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Box 2: Air Force: Clinton-Sherman Air Force Base - Defense Department: Releases and Reports

F 1: Clinton-Sherman Air Force Base (1955-1956). 

Correspondence.  Topics include surplus material; land prices, agricultural leases and harvest; reactivation of base; contractors and suppliers; historical background on establishment; and resolution adopted by the Board of Commissioners of the City of Clinton.

F 2: Clinton-Sherman Air Force Base: Housing Project (1955-1956).

Correspondence concerning planning and construction of on-base family housing project of five hundred units.

F 3: Clinton-Sherman Air Force Base: Employment and Concessions (1954-1956). 

Correspondence regarding such interests as banking facility, engineering firms, postal clerks, barber shop, cooks, and printers.

F 4: Air Force: Data (1955).

a. Department of the Air Force Construction Project.

b. Department of the Air Force Construction Project No. 30.

c. Office of Legislative Liaison, Department of the Air Force: Officers.

d. Strategic Air Command: Officers.

e. U. S. Air Force Installations in the Continental United States.

f. Names of individuals directly or indirectly involved with project.

F 5: Tinker Air Force Base (1955-1956).

Correspondence.  Topics include B-36 production program; employee career-conditional conversion program; Position Classification Standards Development Project; Air Force District Traffic Office; building program; bidders list; and employee information and employment program.

F 6: Tinker Air Force Base: Employment (1955-1956).

Correspondence regarding positions and examinations.

Department of the Army

F 7: Army: General Correspondence, A-B (1955-1956).

a. Aaren, Allen A. (1956).  Surplus musical instruments.
b. Adams, Robert D. (1956).  Construction of army installations on arable lands.
c. Adkisson, Thomas K. (1956).  Discharge based on physical condition.
d. Armstrong, Gover and Teel (1955).  List of servicemen due to return from overseas.
e. Asbury, Fleming L., Jr. (1956).  Reserve commission.
f. Auritt, Willis D. (1956).  Release from overseas duty.
g. Ball, Ralph (1955).  Recommendation made.
h. Barker, Wayne (1956).  Reserve commission.
i. Barton, James A. (1956).  Hardship discharge.
j. Bassel, Robert E.(1956).  Awards.
k. Bates, Horace G. (1955).  Compassionate transfer.
l. Bell, Richard (1955).  Refund of overpayment.
m. Bird, John F. (1956).  Photograph.
n. Black, Cecil C. (1955). Supply depot.
o. Boatman, William T. (1956).  Transfer.
p. Boone, Rankin R. (1955).  Purchasing activities.
q. Boren, Lyle (1956).  Construction of family housing.
r. Boswell, Roland W. (1956).  Compassionate transfer.
s. Brucker, Wilber M. (1955).  Compliment; photographs.
t. Buchanan, Jennie (1956).  Land purchase from the government.
u. Burger, D. T. (1956).  Reopening of bids.

F 8: Army: General Correspondence, Ca-Cooke (1955-1956). 

a. Carter, J. E. (1956).  Milk contract.
b. Carter, John E. (1956).  Medical records.
c. Cason, Altus R. (1956).  Transfer.
d. Chandler, Hearl J. (1956).  Hardship discharge.
e. Chapman, Tom R. (1955-1956).  Wage rates; contract status; contract provisions; laundry; appeal of damages; construction of parking areas.
f. Clark, Mrs. Sidney (1955).  Difficulty collecting a judgement.
g. Clarke, Grafton C., Jr. (1956).  Reference check.
h. Clay, Paul (1955).  "Twinpane" windows.
i. Cogdill, Jo Ann (1956).  Class Q allotment.
j. Cooke, William (1955-1956).  Contract work dispute; standing of case.

F 9: Army: General Correspondence, Cornelius-E (1955-1956). 

a. Cornelius, T. M. (1956).  Employment.
b. Cothrum, Cecil T. (1956).  Permanent party at Fort Sill.
c. Crisp, Richard A. (1956).  Desire for call to active duty.
d. Dailey, Edgar (1955).  Desire to build memorial marker.
e. Daniel, Pauline (1956).  Difficulty in securing support payments.
f. Davis, Harold D. (1956).  Stationed permanently in the U. S.
g. Davis, James H. (1955).  Purple Heart.
h. Dawson, Chester M. (1956).  Indebtedness to the government.
i. Dawson, John Howard (1955).  "Condensed Report on Desilter for Rivers and Streams."
j. Derrinwater, E. R. (1955).  Surplus army tank.
k. Denham, Rex R. (1956).  Continuing education.
l. Dolen, Hope (1956).  Selected for employment.
m. Dorset Products, Inc. (1956).  Modification of contract.
n. Doss, H. B. (1955).  Locate surplus pipe for town use.
o. Drummond, Earl (1956).  Acquisition of land by the authorities.
p. Duke, Pearlenne E. Neel (1956).  Official reply.
q. Durham, Joseph E.; Stevenson, William B.; and Frazier, John W. (1955).  Permission to hunt at Camp A. P. Hill, Virginia.
r. Eastham, Claude A. (1955).  Request for copy of "The Deadeyes, the Story of the Ninety-sixth Infantry Division."
s. Eaton, Mrs. David N. (1956).  Establishment of a trailer park.
t. Ebsen, Pauline (1956).  Need for assistance.
u. Eney, John K. (1956).  Picture autographed.
v. Eoff, Douglas (1956).  Recall to active duty.

