy.
Johnson, Edith, The Daily Oklahoman (1924). Thanks for copy.
Massingale, Sam (1924). Thanks, sending to daughters.
Montague, A.J.(1924). Thanks for copy.
Murray, J.S.(1924). Message from President Bennett concerning delight of WHM's friends in book, invitation to speak on the subject.
Sedgwick, H.F., Clerk, U.S.House Committee on Military Affairs (1924). Thanks from Julius Kahn for copy.
Sheppard, Morris, U.S.Senator, Texas (1924). Thanks for autographed copy, request for description of South American colony.

F 19: Agriculture for Secondary Schools (1934). Letter from D.C. McIntosh, Head, Department of Agricultural Education, and Dean of the Graduate School, Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical College, to WHM (1936). Re: agreement regarding use of WHM's Agriculture for Secondary Schools by McIntosh and Orr in their book, Practical Agriculture for High Schools. Attached is a carbon copy of the agreement.

F 20: Rights of Americans (1937). Handwritten manuscript. "Epitome of Rights of Americans." Re: collection of taxes for general welfare rather than local or class welfare, necessity for cooperation between laws, labor, and nature.

F 21: The Presidency, the Supreme Court, and Seven Senators (1939).
a.Excerpt from Col. Irving Speed Wallace's Dakota Maid Program, Dakota Broadcasting System (February 7, 1939). Re: publication of book, WHM's career, interview with WHM.
b.Correspondence (1949 and n.d.): Gates, Frank S. (n.d.), Praise of book and book order; Field, Talbot, Jr.(1949), Assisting Arkansas legislature, enclosure of speech of friend.
Unsigned order for copy of book.

F 22: Uncle Sam Needs a Doctor (1940). Publishers announcement. (17 copies)

F 23: The Finished Scholar (1941).
a.Carbon copy of typed manuscript, "Punctuation and Its Marks."
b.Handwritten manuscript, "Children and youth should be admonished...."
c.Publicity flyer, "Gov.Murray's Call to His Friends." (2 copies)
d.Publicity flyer, "Gov.Murray's S.O.S.Call to His Friends." (2 copies)
e.Publicity letter, "To the Independent School Districts and State Colleges." (Original and carbon copy)
f.Book announcement, "Criticism and Endorsements of Governor' Murray's new book." (Original and carbon copy)

g.Photocopies of book reviews:
1.Baptist Messenger, December 4, 1941.
2.Christian Century, December 17, 1941.
3.The Daily Oklahoman, December 28, 1941.
4.The Oregon Journal, December 28, 1941.
5.Defender, January, 1942).

h.Announcements of publication.
1.Publishers' Weekly, September 20, 1941.
2.Citizen, December 14, 1941.
3.Herald Tribune, December 21, 1941.

i.Royalties report (January 31, 1942) covering period to October 31, 1941.
j.Endorsement by Armine W. Kingsland, WHM's secretary while he was Governor of Oklahoma.
k.Pamphlet. "The Romance of the Oxford Academy" (stamped June 13, 1949), with note in WHM's handwriting: "Revise Finished Scholar Book.

F 24: The Finished Scholar. Correspondence (1941-1943 and n.d.).
Adventesta Septimo Dia Miscion, La Paz, Bolivia (1941). Gift of book.
Adventest Septimo Dia Miscion, Lima, Peru (1941). Gift of book.
American Book Company (1941). Possible uses for book, rejection and referral to G.P. Putnam.
American Institute, Colegio Norte Americano (1941). Gift of book. (2 copies)
Bobbs-Merrill Company (1941). Inability to publish or print for private publication.
Commissioner of Patents (1942). Request for application for patent.
Cuneo, John F., Company (1941). Information concerning printing and binding.
Dunn, J.D.(n.d.). Book order.
Humphrey, W.D.(n.d.). Book orders.
Library of Congress, C.L. Bouve, Register of Copyrights (1941).Previous registration of book by Dorrance and Company, Inc.
McKenzie College (Colegio Norte Americano) (1941). Gift of book.
Macmillan Company, Aurelia Habekost (1941). Consideration and rejection of book.
Nance, J.C.(n.d.). Book order.
St.Anthony Guild Press (1941). Cost of private printing of book.
Sayre, General Farrand, to Thomas S. Biggar (1942). Praise of book. Attached is a carbon copy of a letter from WHM to Burbank Murray (1942) re Sayre's letter.
Shadid, Dr.M.(n.d.). book order.
Stewart, Paul (1941). Book order. Office of the Chief Signal Officer, War Department (1943). Comments on book and memories of four months at Broken Bow.

F 25: Essays on Forms of Government from Theocracy to Foolocracy (1942).
a."Laconic Essay on Forms of Government." Two typewritten drafts, one with corrections written in ink.
b."Essay on Forms of Government from Theocracy to Foolocracy." Type-written draft with corrections in pencil.
c."Essay on Forms of Government From Theocracy to Foolocracy." Type written draft with corrections and additions in ink with pencilled note at top of first page: "If you wish to run this do so...."and signed by WHM.
d.Correspondence (1942): Nix, Jno. W.(1942), Sending of brochure, reunion at Springtown; Noble, Hon. Lloyd (1942). Distribution of pamphlet to ministers, hopes for contribution to distribute to doctors and dentists, speaking tour.

