Wilburn Cartwright
Photograph Collection

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229-233. Wilburn and Jed Johnson in front of a house, 1927. Various photos.

234-235. Johnson and Cartwright at James Randolph's tomb, 1927. Two different photos.

236. Cartwrights and others on Monticello lawn, 1927.

237. Wilburn Cartwright holding Jed Johnson's child, 1927.

238. Cartwright family in Mt. Manitou, Colorado summit train. In bottom car: Wilburn and Wilburta, in second car: Thomas Staggs, Doralyn and Carrie, August, 1931.

239-240. View of ocean from ship, Panama trip, 1932. Two different photos.

241. Haitian on donkey, Port-au-Prince, Haiti, 1932.

242. Haitian leading donkey, by river, Haiti, 1932.

243. Haitian woman with basket on head,, leading donkey, Port-au-Prince, Haiti, 1932.

244. Haitian man with three baskets on his head, Port-au-Prince, Haiti, 1932.

245. Haitian cranary, man beside it, view of Haitian countryside, 1932.

246. Women sorting coffee beans, Haiti, 1932.

247. Outdoor market, buildings, and church in background, Port-au-Prince, Haiti, 1932.

248. Bus carrying people, bedrolls, and baskets, Port-au-Prince, Haiti, 1932.

249. Outdoor market, and two churches, Haiti, 1932.

250. Street scene, with buildings, horse and carriage, Port-au-Prince, Haiti, 1932.

251. Government buildings and gazebo, ocean in background, Port-au-Prince, Haiti, 1932.

252. Doralyn and Wilburta Cartwright in outdoor market, Panama, 1932.

253-256. Outdoor market, 1932. Various photos.

257-259. Panama street scene, 1932. Various photos.

260-266. Doralyn and Wilburta Cartwright at Niagara Falls, circa 1933.

267. Cartwright family sitting on stone fence. Niagara Falls.

268-270. Doralyn and Wilburta Cartwright on the U.S.S. President Grant deck, with view of Pacific Ocean, 1935. Various photos.

271-274. Doralyn and Wilburta Cartwright in Japanese kimonos, holding parasols and dolls, aboard ship. Various photos.

275. Oriental man on ship's deck, 1935.

276-285. Various Japanese postcards.

286. Pagoda and cherry blossoms, Japan. Photographer - Tokyo Nichinichi. Postcard.

287. Aerial view of Tokyo business center, circa 1935. Postcard.

288. Kyoto Aoi Festival. Postcard.

289. Pagoda, river and cherry trees, Nara. Postcard.

290. View of Yokohama harbor, circa 1935. Postcard.

291. Mt. Fuji and Lake Ashi. Postcard.

292. Maya Temple, Kobe.

293. Street scene, Kobe, circa 1935.

294. Cinema hall at Shinkaichi, Kobe, circa 1935.

295. Kobe Harbor, circa 1935.

296. Nunobiki Waterfall, Kobe.

297. Japanese woman and child walking in Suma Park, Kobe.

298. Panoramic view of city and harbor, Kobe, circa 1935.

299-300. Minatogawa Park, Kobe.

301. Ikuta Shrine, Kobe.

302. Panoramic view of Kobe, circa 1935.

303. Daibutsu Shinko Temple, Hyogo, Kobe.

304. Cartwright family and Japanese woman standing in front of bronze Buddha. Kamakura, Japan, 1935.

305. View of small boats in the harbor, Shanghai, China, photo taken from the U.S.S. President Grant.

306-310. Various photos of Shanghai harbor.

311. Doralyn and Wilburta Cartwright playing with rickshaw in W. K. Nance home backyard, Shanghai, 1935.

312. Wilburta Cartwright, Doralyn Cartwright, Daphne Mahon, and two other children on bamboo jungle gym, Nance home, Shanghai.

313-315. Children on jungle gym, Shanghai. Various photos.

316. Wilburta Cartwright, Doralyn Cartwright, three unidentified children, and Daphne Mahon, on bench, Nance home, Shanghai, 1935.

317. Wilburn Cartwright looking at snakes on a table, outdoors, China.

318. Luncheon party group, posed outdoors; Wilburn Cartwright, second row, 7th from left. Nam Yuen Restaurant, Canton, 1935.

