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2751. Robert S. Kerr giving a speech while standing in the back of a pickup truck. Courtesy of Leo Whitlow, Eufaula, Oklahoma.

2752. Robert S. Kerr and his son Bill at oil rig. Courtesy of Roy Christian.

2753. Jim Phillips of Phillips Petroleum and Robert S. Kerr stand near a Kerlyn Oil Company tank. Back of photo says it is #1 Classen near Bethany. Courtesy of Roy Christian.

2754. Robert S. Kerr in military uniform on horseback. c. 1917.

2755. Breene Kerr (in dark glasses) stands with unidentified man. There is a structure, perhaps under construction, behind them. Color.

2756. Young boy with dog sits by a swimming pool. Color.

2757. Young boy wearing pajamas laying on the floor. Color.

2758. Teenage boy stands on dock. Color. 1976.

2759. Close-up of young boy. Color.

2760. Group of unidentified people stand before a painting. All are wearing name badges. Breene Kerr may be second from the left. Color.

2761. Breene Kerr (?) with small boy in a car. Back of the photo says "The racers, Nichols Hills July 4th parade, 1964." Color.

2762a-k. Negatives of Robert S. Kerr sitting in an office.

2763. Photo of an unidentified family which shows parents and three children-Arthur, Victor, and Hulda. On the back of the photo is information written in German. c. 1900.

2764. Family sitting on the porch of home. Some of those shown are also in photo 2763. c. 1900.

2765. Young boy sitting on a bench with his dog. Appears to be from the same family as shown in photo 2763 and 2764. c. 1900.

2766a-ii. Series of slides. Aerial views of region showing mountains, forests, water. Possibly is Alaska. Color.

2767a-jj. Series of slides. Aerial views of Alaska. Some are labeled by location, including Mulchatna River, Kvichak, Nushagak Plain, Roadhouse Mountain, Chulitna, Lake Clark, and Black Peak. Color.

2768a-f. Series of slides of probably Alaska. 1958. Color.

2769a-i. Series of slides of a boy playing basketball. 1974. Color.

2770. Robert S. Kerr speaking into microphone which has call letters KCRC. Kerr is wearing an overcoat and is holding his glasses.

2771. Battalion "F" 160th F.A. O.N.G. Shows military men lined up. There are tents, guns, and horses in the background. Courtesy of Electric Studio, Lawton, Oklahoma. Photo is faded. Oversize.

2772. Kerrvettes of Tulsa, 1960. Photo is a collage of images of the Kerrvettes campaigning for Robert S. Kerr. There is an image of Kerr in the center of the grouping which shows the senator having a sandwich with a group of the Kerrvettes. Oversize.

2773. Robert S. Kerr stands near a plaque from the citizens of McCurtain and LeFlore counties honoring him for his leadership in the development of roads, water, recreation, and forests. 1959. Color. Oversize.

2774. Portrait of George W. Anderson, Admiral, U.S. Navy, Chief of Naval Operations. July 3, 1961. Color. Autographed by Anderson. Courtesy U.S. Navy. Oversize.

2775. Robert S. Kerr (wearing raincoat) speaks to a group of citizens at the train station. There is a railroad car to the side of the crowd which has a sign "... contributed by Oklahoma farmers and businessmen of Kingfisher, Cashion, Okeene, Oklahoma." Oversize.

2776. Robert S. Kerr poses with a group of unidentified men. They are all wearing cowboy hats. Oversize. Photo has a crease down one side and has been torn.

2777. Portrait of unidentified man. Appears to be a copy of a charcoal drawing. Courtesy of Lupas. Oversize.

2778. Portrait of Dean McGee. Appears to be a copy of a charcoal drawing. Courtesy of Lupas. Oversize.

2779. Portrait of John F. Kennedy. Appears to be a copy of a charcoal drawing. Courtesy of Lupas. Oversize.

2780. Portrait of Ed Flynn. Appears to be a copy of a charcoal drawing. Courtesy of Hal Bruntsch. Oversize.

2781. Portrait of an unidentified man. Appears to be a copy of a charcoal drawing. Courtesy of Lupas. Oversize.

2782. Portrait of Lyndon B. Johnson. Appears to be a copy of a charcoal drawing. Courtesy of Lupas. Oversize.

2783. Portrait of Robert S. Kerr. Appears to be a copy of a charcoal drawing. Courtesy of Lupas. Oversize.

2784. Portrait of Robert S. Kerr. Oversize.

2785. Portrait of John F. Kennedy. Poster size. Located in map case.

2786. Carl Albert with map of Oklahoma behind him. Autographed: "To the Honorable Robert S. Kerr, if there is a greater man, I have never met him. The number one son of Oklahoma, from his friend. Carl Albert. January 15, 1962." Located in map case.

