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101. Dallas Boren in kilt and other Scottish clothes, May 12 1944. Photo by American Red Cross?

102. Arlene Potter and Lewis Andrew, 1941.

103a-d. Four photographs of a young boy named Lyle Collins, 1940.

104. Lyle and Arville Collins, 1940.

105. Lyle Collins and a dog, 1940.

106a-b. Two photos of a barn and a horse. Photo by J. G. Estes?

107. Pasture and lake, 1941. Photo by J. G. Estes?

108. A four room house in the country, 1941. Photo by J. G. Estes?

109. Two photographs of Lyle W. Hamilton in a high chair, 1943. He is 8.5 months.

110. David Hamilton, 1943. He is 6.5 years old.

111. Lita Boren and her sons, 1943.

112. Clyde Boren and his sons, 1943.

113. Howard Davis and Ruth Caldwell Davis (standing) with two unidentified, older women sitting in front of them, 1944.

114. Unidentified man on a boat or dock. He is holding Lyle Boren's hat.

115. Cover of a Lyle Boren campaign flyer, 1944: "This Is No Time To Change Our Leadership." Neg only. Original in Lyle Boren Collection, Campaign Series.

116. Diamond shaped campaign novelty: "Good Morning! Mr. and Mrs. Voter, Don't Forget to Vote for Lyle H. Boren" Neg. Only. Original in Lyle Boren Collection, Campaign Series.

117. Cards with head shot of Lyle Boren (he is looking to the right) and printed inscription "With sincere regards, your congressman, Lyle H. Boren."

118. Small portrait of Lyle H. Boren (he is looking to the left).

119. Meeting of more than 1100 wheat farmers in Blackwell, Oklahoma, Tuesday night, July 1st. July 1, 1941. Morton Harvey, Ponca City, Oklahoma.

120-126. Seven photos of Ada, Oklahoma, ca. 1940: business district, Hotel Aldridge, East Central State College, First Baptist Church, Federal Building, Ada Evening News Building, and KADA radio station and tower.

127. Rock Island Railroad mechanical building number 7, Shawnee, Okla., ca. 1940. Building has sign on it that reads "Round and Porter Co."

128. Rock Island Railroad mechanical building number 7, Shawnee, Okla., ca. 1940. There is a car from a train outside of the building.

129. Business buildings, including First National Bank, Maud, Oklahoma, ca. 1940.

130. Swimming pool, Maud, Oklahoma, ca. 1940.

131. High school, Maud, Oklahoma, ca. 1940.

132. Various buildings, including Maud Motor Car, Maud, Oklahoma, ca. 1940.

133. Various buildings, including Tribbey's Radio and Electric and Maud Enterprise and Monitor, Maud, Oklahoma, ca. 1940.

134. First Baptist Church, Maud, Oklahoma, ca. 1940.

135. American Legion Hut, Maud, Oklahoma, ca. 1940.

136. Hotel, Maud, Oklahoma, ca. 1940.

137. Hospital, Maud, Oklahoma, ca. 1940.

138. Post Office, Seminole, Oklahoma, ca. 1940.

139. Bowling alley, Seminole, Oklahoma, ca. 1940.

140. Movie theater, Seminole, Oklahoma, ca. 1940.

141. Memorial Hall, Seminole, Oklahoma, ca. 1940.

142. Municipal auditorium and public library, Seminole, Oklahoma, ca. 1940.

143. High school and junior college, Seminole, Oklahoma, ca. 1940.

144. H. P. Chase and other men in the armed forces (Navy?) on a Japanese barge, ca. 1944, Vella LaVella.

145. Lyle and Christine Boren dancing. Copied from clipping in the scrapbook in box 3 of the Boren oversize material.

146. Lyle and Christine Boren shortly after their marriage. Copied from clipping in the scrapbook in box 2 of the Boren oversize material.

147-148. Case of Paul Bull Bear. Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, South Dakota. ca. 1938.

149. Shawnee Indian Sanitorium-buildings of the institution. Shawnee, Oklahoma. ca. 1938.

150. Mary Frances Burnside-one of Boren's secretaries. Originally attached to her resume which is dated December 21, 1942.

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Lyle H. Boren Collection Description
Lyle H. Boren Photo Collection Description
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