F 10: Army: General Correspondence, F-G (1954-1956). 

a. Farrand, Robert E. (1955).  Refund of excess transportation costs.
b. Faulkner, Milton, Jr. (1956).  Punished twice for same offense.
c. Findley, Pearl (1956).  Transfer.
d. Flanary, Dorothy E. (1955).  328th Transportation Company.
e. Flick, Howard (1956).  Discharge from service.
f. Fry, Donald D. (1955).  Request for previous West Point examinations.
g. Fry, J. Glenn (1956).  Bill for materials.
h. Fuqua, Yvonne (1956).  Support of dependents.
i. Garrison, Sidney (1956).  Bad check.
j. Grable, Boone (1954).  Surplus fire truck.

F 11: Army: General Correspondence, H (1955-1956).

a. Hamilton, Mrs. Bill (1956).  Transfer.
b. Haney, E. Stelle Mae (1955).  Prisoner of war.
c. Harden, James D. (1955).  Contract not approved.
d. Harless, Della M. (1956).  Re-employment at U. S. Army hospital.
e. Harris, Roy D. (1956).  Reimbursement for operation.
f. Hauck, C. J., Jr. (1956).  Fort Worth Depot; possible sale of spare aircraft engines and parts.
g. Hayes, Floyd M. (1956).  Provisions of the Uniformed Services Contingency Option Act of 1953.
h. Hayes, Lyman Neal (1956).  Mail situation in Pusan.
i. Heaps, Mike (1956).  Return to service after undesirable discharge.
j. Heerwald, W. F. (1956).  Address information.
k. Henry, Daniel D. (1956).  Examination and review of medical evidence.
l. Hensley, Everett Morgan (1956).  Desire for appointment as Reserve officer.
m. Higginbotham, Charles and Jennie (1955).  Government easement.
n. Hudgins, Ira D. (1956).  Physical condition.
o. Hunter, Mrs. Lee (1955).  Request for payment of bill.
p. Huckleberry, Nelson L. (1956).  Hardship discharge.
q. Hutchison, Charles (1956).  Appointment to West Point.

F 12: Army: General Correspondence, J-K (1955-1956).

a. James, Ella (1956).  Employee salaries.
b. James, Clois E., Jr. (1956).  Change of counsel.
c. James, R. S. (1955).  Pass to sell insurance at Fort Sill.
d. Janzen, A. E. (1955).  Relocation of cemetery.
e. Jennings, Charles (1955).  Possibility of obtaining oil and gas leases; number assigned to Fort Sill.
f. Johnston, R. M. (1955).  Religious welfare.
g. Jones, J. P. (1955).  Correction of military records.
h. June, Albert T. (1956).  Separation from employment.
i. Keen, Milton (1955). Correction of records.
j. Kenny, Roy W. (1956).  Military Reserve Week.
k. Klemme, Randall T. (1956).  Claim for pension.
l. Kraft, W. R. (1956).  Copies of English-Russian and Russian-English dictionary.

F 13: Army: General Correspondence, L-N (1955-1956).

a.  Lackey, Clinton L. (1956).  Deferment for compassionate reasons.
b. Lauderdale, T. E. (1955).  Continuation of school busses; school lands on Fort Sill reservation.
c. Locke, Oscar (1955).  Retention of garage.
d. London, Jack (1955).  Allocated funds for replacement of chapel furniture.
e. Long, Charley W. (1956).  Contracting by civil service electricians; warrant officer spaces and discrimination.
f. Lowery, Charles (1955).  Military strength at Fort Sill.
g. Madden, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence (1955).  Payment of appropriation.
h. Montgomery, H. M. (1956).  Fort Sill-Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge controversy.
i. Marshall, Maude E. (1955).  Army acquisition of land.
j. Matheson, Harvie W. (1956).  Compassionate reassignment.
k. Marler, James D. (1956).  Return to active duty.
l. Mitchell, Mrs. Claud (1956).  Financial condition.
m. Myers, M. C. (1956).  Desire to sell Army surplus goods.
n. Nimrod, Vernon C. (1956).  Employment.
o. Newton, Johnny B. )1956).  Assignment to Fort Sill.