2787a-c. Scenes from the 1944 Democratic National Convention. Copied from the Chicago Times, July 20, 1944. Located in map case.

2788. Pipelines. Color. Located in map case.

2789. "'Bobby Brocato' wins the Santa Anita Handicap." Bobby Brocato was a horse owned by Mr. and Mrs. T. M. Kerr. Shows various scenes from the race. Located in map case. Photo has been torn.

2790. Aerial view of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Located in map case.

2791. Range bosses for the Y.M.C.A. membership drive. Seated from the left are H. Earle North, J. P. Battenberg, and Robert S. Kerr. Standing is Fred Porter. The men are wearing cowboy attire. Their kerchiefs have been colorized. September 21, 1936. Courtesy of the Oklahoma Publishing Company. Located in map case.

2792. Unidentified man standing near a metal building. There are oil wells in the background. Photo has been damaged. Located in map case.

2793. "Hyland Marshall 1994474." This is a photo of an Angus bull at the Kermac Angus Ranch, Poteau, Oklahoma. Located in map case.

2794. Photo of a desert area. There is a truck going down a road. There is also a horse-drawn wagon. Located in map case.

2795. Four Square Sunday School Class, First Baptist Church. Robert S. Kerr Supper Party. November 14, 1952. There is a list of those in attendance available. Located in map case.

2796. Photo of the Pioneer Woman statue. Located in map case.

2797. Poster size portrait of Robert S. Kerr. Located in map case.

2798. Chairman Flynn's dinner for Democratic National Committee members and members of state organizations. Mayflower Hotel, Washington, D.C. January 20, 1941. Robert S. Kerr and Grayce Kerr are seated at a table to the right. Courtesy of Tenschert. Located in map case.

2799. Flood waters around the post office in Waurika, Oklahoma, 1941.

2800a-d. Flood waters in Waurika, Oklahoma, May 1951.

2800e. Flood waters along U.S. Highway 81, three miles north of Ryan, Oklahoma, May 1951.

2801. River traffic, probably along the Arkansas River.

2802a-e. Floods in Bixby, Oklahoma.

2803a-e. Aerial photos of the Canton Dam and Reservoir. Sepia tone. March 1949. Courtesy of Aerial Photo Service, Tulsa, Oklahoma.

2804a-b. Flood waters along the North Canadian River at the bridge north of Yukon, Oklahoma, on State Highway 4. Water from the Canton Reservoir. 1951.

2805a-j. Views of Verdigris River in northeastern Oklahoma. Some are aerial photos and show flooding. Photos a-e are courtesy of Aerial Photo Services of Tulsa. Photos a-e are all from July 1951; photos 2805f-i are from 1941; photo 2805j is from 1943.
a-e. Aerial views of oil fields looking north across U.S. Highway 60.
f. Oil storage tanks in upper reaches of Oologah Reservoir showing high water stains and overturned tank.
g. Harmon-Whitehill power plant in Verdigris River Valley southeast of Coodys Bluff.
h-i. Close-up of Phillips Petroleum Company oil well located in Verdigris River Valley northeast of Coodys Bluff.
j. Phillips Petroleum Company water pressure plant for secondary recovery located in Verdigris River Valley east of Coodys Bluff.

2806a-l. Series of photos of flood waters in Enid, Oklahoma. July 1950. Courtesy of Enid Eagle-News.

2807a-g. Series of photos which accompanied a report by Pate Engineering on the Eufaula Dam on the water supply and sewerage system of Eufaula, Oklahoma. Shows well supply, treatment facilities, and operator's house. [1956]. Courtesy of Pate Engineering.

2808a-b. Architect's rendering of lodges possibly at Eufaula Dam and Reservoir. 1961. Courtesy of Jacoby's Photo Service of Oklahoma City.

2809a-l. Series of photos of Eufaula Dam and related structures. Photo 2809k shows highway and railroad relocation. Photo 2809-l shows one of the state lodges near Checotah under construction.

