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9001-9006. 1973 inauguration ceremonies for Richard M. Nixon.

9007. Richard M. Nixon taking the oath of office at the 1973 inauguration ceremonies.

9008. Joint session of Congress for the State of the Union address. January 19, 1976

9009. Carl Albert having breakfast with Richard M. Nixon at the White House. January 22, 1974. Color.

9010-9012. Unidentified man addressing Congress. Carl Albert is seated behind him.

9013-9015. Richard M. Nixon addressing joint session of Congress.

9016. Group of men listening to a speaker? Carl Albert seated on second row from front.

9017. Richard M. Nixon receiving applause at the State of the Union address.

9018-9021. Unidentified man addressing Congress.

9022. Richard M. Nixon shaking hands with Carl Albert at the State of the Union address.

9023. Unidentified man addressing Congress.

9024-9026. Carl Albert and Spiro T. Agnew at a joint session of Congress. Similar to 3675 which has a negative.

9027-9028. Carl Albert and two unidentified men looking at photos of a joint session of Congress.

9029. Dignitaries leaving a joint session of Congress.

9030. Congressional members taking oaths of office.

9031. Portrait of Lyndon B. Johnson.

9032. Carl Albert seated at desk gesturing with pencil.

9033A-C. Carl Albert and Fred Schwengel, president of the U.S. Capitol Historical Society discuss membership in the U.S. Capitol Corners Club. March 1973.

9034. Group of members of Congress. Carl Albert and Thomas P. O'Neill seated.

9035. U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Cup National High School Baseball Tournament in Seoul, Korea. 1976.

9036. Carl Albert with large group of Asian men. Appears to be Korean War Veterans commemoration of Bicentennial. 1976.

9037-9038. Meeting of the Public Affairs Conference. Hubert H. Humphrey, Carl Albert, Barry Goldwater, and Charles O. Halleck on speaker's platform. 9038 is a close-up of the four men.

9039. Cake-cutting ceremony in commemoration of the Bicentennial of the U.S. which was held in Seoul, Korea. U.N. Korean War Allies Association. 1976.

9040-9090. Proof sheets of House photographer Dev O'Neill.

9091. Front view of the Apollo 14 lunar module reflecting circular flare caused by brilliant sun.

9092. View of the Apollo 14 lunar module, Antares, as seen by the astronauts during their second EVA. Tracks left by the Modularized Equipment Transporter can be seen leading away from the LM. The inverted umbrella of the S-band antenna is to the left of the LM.

9093. Field of boulders on the moon. Photographed by one of the astronauts on Apollo 14.

9094. A hammer and small collection bag on top of a lunar boulder to give indication of the size of the boulder.

9095-9100. Parliamentary Delegation of the Korean War Veterans during a visit with Carl Albert in Washington, D.C. in 1976. Numbers 9096A and 9097B both show Albert with Korean children who are attired in traditional apparel. Color.

9101. Carl Albert with constituents and others: Mrs. Darrell Hambright, a.k.a. Carolyn Jo Hambright (Fairfax, VA); Mrs. Nelson Hyre, a.k.a. Karen Hyre (Fairfax, VA); Mrs. Bill (Alta Clair) Morgan (Hartshorne, OK), and Mark Morgan.

9102-9103. Richard M. Nixon speaking before an audience in Statuary Hall, U.S. Capitol. 1971?.

9104-9105. Letter bombs sent to Congress. Color.

9106-9108. Children at U.S. Army Memorial Farms at Pohang, Korea.

9109a. Carl Albert with Mary Lou Coates.

9109b. Carl Albert with Mary Lou Coates and Juanita Wilhite.

9110. Carl Albert with two unidentified men.

9111. Carl Albert with Lyndon B. Johnson. (Neg. Oversized. One print signed by LBJ.).

9112. Carl Albert and others (including Thomas P. O'Neill) at the ceremony in Westminster Hall, London, England, for the U. S. delegation to receive a copy of the Magna Carta, May 1976.

9113. Carl Albert giving speech at Waurika Dam groundbreaking. June 19, 1971.

9114. Carl Albert shaking hands with a young man at the Waurika Dam groundbreaking. June 19, 1971.

9115. Manning shovels at the Waurika Dam groundbreaking are: Tom Steed (4th District Congressman); R. J. Geurkink (president of Beaverton Creek Watershed Association); George Barber (president of Waurika Master Conservancy District); Don Morrison (executive vice president of the watershed association); House Speaker Carl Albert; and Col. Vernon W. Pinkney (Tulsa District Engineer, Corps of Engineers). June 19, 1971.

