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Veterans Administration: Constituent Cases, I-J - General Correspondence, Ma-Me

F 1: Veterans Administration: Constituent Cases, I-J (1955). 

F 2: Veterans Administration: Constituent Cases, K-Mac (1955-1956). 

F 3: Veterans Administration: Constituent Cases, Mad-O (1955-1956). 

F 4: Veterans Administration: Constituent Cases, P-R (1954-1956).

F 5: Veterans Administration: Constituents Cases, S-T (1955-1956). 

F 6: Veterans Administration: Constituent Cases, U-Z (1955-1956). 

F 7: Veterans Administration: General Correspondence (1955-1956). 

a. Higley, H. V. (1955).  Concerning the application of the War Veterans Commission of Oklahoma for recognition of the veterans ward at Central State Hospital, Norman, Oklahoma.
b. Hoshall, Charles W. (1956).  Enjoyed work as Department Commander of the Legion.
c. Lauderdale, Jerry (1956).  Recommendations of the President's Commission on Pensions.
d. Peer, Tom (1955).  Interest in starting a veterans flying school at the Gage Airport.
e. Stone, Ralph H. (1956).  Acceptability of Phillip Sitton Septic Tanks.

F 8: Veterans Administration: Home Loans (1952).

Correspondence. Complaint from both builders and loan correspondents in Lawton, Oklahoma about Veterans Administration fee appraisers.

F 9: Veterans Administration: McKinney Hospital Closing (1955).

a. Box, Charles.  Resolution concerning the hospital.
b. Raper, R. S. Facts about the hospital.
c. Worley, Willis C. Long-range plans for the hospital.

F 10: Veterans Administration: Regional Office Relocation (1955).

a. Box, Charles.  Opposition to the removal of the Regional V. A. Office from Oklahoma City to Muskogee.
b. Citizens' Veterans Service Committee.  Request for reconsideration of the modification of the Veterans Administration Regional Office at Oklahoma City.
c. Cook, Max. Opposition to moving the V. A. office to Muskogee from Oklahoma City.
d. Fields, Gus. Opposition to moving the V.A. office to Muskogee from Oklahoma City.
e. Home Builders Association, Duncan.  Objection to moving any part of the V.A. office from Oklahoma City to Muskogee, Oklahoma.
f. Home Builders Association, Lawton. Petition opposing the removal of the Regional office of the Veterans Administration from Oklahoma City to Muskogee.
g. Jarman, John.  Hearings on the proposal to move the Regional V.A. office from Oklahoma City to Muskogee.
h. Kerr, Robert S, A. S. Mike Monroney, and Oklahoma Congressmen. Asking for the right to be heard before a decision is made to consolidate the two offices.
i. Lawton Chamber of Commerce.  Move of V.A. from Oklahoma City to Muskogee should be delayed until thorough study is made.
j. Lewright, R. D. Resolutions adopted by American Legion Post protesting the removal of the V.A. Regional office from Oklahoma City to Muskogee.
k. Logan, Bill.  Request that the V.A. be urged to delay moving the V.A. Regional office from Oklahoma City to Muskogee.
l. Teague, Olin.  Hearings in Oklahoma City on the proposal to remove the Regional office of the V.A. from Oklahoma City held by the Veterans Affairs Committee.
m. News Release: Veterans Administration.  Announcing the transfer of most processing activities from its Oklahoma City Regional office to the Muskogee V.A. Regional office.

F 11: Veterans Administration: Reports (1944-1954).

a. Lodge, J. Norman (1954).  Veterans Administration activities in the state of Oklahoma, the Oklahoma City Regional Office Area, and Oklahoma's 6th District.
b. House Document No. 682, 78th Congress, 2nd Session (1944).  "Servicemen's Rights and Benefits."

F 12: Veterans Administration: Sulphur Home (1955-1956).

a. Campbell, Joseph (1956).  Concerning federal aid payments to state veterans' homes; Oklahoma congressional delegation urge reconsideration and modification of the ruling of October 13,1955.
b. Dierker, Charles (1956).  Question of federal aid payments to state veterans' homes with particular reference to the home at Sulphur.
c. Frazier, Bruce L. (1955).  Request assistance in preventing federal government from withdrawing matching funds from Oklahoma State Veterans Home at Sulphur.
d. Henline, Wilbur P. (1956).  Decision of the Comptroller General which adversely affected federal assistance being received by the veterans' facility at Sulphur and also in West Virginia.
e. Patterson, John S. (1955).  No alternative but to discontinue payment of federal aid for veterans home facility, Sulphur, Oklahoma.
f. Tyner, A. R., Jr. (1955).  Resolution adopted by the Second District in convention assembled at Stilwell, Oklahoma, on November 6,1955.
g. Weitzel, Frank H. (1956).  Federal aid payments to state veterans' homes under the act of August 27,1888, as amended (24 U.S.C. 134).
h. Dputy Director of Homes and Special Medical Advisor to the Director of Homes (1956).  "Survey of Oklahoma State War Veterans Facilities, Norman and Sulphur, Oklahoma." 
i. Statement on behalf of the West Virginia congressional delegation to rectify the discriminatory situation which exists by reason of the interpretation placed on the act of 1888 (24 U.S.C. 134) (1956).

Series 2: General Correspondence, 1954-1956

F 13: General Correspondence, Ad-Al (1954-1956).

a. Adams, James L. (1955).  Concerning assistance for college education.
b. Adams, Juanita (1955).  Suggestions relative to "The Battle for Possession of the Southern Republic or Confederate States Documents."
c. Adams, K. S. (1955).  Best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
d. Akins, Lelan (1955).  A thank you and an invitation to worship with the Lincoln Terrace Christian Church.
e. Albert Schweitzer Fellowship (1956).  Booklet entitled The Stature of a Man by Addison A Vestal.
f. Albert, Carl (1956).  A thank you for flowers sent by the Oklahoma delegation; necessity for a periodic House Democratic caucus; salary raise.
g. Alex, Stephen H. (1956).  Data relative to the Salk vaccine.
h. Alexander, C. D. (1956).  Wish for success with auction being held April 19.
i. Alexander, Hugh (1954).  Support for assignment to the Committee on Ways and Means.
j. Alexander, Patsy (1956).  Checking in the matter further.
k. Alison, John R. (1955).  Assistance in freeing the fifteen members of the Air Force being held as political prisoners of Red China.
l. Allen, C. S. (1956).  Assistance in obtaining a drivers permit.
m. Allen, Clarence (1956).  Interest in the swimming pool at Lugert.
n. Allen, Mrs. Geo. A. (1956).  Thank you for assistance with Stover Loan.
o. Allen, Virgil (1955).  Suggestions relative to federal aid for schools.
p. Alpha Nu Fraternity (1956).  New slate of officers elected this semester.
q. Altus Chamber of Commerce (1956).  Newspaper clipping concerning a visit to the Altus Air Force Base.

