Box and Folder Inventory
Box 1

Box 1: Agriculture: Agricultural Marketing Service - Air Force: Altus Air Force Base

Series 1: Departmental, 1941-1956

F 1: Agricultural Marketing Service (1955-1956).

a. Correspondence.  Topics include army contracts; meat grading; surplus food distribution; cotton crop equity sales; and mung beans.

b. Booklet: U. S. D. A., Agricultural Marketing Service: "The Farm Income Situation."

F 2: Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service (1954-1956). 

Correspondence.  Programs and general topics include allocations and expenditures (1952-1956); Great Plains Field Station; accomplishments (Tillman County, 1954 and 1955); recommendations; and emergency credit assistance.

F 3: Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service (1955-1956). 

Correspondence.  Constituent questions include Soil Conservation Service report; farm acreage allotments for cotton, peanuts, and wheat; deferred grazing program; expediting payment for soil-building practices; contracts; federal cost-sharing for leveling land for irrigation purposes, crop land protection, terrace construction and pond dam construction; payment for Agricultural Conservation Program practices; and release and reapportionment of acreage allotments.

F 4: Cattle (1955-1956). 

Correspondence.  Topics include markets for fat cattle and the cattle price situation; disaster loans to feed cattle; and the care of cattle.

F 5: Commodity Credit Corporation (1954-1956). 

Correspondence.  Topics include open storage of cotton for loan purposes; buildings put to use; money lost by government on cheese; castor bean production; and surplus grain being made available to farmers.

F 6: Commodity Stabilization Service: Programs (1955-1956). 

Correspondence.  Topics include wheat and cotton allotments; price supports; farm income; and wheat surplus and imports.

F 7: Commodity Stabilization Service: Constituent Questions (1955-1956). 

Correspondence.  Questions include contract extensions; warehouse contracts; government storage of surplus butter and cheese; sale of cotton linters; and rice acreage allotments.

F 8: Cotton: Programs and Policy (1955-1956).

a. Correspondence.  Topics include marketing quotas and acreage allotments; cotton production and surplus; prices supports; disposal of surplus cotton; improving cotton classification; financial returns; cotton export programs; and reapportionment of acreage allotments.

b. Pamphlet: Cotton Division, U. S. D. A.: Establishment of Acreage Allotments.

F 9: Cotton: Storage Problems (1955-1956).

Correspondence.  Topics include loans on outside-stored cotton; shipping orders; and alternative storage.

F 10: Cotton: Weather and Pest Problems (1955).

Correspondence.  Topics include grasshopper infestation, hail, rain, and tornadoes.

F 11: Cotton: Constituent Questions, A-K (1955-1956).

Correspondence.  Questions include change of wheat and cotton allotments; establishment of cotton allotments; cotton loan papers; and alteration of existing allotments.

F 12: Cotton: Constituent Questions, L-Z (1955-1956). 

Correspondence.  Questions include determination of allotments; cotton classification; alteration of existing allotments; cost-price squeeze; and price supports.

F 13: County Lists: Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Committeemen (1956).

a. Address list:  County Office Managers.

b. Membership list: County A. S. C. S. committees

F 14: Daily Summaries (1955-1956). 

U. S. D. A. lists of releases and reports.  Summaries for October 6, 1955; December 19, 1955; February 13, 1956; March 7, 1956; March 30, 1956; April 19, 1956; and May 21, 1956.

F 15: Drought: Departmental Materials (1954-1955). 

a. Correspondence.  Types of assistance available.

b. Pamphlets: Farmers Home Administration, U. S. D. A.: Operating Loans for-Better Farming--Better Living. 

F 16: Drought: Oklahoma Materials (1955-1956). 

Correspondence.  Topics include credit needs for farmers in drought and flood disaster areas; disaster feed subsidy loans; notification of drought relief eligibility; development of coniferous windbreaks; reinstatement of relief; lifting of allotments; and pasture and grain damage.

F 17: Drought: Oklahoma and Out-of-State Materials (1955). 

Correspondence.  Topics include conditions brought about by drought; emergency declaration for loans; emergency credit assistance; Farmers Home Administration; lifting cotton acreage controls; solution to Colorado situations; and hail and rain damage.

F 18: Drought: Wickersham Materials (1956). 

News release: VW's meeting with officials of key federal agencies.

F 19: Farmers Home Administration: Programs and Policy (1955-1956).

Correspondence.  Topics include extension of emergency loans; schedules and amount of loans in Oklahoma for 1953-1955; and county offices and their reclassification.

F 20: Farmers Home Administration: Constituent Questions and Problems, A-D (1955-1956). 