319. Canton street scene, office of A-Chan, photographer and dentist, Chinese men on sidewalk. Photographer - Ah Fong.

320. Panoramic view of Canton and harbor. Photographer - Ah Fong.

321. Chinese woman leading bullock, in countryside. Photographer - Ah Fong.

322. Workers unloading goods from ship to take to warehouse, Hong Kong, 1935.

323. Cartwright family in rickshaws, Hong Kong, 1935.

324. Cartwright family in rickshaws, Doralyn and Wilburta, in middle one, looking at Carrie, Hong Kong.

325. Nipa house in Balwag, Philippines. Postcard.

326. The Philippines' "White House," Malacanang. Postcard.

327. Bullocks pulling carts with copra and abaca, Philippine Islands.

328. Small village, Philippine Islands.

329. People dancing in flag decorated cabaret, Manila.

330. Bamboo organ in Las Pinas church, Rizal Province, Philippine Islands, Father Hubaux standing by organ.

331. Wilburn Cartwright and two Filipinos, one of them pointing to the islands on a globe.

332. Filipino soldiers, Colonel Gingery and Colonel Steffin.

333. Crowd watching departure of U.S.S. President Jefferson, Honolulu, Hawaii, 1935.

334. Passengers embarking on U.S.S. President Jefferson, Honolulu.

335. Cartwright family, wearing leis, on U.S.S. President Jefferson, Honolulu.

336. Wilburn Cartwright, Doralyn Cartwright, and other passengers on U.S.S. President Jefferson.

337. Wilburta Cartwright, Doralyn Cartwright and Daphne Mahon wearing leis, descending ship staircase, Wilburn watching.

338. Wilburta Cartwright, Daphne Mahon, and Doralyn Cartwright wearing leis, standing in front of three men, on ship.

339. Wilburn Cartwright, Wilburta Cartwright, Vice President John Garner, Doralyn Cartwright, Mrs. Garner and Carrie Cartwright, with leis, on ship.

339B. Group on deck of ship. Includes Cartwright family and members of congressional delegation.

340. Wilburta Cartwright, Hawaiian woman, Wilburn, Doralyn and Carrie, on ship.

341. Cartwright family leaning against ship's rail.

342. Aboard the Beemsterdyke, a Dutch cargo ship, on the Atlantic Ocean. Front: crewman, Wilburta. Back: Doralyn, Wilburn, passenger; Summer, 1938.

343. On the ship, front: Doralyn, Wilburn and Wilburta Cartwright; back: passengers and officers.

344. On the ship, front: Doralyn, Wilburn, Wilburta Cartwright and ship officer; back: passenger, Carrie and other passengers.

345. Cartwright family, officers and passengers, on ship, by life boat.

346. Carrie, Wilburta, Doralyn Cartwright, other passengers and officers, on ship's deck.

347. Officer, Doralyn Cartwright, Wilburta Cartwright, seated on life boat; and Carrie Cartwright, Wilburn Cartwright and officer standing in front, on ship's deck.

