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Box 3: Federal Civil Defense Administration - Bureau of Indian Affairs: Delaware

F 1: Federal Civil Defense Administration: General Correspondence (1955-1956).

Correspondence. Topics include: Operation Alert; request for Federal Civil Defense Administration publications; resolution adopted by the Governor's Economic Development Commission.

Federal Communications Commission

F 2: Federal Communications Commission: Duncan Station Proposal (1955).

Correspondence. Topics include: request for information concerning the establishment of a new standard broadcast station and television broadcast station in Duncan.

F 3: Federal Communications Commission: Elk City Station Proposal (1955).

Correspondence. Proposal to assign Channel 8 to Elk City and a protest of the use of Channel 8 rather than Channel 11.

F 4: Federal Communications Commission: Enid Antenna Case (1955).

Correspondence. Topics include: the initial decision of the hearing examiner in the KGEO-TV case; construction and removal of television tower.

F 5: Federal Communications Commission: Ensign, Kansas Station Proposal (1955).

Correspondence. Application of Southwest T.V. Inc. for permit to build a television station.

F 6: Federal Communications Commission: General Correspondence (1954-1956).

a. Barby, Otto C. (1956).  Change in the local broadcasting schedules.
b. Boates, Russell D. (1956).  Time of broadcast extended for daytime radio.
c. Cavins, Gene (1955).  Opposition to Toll T.V.
d. Colvin, W. A. (1956).  Loan for construction of telephone system.
e. Chester, Orvill (1954).  T.V. reception.
f. Grey, Mike (1954).  Gas for fuel to pump water.
g. Hart, Martha (1955).  Difficulty receiving television channel 3.
h. Lumpkin, J. C. (1956). Literature of interest to an amateur radio operator and information as to other amateurs in the area.
i. Savage, Eugene and L. L. Males (1954).  Television reception in the area.
j. Taliaferro, E. Z. (1954).  T.V. reception - Elk City.
k. Thomas, Donald E. (1954).  T.V. reception.
l. Williams, Ruby (1956).  Application for police-civil defense radio station for Sentinel, Oklahoma.

F 7: Federal Communications Commission: Report (1954).

a. F.C.C., Information Bulletin #11 (1954). "Safety and Special Radio Services Primer."

b. F.C.C., (1954).  Safety and Special Radio Stations Located in the 6th Congressional District of Oklahoma.

Federal Power Commission

F 8: Federal Power Commission: Constituent Requests (1954).

a. Alexander, Marcus L. (1954).  Natural gas for irrigation purposes.
b. Grey, Mike (1954).  Suspension of gas to farmers.
c. McKay, Amon E. (1954).  Gas companies refusing to sell gas to the farmers at well-head or equitable prices.
d. Wooten, LeCarl (1954).  Gas for irrigation purposes.

F 9: Federal Power Commission: Releases and Report (1954).

a. News releases. Topics include: Cities Service Gas Company files proposed $12,589,000 wholesale natural gas rate increase with F.P.C.; F.P.C. suspends part of $12,589,000 rate increase proposed by Cities Service Gas Company; F.P.C. hearing set for July 13 on proposed Cities Service Gas Company wholesale gas rate increase.

b. Report. F.P.C. (1954). "Activities of the F.P.C. in 6th Congressional District and in the State of Oklahoma."

Federal Trade Commission

F 10: Federal Trade Commission: Constituent Requests (1954-1956).

a. Collins, Tom (1956).  Proposed rules for the accident and health insurance industry.
b. Robbins,George E. (1955).  Boot-legging automobiles.
c. Rogers, Cleeta John (1954).  Request the quarterly financial report of United States Manufacturing Corporations.
d. Stewart, E. H. (1955).  Fair Trade Practices Act.

Foreign Claims Settlement Commission

F 11: Foreign Claims Settlement Commission: Constituent Request (1956).

Hoyt, Lester D. 

General Accounting Office

F 12: General Accounting Office: Requests (1954-1956).

a. Davis, Loy L. (1954).  Disability compensation award.
b. Ingram, Fred (1955).  Amounts due at date of retirement.
c. Keller, Harold W. (1955).  Claim for travel pay.
d. Martini, John H. (1956).  Payment of loan.
e. Moore, Vera (1954).  Overpayment of family allowance.
f. Pence, Julia E. (1955).  Reimbursement for cost of transportation.
g. Pence, Kenneth E. (1955).  Reimbursement for cost of transportation.

General Services Administration

F 13: Federal Records Centers: Constituent Requests (1955). 

a. Beanland, C. M. (1955).  Copy of draft registration card.
b. Cotton, Forest Emery (1955).  Former employment with the Work Projects Administration.