Correspondence.  Questions include information on loans.

F 21: Farmers Home Administration: Constituent Questions and Problems, F-L (1955-1956). 

Correspondence.  Topics include loans.

F 22: Farmers Home Administration: Constituent Questions and Problems, M-W (1955-1956). 

Correspondence.  Questions include various types of loans; production and subsistence programs; difficulty in obtaining loans; grasshopper problems; employment.

F 23: Farm Surplus (1955-1956). 

Correspondence.  Topics include surplus commodities for state institutions and the needy; protests by Inter-Tribal Business Council of new plan for distribution; quantities under loan and owned by the Commodity Credit Corporation under the price support programs; surplus sweet potatoes; and alternative distribution plans.

F 24: Federal Crop Insurance (1954).

Correspondence concerning basic information about the Federal Crop Insurance Corporation and insurance on 1953 crops.

F 25: Federal Crop Insurance: Constituent Questions (1955-1956). 

Correspondence.  Topics include dispute over payment of indemnity; manner in which 1955 wheat crop loss was handled; erroneously paid indemnity; problems with rising rates; classification for crop insurance purposes; judgment held by the Federal Crop Insurance Corporation; and failure to pay premium and interest on 1947 wheat insurance.

F 26: Flood Relief (1955-1956).

a. Correspondence.  Topics include emergency loan assistance; revocation of allotments; flood relief for Western Oklahoma; flood prevention measures; disaster aid.

b. Article: Anadarko Daily News: "Flood Control Need Is Seen"

F 27: Foreign Agricultural Service (1955-1956). 

Correspondence.  Topics include possible markets for Love grass seed; construction of the Aswan High Dam in Egypt.

F 28: Forest Service (1955-1956). 

Correspondence.  Topics include application for a federal sustained yield unit at Alturas, California; summer employment and the application process.

F 29: Miscellaneous (1955-1956).

a. Correspondence concerning information on income of Oklahoma farmers. 

b. Pamphlet: U.S.D.A.: Percentage Distribution of Gross Receipts--by States and Commodities, 1954.

F 30: Mung Beans (1954-1956). 

Correspondence.  Topics include experiment in mung bean sprouts for treatment of burns; B-N-G solution use for treatment of burns.

F 31: Peanuts: Constituent Questions (1955-1956).

Correspondence.  Questions include request for Kingfisher County allotment; planting and harvesting excess acres of peanuts for feed; allotment program; warehouse contracts; and elimination of provisions for minimum national acreage allotment.

F 32: Pearson-Heath-Ruswin Construction Company (1955). 

Soil Conservation Service contract.  Appeal for relief from heavy financial losses incurred from performing under contract ASC1157.

F 33: Pest Control: Grasshoppers (1955-1956). 

Correspondence.  Topics include limited amount of state money available for spraying; attention to infestation in Kiowa County; need for federal assistance in western Oklahoma; and grassland spraying.

F 34: Pest Control: Green Bugs (1956). 

Correspondence requesting U. S. D. A. provide insecticides for green bug control in the Sixth District.

F 35: Pest Control: Spotted Alfalfa Aphids (1956).

Correspondence concerning assistance in obtaining "Lahontan" from Beltsville Research Station; creation of special subcommittee of the House Committee on Agriculture to study aphid infestation.

F 36: Requests for Agricultural Departmental Publications: Correspondence, A-L (1955-1956).

F 37: Requests for Agricultural Departmental Publications: Correspondence, M-Y and Lists (1955-1956). 

a. List: U. S. D. A.: "List of Publications Available for Distribution by Members of Congress."

b. List: U. S. D. A.: "Publications Available for Distribution by Members of Congress to Homemakers and Residents of Cities and Towns."

F 38a: Rural Electrification (1955). 

Correspondence.  Topics include purchase and improvement of telephone exchange at Devol, Oklahoma; controversy about federal electric power in the Southwest.

F 38b: Rural Electrification (1956).

Correspondence and telegrams.

F 39: Soil Bank: Programs and Policy (1955-1956).

Correspondence.  Topics include soil bank; farm bill vetoed by the President; Oklahoma Farm Bureau recommendations; and the Acreage Reserve Program for 1956.

F 40: Soil Conservation Service: District Programs (1941-1956). 

Correspondence.  Topics include deferred grazing practices in Cimarron and Texas counties; monies authorized and spent for the Sixth Congressional (VW's) District (1953-1956); expenditure of funds in the Sixth Congressional District (1941-1952); and money spent on the Washita River Watershed Project.

F 41: Soil Conservation Service: Constituent Questions (1955-1956).

