Lyle Boren
Photograph Collection

1-2. Guy C. Myers.

3. Levi S. Bisel of Wewoka, OK. 1940.

4. James R. Boulton. Circa 1938.

5. Rosemary Barnett with statue of a dog. Circa 1937.

6. Unidentified young woman standing on a porch. On back of photo is "This is to see if you remember me back at Seminole, Oklahoma. It was took out here."

7. "Gates swing open on another NYA project. The famous 101 Ranch where Oklahoma youth will be trained to be hospitable to be of service and to cooperate with others." Photo has signature of Phil Bird. 1939.

8. Mrs. C. W. Brown and family of Drumright, Oklahoma. 1945.

9. Norma N. Downs and black men. 1940.

10. Kenneth Eugene Ogle. He was 4 months, 6 days old at the time that this picture was taken. He weighed 17 pounds. Ogle was born on September 6, 1937.

11. Doyle Doss of Shawnee, Oklahoma. He was a candidate for an Annapolis appointment. Circa 1937.

12. Photo of wrought iron fence. A large building with a cross on the top is in the distance.

13. Homer and John May. Unsure if May is the last name.

14. Guarito Brock, the 7-year-old daughter of A. J. Brock of Ada, Oklahoma.

15. Lyle Downs, age 26 days. Downs was born on June 28, 1937. Photo courtesy of Turner Studio.

16. Norma Lee Andrus, age 21 months.

17. Two sailors on a street.

18. Two children with blocks. Children may be Asian.

19. Lyle Downs. On back of photo is note "Juanita Downs to Lyle Boren, April 4, 1939."

20. Negative of three soldiers standing in front of the U.S. Capitol. March 18, 1943. Negative in poor condition.

21. Walter Briggs in sailor uniform. Circa 1943-1944.

22. Charlotte Jean Hughes. This is a publicity photo.

23. Mrs. C. W. Brown (right) and her sister. Drumright, Oklahoma. 1945.

24. Duard Rosenbaum, Jr., age 11, and James Stephen Rosenbaum, age 2. They are the sons of Duard Rosenbaum, Sr. m November 4, 1945.

25. Rugged terrain.

26-28. Grassland or some type of crop.

29. South Ward delivers car to a Catholic priest circa 1938. There is additional information written on the photo concerning Catholics in Oklahoma.

30. South Ward with the Reverend A. P. Brown (could be A.B.) of Davis, Oklahoma, and Reverend Colbert of Ada, Oklahoma. They are standing in front of a car. Circa 1938. Photo has writing on it.

31. South Ward stands with Reverend A. P. Brown (could be A.B.), pastor in the Chickasha Baptist Association in Oklahoma. They are standing in front of a car. Circa 1938. Photo has writing on it.

32. LaLagunella, home of H. R. Antle in Seton Village, Santa Fe, New Mexico. Photo courtesy of H. R. Antle.

33. Library at N.M.U., Albuquerque, New Mexico. Photo courtesy of H. R. Antle.

34. Depiction of 1939-40 excavation of east wall. Stakes are in post holes. Pontotoc County, Oklahoma. Photo courtesy of H. R. Antle.

35. Dinner time at the dig. Pontotoc County, Oklahoma. 1940. Photo courtesy of H. R. Antle.

36. Man looking over native plants, including yucca, sotol, and cacti. Man may be H. R. Antle. Photo courtesy of H. R. Antle.

37. Indian mound, Neosho River. 1933-1935 operation. H. R. Antle and wife lived here for 2 and a half months. Photo courtesy of H. R. Antle.

38. Man standing on extensive prehistoric ruins in Sangre de Cristo range in New Mexico. Man may be H. R. Antle. Photo courtesy of H. R. Antle.

39. H. R. Antle digging Indians remains from the face of a 45 foot bluff hanging over the Washita River. Notice the rope by which he hands. Notation on back of photo says new Indian culture here. Photo taken in March 1942. Photo courtesy of H. R. Antle.

40-47. Series of photos from a soldier stationed in the Pacific theater during World War II. Some of the photos show scenes from Manila, The Philippines.

48. Photo of a painting of angels hovering over airplanes and a busy highway. There is the notation "On Earth Peace." Photo courtesy of Harris and Ewing of Washington, D.C.

49. Large group of predominantly men seated in an auditorium. There is a notation on the back that this could have been a meeting to protest a plan of early July 1941. Photo dated July 14, 1941.

50. Electrical department of B. F. Miller Hardware and Furniture Company. Five men are seated in the middle of boxes holding Norge refrigerators.

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Lyle H. Boren Collection Description
Lyle H. Boren Photo Collection Description
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