F 26: Memoirs of Governor Murray and True History of Oklahoma (1945). Materials concerning publication of book.
a.Handwritten draft for prospectus for book (n.d.).
b.Prospectus for book (n.d.). Description of contents of book. Printed and addressed to Herbert Pate; part of prospectus has been torn off.
c.Letter. G.C. Mathews, Superintendent, Railway Express Agency, Oklahoma City (1944). Re: apparent loss of pictures accompanying manuscript.
d.Agreement between Meador Publishing Company and WHM for pub-lishing of book (1944). Attached to agreement is a receipt for full payment on the contract for publication.
e.Flyer. "Murray's History and Commentaries" (n.d.). Re: need for paid up subscribers in advance. Printed.
f.Advertising brochure for book (n.d.). Includes quotations and photographs from book as well as a newspaper comment from the Daily Ardmorite about prospective book and a 1931 Time statement about WHM.
g.Two typewritten drafts of book announcement with corrections in ink and pencil (1944).
h.Newsletter. Tishomingo Masonic Lodge, No.91, October, 1943. Mentions that WHM "has been in Tishomingo working on his book of Oklahoma history;..."
i.Flyer."Memoirs of Governor Murray and True History of Oklahoma ($21.)" Includes reprint from Time Magazine for January 21, 1946.
j.Sale sheet from H.N. Nagle offering for sale a library of early day Oklahoma history and environs. Some items are marked in pencil. (2 copies)
k.Flyer. "Memoirs of Governor Murray and True History of Oklahoma; Special Close-out Sale." Includes lists of other WHM works.

F 27: Memoirs of Governor Murray and True History of Oklahoma. Drafts of portions of book (n.d.).
a."Suggestions for readin [sic] or study:..." Pencilled draft of suggestions concerning reading the work.
b."Members of the Last Chickasaw Legislature." Typewritten list of people in photograph to be included in book.
c.Book VII, Chapter B, Section 391, "It is interesting to note...." 6 pages.
d.Book VIII, Chapter L. "Failure to Collect Taxes...." 8 pages.
e.Book VIII, Chapter M. "Pardons and Paroles...." 19 pages.
f.Book VIII, Chapter O. "Bridge War." 7 pages.
g.Book VIII, Chapter Q. "State Convention...." 9 pages.
h.Book IX, Chapter E. "'Horse Races,' or Runs for Homes." 3 pages.
i.Book IX, Chapter S. "Appropriations by the Legislaturs [sic]." 2 pages.
j.Book IX, Chapter V, page 4. "Among the great lawyers...." 1 page.
k.Postlogue of History Facts with comments thereon. "As others see us--...." 1 page.
l.Postlogue. "The University of Oklahoma stands...." 2 pages.
m.Postlogue. "The Creek Tax Rebellion--...." 2 pages.
n.Postlogue. "'Crazy Snake' Revolt was headed by...." 2 pages.
o.Postlogue. "Chisholm and Other Trails--...." 2 pages.
p.Postlogue. "The philosophy of commercial business mentality...." 1 page.
q.Postlogue. "Secret Cults in the name of patriotism...." 1 page.
r.Postlogue. "A friend in need is a friend indeed...." 1 page.
s.Postlogue. "Dr.A.E.Davenport...." 2 pages.
t.Postlogue. "Among the best administrators of my administration...." 8 pages.
u.Postlogue. "One incident in the life of the closing years...." 4 pages.

F 28: Memoirs of Governor Murray and True History of Oklahoma. Drafts of portions of book (n.d.).
a."However the Court in a most fundamental case...." 2 pages.
b."This is the most corrupt age in my 74 years,..." 1 page.
c."The Rev. Samuel Worcester...." 1 page.
d."The universe could not have come by accident...." 1 page.
e."Evil Days and Criminal Charges--...." 2 pages.
f."A little annalsis [sic] will impress any one...." 2 pages.
g.[Postlogue] "'Ros,en-ear Rebellion' (Green Corn) arose...." 2 pages.
h."Emotional policies of Government are never wise,..." 6 pages.
i."In pioneer days, in fact in all our history,..." 2 pages.
j."That is an error; true Okla means people;..." 1 page.
k."To the multitude religion is a faith and a redemption...." 5 pages.
l."Introduction - History and Religion." List of subjects to include in above section. 2 pages.
m."The writer acted as attorney to Douglas H. Johnston...." 10 pages.
n."Oklahoma First State Legislature." Corrections in pencil. Incomplete 12 pages.