Correspondence.  Topics include requests for information on soil conservation practices; availability of cost-sharing deferred grazing under the 1956 Agricultural Conservation Program; help from the Soil Conservation Service in the repair of a farm pond; assistance in obtaining a water right; government payment for land leveling; and proposed subwatershed of the Washita River.

F 42: Surplus Commodities (1955-1956).

a.  Correspondence.  Topics include sweet potato buying program; surplus food aid to disabled war veterans; sending of surpluses to Africa; sending of surplus commodities via Mennonite Central Committee; and elimination of unneeded government property and buildings.

b. Table: U. S. D. A.: "Quantities and Estimated Cost of Surplus Foods Donated for Domestic and Foreign Use."

c. Table: Agricultural Marketing Service, U. S. D. A.: "Quantity and Estimated Cost of Surplus Commodities Donated for Domestic Use."

d. List: A. M. S., U. S. D. A.: "Agencies Approved for Participation in the Foreign Distribution of Surplus Commodities under Section 416 of the Agricultural Act of 1949, as amended."

F 43: Wheat: Programs (1955-1956). 

Correspondence.  Topics include proposal for high fixed supports and tight production controls; request for 1950 wheat county estimates; and action to reduce wheat surpluses through the soil bank plan.

F 44: Wheat: Constituent Questions (1955-1956).

Correspondence.  Topics include individual wheat allotments; inequities in individual allotments; drought assistance; wheat marketing quota program; wheat price supports; acreage reduction programs for wheat and other crops; affect on small producers of wheat allotment program; and soil bank program.

F 45: Wind Erosion (1955-1956).

a. Correspondence.  Topics include assistance to Oklahoma farmers for emergency measures and U. S. D. A. allocations for Great Plains region.

b. Table: Soil Conservation Service: "Wind Erosion Conditions as of March 1, 1955."

F 46: Air Force: General Correspondence, A-B (1955-1956). 

a. Arnold, W. H. (1955).  Acknowledging report.
b. Baman, Clifton (1956).  Employment.
c. Barrett, A. E. (1956).  Transfer to Air Force Reserve.
d. Barton, Gladys (1956).  Discharge.
e. Barton, William H. (1956).  Indebtedness liquidated.
f. Berry, John H. (1955).  Discharge.
g. Berry, LaVona G. (1956).  Housing.
h. Boren, Lyle (1956).  Proposed housing; surplus aircraft parts.
i. Boyington Electric Company (1956).  Contractor bidding and selection.
j. Boyington Operating Company (1956).  Sub-contract.
k. Braun, J. M. (1955).  Pump patents.
l. Brown, George Allen (1956).  Civil Air Patrol.
m. Burge, E. G. (1956).  Reimbursement for burial expenses.
n. Burger, D. T. (1955).  Information relative to Homestead Air Force Base; photographic concession.
o. Burks, Bob (1955).  Air training center.

F 47: Air Force: General Correspondence, C-F (1955-1956).

a. Conder, Haskiel Howard (1956).  Enlistment.
b. Cornelius, T. M. (1956).  Employment.
c. Cowdrey, Leahman (1956).  Reinstatement.
d. Damoose, N. G. (1956).  Location of jet base.
e. Davie, Jack Delano (1955).  Change in discharge.
f. DeLong, Mrs. Barney (1956).  Discharge.
g. Endsley, Charles (1955).  Auxiliary tank to jet.
h. Fletcher, John F. (1955).  Address by Gen. Chidlaw at Air Force Association banquet.
i. Floyd, Vernon C. (1956).  Church pews.
j. Foose, Jack (1955).  Contractual maintenance services.
k. Ford, Fred H. (1956).  Overseas assignment.

F 48: Air Force: General Correspondence, G-J (1955-1956).

a. Gilson, Neal. Beacon lights.
b. Grantham, Claud (1955).  Application for release.
c. Greene, Marvin J. (1956).  Reassignment.
d. Griffin, B. H. (1955).  Promotion.
e. Hall, Louis V. (1955).  Acquired land and easement.
f. Hallaway, Mrs. C. A. (1956).  Allotment based on son's service.
g. Hill, Connie (1956).  Airplane landing mats.
h. Hodge, J. F. (1955).  Construction work.
i. Holden, John C. (1956).  Request for choice of assignment.
j. Howell, George (1956).  Retirement fund.
k. Howell, Mrs. Lennie C. (1955).  Transportation to Germany.
l. Jarvis, Phyllis (1956).  Overseas teaching position.
m. Johnson, Henry E. (1955).  Barber shop concession.
n. Jones, Lucille (1955).  Science of Outer Space travel.