2810a-b. Poor roads near Fort Gibson Dam in Oklahoma. [1961]

2811. Trailer house of Flynn Gosnell of Fort Gibson. 1959.

2812a-b. Aerial views of Fort Supply Dam, Spillway, and Gate Tower. April 1948. Courtesy of Aerial Photo Service of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

2813a-c. Fort Gibson Dam on the Grand (Neosho) River, Oklahoma. March 1949. Photos 2813a-b are courtesy of W. F. Graif of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Photo 2813c is courtesy of the Corps of Engineers.
a-b. Aerial view of the Fort Gibson Dam.
c. Fort Gibson Dam, looking northwest from a point 50 feet downstream normal to station 22+50A, showing progress on spillway and tainter gates.

2814a-l. Series of aerial photos of flooded land in northeastern Oklahoma. Courtesy of Easton Studio of Muskogee, Oklahoma.
a. View is looking northwest toward Webbers Falls. Canadian River is in the foreground.
b. View is looking up the Grand River with the Arkansas River in the foreground. City water plant is in the left.
c. View is looking north from Highway 62. Arkansas River is on the left.
d. View is looking northeast across the Fort Gibson bottoms from south of the Arkansas River.
e. Fort Gibson Dam with gates open.
f. View looking northeast across the Fort Gibson bottoms.
g. View looking south down the Grand River from below the dam.
h. View looking southwest over Gore toward Webber Falls.
i. View looking west over Fort Gibson.
j. View looking south over the River Bank Power Plant.
k. View looking south down the Arkansas River. Grand River is on the left.
l. View looking north over Webber Falls bottoms.

2815a-d. Flood waters in a town on the Beaver Cow Creek. May 18, 1951.

2816a-f. Series of photos of Wister Dam.
a. Overall view of the project looking south. Government drilling rig in operation on the upstream berm is visible in the lower center of the photo. April 6, 1949. Courtesy of Aerial Photo Service of Tulsa, Oklahoma.
b. View looking northeast across the main embankment with the gate tower in the foreground and with pile driving operations visible left of the center of the photo. The operations and maintenance crew is dressing the slope above the downstream berm (center of the photo). April 6, 1949. Courtesy of Aerial Photo Service of Tulsa, Oklahoma.
c. View looking west across the main embankment to the gate tower. Water action has removed protection stone from both sides of the outlet channel below the stilling basin. April 6, 1949. Courtesy of Aerial Photo Service of Tulsa, Oklahoma.
d. View of the dike looking north showing the completed guardrails with six guide posts at the far end. The emergency channel is complete. April 6, 1949. Courtesy of Aerial Photo Service of Tulsa, Oklahoma.
e. View looking south along dam embankment from PI station. Shows completed embankment after guard rails have been erected. March 6, 1949. Courtesy of Army Corps of Engineers.
f. View looking west across embankment to the gate tower.

2817a-c. Color photos of the Kerr-McGee uranium mill at Grants, New Mexico. 1959. Courtesy of Manley Commercial Photography. Photos are very clear but the color has become very pink.

2818. Color photo of "The Singing Kermacs," the Kerr-McGee barbershop chorus. 1961.

2819a-g. Color photos of hay baling and a barn on the Kermac Ranch near Poteau. The man in the white shirt is Sam Sorrels. 1955. The photos are very clear but the color has become pink.

2820a-d. Color photos of fields at the Kermac Ranch near Poteau, Oklahoma. There is an unidentified man shown in a couple of the images. 1955. The photos are very clear but the color has become pink.

2821a-i. Color photos of fields at the Kermac Ranch near Poteau, Oklahoma. There are unidentified men in some of the images. 1955. The photos are very clear but the color has become pink.

2822. Color photo of Bar F Bar Steers in Colorado feedlot. 1955.

2823. Color photo of remuda in the corral at the Gove Co. Ranch in Healy, Kansas. 1955.

2824. Aerial photo of Kermac Mill in New Mexico. Uranium processed in the mill. 1959. Courtesy of Pueblo Photo Service of Cubero, New Mexico.

2825. Portrait of Dean A. McGee, president of Kerr-McGee Oil Industries, Inc. Courtesy of ?hard-Lee Portraits of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

2826. Portrait of A. T. F. Seale, vice president in charge of manufacturing, Kerr-McGee Oil Industries, Inc.

2827. Kerr-McGee service station at night. There is a sign which says "grand opening, October 21." Courtesy of Harry Bennett of Dallas, Texas.

