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Clippings (September, 1931-1950, 1982, and n.d.)
Miscellaneous Materials
Personal and Family Materials

F 1: September, 1931. Photocopies of clippings. Topics include: new Red River free bridge, Labor Day jubilee in Chicago (September 7) and WHM speech at jubilee, and speeches at Newton and Des Moines, Iowa.

F 2: December, 1931, and n.d. Photocopies and typescripts of clippings. Topics include: opposition to WHM legislation, presidential campaign, anniversary of convening of first state legislature, postponement of protest hearing on WHM petitions, Saturday Evening Post interview of WHM, "Victuals and Battles," state financial difficulties, Johnston Murray (age 4), and increase in gas prices.

F 3: January-March, 1932. Photocopies of clippings. Topics include: WHM visit to Washington, Presidential candidacy of WHM, "The Bells of St. Murray's" show at Gridiron banquet, wearing of silk hose by Mrs.WHM, and WHM homecoming at Collinsville, Texas. Included are several cartoons of WHM.

F 4: April-August, 1932. Photocopies and typescripts of clippings. Topics include: WHM travels, halting of work on sub-penitentiary by Robert Burns, Presidential primaries, state politics, National Democratic convention, suits against railroads and oil companies, WHM war against state Supreme Court justices, Lew Wentz ouster case, and investigation of state banking and highway departments. Included are several cartoons of WHM.

F 5: October-December, 1932. Photocopies of clippings. Topics include: Wentz-Thomas Highway Commission case, WHM's lakes and fish proposal, Hines' biography of WHM, state deficit, income tax bill, history of discovery of Oklahoma City oil field, and oil proration. Included are several cartoons of WHM.

F 6: 1932 clippings with no month or day indicated. Photocopies of clippings. Topics include: road construction, presidential campaign, initiative program, general sales tax, reduction of crop acreage, permission to Pawnees to inspect records of the Oklahoma Historical Society, removal of Nelms, agricultural supervisor of the vocational education department, William H. Murray, Jr.'s visit home, WHM's review of the national guard, and removal of Ed Andruss, superintendent of the institution for feeble minded at Enid. Included are several cartoons of WHM.

F 7: 1933. Photocopies and typescripts of clippings. Topics include: early adjournment of legislature, state economy program, highway bill to oust commissioners, oil proration, distribution of Reconstruction Finance Corporation relief funds in Oklahoma, presence of Mrs.WHM at Oklahoma City Federation of Women's Clubs luncheon, legality of textbook adoptions, WHM attack on Pollock, appropriation bill controversy, reduction in salaries of elected state officials, pledging of Burbank Murray to social fraternity, WHM 64th birthday, and WHM's autograph in E.P.McKay's collection.

F 8: 1934-1935. Photocopies and typescripts of clippings. Topics include: appointment of Frank Buttram as relief administrator, President's health, Federal long-term mortgage insurance, death of artist Emil W.Lenders, WHM's leaving governor's office and returning to farm near Broken Bow, opposition to New Deal WHM portrait by Pierre Tartque, Association for Economy and Tax Equality, oil wells seen from governor's mansion, Texas proposal to swap their governor for WHM, and WHM address to Texas legislature.

F 9: 1936. Photocopies and typescripts of clippings. Topics include: WHM description of education in early Oklahoma, Association for Economy and Tax Equality, WHM criticism of New Deal and support of Landon, Ernie Pyle interview of WHM, and Gore statement concerning WHM as trustworthy authority on taxation.

F 10: 1937. Photocopies of clippings. Topics include death of Mrs. Sibbie Pierce, WHM address to Executives' Club of Chicago, poem "The Giants" by Caleb Beck, nomination of Gomer Smith for Congressman from the fifth Oklahoma district, bust of Will Rogers by Jo Davidson for Colorado Springs Shrine of the Sun and for National Statuary Hall in Washington, D.C., four columns by Elsie Robinson re petticoat government, the Frederick Snite story, the presence of gentleness in mankind, and whippings for worthless parents.

