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Box 4: Bureau of Indian Affairs: Inter-tribal Council - Library of Congress: Reports

F 1: Bureau of Indian Affairs: Inter-tribal Council (1955). 

Correspondence. Topics include: a bill for the extension of time within which Indian claims against the United States may be presented to the Indian Claims Commission; urge Congress to repeal section 14 of the act of April 26,1906; resolution supporting the proposed Johnson-O'Malley contract between the Bureau of Indian Affairs and the Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical College.

F 2: Bureau of Indian Affairs: Kaw (1956).

Reeder, A. F. (1956).  Reply received relative to matter; distribution of the Kaw judgement funds and a question of competency; attempt to secure payment of debts of various Indians.

F 3: Bureau of Indian Affairs: Kiowa, A-K (1954-1955).

a. Apekaum, Charles (1955).  Information in connection with patents in fee.
b. Doyeto, Frank (1955).  Applications for patents in fee on land in trust.
c. Emmons, Glenn L. (1954).  Transfer of the Kiowa School of Practical Nursing from Lawton, Oklahoma, to Albuquerque, New Mexico, on or about Feb. 1,1955.
d. Fields, Bertrude (1954).  Interest in Indian nurses' school.
e. Gabbard, Flora Campbell (1955).  Sale of allotment by heirs.
f. Gwoompi, Mitchell and Lou Bell Ontativo (1955).  Proceeds from sale of land be paid directly.
g. Kauahquo, Ernest (1955).  Information concerning recent land sale.
h. Kerchee, Pearl N. (1955).  Desire to sell tract of land.

F 4: Bureau of Indian Affairs: Kiowa, L-Z (1954-1956). 

a. Lockstone, R. L. (1955).  Unpaid account for burial services.
b. McFadyen, Brewster (1955).  Dispute over land title.
c. Pearson, J. W. (1956).  Improper rental payments.
d. Pinkerton, Earl (1955).  Desire to sell Indian trust land.
e. Poywetowaup, Alice (1954).  Trust land as security for loan.
f. Smart, Leon (1955).  Problems in approving lease.
g. Sunrise, Charlie (1955).  Management of funds.
h. Vaughn, Owen (1955).  Procedure for obtaining a uranium mining lease on lands belonging to a Kiowa Indian.

F 5: Bureau of Indian Affairs: Osage (1955-1956).

a. Fister, R. G. (1956).  Proposed bill to extend the statutes of limitation of Oklahoma to matters involving restricted Osage lands.
b. Lynn, Mrs. Bernard (1955).  Extension of the Osage tribe's ownership of minerals in allotted lands.
c. Pitts, Paul (1955-1956).  Costs to the Osage tribe for continued federal supervision of its affairs; request for meeting between a delegation of the Osage Tribal Council and the House Subcommittee on Indian Affairs; request for a statutory extension of the Osage Community Mineral Reservation.
d. Rhoads, Issac (1955).  Application of land sale.
e. Shannon, Laura (1955).  Extension of a regulation providing for an elective body to represent the Osage tribe.

F 6: Bureau of Indian Affairs: Otoe and Missouria (1955). 

Buffalo, Homer.  Information concerning the claims of the Otoe and Missouria tribes and the claims of the Kiowa, Comanche, and Apache Indians.

F 7: Bureau of Indian Affairs: Seminole (1955). 

Beam, O. T. Assistance in collecting a debt.

F 8: Bureau of Indian Affairs: Sioux (1955).

Shulter, Norman.  Assistance in attempting to collect fees owed.

F 9: Bureau of Indian Affairs: Wichita (1955).

Ross, Milo S. Proposed sale of allotment.

F 10: Bureau of Indian Affairs: General, A-B (1955-1956).

a. American Horse, Walter (1956).  Request for advance rentals.
b. Association of American Indian Affairs, Inc. (1955).  10-point legislative program recommended by association.
c. Bailey, Mrs. Clarence (1955).  Restoration of oil and mineral rights claim.
d. Barton, Ira M. (1956).  Responsibility for payment of emergency medical services rendered to Indians.
e. Blake, Don (1956).  Land to be used by the East Beaver Project.
f. Burnett, Inez W. (1955).  Fort Sill Indian School employee dissatisfaction.
g. Berry, Tennison (1955).  Claim for withdrawal of retirement deposit.
h. Billingsley, Logan (1955).  Bureau's program for assisting Indians to secure employment in large cities.
i. Boecher, Roy C. (1956).  Dislike for new system of Indian leasing.
j. Browne, Josephine (1956).  Assistance in the collection of money due her for services and materials.
k. Buchanan, J. A. (1955).  Indian lease.
l. Buffalo, Homer (1955).  Interest in certain Indian claims.

F 11: Bureau of Indian Affairs: General, C-El (1955-1956).

a. Carson, Oran H. (1956).  Eight proposals on the bureau's land leasing program.
b. Carter, Fuzzy (1955).  Interest in leasing tract of land.
c. Crow, Mildred (1955).  Old-age assistance discontinued.
d. Coffey, Robert (1955).  Permission to appear at Indian Affairs hearing in Anadarko.
e. Davis, Mrs. Denver (1956).  Desire to lease lands on the Concho reserve.
f. Dicke, Sam (1955).  Fort Reno reservation problem.
g. Duroy, Ralph (1955).  Performance rating appeal.
h. Ellsworth, C. R. (1955).  Water service to the Indian school and hospital near the city of Lawton.

F 12: Bureau of Indian Affairs: General, Em (1955-1956). 

Emmons, Glenn L. (1955).  Information concerning the welfare of the American Indians and data about the Sioux Indians; protests and complaints about current Indian policy; report on the second annual conference of the American Indian Institute held at the University of Oklahoma.

