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Oversized Materials: Miscellaneous Materials (1892-1946) Outsized Newspaper Clippings (1893-1932)

F 1: Miscellaneous materials (1892-1930).
a.Election tally in Texas gubernatorial campaign (n.d.[1892]).
b.Oklahoma Constitution, pp.9 and 10 (n.d.[1907]). Re: invocation of initiative and referendum, number of state senators and representatives, and legislative apportionment. Copied on vellum.
c."Proposed Platform of Wm.H.Murray, The Sage of Tishomingo" (n.d., [1918?]). Printed.
d."Platform of Wm.H.Murray" (n.d., [1930?]).
e. Contract between William H. Murray and Roland Hathaway re land which Murray rented to Hathaway (October 22, 1921). Donated to the Carl Albert Center in January 2008 by Bill L. Hathaway of Muskogee, OK.

F 2: Miscellaneous materials (1931-1936).
a.House Resolution No.24, extending thanks to Governor and Mrs.WHM for hospitality (1931). Two handwritten copies.
b."Rolling His Own" by Talburt (n.d., [1932?]). Original editorial cartoon on WHM candidacy for President.
c.Invitation to the 1933 Presidential Inauguration for Governor and Mrs.Murray.

d.Circular containing four advertisements for the Association for Economy and Tax Equality (n.d., [1936?]):
1.No.l, "Let's Tax the Tax-Eaters!"
2.No.2, "Will You Be a Slave to an Oligarchy...?"
3.No.3, "Simon-Pure; Dyed-in-the-Wool; 18 Carat Squander Mania- acs."
4.No.4, "Weak, Low Mentality in Legislators Is Reflected...."

F 3: Advertisements for the Association for Economy and Tax Equality (n.d., [1936?]).
a.Circular containing four advertisements.
1.No.5, "Willful Waste Worketh Woeful Want."
2.No.6, "New Dealers to Correct Mistakes of Creation:..."
3.No.7, "Government by Bureau-Bulletins and Bulldoze."
4.No.8, "Abolish 32 New Deal Bureaus---"

b.Circular containing four advertisements. (3 copies)
1.No.9, "Remember Children:..."
2.No.10, "Bureaucratic Fuddling With Borrowed Billions."
3.No.15, "High Price Deception--Low Prices vs.High Prices."
4.No.16, "Congressional 'Instruments of Public Power.'"

c."Let's Tax the Tax-Eaters!." (3 copies)
d."Will You Be a Slave to an Oligarchy...?" (2 copies)

F 4: Miscellaneous materials (1938-1946).
a.Chart entitled "As the Dollar's Buying Power Goes Up, Farmers' and Other Basic Producers' Income Goes Down" (1938).
b.Campaign Flyer. "Murray Enters Race for Congressman-at-Large" (1940).
c.Poster. "No Third Term for Any President!"published by the National Committee to Uphold Constitutional Government (n.d., [1940]).
d.List of Oklahoma Newspapers (October 7, 1946).

F 5: Newspaper clippings (1893-1912).
a."The Veterans of Texas," The Dallas Morning News, April 23, 1893. Re: Texas Veterans Association celebration, speech by Hon.A.W. Terrell.
b."Question is Now With Court of Appeals," and "Democrats and Republicans Present Their Views of the Law," The Courier Journal, April 3, 1900. Re: gubernatorial contest case in Kentucky Court of Appeals brought about by the death of William Goebel.
c."Indian Princess in Congressional Circle When Oklahoma Elects 'Alfalfa Bill,'" and "Two Views of Oklahoma's Political Leader," Johnston County Capital Democrat, December 19, 1912. Re: WHM's election to Congress, his political possibilities, biographical information, beliefs, and personal eccentricities. (2 copies)

F 6: Newspaper clippings (1916-1923).
a."Representative Murray's Career Began as Chore Boy on Farm," The Morning Telegraph, New York, June 4, 1916. Re: interview of WHM including reminiscences, thoughts on language and reading, and com-ments on his Scotch ancestry.
b."The Farm and Farmers," by WHM, The Johnston County Democrat, January 20, 1921. Re: planting and stock hints, weather predictions, self-help and self-mastery, financial advice, and experiences with tenant farmers.
c."The Farm and Farmers," by WHM, The Johnston County Democrat, January 27, 1921. Re: land ownership, best books for boys, Ben Franklin story concerning false estimates of the value of things. Includes picture of WHM.
d."William H. Murray of Oklahoma Will Plant Colony in Bolivia Next Spring," The Dallas Morning News, July 1, 1923. Re: description of site, climate, price of land, other prospective colonies. Includes pictures of coffee plants, cocoa tree, Great River, and WHM.