F 14: General Correspondence, Am-Az (1955-1956).

a. Amis, W. D. (1955).  Question about the possibility of a large depot being under consideration out at Alamosa, Colorado or Los Alamos, New Mexico; learning of any more leads.
b. Anderson, Andy (1955).  Copies of the 1955 Session Laws and Oklahoma Statutes 1955 Cumulative Supplement being sent by the Secretary of State.
c. Anderson, Ben (1955).  A Thank you for the verse "A Nation's Life".
d. Anderson, J. H. (1954).  Acknowledging letter received and action being taken.
e. Anderson, Mr. & Mrs. James (1954).  Unwise to grant parole because of previous record.
f. Anderson, Roy W. (1956).  A thank you for a card and the wishing of good luck on a visa to Russia; always a pleasure to see people from the 6th District.
g. Ansel, James (1956).  Wickersham in Oklahoma and will return February 22.
h. Archey, R. Glenn (1955).  Sincere thanks for the many courtesies extended.
i. Arney, Charles (1956).  Apology for being unable to receive call.
j. Arries, Leslie G., Jr. (1955).  A thank you for an appearance on the program "Both Sides of the Aisle."
k. Arrington, J. H. (1955).  Selection as national committeeman.
l. Athey, Mrs. Lee (1955).  A note of thanks and a desire to visit soon.
m. Austin, Sanders Gail (1955).  Information relative to members of Congress.
n. Austin, Spencer P. (1955).  Interest in the bill to allow clergy permits on the airplanes.
o. Avery, Cyrus S. (1955).  Concerning the State Highway Department and a plant in western Oklahoma.
p. Awake (1951).  Concerning the source of information for an article.

F 15: General Correspondence, Ba-Bem (1954-1956).

a. Bachmann, Mr. & Mrs. Robert (1956). Wish to lease land to an oil company; official reply enclosed from the Mid-Continent Oil and Gas Association relative to the matter of interest.
b. Cacker, George (1956).  Words of support for candidate.
c. Bacon, Bill (1955).  Pleasure to be of assistance.
d. Bailey, Helen M. (1956).  Earlier letter not received.
e. Bailey, Fred (1956).  Washington farm column service begun.
f. Bailey, Mr. & Mrs. Temple (1955).  Appreciated visit and if at anytime can be of service, please command.
g. Baird, James O. (1955).  Regarding surplus buildings.
h. Baldwin, John F. (1956).  Proposal for an adequate Naval Ammunition Depot in San Francisco Bay Area.
i. Balkcom, Gerald W. (1955).  Request for a picture of George Washington's room at Mount Vernon.
j. Ball, Ralph (1954, 1956).  Concerning an atomic energy matter; regarding the Foss-Cobb Creek projects and the Auto-Courts project; concerning an aircraft reactor item for a long runway at Idaho Falls; thank you for jars of candy sent at Christmas.
k. Bankers Security Life Insurance Company (1954).  Copy of an official reply enclosed.
l. Banner, Marjorie (1955).  Request for gallery cards.
m. Barby, Otto (1956).  Request for a list of royalty owners.
n. Barnes, Elsie May (1955).  Assistance for nephew.
o. Barnes, Mrs. Weldon (1956).  Concerning legislation on the Arkansas-Frying Pan Project.
p. Barrow, Allen E. (1955).  Thank you for letter and for the recording of the speech at the appreciation dinner of the Tulsa Chamber of Commerce.
q. Bartlett-Collins Company (1956).  Acknowledge receipt of text entitled The Eleventh Hour by Thurman Sensing.
r. Barton, Luther (1956).  Thoughts regarding social security and the old age assistance program.
s. Barton, Rick (1955).  Report written by Clarence E. Manion upon restoring the Bill of Rights to the servicemen.
t. Bassel, Russell (1956).  Returning film and lecture on "Thirsty Land."
u. Bayless, Grover C. (1956).  Discussion of various problems facing the people and Congress.
v. Beale, Thomas W., Sr. (1955).  Requesting five thousand copies of the pamphlet, 100 Things You Should Know About Communism.
w. Beall, Forrest (1955).  Need for Roger Mills County to be included in the drought disaster area.
x. Beam, Mr. & Mrs. Tom (1955).  Enclosed is letter and clipping from Mac Q. Williamson.
y. Bell, Daniel W. (1956).  Eager to accept a Boy Scout badge when a Cub Scout calls.
z. Belt, Guy W. (1956).  Courtesies extended while in office will always be appreciated.

F 16: General Correspondence, Ben-Bi (1954-1956). 

a. Benefield, Lloyd (1956).  Congratulations for the splendid job being done for the Democrats; when and where the 6th district Democratic meeting will be held, also the state Democratic meeting.
b. Benefield, Richard G. (1955).  Request for a copy of the four-color map of the United States.
c. Benhaim, Nina (1954).  Eligibility for visas in the Moroccan quota.
d. Bennet, Dee (1955).  Assistance for brother serving a life sentence at Ft. Leavenworth for kidnapping.
e. Bennett, Thomas E. (1954).  Apology for having missed call.
f. Benson, Ezra Taft (1955).  Need to have something done about cattle prices.
g. Bentley, Virgil (1956).  Pictures taken at luncheon and assistance in the coming campaign.
h. Bentley, Willard (1956).  Concerning visit.
i. Bercaw, T. E. (1956).  Acknowledge receipt of letter and the brochure, Forest Tree Improvement for the South.
j. Berger, D. T. (1955).  Bob Vermillion and George Hapner had several ideas about the lots in Manitou.
k. Bergman, Hazel G. (1956).  Concerning anxiety over the need of surgery.
l. Berlin, Don R. (1956).  Relative to Turbo Transporter, the world's largest turbine-powered transport helicopter.
m. Bernhardt, A. J. (1955).  Enclosed copy of the Railway Carmen's Journal.
n. Berry, James E. (1955).  Acknowledgment of copies of two letters written in his behalf; effort to locate Governor Berry in Paris was unsuccessful.
o. Berry, Tom (1955).  Article dealing with the changing of governments.
p. Beshears, Charlotte (1955).  Letter of thanks for information regarding universal military training.
q. Bevans, Harry (1956).  Thanks for arranging the meeting at Seiling and information on how to deal with the specific needs of the community.
r. Binion, Kenneth (1955).  Request for a picture of the Capitol.
s. Bishop, Preston (1956).  Request for a copy of Public Law 766.
t. Bixler, Mr. & Mrs. O. D. (1954-1956).  Concerning an invitation to come to the United States to further studies; Christian work that is being done in Japan.