F 11: 1938-1940. Photocopies and typescripts of clippings. Topics include: Oklahoma politics, FDR campaign visit to Oklahoma, WHM campaign for governor, death of Mrs. WHM, voluntary crop reduction program, poem "Cause of Our Present Day Ills" by J.N. Jackson, pictorial history of the run of 1889, death of Douglas Johnston, Constitutional Convention reunion, review in Congress of WHM's The President, Supreme Court, and Seven Senators, interview of WHM, and Kay County election returns.

F 12: 1942-1948. Photocopies and typescripts of clippings. Topics include: need for legislation outlawing strikes, suspending the 40-hour work week, and overtime pay, WHM campaign for U.S.Senator, elimination of political campaigns, appointment of Laval, limitation on salaries of war plant executives, criticism of Governor and Vice-Presidential candidate Robert S. Kerr and Senator Josh Lee, Rudolf Hess story, death of FDR, condemnation of Peron regime, publication of WHM Memoirs of Governor Murray and True History of Oklahoma, Stassen's national labor policy, interview with WHM, Dixie States' Rights meeting.

F 13: 1950 and 1982. Photocopies of clippings. Topics include: WHM speech at Payne County Historical Society, announcement of Johnston Murray's campaign for governor, summary of WHM's career.

F 14: No date. Photocopies of clippings. Topics include: meeting of Camp Stonewall Jackson, unspecified party platforms, political qualifications of Cobb and Callaway, Oklahoma constitutional convention, popularity of WHM and Dr. A. Linscheid, WHM debate with Perdew at Re [sic],"new state" movement in western Oklahoma, lack of statement by FDR concerning religious conditions in Mexico, return of Father Coughlin to radio, cure for syphilis, Mrs.WHM as guest at Oklahoma Free State Fair and her denial of being Indian princess, WHM's buck and wing and harmonica demonstrations in the governor's office, appointment of J.P. Milam as chairman of finance committee of the Cherokee National Shrine Association, and Wesley Robertson's career which includes vocal "ghosting" for movies including the call of Tarzan.


F 15: Reprints of WHM photograph. "Governor William H.Murray of Oklahoma." (2 copies)

F 16: Memorabilia.
a. Membership card in the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry for WHM (1914).
b.Cartoon of WHM in Cossack outfit with heading, "Is this Russia or Oklahoma?"(n.d.).
c.Cartoon of WHM sitting on throne with crown on head and coffeepot and coffee cup on table beside him, "Promises, 1930" (n.d.).
d.Campaign card for E.L. Kirkpatrick with handwritten note: "I was on Bill's slate & I am glad" (n.d.).
e.Candy list from the Rebecca-Ruth Candy Shop, Frankfort, Kentucky.
f.Three blank sheets of note paper for the Governor's Mansion, Oklahoma City.
g.Blotter used by WHM to blot signatures.

F 17: Miscellany.
a.Leaflet. "4 Things that God Wants You to Know."
b.Advertising card for B.F.Johnson, Inc.,with quotation from Daniel Webster: "It is wise for us to recur to the history of our ancestors!..." (2 copies)
c.List of names and positions. "This bunch all from or near Granett."
d.List of characters in skit[?], Stage sets for skit[?], "Names for the Enterprise."
e.Letterhead of Douglas H.Johnston, Governor of the Chickasaw Nation, with note of address for Marjorie Lenochan.


F 18: Clippings, Family (1935, 1944, and n.d.). Photocopies and typescript of newspaper clippings.

F 19: Family Correspondence - Letters between WHM and Alice Hearrell Murray (1899, 1906-1907, 1913).

F 20: Family Correspondence - Letters between WHM and Alice Hearrell Murray (1915-1942 and n.d.)

F 21: Family Correspondence, Miscellaneous. B-Murray, Johnston (1919-1942 and n.d.).
a.Bingham, Daisy (sister of AHM) (1908, 1938).
b.Hearrell, Jesse (1919).
c.Murray, Burbank and family (Elsie and Mary Alice) (1938-1942, 1948).
d.Murray, Clive E.(1918-1919, and n.d.)
e.Murray, George T.(1939).
f.Murray, Grace E.(1931). Includes copy of a biographical sketch of Lorenzo Dow.
g.Murray, Henry (n.d.)Photocopy of four pages of incomplete letter.
h.Murray, Jean (n.d.).
i.Murray, Johnston and wife (1933-1942).