F 14: Federal Supply Service: Constituent Requests (1954-1956).

a. Hodges, L. L. (1954).  Attempting to locate a surplus security furnace or incinerator of 150,000 BTU rating.
b. Lumkins, D. (1956).  Surplus generator and motor.
c. Mack, Clifton E. (1956). Shiploads of material arriving in Norfolk, Va.
d. Metcalf, Joe (1955).  Surplus bus.
e. Newman, Roy E. (1956). Surplus periscope.
f. Parker, Guy H. (1955).  Parts for a government surplus pump.
g. Parks, Robert (1955).  Office machinery repair contract.

F 15: General Services Administration: Constituent Requests (1954-1956).

a. Bohanon, Luther (1955).  Rental space for use by the Armed Forces Examining and Induction Station.
b. Boyd, Jack V. 1956).  Surplus armed services material for Youth Camps in state parks.
c. Combs, H. L. (1954).  Surplus government material.
d. Everitt, John F. (1956).  Lease of warehouse for government surplus.
e. Klein, Otto G. (1955).  Invitation to bid.
f. Klemme, Gilbert (1955).  Sales of government surplus property.
g. Landrith, George; Dan Tankersley, and Ralph Bell (1955).  Lease purchase projects.
h. Lumpkin, D. (1956).  Surplus generator and motor.
i. Metcalf, Joe (1955).  Surplus bus for school.
j. Pace, L. O. (1956).  List of construction of government buildings and projects.
k. Stiles, Doyle (1955).  Proposed titanium plant.
l. Wallace, Karl E. (1956).  Assistance to Ryan Oklahoma High School.
m. Young Miss Incorporated (1955).  Mailing list and invitation to bid.

F 16: National Archives: Constituent Requests (1954-1956).

a. Austin, Felix H. (1956).  Assistance in collecting bonds.
b. Ganoung, Alta and D. M. (1954).  Easements for a pipeline.
c. Oden, Waldo (1955).  Copies of Delaware Indian Claims.
d. Robinson, Mrs. John (1955).  Concerning discharge of John Robinson.
e. Scuggs, R. D. (1956).  World War I registration age.

F 17: Public Buildings Service: Constituent Requests (1955-1956). 

a. Kreager, R. A. (1956).  Location of the proposed federal building project for Lawton.
b. McNeal, John T. (1955).  Urge that Elk City Post Office be air-conditioned.

Government Printing Office

F 18: Government Printing Office: Constituent Requests (1955-1956).

Health, Education, and Welfare

F 19: Health: General Correspondence, A-L (1955-1956). 

a. Cook, W. H. (1955). Booklet Your Child One to Six.
b. Sillard, Hays (1955).  Information on psychiatry.
c. Farmer, Billie J. (1956).  Contagious disease brought into country from Mexico.
d. Gregory, John B. (1955).  Lack of doctor in Tipton.
e. Hart, Elva (1956).  Assistance needed.
f. Harvey, R. E. (1956).  Information on cerebral thrombosis.
g. Hazlett, Malcom (1955).  Physical therapy treatments.
h. Jeffers, Ben (1956).  Aid from Oklahoma Emergency Relief Board.
i. Johnson, T. L. (1955).  Insurance reimbursement.
j. Kliemer, F. G. (1955).  Grant-in-aid for a community hospital at Cordell.
k. Livingston, L. G. (1955).  Copy of a publication pertaining to equipment for a hospital.
l. Lovel, Marie (1955).  Health information leaflets and pamphlets.

F 20: Health: General Correspondence, M-Z (1955-1956).

a. McAdoo, Mrs. D. W. (1956).  Financial assistance for cancer patients.
b. McCain, Joe C. (1955).  Addition to existing city-county health department.
c. Perryman, K. C. (1955).  Grievance procedure.
d. Phillips, Ulysses (1956).  List of health information materials.
e. Purcell, W. H. (1955).  Federal loan to construct a clinic in Grandfield.
f. Scheele, Leonard A. (1955).  Commission with the Public Health Service.
g. Tarrant, Clyde (1955).  Information about a health insurance law or bill.
h. Teeter, W. W. (1955).  Water pollution.
i. Tyraks, Henry (1956).  In need of assistance.
j. Wilson, Robert G. (1955).  Desire to build a community hospital in Walters.

F 21: Health: Hoxsey Cancer Treatment (1956). 

Correspondence. Protest against the recently published public warning against the Hoxsey cancer treatment.

F 22: Health: Indian Health Programs (1956).

Correspondence. Topics include: request to reopen the hospital at the Concho Agency; assistance in securing reimbursement for emergency care given by hospital to local Indians; modernization and remodeling of Oklahoma General Hospital; Indian Health Program; and a five-year plan to improve the inadequate sanitation facilities now existing in most Indian communities.

F 23: Health: Victor Wickersham, 6th District (1956).

Report. A report on the expenditure of federal funds in the 6th Congressional District by hospital and location for the fiscal years ending June 30,1953, 1954, 1955, and 1956.