9116. Carl Albert and large group at a party.

9117. Carl Albert autographing the book, Little Giant.

9118. Carl Albert with hands clasped.

9119. Carl Albert smiling.

9120. Carl Albert and young woman having a cup of coffee.

9121. Close-up of Carl Albert. Oversized.

9122. Jim Allen of Gadsden, Alabama. Oversize, color. Autographed.

9123. Man receiving a standing ovation in House chamber. Carl Albert standing behind speaker. Oversized, color.

9124. Group of men standing together. One man is the speaker from #9123. Among those shown are Carl Albert and Thomas P. O'Neill. Oversized, color.

9125. Preston J. Moore, National Commander of the American Legion, 1958-1959. Autographed. Oversized.

9126. Portrait of Harold Stuart. Oversize. Autographed.

9127. Carl Albert, Robert Strauss (chairman of the Democratic National Convention), and Thomas P. O'Neill at the speaker's podium. 1975 Oversized.

9128-9129. Aerial view of the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center campus. 1976 Oversized.

9130. Carl Albert gesturing with pencil.

9131. Crowd standing in House chamber. Carl Albert and Spiro Agnew shown at right. Oversized.

9132. Portrait of Herbert Hoover. Autographed. Oversized.

9133. Carl Albert confers at the White House with Lyndon B. Johnson. Oversized.

9134. Group of men seated at table in White House. Includes Thomas P. O'Neill, Carl Albert, Richard M. Nixon, and Mike Mansfield. Oversized.

9135. Group in the Speaker's Office. Left to right are John Brademas, John McFall, Carl Albert, and Thomas P. O'Neill. Photo by Susan McElhinney of Newsweek. 1975 Oversized.

9136. Gerald R. Ford addressing Congress a few days after Richard M. Nixon resigned. Carl Albert and James O. Eastland ? in background. Color. 1974 Oversized.

9137. Large group of men in Oval Office observing Richard M. Nixon sign a bill. Carl Albert is shown. Color. July 1974. Oversized.

9138. Carl Albert, Richard M. Nixon, and Henry Bellmon visit with a small boy who is on crutches. Another boy and perhaps the parents are in the background. May 1969. Photo is autographed by Nixon and carries the inscription "To Congressman Carl Albert with appreciation for his service to the country and with best wishes." Oversized.

9139. Color portrait of Gerald R. Ford. Autographed. Oversized.

9140. Group of people with Richard M. Nixon. Carl Albert pictured. 1971 Oversized.

9141. Carl Albert, Richard M. Nixon, and unidentified man at Heart of the Year award ceremony. 1971 Oversized. Same ceremony as in 9140.

9142. Carl Albert shaking hands with Lyndon B. Johnson at the luncheon honoring General William C. Westmoreland. Westmoreland is at Johnson's right. April 1967. Oversized.

9143. Large group of congressmen and staff in the speaker's office. Among those shown pictured are Thomas P. O'Neill, Andrew Young, and Barbara Jordan. Oversized.

9144. Richard M. Nixon addressing Congress. Color. Oversized.

9145. Gerald R. Ford addressing a joint session of Congress. August 12, 1974. Color. Oversized.

9146. Portrait of Albert Thomas. Apparently a glossy of painting. Autographed. Color. Oversized.

9147. Lyndon B. Johnson speaking at an unknown function at the U.S. Capitol. Among those shown are Carl Albert, Everett M. Dirksen, John W. McCormack, and Hubert H. Humphrey. Oversized.

9148. Swearing-in ceremony of Congress. Oversized.

9149-9150. Richard M. Nixon addressing Congress. Oversized.

9151. Gerald R. Ford giving the State of the Union address in January 1976. Oversized.

9152-9153. Inauguration of Richard M. Nixon. Oversized.

9154. Scheel of Germany. June 1975 Autographed. Oversized.

9155. Portrait of Douglas MacArthur. Autographed. Oversized.

9156. Color portrait of Carl Albert. Oversized.

9157. Carl Albert waving from the podium at the 1968 Democratic National Convention. Oversized.

9158-9174. Proof sheets. Appears that most are of the Magna Carta ceremony. Oversized. Color prints of some of these images exist as photos 10,119-10,129.

9175. Painting of Carl Albert. Oversized.

9176. Carl Albert and group of congressmen pictured with Leonid Brezhnev of the Soviet Union. Oversized.

9177. Carl Albert with coat over arm. Richard Avedon photo. Oversized.

9178. Jim Barnett, Carolyn Lee, Haroldine Amis, and Roy Hine. Women are in 4-H Club uniforms. Autographed. Oversized. This is probably the 1952 National 4-H Club camp.