F 17: General Correspondence, Bl (1954-1956).

a. Black, Cecil (1955-1056).  Letter of thanks for coffee cups; concerning maps showing the lay-out of Fort Sill and the Holloman Air Force Base; appreciated seeing the story about, "Blisters Burn! Black and Beans and Brakes Not Best Combination"; meetings; miscellaneous.
b. Black, Riley (1956).  Altus Base built up to meet the future demands; plan to replace light-wing bomber groups with heavy-wing bombers at Altus Air Force Base.
c. Blackstock, Ben (1955).  Payment to cover cost of Oklahoma Newspaper Directory just received.
d. Blaine, James G. (1954-1955).  Various letters concerning his German horse brought to the United States by the American Army.
e. Block, Paul, Jr. (1956).  Concerning article on the "Open Sky" plan.

F 18: General Correspondence, Bo-Bri (1954-1956).

a. Boggs, J. Caleb (1955).  Letter of thanks for picture.
b. Bohanon, Luther (1955).  Supply of the Congressional Directory is exhausted.
c. Bohler, Robert (1955).  Concerning American soldiers now in communist prison camp.
d. Boise, Charlotte (1954).  Request for cookbook How to Cook and Win a Man.
e. Bonewitz, Mr. & Mrs. B. A. (1955).  Congratulations on their 54th wedding anniversary.
f. Bonner, Jack (1956).  Deepest sympathy to relatives and friends of Doctor Sheid.
g. Border, C. A. (1955).  Tear sheet from "The Tulsa Spirit" containing an account of the state congressional delegation dinner.
h. Border, C. L. (1956).  Letter concerning some mutual friends.
i. Border, C. L., Jr. (1956).  Problem with Texas bank account of deceased son.
j. Boren, James (1955-1956).  Information on the address and phone number of Bert Nobles, Washington, D. C.; letter of appreciation and offer of services; people who might be interested in business proposals mentioned; clipping from the Mobile Press Register, Mobile, Alabama, regarding a strike near Citronelle.
k. Boren, Lyle (1955).  Concerning the seating list for the dinner held in honor of Judge Simon E. Soberloff; miscellaneous.
l. Boston, Fred (1956).  Suggestions relative to the Oklahoma Cancer Crusade.
m. Bouldin, May (1956).  Letter of appreciation for books that were sent.
n. Bouse, Hugo F. (1955).  A copy of statement-"Farm Program Idea."
o. Bowie Race Track (1956).  Request for four club house passes.
p. Box, O. H., Jr. (1954).  Request for an extension of courtesy toward Congressman Alger.
q. Boydstun Funeral Home (1955).  Requesting a half dozen more 1956 calendars.
r. Boydstun, Glen E. (1954).  A thank you for assistance with case that went before the Supreme Court of Oklahoma.
s. Boyington Electric Company (1955-1956).  Installation of the radar electronic facilities at the plant; recommendation of the firm in connection with a project concerning additional construction on the distant early warning system.
t. Boyle, Charles A. (1956).  Request for copies of yearbooks and other publications and bulletins.
u. Bozarth, Howard J. (1956).  Views on a possible increase in foreign aid.
v. Bradley, Carter (1956).  Newspaper clippings regarding the approval of funds for air bases.
w. Brady, Bryan V. (1955).  Desire to secure the name of a good patent attorney in Washington, D.C.
x. Branan, Herbert L. (1955-1956).  A thank you for the book Stalwart Sooners; expressing appreciation for recent visit.
y. Brantly, J. B. (1956).  Concerning trip to Geary.
z. Brantly Helicopter Sales, Inc. (1955).  Proposal to supply Brantly B-2 Helicopters to the U.S. Armed Forces.
aa. Brickner, H. J., Jr. (1955).  Acknowledging receipt of note.
bb. Bridwell, Denton (1955).  Note to tell how much enjoyed visits.
cc. Brillhart, Mr. & Mrs. Elmer W. (1956).  Concerning appropriations for the evaluation of the new psychiatric drugs.
dd. Britton, B. H., Jr. (1956).  Records of the House Foreign Affairs Committee hearings on Status of Force Treaties.

F 19: General Correspondence, Bro-Bry (1954-1956).

a. Brooks, G. M. (1955).  Relative to an increase in the annuities of retired civil employees.
b. Brooks, W. C. (1955).  Concerning a book covering the rules and regulations of government civilian employees.
c. Brodt, Wm. Paul (1956).  The cleaning and blocking of felt hat.
d. Bromberg, S. Sidney (1955).  Suggestions on the subject of forced repatriation of Russian nationals WWII.
e. Brown, Mrs. John D. (1956).  Enjoyed hospitality while in Washington for the Women's Forum on National Security.
f. Brown, Perry (1955).  Interest in observations as to the need of a graduated land tax; legislation pertaining to the V.F.W.
g. Browne, Kenneth (1955).  Desire for an autographed picture.
h. Browning, Pearle (1955).  A thank you for time and trouble.
i. Brownlow, Harold (1956).  Enjoyed visit and touring plant.
j. Brubaker, W. M. (1956).  Relative to the coming campaign and outlining the services which station KRHD would be able to furnish.
k. Bruce, W. F. (1954).  The manner in which our nation can win and hold the friendship of other nations.
l. Brutton, Fannie (1956).  Difficulty getting them to apply jail time to sentence.
m. Bryan, Edith (1955).  Concerning National Life Insurance checks.
n. Bryan, Wright (1956).  Inquiry as to the possibility of the Cleveland Plain Dealer being for sale; acknowledgment of receipt of letter.
o. Bryars, Frank (1955).  Story in the Continental edition of the American Daily concerning the Hess Committee.

F 20: General Correspondence, Bu - By (1955-1956). 

a. Buckles, Elmer L. (1956).  Request for assistance in getting industry to locate in the area.
b. Buckley, John R. (1955).  Regarding hotel reservations.
c. Bumgarner, Lou Etta (1954).  Concerning heir to certain property in New York City.
d. Bush, S. J. (1955).  Information on when Wickersham will be in Oklahoma.
e. Butler, Paul M. (1956).  A thank you for a speech kit; concerning the organizing of an Advisory Committee on Labor.
f. Butterfield, Helen W. (1956).  Regarding a $25 check.
g. Burger, D. T. (1955-1956).  Notification of arrival in Oklahoma City; picking-up of a banner for the car; assistance in remembering to file; difficulty from the Bureau of Public Roads on the Cache Road situation; photo concession at Camp Polk; request for two football tickets for the Cotton Bowl.
h. Burgess, Mr. & Mrs. W. C. and Peggy (1956).  Wishing the Burgess's a pleasant vacation.
i. Burgoyne, R. (1956).  Safe found open, nothing seemed out of order.
j. Burkhalter, A. P. (1956). Desire for names and addresses of all those who were at the breakfast.
k. Burns, E. R. (Bob) (1956).  Concerning union heads sending letters to their members in behalf of Wickersham.
l. Burnside, M. G. (1956).  A thank you for picture.
m. Burton, Frank P. (1955).  Relative to the Fairystone Park property.
n. Byrd, Robert C. (1955).  A copy of each of the verses quoted at the recent Prayer Breakfast.