F 14: Army: General Correspondence, O-Q (1955-1956).

a. Olmstead, Robby L. (1956).  Expense incident to a recent demonstration at Fort Bliss and the death of a pilot.
b. Owens, Donna Inez (1956).  Retention on active duty.
c. Parmenter, Arch M. (1955).  Request for address.
d.  Patman, Wright (1956).  Army purchasing offices and Army small business specialists and representatives.
e. Pfeiffer, Floyd L. (1955).  Scientific and professional program; Army reactor program.
f. Pohl, Margit (1956).  Character reference.
g. Quaker Valley Constructors, Inc. (1955).  Desire to bid on new helium plan

F 15: Army: General Correspondence, R-Sc (1955-1956).

a. Ramsey, John E. (1956).  Change of discharge.
b. Rateree, James E. (1956).  Desire a permanent appointment.
c. Rawls, Clarence (1955).  Matters before the Defense Department.
d. Rea, W. J. (1956).  Marginal and Surplus land controlled by the U. S. Engineers.
e. Reece, Donald J (1956).  Release from active duty.
f. Reed, David G. (1955).  Attempt to locate through the services.
g. Reif, Colonel (1955).  An appointment to discuss installation of Desilter.
h. Riffel, Gerald (1956).  Availability of surplus Army trailers.
i. Roberts, Byron D. (1956).  Purpose of documents of commendation.
j. Roberts, Don L. (1956).  Class Q allotments.
k. Robertson, W. T. (1956).  Improper assignment.
l. Roof, Gloria Jean (1955).  Charges against a member of the Army.
m. Russell, Mona M. (1956).  Reinstatement of Class Q allotment.
n. Ruth, Kent (1955).  Assistance in obtaining crowd-drawing attraction; demonstration of a helicopter rescue operation.
o. Sanders, Floyd M. (1956).  Cancellation of positions.
p. Savage, Ted R. (1955).  Claim for combat pay.
q. Schwartz, John D (1956).  Football and basketball formations of the Army and Navy.

F 16: Army: General Correspondence, Se-Sy (1955-1956). 

a. Shetterly, Bob E. (1956).  Acknowledgment of receipt of letter.
b. Shrum, James (1956).  Replacement of World War II service medals.
c. Sigler, Arthur (1955). Inquiry.
d. Sisk, Claud W. (1956).  Transfer.
e. Smart, C. J. (1955).  Army interest in the Brantley. helicopter design.
f. Smith, Hershel (1956).  Postponement of orders.
g. Smith, Landon A. (1956). Employment at Pueblo Ordinance Depot.
h.  Smith, Otto G. (1956). Application for civil service position.
i. Smothermon, Edgar M. (1956).  Desire to reenlist in the Regular Army.
j. Son, Roy B. (1956).  Application for compassionate reassignment.
k. Southwick, O. M. (1955).  Desire to locate.
l. Spencer, Roger C. (1956).  Desire to be deferred from overseas shipment.
m. Spera, August (1956). Reimbursement from Pfc. George R. Livingston.
n. Stendeback, Lona (1956).  Anxiety over husband's present assignment.
o. Stevens, Robert T. (1955).  Request for autograph on photograph.
p. Stevenson, Raymond H. (1956).  Commendation and suggested changes.
q. Stocks, Ernest J. (1956).  Desire to get bronze star medal.
r. Stockton, L. O. (1956).  Educational benefits under Public Law 346.
s. Stout, Eldon (1955) Dust proof spinners.
t. Stuenkel, Harry (1955).  Extension of grazing lease.
u. Suttle, Walter P. (1956).  Application for physical discharge.
v. Symcox, Raymond (1955).  Air training command work.

F 17: Army: General Correspondence, T-Z (1955-1956).

