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51. Josh Lee in Abilene, TX with several military officers standing in a reviewing box.

52. Josh Lee (seated on left) and his son Robert Lee (kneeling on right) pose with a group of men at picnic for office staff, friends, and relatives in the summer of 1939.

53. Josh Lee and his wife, Louise Lee,(seated), daughter Mary Louise Lee and son Robert Lee pose with group attending a picnic for office staff, friends and relatives in the summer of 1939. The men are also shown in photo 52. Also on the front row are Niel and Wilson Brown. Standing are Bill Jones, Bess, Tully Nettleton, Enid Watson, Helen Brown, Forrest Parrott, Leon Keys, Dorothy Roberts, Jeannie Maxwell, A. J. Maxwell, Joe Wilson, Louise Wilson, George McElroy, Lelah McElroy, Bill Cafky, Opal Lee, Mary V. Lee, Betty Harris, and Jack Harris.

54. Picture of a group of school kids in front of an old schoolhouse. Possibly shows Josh Lee as a small boy. ca. 1900.

55. Picture of a group of men on horseback rounding up a herd of cattle.

56. Portrait Josh Lee.

57. Josh Lee tying his tie.

58. Josh Lee, Vice President John Nance Garner and four other unidentified men.

59. Josh Lee presenting a gavel to Vice President John Nance Garner.

60. Josh Lee being congratulated by Sen. Sherman Minton (IN) and Sen. Lister Hill (AL) after the Senate adopted his amendment to the conscription bill for the raise in pay to enlisted men.

61. Josh Lee and Robert S. Kerr seated on stage with members of VFW.

62. Josh Lee and others in cap and gown.

63. Josh Lee in cap and gown shaking hands with another man in cap and gown.

64-65. Josh Lee and unidentified men standing in front of a palm tree.

66. Josh Lee between two unidentified men standing in front of a mantlepiece.

67. Josh Lee standing in front of a car between a younger man and a military officer.

68. A group portrait. From upper left: Jean Spilsberg, ? Yoke, Nancy Sturtevant, and Mary Lou Thorn. From lower left: Louise Peterson, Ethna Snider, Anna Neale Payne, Senator Josh Lee, Eleanor Jean James, Anne Lynch, and Nancy Garrett. March 31, 1939. Clarkesburg, West Virginia.

69. A young man in a military uniform appears to be giving a presentation to a room full of men. Josh Lee is sitting in second row.

70. Four unidentified men; two are in military attire.

71. Josh Lee standing at the bottom of a curved staircase with five other men; everyone is looking a plaque.

72. Josh Lee and two other men (one a mechanic) looking at an airplane engine.

73. Josh Lee, Louise Lee, Robert Lee and Mary Louise Lee posed with friends /constituents in front yard of Lee home.

74. Josh Lee (right) with unidentified man in Miami, Florida. Pan American Airways Public Relations photo.

75. Josh Lee walking up sidewalk behind a military officer, followed by several other men.

76. Josh Lee pointing to a spot on South America on a globe.

77. Josh Lee sitting at a desk with pen in hand.

78. Josh Lee with Elmer Thomas.

79. Josh Lee and unidentified man shaking hands.

80. Portrait of Josh Lee.

81. Josh Lee seated at left side of table, writing and two other unidentified men.

82. Closeup of Josh Lee; he is laughing.

83. A crowd fills the street as Josh Lee gives a campaign speech for the U.S. Senate.

84-86. Josh Lee with an old microphone.

87. President Harry S. Truman's first appearance to a joint meeting.

88. Josh Lee disembarks from the airplane at Frankfurt, Germany.

89. General Dwight D. Eisenhower's report to joint congress upon return from the war. Josh Lee is among the members present.

90. Ovation to General George Marshall right after becoming Secretary of State. Josh Lee is in attendance, as well as Averall Harriman, Julius Krug, Jesse Donaldson, Tom Clark, and John W. Snyder. January 7, 1948.

91. Josh Lee giving speech to the alumnae of University of Maryland. The governor of Maryland is also present.

92. Josh lee sitting in a lounge chair in a room.

93. Josh Lee on a stage giving a speech.

94. Josh Lee in the middle of a group of three other men. AAF Air Service Command Photo.

95. Josh Lee and another man being escorted by military officers down a hallway.

96. Josh Lee standing at podium.

97. Josh Lee (second to the left of the stairs) and a group of twenty men standing in front of a Chesapeake Airways plane in Salisbury MD, April 1947.

98. Josh Lee and another man in front of plane.

99. Josh Lee in the middle of five other men.

100. Josh Lee gesturing.

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Josh Lee Collection Description
Josh Lee Photo Collection Description
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