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801.    Ponder Distribution Problems in Golden State.  September 30, 1963.  Photo by National Association of Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Contractors. Those pictured include J. D. Mack, Frank C. Schilling, Henry Berger, Fred. A. Schmitz, James Roosevelt (CA), John Kluczynski (IL ), and Tom Steed.

802.    South Canadian River area between Calvin and Eufaula Lake on highpoint 20 miles north-east of Holdenville.  April 3, 1965.  Photos by George S. Turner.

803.    Examples of how Title I Program money was used at VanossPublic School.  c. 1965-1968.  Photos by Vanoss Public School.

804.     Fish Culture Research Area.  November, 1968.  Photos by Oklahoma State University.  Detailed captions located on bottom of photographs.

805.     Photographs supporting presentation Impact of Ticks on Our Economy.  All are of tick infestation on animals.  26 April 1971.  Photos by J. Alexander Hair.

806.     1 & 33 Smuggling Case “Big Bear” Grocery Truck (caption as listed).  9 May 1973.  Photo by Thomas F. Gaines, National Border Patrol Council.

807.     San Clemente.  n.d.  Creator unknown.  Both photos are aerial views of property illustrating security changes.

808.     “Peoria Farms” Peabody strip mine lake.  n.d.  Photos by Peabody Coal Company.

809.     Report attachments.  1975.  Photos by National Commission on Law Enforcement and Social Justice.

810.     Four (4) photographs “depicting the general conditions f two phases of our present high school facility.”  1976.  Photos by Tecumseh Public Schools.

811.     Land in dispute, part of Chandler Golf Course.  Caption reads “This is the Chandler Golf Course on a part of the land in question and has been in operation since 1924.”  1953.  Photo by Chandler (OK) Chamber of Commerce.

812.     Wayne Jones farm soil conservation program.  1968.  Photos by Pottawatomie ASC County Committee.  Captions with both photos.

813.     Aerial view of land in Lawton, Oklahoma.  13 July 1973.  Photo by SMC Cartographic Section.

814.     Several photos included in report Executive Order 11508 Real Property Survey of Fort Sill Indian School, Lawton, Comanche County, Oklahoma.  1 and 2 May 1973.  Photos by John W. Walton.  All attached to paper with captions.

815.     Photograph of Wiginton family.  Two copies.  1977.  Photo by La Moyne Wiginton.

816.     Will Rogers Commemorative Stamp.  1979.  Photo by United States Postal Service.

Tom Steed Collection Description
Tom Steed Photo Collection Description
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