a. Taylor, Maxwell D. (1955).  Acknowledgment of congratulations.
b. Thompson, Bun (1955).  Certificate in lieu of lost discharge.
c. Toombs, Louis Y. (1956).  Correction of military records.
d. Underwood, Reverend David (1956).  Desire to purchase surplus tent.
e. Walls, John O. (1956).  Compassionate transfer.
f. Ward, Richard K. (1956).  Compassionate transfer.
g. Wardell, Billy R. (1956).  Transfer due to physical condition.
h. Ware, Dave (1956).  Acquisition of Camp Gruber for game management purposes.
i. Webb, D. W. (1956).  Availability of real property in the state of Florida for defense purposes.
j. West, Billy C. (1956).  Desire for transfer.
k. Westbrook, Bobby E. (1956).  Desire for transfer.
l. Williams, Mrs. Clyde (1955).  Desire to be stationed near Fort Sill.
m. Williams, Roy Lee (1956).  Hardship condition release sought.
n. Williams, Samuel T. (1955).  Induction quarters. (newspaper clipping).
o. Wilson, Mrs. Victor (1956).  Travel orders.
p. Witt, Neil H. (1955).  Certificate in lieu of lost or destroyed discharge.
q. Wolfe, Jack W. (1955).  Copy of an official reply.
r. Wood, M. (1955). Reserve Army Training Building to be built in Chickasha.
s. Woodall, Jack; et al. (1955).  Protest establishment of super-service station at Fort Sill.
t. Woodworth, J. W. (1955).  Tour of military installations by clergymen.
u. Zim, Fern M. (1956).  Overseas employment.

F 18: Army: Housing Program (1956).

Department of the Army, Title VIII Housing Program.

F 19: Army: Reserve (1955).

Department of the Army, Fact Sheet, "The Reserve Forces Act of 1955."

Corps of Engineers

F 20: Corps of Engineers: Arkansas-White-Red River Basins (1955).

Correspondence. Topics include: request for a copy of the Arkansas, White, and Red River Basins report; information about the Arkansas, White, and Red River Basins Report.

F 21: Corps of Engineers: Azores Air Base (1955). 

Correspondence. Topics include: construction work to be performed at Santa Maria Airport, Azores.

F 22: Corps of Engineers: Canton Reservoir (1954-1956).

Correspondence. Topics include: conference to discuss the storage allocations in Canton Reservoir; contracts with Oklahoma City for water storage; authorization of construction and maintenance; possible use of Canton Reservoir as a source of water supply for irrigation.

F 23: Corps of Engineers: Central Oklahoma Navigation Project (1955).

Correspondence. Topics include: feasibility of combining the movement of surplus water from southwestern Oklahoma with an extension of the navigation project on the Arkansas River into central Oklahoma; navigation of waters in central Oklahoma.

F 24: Corps of Engineers: Cimarron River (1956).

Correspondence. Topics include: damage being caused by a bank caving problem; tracing of the farms involved in the overflow.

F 25: Corps of Engineers: Clinton-Sherman Air Force Base (1955-1956).

Correspondence. Topics include: desire to buy back five acres and a house from the government; offer to purchase a restrictive easement; complaint filed in U.S. District Court to acquire necessary interests.

F 26: Corps of Engineers: Sixth District Projects (1955-1956).

Correspondence. Topics include: request for monthly progress reports on all military and civil projects in the district; authorized expenditures Altus AFB, Fort Sill, Clinton-Sherman, and Canton Dam; projects authorized expended Canton Dam and reservoir, Optima Reservoir, Gage Municipal Airport, Fort Sill, Borden General Hospital, Chickasha, Altus AFB, Frederick AFB, Gage AFB; status of active contracts for Altus AFB and Fort Sill.

F 27: Corps of Engineers: Eufaula Dam (1955).

Correspondence. Topics include: information on proposed Eufaula Dam and Reservoir project.

F 28: Corps of Engineers: Optima Dam (1955-1956).

Correspondence. Topics include: authorization information; effort needed to secure funds.

F 29: Corps of Engineers: Washita Reclamation Project (1956). 

Correspondence. Topics include: effects on land holdings project will have.

F 30: Corps of Engineers: Wolters Air Force Base, Texas (1952).

Correspondence. Topics include: proposal for military housing projects at Wolters AFB (invitation); application for mortgage insurance; Department of the Air Force lease for housing project constructed under Title VIII National Housing Act; contract for utilities and related services; description of work; additional FHA requirements.

F 31: Corps of Engineers: Miscellaneous Requests (1955-1956).

Correspondence. Topics include: request for map 1101; notification by letter when the termination negotiation meeting for subject contract would be held; claim pending with Corps of Engineers; water pipe; map and aerial photography coverage of the Great Falls area; "Condensed Report on Desilter for Rivers and Streams"; map showing land to be used by the East Beaver Project.

F 32: Corps of Engineers: Miscellaneous Projects (1955-1956).

Correspondence. Topics include: dam near Whitefield; notification of transfer from the Tulsa district; architectural services for an Army Reserve training center in Chickasha; removal of cinders from Pittsburg District; desire to purchase portions of abandoned right of way of the Pennsylvania Railroad; a current survey and appraisal for Wayne E. Rowe; praise of jobs in various projects; construction of the nitroguanidine facilities near Pryor; use of concrete blocks for housing at U.S. military installations; suggestions requested for the establishment of any industry or facility at Gage.