F 49: Air Force: General Correspondence, K (1954-1956).

a. Karant, Max (1955).  VOR/DME-TACAN dispute.
b. Karns, E. E. (1955).  Power requirements.
c. Kelly, Joe W. (1954-1956).  SAGE; financial and personnel information; welcome; career conditional appointment system; Brantly B-2 helicopter; flight pay; Air Force Band.
d. Kimbell, Nell Spina (1956).  Promotion.

F 50: Air Force: General Correspondence, L-McMillan (1955-1956).

a. Lewis, Jim (1956).  Earth satellite launching.
b. Logwood, Helen Louise (1956).  Mailing addresses.
c. Long, Charley (1955).  Plans and general contractors names.
d. McCarthy, Floyd J. (1955-1956).  Permission to use letter; jet interceptor base.
e. McCune, Elsie (1956).  Discharge request.
f. McMillan, George (1955-1956).  Runway repairs.

F 51: Air Force: General Correspondence, McNett-Mullennax (1955-1956). 

a. McNett, Robert E. (1955).  Patent; suspension for suspected fraud; error made by Inspector General; blacklisted.
b. Mann, Eugene C. (1955).  Air Force use of municipal airport; damages to municipal airport; claim for damages.
c. Mollison, James H. (1955).  Recall to duty.
d. Montgomery, P. S. (1956).  Reply to letter.
e. Morris, Homer W. (1956).  Child support.
f. Mothers of the World (1955).  Air Force survival training.
g. Mullennax, Louise (1956).  AWOL husband and allotments.

F 52: Air Force: General Correspondence, N-R (1955-1956). 

a. Noftsger and Lawrence (1955).  Architect-engineer services.
b. Onco, Robert (1956).  Transfer or separation.
c. Outland, Lloyd W. (1956).  Employment.
d. Parish, Ralph (1955).  Comptroller-General.
e. Parker, Billy G. (1956).  Medical expenses.
f. Poage, Joseph T. (1956).  Transfer.
g. Price, Junior J. (1956).  Promotion.
h. Quarles, Donald A. (1956).  Report sent.
i. Ratigan (1955).  Armed Service Procurement Regulation.
j. Riddle, R. B. (1955).  Airport terminal buildings; hospital.
k. Romines, M. C. (1956).  Transfer.
l. Russell, J. T. (1956).  Aircraft activities.
m. Russell, Mrs. Vernon (1955).  Dental care and discharge.

F 53: Air Force: General Correspondence, S-Z (1955-1956).

a. Savage, Ted (1955).  Location of exchange.
b. Schones, Robert J. (1956).  Transfer.
c. Shultz, Vernal (1956).  Records.
d. Sieg, Glenn D. (1955).  Promotion.
e. Simpkins, S. L. (1956).  Hardship discharge.
f. Speed, H. K. (1955).  Court case.
g. Spencer, Phillip R. (1955).  Reassignment.
h. Starr, William E. 91956).  Class Q allotment.
i. Stout, Eldon (1955).  Dustproof spinners.
j. Stoveken, Neil (1956).  Retention in Air Force ROTC program.
k. Teverton, Earl (1956).  Housing.
l. Trego, Katherine L. (1956).  Allotment.
m. Trissell, J. E. (1956).  Overseas employment.
n. Twining, N. F. (1955).  Thank-you.
o. Walker, James L. (1956).  Recreational and base exchange facilities.
p. White, Charles W. (1956).  Medical records.
q. Yates, William J. (1956).  Maintenance of flying proficiency; flying pay.
r. Zink, O. E. (1955).  Permanent certification of local service air lines.

F 54: Air Defense Conference (1955). 

Correspondence.  Topics include addresses of certain officers who participated in the conference and a thank-you for special briefing for Members of Congress.

F 55: Air Force Academy (1955). 

Correspondence.  Topics include air transportation to the academy and information regarding Academy construction.

F 56: Air Force Academy: Cadets (1955-1956). 

Correspondence regarding nominations.

F 57: Air National Guard: Oklahoma (1955).

a. Correspondence.  Topics include construction program, especially in Oklahoma.

b. List: Air National Guard Fiscal Year 1956 Construction Program.

F 58: Altus Air Force Base (1955-1956). 

Correspondence.  Topics including supplying of electrical service; family housing units; aircraft activities in vicinity; access road problems; and proposed acquisition project for housing.

F 59: Altus Air Force Base:  Employment and Personnel (1956).

Correspondence.  Topics include various personnel problems and employment opportunities.

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