F 24: Education: Federal Funds, Correspondence A-Ca (1955-1956).

a. Alden Dependent School District 69 (1955).  Assistance for federally affected areas.
b. Altus Independent School District #18 (1955-1956).  Federal assistance for school facilities.
c. Anadarko Public Schools (1956).  Possible affects on federal aid programs under Public Law 874 and the Johnson-O'Malley Act; disappointment at the amount of funds under Public Law 815; federal assistance for the construction of school facilities; financial assistance for schools in federally affected areas.
d. Apache Independent School District #6 (1955).  Federal assistance for the construction of school facilities.
e. Balco, Oklahoma Senior High School (1955).  Pamphlets.
f. Ball, Ralph (1955).  Approval of federal participation for Cache Schools; financial assistance for schools in federally affected areas; confer with the Commissioner of Indian Affairs; certified immediate payments.
g. Bennett, Gordon L. (1956).  A copy of the Denver Post, Oct. 23,1949.
h. Binger Independent School District #15 (1955).  Financial assistance for schools in federally affected areas.
i. Blair Public School District I-54 (1955).  Financial assistance for schools in federally affected areas; entitlement certified for immediate payment.
j. Burns Flat Independent School District #7 (1956).  Financial assistance for schools in federally affected areas.
k. Cache Public Schools (1955).  Thanks, for efforts in behalf of Cache Schools; assistance in speeding up project.
l. Carnegie District #33 (1956).  Financial assistance for schools in federally affected areas.
m. Carter County Department of Public Schools (1956).  Need for school buildings.

F 25: Education: Federal Funds, Correspondence, Ce-K (1955-1956).

a. Central Christian College (1955).  Desire to acquire surplus buildings.
b. Cordell Independent School District I-78 (1956).  Financial assistance for federally affected areas.
c. Cyril Independent School District #64 (1956).  Additional payment under Public Law 874; application received.
d. Deane, Mrs. John J. (1955).  Government sponsorship for nuclear training.
e. Elgin Independent School District I-16 (1955).  Assistance to Elgin school.
f. Fletcher Public Schools (1955-1956).  Financial assistance for schools in federally affected areas; information needed on Negro pupils in the district.
g. Fort Cobb Independent School District #7 and others (1956).  Financial assistance for schools in federally affected areas.
h. Fuchs, Mrs. Calvin (1955).  Publications in the field of vocational education in home economics.
i. Geary School District I-80 (1956).  Tentative entitlement certified for immediate payment.
j. Gerard, Mabel A. (1955).  Annual report on the Health and Welfare Department for 1953.
k. Geronimo Independent School District #4 (1956).  Status of Public Law 874 application.
l. Gotebo Independent School District #3 and others (1955).  Financial assistance for schools in federally affected areas.
m. Hammon School District #66 (1956).  Maintenance and operation applications under Public Law 874, and construction application under Public Law 815.
n. Hydro Public Schools Independent District #1 (1956).  Assistance under Public Law 874; quarter payment for school district under Public Law 874 for fiscal year 1954-1955.
o. Kelley, B. F. (1956).  Opposition to federal aid to education.
p. Kingfisher School District I-7 (1956).  Financial assistance for schools in federally affected areas.

F 26: Education: Federal Funds, Correspondence, L-R (1955-1956).

a. Larason, A. R. (1955). Information dealing with juvenile delinquents from at Arnett school.
b. Lawton Independent School District #8 (1955-1956).  Financial assistance for schools in federally affected areas; money received through Public Laws 815 and 874, 1952-1956; financial assistance for schools in federally affected areas.
c. Longdale School District I-70 and others (1955).  Financial assistance for schools in federally affected areas.
d. Medicine Park School District #7 and others (1955-1956).  Financial assistance for schools in federally affected areas.
e. Minco Independent School District #2 (1955).  Financial assistance for schools in federally affected areas.
f. Mackenzie, John R. (1956).  Federal assistance for Sayre Jr. College.
g. Oney Independent School District #10 (1955-1956).  Financial assistance for schools in federally affected areas.
h. Pace, Clint (1955).  Conferences on education in Oklahoma; summary report on state action under Public Law 530.
i. Parham, Paul (1955).  Biennial survey of education requested.
j. Rathbun, David L. (1955).  Federal governments role in Oklahoma education.
k. Rinkinen, Olavi (1955).  Portable or demountable school buildings.
l. Robertson, H. C. (1956).  Assistance for daughter to finish school.
m. Ryan, Oklahoma High School (n.d.).  Oklahoma surplus property.