F 21: General Correspondence, Ca (1954-1956).

a. Caddell, Mr. & Mrs. Glenn C. (1955).  Congratulations and best wishes on marriage.
b. Cahill, C. N. (1955).  Relative to Magnetic Breeding Calculators.
c. Caldemeyer, Daniel F. (1956).  Concerning congressmen and senators expenses.
d. Calloway, W. L. (1955).  Interest in securing engagements on radio or T.V.; photograph and written material relative to the "Singing Calloways."
e. Campbell, Mrs. R. T. and Mrs. M. F. Ricks (1956).  Suggestions relative to the book, United Nations Exposed by Dr. E. F. Weber.
f. Campbell, W. H. (1954).  Miscellaneous letters regarding the Panama Canal.
g. Canady, Alvin R. (1954).  Acknowledging receipt of letter and that action is being taken.
h. Capsin, Joe (1956).  A thank you for the 1956 House [Capitol] calendar.
i. Carlton, Howard, Jr. (1956).  Desire for assistance with campaign.
j. Calisle, Benny (1956).  Concerning modernization at the Oklahoma General Hospital, Clinton, Oklahoma.
k. Carman, Robert D. (1955).  Concerning print of picture taken during 1955 Easter vacation.
l. Carnahan, A. S. J. (1956).  Relative to securing a permanent designation for Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri.
m. Carnegie Public Schools (1956).  Request for various publications.
n. Carney, Admiral & Mrs. Robert Bostwick (n.d.).  Invitation to a reception.
o. Carter, Howard R. (1954).  Survey of present and former public officials concerning the public interest and elections.
p. Cartwright, Wilburn (1955).  Concerning the production of gas in Oklahoma and Western Oklahoma.
q. Carver, Jim (1954).  Concerning information on an English firm.
r. Casazza, Larry (1956).  In regards to securing a small business loan for the Chickasha Plumbing Company.
s. Cash, Oscar (1956).  Concerning working hours at the Fort Sill Commissary.
t. Cassell, Mr. & Mrs. J. R. and L. W. Cassell (1954).  Acknowledgment of receipt of letter and that action is being taken.
u. Casstevens, Thomas (1955).  Invitation to help sponsor the Capitol Page School's annual.
v. Caster, James G. (1955).  Information on the State League of Young Democrats of Oklahoma.
w. Cates, John D. (1955).  Request for financial assistance for sick wife.

F 22: General Correspondence, Ce-Cl (1954-1956).

a. Chaney, Rex M. (1955).  Congratulations on appointment to administrative assistant.
b. Chapman, Russell (1956).  Regarding commodities for the aged without a reduction of their old-age assistance.
c. Chapman, Tom (1955).  Advice concerning the avoidance of a possible libel suit; suggestions concerning football tickets.
d. Chapman, Tom and Sam Chapman (1955).  Thanks for football tickets.
e. Chapman, Tom R. (1955-1956).  Opposition to proposed legislation S.1644; Dr. Harry M. Hoxsey's brief connection with his suit; satisfactory adjustment on a contract; enjoyed reading book.
f. Chestnut, Albert V. (1956).  Interest in having industry locate in the area.
g. Cissne, Ralph M. (1955-1956).  Desire to return to Oklahoma; information on what has ranked first in the state of Oklahoma since it became a state; request for an autographed picture.
h. Clark, R. R. (1955).  Concerning the Cherokee Strip celebration at Ponca City.
i. Clark, Terry (1955).  A thank you for the woodcarving.
j. Clark, Walton C.(1955).  Regarding a lease-purchase building.
k. Clasby, W. H. (1956).  A copy of the Eight Annual Report of Indian Education under the Johnson-O'Malley Contract; thanks for support.
l. Clayton, Jack and Jim Flanagan (1956).  Interest in a resort operation near Canton.
m. Cleland, Jack (1956).  Appreciation of treatment by the Lawton Constitution.
n. Clemens, Cyril (1954).  Acknowledging receipt of letter.
o. Clement, Frank G. (1955).  Possibilities of becoming the Democratic nominee for President.
p. Clements, L. M. (1955).  Concerning the sale of brief cases.

F 23: General Correspondence, Co (1955-1956).

a. Coar, Bob.  Concerns the procedure to secure use of a film.
b. Cobb, J. Newell (1956).  Regarding his wife who is suffering from leukemia.
c. Cochrane, James M. (1955).  Reference to speed limits on highways; anti-tobacco and anti-liquor information.
d. Coffey, Benny (1955).  Requests information on the Fifth Amendment to the Constitution.
e. Collum, John E. (1955).  Concerning fees for different types of searches.
f. Colvin, W.A. (1955).  Copy of letter and resolutions from the Beaver County Farm Bureau.
g. Committee on Political Education (1956).  Concerning the January 5,1956 political memo.
h. Conley, B. A. (1955).  Regarding conditions governing employment of F.D.I.C. personnel.
i. Connell Albert (1956).  Concerning favorable action on a rule; authorization of the Foss and Cobb Creek Bill.
j. Conway, Russell (1956).  Referring letter to Congressman Page Belcher due to congressional courtesy.
k. Cook, A. B. (1955-1956).  Copy of the 1953 Annual Report of the Smithsonian Institute; desire to secure a copy of the 1954 Annual Report of the Smithsonian Institute.
l. Cook, Charles (1955).  Sincere thanks for the Cartoon, "The Shade Tree Mechanic."
m. Cook, Dr. & Mrs. E. T. (1956).  Enjoyed meeting and chatting with friends from the 6th District.
n. Cook, William (n.d.).  Concerning Army contract.
o. Coppage, C. G. (1955).  Regards representing a company in Washington.
p. Cordell, Mrs. R. J. (1956).  Problem with being passed over for LCDR.
q. Corey, Kent (1955).  Desires a copy of the Randall Report Staff Papers.
r. Corrica, Edward S. (1956).  Concerning the American Legion Veterans Security Bill H.R.7886.
s. Covington, Mildred (1956).  Desire to quote Wickersham in a publication.
t. Cowen, Lawrence (1955).  Western Oklahoma as a site to establish a branch office, a factory, or the main office.
u. Cox, Cecil M. (1955).  Acknowledgment of receipt of letter.
v. Cox, Loyd O. (1956).  Assistance in securing information in connection with the accidental death of a brother.
w. Cox, Terence (1956).  Request for Wickersham's autograph.