348. Wilburta Cartwright holding dog, officer and Doralyn Cartwright on ship's deck.

349. Wilburta and Doralyn Cartwright leaning against ship's rail.

350. Queen Mary of England. Photographer - Dorothy Wilding. Postcard.

351. George VI, King of England. Photographer - Dorothy Wilding. Postcard.

352. Westminster Abbey, London.

353. Westminster Abbey, buses outside. Postcard.

354. St. Paul's Cathedral, London. Postcard.

355. Pool of London and Tower bridge, ship under bridge.

356. Tower and Tower bridge, London. Panoramic view.

357. London tower and bridge. Panoramic view. Postcard.

358. The Green, King's house at Tower of London.

359. St. Peter's Chapel and place of execution, Tower of London.

360. St. Peter's Chapel interior, Tower of London.

361. Yeomen of the Guard (Beefeaters), Tower of London.

362. Tower of London, Guard.

363. Byward Tower, Tower of London.

364. Bloody and Wakefield Towers, Tower of London.

365. Bloody Tower gateway and Traitor's Gate, Tower of London.

366. Traitor's Gate, Tower of London.

367. Execution site, Tower of London.

368. The Crown Jewels, Tower of London.

369. The Cenotaph, London.

370. The Wellington Arch, London.

371. Admiralty Arch, London.

372. Trafalgar Square, London.

373. Picadilly Circus, London.

374. The Embankment, London.

375. The Horse Guards, London.

376. Changing the guard, Horse Guards, London.

377. Entrance and Guards, Buckingham Palace.

378. Houses of Parliament, London, drawing.

379. Congress Column, Brussels, Belgium.

380. Tomb of an unknown Belgian soldier, Brussels.

381. Fifty Jubilee's Arcade, Brussels.

382. St. Gudule Church.

383. Brouckere's Square, Brussels.

384. King's house and flower market, Brussels.

385. North Station, Brussels.

386. General view of Market place, Brussels.

387. The Exchange, Brussels.

388. The Post Office, Brussels.

389. Farm of the Haie-Sainte, Waterloo, Belgium. Photographer - Zichtkaarten Nels.

390. Hougoumont. The farm, Waterloo. Photographer - Zichtkaarten Nels.

391. Farm of Mont-Saint-Jean, Waterloo. Photographer - Zichtkaarten Nels.

392. The "Belle Alliance" Farm, Waterloo. Photographer - Zichtkaarten Nels.

393. Panorama of Waterloo battlefield. Photographer - Zichtkaarten Nels.

394. The Lion and the Panorama, Waterloo. Photographer - Zichtkaarten Nels.

395. The Lion, Waterloo. Photographer - Zichtkaarten Nels.

396. Belgian Monument, Waterloo. Photographer - Zichtkaarten Nels.

397. French Monument, Waterloo. Photographer - Zichtkaarten Nels.

398. The Three monuments, Waterloo. Photographer - Zichtkaarten Nels.

399. Zorgulier Park, The Hague, Netherlands.

400. Park with canal, The Hague.

401. Canal, buildings at water's edge, The Hague.

402. Boat in canal, buildings at water's edge, The Hague.

403-404. Street scene, The Hague.

405. Palace, The Hague.

406. King's Palace, The Hague

407. Official building, The Hague.

408. State House, The Hague.

409. Church, The Hague.

410. Government building, The Hague.

411. Ter Borch, by DeBrief, from a Hague picture gallery.

412. Gerard Dou, by Jonge Moeder.

413. Portrait of a Woman, by Holbein.

414. Ostade, by Vloolspeler.

415. Paulus Potter, by Jonge Stier.

416. Anatomy Class, by Rembrandt.

417. Rembrandt's Brother, by Rembrandt.

418. De Biechtvader, by Rubens.

419. Hönderhof, by Jan Steen.

420. Zoo de Ouden Zongen, by Jan Steen.

421. Memorial, with Statue, by Rudesheim, Germany.

422. Tower, and ship, in Rhine; mountains in background, Germany.

423. The Lorelei, ships passing by in Rhine.

424. Bacharach, Rhine Village, Germany.

425. Koblenz, Germany, panoramic view.

426. The Council House, St. Martins and cathedral viewed across the Rhine, Cologne, Germany.

427. Mainz, Germany, viewed from across the Rhine.

428. Castle on mountains, on the Rhine, Germany.

429. Castle ruins on mountains near the Rhine, Germany.

430. Castle of the "Good Rocks," on mountains overlooking the Rhine.

431. Castle on the Rhine, ship passing by, Germany.

432. Castle of Stolzenfelrock, overlooking the Rhine, Germany.

433. "Maus" Castle, in the mountains, on Rhine, Germany.

434. Katz Castle, ships in the Rhine, Germany.

435. Castle built of rocks, by Rhine.

436. Ruins of the Dragon's Castle, on the Rhine, Germany.

437. Cartwright family and other tourists posed in front of building, Prague, Czechoslovakia, 1938.

438. Wenzeslaus Square, Prague, viewed from above.

439. The Old Town Square, Prague.

440. Bridges and buildings, Prague, panoramic view.

441. Old Town's bridge tower, Prague.

442. Alchemists' street, Prague.

443. The golden lane, where the alchemists lived, Prague.

444. Church tower, Prague.

445. Charles Bridge, nighttime, Prague.

446. Charles Bridge and the castle (Hradcany) Prague, view from end of bridge.

447. Charles Bridge and castle, Prague, view from water's edge.

448. Charles Bridge and castle, Prague, looking across bridge.

449. The Castle, Prague.

450. The Castle, view of top, Prague.

451. Romanesque church of St. George's Cathedral, Prague.

452. Cathedral of St. Vitus, Prague.

453. St. Wenceslas Chapel, Prague.

454. Vladislav Hall, Prague.

455. The Spanish Hall, Prague.

456. Cathedral interior, Prague.

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Wilburn Cartwright Collection Description
Wilburn Cartwright Photo Collection Description
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