F 27: Education: Federal Funds, Correspondence S-Z (1955-1956).

a. Sayre Junior College (1956).  Resources for assistance in acquiring new facilities.
b. Sedan Independent School District #9 (1956).  Financial assistance for schools in federally affected areas.
c. Sentinel Independent School District #1 (1956).  Financial assistance for schools in federally affected areas.
d. Shook, Vynomma (1956).  Oklahoma delegation and O.E.A.
e. Snider, Glenn (1955-1956).  Request for publications; government publications concerning education.
f. Snipes, Buster (1955).  Community project ideas.
g. Sterling Independent School District I-3 and others (1955). Financial assistance for schools in federally affected areas.
h. Temple Public School I-101 (1955).  Financial assistance for schools in federally affected areas.
i. Tuttle Independent School District #97 (1955-1956).  Financial assistance for schools in federally affected areas.
j. Tyler, Robert (1956).  Educational Directory for Higher Education; desire certain publications.
k. Verden Independent School District #I-99 and others (1955-1956).  Financial assistance for schools in federally affected areas.
l. Walters Independent School District #1 and others (1955).  Financial assistance for schools in federally affected areas.
m. Walters Ahpeatone Dependent School District #3 (1956).  Financial assistance for schools in federally affected areas.
n. Watonga City Schools (1955).  Application for maintenance and operation.

F 28: Education: Printed Material (1952-1956).

a. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare (1956).  "School Life Official Journal of the Office of Education."

b. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare (1955).  "Report of the Long Range Planning Phase, School Facilities Survey."

c. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare (1952).  "Financial Assistance for Civilian College Students." 

d. The Library of Congress; Legislative Reference Service (1955).  "The Question of Federal Aid for Scholarships and Higher Education, Pro and Con Articles."

F 29: Education: Reports (1956).

a. Oklahoma State Department of Education (1956).  Expenditures of Federal Funds under the supervision of the Oklahoma State Department of Education.

b. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare; Office of Education (1956).  Payments to school districts in the 6th Congressional District of Oklahoma under Public Laws 815 and 874.

F 30: Welfare/Social Security: Constituent Requests, A-C (1955-1956). 

a. Akers, Estella E. (1956).  Social security benefits for a widow.
b. Arthur, J. A. (1956).  Social security for self-employed farmers.
c. Babb, Oren E. (1956).  Age at which widows become eligible for old-age and survivors insurance benefits.
d. Baker, Linnie (1956).  Disability pension for wife.
e. Belew, Maggie (1956).  Aid for live-in help.
f. Bell, Lizzie E. (1955).  Social security benefits for son.
g. Black, Warwick H. Determination of eligibility to receive benefit payments.
h. Bond, James H. (1956).  Benefits for widow and children.
i. Brown, West (1955).  Claim for old-age insurance benefits.
j. Butler, William A. (1955).  Duplicate social security account number card.
k. Choate, Elizabeth (1955).  Aid to the disabled.

F 31: Welfare/Social Security: Constituent Requests, D-G (1955-1956). 

a. Davenport, Walter M. (1955).  Child's entitlement to social security benefits.
b. Davis, Mrs. Charles L. (1956).  Corrections in social security record.
c. Davis, Josephine H. (1956).  Interest in receiving social security benefits.
d. Davis, Louise (1956).  Credit for self-employment income.
e. Deaton, Charlie H. (1955).  Need for additional assistance.
f. Dial, L. I. (1955).  Eligibility to receive benefit payments under the old-age and survivors insurance program.
g. Douglas, Ralph G. (1955).  Old-age and Survivors Insurance benefits for minor children.
h. Edwards, Hattie (1955).  Legislation to prevent employer from discontinuing a private pension plan.
i. Evans, Phyllis (1956).  Bulletins distributed by the Children's Bureau.
j. Fannon, Willie Mae (1956).  Effect of annulment of marriage on reinvestment of social security benefits.
k. Fenn, Maude L. (1956).  Age 65 to draw survivor's benefits.
l. Ford, Mack (1956).  Increase in social security benefits.
m. Freeman, Mr. and Mrs. O. T. (1956).  Suggest old-age pension be made a federal program.
n. Grenshaw, Henry (1955).  Voluntary contributions to increase old-age and survivors insurance benefit amount.

F 32: Welfare/Social Security: Constituent Requests, H-J (1951-1956).

a. Hall, Mrs. R. L. (1955).  Eligibility for social security.
b. Haul, Lela Jane (1956).  Request for widow's pension.
c. Haynes, Jimmie (1955).  A Thank you for assistance in obtaining social security.
d. Hickman, S. E. (1955).  Eligibility for social security while continuing to work.
e. Hughes, W. E. (1956).  Eligibility for old-age assistance payments.
f. Hunt, John (1955).  Aid to disabled.
g. Hunt, Luanna (1956).  Failed to receive benefits paid in by husband.
h. Hutchison, Mrs. W. W. (1956).  Validity of social security account number.
i. Ingram, D. E. (1955).  Concerned about social security benefits.
j. Jackson, Virginia Holmes (1951).  Desire to obtain copy of social security card.
k. Jennings, Tommie J., Jr. (1956). Collection of unemployment compensation.
l. Jester, Anna L. (1955).  Widow's social security benefits.
m. Johns, William (1956).  Benefits under the old-age and survivors insurance program.
n. Jones, Will C. (1956).  Questions regarding the computation of social security benefits.