F 22: Family Correspondence, Miscellaneous. Murray, Massena-Murray, Stuart (1913-1942).
a.Murray, Massena (1913, 1938-1942).
b.Murray, May (1938).
c.Murray, Mollie (second wife of U.D.T.Murray) (1924?).
d.Murray, Stuart (1915).

F 23: Family Correspondence, Miscellaneous (1909-1941 and n.d.).
a.Murray, U.D.T.(1909-1929).
b.Murray, William H., II, and wife Verona (1938-1950).
c.Proffitt, M.A.(AHM's mother?)(1891)
d.Unger, Marion (former wife of Johnston Murray) (1937-1941).
e.Wager, O.V.and Mira (cousin of Mrs.WHM and husband of cousin) (1931).
f.Wilcox, John Michael Murray (1941).
g.Osburn, Betty, and Williams, Maud (cousins) (1936).
h.Williams, Pinkie Ashton (Mrs.Duncan) (cousin) (1938).
i. , Nita (cousin) (n.d.).
j. , Lula (cousin of Mrs.WHM) (1938).

F 24: Personal Correspondence, WHM (1899-1950 and n.d.).
a.ABC (n.d.).
b.Blackstock, Fred (1932).
c.Brewer, R.P.(1933).
d.Duncan, J.G., Assistant State Auditor (1946).
e.Earle, R.G.(1938).
f.Ferguson, Frank (1938).
g.Gill, Ed (1938).
h.Glass, Roy G.(1944).
i.Harris, Judge W.D.(1898).
j.Hockensmith, J.H.(August 30, n.y.).
k.Humphrey, Eva (1942).
l.Kennedy, Mrs.C.G.(1938).
m.Kniseley, Dr.and Mrs.H.B.(1938).
n.Lucas, Mrs.W.M.(1913).
o.MC (1945).
p.McCracken, Jno. W. (n.d.)Partial letter.
q.McReynolds, John O., M.D.(1941).
r.Matlock, A.L.(1898).
s.Mathers, James (1901).
t.Paul, Homer (n.d.[1938]).
u.Rivera, Josephine B.(1939).
v.Rowland, Mrs.S.A.(n.d.[1938]).
w.State National Bank, Leo Murphy, Vice-President (1941).
x.Taylor, Walter E.(1899).
y. , Jim (1950?).

F 25: Personal Correspondence, Quilting Bee, Alice Hearrell Murray, (1931).
a.Anglin, Tom, State Senator.
b.Biles, Robert, State Representative.
c.Blakley, T.T., State Senator.
d.Boyer, Dave, State Senator.
e.Clark, W.T., State Senator.
f.Liggett, Claude E., State Senator.
g.McDougal, D.A., State Representative.
h.Mills, Mrs.C.M.
i.Moon, Charles A., State Senator.
j.Moore, Mrs.Charles.
k.Rexroat, U.T., State Senator.
l.Shaw, L.A., State Representative.
m.Sowards, Willard, State Senator.
n.Stacey, William, State Senator.
o.Thornhill, W.A., State Representative.
p.Wilson, Jimmie, State Representative.

F 26: Personal Correspondence, Miscellaneous, Alice Hearrell Murray (1899, 1924, 1932, 1935, 1938).
a.Conlan, Mrs.(1935).
b.Dobson, Edithola (1938).
c.Harrison, Grace Liegerot [1938?].
d.Huckabay, O.R.'Huck' (1938).
e.Hutchins, Mrs.Lucy (1924).
f.Kincaid, Mrs.Vernon (1938).
g.LaGasse, Wilma (1938).
h.Lenders, E.W.(1932).
i.Loper, Mrs.(1938).
j.R , Isabel[?] (1938).
k.Ward, W.T.(1899).
l.Williams, T.B.(1932).