F 7: Newspaper clippings (1923-1927).
a."History of Cherokee Strip Before It Was Opened Is Told by George Rainey," The Daily Oklahoman, September 9, 1923. Re: boundaries, Indian treaty, settlement, land leasing by cattlemen, naming of counties.
b.The Oklahoma Mason, September, 1923. Items marked by WHM include "Early Masonic History in Indian Territory" [part of article has been torn out], a short article concerning the origin of the words and music for "Abide With Me" and "Nearer, My God, to Thee," note concerning an addition to the Grand Lodge of England Library and Museum, and three poems. 16 pages.
c."Adirondack Murray," Ethel Gazette, Ethel, Mississippi, September 26, 1925. Re: Rev. W. H .H. Murray, Father of the Out-of-Doors Idea, and the effect of his book on the Adirondacks. Handwritten note in margin: "Probably a kinsman of yours.--Looks as if he has a Murray head and face."
d."The Constitutional Convention," The Daily Oklahoman, December 18, 1927. Re: Governor Bob Williams story of his participation in the Constitutional Convention. Includes pictures of WHM, C.N. Haskell, Chief Justice Fred P. Branson, and George A. Henshaw. (2 copies)

F 8: Newspaper clippings (1928).
a."El Cnl. Murray Habla De Sus Concesiones En Al Chaco," La Razon, Domingo, 25 de Marzo de 1928. Re: description of Bolivian colony and reasons for abandoning it.
b."La colonia 'Murray' es prospera y feliz cuenta con mas de 200 colonos," El Pais, Miercoles 28 de Marzo de 1928. Re: interview with WHM concerning his Bolivian colony with description of crops and difficulties faced by colonists.
c."The Largest Cake for the Greatest State," The Daily Oklahoman, November 15, 1928. Re: cake for Oklahoma's twenty-first birthday. Includes picture of cake.
d."Adieu After Twenty Years," The Daily Oklahoman, January 13, 1929. Re: retirement from the bench of Judge Thomas H. Doyle. Includes a picture of WHM with Judge Doyle. (2 copies)

F 9: Publicity brochure and newspaper clippings (1929-1930).
a.Tartagal o Manuela Pedraza, October, 1929. Brochure describing the village of Tartagal in north Argentina. 20 pages.
b."Friends Rally to Gov.Johnston," The Daily Ardmoreite, October 29, 1929. Re: proposal to replace Gov. Douglas H. Johnston as chief executive of the Chickasaws, achievements of Johnston as tribal governor.
c.The Blue Valley Farmer, June 26, 1930. Contains articles concerning WHM's campaign for governor, article by WHM on the income tax, and WHM's Constitutional Convention Acceptance Speech.
d."Murray's 90-Year-Old Sire Glows With Pride at Candidate's Success," Oklahoma City Times, August 23, 1930. Re: praise of WHM and memories of his boyhood, comments of WHM's stepmother.

F 10: Newspapers and newspaper clippings (1930-1931).
a.The Blue Valley Farmer, September 18, 1930. Contains "Address of Temporary Chairman O.H.P.Brewer," [September 17, 1930?] re nomination of WHM as Democratic candidate for governor; a list of WHM's speaking dates; a statement by WHM re his part-ownership without editorial control in The Blue Valley Farmer; the Democratic Party platform, including approval of WHM's gross income tax plan; "For Governor, Alfalfa Bill," an article quoted from the Chicago Evening News; and letters supporting WHM's nomination.
b."Murray Outlines Social Creed," Tulsa Daily World, October 12, 1930. Re: duties owed to nation by individual.
c."Democratic Platform Adopted at State Convention at Tulsa, September 17, 1930," Seminole News, October 19, 1930.
d. Tulsa Daily World, June 10, 1931, Section 1. Contains the following articles: "Rowe Wins Fight Against Governor" re ruling against WHM's removal of special judge of the criminal court of appeals; and "Governor Takes Part in Inquiry" re WHM's taking active part in investigation of killing at Ardmore of two Mexican citizens [Guess and Crosby Investigation].

F 11: Newspapers and newspaper clippings (1931-1932).
a.The Blue Valley Farmer, July 23, 1931. Contains the following articles:
Page 1. "Governor Murray's Weekly Message to the People" re equality in enforcing rules of society and need for governmental reform; "Carl Shovels a Little Mud on the Denison Bridge" re Red River and Denison bridge cases; "Murray's Grandson" re Johnston Murray [with picture]; "Governor Murray was at his best..."re greeting of world flyers in Chickasha; and "Hip, Hip, Hurrah!"re WHM leadership in gas fight against Oklahoma Natural Gas.
Page 2. "Conference on Relief Asked For" re formulation of Oklahoma plans for relief; and "Governor Murray Strikes at Vital Issues" re excessive utility charges.
Page 8. "The Measure of the Man" re praise of WHM's first six months as Governor; "The Toll Bridge" re the Red River bridge controversy; "Are We Really Equal" re price of caskets for two Mexicans killed in Ardmore; "From the Editorial Nail Keg, Three and a Tiger for Governor Murray" re the Red River Bridge controversy; "Political Smoke ...Bill Murray Has Won the Bridge Fight"; and "Governor William H. Murray of Oklahoma..."re change of venue in Guess and Crosby trials.

b."Murray Asks Preachers to Join in Probe," The Daily Oklahoman, August 28, 1931. Re: committee of ministers to investigate Oklahoma eleemosynary institutions, investigation of Mabel Bassett.
c."Choosing the New First Lady in 1932," Santa Ana Daily Register, January 6, 1932. Includes picture and short write-up about Mary Alice Hearrell Murray.
d.The Aggielite, Murray State School, Tishomingo, February 16, 1932. Contains the following articles: "Murray Club Holds Rally" re meeting of the Murray for President Club; "Collinsville to Honor Murray" re celebration at WHM's birthplace in honor of his candidacy for Presidential nomination; "Murray Should Be Nominated," editorial re reasons why Murray is the right man for the presidency; and "Murray Club Organized Here" re organization of Murray for President Club.

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