F 13: Bureau of Indian Affairs: General, En-Hi (1955-1956).

a. Engle, Clair (1955).  Copies of Anadarko Indian hearings.
b. Fletcher, John (1956).  Application for work.
c. Fraker, Elmer L. (1955).  Information concerning the welfare of the American Indians.
d. Gabbard, Issac H. (1955).  Sale of restricted land from one Indian to another Indian under the jurisdiction of the Anadarko Area Office.
e. Gerber, Louis E. (1955).  Information on Fort Sill Indian School.
f. Gill, W. C. (1956). Dissatisfaction with the leasing of Indian lands for agriculture purposes.
g. Goombi, Robert (1955).  Information about the Indian tribes in this area and also information about Joseph Oklahombi, a Choctaw Indian hero in WWII; copies of the hearing held by the House Indian Affairs Subcommittee in Muskogee and Anadarko; application for a patent in fee.
h. Hayes, Marie L. (1955).  Speech entitled "The Welfare of the American Indian."
i. Hazlett, Malcolm (1955).  Information on Seminole Indian land.
j. Heminokeky, Lloyd (1955).  Assistance in obtaining a patent in fee for trust land in Oklahoma.
k. Hieronymus, F. L. (1955).  Inquiry about the need for the services of organizations outside the federal government.

F 14: Bureau of Indian Affairs: General, Ho-L (1955-1956).

a. Hoberecht, E. T. (1955-1956).  Desire for a certified copy of probate proceedings and of deed; certified copies of heirship determination; documents from both the patent and record sections of the Department of the Interior; copies of patents and heirship determinations involving title to certain land in Blaine County; documents in connection with title to land described; copies of trust patent and probate proceedings in the matter of the estates of Killing First and Woman's Face.
b. Hooper, Roy B. (1955).  Information on the removal of restrictions from Indian lands.
c. Indian Affairs, Bureau of (1955).  Leasing of restricted Indian lands in Oklahoma; withdrawal of federal government in the affairs of any or all tribes of Indians; consideration of request.

F 15: Bureau of Indian Affairs: General, J-Mc (1955-1956).

a. Johnson, B. F. (1956).  Informed that reply from Bureau of Indian Affairs enclosed.
b. Jones, Levi W. (1956).  Thank you for copy of the hearings before the Subcommittee on Indian Affairs held at Muskogee and Anadarko.
c. Kahdot, Joe (1955).  Flooding of land as a result of runoff surface waters from an adjacent housing development.
d. Kidd, Wallace (1955).  Verifying date of Anadarko Indian Affairs subcommittee meeting; apology for inability to attend meeting.
e. Lee, Rex H. (1955).  Protest of the removal of housekeeping functions from the Anadarko area office.
f. Littlecoyote, Horace (1955).  Claim for benefits due to husband's death.
g.  Long, Charley W. (1955).  Recommendation for employment.
h. McConkey, Mrs. J. W. (1955).  Desire for employment with the Bureau of Indian Affairs.
i. McKay, Douglas (1956).  Requesting any information on Indians.
j. McVicker, Edger L. (1955).  Charges of serious misconduct unbecoming a federal employee.

F 16: Bureau of Indian Affairs: General, M-P (1955-1956). 

a. Mason, Walter (1955). Possibility of purchasing land on which the Oklahoma State Tuberculosis Hospital is located.
b. Monetatch, Edgar (1955).  Notification of approval of land sale.
c. Morrison, Tully (1956).  Assistance in having records of land purchased forwarded to the Anadarko area office.
d. Nahwosksy, Reaves (1955).  Complaint of the uncooperative attitude of Miss Conn, the head nurse at the Kiowa Indian Hospital.
e. Nehio, (Len Parker) (1955).  Information on sale of, or issuance of a patent in fee for trust land.
f. Noyabad, Horace (1956).  Interest in the conduct of the area office.
g. O'Brien, Bernice (1955).  Retirement pay.
h. Pennah, William (1955).  Desire to extend lease on his land.
i. Poisal, Eva (1956).  Assistance in straightening out financial situation.
j. Pkeodovak, William Tarcy (1955).  Extension of lease.
k. Prince, Mrs. L. K. (1955).  Information relative to Indian claims.
l. Pugh, Haskell B. (1955).  Elimination of administrative functions at the Anadarko office of Oklahoma Indian Affairs.

F 17: Bureau of Indian Affairs: General, R (1955-1956).

a. Red Bird, Chief (1955).  Delay encountered in getting monthly pension check.
b. Red Bird, Clara (1956).  Help in securing additional money over present monthly allowance in order to pay bills.
c. Rhodes, Jack A. (1955).  Study of federal laws, administrative proposals, pending legislation, and other matters affecting Oklahoma Indians.
d. Richards, Burr (1955-1956).  Damage done the Kahdot land; interest in certain Indian problems; procedure followed by oil companies in conducting geological and geophysical exploration on Indian lands for oil and gas; school program for Indian children; practices the area Indian office now uses; procedure followed in the sale of Indian lands.
e. Rowlodge, Jesse (1955).  Request for copies of Johnson-O'Malley Act.
f. Rutterford, C. L. (1955).  Protest of the transfer of housekeeping work from the Anadarko Area Office.