F 24: General Correspondence, Cr-Cu (1954-1956).

a. Creech, Dale D. (1956).  Assistance in getting industry to locate in the area.
b. Cromley, Al (1955).  An envelope to be forwarded to the Democratic National Committee.
c. Crook, Earl and Sherman Kellum (1955).  Offer to be of service.
d. Cross, Dorthy (1955).  Suggestions relative to Indian citizens.
e. Crossland, R. W. (1954).  Problems with tag for pickup truck.
f. Crossland, Ralph (1954).  Informing that a copy of an official reply is enclosed.
g. Crowley, Dale (1955).  Concerning the radio program "Around the Morning Clock With the Word of God."
h. Crumm, Glenda (1956).  Concerning a possible trip to Mexico.
i. Crumpler, G. R. (1955).  Regarding the Eufaula water project.
j. Culbertson, J. L. (1956).  Concerning rates on cotton from Mountain View to Houston.
k. Curd, Thomas E. (1956).  Literature on chiropractic care.
l. Cuthbert, W. F. (1955).  Informing that an official reply is enclosed.

F 25: General Correspondence, Da-Di (1954-1956).

a. Daffron, William (1955).  Concerning a survey for some roads on a tract in Florida.
b. Dahlgren, E. G. (1955).  Request for Congressional Directory.
c. Daley, Richard J. (n.d.).  Admittance to Cocktail party.
d. Dameron, Dow (1956).  Regarding the Norman Naval Air Station.
e. d'Amore, Rose (1955).  Concerning the effectiveness of the show, "Both Sides of the Aisle."
f. Danese, Art Alberto (1956).  Concerning visit.
g. Darnell, Jobe (1955).  Suggestion relative to the highway running through his property.
h. Darton, J. W. (1956).  Offer of assistance.
i. Davenport, Sam (1956).  Concern over a news item; need for a press release concerning pork prices; concerning the passage of S.180, the Kerr-Monroney-Wickersham Bill.
j. Davis, C. B. (1955).  Concerning son's whereabouts.
k. Davis, Ken, Jr. (1955).  Regarding an autographed picture.
l. Davis, Mrs. Lester R. (1954).  Congratulations on winning the 6th Congressional Speech Contest.
m. Democratic Digest (1956).  Pleasure to be of assistance.
n. Denson, Billy W. (1956).  Desire to get industry to locate in the area.
o. Dessan, Mrs. Edward (1954).  Regarding farm bulletins.
p. Deufler, Fred (1956).  Difficulties with father's will.
q. deVos, Daisy Goad (1955).  Placement on the list to borrow books from the Library of Congress.
r. Diamond, William T. (1955).  Interest in having industries move to the 6th District.
s. Diamond, W. T. (1955).  Concerning the mid-night hours spent at the Tulsa airport.
t. Dickerson, Willie (1955).  Regarding Indian leasing meeting.
u. Dimmick, Opie (1955).  Copy of booklet entitled, So People May Prosper.

F 26: General Correspondence, Do-Du (1955-1956).

a. Dodge City League of Young Democrats (1955).  Request for information on the family that sang at the banquet.
b. Doenges, Wm. C. (n.d.).  Best wishes for a prosperous New Year.
c. Doerr, Mrs. Jessie (1956).  Concerning questionnaire sent out to constituents.
d. Dokil, Edna (n.d.).  Expression of sympathy.
e. Donley, Lena and family (1955).  Expression of sympathy.
f. Doster, Bruce (1955).  Season's Greetings.
g. Draper, Stanley (1955-1956).  Information as to the industrial tour to the East; concerning various resolutions.
h. Drury, "Son" (1955).  Acknowledging phone conversation, also offering of assistance.
i. Drury, Coy (1956).  Regarding Wickersham's campaign.
j. Dudley, Noah (1956).  Concerning getting industry to locate in the area.
k. Duke, Gordon (1955).  Compliments relative to the discussion on T.V.
l. Dula, Mrs. James E., Jr. (1956).  Assistance in securing husband's passport.
m. Duncan, Mrs. S. F. (1955).  Interest in who will head the respective National Tickets in 1956.
n. Dunn, Dorsey (1955).  Latest achievements in scouting; will be in Washington on the way to the World Scout Jamboree in Canada; invitation to drop by when in Weatherford; desire to meet with Wickersham in Mangum the week after Christmas.
o. Dunn, L. L. (1955).  Invitation to attend the annual round-up of the 30-year of More Club.
p. Dunn, Ralph W. (1956).  Conclusions concerning upcoming re-election.
q. Dusek, R. J. (1955).  A copy of "The Investor's Reader."
r. Dutton, Frank (1956).  Concerning visit.

F 27: General Corresponence, Fa-Fl (1955-1956).

a. Fairbanks Family, The (1955).  "Greetings and Best Wishes Throughout all of 1955."
b. Family Housing Division, The (1955).  Interest in building some on-base housing or Wherry housing at Altus and Clinton Air Bases.
c. Farris, Kenneth E. (1955).  Returning check for additional Orange Bowl tickets.
d. Felix, Douglas and Griffin (1956).  Getting all the additional material and information requested.
e. Felter, Leonard (1955).  Interest in government-owned land.
f. Ferguson, Pat (1955).  Desire to obtain a suitable job in Oklahoma.
g. Ferguson, Paddock W. (1955).  Happiness and good cheer for the holidays.
h. Ferguson, Pat and Family (1956).  New Year's greetings.
i. Ferrell, Mrs. Fred (1955).  Supply of the book Your Child from One to Six is at present completely exhausted.
j. Ferris, Dick (1956).  Would appreciate suggestions on how to better serve Lawton, Fort Sill, and State and Nation.
k. Fettke, G. H. (1955).  Request for a copy of the bulletin, Social Security for Farmers.
l. Fields, Bertrude (1956).  Acknowledgment of receipt of the Oklahoma Democrat.
m. Fine, Sidney A. (1955).  Announcing his termination of service as a member of the House of Representatives.
n. Finley's Shoe Shop (1956).  Would appreciate ideas on the campaign from time to time.
o. Finnegan, Kathryn (1956).  Necessity of brother to receive continued hospitalization at Southwestern Hospital in Lawton.
p. Fisher, Mr. & Mrs. Luther (1956). Enjoyed the visit the night of the banquet.
q. Fisk, Frank B. (1956).  Desire to see Wickersham when he comes to Oklahoma.
r. Fitz, Joe C. (1955).  With regard to other project locations.
s. Flanagan, Mrs. Ray V. (1956).  Interest in obtaining a list of public-domain land in Colorado.
t. Flanders, Ralph E. (1956).  Advising that have asked for a copy of book, Letter to a Generation.
u. Fleming, J. Landis (1956).  Concerning the articles in the Oklahoma Democrat.
v. Fletcher, John (1956).  Regarding worms in the wheat; Indians who might be interested in receiving a copy of the hearings held in Anadarko last fall.
w. Fletcher, Kenneth (1956).  Interest in the pro and con of the farm program.
x. Fletcher, Stanley (1955).  Request has been forwarded to the Library of Congress.