F 27: Greeting Cards (1933 and n.d.).
a.Fairbank, Charles (n.d.).
b.Heflin, Dr.and Mrs.E.E.(n.d.).
c.Murray, Col.and Mrs.R.A.(n.d.).
d.Noble, Jim (n.d.).
e.Young, Glenn A.(n.d.).
f. , John (1933).
g. (n.d.).

F 28: Get-well notes, Alice Hearrell Murray (1938).
Boyce, Carlisle (Mrs.W.I.).
Cornish, May Cabell.
DeSelms, Mrs.A.B.
Gault, Mrs.L.O.
Harrison, Grace Liegerot.
Hatcher, Marie E.
Hawkins, May C.
Holman, Theresa J.
Hosey, Mrs.
Hughes, Mrs.M.A.
Kerr, Edith.
Kingsland, Armine W.
Lucas, Zula.
Minor, Mrs.H.L.
Murray, Johnston, Jr.
O'Riley, Zelma.
Sellers, Mrs.R.M.
Smith, Mrs.Elnona J.
Notes concerning calls and visits from Mrs.Eckman and Paola, Mrs.L.O. Gault, Diaz Victor, and Priscilla.

F 29: Get-well cards, Alice Hearrell Murray (1938).
Bennett, Mrs.A.W.
Bond, Reford and Janet.
Boyett, Cousin Dettie and Marie.
Cain, Grace.
Colbert, Marion.
Derwin, Mrs.H.E.
Draughon, Lena E.
Goetz, Annie May.
Hacker, Mrs.Jake.
Hall, Mrs.Fern.
Johnson, Mrs.Paul.
Kingsland, Armine W.
Lackey, Mr.L.E.
Lackey, Ruth D.
Langley, Ruby.
Loyal Neighbor Club.
London, Laulie.
McNabb, Harriet.
Maytubby, Annie, Ann Rufina, and Peter.
Meek, Renny Colbert.
Morgan, Demma.
Murray, Mrs.John H.
Murray, Johnston, Jr.
Murray, Louie.
[Murray], May.
[Murray], Willie.
Pugh, Mr.and Mrs.John.
Quarles, Ella.
Remington, Lena.
Sanders, Ruby Dale.
Sargent, Bess.
Shreves, Mrs.Ida M.
Thomas, Wanda O.
Victor, Lucy and Deb.
Walker, Bernice.
Walker, Ida.
Cain, E.C.and Grace, Priscilla and Everett Estes, Ruth and Clyde Smith, Kathryn and Bill Windham, Floribell and Tom Wright, Edna Cain, Betty Jane Cain, and Grandchildren.
Colbert, Pearl, and Mrs. Stroud.
Dunn, Mamie, and Helen Walker.
Morgan, Denna, Sue Watkins, and Laura B. Costilow.
Francile and Betty.
Ittia[?], Delton, Joan, and Delton, Jr.
Lola Grace.
Versa and Don.

F 30: "Bloomfield Academy and It's Founder." Article in Chronicles of Oklahoma, Vol.II, No.4 (December, 1924), pp.366-379. Includes picture of original building of Bloomfield Academy from a painting by Mrs. WHM, photograph of instructors at Bloomfield about 1896 which includes Miss Alice Hearrell.

F 31: Financial Records, Ledger (1940-1951). Record of income and expenses for 1940 through 1951. Also included are some notations of names and addresses.

F 32: Financial Records, Tax Records (1932-1946).

F 33: Financial Records, Miscellaneous (1911-1916, 1924, 1941, 1944-1945).
a.Receipts from Modern Woodmen of America (1911-1916 and n.d.); Democratic National Committee (1932); Oklahoma Baptist University (1933); Post Office (1936); Red Cross (1952); and Hotel Tulsa (1942).
b.Deposit slips. First National Bank, for WHM account (March 3-24, 1924) and Tradesmans National Bank (1944-1945).
c.Bank book. State National Bank, Denison, Texas (1929).
d.Bank statements. First State Bank (1934) and Tradesmens National Bank (1934, 1944-1945).
e.Adding machine tapes.
f.Statement of "1941 Cash and Receipts."