F 29: Memoirs of Governor Murray and True History of Oklahoma. Research materials for book (1930, 1943, 1947, and n.d.).
a."To Governor William H.Murray. Research Service Points" (n.d.). 3 pages.
b."State Federation of Labor" by Victor S. Purdy (1930).
c.Letter. F.B.Hall to WHM (November 17, 1943). Re: information concerning Osage Indians.
d.Letter. H.A. Andrews to WHM (October 2, 1943). Re: tribes under jurisdiction of Quapaw Agency.
e.Letter. O.U. Bradley to WHM (December 7, 1943). Re: information concerning the five civilized tribes.
f.Copy of letter. Lem A.Towers to WHM (October 14, 1943). Re: information concerning tribes under the Pawnee Indian Agency.
g.Letter. C.A.Sturgeon, Grand Secretary, Masonic Lodge of Oklahoma (October 25, 1943). Re: activities of Masonry in Oklahoma since 1874.
h.Letter. U.S.Russell to WHM (October 15, 1943). Re: enclosure of speech given at reunion of Constitutional Convention delegates.
i.Listing of number of Indians and Intermarried Whites and of Freedman in the Five Civilized Tribes recorded by tribe.
j.Letter. W.B. McCown, Superintendent, Kiowa Indian Agency, to WHM (November 24, 1943). Re: enclosure of letter of October 4, 1943, giving information concerning allotments and census population figures for Apache, Comanche, Kiowa, Delaware, Wichita, and Caddo tribes.
k.List of Oklahoma Territorial Governors from 1890 to 1907.
l."Indian Brave 'Tries-On' his Coffin just before Execution" by T.B. Williams (n.d.). Re: trial and execution of Timmie Jack.
m."Crazy Snake (Chitto Harjo)" by T.B. Williams (n.d.). Re: protest against allotment of Creek lands.
n."'Honest Harold' Ickes" by T.B.Williams (1947). Re: soft jobs for defeated Congressmen.
o."The Fix-It Committee" by T.B.Williams (n.d.). Re: putting blame on voters for political expediency.
p."Some 'Con-Con'-Pre-State Facts" (n.d.or author) taken from "First Administration of Oklahoma."

F 30: Memoirs of Governor Murray and True History of Oklahoma. Correspondence A-D (1944-1945). Unless otherwise noted, all are book orders only.
Arnold, H.N.(1944).
Barton, T.H., Lion Oil Refining Company, to J.G.Puterbaugh (1944).
Beckett, A.L.(1944).
Bellatti, Publisher, Stillwater Daily News Press (1944).
Bennett, C.R.(1944).
Berry, James E., Lieutenant Governor of Oklahoma (1944).
Bleakmond, Bleak (1944).
Bond, Reford, Chairman, Oklahoma Corporation Commission (1944).
Boren, Lyle, U.S.Representative, Oklahoma (1946). Clipping from Congressional Record, lack of opposition in Tom Murray reelection.
Boswell, S.C., President, Choctaw Cotton Oil Company (1944). Penciled note concerning receipts from James Spurlock and Jesse Pullen.
Bowman, Roy, President, Bank of Quapaw (1945). Appreciation of WHM's political and economic principles.
Bridwell, J.S., Bridwell Oil Company, to J.G.Puterbaugh (1944).
Bristow Public Schools, B.R. Nichols, Superintendent (1947).
Broken Bow Public Schools, Guy B. Massey, Superintendent, and Mrs. Grayce Lee Orr, Secretary (1944).
Brown, C.L., Sinclair Prairie Oil Company (1944).
Browne, Virgil, Oklahoma Coca Cola Bottling Co.(1944).
Buell, J.Garfield, to J.G.Puterbaugh (1944).
Byrom, Marvin (1944). Order for other books as well.
Cade, C.M.(1944).
Calkins, W.D.(1944). For office library of Southwestern Farm Loan Department of Aetna Life Insurance Company.
Cantrell, D.E.(1944).
Central Oklahoma State Hospital, W.L. Gibbs, Steward (1944).
Clement, W.H., Deep Well Service Company (1944).
Cochran, A.D., to J.G.Puterbaugh(1944).
Commons, A.L.(1944). Memories of his small part in WHM's administration.
Cook, I.L.(1944). Also order for John M.Lee and R.E. Wyrick.
Couch, R.H.(1944).
Coy, Joseph A., Co., Inc.(1944). Also order for R.R. Wason.
Davenport, A.E., Treasury Department, United States Public Health Service (1944).
Dawes, Henry M., to J.G. Puterbaugh (1944).
Dawson, E.L.(1944).
Delaney, W.A., Jr., to J.G. Puterbaughand WHM (1944). Opinion that books should be required reading for members of Congress and Legislature.
Doenges, R.S., Doenges-Casey Motor Company(1944).
Dunkin, John H., Brown-Dunkin Dry Goods Company, to J.G.Puterbaugh and J.G.Puterbaugh to WHM.(1944).