F 18: Bureau of Indian Affairs: General, S-W (1955-1956).

a. Sioux, Grover (1955).  Application for sale of land.
b. Smith, Josephine Lindon (1956).  National Committee on Indian Health.
c. Steed, Tom and other M. C. (1956).  Resolution adopted by the Oklahoma congressional delegation.
d. Storey, R. L. (1956).  The moving of the Indian cemetery and mission brought about by the expansion of Ft. Sill.
e. Thomas, John (1955).  Expansion of part-time program at the Kiowa hospital might delay indefinitely its closure.
f. Tinker, Virgil (1955).  Report of the committee appointed to confer with officials of the National Congress of American Indians.
g. Turtle, Ralph (1955).  Application for a patent in fee.
h. Witt, Charles T. (1956).  Analysis of the Indian leasing situation.
i. Witt, Jim (1955-1956).  Information as to when and where the congressional Subcommittee on Indian Affairs will meet; dissatisfaction with the leasing of Indian lands for agricultural purposes as administered by the federal government; resolutions drawn by resolutions committee and adopted by the house at large at Lawton, Oklahoma, April 16,1955.
j. Wolfchief, Nelson (1955).  Inability to obtain a loan, a patent in fee, or a sale of his trust lands.

F 19: Bureau of Indian Affairs: Miscellaneous (1954-1956).

a. Correspondence. Topics include: Indian films available from Alan Shilin Productions.

b. Speech: Victor Wickersham (n.d.).  "The Welfare of the American Indian."

c. Speech: Glenn L. Emmons (1955). "Speech by Commissioner of Indian Affairs Glenn L. Emmons at a Luncheon Meeting of the Muskogee Chamber of Commerce, Muskogee, Oklahoma, January 6,1955."

d. Speech: Glenn L. Emmons (1954).  "Address by Commissioner of Indian Affairs Glenn L. Emmons before a Seminar at the Intertribal Indian Ceremonial, Gallup, New Mexico, August 13,1954."

e. Report: Situation of American Indians in the United States.

f. Bulletin: Kalif Management Corp. (1955).  "Third Annual All American Indian Days."

F 20: Bureau of Land Management: General, A-F (1955-1956). 

a. Andrews, George W. (1955).  Lands purchased by individuals in Oklahoma upon which no patents have been issued.
b. Aycock, George L., Jr. (1955).  Copy of patent record requested.
c. Bailey, Mrs. Clarence (1955).  Mineral rights in certain lands.
d. Beckham County Abstract Company (1956).  Request a copy of the patent record covering land in Roger Mills County, Oklahoma.
e. Boone, Wayne (1955).  Request for information about certain lands in Arizona, across the Colorado River from Needles, California.
f. Boyd, Grady L. (1956).  Regulations for acquiring homestead land and veterans rights in connection therewith.
g. Burton, Jones, and Sasser, Attorneys and Counselors at Law (1956).  Copy of patent record covering land in Comanche County, Oklahoma.
h. French, Robert J. (1955).  Copy of patent record requested.

F 21: Bureau of Land Management: G-Hob (1955-1956).

a. Gill, W. C. (1955).  Leasing for oil and gas development land located within the Fort Sill Military Reservation, Oklahoma.
b. Gillespie, Finis C. (1956).  Request for copies of patents covering land in Kiowa County, Oklahoma.
c. Goombi, Robert (1956).  Application for a patent in fee.
d. Hayes, Floyd M. (1955).  Interest in homestead privileges.
e. Hoberecht, E. T. (1955).  Requests for copy of patent records.

F 22: Bureau of Land Management: General, Hog-N (1955-1956). 

a. Hogg, Hugh W. (1955).  Grazing lease.
b. Hussman, Ernie (1955).  Lands which now exist in the former bed of the South Canadian River.
c. Jones, Russell G. (1956).  Request for copy of original patent.
d. Kilgore, Van N. (1955).  Employment possibilities with the Bureau of Land Management.
e. Lauderdale, T. E. (1955).  Government acquisition of land for the expansion of Fort Sill.
f. Locke, Harry (1956).  Request for the status of homestead application.
g. McClard, Calvin (1956).  Information relative to available government land and homesteading.
h. McClure, John E. (1955).  Regarding proof of age.
i. McComas, Arthur G. (1955).  Request for a copy of a patent record.
j. Morris, Mrs. W. L. (1956).  Information concerning small tracts of land in Oklahoma.
k. Murray, C. S. (1955).  Information regarding the dates when homestead applications were filed.
l. Myers, W. S. (1955).  Information as to whether a mineral prospecting and exploration permit application had been filed.
m. Myers, W. S. (1955).  Concerning an application filed for a prospecting permit on acquired lands within the Fort Gibson Reservoir Area.
n. Null, Leon, (1955).  In regard to the acquisition of lands in Alaska.

F 23: Bureau of Land Management: General, P-W (1954-1956).

a. Price, F. B. (1955).  Copy of trust patent from the United States government.
b. Ramser, Almira Gilbreath (1954).  Difficulties with land title.
c. Reeder, George (1955).  Special land use permit for federal property.
d. Russell, Harley (1956). Copy of the United States wall map published in 1953.
e. Shutler, Shutler and Baker, Attorneys at Law (1955).  Issuance of patent and an inquiry concerning mineral status.
f. Witherspoon, O. L. (1955).  Duplicate copies of land contract.

F 24: Bureau of Mines: General, C-M (1955-1956).

a. Conrad, Orville G. (1955).  Request for information about uranium.
b. Craig, John (1955).  Uranium.
c. Dugger, E. B. (1955).  Information regarding a machine for "separating" uranium.
d. Harvey, J. B. (1955).  Mining location.
e. Keathly, Milton (1955).  Regarding the analysis of possible uranium-bearing material.
f. Kirtley, David (1955).  Information regarding uranium ore evaluation, development loans, etc.
g. Lee, Clyde ( ).  In need of contacts to start an industrial limestone plant.
h. Miller, Dewie A. (1955).  Uranium prospecting information.
i. Mitchell, J. L. (1956).  Discovery of a large pegmatite dike.

