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Box 5: Library of Congress: Student Requests - Veterans Administration: Constituent Cases, F-H

F 1: Library of Congress: Student Requests, A-C (1955-1956). 

F 2: Library of Congress: Student Requests, D-G (1955-1956).

F 3: Library of Congress: Student Requests, H-I (1955-1956). 

F 4: Library of Congress: Student Requests, K-O (1955-1956).

F 5: Library of Congress: Student Requests, P-S (1955-1956).

F 6: Library of Congress: Student Requests, T-Z (1955-1956). 

Department of the Navy

F 7: Department of the Navy: General Correspondence, A-F (1954-1956).

a. Aaron, Allen A. (1956).  Attempt to locate a set of pedal timpani for the Mangum High School Band.
b. Alban, F. Eugene (1955).  Interest in doing work for the Navy.
c. Anderson, Charles A. (1956).  Desire for amendments to H. R. 295 and H. R. 4648.
d. Arnold, R. J. (1956).  Copy of leaflet, The Navy Stock Fund.
e. Black, Cecil C. (1956).  Possible use by the Navy of inactive Air Force airfield facilities at Frederick.
f. Bolger, John T., Jr. (1954).  Reactivation of the Clinton, Oklahoma Naval Base at Burns Flat, Oklahoma.
g. Boyington Electric Company (1955).  Current status of contract bidding for the military construction projects in Spain.
h. Carney, Robert B. (1955).  The Navy's reactor program.
i. Clark, Mrs. Sidney (1956).  Question for the Naval Liaison Office to the Congress, Washington, D.C.
j. Denebrink, F. C. (1956).  Information on tenders of tankers.
k. Fletcher, Edmond C. (1956).  Concerning claims to 1900 acres of land at Quantico, Virginia.

F 8: Department of the Navy: General Correspondence, H-Ste (1954-1956). 

a. Holloway, J. L., Jr. (1955). Scroll on which is inscribed 'The Prayer of a Midshipman." 
b. Hoover, N. W. (1955).  Placed on list to receive invitation to bid.
c. Hudgins, Thompson & Ball (1956).  Proper procedure to be followed by business firms for placement on the Navy bidders' lists.
d. Jaquith, E. K. (1956).  Assistance in converting Italian lire into dollars in connection with export trade.
e. Johnson, Roy L. (1955).  Photograph of the Forrestal and a copy of the commissioning brochure.
f. Lewis, Jim (1956).  Provisions for witnesses at the earth satellite launching, Patrick Air Force Base.
g. Mote, Duane F.(1956).  Inquiry about the Reserve Forces Act of August 9,1955.
h. Palmer, Louis A. (1956).  Hope, for assistance to friend.
i. Passman, E. J. (1955).  Procurement of universal magnetron tube testers.
j. Rakes, Hugh (1955).  Possible development of a naval air training site in Hyde County, North Carolina.
k. Shepherd, Lemuel C., Jr. (1955).  Information on the parades conducted by the Marine Corps.
l. Shook, Buford (1954).  Names of those chosen by the Bureau of Yards and Docks to perform construction work on bases in Spain.
m. Steelman Construction Company (1956).  Relative to the proposed high energy fuel plant near Muskogee.

F 9: Department of the Navy: General Correspondence, Sto-Z (1955-1956). 

a. Stout, Eldon (1955).  Procurement of dust proof-propeller spinners.
b. Takersley, Dan (1955).  Claims before the Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals.
c. Thomas, Charles S. (1955-1956).  Assistance in obtaining information about naval personnel or activities; relative to claims pending before the Department of the Navy; details on the sale of spare aircraft engines and parts; copies of present or future notices of the proposed building of housing on Navy bases.
d. Williams, Mattye Wilson (1956).  Copies of booklet, How to Respect and Display Our Flag.

F 10: Department of the Navy: McAlester Ammunition Depot (1955-1956).

a. McLeod, H. C. (1955).  Concerning the use of prison labor on land leased by the U.S. Naval Depot at McAlester, Oklahoma; request that the penitentiary be permitted to contract for the harvesting of hay grass from the Naval Ammunition Depot without the inclusion of a convict labor clause.
b. Russell, James R. (1956).  Minimization of the impact of reductions in force.

F 11: Department of the Navy: Naval Department Officials (n.d.).

F 12: Department of the Navy: Norman Base (1956).

a. Damron, Dow.  Service received from the Naval Air Technical Training Center.
b. Low, John C.  Naval Air Technical Training base in Norman, and the Navy's need for its continued operation.
c. Thomas, Charles S. Decision made to retain the Naval Air Technical Training Center at Norman.
d. Updegraff, Paul W. Inquiry as to when Armed Services will come to Norman to make its investigation.
e. Vinson, Carl. Inspection of facilities made by Assistant Secretary of Navy for Air.

F 13: Department of the Navy: Personnel Matters, A-H (1955-1956).

F 14: Department of the Navy: Personnel Matters, I-Z (1955-1956).

National Guard

F 15: National Guard (1956).

Pamphlet: National Guard Bureau.  You Get a Good Deal in the National Guard.