F 28: General Correspondence, Fo-Fu (1954-1956).

a. Fosse, Jack (1955).  Glad to be of assistance with the matter we discussed.
b. Ford, Henry, II (1956).  Concerning proposals for a national highway program; concerning the publication "Freedom of the American Road"; difficulties with a car purchased in Washington, D.C.
c. Ford, Leslie A. (1956).  Request consideration in support of Treasury Department recommendations suggesting a withholding system for cooperatives.
d. Ford, Morris (1956).  Request a list of royalty owners in county.
e. Fortner, Gerald (1956).  Parcel post auction being held for repairs on the Legion building.
f. Fortner, W. D. (1955).  Hope can be of assistance to mutual friends.
g. Foster, Thomas A (1954).  Approval of suggestion to make U.S. Highway 66 a six-lane highway all the way from Chicago to Los Angeles.
h. Foutain, L. H. (1955). Regarding notices about the meetings of the Prayer Group.
i. Fowler, Mary (1956).  Interest in obtaining a telephone out of Elk City.
j. Fowler, Olin (1956).  Would appreciate ideas on how to better serve District and any ideas relative to the forthcoming campaign.
k. Fowler, Mrs. Robert (1955).  Suggestions relative to the present farm problems.
l. Frankel, Lillian (1955).  Desire for a conference upon return to Oklahoma.
m. Franklin, William M. (1956).  Concerning a tear sheet from the Oklahoma Union Farmer.
n. Frederick, Robert L. (1955).  Concerning flying with American Airlines.
o. Fredricks, I. H. (1955).  Information relating to the Seven Mile Uranium Claims in Grand County, Utah.
p. French, R. J. (1954).  Regarding the helium plant for Cimarron County, Oklahoma.
q. Fuller, Edgar (1955).  Concerning a copy of "Criteria for Congressional Action."
r. Furgal, Gustav A. (1956).  With regard to a visit and address before the Mount Vernon Kiwanis Club.
s. Furlow, Christie (1956).  Subscription to the Democratic Digest for Wickersham's father.

F 29: General Correspondence, Ga-Gilm (1955-1956).

a. Gadbois, Guy (1955).  Appreciation of assistance received while in Washington, D.C.
b. Gantt, Dwyatt (1956).  Privileged to attend services at the Church of the Lord in Dill City.
c. Garnett, Les (1956).  Please stop in the next time in town.
d. Garrett, Frank S. (1956).  Assistance in securing employment.
e. Gary, Raymond (1955-1956).  Invitation to attend a lawn party and meeting at the Governor's Mansion; request for review of the drought feed program; request that surplus commodities held in storage be released to state penal institutions in Oklahoma; regarding the Atoms for Peace Exhibit.
f. Garst Hotel, The (1956).  Regarding the best one to act as manager in the northwest area.
g. Gassaway, Mrs. P. L. (1955).  Concerning support for appropriations for the distributive education program.
h. Gathings, E. C. (1955).  Regarding shortage of agriculture yearbooks.
i. Gelman, Melvin (1955-1956).  Concerning a dock pass for a small daughter; thanks for courtesy extended; pleasure to be of assistance.
j. General Electric Company (1956).  Interest in business locating in the area.
k. General Motors Corporation (1956).  Interest in Euclid equipment for highway construction.
l. Gentry, Brady (1955-1956).  Expression of great pleasure in serving with in the session of Congress just concluded; concerning the copy of statement which was placed in the Congressional Record and titled "The Future of Highway Legislation"; had placed in the Congressional Record a copy of an address made to the national convention of the American Automobile Association.
m. Gentry, Cookie (1956).  Request for information on the workings of the government as well as a Congressional Record.
n. George, A. C. (1956).  Desire to sell locker plant.
o. Gibney, S. S. (1955).  Will contact as soon as settled in Washington.
p. Giddings, Mr. & Mrs. James F. (1956).  Request for the custody of their children.
q. Gilbert Corporation, A. C. (1955).  Encouraging industry to locate in the area.
r. Gilbert, Calvin D. (1955).  Offer to be of service.
s. Gilchrist, Mrs. Jack (1955).  Assistance with a farm to market road.
t. Gill, William (1955).  Invitation to be a member of the honorary committee of the statewide Hi-Y Youth & Government Program.
u. Gillmore, Blanche (1956).  Restoration of children to her own custody.
v.  Gilmore, Ken (1956).  Thanks for the article about his car having been smashed by a hit-run driver.
w. Gilmour, G. P. (1955).  Thanks for the offprint of Professor Donald G. Creighton's, "Canada in the World."

F 30: General Correspondence, Gils-Gre (1954-1956). 

a. Gilson, Inez (1955).  Concerning the cup of coffee conversation.
b. Gilson, Neal I. (1955-1956).  Relative to tickets for the fall football games; offer to be of service; relative to grading, paving, etc... for Guymon, Gage and other places; selection of delegates to the national convention.
c. Glenn, Bess (1955).  Difficulty with a new DeSoto.
d. Golden, Laura (1955).  Invitation to drop by when in Altus.
e. Goodwin, S. W. (1955).  An edition of the U. S. Agriculture yearbook.
f. Goombi, Robert (1956).  Regarding the Senate confirmation of Honorable Wesley D'Ewart as Assistant Secretary of the Interior.
g. Gordon, W. E. Concerning money to help education.
h. Gore, Albert (1956).  Thanks for the newspaper clipping and for kind note.
i. Gosselin, A. B. (1955-1956).  Desire to secure a copy of the publication "A New Tax Guide for Farmers"; regret being unable to attend the Eleventh Annual State Convention of the Oklahoma Association of Public Accountants; concerning political observations.
j. Grable, Boone (1954).  Copy of an official reply enclosed.
k. Graham, John S. (1955).  Agreed to serve as Stanley Draper's Washington director.
l. Graumann, Hugo (1956).  Additional funds for research and experimentation.
m. Gray, Arthur Z. (1956).  Concerning special issues to be published by Young Men Magazine.
n. Green, Frankie (1955).  Regarding financial problems; desire for assistance with funds.
o. Greene, Francis T. (1955).  Concerning the American Merchant Marine Institute's First Annual Advertising Award.
p. Gregory, John (1955).  Effort to obtain a physician in Tipton.
q. Gregory, Noble (1955).  Mr. Reynolds asked me to say "hello" for him.
r. Grey, Mike (1956).  Interest in getting industry to locate in the area; concerning the Big 6th Democratic Convention.