F 34: WHM Genealogy (1914-1962).
a.Reminiscences of U.D.T.Murray, father of WHM (n.d.).

1.Bailey, J.W.(1916). Relatives of Mrs.Bailey.
2.Crump-Bailey, Alice Goode (1932). Request for genealogical information.
3.Murray, Gordon J.(1914). Clan history.
4.Murray, Howell W.(1941). Attempt to trace ancestry.
5.Murray, J.E.(1940). Tracing of Samuel Murray's ancestry, WHM's ancestry, Col.Tom Murray, and short biography of WHM.
6.Murray, J.L.to "Mr.Murray" (1962). Thanks for Abner Brooks account, attempt to find materials re Cicero Murray's ancestry, lack of material on "your dad's" family, missing Murray lineage book, presence or absence of materials from Tishomingo in Oklahoma City archives.
7.Murray, John M.(1949). Origin of the Murray's, Queen Victoria's stays at Balmoral Castle in Scotland, biographical information for JMM.
8.Murray, Kathrine O.(1931). Request for information concerning Richard Murray family.
9.Owen, Annie R.C.(Mrs.W.O.)(1935). Information concerning Ann Bolling, source of Rolfe's claim as nephew of King of Loudon.
10.Pulley, G.R., to Johnston Murray (1962). Enclosure of Abner Brooks account addressed to James Murray, Esq.(1848) concern-ing his career to date.

F 35: Insurance Policies, Will, and Release (1901-1919, 1928).

F 36: Real Estate Papers (1901, 1919).

F 37: Miscellaneous School Papers of WHM children (1915, 1923, and n.d.).

F 38: Miscellaneous Personal Papers (1895-1933). Included are teaching certificates for AHM, copy of WHM's enrollment certificate as a citizen by marriage in the Chickasaw Nation, perfect attendance certificates for William, Jr. and Johnston, annual calendars for Tishomingo's Daughters, names of flower senders for Uriah D.T.Murray's funeral, constitution of the Indian National Confederacy, business card for W.C.Murray, list of contents of button collection, Sunday School paper, unused birthday card, quotation cards, pressed leaves, and various notes.
1.Membership card in the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry for WHM in leather card case (1911).
2.James Whitcomb Riley button.
3.Three pieces of metallic memorabilia.

F 39: Death of Alice Hearrell Murray - Condolence Telegrams (1938). A-H.
Abreu, L.P., Consul of Mexico.
Allison, Patsy Louise.
Baker, Mr.and Mrs.W.M.
Barrett and Acers.
Bostic, P.B.
Boydston, Tom.
Boyett, Mr.and Mrs.Fair B.
Campbell, Dr.and Mrs.George C.
Catlett, Mr.and Mrs.John G.
Chandler, Robert P.
Chickasaw Protective League.
Colbert, Holme and Marion.
Commons, A.L.
Conwill, Mr.and Mrs.C.M.
Cornell, K.B.
Cope, Mr.and Mrs.M.B.
Cornish Family.
Cox, Hugh L.
Davenport, Dr. A.E. and Julia.
Depreitere, Monsignor G., VG.
Derwin, Mr.and Mrs.H.E.
Dunn, Jess.
Evans, Mrs.E.S.
Fancher, Naomi.
Farley, James A.
Faught, Clyde and Kathryn.
Giles, Carl & Veta.
Gray, Dr.and Mrs.J.T.
Hait, Mrs.Dora C.Lannom.
Harper, J.L.(Bud).
Haskell, Mrs.C.N.and Frances.
Hatchett, Mr.and Mrs.C.C.
Hunter, J.J.and wife.