F 25: Bureau of Mines: General, R -T (1954-1956). 

a. Russell, Harley E. (1955).  Information regarding uranium prospecting. 
b. Perry, Harry (1954).  Report of the survey ream on the Bureau of Mines.
c. Scott, I. C. (1955).  Probability of extension of the domestic tungsten program beyond the present limit.
d. Shannon, Lee (1955).  Filing for land for mining purposes.
e. Stevens, Mrs. Howard (1955).  Information pertaining to uranium prospecting.
f. Tidwell, Vesta (1956).  Request for a mineral sample.
g. Treadwell Bill (1955).  Mineral deposits near Snyder, Oklahoma.

F 26: Bureau of Mines: Helium Plant (1955).

Correspondence. Topics include: a desire to bid on the construction of a new helium production plant, bids for new plant closed, responsibility for the bureau's helium program, list of contractors who had bid on the new helium plant and the promise that there would be further work, and assurance that Quaker Valley contractors will be placed on the list to receive a bid invitation.

F 27: Bureau Of Mines: Reorganization of Bureau (1954). 

Report: U.S. Department of the Interior. Survey Report of the Bureau of Mines.

F 28: Bureau of Mines: Reports on Victor Wickersham's 6th District (1956).

Correspondence. Topics include: amounts of money in authorized programs of petroleum and natural gas research in all congressional districts of Oklahoma and the states that comprise Region IV of the Bureau of Mines.

F 29: Bureau of Reclamation: Altus Lake/W. C. Austin Project (1953, 1956).

a. Buchanan, Jennie (1956).  Request to purchase land acquired from her.
b. Davis, Scott (1956).  Claim against the Lugert-Altus Irrigation District for damages caused by seepage.
c. Wilson, Cleo (1956).  Possible lease of lands adjacent to Lake Altus on the W. C. Austin Project.
d. Wimberly, Frank E. (1953).  Problems of sedimentation.

F 30: Bureau of Reclamation: Employment (1956).

a. Humpreys, Mrs. Oscar W. (1956).  Application for clerk-typist position.
b. Markum, Marie (1956).  In need of approval through the Civil Service Commission.

F 31: Bureau of Reclamation: Foss Dam Project (Washita River) (1956).

Correspondence. Topics include: Possibility and advantages of locating Foss Dam Headquarters in Hammon, Oklahoma.

F 32: Bureau of Reclamation: General Correspondence (1955-1956). 

Correspondence Topics include: public land openings on Minidoka projects, transfer of water on the North Canadian River to the Cimarron River to be stored in a reservoir, suggestions in respect to 1957 budget requests for the civil functions program of the Corps of Engineers and the reclamation and multiple-purpose program of the Bureau of Reclamation, reasons why lake should be named "Mabry Lake," information on the federal dams in the state of Washington, congressional hearings on the Washita Basin Project, and regional director's report of December 17, 1954, on a plan of development for the Norman project on Little River in Oklahoma.

F 33: Bureau of Reclamation: Otter Creek Proposal (1954-1955).

Correspondence. Topics include: affects in the event of development of the Mountain Park reservoir; the right to use water wells; and information on the proposed dam on the narrows of Otter Creek.

F 34: Bureau of Reclamation: Red River (1955).

Correspondence. Topics include: possibility of an irrigation project on the Salt Fork of the Red River north of the Mangum, Oklahoma; furnishing additional water supply to Altus, Oklahoma, and to the Altus Air Force Base in connection with that project.

F 35: Bureau of Reclamation: Report on Victor Wickersham's 6th District (1956).

Correspondence. Topics include: appropriations allotted and expended for projects in Oklahoma's 6th Congressional District for the period 1941 to June 30, 1952.

F 36: Fish and Wildlife Service: General Correspondence (1955-1956).

a. Beasley, Jack (1956).  Maps of the Wichita National Wildlife Refuge.
b. Bilbro,Lillie Ann (1955).  Employment during summer in western and southwestern states.
c. Brandon, A. R. (1956).  Interest in a position as hunter or trapper.
d. Hall, Vero (1955).  Trout hatchery.
e. Hern, O. B. (1956).  "Employment Possibilities in the Fish and Wildlife Service."
f. Heard, Bill (1955).  Wildlife abstracts.
g. Jennings, Charles (1956).  Information on visitor and wildlife use of federal refuges.
h. Long, Henry (1955).  Interest in "Mammal Control Agent" position.
i. McCain, Joe (1955).  Reinstallation of siphon across dam at Lake Elmer Thomas.
j. Moran, H. J. (1956).  Leasing of land on Altus-Lugert Reservoir for gardening purposes.
k. Shepler Ned (1956).  Public use and estimated numbers of wildlife for 1954 and 1955 on the Wichita Mountains and certain other national wildlife refuges.
l. Walker, Wesley (1956).  Information on wild rabbits, quail and squirrels.
m. Wickersham, Victor (1955).  Request to permit water skiing on Lake Elmer Thomas.
n. Wilson, Woodrow (1956).  Application for Federal Game Agent's Commission.

F 37: Fish and Wildlife Service: Report (1956). 

Report: U.S. Department of the Interior, Fish and Wildlife Service.  Fiscal Year 1957 Budget Estimates for the State of Oklahoma.