F 33: Fort Sill (1954-1956).

Correspondence. Topics include: military strength; Artillery and Guided Missile Center; repair and utility costs 1945-1956; information on property disposal officer and surplus property under jurisdiction of Army commanders; significant changes in Ft. Sill units second half of FY 1956; who has final decision as to location of units; personnel strengths and construction programs; authorized and expended money 1953-1956; consideration being given to increasing strength; medical care for dependents.

F 34: Fort Sill: Expansion Project (1955-1956).

Correspondence. Topics include: expansion of activities planned by the Army for Fort Sill; relocation of the Post Oak Mission Cemetery and acquisition of the church property now located on land authorized for acquisition; proposed legislation for transfer of land; offer to purchase two tracts of land; disagreement with the necessity of the seizure of the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge; appraisal of lands required for expansion purposes; the project for expansion of the range at Fort Sill; interest in appraising land for the proposed expansion of the Artillery Guided Missile Center.

F 35: Fort Sill: Other Projects (1955-1956).

Correspondence. Topics include: construction of motor pool paving, concrete steps, two enlisted men's barracks; feasibility of providing additional water supply basins; extension of grazing lease on Area 4-A; design of the igloo-type magazine.

F 36: Fort Sill: Employment (1955-1956).

Correspondence. Topics include: transfer and loss of grade due to curtailment of spaces; Fort Sill photo concession; clerical examinations and clerical position openings; application for position.

F 37: Army: Mill Valley Highway-California (1955).

a. Correspondence: lack of satisfactory highways crossing through the mountains surrounding the Los Angeles area.

b. Report: J. C. Ells of Adams and Ells, Civil Engineers; Mill Valley Highway report on a proposed new highway route into Los Angeles through the San Gabriel Mountains from Barstow and Mojave, a new escape route. 

F 38: Army: Purchasing Officers - Oklahoma (n.d.).

List: Oklahoma - Army Purchasing Officers and Small Business specialists and representatives.

Atomic Energy Commission

F 39: Atomic Energy Commission: Data (1950-1953).

a. Summary: Joint Committee on Atomic Energy; "Weekly Summary of Press Articles" (1953).

b. Reports: Business Week; Atomic Energy 1950: The Atomic Era 2nd Phase; United States Atomic Energy Commission - Department of Defense Test Information Office; Background Information on Continental Nuclear Tests: Nevada Proving Grounds and Military Installations. (Spring 1953 series).

F 40: Atomic Energy Commission: Employment (1955-1956).

Correspondence. Topics include: architectural-engineering services; interest in employment with the Atomic Energy Commission.

F 41: Atomic Energy Commission: Requests (1955-1956).

Correspondence. Topics include: the latest data on radioactive minerals; the Geneva Technical Exhibit; peacetime applications of atomic energy; information on titanium, columbium, neodymium, and other minerals; assistance in obtaining a buyer for uranium. 

Civil Service Commission

F 42: Civil Service Commission: Examination and Report (1954-1956).

Correspondence. Topics include: examination for the position of substitute clerk for the Arapaho, Oklahoma, Post Office; summary of civil service activities.

F 43: Civil Service Commission: Constituent Requests (1956).

Correspondence. Topics include: separation due to reduction in force; desire for a civil service position; eligibility for federal appointment; regulations on consideration; ranking of positions; position through reinstatement.

Department of Commerce

F 44: Bureau of the Census: Constituent Requests, A-F (1955-1956). 

a. Bivens, Grace (1955).  Application for age search.
b. Brock, Max (1955).  Cost of living Index as of January 1, 1955.
c. Burgess, Robert W. (1956).  Preliminary figures on retail trade for Oklahoma.
d. Conley, L. H. (1955).  Requirements for a delayed birth certificate.
e. Crawford, Laura (1955). Obtaining a birth certificate for her daughter.
f. Dial, Kathren Gean (1956).  Request for birth certificate.
g. Dixon, Martha (1956).  Birth certificate.
h. Edge, James Lonzo (1956).  1920 census record.
i. Essex, Wesley F. (1956).  Trace of correct age.
j. Favrot, Lawerance H. (1955).  Price of natural gas for interstate transmission.
k. Freeze, O. L. (1955).  Age search.

