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Oversized Matierials: Newspapers and Outsized Newspaper Clippings (1932-1953
and n.y.).

F 1: The Collinsville Times, Murray Home-Coming Edition, Collinsville, Texas, February 18, 1932. Contains articles and reminiscences about WHM and his presidential candidacy; pictures of WHM, AHM, U.D.T. Murray, Claude Weaver, Judge Hughes, WHM's birthplace, the quilt to be presented to Mr.and Mrs.WHM, the opening of the Red River Bridge, Murray State Agricultural College, and the Chickasaw Capitol Building; advertisement for the National Murray-for-President Clubs; and the program for the homecoming celebration.

F 2: Newspaper clippings (1932-1933).
a."America's Red Hand Knocks at White House," from the magazine section of an unidentified newspaper, May 8, 1932. Re: visit of Osage Chiefs to State Capitol to thank WHM for his friendship and help.
b."Oklahoma Celebrates Her Twenty-Fifth Birthday as a State With a Mammoth Parade," Oklahoma City Times, November 16, 1932. Photographs of the parade, the old capitol at Guthrie, the present capitol, and Oklahoma's governors since 1889. Handwritten note at top of page concerning occupants of the State car.
c."Homes of Oklahomans," "Oklahoma Harvest," and "Prominent Men of Oklahoma," The Denver Post, December 11, 1932, Rotogravure sec-tion. Includes photographs of entrance to outdoor swimming pool in Ponca City, main streets of Durant, McAlester, and Oklahoma City in 1890, aerial photographs of Oklahoma City and Tulsa, The Boston Avenue Methodist Episcopal Church in Tulsa, and Science Hall, Northwestern State Teachers College at Alva, Oklahoma farm scenes, U.D.T. Murray administering oath of office to WHM, the court at Tishomingo in 1897, the first oil well, the Collinsville high school band, St.Luke's Methodist Church in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma City at noon on April 22, 1889, and portraits of prominent Oklahomans, including WHM, Cicero Murray, and Melven Cornish.
d."A Break for the Prisoners," The Daily Oklahoman, October 22, 1933. Re: building of sub-prison project in Atoka County. Includes photographs of site and present structures. Photograph of guard tower has been clipped out.

F 3: Newspapers and newspaper clippings (1934-1935).
a."America on Parade," The Sunday Star, Washington, D.C., Gravure Section, June 3, 1934. Includes photograph of WHM as Member of the House of Representatives in 1914.
b.The Lantern, Tulsa, October 6, 1934. Re: speech by Robert W. Kellough at the convention of the Republican Party of the First District concerning his platform. Paragraph has been marked re opposition to war except in defense.
c."Alfalfa Bill Steps Down," The Daily Oklahoman, January 6, 1935. Re: events during WHM's term as Governor. Includes photographs of WHM at desk in Governor's office, sitting in the mansion, at the Chicago convention in 1932, and at the Red River bridge. Article is incomplete.
d."Gov. Murray Fires Final Salvo at New Deal" and "Gov. Murray Pleads for States' Rights Against Federal Encroachment in Final Message," The Oklahoma News, January 8, 1935. Re: WHM's last general message to the state legislature and the opening of the new state legislature. Includes photographs of WHM reading his message and of the legislative leaders opening the session.

F 4: Newspaper and Newspaper clippings (1935-1936).
a."New Deal is Full of Socialism, Pastor Tells Mr.Roosevelt," Chicago Herald and Examiner, October 27, 1935. Re: letter to President Franklin D.Roosevelt from Rev.Charles L.Brooks of Mangum, Oklahoma, concerning AAA, Guffey coal bill, NRA, Wagner-Connery bill, share-the-wealth movements, social security legislation, and Postmaster General Farley.
b."Presenting Sixty Aggie Student Leaders...," The Daily O'Collegian, Stillwater, May 24, 1936. Includes photograph of Burbank Murray as President of Hanner Hall.
c.The Revealer, October 15, 1936. Articles include "Roosevelt's Jewish Ancestry"; "Al Smith Speaks Out," re reasons for turning against Roosevelt and the New Deal; "Communists Support Roosevelt" re Russian support of Roosevelt; "Red Pacifism" re infiltration of Communists in Christian peace movements; and "Roosevelt's Promises Versus Performances."
d."Why the New Deal Has Been Repudiated by Distinguished Democrats," The San Francisco Examiner, November 2, 1936. Includes quotation from and photograph of WHM.