9179. Oklahoma delegates to the 1952 National 4-H Club camp. Includes Dickie Yates, Kitty Grant, Charles Chambers, and Carolyn Crumm. Autographed. Oversized.

9180. Carl Albert and unidentified men in House chamber. Oversized.

9181. Richard M. Nixon reporting to the leaders of the House and Senate on his trip to China. 1972. Oversized.

9182-9190. Missing.

9191. Group gathered in Ada to commemorate founding of League of Young Democrats. Shown are Jim Hamilton of Heavener, Oklahoma and president of the League; David Albert; Carl Albert; Orel Busby, founder of the first chapter of the League of Young Democrats at OU; Sam Rayburn; and Tom Steed.

9192. General and Mrs. Chiang at home outside Taipei, Taiwan. Photo also includes Carl Albert, Mary Albert, Thomas S. Foley, other members of Congress, wives, and staffers. 14 August 1971.

9193. Carl Albert and Vanessa Williams, Miss America, 1984. Miss McAlester Scholarship Pageant, 12 March 1984. Color photo by Ken Roger.

9194a. George Bush, Charles Ward, Carl Albert, Mary Albert, Loise Butler, Deng Xiaoping, John Rhodes, and Barbara Bush. Taken in the Peoples Republic of China.

9194b. George Bush, Charles Ward, Carl Albert, Mary Albert, Loise Butler, John Rhodes, Barbara Bush. and an unidentified Chinese leader. Taken in the Peoples Republic of China.

9195. Magna Carta Trip. Left to right are: ?; Carl Albert; the Speaker of the House of Commons; Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher; Michael Foote, Labour Party leader; Thomas P. O'Neill; ? ; and John Rhodes, minority leader.

9196. Group at the Great Wall of China. Includes Carl Albert, Mary Albert, Loise Butler, and Charles Ward.

9197. Carl Albert in House chambers administering oath of office. Flag in background.

9198. Portrait of Carl Albert. Autographed.

9199. Carl Albert and unidentified man in front of painting of Albert.

9200. A Corps of Engineers Colonel presenting Carl Albert with a photo of the Hugo Lake and dam. Hugo Lake dedication on July 1, 1976

9201. Carl Albert and John W. McCormack. Color.

9202. Unidentified man addressing session of Congress. Carl Albert seated in Speaker's chair.

9203. Carl Albert's enrollment day at the University of Oklahoma. Inscription "Can't take 'em all at once" written on photo.

9204. President Harry Truman clasps hands with his House and Senate leaders. From left are Senator Mike Mansfield, Rep. Carl Albert, Harry Truman, Speaker Sam Rayburn, President Pro Tem of the Senate Carl Hayden, and House Majority Leader (later speaker) John W. McCormack.

9205. Bug Tussle (Flowery Mound) School. Carl Albert is ninth from left on front row.

9206A. Carl Albert (in military attire) with ROTC group.

9206B. Portrait of Carl Albert. Color

9207. Carl Albert with three men. Young man may be John Williamson, 1971 OU Award.

9208. Velma Jones and Carl Albert, the outstanding female student and the outstanding male student in 1931 at the University of Oklahoma. Winners shown with Dad's Day Cups. October 11, 1930.

9209-9215. Carl Albert with unidentified group. Color. Photo stamped December 1971.

9216a-9218-b. Group at tennis courts with trophies. Color. Photo stamped January 1971.

9219. Group of men. One is holding tennis rackets. Trophies on table. Color. Same function as 9209.

9220-9226. Carl Albert at the Kuwaiti Embassy.

9227. Carl Albert is greeted by Khaled Al-Ghunaim, president of the Kuwait National Assembly. 1976 UPI photo.

9228-9240. Carl Albert at the Kuwaiti Embassy.

9241. Carl Albert offering toast at informal party.

9242. Lance battlefield missile rests on combat-type launcher as White Sands Missile Range technician makes final check. The North American-powered missile uses pre-packaged storable propellants and employs a modified inertial guidance and control concept.

9243. Hot exhaust gas billow from sides of Lance as the battlefield missile lifts of test stand at White Sands Missile Range. Manufacture of the missile's propellant propulsion system will start at North American's McAlester, Oklahoma plant in early 1967.

9244. Troop orientation exercises at Ft. Sill, Oklahoma in 1964 allowed early evaluation of the compatibility of the Lance missile and its launcher, and provided a means for checking the ability of ground troops to handle the system in battlefield conditions.

