Josh Lee
Photograph Collection

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101. Josh Lee and another man.

102. Josh Lee shaking hands with another man.

103. Josh Lee standing with hat held to chest with several men around him.

104. Josh Lee seated with several other men.

105. Robert S. Kerr and two other men at a National Youth Administration dinner

106. Josh Lee and three other men.

107. Josh Lee and several other men standing by an early model plane.

108. Josh Lee and other men near the tail of the airplane.

109. Josh Lee in an early model automobile. Miami, Florida 1935.

110. Josh Lee wearing a dark cowboy suit.

111. Josh Lee and Robert J. Lee on horseback during rodeo. ca.1939

112. Josh Lee sitting on a white horse. He is dressed in dark riding clothes.

113. Washington National Airport.

114. A group of men at a joint demonstration of the U.S. by United Airlines and the Civil Aeronautics Administration.

115-116. Autographed picture of Linus H. Walker.

117. Josh Lee giving speech in front of airport terminal, surrounded by a crowd of people.

118. Josh Lee standing in front of students in commencement gowns

119. Josh Lee and many other men at banquet table.

120. Josh Lee and Marion Sexton on WOL radio.

121. Bernard Baruch, Bernard Baruch Jr., and Josh Lee having a meal together, 1948.

122. Josh Lee and other men sitting at a bench.

123. Josh Lee and Moss Patterson discussing business at a dinner table.

124. Josh Lee and two other men.

125. Jessie Jones, Jack Frye and Josh Lee at Washington National Airport

126. Josh Lee at speaker's podium. Event unknown.

127. Josh Lee and four other men. Lee is standing on steps to airplane.

128. Josh Lee standing beside another man.

129. Josh Lee and two other men; all are laughing.

130. Josh Lee and another man are standing in front of a map of the United States.

131. Josh Lee standing to be recognized at a banquet table.

132. Josh Lee and another man sitting at a table.

133-134. Josh Lee with a group of four men. Two of them are holding a plaque as if presenting it. [942].

135. Josh Lee and three other men, standing.

136. President Harry S Truman stands as Supreme Court Justices Cabinet Members and Congressmen applaud at the close of his first speech to a joint session of Congress. April 16, 1945.

137. Josh Lee and another man.

138. Josh Lee and four other men standing. Back of photo identified as from Civil Aeronautics Board.

139. Josh Lee sitting at a table with four other men (possibly from American Airlines.)

140-142. Group of women. Several are wearing corsages.

143. Josh Lee with three military generals.

144. Josh Lee drinking coffee.

145. Josh Lee at the speaker's podium at a formal banquet.

146. Josh Lee in a large group of men in front of a building.

147. Autographed portrait of Josephus Daniels, addressed to Josh Lee.

148. George A Coffey lounging in a chair. Webbers Falls, OK.

149a. Josh Lee in military uniform with the children.

149b. Military formation.

150a-b. Josh Lee in military uniform with backpack and rifle. Courtesy of Buckingham's of Washington, D.C.

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Josh Lee Collection Description
Josh Lee Photo Collection Description
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