2828a-d. Series of aerial photos of an off-shore drilling rig. July 18, 1962. Courtesy of Jack Beech Industrial Photography of New Orleans, Louisiana.

2829a-e. Series of photos of uranium mill operated by Kerr-McGee Oil Industries at Shiprock, New Mexico.
a. Conveyor system moves uranium-bearing ore from sampling plant to the main mill.
b. Uranium producers in the Four Corners area bring their ore to this sampling plant located adjacent to the Shiprock concentrator mill owned by Kerr-McGee.
c. Equipment which comprises the classifier section of the uranium concentrator mill operated. In this step, uranium oxide in acid solution is separated from the feed ore.
d. Thickener tanks, where uranium-bearing ore in acid solution is clarified, are in the foreground of this photo. The mill's sampling plant is in the background.
e. The $3 million uranium ore processing plant at Shiprock, New Mexico, owned by Kerr McGee, the oil company in the U.S. to operate a uranium mill and one of the few with uranium mines.

2830a-e. Series of aerial photos showing erosion on the Poteau River on the Kermac Ranch near Poteau, Oklahoma. Two images also show barns, pens, and cattle grazing. April 1961. Courtesy of T. S. Carter, engineer with Missouri, Kansas and Texas Lines.

2831a-d. Color photos of State 4-H and FFA Field Day, 1961, at Kermac Farms, Edmond, Oklahoma. Robert S. Kerr is in photos 2831b and 2831d. Courtesy of Evergreen Mills, Ada, Oklahoma. Color has become very pink.

2832. Part of the more than 300 FFA and 4-H Club members from every section of Oklahoma are shown judging a class of Angus bull calves at the recent Kermac Ranch field day near Edmond, Oklahoma. The contestants judged six classes of Angus. 1961. Courtesy of the American Angus Association.

2833a-b. Aerial views of possibly the Kermac Ranch, near Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. October 1961. Courtesy of the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation.

2834a-c. Color photos at the Kermac Ranch, near Poteau, Oklahoma.
a. Robert S. Kerr sits on a brick wall.
b. Paul Keesee, Meade Horton, Robert S. Kerr, Harrington Wimberly, and an unidentified boy stand in a field, possibly of alfalfa.
c. Meade Horton, Harrington Wimberly, and Paul Keesee look at an Angus bull.

2835a-e. Series of photos taken at the studios of KRMG. Robert S. Kerr is shown in all of them. Courtesy of Hopkins Photography of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

2836a-b. Photos of a Rottweiler.

2837a-c. Little Nussie Bradford, the dog in the advertisements for Presto Mange Remedy Company. Courtesy of Presto Mange Remedy Company.

2838a-b. Grayce Kerr poses with a Cocker Spaniel which is dressed in a Cheeta suit. Courtesy of F. Clyde Wilkinson of Arlington, Virginia.

2839. Baptist Church in Fairview, Oklahoma. 1953.

2840. Mat X. Beard gives speech at laying of cornerstone for new hospital in Avenal, California. There is a sign in the background welcoming Governor Earl Warren. 1950.

2841. Portrait of A. C. "Jim" Boatsman.

2842. Graytex Drilling Rig #2. Courtesy of Royce Photographers of Wichita Falls, Texas.

2843a-b. The Lemley family.

2844. Johnnie Cook. 1958.

2845a-d. Series of photos of the Kenneth Crusoe family.

2846. Charles Evans, Oklahoma educator. He also worked for the Oklahoma Historical Society. 1961.

2847. Portrait of Barry Goldwater. Courtesy of Louis Lupas.

2848. Portrait of Richard M. Nixon. Courtesy of Louis Lupas.

2849. Portrait of Crawford H. Greenewalt, president of E. I. Du Pont de Nemours. Courtesy of du Pont; credit KARSH, Ottawa.

2850. Grand and Reserve Grand Champion Steers at the Muskogee District Junior Livestock Show. From the left are Chucky Stacy, Wagoner; Everet Stacy, Wagoner and father of the two exhibitors; Gaston Franks, county agent; Don Taylor, associate county agent; and Denna Kay Stacy, Wagoner. 1962. Courtesy of Perry's Studio of Wagoner, Oklahoma.