F 45: Bureau of the Census: Constituent Requests, G-R (1955-1956).

a. Giles, H. F. and Willie Vernon (1956).  Obtaining birth certificates.
b. Hart, Bertha Beatrice (1956).  Information from the Census Bureau.
c. Hesbrook, Bertha (1955).  Age search.
d. Hyde, Ida (1955).  Copy of birth certificate.
e. Jackson, Adyline (1956).  Birth certificate for parents.
f. Jones, A.C. (1955). Birth certificate.
g. Jones, Millie (1956).  Application for an age search.
h. Lattimore, Harry M. (1956).  Bureau of the Census publications.
i. Martin, Catket (Catkia), (1955).  Transcript of information census of 1910.
j. Martin, W. C. (1955).  Statement of age.
k. Morris, David K. (1955).  1950 Census of Agriculture report for Oklahoma. 
l. Osborne, Oder Ezekiel (1955).  1900 census information on him.
m. Powers, Willene C. (1955).  Appropriate evidence of birth.
n. Rainwater, Charles R. and Birdie G. (1955).  Census information 1930, 1940, and 1950.
o. Rice, Robert E. (1955).  Form MC 13c, Oil and Gas, Field Contract Services, in connection with the Census of Mineral Industries.

F 46: Bureau of the Census: Constituent Requests, S-Z (1947-1956). 

a.  Smith, Elizabeth (1956).  Birth record.
b. Sherar, Ora Agnes (1955).  Birth record.
c. Shyrock, Henry S. Jr. (1955).  Projected future population of Oklahoma.
d. Thomas, Ernest A. (1956).  Current Population Report on the Labor Force Series P-57 No. 161.
e. Vaughn, Mary Elizabeth (1955).  Establishment of age.
f. Vice, Charlie F. (1955).  Information from draft registration cards of WWI.
g. Walker, Albert A. (1956).  Father's birth certificate.
h. Williams, Earl (1955).  Places of residence.
i. Wood, Forrest (1956).  Application form for requesting information.
j. Worthington, Henry (1956).  Farm population of Greer and Harmon counties.
k. Kapf, William Frederick (1955).  Birth certificate.

F 47: Bureau of the Census: Reports (1947-1956).

a. Report. U. S. Department of Commerce: Sixth Congressional District of Oklahoma, Selected Census Statistics for Jefferson County, 1947-1950.

b. Report. U. S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of the Census: Current Population Reports: Population Estimates, Feb.20,1955.

c. Report. U. S. D. C., Bureau of the Census: 1954 Census of Business: Retail Trade, Jan. 1956.

d. Report. The Library of Congress: Federal and State Old Age Assistance Payments in Oklahoma for the Fiscal Years 1941-1949, July 21, 1950; form letter from Wickersham re: State Department of Public Welfare.

e. Report. U. S. D. C., Bureau of the Census: 1954 Census of Agriculture--Preliminary: Harmon County, Oklahoma, July 1955.

f. Correspondence. Bureau of the Census, Sixth Congressional District of Oklahoma Expenditures 1947-1956.

F 48: Bureau of Public Roads: Reports (1954-1956).

a. Statement. U. S. D. C., Bureau of Public Roads: Oklahoma, 6th Congressional District: Federal-aid Highway Projects for Which Plans Were Approved from July 1,1941 to May 31,1956.

b. Statement. U. S. D. C., Bureau of Public Roads: Oklahoma, 6th Congressional District: Federal-aid Highway Projects for Which Plans Were Approved from July 1,1952 to May 31,1956.

c. Tabulation. U. S. D. C., Bureau of Public Roads: Federal-aid Highway Projects in the 6th Oklahoma Congressional District That Were Programed, Awarded to Contract, or Completed During the Period January 1,1953 to May 1,1954, Including All Projects Active During This Period.

F 49: Bureau of Public Roads: Requests (1955-1956).

a. Burton, J. J. (1955).  Information - Alaskan Highway.
b. Lee, Josh (1955).  Highway construction from Clinton to Clinton-Sherman Air Force Base.
c. Redden, Clarence (1956).  Availability of federal-aid funds for construction of fills.
d. Yokum, B. J. (1955). "Factors in the Highway 66 project."

F 50: Business and Defense Service Administration: Request (1956).

Haas, Bill.  Information concerning suppliers of anhydrous ammonia for fertilizer.

F 51: Civil Aeronautics Administration: Central Airlines: Borger, Texas, Services (1956).

Correspondence. Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity of Central Airlines, Inc .

F 52: Civil Aeronautics Administration: Central Airlines: Enid, Oklahoma, Service (1955).

Application. Before the Civil Aeronautics Board, Washington D.C. Application for Exemption Order by the City of Enid and the Chamber of Commerce of Enid, Oklahoma.

F 53: Civil Aeronautics Administration: Central Airlines: Guymon, Oklahoma, Service (1955-1956).

Correspondence. Application for amendment of the certificate of necessity; oral argument before the Civil Aeronautics Board.

F 54: Civil Aeronautics Administration: Continental Airlines: Lawton, Oklahoma, Service (1956).