F 38: Department of the Interior: General Correspondence (1955).

a. Bailey, Mrs. Clarence.  More information to strengthen case.
b. Blevins, W. P. Request for information.
c. Boone, Wayne. Informing that official reply being sent.
d. Brandly, Harve. Irrigation problems.
e. Coffey, Robert. Conference with the Secretary of the Interior.
f. Cole, Granville. Thanks for information regarding the Government Plant near Chouteau, Okla.
g. Hartwig, Mrs. C. A. Opposition to the water rights that Altus wants.
h. Field, Leon B. Status of the Bureau of Reclamation's activities in the Optima Dam and Reservoir project.
i. Shutler, Shutler and Baker. Assistance in receiving a speedy reply.
j. Stevens, Mrs. Howard. Desire for several government publications.
k. Report: Department of the Interior. Statistical and cost report of disaster operation.

F 39: Geological Survey: General Correspondence (1954-1956).

a. Blevins, W. P.(1955).  Information on methods developed for the determination of uranium and a list of manufactures and distributors of portable radiation detection instruments suitable for prospecting.
b. Bransom, Carl C. (1955).  Request for copies of Mineral Report No. 26, Occurrence of Radioactive Material in Sandstone Leases of Southwest Oklahoma.
c. Connally, Lois Kemper (1955).  Official map of the United States.
d. Denby, Jack (1956).  Commercial price of a ton of industrial salt or commercial salt
e. Kite, Dale (1955).  Funds for underground water research.
f. McNamara, Pat (1956).  Suggested profiteering in land.
g. Nash, Vern (1955).  Request Geological Survey map.
h. Nolan, Thomas B. (1955).  Copy of map MR-2 "The Uranium Deposits of the United States."
i. Parker, Lloyd C. (1955).  Soil survey maps not available from the Geological Survey.
j. Russell, Harley (1956).  Information on mineral deposits of Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado, and requests a wall map Catalog No. I 53:11 UN3/953.
k. Ryan, Michael Philip (1955).  Requests a map of the Wichita Mountains.
l. Smith, Robert L. (1956).  Mineral Report 27, Uranium in Oklahoma.
m. Stevens, Mrs. Howard (1955).  Bulletin 999, Annotated Bibliography of the Bauxite Deposits of the World.
n. Thompson, Phil (1954).  Information concerning prospecting for uranium and other minerals in northeastern Oklahoma.
o. Tidwell, Vesta (1956).  Reply on case is on the way.

F 40: Geological Survey: Report (1956). 

a. Report: U.S. Department of the Interior, Geological Survey (1956).  Information by fiscal year, on the work of the Geological Survey in the 6th District of Oklahoma.

b. Correspondence: request information on the work of the Geological Survey on the 6th District of Oklahoma for the years 1941 to 1952.

F 41: National Park Service: General Correspondence (1955-1956).

a. Boyd, Jack V. (1955).  Need for increasing the appropriation for the cooperative forest fire protection fund.
b. Culwell, James (1955).  Copies of pamphlet listing camping facilities for national parks or national forests, and information regarding summer employment.
c. Feland, Dan (1956).  Interest in forest ranger position.
d. Haynie, W. K. (1956).  Funds for forestry research, fire protection, management assistance and forest seedling production for the state of Oklahoma.
e. Holley, Donald L. (1956). Summer employment information.
f. Hunter, Linda (1956).  Material on the national parks in Oklahoma.
g. Sandlin, Hoyt N. (1956).  Interest in summer employment.
h. Stanford, Marie G. (1955).  Complaint on conditions in a state park near Lawton, Oklahoma.
i. Teakell, Wayne (1956).  Request for information on employment.
j. Tomlinson, Ira (1956).  Interest in employment with the National Park Service.
k. Wickersham, Victor (1955-1956).  Information on Fort Baker Drive and Hillcrest Drive, S.E. under jurisdiction of the commissioners of the District of Columbia; map of the area adjacent to the George Washington Memorial Parkway.
l. Wilson, Mrs. T. R. (1956).  Information on camping in national parks and state parks and a map of the United States showing the location of these areas.
m. Windle, Mrs. Homer (1956).  Information on travel in our national parks.
n. Wirth, Conrad L. (1955-1956).  Pass to all the areas administered by the National Park Service.

F 42: National Park Service: General Data (1955). 

a. Data: United States Department of the Interior, National Park Service (1955).  Summer employment in the National Park Service.

b. Data: United States Department of the Interior, National Park Service (1955).  Employment by concessionaires in national park areas.

F 43: National Park Service:  Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge/Fort Sill (1956)

a. Bonner, Herbert C.  Report on H. R. 9665, a bill To provide for the transfer of a certain tract of land, being a portion of the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge, to the Secretary of the Army for use as a part of the Fort Sill Military Reservation, Fort Sill, Oklahoma.
b. Bosley, Sterling.  Use by the Department of the Army of a portion of the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge.
c. Johnson, Harvey.  Literature regarding Fort Sill-Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge controversy.
d. Wickersham, Victor (1956).  Report on the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge.

F 44: Southwestern Power Administration (1955).

a. Davidson, James B. Resolution of the Southwestern Power Administration Municipal Power Users Association.
b. Karns, E. E. Request concerning electrical power.
c. Wright, Douglas G.   Summary of Total Sales Under Texas Power &Light Company Contract No.177; Summary of Sales Under Southwestern Gas & Electric Company Contract No. 396; Summary of Total Sales Under Oklahoma Companies Contract No. 356.

International Cooperative Administration

F 45: International Cooperative Administration: General Correspondence (1954).

Booklet: Foreign Operations Administration.  Investment Insurance Manual...Insurance Available for New American Investments Abroad Under the Investment Guaranty Program.