Post Office Department

F 16: Post Office Department: General Correspondence (1955-1956). 

a. Albert, C. C. (1956).  Inconvenience of the requirement to submit Form 3542.
b. Berendzen, Charles H. (1956).  Assistance for victim of confidence scheme.
c. Black, Cecil (1956).  Special stamp to commemorate the 50th anniversary of statehood for the State of Oklahoma in 1957.
d. Blackstock, Ben (1955).  Regarding the rate of postage applicable to copies of publications admitted to the second class of mail paid for by advertisers.
e. Brookshire, Harry L. (1956).  Fifteenth Regional Office to be established in Wichita, Kansas on February 6,1956.
f. Cochran, John W. (1955).  New administrative procedure under the act of July 26,1955 (Public Law 170) relating to church publications.
g. Deason, Mrs. J. D. (1956).  Relief needed due to unfortunate accident to husband.
h. Gary, Harold C. (1955).  Relative to an increase in the pay of contract mail carriers.
i. Hasley, Mrs. Elmer (1956).  Relative to the loss of letters.
j. Hurst, Thomas J. (1955).  Bill introduced to increase mileage rates for mail route travel.
k. Lock, O. A. (1955).  Postal restrictions on mailing medicine.
l. McGee, Tom G. (1955).  Issuance of special stamp commemorating Jesse Chisholm Trail and Pat Hennessey Massacre.
m. Watson, Frank H. (1956).  Protest of the proposed postal rate increase.

F 17: Post Office Department: Personnel (1955-1956). 

Department of Public Welfare (Oklahoma)

F 18: Department of Public Welfare (Oklahoma): Constituent Cases, A-C (1955-1956).

F 19: Department of Public Welfare (Oklahoma): Constituent Cases, D-I (1956).

F 20: Department of Public Welfare (Oklahoma): Constituent Cases, J-P (1956).

F 21: Department of Public Welfare (Oklahoma): Constituent Cases, R-Z (1956).

Railroad Retirement Board

F 22: Railroad Retirement Board: Claims Correspondence (1955-1956).

F 23: Railroad Retirement Board: Data (n.d.).

Data: Congress of the United States- House of Representatives.  Retired Railroad Employees-Oklahoma.

Red Cross

F 24: Red Cross: Report (1954).

The American National Red Cross.  Summary of Selected Accomplishments in the Midwestern Area Chapters During the Period January 1,1953, through May 31,1954.

Selective Service System

F 25: Selective Service System: Draft and Classification Appeals, A-F (1945-1956). 

F 26: Selective Service System: Draft and Classification Appeals, G-J (1954-1955).

F 27: Selective Service System: Draft and Classification Appeals, K-O (1954-1956).

F 28: Selective Service System: Draft and Classification Appeals, P-Z (1954-1956). 

F 29: Selective Service System: General Correspondence (1954-1955).

a. Hershey, Lewis B. (1955).  Request the number of servicemen now in the service from the 6th Congressional District of Oklahoma.
b. Shaw, Joe W. (1954).  Law relating to service in the Oklahoma National Guard.

Small Business Administration

F 30: Small Business Administration: General Correspondence, A-H (1955-1956).

F 31: Small Business Administration: General Correspondence, J-Z (1955-1956).

F 32: Small Business Administration: General Data (1954-1955).

a. Pamphlet: Small Business Administration (1954).  Small Business Administration--What It Is, What It Does.
b. Correspondence. Topics include: activities of the Small Business Administration in Oklahoma, assistance to communities in surplus labor areas in Oklahoma, drought disaster business loans in officially designated drought areas, and Small Business Administration's program of financial assistance to business concerns in drought areas.

Department of State

F 33: Department of State: Church of Christ in Italy (1952, 1955).

a. Bills, Dan (1955).  Desire to be of assistance to the Church of Christ in Italy.
b. Brown, Ben H., Jr. (1952).  Interest in the recent difficulties experienced by the Church of Christ in Italy.

F 34: Department of State: General Correspondence, A-G (1955-1956).

a. Blaine, James G. (1955).  Concerning the registration of a German horse.
b. Bohler, Robert (1955).  Request for answers to diplomatic questions.
c. Brown, Bill (1956).  Information on bringing foreign students to America from the Near and Middle East.
d. Bryan, Harry E. (1955).  Application for a position of counsel with one of the congressional investigating committees.
e. Burger, Jack (1955).  Information on Spandau Prison, Berlin, Germany.
f. Carlisle, Benny (1956).  Interest in obtaining Mexican doctors.
g. Cassady, Minnie O. (1956).  Information on the educational exchange program under the provisions of the Fulbright Act.
h. Conejero, Carlos (1956).  Interest in further duty in this country.
i. Cross, Earlene (1956).  Information on the qualifications of an American ambassador to France.
j. DeFord, M. H. (1956).  Requirements for a career position in the diplomatic field with the State Department.
k. Dunn, Stephen W. (1956).  Application for a job as a machinist in the Forest Service.
l. Ford, Morris (1955).  Additional information from the State Department.
m. Givens, Jack (1955).  Exchange of American and Russian farmers.
n. Grisan, Anna Vasiliewna (1956).  Visa petition.