F 33: Welfare/Social Security: Constituent Requests, K-N (1954-1956).

a. Kahoe, Clifton A. (1956).  Benefits under the disability provision of the old-age and survivors insurance program.
b. Keesling, John E. (1955).  Eligibility to receive a benefit check.
c. Kerkhoff, Lucy (1955).  Eligibility for social security or aid to the disabled.
d. Kinney, W. O. (1956).  In need of pension benefits.
e. Kossuth, Adele (1955).  Amounts credited to the old-age and survivors insurance account.
f. Lee, Bessie A. (1955).  To whom aid to the disabled is granted.
g. Leonard, H. R. (1956).  Amount of work to qualify for social security benefits.
h. LePelley, Edward A. (1955).  Disability provisions for the 1954 Amendments to the Social Security Act.
i. Lewis, Ruth I. (1956).  Benefits for widow and two minor children.
j. Love, Mr. and Mrs. (1956).  Difficulties with Mr. Radar.
k. McDonald, Edna Lorena (1956).  Need of increase in old-age assistance.
l. McDonelly, Mr. and Mrs. P. (1956). In need of raise in benefit check.
m. Manely, Amos T. (1956).  Need job or to draw on social security benefits.
n. Mannin, A. E. (1955).  How to acquire coverage under the Social Security Act with respect to farming activities.
o. Mapel, Mrs. M. C. (1955).  Social security benefits for farmers.
p. Martin, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis E. (1956).  Desire to secure social security benefits.
q. Mathews, C. C. (1956).  Acknowledged receipt of letter regarding social security.
r.  Moore, Will (1956).  State law and policy about residence.
s. Mote, Thomas A. (1954). Welfare problem.
t. Nelson, Bertha (1956).  More federal funds for the old-age assistance program.
u. Newberry, Mrs. L. N. (1955).  Eligibility of farmers and their wives for social security benefits and the procedure to secure such benefits.

F 34: Welfare/Social Security: Constituent Requests, O-S (1955-1956). 

a. Osborn, Mr. and Mrs. W. L. (1956).  Need increase in social security benefits.
b. Palmer, John M. (1956).  Coverage and benefit provisions of the social security law as they apply to farmers.
c. Powers, Willene C. (1955).  Benefits under the old-age and survivors insurance provisions of the Social Security Act.
d. Prather, J. P. (1956).  Computation of benefits under the Social Security Act.
e. Pratt, Clarence (1955).  Unemployment insurance.
f. Prophet, Myrtle M. (1956).  In need of social security benefits.
g. Reynolds, Marion M. (1956).  Status under the social security law.
h. Robinson, Emma (1956).  Problems with old-age checks.
i. Roper, Rosa W. (1955).  Qualification for widow's or parents benefits.
j. Ruth, Louella (1956). Social security benefits were not increased.
k. Scruggs, Jennie (1956).  Case taken up with Social Security Administration.
l. Seay, Alberta (1956).  Suggest changes in old-age assistance program.
m. Seward, Marion M. (1955).  Check on increase in retirement check.
n. Sliger, Mrs. (1955).  Mother's need for assistance.
o. Smith, Edna H. (1955).  Coverage of farm operators under the Social Security Act.
p. Smith, Mrs. Mattie (1956). In need of benefits for herself and disabled son.
q. Spraggins, James Thomas (1956).  Possible eligibility for social security benefits.
r. Stidham, Neal (1956). Computation of the old-age and survivors insurance monthly benefit amount.
s. Stout, Joseph (1956).  Eligibility for old-age benefits.
t. Sullivan, Sadie (1956).  Increase needed in mother's old-age pension.
u. Sutton, Leroy (1955).  Benefits under the Social Security Act.

F 35: Welfare/Social Security: Constituent Requests, T-Y (1955-1956).

a. Telford, Rosanna (1956).  Obtaining social security pension.
b. Thomason, Roy L. (1956).  Application for a disability freeze.
c. Titus, Howard (1955).  Status under social security.
d. Tolbert, H. G. (1955).  Eligibility for old-age and survivors insurance based on earnings derived from self-employment.
e. Tomlinson, Charles E. (1955).  Requirements for old-age insurance benefits.
f. Trantham, Ralph (1955).  Establishing age in order to be eligible to receive old-age insurance benefits.
g. Vaughan, Mrs. W. R. (1956).  Requirements for eligibility for social security benefits.
h. Watts, Mr. and Mrs. Len (1956).  Information about employment in California and about unemployment insurance in connection with work in California.
i. Whitely, Mary (1956).  Problem with verification of age.
j. Wilcox, W. J. (1956).  Information about the current rate of social security tax and the current retirement age.
k. Williams, Stephen E. (1956).  Monthly benefits entitled to.
l. Wilson, Mrs. B. M., Sr. (1955).  Widow's pension benefits.
m. Wilson, Jim U. (1956). Need for birth certificate when applying for social security benefits.
n. Yandell, John E. (1955).  Aid to the disabled.