Interstate Commerce Commission

F 46: Interstate Commerce Commission: General Correspondence (1954-1956).

a. Arpaia, Anthony (1956).  Appointment of legislative counsel and congressional liaison officer.
b. Bennett, Guy F. (1956).  Measure of freight rates on grain from points in the Panhandle of Oklahoma to nearby points in Texas and Kansas as compared with wholly within the states of Texas and Kansas.
c. Brickell, Ben (1956).  Protest of tariffs recently filed by the railroads; protest of any increase in freight rates.
d. Dugger, M. Ross (1954).  Needed changes in the law which has to do with federal inspection of meats; concerning canned meat shipped across state lines.
e. McCoy, Harold D. (1955).  Need for adjustment of freight rates in the Oklahoma Panhandle area.
f. Parker, Guy H. (1954).  Copy of grant or permit of rights of way in Washita County, Oklahoma, some time prior to 1901.

Department of Justice

F 47: Anti-Trust (1956).

Department of Justice. First Report of the Attorney General on Competition in the Synthetic Rubber Industry.

F 48: Federal Bureau of Investigation: Constituent Requests (1955-1956). 

a. Athey, Loweta (1955).  Search for Mr. Athey.
b. Cox, Loyd O. (1956).  Why information was kept a secret, and why were not notified of brothers death.
c. Fletcherm Opal Faye (1956).  Request to locate brother.
d. Hoover, J. Edgar (1955).  Thanks for material sent.
e. Haxton, Mrs. Ross (1956).  Salary of head F.B.I. agent of Oklahoma.
f. Jones, E. E. (1956).  Search for son.
g. Jones George W. (1955).  Assistance in locating daughter.
h. Shipman, Tom (1956).  Search for wife.
i. Walker, Mr. & Mrs. E. L. (1956).  Attempt to find Edward D. Adams.

F 49: Immigration and Naturalization Service: Constituent Requests (1955-1956). 

a. Aboussie, Jimmy (1956).  Loss of citizenship for naturalized citizen by living outside the United States.
b. Boydston, Howard H. (1956).  Applications for visas.
c. Cassel, Annice (1956).  Information relative to immigration laws in the United States.
d. Duffy, Charles B. (1955).  The effect of marriage upon citizenship.
e. Farmer, Billie J. (1956).  Communicable diseases brought into this country not covered by the Immigration and Naturalization Service.
f. Ferguson, Pat (1955). Patrol inspector desires transfer.
g. Goodman, Sydney (1955).  Requirements for naturalization.
h. Harr, Stella (1955).  Information concerning citizenship text material.
i. Hilton, Tina (1955).  Petition for naturalization as a United States citizen.
j. Russo, Donna (1955).  Adjustment in the status to permanent resident.
k. Seher, Theresa L. (1956).  Information and materials helpful in applying for citizenship in the United States.
l. Stack, William (1956).  Adjustment in the status of mother-in law.
m. Woodruff, Louis V. (1956). Copy of a passport for assistance in securing a birth certificate.

F 50: Department of Justice: General Correspondence (1955-1956).

a. Bishop, Henry S. (1955).  Information on an undated memorandum.
b. Hoxsey, Harry M. (1956).  Criminal charges against the Texas State Board of Medical Examiners.
c. Hulme, Homer (1956).  Attempt to effect any settlement of criminal action threatened.
d. Hunt, John (1955).  Recommendation concerning procedures to follow in son's case.
e. Kramer, Angelo (1955).  Letter received concerning claims.
f. Lewis, Mrs. Clyde (1955).  Assistance in obtaining special risk insurance.
g. Pierce, Pauline (1955).  Concerns Earl Daniels - No. 4211.
h. Pike, Mrs. Wayne (1955).  Urging more stringent punishment for abuse of children.
i. Schwartz, Mortimer (1955).  Report of the Attorney General's National Committee to Study the Anti-trust Laws, March 31,1955.
j. Sears, James W. (1955).  Difficulties with the Georgia authorities.
k. Shofenberg, Ernest (1955).  U.S. vs. J. K. Ruhle No. 4707 civil judgement; questions relating to two judgements.
l. Stafford, Clovis (1955).  Acknowledgment of receipt of letter.
m. Taylor, W. B. (1956).  United States vs. American Medical Association.

F 51: Department of Justice: Japanese Claims Case (1955-1956).

Austin, Spencer P.. Claim under the provisions of Public Law 116, 82nd Congress; evacuation claim of James Suqioka; problem with delay in payment.

F 52: Pardons and Paroles: Constituent Requests, A-F (1955-1956). 

a. Avent, Louisa (1955).  Unjust sentence.
b. Conley, B. A. (1956).  Suggestions relative to making application for a Presidential pardon.
c. Craig, Mrs. James R. (1956).  Desire to get husband out on parole.
d. Cubine, Mrs. James E. (1956).  Desire to get husband out on parole.
e. Ferrell, N. N. (1955).  Desire to secure a full pardon.

F 53: Pardons and Paroles: Constituent Requests, H-S (1955). 

a. Hubin, Thomas Matthew (1955).  Application for parole.
b. Pierce, Pauline (1955).  Assistance with parole.
c. Raferson, Mrs. George (1955).  Assistance in securing a parole.
d. Slaughter, Gladys (1955).  Unfair sentence.

F 54: Prisons: Constituent Requests (1955-1956).

a. Barnes, Elsie May (1955).  Assistance with nephew's case.
b. Hagan, C. R. (1955-1956).  1956 calendar prepared by trainees in vocational paint shop.
c. Raferson, Mrs. George W. (1955).  Assistance in securing another parole.