F 5: Newspapers and Newspaper clippings (1937-1938).
a."Farmer Bill Murray," The Oklahoma News, June 13, 1937. Re: interview with WHM concerning farming, national and state politics, and his political plans. Includes three photographs of WHM on his farm. (2 copies)
b."The Detroit Free Press Daily News Reel," The Detroit Free Press, August 17, 1937. Includes "A Rare Treat for 'Dust Bowl' Kids," a photograph showing WHM ducking young boy in an irrigation well.
c."Wings Unfolded, Tribute to Alice Hearreld [sic] Murray," The Purcell Register, September 8, 1938. Poem by Jessie E. Moore.
d.The Blue Valley Farmer, October 20, 1938. Contains article, "New Dealers Trying to Destroy Last Hope of Civilization, Christianity and Liberty" by WHM re effect on economy of importing products which could well be produced here; "A Never Failing Friend," a letter from William Allen Page to WHM re death of AHM; speaking dates of WHM from October 25 to November 5; and a list of WHM's radio addresses on October 24 and November l. (2 copies)

F 6: Newspaper clippings (1938-1939).
a."Sterilization--How It Works," Daily News, New York, December 22, 1938. Re: Hitler's proposal, sterilization laws in the U.S.including WHM bill providing for sterilization of all third term criminals. Includes photograph of WHM.
b."First Oklahoma Supreme Court Faced Big Handicaps," Tulsa Daily World, June 21, 1939. Re: problems faced by first Supreme Court.
c."Murray Reviews Problems of First Rough Legislature," Tulsa Daily World, June 21, 1939. Re: necessity of driving legislature toward accomplishment, redrafting of labor bills in the House, endurance of laws of First Legislature in spite of legal challenges, bribery in the legislature, destruction of best laws by amendments, pendulum swing of popular opinion. Includes photograph of WHM.
d."Murray Tells Inside Story of Oklahoma's Constitutional Convention," Guthrie Register News, August 6, 1939. Re: election of president of convention, composition of convention, cutting of counties, and hostile press. [Article is incomplete.]

F 7: Newspaper and Newspaper clippings (1939-1940).
a."'Alfalfa Bill' Believes U.S.Can Stay Out of War," Watonga Republican, October 19, 1939. Re: WHM visit to Watonga, suggested method for staying out of war, suffering of the country from "wrongly educated" people. Includes cartoon of WHM.
b."Ralls Turns Out to Hold Bills Day Observance," Fort Worth Star-Telegram, November 10, 1939. Re: celebration of annual "Bills" day, presence of WHM. Includes photograph of WHM.
c."With Malice Toward None," The Daily Oklahoman, November 17, 1939. Re: WHM compilation of history of the state constitution and the first legislature. Includes photograph of WHM.

d.Western Oklahoma Farmer, September 26, 1940. Includes the following articles by WHM:
1."Political Parties...Changing and Reform of Principles." Re: history and principles of Republican and Democratic parties, reasons why Democrats will vote for Willkie this fall, opinions about Roosevelt and his administration.
2."Why I Will Vote for Willkie." Re: Willkie as Jeffersonian Democrat, Roosevelt's need of war, praise of Willkie's experience and knowledge and criticism of Roosevelt for his lack of working experience.
3."How the Americans Have Been Deceived." Re: truth about the New Deal, deception concerning agricultural surpluses, need for voters to revolt.
4."Comments." Re: lack of experience of Roosevelt and his cabinet, difference between good and bad rulers.
5. Also included in issue are lists of WHM speaking dates and latest publications, a review of WHM's book, Uncle Sam Needs a Doctor, and an article by J.W. Harreld, "Democrats Bolt Party in Biggest Rout in History," re reasons for bolting and lists of prominent bolters including WHM.