F 31: Memoirs of Governor Murray and True History of Oklahoma. Correspondence E-K (1944-1946). Unless otherwise noted, all are book orders only.
East Central State College (1944).
Ellis, A.H.(1944).
Evans, Geo.H.(1944).
Examiner Company, N.D. Welty, President, to J.G.Puterbaugh (1944).
Fell, Harold B.,to J.G.Puterbaugh (1944).
Franklin, Wirt (1944).
Garland, R.C.(1944). Request for WHM opinion about Dewey; also order for Mrs. Garnier's son.
Geissler, Hon. Arthur H.(1944). Portion of circular.
Glass, Roy G., Vice President, The Tradesmans Bank(1946). Enclosure of inquiry from Earl B.Morrison.
Glasser, Harry O.(1944). Thanks for suggestions concerning senate race platform.
Goldston, W.L., to J.G.Puterbaugh (1944).
Goode, Mark (1944).
Grisso, W.D.(Dick) (1944, 1946). Also orders for C.W. Bryon and Mildred Kay Williams.
Harper, J.B.(1944).
Harrison, Thos.J.(n.d.).
Hatcher, Ben N.(1944). Respect of Oklahomans for WHM.
Hatcher, Jim (1944).
Hathcoat, H.C.(1944). Also order for other books.
Haynie, W.K., M.D.(n.d.).
Haywood Consolidated School (1944).
Hedges, Doris (1945). Also order for extra book.
Hefner, R.A.(1944). Admiration for WHM.
Hendon, E.J.(1944).
Heyn, Leona Colbert (1946). Picture in book of her father, Joe Colbert.
Hogan, D.W., City National Bank and Trust Company (1944).
Hollweg, Frederick E.(1949). Also order for Negro Race.
Holt, Thomas P.(1944).
Horsley, Thos J.(1944). WHM visit with Mr. Epton.
Hutchins, Bob (1944).
Impson, Hiram, State Representative (1944). Reason for voting against use of public funds for publication of WHM book.
Johnston, Paul I., President Atlantic Oil Corporation (1944).
Kane, John H.to J.G. Puterbaugh (1944).
Karr, Maude (1945). Fighting the "Red" move, support of Senator Harry F. Byrd.
Kelley, Bishop Francis C.(1944).
Kennedy, William P., Washington Star (1946). Enclosure of clipping from his editorial page, Congressional Record insert, picture of himself and WHM; thanks for books, praise of Oklahoma history, writing of own reminiscences.
King, H.B., Legal Assistant, The Oklahoma Supreme Court (1944).
Knipp, Frank D.(1946).
Knox, Chas.E., Knox Refining Company, to J.G.Puterbaugh (1944).

F 32: Memoirs of Governor Murray and True History of Oklahoma. Correspondence L-P (1944-1946). Unless otherwise noted, all are book orders only.
Landon, Alf M., by his secretary Juanita Reeves, to J.G.Puterbaugh (1944).
Little, Reuel (1944).
McCubbins, S.B.(1944).
McInnis, E.E., General Counsel, The Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway Company (1944).(2 copies)
McLain, M.L.(1944).
Mapes, Clarel B., to J.G. Puterbaugh (1944).
Maxey, George W.(1946).
Maytubby, Joe (1945).
Milam, J.Bartley (1944).
Miler, Freeman E.(1944). Enclosure of composition "Youth and Age."
Montgomery, A.E., State Representative (1944).
Moore, J.B.(1944).
Morrison, Earl B., to Tradesman National Bank(1946).
Murray, Clive E.(1944).
Murray, Robert A.(1945).
Murray, Capt.Stuart S.(1944).
Murray State School of Agriculture, D.D.Creecy, Clerk (1944).
Nance, J.C., Editor, Register Publishing Company (1944). Publicity in his paper.
Neel, A.C.(1945).
Nelson, W.C.(1944).
Neustadt, Walter, to J.G. Puterbaugh (1944). Autographed set for Max Westheimer's library.
Nichols, Allen G.(1944).
Noble, Lloyd (1944).
Norris, F.C.(1944).
O'Dell, Ruth W.(1945). Request for information about Murray family.
Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce, Stanley Draper, Managing Director (1944).
Oklahoma College for Women, Dan Procter, President (1944).
Oklahoma Gas and Electric Company (1944).
Oklahoma Library Commission, Mrs.J.R.Dale (1944).
Oklahoma Power and Water Company, J.C. Happenny, President, to J.G. Puterbaugh (1944).
Oklahoma Press Publishing Company, Tams Bixby, President (1944).
Oklahoma State Highway Commission, Frank Streetman, Purchasing Agent (1946). Sets for John Reinhart, George G.Smith, J.C.(Jake) Thompson, Sr., and Kilgore Public Library.
Otjen, W.J.(1944).
Pace Petroleum Company, George L.Pace and R.O.Grant, to J.G. Puterbaugh (1944).(2 copies).
Panhandle Agricultural and Mechanical College, Marvin McKee, Acting President (1944).
Parker, D.P.(1944).
Paschal, Walter B.(1944).
Peden, W.C.(1944).
Penner, C.E., Liquidating Agent, The First National Bank(1944).
Phillips, Waite, by Emily Bramlette, Secretary, to J.G.Puterbaugh (1944).
Potter, W.W.(1944).
Public Service Company of Oklahoma, M.C.Harrison, Director of Personnel (1944).
Purcell Public Schools, V.E. Brians, Superintendent (1944).
Puterbaugh, J.G., President, The McAlester Fuel Company (1944). Sending of letters about book and responses to letter.