9245. Missile launcher for Army's Lance is readied for practice firing by troops at the Redstone Arsenal, Alabama.

9246. Two senior citizens enjoy Grand Lake.

9247. Philbrook Art Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

9248. Aerial view of Western Hills Lodge in Sequoyah State Park between Wagoner and Tahlequah, Oklahoma.

9249. Oil derrick in a field of corn.

9250-9252. Two senior citizens enjoy fishing. Also seen with their dog.

9253. Interior of the Philbrook Art Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

9254. Gilcrease Museum in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

9255. Oil derricks.

9256. Oklahoma State Capitol with oil derrick in foreground.

9257. Carl Albert and Majority Leader Hale Boggs at the Democratic National TV Show (1-hour telephone question and answer). January 1972.

9258. Carl Albert with Mel Ferber, the director of the Democratic National TV Show. January 1972.

9259. Carl Albert with Cecil Rhodes (son of John Rhodes) and John Brademas.

9260. Group at unidentified event. Large poster-size photo of Carl Albert in background. Included are David Hall, LaDonna Harris, Tom Steed, and Mary Frances Albert.

9261. Carl Albert with two unidentified men. One of the men is holding a giant gavel.

9262. Group of men with Carl Albert. Includes Ed Edmondson and John N. Happy Camp.

9263. New House Speaker Carl Albert gets a family greeting from his wife Mary Albert and daughter Mary Frances Albert after the opening of Congress. 1971 AP photo.

9264. New House Speaker Carl Albert gets a kiss at the Capitol from Lottie Ross, his first grade teacher at Bug Tussle. 1971 AP Photo.

9265-9266. Carl Albert speaking at the Waurika Dam groundbreaking ceremony. June 1971.

9267-9268. Group of men wielding shovels at the Waurika Dam groundbreaking ceremony. Carl Albert and Tom Steed present. June 1971.

9269. Crowd at the Waurika Dam groundbreaking ceremony. June 1971.

9270. Tom Steed speaking at the Waurika Dam groundbreaking ceremony. June 1971.

9271. Unidentified man speaking at the Waurika Dam groundbreaking ceremony. June 1971.

9272. Carl Albert speaking at the Waurika Dam groundbreaking ceremony. June 1971.

9273-9274. Carl Albert mingles with crowd at the Waurika Dam groundbreaking ceremony. June 1971.

9275. Carl Albert and unidentified military man holding a photo of the Broken Bow Dam and Reservoir.

9276. Carl Albert holding a architect's sketch of the Waurika Lake Overlook and Comfort Station.

9277. Several unidentified negatives. Perhaps a press conference.

9278. Several unidentified negatives. Delegation of men and women. Some images were taken at an airport.

9279-9386. Negatives of the Magna Carta ceremonies. Color.

9387. Negative of unidentified group of men and women.

9388. Negative of portrait of unidentified man.

9389. Three unidentified men in a field. Two of the men appear to be farmers.

9390. Portrait of Fred R. Harris.

9391. Painting of Carl Albert.

9392. Carl Albert visiting with a group of young men.

9393. Unidentified group in speaker's office.

9394-9395. Unidentified man.

9396-9419. Contact sheets of trip to Asia. Carl Albert shown in some. Several are USAID images.

9420-9430. Negatives of trip to Asia in August 1971; referred to as the IRRI trip.

9431. Gillespie V. Sessions and another man in front of a totem.

9432. Hulah Dam.

9433-9437. Construction of a Hulah Dam. See also 9451-9453.

9438. Series of photos and text from Wallace Byrd. Includes photo of Carl Albert, members of the Byrd family, and scenic places in Canada. Byrd family members shown: Jacqui Byrd, Hildegarde Byrd, Patti Byrd, Scott Byrd, Wallace Byrd, and Mark Byrd. Color.

9439. Photo album of projects in Oklahoma in which the Ozarks Regional Commission has participated with supplemental grants from 198 through July 1972. Color

9440. Photo album of Carl Albert's visit to the Agricultural Combine "Beograd."

9441. Apollo 15 astronauts with Carl Albert.

9442. Unidentified man and woman.

9443-9444. Unidentified people at party.

9445-9446. A. S. Mike Monroney with two young women and a young man. Same function as in 9443.

9447. Young people dancing at same party as in 9443.

9448. Post card of Wrangell Narrows, Alaska.

9449. Post card of hunter and bear he has killed. Alaska.

9450. Post card of Mendenhall Glacier, Alaska.

9451-9453. Construction of Hulah Dam. See also 9433-9437.

9454-9500. Series of slides of Magna Carta ceremonies (continues to 9589).

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