Josh Lee
Photograph Collection

1. Oklahoma congressional delegation with Thomas P. Gore and Robert L. Owen. Standing from left: Victor Wickersham, Ross Rizley, Paul Walker, Wilburn Cartwright, Lyle Boren, Wesley Disney. Seated from left: Jed Johnson Sr., Elmer Thomas, Thomas P. Gore, Robert L. Owen and Josh Lee. ca. 1940s. Autographed by seven.

2. Josh Lee and three other gentlemen.

3. Mr. and Mrs. Josh Lee in center, two other couples. The celebratory cake has Indian decorations.

4-5. Construction of the four faces of Mt. Rushmore.

6. Profile of George Washington's head at Mt. Rushmore. Autographed.

7. Closeup of one of the faces of Mt. Rushmore. Autographed.

8. Mt. Rushmore under construction. View of Washington and Lincoln.

9. President Harry S. Truman at the Senate Chambers in Washington D.C.

10. Josh Lee in riding gear holding reins of horse.

11. Josh Lee in military uniform (group portrait). He is seated, far left. February 1919, France.

12. Josh Lee, State Chairman Poulson, and four other men riding in car during the 1937 Picnic parade.

13. Josh Lee and two other men. Autographed.

14. Josh Lee and four other men. All wearing overcoats, they are outdoors. 1941 Atlantic City.

15. Josh Lee boarding an airplane (American Overseas Airlines). Taken at the Shannon, Ireland, airport in 1948. Courtesy of the Civil Aeronautics Board.

16. A cocktail party given by S.J. Roll, general manager of Pan American Argentina, June 30 1943. From left: Thomas L. Hughes, Stuart Tipton, Josh Lee, S. J. Ross, Norman Armour, and Eduardo Bradley.

17. Franklin D. Roosevelt seated at desk.

18. Charter members of the Nu Omega of Phi Gamma Delta. Ca 1940. Last names only listed.

19. Senator Josh Lee at his desk, pen in hand.

20. Josh Lee as a young soldier in Europe.

21. Josh Lee, studio portrait.

22. Studio portrait, Josh Lee wearing a hat, with collar upturned.

23-26. Josh Lee, Stuart Tipton, and others.

27. Josh Lee surrounded by women in Indian dress. News Photos by Jerry Allred.

28-29. Josh Lee aiming a bow and arrow. There is an Indian on each side of him.

30. Josh Lee posing on steps with Gene Autry and his horse Champion, Rep. Will Rogers, Jed Johnson Sr., Elmer Thomas, and Wilburn Cartwright.

31. Josh Lee at a speaker's podium.

32. Three men, including Josh Lee, seated at a table in discussion.

33. Josh Lee (seated right) with three unidentified men. Photo courtesy of Mowen Studios of Ocean City, New Jersey.

34. Josh Lee at banquet along with (standing L-R): Victor Wickersham, Jed Johnson Sr., Elmer Thomas, Page Belcher, Mike Monroney, and (seated L-R): (unidentified), Jack Nichols, William Stigler and two unidentified men.

35. Josh Lee at the Civic Center in Oklahoma City along with Elmer Thomas and Mike Monroney for the decoration of Lieut. McCool, an Oklahoman who assisted in the bombing of Tokyo. Taken September 8, 1942.

36. Josh Lee standing at a dinner table. Also Mike Monroney. ca WWII.

37. Large group seated at a banquet table.

38. Josh Lee seated with Raymond Gary and another man.

39-40. Josh Lee and others shown with a large cake.

41-42. Elderly woman.

43. Josh Lee with two unidentified women with a huge cake.

44. Josh Lee with an unidentified man and a lady in a mink coat and hat with feathers.

45. Josh Lee and a group of men are seated at a round dinner table.

46. Five unidentified women.

47. Josh Lee visits with an unidentified man.

48. Josh Lee standing outside with three other men.

49. Josh Lee talking with Tom Connally (D-TX), Josiah Bailey (D- N.C.) and Henry A. Wallace (Sec. of Ag) at the conference between Wallace and congressional leaders, March 8, 1939.

50. Josh Lee with unidentified men at a press conference or radio show on the Mutual Broadcasting System.

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Josh Lee Collection Description
Josh Lee Photo Collection Description
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