F 33: Memoirs of Governor Murray and True History of Oklahoma. Correspondence R-W (1944-1946). Unless otherwise noted, all are book orders only.
Rainey, R.M.(1944).
Ramsey, W.R., to J.G.Puterbaugh(1944).
Red Oak Public Schools, E.T. Dunlap, Superintendent (1946). Sending of school district claim.
Rinehart, Jim A., State Senator(1945). Autographing of set for Senator Jim Nance.
Rizley, Ross, State Representative (1944).
Robinson, R.R., President, Central State College (1944).
Rogers, I.S.(1944).
Rogers, John (n.d.).
Rorschach, Harold E.(1944).
Rosser, Malcolm E.(1945).
Sawyer, R.E., M.D., Evergreen Sanitarium and Clinic (1944).
Shawver, E.B.(1944).
Shepler, Ned (1944).
Smith, R.R., to J.G.Puterbaugh (1944).
Smith, Wiley S.(1944).
Spurlock, Jas.(1944). Suggestion that WHM incorporate JS's tribute to him from place card at the pre-inaugural banquet, enclosure of leaflets, purchase of farm.
Stallings, T.W., M.D.(1944). Story in Tulsa World, visit from Bob McCall.
Steven, William P., Managing Editor, The Tulsa Tribune (1944).
Stewart, Paul, U.S.Representative (1944).
Stovall, Jesse (1944). Return to County Judge's office.
Surrell, J.O.(1944). Family news.
Tasto, B.F.(1944).
Texas State Library (1944).
Tolbert, Raymond A.(1944).
Tracy, Fred C.(1944). Order also for Otto C.Barby.
Trapp, M.E.(1944). Enclosure of card giving MET's biographical information, offer of cooperation and information.
Tuck, Wm.M., Governor of Virginia (1946). Visit to WHM, thanks for books and inscriptions.
The Tulsa Tribune to J.G.Puterbaugh (1944).
Tulsa World, N.G. Henthorne, Editor (1944). Set also for Eugene Lorton, President. Also letter to J.G.Puterbaugh.
Vaughn, G.H., to J.G.Puterbaugh (1944).
Walker, E.A., President, The Tradesmens National Bank, to J.G. Puterbaugh (1944). Discussion of publication with WHM, previous contribution toward publication.
Walker, G.C.(Dick) (n.d.).
Walters, Arthur L.(1944).
Washington, Paul L.(1944).
Weaver, Carlton (1944). Working on a book himself.
Weems, Ray O., Vice-Chairman, Oklahoma Corporation Commission (1944). Collection of Oklahoma history books.
Wheeler, J.Y.(1944).
White, E.O.(1944).
Wichita Eagle, Burt Dozer[?], Editorial Executive (1945). Publication of article concerning book, memories of constitutional convention and first session of legislature.
Williams, Robert L.(1944).
Wooden, F.M.(1944). May (n.d.). [Addressed to "Dear Brother."]
Sam, Hawks Hotel, Clinton (1944). Set also for Charles N.Goodwin.

F 34: Memoirs of Governor Murray and True History of Oklahoma. Ledger. "Subs.for True History of OK." Lists subscribers, number of sets, and amount paid on pages 1-53. On pages 55-56 is a list of newspapers with heading, "Palestine, Newspapers publish." On pages 57-69 is a list of orders for Palestine. Inside the front cover is a list of addresses of family members and others.

F 35: Memoirs of Governor Murray and True History of Oklahoma. Papers found in ledger listed above.
a.Name tag for Annual Reunion of the Springtown and Veal Station Association.
b.List of four names.
c.Clipping. "Oklahoma Pecan Growers to Meet at Pauls Valley in 1945" (December 7, 1944).

F 36: Palestine (1947).
a.Pamphlet. "The Spiritual Symbolism of The Star of David" by W.T. Reid (1943). Re: symbolic implications of the Star of David. Penciled note by WHM on page 4.
b.Pamphlet. "At the Root of It All---Anti-Gentilism" (n.d.). Re: growing anti-gentile feeling of the Jewish race.
c.Leaflet. "Abstract of Title to Palestine" by Keen Polk (n.d.). Biblical references concerning the inheritance of the land of Palestine.
d.Leaflet. "The Throne," Kingdom A-B-C Series No.7 (n.d.). Re: possession of the land of Israel.
e.Advertisement of book and form letter to newspaper editors.
f.Correspondence: Massad, Rev. George, Saint Elijah Orthodox Church (1947), Book order; Patterson, F.G.(1947), Thanks for pamphlet, order for second copy, praise of Oklahoma history volumes; and Stamm, D.K.(1949). Book order.