F 36: Welfare/Social Security: General Correspondence (1955-1956).

a. Caldwell, J. J. (1956).  Issuance of food stamps to social security recipients.
b. Cook, W. H. (1955).  Requests for publication 30, "Your Child from One to Six."
c. Dewey county A.S.C. Committee (1955).  Aid under provisions of Public Law 875.
d. Radar, L. E. (1956).  Aid expended in 6th Congressional District July 1,1952, through June 1,1956.
e. Schottland, Charles I. (1955-1956).  Effects of the growth of the old-age and survivors insurance program on the old-age assistance program in Oklahoma; questions regarding the computation of certain social security benefits.
f. Tramburg, John W. (1955).  Effect of social security on old-age assistance in Oklahoma.

House Document Room

F 37: House Document Room: Constituent Requests (1956).

Housing and Home Finance Agency

F 38: Community Facilities Administration: Grants (1954-1955). 

Baird, James O. Application under review; acknowledgment for letter received; loan for dormitory construction approved; additional buildings through the assistance of certain government agencies; a thank you for part in securing loan from the Federal Housing and Home Finance Agency.

F 39: Defense Housing (1955-1956).

Correspondence. Topics include: the programing of private construction in the Altus critical defense housing area for 200 additional units of rental housing; building houses off-base in the areas surrounding various military bases; rumor that the Army has requested F.H.A. to approve 200 additional rental housing units for Fort Sill; information as to when defense housing might be programmed in Beckham, Custer, Washita, and Kiowa Counties; and need for commitment before loans processed.

F 40: Federal Housing Administration: Defense Housing (1955-1956). 

a.  Burger, D. T. (1955).  Approval of 200 units off base housing under Title 9.
b. Cole, Albert M. (1955-1956).  Adjustments over Fort Carson matter; enlargement of the Clinton-Elk City-Cordell critical defense area so that defense housing may be built in that community.
c. Ferguson, Jo O. (1955).  Policy of this office to expedite all matters pertaining to defense.
d. Fields, Gus (1955).  Army request of F.H.A. to approve 200 additional rental housing units for Fort Sill.
e. Hinton, Walter (1955).  Inter-departmental difficulties.
f. Hoover, M. W. (1956).  National Association of Home Builders have nothing to report on Title 9 Housing, or similar legislation.
g. Kinnison, Arthur B. (1956).  Issuance of commitments for additional housing at Altus.
h. Kixmiller, Bruce C. (1956).  Assistance in trying to work out the Fort Carson housing matter.
i. Mason, Norman P. (1956).  Contract for the proposed Fort Carson Title VIII military housing project.
j. Savage, Ted R. (1956).  Establishment of a new mortgage insurance program.
k. Stephens, Carl (n.d.).  Mortgage assistance.

F 41: Federal Housing Administration, General Correspondence, A-H (1954-1956).

a. Buckmaster, Lee A. (1956).  Interest in obtaining an F.H.A. loan.
b. Bullard, M. R. (1955).  F.H.A. loan information.
c. Dean, J. Gilbert (1955).  Non-recision of proposed action.
d. Fletcher, Mr. and Mrs. Virgil (1954).  Loan for addition to house.
e. Gibney, Sterne S. (1955).  Bonds as a guarantee against defective materials.
f.  Gullett, Newton A. (1956).  Home loan re-instated.
g. Hoover, M. W. (1955).  Operation of F.H.A.
h. Hopkins, Lawson Z. (1956).  Extension of terms for F.H.A. property improvements.
i. Huseman, A. G. (1955).  Dissatisfaction with appraisals.

F 42: Federal Housing Administration: General Correspondence, J-Z (1953-1956).

a. James, Paul A. (1955).  F.H.A. regarding sale of property.
b. Long, Charley W. (1955).  Violation of wage requirements.
c. Madden, Clarence (1955).  High water situation affecting property.
d. Mason, Norman P. (1955-1956).  "F.H.A. Help Ready for Trailer Parks"; fraudulent contractor and fraudulent F.H.A. inspector; acknowledgment of letter received.
e. Rogg, Nathaniel H. (1955).  Recent economic developments in the housing field.
f. Russell, Fred J. (1956).  Statement by the Wherry Housing Association before the Banking and Currency Committee.
g. Shadid, Hoyt (1954).  Application processing not completed.
h. Sneed, Frank (1953).  Application for mortgage insurance.
i. Sperling, Mrs. Edgar (1956).  Dispute over deed and title.
j. Thomas, Lewis C. (1956).  Use of concrete block for on base housing at U.S. military installations.
k. Wicker Parmer, Theiza (1954).  Information relative to the federal government furnishing plans for the building of housing units for old people.

F 43: Federal Housing Administration: Report (195?).

Report. Senate 1501. Amendment to National Housing Act. Title X-Armed Services Housing Insurance. 