F 40: Death of Alice Hearrell Murray - Condolence Telegrams (1938). J-Y and Multi-Signatures.
Johnson, Roy M.
Jones, Cham.
Joy, Ella Hopkins.
King, Turner M.
Lambert, Mr.and Mrs.Ben.
Linscheid, Mr.and Mrs.A.
McCool, Nash.
McDonald, Ed.
McDonald, J.E., Commission of Agriculture.
Monnot, Rt.Reverend Msgr.A.F.
Monroney, Mr.and Mrs.Mike.
Moore, J.B.
Morgan, D.
Murray, W.C.and Mattie.
Nash, M.A.
Nichols, Allen G.
Oklahoma Farmers Union, Tom W.Cheek, President.
Page, William Allen.
Perry, Mr.and Mrs.A.E.
Phillips, Frank.
Phillips, Mr.and Mrs.Leon C.
Stallings, Dr.T.W.
Taylor, M.E.
Thomas, Maude O.
Thompson, Claude V.and George L.
Tucker, Mr.and Mrs.Fred.
Vinita, City of, by Mrs.A.L. Berger.
Ware, L.T., Family.
Wever, Mr.and Mrs.Carl.
Yarborough, Mr.and Mrs.Johnnie.
Abbott, Mr.and Mrs.Roy, and Mr.and Mrs.Ira Rone.
Jack, Thelma, and Mrs. Whayne.
Standley, Judge and Mrs.R.H.and Mr.and Mrs.Barrett Fellows.
Louise and Clyde.

F 41: Death of Alice Hearrell Murray - Letters of Condolence (1938). A-F.
Allen, Mrs.and Mrs.R.F.
Armstrong, W.J.
Bailey, John T.
Barker, Norman.
Bell, John H.
Bezanson, M.Oliver T.
Bierer, A.G.C.
Bond, Reford.
Bond, Wallace.
Bowers, Mr.and Mrs.E.J.
Brewer, C.M.
Butler, Mrs.de M.
Butler, Henry M.
Card, L.B.
Carter, Stelle L.
Chappell, Will H.
Childers, Sloan.
Christopher, H.R.
Clack, Clyde and Geraldine.
Clapp, M.B.
Clinton, F.S.
Collar, Julia.
Cotton, Dr.Lee W.
Crow, Mrs.C.P.
Cunningham, Charles A.
Curry, John F.
Davenport, Byrd Ironside (Mrs.James S.).
Davis, Eggel.
Democrats of Garfield County.
Douglas, Walter.
Dudek, Monsignor J.B.
Duffield, Belle.
Edwards, J.Hale.
Opperson, Brent Woods, (Mrs.B.H.).
Farley, James A.
Ferguson, Emereth.
Ferguson, Lucia Loomis.
Fowler, O.E.
Fuller, Mrs.A.J.

F 42: Death of Alice Hearrell Murray - Letters of Condolence (1938). G-O.
Garland, R.C.
Geissler, Arthur H.
Gore, T.P.
Greene, F.R.
Hall, George Riley.
Hamman, W.T.
Hanraty, Mrs.P.H.
Hatcher, O.E.
Hicks, Jewell.
Hockensmith, John.
Hodson, Mr.and Mrs.E.R.
Hoffman, Roy.
Holt, Ethel Morrison.
Hopkins, George O.
Horsley, Thomas.
Innis, J.A.
Johns, Lois Colbert.
Kahle, P.A.
Kerr, Edith.
King, Bernice.
Kingsland, Armine W.
Kinney, George.
Kornegay, W.H.
Landon, Alf M.
Law, Albert.
Lee, J.E.
Lee, Mrs.Minnie, formerly Mrs.Minnie Lee Tinsley.
Loofbourrow, Hale J.
Lucas, Blanche.
Lyons, Thomas D.
McCann, A.G.
McCool, R.M.
McCrory, J. Lyndall, and family.
McCrory, R.F.,and family.
Martin, L.F.
Matthews, M.O.
Meyer, A.H.
Miller, Freeman E.
Moore, R.L.
Mullen, J.S.
Murray, May
Murray, Stuart.
Nagle, Patrick S.
Nanney, T.G.
Nichols, Allen G.
Nutter, Mr.and Mrs.I.E.
Orton, L.V.
Owens, Mr.and Mrs.W.A.