F 37: The Negro's Place in Call of Race (1948).
a.Copyright certification (July 6, 1948).
b."Branches of the Caucasian, the only Historical Race" (n.d.). Re: listing of divisions of the Aryan, Semitic, and Hamitic branches.

c.Correspondence (1948-1949). Unless otherwise noted, all are book orders only:
American Crusade Against Communism, Peter Varonof (1949).
Bacon, O.G.(1948). Orders for Col. J.W. Pritchett and Dr.W.R. Miller.
Barnett, W.J.(1949). Also orders for other books.
Batchelor, H.R.(1948).
Bowman, George L., State Senator(1948). Thanks for keeping straight history of state and nation.
Bowman, Roy, President, Bank of Quapaw (1948).
Burton, Joe N.(n.d.).
Chamberlin, Cecil (n.d.).
Common Sense, Conde McGinley, Editor (1949). Selling of books, hazards of dealing with Negro question in New Jersey area.
Davidson, H., Manager, American Book Press (1948). Free publicity for WHM books, request for publicity for his own books.
Dickerson, Judge J.T.(n.d.).
Feild, Talbot, Jr.(1948). Orders for James W. Cantley and Amis Guthridge.
Fox, G.R., Secretary, National U.S.A.Freedman's Aid Bureau (1948).
Fullerton, P.G.(n.d.).
Garland, R.C.(1948). New Mexico and national politics.
Grisso, W.D.(1948).
Haisle, Homer W.[?] (n.d.).
Hamilton, Mrs.E.B.(n.d.).
Hammonds, Dr.O.O.(n.d.).
Harrison, Walter M.(n.d.).
Harvard, G.W.(1948).
Henry, Charles A.(1949).
Higgins, Eber W.(1948).
Hunt, G.H.(1948).
Johnson, Jacob, President, Connors College (1948).
Kimball, Lewis H.(1948).
Kornegay, Wade H.(1948).
Lile, Dr.L.M.(n.d.)
Lile, Dr.H.J.(n.d.).
Livingston, Wm.H.(1948).
McManus, Roy D.(n.d.).
Murray, Massena B.(n.d.).
Neff, John C.(1949). Thanks for book.
Nichols, Allen G.(1948). Order also for J.L.Shepherd.
Norvell, Woodson E.(n.d.).
Ogden, L.D.(1948).
O'Grady, Gerald F.M.(1949).
Owens, Mr.and Mrs.W.A.(1948).
Porter, Perry (1949). Mistake about return of book.
Preston, C.F.(1948).
Pritchett, J.W.(1948).
Sandifer, A.B., Clerk of Circuit Court of Bond County, Illinois (n.d.).
Shadid, M.(1948). Assistance with his book, "A Crusading Doctor."
Shaw, J.S.(1949). List of people who will sell books by mail.
Smith, Clovis H.(1949). Praise of book, terms for agents.
Terry, Charles F.(1948).
Van Hymis, Lyel C.(1949). Thanks for books, subscription to Woman's Voice, donation, tribute to WHM of L.D. Staplin. Enclosed is copy of an excerpt from the Journal of Charles Pickney regarding statement of Benjamin Franklin on Jewish immigration.
Watts, Tipp (1948).
Whiteley, W.I.(n.d.).
Wilkes, H.E.(1948).
Wren, T.H.(1948).
Wyche, Mrs.M.G.(n.d.).
Youell, Mrs.J.H.(1949). Death of Mr.Youell.
Unidentified address torn from letter.

F 38: Christian Mothers (1950). Copyright certification (March 6, 1950).

F 39: Adam and Cain (1951).
a.Copyright certification (May 25, 1951).
b.Brochure. "Adam and Cain by Wm.H.Murray." Description by WHM of book and explanation of background of book.

F 40: "Farm Economics" (n.d.).
a.Draft of general letter (n.d.)re advance sale of book to finance stenographer.
b.Title page and prospectus of contents of book. (Draft and 3 copies)
c."Ex-Governor Wm.H.Murray's New Book 'Farm Economics.'" Printed letter and prospectus.

F 41: Miscellaneous writings of WHM (1906, 1938, 1941).
a."Alfalfa, by Alfalfa Bill," New State Tribune (April 17, 1906). Re: alfalfa as state flower.
b."Freedom Essential in All Things, "Tomorrow (December, 1938). Re: duties of federal government freedoms of citizens.
c.Poem. "My old friend, faithful and true,..."(February 16, 1941). Re: sending of book.
d.Poem to Col. McCormac [sic]. "This book is cause enough to read...." (March 17, 1941). Re: sending of book. (2 copies)
e."Fascism, Nazism, and the New Deal" (n.d.). Re: comparison of fascism, nazism, and the New Deal; leasing of Panama Canal. (2 copies).
f."The New Deal is not a remedy...."(n.d.). Re: threat of New Deal to American concept of liberty, bureaucratic spending.
g."The Mummy: 'A Great State, or Society,...'"(n.d.). Re: degeneration of state may be mistaken for progress, Mosa's religious system. (2 copies)
h."It were impossible to appease the appetite for taxes,..."(n.d.). Re: necessity of scorning extremes.
i."At the foot of the many thoroughfares...."(n.d.). Re: monument to Al Haynes, submergence of intellect in flood of hate and ignorance.
j."Did you ever sit on your front porch...?"(n.d.). Re: pro-Willkie and anti-Roosevelt statements.