F 44: Housing and Home Finance Agency: General Correspondence (1954-1955).

a. Arnold, H. N. (1955).  Federal aid in the construction of additional water storage and sewage disposal plant.
b. Cole, Albert M. (1954-1955).  Federal housing activities in the 6th Congressional District of Oklahoma; advances authorized by the housing amendments of 1955, Public Law 345 of the 84th Congress, Title I, Section 112.
c. Preston, Marlow (1955).  Update on circumstances.

F 45: Home Loan Bank Board: Constituent Requests (1955).

a. Hill, Gus D. (1955).  Status of the Security Savings and Loan Association of Colorado Springs, Colorado.
b. Pace, Lloyd (1955).  Organization of a Building and Loan Association.

F 46: Housing and Home Finance Agency: Investigations (1954-1955). 

a. Bohanon, Luther (1955).  Information concerning Frank J. Meistrell, general counsel of the Federal Housing Administration.
b. Cole, Albert M. (1954).  Allegations concerning F.H.A. employees.

F 47: Public Housing Administration: Report (1954).

Report. The United States Housing Act of 1937, As Amended (1954), Public Law No. 412-75th Congress, Chapter 896-1st Session, 50 Stat. 888; 42 U.S.C. 1401, S. 1685. 

F 48: Urban Renewal: Speech (1955). 

Address by Albert M. Cole, administrator, Housing and Home Finance Agency, to the Construction and Civic Dept. Luncheon at the annual meeting of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Mayflower Hotel, Washington, D.C., Tuesday, May 3,1955.

F 49: Voluntary Home Mortgage Credit Program (1955).

Housing and Home Finance Agency, Office of the Administrator (1955). Region XI, Eligible Areas for Voluntary Home Mortgage Credit Program Assistance.

Department of the Interior

F 50: Bureau of Indian Affairs: Caddo (1955). 

Weller, Alice Murrow (1955).  Estate of Sowonin Caddo Indian Allottee #813; notice of official reply relative to the matter; determination of estate.

F 51: Bureau of Indian Affairs: Cherokees (1955-1956).

a. Freeman, Lucille (1955).  Indian claim.
b. Hayes, Marie L. (1956).  Release of funds and properties belonging to the Cherokee tribe to the Cherokee Foundation.
c. Prince, Mrs. Leland K. (1955).  Information on payments being made to members of the Cherokee tribe.

F 52: Bureau of Indian Affairs: Cheyenne-Arapaho, A-E (1955-1956). 

a. Bushyhead, Fred (1955).  Certification of reclamation bill, H.R. 219, 84th Congress; booklets on the executive orders concerning reservations; reasons for and effect of the provisions of section 3 of H.R. 219.
b. Charcoal, Elizabeth B. (1956).  Approval of supervised sales.
c. Dyer, Bennie (1955).  Approval of application for a patent in fee for 80 acres of land.
d. Dyer, Bruce T. (1955).  Application for a patent in fee.
e. Elk River, Henry (1955).  Economic situation of the Indians of the Cheyenne and Arapaho Reservation and the status of the claims of these Indians; petition for the dissolution of the present tribal organization; petition to dissolve the Cheyenne-Arapaho Business Committee; contracts executed between the Cheyenne-Arapaho tribes and Attorney William Howard Payne for legal services;
f. Emmons, Glenn L. (1955).  Petitions filed in the Court of Claims.

F 53: Bureau of Indian Affairs: Cheyenne-Arapaho, F-H (1955-1956). 

a. Fletcher, John (1956).  Copies of bills concerning the Indians; the Anadarko Indian Hearing; information on the Concho Boarding School.
b. Flynn, Robert E. (1956).  Claim of the Cheyenne-Arapaho tribes against the government and when payment will be made.
c. Greenwood, W. Barton (1955).  Indians on the Fort Reno Reservation, and the permanent assignment of land to them elsewhere.
d. Hamilton, Alfred (1955).  Protest of 5-year lease of Deafy estate allotment.
e. Hamilton, Nellie Goodbear (1956).  Indian allotment-patent free.
f. Herrald, R. C. (1956).  Trust or restricted Indian land sales.
g. Hoberecht, E. T. (1955).  Certified copy of the trust patent to land (Capitola Webster) Cheyenne-Arapaho allottee 1133; certified copies of trust patent and probate proceedings.

F 54: Bureau of Indian Affairs: Cheyenne-Arapaho, L-R (1955-1957). 

a. Lee, H. Rex (1955).  Cheyenne Sun Dance and the use of peyote.
b. McAbee, Robert L. (1956).  Hold up on lease of Indian land.
c. Payne, William Howard (1955).  Nov. 1,1955 decision of the Indian Claims Commission with respect to the Cheyenne-Arapaho Treaty of Fort Laramie.
d. Pedro, John, Jr. (1956).  Patent in fee.
e. Red Nose, Albert, Sr. (1955).  Information on old claims; Indian matters in Oklahoma; claims of the Cheyenne-Arapaho Indians of Oklahoma; suggestions relative to the old claims of the Cheyenne-Arapaho Indians; urge prompt payment to the Cheyenne-Arapaho Indians; money to be available to the Cheyenne-Arapaho tribes; rumors funds awarded are held on deposit at the Concho or Anadarko offices; request for consideration of Indian land; suggestions relative to the affairs of members of the Cheyenne and Arapaho tribes; patent in fee to allotment 269b; sale of inherited land; issuance of a patent in fee.
f. Rowlodge, Lucy (1955).  Application to sell allotment-Arapaho Allottee No. 1614.- to settle estate; authority granted to list allotment for bids; desire to settle allotment.