F 8: Newspaper and Newspaper clippings (1940-1942).
a.Western Oklahoma Farmer, October 10, 1940. Includes the following articles by WHM:
1."Murray on Current Issues." Re: contrast between Elliott and Kermit Roosevelt, and jailing of grocer for selling sugar.
2."Deception of Congressman Jones, 'Crown Prince' Wallace." Re: campaign trip of Henry E. Wallace, vice-presidential candidate, and Congressman Jones of Texas, appointments to the Committee on Agriculture, agricultural adjustment funds.
3."How Americans Have Been Deceived." Reprint of article published in September 26, 1940, issue [see F 7-d (3) above].
4."General Comment of Current Political Issues." Re: "humanitarianism of Roosevelts, commissions for Roosevelt's sons, Wallace's agricultural policy, qualifications for presidency, campaign reactions.
5."Political Parties, Changing and Reform of Principles." Reprint of article in September 26, 1940, issue [see F 7-d (1) above].
6."Why I Will Vote for Willkie." Reprint of article in September 26, 1940 issue [see F 7-d (2) above].
7. Also included in issue are lists of WHM speaking dates and latest publications, photograph of WHM, an article on WHM speech to be given in Canute, Oklahoma, and a listing of a record of national receipts and expenditures under every president from 1789 to 1940.

b."Bill Murray Writes a Book--Watch Your Laurels, Emily," Oklahoma City Times, October 31, 1941. Re: review of and quotes from The Finished Scholar by WHM. Article includes 6 photographs of WHM. (2 copies of second page of article)
c."Labor--Capital, An Editorial" by John C. Sheffield, Helena, Arkansas. Re: demand of shipbuilders for double time on Washington's birthday, requirement of union membership for war workers.
d."Is Martin Dies a Faker? "by I.H. Nakdimen, Fort Smith Tribune, May 20, 1942. Re: corruptness as cause of wars.

F 9: Newspapers and Newspaper Clippings (1942-1943, 1952).
a."Ex-Governor--Wm.H.Murray is running for United States Senator against Josh Lee," Perry (Oklahoma)Daily Journal, July 10, 1942. Re: support of WHM's candidacy by Henry S.Johnston.
b.Jewish Examiner, December 24, 1943.
c.The Sunday Star, Section A, Washington, D.C., March 30, 1952. Contains articles concerning President Harry S.Truman's announcement that he will not be a candidate for re-election.
d.Stillwater Daily News Press, November 18, 1952. Contains article, "Former Governor is Guest of Ag History Department." Re: WHM visit to Oklahoma A.& M.College to make recordings of Oklahoma history for preservation in the college library and for student use, quotations from WHM's Memoirs of Governor Murray and True History of Oklahoma.

F 10: Newspapers and Newspaper Clippings (1952-1953).
a.The Daily O'Collegian, Stillwater, November 19, 1952. Contains article, "History Classes Hear Ex-Governor Murray." Re: WHM speeches to history classes and making of recordings.
b.The Daily O'Collegian, Stillwater, November 20, 1952. Contains article, "'Alfalfa Bill' to Greet Aggies in SU Howdy Room Thursday." Re: speech to history students, making of recordings, and making of a tape for radio use.
c.The Daily O'Collegian, Stillwater, November 21, 1952. Contains article, "Murray to End Ag Visit Today, Then Celebrate." Re: WHM speeches, recordings and tapes, celebration of WHM's 83rd birthday at governor's mansion reception, building of Murray Hall, significance in WHM's life of the number nine.
d.1."Many New Industries Attracted by Dynamic Oklahoma," The Christian Science Monitor, August 14, 1953. Re: new industries in last two years, lack of race problem, E.K. Gaylord and W.G. Skelly as most influential men in the state, Roy Turner and Governor Johnston Murray as most popular men in the state, powerful oil interests, rule of youth in the legislature.
d.2."'Sooner State' Keeps Booming, Indians Add Color," The Christian Science Monitor, August 14, 1953. Re: importance of Indians in Oklahoma history, brief history of the state before statehood.
e."Peruvian Cotton," The West Coast Leader, October 18, n.y. Re: production of cotton in Peru, climate, types of cotton grown, cultivation, yield per acre, industries dependent on cotton.

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