F 42: Miscellaneous writings of WHM (n.d.).
a."It is characteristic of politics and politicians...."(n.d.). Re: accomplishments of older people; senility not a matter of age. (2 copies)
b."When Is a Man Old?"Re: accomplishments of the elderly.
c."Lord McCauley, Britain's great Statesman..." Re: quotation from McCauley concerning promotion of people's improvement by rulers. (2 copies)
d."Sound Maxims of Government are best stated...." Re: quotation from McCauley concerning promotion of people's improvement by rulers. (4 copies)
e."My Creed -- How Acquired." Re: WHM's beliefs about Christ and the end of the world.
f."...settled in our favor until Grant was President...." Re: criticism of Roosevelt administration, speech of introduction for Charles A. Lindbergh. First page missing.
g."Government is not just a set of rules by which people live...." Re: eternal vigilance as the price of freedom.

F 43: Miscellaneous writings of others (1857, 1933-1946, and n.d.).
a.Copy of letter from Lord Macaulay to H.S. Randall (May 23, 1857). Re: belief that purely democratic institutions eventually destroy liberty or civilization or both. 2 pages.
b.Copy of a poem. "An Order for a Picture" by Alice Cary (August 14, 1933). 3 pages.
c.Carbon copy of letter from Malcolm E.Rosser to his sister (October 27, 1934. Re: Democratic Party and Mr. Marland. At top of letter is a handwritten note from MER to WHM. 4 pages.
d.Carbon copy of poem. "Meditation" by W.H.Kornegay, dedicated to Dr.T.W.Stallings (February 14, 1946). Re: state politics. 2 pages.
e."The Long Day of Joshua," copied from the Christian Reader's Digest, (November, 1941). 1 page.
f."Martin Luther Hutchins ('Murray's Scout') (n.d.or author). Re: biographical sketch of Hutchins. 3 pages.
g."Inflation--A Nightmare" (n.d.or author). Re: necessity of breaking Jewish economic control and developing Christian leadership. 11 pages.
h.Two poems. "Now I'm old and feeble...."and "Oxiline (A Parable)" (n.d. or author). Re: effect of old age on sexual desire, running of the world on "oxiline." 2 pages.
i."Man, the noblest creature upon earth, hath a beginning...."(n.d.or author). Re: making of man by God.
j."Old Europe" by Conrad Allison Aikman (n.d.). Re: condition of Europe after war. Printed card. (2 copies)
k."Statuette of Nathan the Wise" (n.d.or author). Re: story of Nathan the Wise which induced purchase of statuette. 1 page.
l."Epitaph on Holy Willie" by Robert Burns. (2 copies)


F 44: 1891-1892.
a. Photocopies of clippings glued into printed booklet, "Report of the Commission of Railroads, 1885." Topics include: Hogg-Clark campaign, WHM campaign for state senator in Texas, Jefferson Davis.
b. Photocopies of clippings. Topics include: requirements for successful teaching, address by Prof.R.H.Hamilton on "Morals and Manners," "Authorship of the South" by WHM, campaign and election, Murray-Grover Cleveland correspondence, Albert Sydney Johnston's epitaph.

F 45: 1907. Proofs and photocopies of three political cartoons by Swin Fazel and photocopy and one article with cartoon by Allen.(One proof is incomplete.) Re: WHM's possession of state constitution.

F 46: July 11 and 21, 1910. Photocopies of clippings. Topics include: campaign against Cruce for Governor, and charge of proposed election fraud at primary.

F 47: July 22-27, 1910. Photocopies of clippings. Topics include: campaign against Cruce for Governor, charge of proposed election fraud at primary, WHM at Denver convention, appointments to state Capitol commission, Supreme Court decision, moving of state records to Oklahoma City, reminiscences about Constitutional Convention, WHM's actions in first legislature, and WHM discourtesies.

F 48: 1913-1915. Photocopies of clippings. Topics include: WHM's rental of house in Washington, introduction of resolution providing for appointment of Committee on Committees, Mexican resolutions, early biographical details, interview with Mrs.WHM, catching of mouse in U.S.House, and statement concerning not running for governor.

F 49: 1916. Photocopies of clippings. Topics include: WHM on tobacco, bio-graphical information and recollections, WHM's campaign for re-election to Congress, compensation for members of Congress, interview of WHM.