F 55: Bureau of Indian Affairs: Cheyenne-Arapaho, S-Z (1955-1956).

a. Sander, Loyd G. (1955).  Issuance of a patent in fee.
b. Tolbert, H. G. (1955).  Certified copy of the heirship determination in the estate of Frisby Williams.
c. Vincent, J. Scott (1955).  Sale of the Indian trust land; sale of the allotment of Little Sioux Woman.
d. Watan, Phillip (1955).  Application for sale of allotment.
e. White Bear, John (1955).  Application for a patent in fee.
f. Whiteman, Alfred (1955).  Dissolution of the present tribal organization.
g. Yellow Eyes, Mabel (1956).  Removal of restrictions covering portion of allotment.
h. Yellow Hair, Mary (1955).  Estate of Ute-Arapaho allottee #1070.

F 56: Bureau of Indian Affairs: Chickasaw (1955-1956).

a. Marcum, C. A. (1956).  Removal of restrictions from land.
b. Morris, Walter (1955).  Real estate owned by deceased Chickasaw allottee.

F 57: Bureau of Indian Affairs: Choctaw (1954-1956). 

a. Bigwhip, Paul (1955).  Desire to obtain a patent in fee.
b. Hill, Houston E. (1954).  Boycotting of the intertribal council.
c. Jones, John Garland (1955-1956).  Claim to enrollment in the Choctaw tribe; per capita payments; admittance to the Chickasaw-Choctaw rolls; denial for entitlement to per capita payments from the Five Civilized Tribes.
d. Meek, J. B. (1956).  Claim to moneys due because of Indian blood; roll number and claim to assets of the Choctaw tribe; denial of admission to membership.

F 58: Bureau of Indian Affairs: Comanche, A-K (1955-1956).

a. Akoneto, Charles L., Sr. (1956).  Concerning a Comanche organization separate and apart from the Kiowas and Apaches.
b. Cerday, Frank (1955).  Application for enrollment as Comanche Indians with the Kiowas, Comanche and Apache tribes of Oklahoma.
c. Chockpoyah, Vernon (1955).  Application for enrollment as Comanche Indians with the Kiowa, Comanche and Apaches.
d. Christian, Harvey (1955).  Dispute over the lease of restricted Indian land.
e. Codynah, Maude (1955).  Assistance in obtaining advance rentals on a lease.
f. Coffey, Robert (1955).  Elected spokesman before the congressional subcommittee held in Anadarko.
g. Grover, Alice Chockpoyah (1955).  Application for patent in fee.
h. Harris, Fred R. (1956).  Separate tribal organization for Comanche Indian tribe of Oklahoma.
i. Jones, Ramona (1956).  Application for Patent in fee.
j. Kerchee, Walter N. (1955).  Interest in proposed lease.
k. Kerchee, Willie (1955).  Desire to sell tract of land.

F 59: Bureau of Indian Affairs: Comanche, L-Z (1955-1956). 

a. Manseet, Mabel (1956).  Application for sale of land.
b. Mahsetky, Oneda Blackstar (1955).  Request to be allowed to collect all lease rentals in advance.
c. Meyers, Louie (1955).  Lease on a tract of land formerly held.
d. Otitivo, Gommock (1955).  Release of funds from trust.
e. Portillo, Raymond C. Request for enrollment on Comanche Indian roll.
f. Poywetowaup, Alice Apekaum (1955).  Collection of lease rentals five years in advance.
g. Purdy, Alice Parker (1955).  Condition of fences on leased allotment.
h. Riddle, Emily (1955).  Consideration as heir to estate.
i. Seahmer, Helen (1956).  Application to sell property personally.
j. Tahpay, James (1955).  Application for sale of land.
k. Tahsuda, John, Jr. (1955).  Approval of the sale of an allotment.
l. Tenequer, Oscar (1955).  The estate of Tah-Komah, Comanche allottee #2545.
m. Torcypokeodooah, William (1955).  Desire to extend lease.
n. Wahnee, Shannon (1955).  Payment of money from an oil and gas lease.
o. Wauqua, May (1956).  Application for the sale of land.

F 60: Bureau of Indian Affairs: Delaware (1955). 

Oden, Waldo (1955).  Certain photostats of Indian claims; unable to identify claims with information available; claims requested were received.

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