2851. Elmer B. Parks seated at his desk.

2852. Rear Admiral William F. Raborn, Jr. accepts his promotion to vice admiral during ceremonies in the office of the Secretary of Navy, William B. Franke (left). Pinning on his new shoulder boards are his wife, Mildred (right) and Mrs. Dan A. Kimball, wife of the former secretary of the Navy (center). September 8, 1960. Courtesy of the U.S. Navy.

2853. Julian J. Rothbaum (center), the district director of the Federal Housing Administration in Tulsa, signs papers approving the rental housing loan in the amount of $704,700 for Morton Harrison. There is a photo of Robert S. Kerr in the background. June 30, 1949. Courtesy of Bob Hawks of Tulsa.

2854. Lillie Reed Smith of Austin, Texas. Smith was one of Kerr's elementary school teachers. January 1956.

2855. Robert S. Kerr with Nancy Jo Nolan from the National Home of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, Buddy Poppy Department. 1950. Courtesy of the Veterans of Foreign Wars.

2856a-d. Robert S. Kerr at Westover Baptist Church, Arlington, Virginia. June 15, 1958.
a-b. Kerr with Rev. John Raymond, associate pastor at left, and W. E. Harvey, president, Patrick Henry Sunday School class at right.
c-d. Kerr speaking to Sunday School class at the church.

2857. Robert S. Kerr (third from left) visits with Attorney General Tom C. Clark (fourth from left) while three other unidentified men look on. Clark was in Oklahoma City as the main speaker for the YMCA-YWCA building fund campaign dinner in May 1949. Courtesy of Johnny Melton.

2858a-c. Robert S. Kerr speaks at the International Crossroads Sunday Morning Breakfast at the YMCA in Washington, D.C. Photo 2858a shows Kerr speaking while the other images show Kerr with an unidentified man. 1949.

2859. Fundraising dinner for the Oklahoma City YMCA. In the center of the photo are Breene Kerr and Robert S. Kerr, Jr. 1959. Courtesy of George T. Hale of Oklahoma City.

2860. Portrait of Grayce Kerr. Donated to the Carl Albert Center by Kay Kerr Adair.

2861. Margaret "Maggie" Kerr, mother of Robert S. Kerr. Donated to the Carl Albert Center by Kay Kerr Adair.

2862. A portrait of a young Grayce Kerr. She is wearing a large hat with a feather. Donated to the Carl Albert Center by Kay Kerr Adair.

2863. Robert S. Kerr sits on a porch swing with his mother, Margaret "Maggie" Kerr. Donated to the Carl Albert Center by Kay Kerr Adair.

2864. Robert S. Kerr with his first wife, Reba Shelton Kerr. Donated to the Carl Albert Center by Kay Kerr Adair.

2865. Group of people in a pear orchard. Shown are William Samuel "Sam" Kerr (father of Robert S. Kerr) fourth from the left, Robert S. Kerr (fifth from the left) and Reba Shelton Kerr (first wife of Robert S. Kerr)at the far right. Donated to the Carl Albert Center by Kay Kerr Adair.

Photos 2866-2873 (which contain only negatives) were donated to the Carl Albert Center by the Senate Historical Office. This office asked that the negatives be added to the senator's photo collection.

2866. Robert S. Kerr with an unidentified Cub Scout. January 5, 1959. Negative.

2867a-c. Robert S. Kerr and A. S. "Mike" Monroney with Cy Tuma of KOTV. January 6, 1959. Negative.

2868. Robert S. Kerr and two unidentified men look over documents. January 14, 1959. Negative.

2869. Robert S. Kerr and an unidentified school group on the steps of the U.S. Capitol. April 13, 1959. Negative.

2870. Robert S. Kerr with an unidentified group of men, one of whom is wearing a military uniform. April 14, 1959. Negative.

2871. Robert S. Kerr and A. S. "Mike" Monroney with an unidentified group of women in a dining room. June 10, 1959. Negative.

2872a-b. Robert S. Kerr meets with unidentified visitors. August 27, 1959. Negative.

2873. Robert S. Kerr and A. S. "Mike" Monroney with a group of unidentified men in a television studio. September 11, 1959. Negative.

2874. Sam and Margaret "Maggie" Kerr, parents of Robert S. Kerr. Donated to the Carl Albert Center by Susan Gardenhire in July 2009.

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