Department of Labor

F 55: Bureau of Employee Compensation: Constituent Claims (1954-1956).

a. Bare, Cressie L. (1955).  Assistance with claim for disability compensation.
b. Barnett, J. Calvin (1955).  Check of claim before the employees' compensation.
c. Claborn, Frank H. (1954).  Evidence insufficient to entitle the claimant to compensation.
d. Deason, William M. (1955). Benefits because of a heart condition precipitated by working conditions.
e. Gill, W. C. (1955).  Injured while employed as a light tractor operator by the department of the Army.
f. Hughes, Mr. & Mrs. Lonnie (1955).  Acknowledgment of recent letter.
g. Johnson, George A. (1956).  Compensation for injuries received while working on the Geronimo High School.
h. Little Coyote, Horace (1955).  Deceased's claim accepted.
i. Monson, Mrs. C. S. (1955).  Suggestions relative to securing assistance for son.
j. Morse, Scott (1956).  Evidence of record insufficient to show whether entitled to benefits.
k. Pennick, W. H. (1955).  Examination to determine whether in need of further treatment.
l. White, Fred (1955).  File number and date of injury needed for further search.

F 56: Bureau of Employment Security: Constituent Claims (1956).

a. Burrow, Clitus.  No application with Employment Security office for work.
b.  Jennings, Tommie J., Jr.  Concerning unemployment insurance.
c. Noblitt, Mrs. M.  Concern about decreasing job opportunities in agriculture due to increase use of machinery.
d. Winter, John E. Request for help in collecting unemployment insurance.

F 57: Child Labor (1955-1956).

a. Brown, Newell (1956).  Questionable regulation concerning children under the age of sixteen years and cotton picking.
b. Hodge, Oliver (1956).  Information needed on the average daily attendance of the school children in the Third and Fourth Congressional Districts of Oklahoma.
c. Swan, Paul (1955).  Information request on any changes in the child-labor law as it applies to the employment of children in agriculture.

F 58: Department of Labor: General Correspondence (1955-1956). 

a. Brock, Max (1955).  Request for the "Cost of Living Index" of January 1,1955.
b. Brown, Newell (1956).  Information regarding the applicability of the Fair Labor Standards Act.
c. Chapman, Tom R. (1955).  Required "Pet Clause" be placed on all payrolls.
d. Earley, Robert M. (1955).  Cooperation of the labor, management and government to administer a national apprenticeship and training system; booklet entitled, Basic Training Principles.
e. Fleeger, John B. (1956).  Opposition to federal labor department's Model Workmen's Compensation Bill.
f. Lawson, Owen (1955).  Booklet, Basic Training Principles which describes the apprenticeship program of the Tulsa Pipe Trades Industry.
g. Leavell, Lucky W. (1955).  Urge investigation of the discharge of  G. W. Ingram by the Chance Vought Aircraft Corporation.
h. Mitchell, James P. (1955-1956).  Booklet, The Skilled Work Force of the United States; re-employment rights program for ex servicemen, and the re-employment rights handbook.
i. Moore, James O. (1955).  Problems with working conditions and salary.
j. Robberson, R. W. (1955).  "Senate Labor Committee Report on Welfare and Pension Funds."
k. Rose, H. G. (1956).  Laws pertaining to farm labor.
l. White, Fred (1955).  Qualifications for disability insurance.

F 59: Wage and Hour Laws: Constituent Questions, A-Ce (1956).

a. Baxter, L. L. (1956).  Information concerning minimum wages on farm labor and Social Security.
b. Black, Cecil (1956).  Removal of child-labor regulations during cotton harvest.
c. Blackberby, Lester (1956).  Claims submitted by firefighters to the United States Court of Claims for overtime.
d. Boren, Clyde (1956).  Questions regarding the Fair Labor Standards Act.
e. Brown, Mrs. Mattie (1956).  Regarding a recent Oklahoma Act which established a 40-hour work week.
f. Centra Leather Goods of Oklahoma (1956).  Application to employee learners at rates less than minimum; production control sheets to be added to file of application for a learners' wage permit; amendment to application for a certificate to employee learners at a wage less than minimum.

F 60: Wage and Hour Laws: Constituent Questions, Ch-S (1955-1956).

a. Chapman Construction Company (1955). Clarification of wage rates applicable to work done under contract.
b. Crink, Cedrick L. (1956).  Requested information on work weeks of less than 40 hours.
c. Culbreath, T. D. (1956).  Regarding the scope and coverage of the wage and hour laws.
d. Forgey, Lonis (1956).  Status of variety store employees under the Fair Labor Standards Act.
e. Kimbrough, Floyd (1956).  Information regarding the applicability of the Fair Labor Standards Act.
f. Krykendall, W. P. (1956).  Regarding the minimum wage scale under the Fair Labor Standards Act and its relation to employment as an orderly.
g. Lindstrom, Carl S. (1956).  Information on the federal Wage-Hour Law changes that went into effect March 1st and any Government publications issued in regard thereto.
h. Lovett, Claude (1956).  Applicability of the Fair Labor Standards Act to farm workers.
i. Neel, T. J. (1956).  Whether local grocers are covered by the provisions of the Wage and Hour Law.
j. Rheam, Floyd L. (1955).  Request for a review of the wage rates predetermined in decision No. 0-8378 covering parking areas at Tinker Air Force Base.
k. Scott, Allen (1956).  Applicability of the Fair Labor Standards Act to laundry workers.
l. Stokes, Charles E. (1956).  Regarding the scope and coverage of the Wage and Hour Law.
m. Swan, Paul (1955).  The child-labor law as it applies to the employment of children in agriculture.