Correspondence. Topics include: desire for permanent certification; need for a weather control and communication tower; pilot training program.

F 55: Civil Aeronautics Administration: Frederick Municipal Airport Repairs (1956).

Correspondence. Topics include: federal financial assistance for improvements; need of landing lights, control tower and weather reporting station.

F 56: Civil Aeronautics Administration: Gage Airport Repairs (1955-1956).

Correspondence. Topics include: bids for sealing surface cracks in pavement of the north-south runway; assistance in obtaining aid; thank you for effort in behalf of the Gage airport repairs; procedure on the repair of the runways and the possibility of the airport being used as an auxiliary field to one of the larger airports; authorization given to make necessary repairs; urge prompt action on runway repairs.

F 57: Civil Aeronautics Administration: Ross Aviation (1955). 

a. Correspondence. Plans to offer cargo, mail and passenger service via helicopters.

b. Application. Before the Civil Aeronautics Board Application for a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity for the Performance of Helicopter Service in the Area of Tulsa and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

F 58: Civil Aeronautics Administration: Reports (1955-1956). 

a. U. S. Department of Commerce (1955).  Statement of Tentative Policy and Procedure under the New Federal-aid Airport Program.

b. Addresses of Regional Offices (1955).

c. U. S. D. C. (1955).  Federal-aid Airport Program for Fiscal Year 1956 Distribution of $20,000,000 Appropriation. 

d. U. S. D. C. (1955). C. A. A. Announces New Airport Program Policies.

e. U. S. D. C. (1955).  Tenth Annual Report of Operations under the Federal Airport Act.

f. U. S. D. C., C. A. A. (1956). Federal-aid Airport Program Projects 6th Congressional District of Oklahoma 1941 through 1952.

g. Correspondence. Money authorized and expended in the 6th Congressional District since July 1,1952.

F 59: Civil Aeronautics Administration: Requests (1955-1956). 

a. Apostolides, C. A. (1955).  N. A. C. A. Technical Reports.
b. Cummins, Buck (1956).  Regain pilot's license.
c. Marders, Wayland E., Jr. (1955).  Application for the airway operation specialist examination.
d. Meier, A. W. (1956).  Assistance covering daughter killed in plane crash.
e. Riddle, R. B. (1955).  Airport terminal buildings.

F 60: Civil Aeronautics Administration: Southwest-Northeast Service Case (1955).

a. Correspondence. Support for the Southwest-Northeast Service case.

b. Order. U. S. A., Civil Aeronautics Board (1955).  "Supplemental Opinion and Order on Reconsideration" and Certificates of Public Convenience and Necessity.

F 61: Civil Aeronautics Administration: Tipton Municipal Airport (1956).

Correspondence. Topics include: possibility of a portion of the airport reverting to the United States for disposal.

F 62: Department of Commerce: General Correspondence (1955-1956).

a. Butler 9th grade (1956).  Support for a Department of the Consumer.
b. East India Company, Inc. (1955).  Limitation of exports of refined copper and copper scrap.
c. Fleming, Wayne (1955).  Navigation chart area around Marathon, Florida. 
d. Haas, Bill (1956).  Desire to go into the ammonia business.
e. Heinshon, A. G., (1956).  Cotton textile industry.
f. Treadwell, Bill (1955).  Mineral deposits.

F 63: Maritime Administration (1954-1955).

a. Course Description Booklet. U. S. M. M. C. C. (1954-1955), Course of Instruction at the United States Merchant Academy Kings, N. Y.

b. Application. U. S. M. M. C. C. (1955).  Information Pertaining to Appointment in the United States Merchant Marine Cadet Corps.

c. Correspondence. Information on the annual competitive examination for appointment to the United States Merchant Marine Academy at Kings Point, New York.

F 64: National Bureau of Standards (1955-1956).

Correspondence. Topics include: the Bureau of Standards "Open House"; testing of some tile samples.

F 65: Office of Area Development (1956).

Correspondence. Assistance in attracting industry to the town of Snyder.

F 66: Office of Technical Services (1955).

Correspondence. Instructional Film Research Reports S. D. C. 269-6-36.

F 67: Patent Office: Constituent Requests (1955-1956).

a. Cogdill, Jack (1956).  Information from patent papers.
b. Davis, Guy (1956).  Bulletin on how to get a patent recorded.
c. Dunn, Zessie Murray (1956), Interest in finding someone to produce patent.
d. Froage, Ross (1956).  Reliable patent attorneys.
e. Hanes, Carroll Dean (1955).  Information on securing patent.
f. Laminack, W. E. (1956). Rejection of application for a patent.
g. Maddoux, L. H. (1956).  Information on securing a patent.
h. Ogle, Mattie Pool (1956). List of the major inventions, and the year invented.
i. Reynolds, J. D. (1956).  Information on securing patent.
j.  Vincent, J. Scott (1956).  Procedure to follow in protecting a name.
k. Weber, Walter (1955).  Information on securing patents.