F 31: General Correspondence, Gri-Gu (1954-1956).

a. Griffith, R. A. (1955).  Regarding cookbooks and a yearbook of agriculture; request that some of these watermelon seeds be sent to his sister.
b. Grimmett, Mr. & Mrs. O. B. (1956).  Concerning one of the employees of the commissary.
c. Groh, H. B. (1955-1956).  Regarding the SAGE project; credit card for long distance telephone service; relative to the new telephone directories; concerning an article entitled, "The Electronic Paul Revere."
d. Groves, E. V. (1956).  Payment in full for damage to fence.
e. Guatemala (n.d.).  Map of Guatemala.
f. Guatemala , Embassy of (1955).  Press Release: address of the president of the Republic of Guatemala.
g. Guest Book (1955).  Various people who have visited.
h. Guillemin, Bernard (1954).  Concerning comments about Russia.
i. Gullet, Ben (1955).  Enjoyed visit to classes and church recently, as well as, an offer to be of assistance.
j. Gurtler, R. M. (Bob) (1955).  Suggestions relative to securing veterans pension.
k. Gutermuth, C. R. (1955).  Concerning the banquet of the Second National Watershed Congress.
l. Guymon Chamber of Commerce (1956).  United States flag to use in the Pioneer Day celebration.

F 32: General Correspondence, Ha (1954-1956). 

a. Hadley, Harlan V. (1955).  Concerning a copy of the 1955 edition of "Automobile Facts and Figures."
b. Halbig, Virgil F. (1955).  Regarding becoming a member of Wickersham's staff.
c. Hall, Mrs. Ikard Day (1955).  Expression of sympathy.
d. Hall, LeRoy B. (1956).  Contribution toward the expenses of the senior class of the Oklahoma School for the Deaf.
e. Hamilton, Sandra Kay (1956).  Request a cookbook for her mother.
f. Hammans, Mr & Mrs. G. D. (1956).  Concerning unsatisfactory postal service at Roswell, New Mexico.
g. Hamra, Mr. & Mrs. Phillip (1955).  Regarding a trip to Jerusalem.
h. Hand, T. Millet (1955).  Requesting Army-Navy tickets for constituents.
i. Hankins, M. S. (1955).  Concerning lowest possible price for a piece of real estate in Tampa, Florida.
j. Harbison, D. R. (1955).  Regarding the names of places (by numbers) of films (35mm).
k. Harbour, Emma Estell (1955).  Concerning a request for information about Oklahoma.
l. Hagis, Judy (1956).  A thank you for material received.
m. Harlan, Ross E. (1955).  Enjoyed visit and appreciated suggestions.
n. Harmison, Mr. & Mrs. Carroll (1955).  Regarding a desire to adopt a German child.
o. Harrel, George (1955).  General thanks for the job being done.
p. Harriman, Averill (1955).  Regarding the chance of becoming the Democratic nominee for President.
q. Harris, Fred R. (1956).  Concerning industries interest in the Lawton area.
r. Harris, Barbara (1955).  Seeking information about Oklahoma.
s. Harris, Paul (1955).  Privilege to be of service and offer to be of service in the future.
t. Harrison, Floyd (1956).  Pleasure to be of assistance.
u. Harrison, Jack M. (1956).  Concerning getting industry to locate in area.
v. Hart, D. J. (1955).  Christmas thoughts expressed.
w. Hart, J. C. (1954).  Concerning Sunday not being made a day for merchandising.
x. Hart, John Robbins (1955).  Advising that the thirty-second annual Oklahoma State Sunday Service will be held Sunday, November 13th at 3:00 p.m.
y. Hart, Martha Ann (1955).  In regard to T.V. channel interference.
z. Hart, Philip A. (1956).  Concerning the Young Democrats National Convention.
aa. Harvey, Donald L. (1956).  Concerning a trip to Washington, D.C. to participate in an agricultural seminar.
bb. Harvey, Pharis (1956).  Concerning a Christian Citizenship Seminar for Students in New York and Washington.
cc. Haslet, Charles (1955).  Letter enclosed from Col. Stanley G. Reiff.
dd. Hassell, J. L. (1955).  Concerning correspondence from the Tulsa District, Corps of Engineers.
ee. Hastings, Warren (1956).  Regarding a talk based on religion in Russia.
ff. Haugherty, Mr. & Mrs. Hugh P. (1955).  Congratulations on the new grandson.
gg. Haxton, Mrs. Ross (1955).  In regard to Down Carpet Company.
hh. Hayes, Floyd M. (1955).  Concerning possibly teaching in Oklahoma long enough to qualify for retirement.

F 33: General Correspondence, He-Hi (1954-1956). 

a. Healy, A. J. (1956).  Regarding a copy of the national magazine, The Purple Heart.
b. Hearst, W. R., Jr. (1955).  Reprints of articles on Russia.
c. Heath, Garry (1956).  Relative to assistance in connection with a trip to Amarillo.
d. Heatly, Bob (1955).  Concerning campaign ideas.
e. Hebensperger, Donald (1955).  Sorry to read in the newspaper about broken leg.
f. Heberle, Mrs. J. A. (1955).  Concerning a resolution having to do with discontinuance of some of the services in the Fort Davis Station.
g. Hebert, F. Edmund (1955).  Regarding a tie for Father's Day.
h. Heflin, Martin (1955).  Concerning visit and offer of assistance.
i. Heinrichs, J. E. (1956).  Concerning Corn Caves near the city of Corn.
j. Henricks, R. W. (1956).  Interest in the base-line highway.
k. Henry, Mr. & Mrs. Curtiss E. (1956).  Congratulations on the birth of son.
l. Henry, Daniel D. (n.d.).  Assistance appreciated.
m. Henry, M. E. (1956).  Concerning a visit.
n. Herbert, Thomas J. (1955).  A copy of report and order of the board in connection with the case of Herbert Brownell, Jr. v. Jefferson School of Social Science.
o. Hickmon, Gary (1956).  Regarding a certificate won at the Laverne Science Fair.
p. Hieronymus, F. L. (1954).  Concerning Sunday not being made a day for merchandising.
q. Higgins, R. N., Jr. (1956). Regarding getting industry to locate in the area.
r. High, Roy (1956).  Article concerning U.S. conservation
s. Hildebrand, Roy (1956).  Request for telephone service.
t. Hill, Arthur T. (1955).  Concerning campaign and several bills before Congress.
u. Hill, Mrs. W. C. (1955).  Concerning conviction in a court of record.
v. Hillelson, Jeffery P. (1955).  Offer of services.
w. Hinds, H. H. (1955).  Request for an autographed picture.
x. Hinds, Mr. & Mrs. Virgil (1954).  Holiday season greetings and best wishes.
y. Hirsfield, J. A. (1956).  Regarding discharge from the U.S. Coast Guard in order to reenlist in the Air Force.
z. Hitchcock Methodist Church (1956).  Concerning the activities of a church group.