Library of Congress

F 61: Library of Congress: Constituent Requests, A-E (1955-1956). 

a. Beattie, (1956).  Information concerning the pension for president's widows.
b. Biggs, Effie M. (1956).  Interest in green house culture.
c. Blair, Bill (1956).  Information on tornadoes.
d. Boecher, Mrs. Roy (1956).  Information on various European countries.
e. Buben, L. M. (1956). Information on House bill 6376.
f. Bucher, Bert (1955).  Information on the question of guaranteed annual wages.
g. Burghardt, Alvin (1956).  Acknowledgment of letter received.
h. Burke, Mrs. R. E. (1955).  Inquiry on segregation.
i. Burton J. J. (1955).  Information of new hotel or lodge in Moran, Wyoming.
j. Callaway, LaWanda (1956).  Material on segregation.
k. Cole, B. E. (1956).  Question of whether any President between John Adams and Woodrow Wilson delivered his message to Congress in person.
l. Coogan, Fred L. (1955).  Information on the military career of President Eisenhower.
m. Cooksey, W. A. (1956).  Social security coverage for retired farmers.
n. Crink, Cedrick L. (1955).  Debate material and a definition of non-agricultural industries.
o. Cromley, Al (1955). "Legislation Introduced and Statements made by the Honorable Victor Wickersham on the Aubjects of Oil and Gas."
p. Cummins, Margaret (1956).  "General and Financial Management, Decentralization and Reorganization of the Post Office Department of the Committee on Post Office and Civil Service, House of Representatives."
q. Dencker, Gustav (1955).  Selected material relative to the Taft Hartley Law.
r. Durham, J. D. (1956).  Foreign bonds.
s. Eakin, B. M. (1955).  Interest in the 84th Congress.
t. Ellison, Luther (1956).  Copy of letter from Superintendent of Documents enclosed and hope materials have arrived.
u. Emmons, Levi (1956).  Information on corporation retiring employees involuntarily before 70 years of age.

F 62: Library of Congress: Constituent Requests, F-Le (1955-1956). 

a. Fannon, Willie Mae (1956).  Social security laws.
b. Fettke, G. H. (1955).  Booklet, Social Security for Farmers.
c. Gillum, L. R. (1956).  Inquiry about the farm gasoline tax.
d. Griffith, Ernest S. (1955-1956).  Concerning the owner of the Lake of Asphalt in Guanoca, Venezuela; confirmation of statement made by Representative Rayburn.
e. Hawley, George (1955).  Information relative to the wage and hour laws.
f. Hess, Jerome E., Sr. (1956).  Opinion on the legal situation in the matter of Hess vs. Santaliestra, the necessity for legislation, possible alternatives, etc.
g. Honeycutt, J. W. (1956).  Wickersham's complete record on bills introduced, statements made before committees, etc. since 1941.
h. Howard, G. E. (1956).  Pamphlets on the care and training of dogs.
i. Jacobs, Bill (1955).  Bulletins on raising Shetland ponies.
j. Johnson, John H. (1956).  Concerning the U.S. government agency to contact with regard to subcontracting.
k. Jones Mrs. A. D. (1956).  Large size copy of the United States seal and a brief history.
l. Lewis, Hilton S. (1956).  Adoption of war orphan.

F 63: Library of Congress: Constituent Requests, M-Z (1955-1956). 

a. McRih, Albert L. (1955).  Leaflet on new book And Satan Came Also.
b. Masow, W. S., Jr. (1956) Any law prohibiting the giving away of surplus foods to penal institutions.
c. Ogle, Collen (1956).  Information about the atom bomb.
d. Park, E. E. (1956).  Effects on the proposed extension of Davis-Bacon Act to the highway construction program.
e. Prather, Flossie (1956).  The age limit and date of the month that men were called to register in 1918 for World War I.
f. Radigan, James (1956).  How the number of congressional representatives each state has are determined.
g. Rice, Robert E. (1956).  Copies of H. B. 9424.
h. Griffith, Ernest S. (1956).  Material and information which will help her in applying for citizenship in the United States.
i. Simpson, O. B. (1956).  Disability benefits under the bill (H. R. 7225) to amend the Social Security Act.
j. Small, Mamie (1955).  Request for bound copies of the Congressional Record for the year 1954.
k. Swagger, Ruby (1956).  Copy of the pamphlet Model State Constitution.
l. Swett, Morris (1955).  Acknowledgment of letter received; information concerning the cost and availability of the Army Register, 1955, House Document 26, 84th Congress, 1st Session.
m. Taylor, Nat M. (1956).  Information on the subject of a state judge becoming a candidate for an elective office.
n. Taylor, Wilma (1955).  Information pertaining to federal scholarships for college students.
o. Thomas, Ernest A. (1955). Copy of "Education for the Professions."
p. Updegraff, R. J. (1956).  Material on fluoride in drinking water.
q. Voight, Mrs. Fred (1956).  Information relative to the names of the children of several of early presidents.
r. Wilson, Woodrow (1955).  Acknowledging letter received.

F 64: Library of Congress: Reports (1955-1956). 

Correspondence. Topics include: information and data available on guano; unconstitutionality of the Armed Services Procurement Regulations; list of periodicals which buy non-fiction stories; pro and con material on selling and disposing of Indian lands in order to get them on the tax rolls; genetic theories as applied to perennial plants by Lysenko; request for a hypothetical opinion on tax case; surplus books; Indians of Oklahoma (culture); history of Oklahoma; history of Oklahoma as a territory and becoming a state to 1910; Democratic Primary and run-off figures since 1938 for 6th Congressional District; Oklahoma, Hearings by the Dawes Commission in 1889,1890 or 1891 concerning the Fort Reno Indian Reservation.

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