F 43: Death of Alice Hearrell Murray - Condolence Letters (1938). P-W and Multi-Signatures.
Paul, Homer.
Paxton, Mr.and Mrs.Joe.
Perry, A.E.
Phelps, G.Lee
Phelps, James I.
Pinkerton, Paul P.
Purvis, Lucy Burford.
Pruiett, Moman.
Quast, D.A.
Raley, John Wesley.
Reed, Mrs.Dora.
Remington, Lena.
Reynolds, Mrs.A.W.
Reynolds, Ted.
Richmond, E.M.
Routh, E.C.
Ruth Bryan Owen Luncheon Club.
Rutherford, S.Morton.
Salvation Army, C.J.Hickey, Division Commander.
Sandefer, J.D.
Scott, C.Dale.
Sholten, William A.
Sisters of Mercy, Mt.Saint Mary's.
Sitz, H.S.
Skelly, W.S.
Snead, Orville.
Sneed, L.B.
Snether, C.Ethel.
Solliday, Dot B.
Springer, J.M.
Spurlock, James.
Stewart, Luther M.
Sturm, O.P.
Sulzer, William.
Trent, Dover P.
Tyree, T.J.
VanDyke, B.F.
Walker, E.A.
Walker, Paul A.
Watkins, Adelaide M.
Whitcomb, James A.
Winter, John S., M.D.
Wood, Rev.George F.
Owen, Mr.Thomas, Mr.and Mrs.Davis H.Owen, and Mrs.Jessica Owen Coates.
Stovall, Jesse, and Ersley Richmond.
Webster, Mother, and Family.

F 44: Death of Alice Hearrell Murray - Condolence Cards (1938).
Cain, Grace.
Callahan, Mr.and Mrs.Charles and Patsy Ann.
Cannon, Emma.
Dirkson, H.S.and Edna.
Elder, Mr.and Mrs. Barton.
Fleming, Mrs.R.C.and Mary.
Hubbert, Mr.and Mrs.R.M.
Kelley, [Francis, Bishop of Oklahoma City and Tulsa].
Miller, Mr.and Mr.O.J.
Moore, J.J.
Mooney, Mr.and Mrs.Bob.
Murray, William H.and Irene.
Nicholas, Geraldine.
O.K.Co-op Milk Association.
Oil and Conservation Field Office.
Oklahoma Publishing Company, E.K. Gaylord, Pres., Edgar F.Bell, Secretary.
Portwood, Mr.and Mrs.J.A.and Kate.
Remington, Lena.
Ruth Bryan Owen Club, Mrs.John R.Frazier, President, by Mrs.John Volz and Mrs.W.F.Purnell.
Sessions, Mr.and Mrs.D.E.
Stephens, Clyde.
Wagner, Mr.and Mrs.Bob.
Oil and Gas Conservation and Miss Jane Callegy.
"The Boys."
[signature too faded to read].

F 45: Death of Alice Hearrell Murray - Flower Cards (1938).

F 46: Death of Alice Hearrell Murray - Memorial Booklet (1938). "To the Memory of Mary Alice Hearrell Murray, Alice 'Crossing the Bar.'" Contains photographs of AHM and family, reprints of magazine and newspaper articles about AHM and her death, funeral sermon, WHM's tribute, poems by Adelaide M.Watkins and Fane Lejl, and a resolution expressing sympathy from the Garfield County Democrats. (3 copies)

F 47: Death of Alice Hearrell Murray - Thank You Letters for Memorial Booklet (1938-1939).
Ash, Mrs.A.R.
Berry, James E.
Conlan, Czarina C.
Davis, Phil W., Jr.
Dudek, Monsignor J.B.
Ellis, A.H.
Epperson, Brent Woods (Mrs.B.H.).
Hood, R.B.
Kelley, Francis, Bishop of Oklahoma City and Tulsa.
Moroney, M.F., Mayor of Okmulgee.
Murray, Robert A.
Sisters of Mercy, Mount St.Mary's.
Smith, Rembert Gilman.

F 48: Death of Alice Hearrell Murray, Miscellaneous Materials (1938-1939 and n.d.). Included are tributes, funeral oration, and materials concerning funeral and burial arrangements.

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William H. Murray Collection Description

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