F 50: 1918-1928. Photocopies and typescripts of clippings. Topics include: support for WHM as nominee for governor, Mrs.Alice Hearrell Murray, WHM's trip to South America (1919), WHM newspaper column "Farms and Farmers" in the Johnston County Capital Democrat (January 6, 1921, and n.d.), WHM speech to League of Young Democrats of Pittsburg County, WHM's retirement from public life, WHM's Bolivian colony, complexity of state constitution, Senator Owen's retirement from public life, sale of Indian collection to Okmulgee library, Massena's marriage, the constitutional convention, control of grasshoppers, U.D.T. Murray's 88th birthday party.

F 51: 1929.
a.Photocopy and typescript of clippings. Topics include auctioning of state jobs to lowest bidder, Lew Wentz for governor, and contents of letter written by WHM from Bolivia.
b.Photocopies of articles concerning WHM from the Okmulgee Daily Times Souvenir Edition Constitutional Convention Reunion (September 22, 1929), and one copy of souvenir edition.

F 52: September 28, and October 18-29, 1930. Photocopies of clippings re WHM's gubernatorial campaign.

F 53: October 30-31, 1930. Photocopies of clippings re WHM's gubernatorial campaign.

F 54: November 2-4, 1930. Photocopies of clippings re WHM's gubernatorial campaign, other state candidates, poem "Politically Poetic" by V.T.Brown, constitutional amendments, large number of ballots cast, U.D.T.Murray's birthday and vote for his son, speech by Herbert Patterson at Perry P.T.A., early election results.

F 55: November 5, 1930. Photocopies of clippings re WHM's election as governor of Oklahoma.

F 56: November 5, 1930. Photocopies of clippings re WHM's election as governor of Oklahoma.

F 57: November 6, 1930. Photocopies of clippings. Topics include: WHM's election as governor and other election results, Democratic control of state legislature, preparation of message to legislature.

F 58: November 6, 1930. Photocopies of clippings. Topics include: WHM's election as governor and other election results, Democratic control of state legislature, Chickasaw Squirrel Rifle Brigade, Mrs.WHM's statement about making governor's mansion a family home.

F 59: November 6, 1930. Photocopies of clippings. Topics include: WHM's election as governor and other election results, Democratic control of state legislature, Mrs. WHM, Oklahoma University football team's opportunity to win a conference title for the first time since 1920.

F 60: November 7, 1930. Photocopies of clippings. Topics include: WHM's election as governor and other election results, democratic control of state legislature, failure of three constitutional amendments, plans for WHM's father to administer oath of office to WHM, Mrs.WHM, WHM's intentions to force Wentz resignation, dedication of new State Historical Society building, dangers of snapping or pulling cotton, meeting of Murray-Gore Club, meeting of board of directors of the Wetumka Chamber of Commerce.

F 61: November 8-29, December 26, 1930. Photocopies of clippings. Topics include: election results, commissioning of WHM's father for administering of oath, WHM's promise of appointment to Jim Noble, WHM's leaving capital to write message to the 13th legislature, parade sponsored by Independent Petroleum Association of Oklahoma to campaign for oil tariff, rumors as to possible administrative appointments, cartoon by Knott, candidates for speaker of state house of representatives, poem "Truth Crushed to Earth Will Rise Again" by Mrs.S.B. Garrett.

F 62: January 12 and 14, 1931. Photocopies of clippings. Text of WHM's first message to the legislature (January 12, 1931), comments on inaugural reception including a chat with Mrs. Frederik Holmberg, and WHM's intelligence, education, and dignity.

F 63: March and April, 1931. Photocopies of clippings. Topics include: state laws to prohibit importation of foreign oil, halting of license tag prosecutions, withdrawal of oil price cut, Lew Wentz controversy, banking reform proposal by President of Chase National Bank, appointments to commissions, legislative action on various bills, taxation of fraternity houses, gasoline tax exemption for farmers, national oil conference, stay of execution for Colquitt Davis, the University of Oklahoma, Cicero Murray, and Wentz investigations, two-year term for state senators, budget cuts, sterilization law, Murray-Buttram affair, Mrs.WHM's quilting bee, abolishment of Geological Survey, electrocution of Hembree, and fear of May Day disturbances.

F 64: May and June, 1931. Photocopies of clippings. Topics include: election of McCool as Democratic chairman, appointment of pharmacy board, "fire bell ringing" to enact legislation killed or changed by state senate, Mabel Bassett, trade for removal of Lew Wentz, OU budget slash, WHM's California visit and speech, Earl Quinn case, Mrs.WHM as housewife and her plan to attend National Democratic convention, description of WHM and his family.

F 65: August, 1931. Photocopies of clippings. Topics include: Mississippi Valley unemployment conference, attempt to raise oil prices, Col. Clarence R. Douglas, personality of WHM, proposal for nominating WHM for president, financial security of Oklahoma banks, WHM sayings, Claude Weaver as WHM's secretary, and rule by corporations.

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William H. Murray Collection Description

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