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1."Report of the Commissioner of Railroads" (1885). Printed and bound. 69 pages. Pasted into report are clippings and notes concerning election campaigns and returns (n.d.).  See Box 5 F 42 for photocopies of clippings.

2.Rights of Americans by WHM, Meador Publishing Company, 1937. 164 pages.

3.Essay on Forms of Government from Theocracy to Foolocracy by WHM, Indian Citizen Democrat, 1942. 35 pages. (4 copies)

4.Palestine, Shall Arabs or Jews Control It or America Admit 100,000 Communist Jews from Behind the Iron Curtain?, written and published by WHM, 1947. 47 pages.  (4 copies)

5."Post-Log--Afterthought; Palestine Supplement," written by WHM (n.d.). 4 pages.

6.The Negro's Place in Call of Race, written and published by WHM.  104 pages.

7.Guest book from Governor's Mansion (1931-1932).

8.Leather card holder containing membership card for WHM in the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, Southern Jurisdiction, U. S. A. (n.d.).

9.James Whitcomb Riley button.

10.Three pieces of memorabilia: 1 pendant, and 3 unidentified pieces.

11. Christian Mothers, written by WHM, Meador Publishing Company, 1950. 93 pages. Donated to the Carl Albert Center in January 2008 by Bill L. Hathaway of Muskogee, OK.

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William H. Murray Collection Description

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