F 35: Department of State: General Correspondence, H-M (1955-1956).

a. Hazelett, Malcolm (1955).  Interest relative to lands in Mexico.
b. Hill, Robert C. (1956).  Information as to the restrictions, the procedures and the possibilities in trading with Poland.
c. Hoyt, Lester D. (1956).  Concerning bonds being held.
d. Huffman, Kenneth (1955).  Request for publications.
e. Johnston, R. M. (1955).  Concerning Spanish nuptial laws.

f. Jones, Ader Lester (1956).  Claim for payment of a foreign bond.
g. Lamb, Thomas (1955).  Suggests a portion of foreign aid money be given to taxpayers to spend as tourists in the aided countries.
h. Lee, Clyde (1955).  Medical assistance for a Spanish citizen.
i. Luchan, Glen (1956).  Interest in the Fulbright Scholarship Act.
j. McCurley, J. J. (1955).  Desire to be of assistance.
k. Montgomery, Paul (1955).  Application for license to export technical data to Great Britain.
l. Morton, Thurston B. (1955).  Relating to provisions for the religious welfare of United States military personnel stationed in Spain.

F 36: Department of State: General Correspondence, N-Z (1955-1956).

a. Newman, Grace Coley (1955).  Employment opportunities with the Department of State.
b. Ochsner, Mabel (1956).  Asks why women were not included in the tour of the Soviet Union made by an Oklahoma group.
c. Rice, Robert E. (1955).  Concerning the Exchange-Visitor Program arrangements with respect to the employment and training of foreign graduate engineers.
d. Rowe, Robert E. (1956).  Wish to secure a birth vertificate.
e. Schultz, C. E. (1955).  Regarding the procedure for adopting a child of European descent.
f. Takemura, Leda (1955).  Desire to adopt a child in Italy and bring it to the United States for permanent residence.
g. Taubman, Milton I. (1955).  Concerning the sentences imposed on the Jews in Egypt.
h. Tucker, John T. (1955).  Concerning missionary activities and problems in the Portuguese overseas provinces of Angola and Mozambique.
i. Vahlberg, Robert W. (1955).  Relative to securing consideration for architect-engineer work in connection with State Department buildings.
j. Woodruff, Louis V. (1956).  Desire to secure a birth certificate.
k. Yamamoto, Harumasa and Haruhisa Suzuki (1956).  Student visa applications.

F 37: Immigration and Naturalization: Visas (1954-1956). 

F 38: Immigration and Naturalization: Legislation (1955).

Celler, Emanuel.  Concerning to beneficiaries of private bills introduced in the 84th Congress.

F 39: Immigration and Naturalization: Passport Office (1955).

F 40: Immigration and Naturalization: Passport Requests, A-Ho (1955-1956).

F 41: Immigration and Naturalization: Passport Requests, Hu-Z (1955-1956).

F 42: Department of State: Refugee Relief Programs (1955).

Correspondence. Topics include: assistance in bringing the family to the United States from Germany; a cut-off in the acceptance of new cases for processing under the Refugee Relief Act in Italy; and procedure to be followed in obtaining the services of a refugee family for work on a farm.

F 43: United Nations (1956).

Correspondence concerning employment opportunities with the United Nations.

State Highway Department (Oklahoma)

F 44: State Highway Department (Oklahoma): General Correspondence (1955-1956).

Correspondence. Topics include: long-range highway construction; gravel on road used as a school and mail route; need for some road work; in favor of the improvement of base line east from Manitou; request for information as to why five miles of road on highway 90 between Eldorado and Hollis had not been paved; proposed bridge on U.S. 183 at Taloga, Oklahoma; leaflet entitled A Turnpike-Expressway System For Oklahoma: A Plan by H. E. Bailey; request for a stop light; interest in employment with the State Highway Department.

Department of the Treasury

F 45: Department of the Treasury: General Correspondence (1955-1956).

F 46: Internal Revenue Service: Constituent Cases, A-B (1955-1956). 

F 47: Internal Revenue Service: Constituent Cases, C-J (1955-1956).

F 48: Internal Revenue Service: Constituent Cases, K-R (1955-1956). 

F 49: Internal Revenue Service: Constituent Cases, S-Z (1955-1956).

F 50: Internal Revenue Service: General Correspondence (1955-1956). 

U.S. Information Agency

F 51: U.S. Information Agency: Reports (1955-1956). 

a. Report: U.S. Information Agency (1956).  "5th Report to Congress-July 1-December 31,1955." 
b. Paper: U.S. Information Agency (1956).  "Soviet Orbit Propaganda."
c. Report: U.S. Information Agency (1955).  "4th Report to Congress."

Veterans Administration

F 52: Veterans Administration: Constituent Cases, A-Ca (1955-1956).

F 53: Veterans Administration: Constituent Cases, Ch-E (1955-1956).

F 54: Veterans Administration: Constituent Cases, F-H (1955-1956). 

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