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151. Studio portrait of unidentified man.

152a-b. Studio portraits of Josh Lee.

153. President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

154a. A close-up of the window display of the Josh Lee headquarters. 1942

154b. Mrs. Hugh Hart, co-chairperson and Wylie Maudlin, fieldman, standing in front of the Josh Lee campaign headquarters in Pauls Valley, OK. 1942.

155-156. Senator Josh Lee, G. W. Archibald and Captain Lucius D. Clay observing and discussing a plan for Denison Dam.

157-158. Senator Josh Lee with another man re Denison Dam.

159. Josh Lee and a group of men. Probably at the Denison Dam site.

160-161. Senator Josh Lee, G. W. Archibald and Captain Lucius D. Clay.

162. Josh Lee holding the handles of a wheelbarrow while another man shovels dirt into it.

163a-c. Various angles of Josh Lee plowing on a tractor.

164a-b. Josh Lee on horseback.

165. Unidentified man on horseback.

166. Unidentified man in overalls, standing in front of four horses. They appear to be harnessed for plowing.

167. Josh Lee on horseback.

168-169. Cattle.

170. Unidentified men wearing cap and gown and standing on the steps of a building.

171. Two men in cap and gown shaking hands.

172-173. Unidentified women.

174. Mr. McDonald and Margaret Marie building a snowman.

175. Jed Johnson, Sr. and his young son, Jed Johnson, Jr. The elder Johnson is giving his son a bottle. Big Jed and Little Jed, 1940.

176. Josh Lee's book on display in the window of the Empire State Book Shop, Library Club.

177-178. Josh Lee and four unidentified men sitting as if in a board meeting. There is a Civil Aeronautics Board flag. 1954.

179. Josh Lee standing at a podium at a banquet with four unidentified men; everyone is laughing.

180. Josh Lee at podium giving speech at an airline company banquet, apparently in Los Angeles.

181. Josh Lee at podium speaking.

182. Josh Lee posing with two unidentified men.

183a-b. Unidentified group. Josh Lee is in #183b.

184. U.S.S. Northampton CC-1, signed by Capt. Jack Slaughter, commanding officer.

185. Josh Lee with military officer, possibly J. Slaughter of #184.

186. Victor Wickersham campaign photo.

187. Josh Lee speaking at the National Beta Club banquet in Roanoke, VA. April 19, 1949.

188. Josh Lee at podium giving a speech.

189. Josh Lee in Fort Worth (?).

190. Josh Lee, studio portrait.

191. James M. Lee, studio portrait; was sent to Rep. Page Belcher with request for an appointment to West Point.

192. Picture postcard of the Grand Canyon, to Josh Lee from Max -?-. August 2, 1938.

193. Picture of what appears to be part of a painting depicting Christ as a young boy.

194. Photo of a new house taken February 1957. Possible the Lee's new home.

195. Josh Lee, Louise Lee, Mary Louise Lee, and Robert Lee pose for a family photo.

196. Harold J. Carrick; he was the chief of Civil Aviation Group, American Embassy, Tokyo

197. Josh Lee at a young age. Part of an advertisement. Oversize.

198. Mary Virginia Lee and two unidentified women.

199. "Old Jersey Cow." Photo taken by Josh Lee.

200. Billboard: "Re-Elect Josh Lee, Democrat for U.S. Senate." Is on top of building in Edmond, Oklahoma. Courtesy of B. H. Mears of Edmond.

201. Josh Lee with a group of Native Americans in native dress. Lee is wearing a military hat and holding a bow and arrow. Also shown is another man wearing a military hat. Courtesy of News Photos by Jerry Allred.

202. Josh Lee with two unidentified men, both of whom are wearing military hats. Although Lee is wearing a regular hat in this photo, this photo was taken at the same event as shown in photo 201. Courtesy of News Photos by Jerry Allred.

203a-c. (photo a) Josh Lee (front center) stands with Congressman John Jarman (at Lee's right) and Keith Kahle (with cigar) at the inauguration of Central Airlines flights into Oklahoma City. Kahle was president of Central Airlines. Stanley C. Draper of the Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce stands behind Lee to the left. Draper is wearing a hat. (photo b) Josh Lee speaks into microphone. Kahle stands to the right. (photo c)Cropped version of photo b only showing Lee.

204. Josh Lee stands with an unidentified man outside a KLM Flying Dutchman airplane.

205. Portrait of a young Josh Lee. He is dressed in a tuxedo.

206. Portrait of an older Josh Lee. Courtesy of Chase of Washington.

207. Portrait of Josh Lee. Autographed.

208a-b. Portraits of Josh Lee. One image shows him standing and holding his glasses while the other shows him sitting in a chair.

209. A young Josh Lee sitting in a chair holding a paper.

210. Josh Lee exiting a Danish Air Lines airplane.

211. Portrait of Josh Lee wearing a hat. The collar of his overcoat is turned up.

212. Photo taken from a newspaper or magazine showing Josh Lee with A. S. Mike Monroney and Carl Albert. Lee is holding his book, How to Hold an Audience Without a Rope.

213a-b. Individual photos of Josh Lee and Louise Lee in formal attire. The Lees were going to a garden party at the White House in honor of the king and queen of England in 1939.

214. Portrait of Louise Lee.

215. Portrait of Josh Lee. Courtesy of Harris and Ewing.

216. Portrait of an older Josh Lee.

217. Dwight D. Eisenhower delivers the State of the Union message to Congress on January 6, 1955. Clockwise from the center are Senator John M. Butler, Senator Alexander Wiley,Senator Styles Bridges, Senator Leverett Saltonstall, Senator William F. Knowland, Secretary of State John Foster Dulles, Secretary of the Treasury George M. Humphrey, Secretary of Defense Charles E. Wilson, Attorney General Herbert Brownell, Postmaster General Arthur E. Summerfield, Secretary of the Interior Douglas McKay, Secretary of Agriculture Ezra Taft Benson, Secretary of Commerce Sinclair Weeks, Secretary of Labor James P. Mitchell, Secretary of HEW Oveta Culp Hobby, UN Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge, and FOA administrator Harold E. Stassen. Courtesy of United Press.

218. Josh Lee (dressed in tuxedo) speaking. He is holding a papers. Lee is standing in a room with a portrait of Robert E. Lee to the left. There are U.S. and Confederate flags in a vase on the mantle.

219. Delegates to the Pan American Highway Congress in Mexico in 1941. Among those attending were Josh Lee (second from right) and Wilburn Cartwright (third from the right). Courtesy of Jose Rios.

220. Portrait of Louise Lee.

221. Group of women seated at table at annual breakfast in honor of Bess Truman hosted by the Congressional Club. Statler Hotel, Washington, D.C., April 4, 1951. Courtesy of Schutz Photographer.

222. Unidentified woman serves coffee to Josh Lee (right). Standing left to right are unidentified woman, unidentified man, and Louise Lee. Photo is grainy. Probably copied from a newspaper.

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