F 68: Weather Bureau (1952-1956).

a.  Correspondence. Topics include: A weather station at Guymon; possibilities of establishing a weather station at Elk City.

b. Data. U. S. D. C., Weather Bureau (1952-1953).  Local Climatological Data.

Comptroller General

F 69: Comptroller General: Constituent Requests (1956).

a. Frensley, Jimmie J. Bonus incident to release from active duty.
b. Green, Henry H. Repayment on loan.
c. Hardy, Woodrow W. Federal aid payments.

Congressional Record

F 70: Congressional Record: Constituent Requests (1955-1956).

Court of Claims

F 71: Court of Claims: Constituent Requests (1955-1956).

a. Bills, George E.; Blackerby, Lester; Hoover, Allen C.; Parsons, Robert A.; and Stallins, John D. (1956).  Claims for overtime.
b. Jones, A. L. (1955).  Foreign claims.

Department of Defense

F 72: Department of Defense: General Correspondence, A-Li (1955-1956). 

a. Anderson, Robert B. (1955).  Letters of thanks.
b. Arrington, Jack (1956).  New legislation to secure housing for the Army, Navy, and Air Force.
c. Bohanon, Luther (1955).  Armed Forces Examining and Induction Station.
d. Boyd, Jack V. (1956).  Surplus materials for use by Youth Camps of Oklahoma; eligibility of the Oklahoma Planning and Resources Board for donations.
e. Brisley, Ben and Flossie (1955).  Assistance with the Department of Defense.
f. Clay, Paul (n.d.).  Secure information from Department of Defense.
g. Davis, Edwin L. (1956).  Eligibility of the Boys' Club of Washington D. C. to receive donations of surplus property from the Department of Defense.
h. Deerinwater, E. R. (1956).  An Army tank for the National Guard at Mangum.
i. Hershey, Lewis B. (1955).  Number of servicemen from the 6th Congressional District.
j. Houck, Leonard (1955).  Rules and regulations governing the draft.
k. Honaman, R. Karl (1955).  Thank you note.
l. Jennings, Mrs. C. H. (1956).  Consideration for any proposed military installation.
m. Karns, E. E. (1955).  Electrical service for Altus and Clinton-Sherman Air Force Base.
n. Kavanaugh, E. S. (1956).  Army Aviation Training Program.
o. Klemme, Randall T. (1956). Resolution by the Oklahoma Governor's Economic Development Commission.
p. Lee, Clyde (1955).  War relief services.
q. Leedy, H. A. (1955).  Technical manpower problem.
r. Lippert, E. W. (1955).  Awarding of large contracts to prime contractors.

F 73: Department of Defense: General Correspondence, Lo-Z (1955-1956).

a. Lohr, L. R. (1955).  Shortage of scientific and engineering personnel.
b. Long, Charley W. (1956).  Construction of housing.
c. McKee, Frederick C. (1975).  Article containing the statements of Admiral Reford.
d. McNett, Robert E. (1955).  Reply from the Committee on Armed Services.
e. Mothers of the World (1955).  Brainwashing in military training schools.
f. Rea, W. J. (1955).  Establishment of defense or defense-connected industries.
g. Reif, Colonel (1955).  Design, plan, figure cost of the Desilter.
h. Roethle, Mrs. Lawerance (1956).  Assistance in obtaining a hardship discharge for her son.
i. Scott, Byron (1956).  Details of McNett case wanted investigated.
j. Smart, C. J. (1955).  Proposal to supply Brantley helicopters to the Department of Defense.
k. Somers, A. L. (1956).  Use of military prison labor.
l. Staker, Mrs Fred C. (1955).  Objection to alcoholic beverages.
m. Stoope, C. W. (1955).  Insurance on cars of under-age draftees or enlisted boys.
n. Talbott, Harold E. (1955).  Construction and removal of television tower.
o. Wickersham, Victor (1955).  Change in counselor.
p. Wilson, Charles M. (1956).  Child support allotments.

F 74: Prisoner of War (1955).

Correspondence. Topics include: Korean ex-prisoners of war from Oklahoma who have not yet filed an application for benefits.

F 75: Department of Defense: Releases and Reports (1955-1956).

a. News releases. Topics include: Army assuming responsibility for Army aviation training; military public works and family housing authorization requested of Congress; information on Major General Edward Thomas Williams and Major General Thomas Edward de Shazo.

b. Status of active contracts for Oklahoma military bases (6-30-55 and 12-31-55).

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