F 34: General Correspondence, Ho (1954-1956).

a. Hobbs, Claude E. (1956).  Information relative to the chemical industry.
b. Hock, Leonard R. (1956).  Thanks for assistance with deferment.
c. Hodge, J. F. (1955).  Suggestions relative to the helium plant at Amarillo, Texas.
d. Hodge, Oliver (1956).  Request for the average daily attendance of school children in Oklahoma.
e. Hogevoll, W. S. (1955).  A thank you for speaking before the congregation.
f. Hogg, Leslie (1956).  Concerning fifteen letters, envelopes, and seeds.
g. Holcomb, Luther (1956).  Suggestions relative to activities in the Congress.
h. Holland, Spessard L. (1955).  Return of the Gulf Coast Ecology Study and Map.
i. Hollar, Ira J. (1955).  A thank you on behalf of the Oklahoma 4-H Clubs for the silver letter opener with the 4-H emblem and the inscription.
j. Holsinger, Wirt H. (1954).  Request for reinstatement of life insurance.
k. Holston, Mr. & Mrs. Sam (1955).  Note from dad.
l. Hoover, Kirk H. (1955).  Appreciation of the courtesies shown at the Oklahoma State Fair.
m. Hoover, M. W. (1956).  Reservations at the Statler Hotel; reservations at the Hotel Mayflower.
n. Hopper, Clifford (1956).  Regarding support Bill 110.
o. Horne, J. E. (1955).  Thanks for assistance in changing mail delivery.
p. Horton, Julia C. (1955). Concerning a claim for pension benefits.
q. Houser, Jack R. (1956).  Three resolutions adopted at the annual convention of the Oklahoma Cattlemen's Association.
r. Howard, Jack (1954).  Concerning an article from the Tulsa Labor News on training fund agreements and annual budgets.

F 35: General Correspondence, Hu-Hy (1954-1956). 

a. Huebert, Selma (1956).  Regarding the Republican administration's proposed farm program.
b. Huff, Tom (1956).  The possibility of securing a list of royalty owners in county.
c. Hughes, Beverly Ann (1955).  Concerning farmers' bulletins and leaflets.
d. Hughes, Percy (n.d.).  Two books available and are being sent air special.
e. Hulin, Houston (1956).  Regarding copies of campaign pictures.
f. Hull, Mrs. James T. (1955).  Request for a copy of the 1952 agriculture book on insects.
g. Hulme, Homer (1955).  Advising about the status of the Homer Hulme case; concerning the coming campaign; an editorial from the Chickasha Star.
h. Hunt, Albert C. (1955).  Letter concerning a former classmate at Vanderbilt.
i. Hunt, G. H. (1955).  Assistance in tracing a letter with card enclosed.
j. Hunter, Lee (1954).  Concerning a reported indebtedness.
k. Huskey, Ira (n.d.).  With regard to hotel reservations.
l. Hutsell, Zelma (1955).  Congratulations on birthday.
m. Hutto, A. B. (1954).  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
n. Hyde, Herbert K. (1955).  Reserving two tickets for the Army-Navy Game.
o. Hyde, Z. B. (1956).  Relative to the United States World Trade Fair; hope to be able to see exhibit.

F 36: General Correspondence, I (1955-1956). 

a. Ideal Toy Corporation (1955).  Concerning industry locating in the area.
b. Ille, Kenneth V. (1956).  Information on Mexico.

F 37: General Correspondence, Ja-Je (1954-1956).

a. Jackson, Chas. E. (1956).  Thanks for the fine box of shellfish delicacies.
b. Jackson, Charles S. (1955).  Regarding the Bankers Service Life Insurance Company.
c. Jaquith, E. K. (1955).  Relative to the qualifications of Seymore I. Somberg.
d. Jeffress, Emma Kendall (1956).  Bill passed authorizing construction of the Foss and Cobb Creek Dam and Reservoir.
e. Jeffrey, Donald C. (1955).  Credit report.
f. Jenkins, Mr. & Mrs. John D. (1956).  Difficulty in connection with a purchase.
g. Jennings, John N. (1954).  Regarding an insurance policy which he purchased from the Standard Life and Accident Insurance Company.

F 38: General Correspondence, Jo-Ju (1954-1956). 

a. Johnson, Adelaide (1955).  Concerning illness.
b. Johnson, Allen (1956).  Request for names and addresses of all the others present at the meeting.
c. Johnson, B. F. (1955-1956).  Concerning the need of federal aid to schools and in road construction; thanks for the pamphlet on National Education Association of the United States.
d. Johnson, Cal. D. (1956).  Relative to a box of envelopes stuffed with a questionnaire.
e. Johnson, Mrs. Harold (1956).  Deepest sympathies.
f. Johnson, John H. (1956).  Request for information about sub-contracting government contracts.
g. Johnson, Lee (1956).  Concerning the new lake near Elgin.
h. Johnson, Thomas (1956).  Securing a list of royalty owners in county.
i. Johnson, Zeake W., Jr. (1955).  Deep appreciation to the Democratic members of the House for the confidence they have placed in me.
j. Johnston, Dale (1955).  Concerning a copy of Public Law 520, 79th Congress, known as the Stockpiling Act; concerning the representative for the B & G Mung Bean Sprout Extract.
k. Jones, A. L. (1955).  Regarding filing for a claim.
l. Jones, Dan (1956).  Concerning a record that might be appreciated.
m. Jones, Don (1956).  Relative to putting in a trailer park near the Clinton-Sherman Air Force Base.
n. Jones, Garland B. (1954).  Miscellaneous.
o. Jones, George A. (1955).  Regarding a serial number.
p. Jones, Mrs. George W. (1955).  Concerns finding a missing relative.
q. Jones, Herman A., Jr. (1955).  In regard to memorandum from W. Barton Leach, National Defense Studies, and a copy of Report No. 493.
r. Jones, L. W. (1956).  A copy of the hearings before the Subcommittee on Indian Affairs, on H. Res. 30.
s. Jones, Lockwood (1956).  Congratulations appreciated, also received the clipping from the Washington paper.
t. Jones, Terry (1955).  Regarding stamps and coins for a collection.
u. Jonkers, Gerald A. (1956).  Enjoyed the visit, and please keep me advised of developments.
v. Joslin, Charles (1955).  Request for a photograph.
w. Junior League of Colorado Springs (n.d.).  A thank you for assistance and a plea for further support.

F 39: General Correspondence, Ka-Ki (1955-1956).

a. Kahle, Keith (1956).  Congratulations on the progress of Central Airlines; information regarding Central Airlines' new route.
b. Katy K (1956).  Enjoyed the food and an offer to be of service.
c. Kauri, Gus (1956).  Request for a photograph.
d. Kavanaugh, Al (1956).  Concerning bids on a helicopter training program; acknowledgment of receipt of the Holy Land book.
e. Kayser, J. W. (1955).  Concerning visit in Chickasha.
f. Kearns, Carroll D. (1956).  Congratulations on the action taken at the National Federation of Republican Women's recent Board of Directors meeting.
g. Keas, Claud (1956).  Need for a new bridge on the Red River linking Highway 55 to 283 west of Carter.
h. Keating, Kenneth B. (1955).  Concerning an analysis of our defense problem.
i. Keating, Milton (1955-1956).  Regarding a Fort Sill matter; concerning a map of Lawton; thanks for cooperation during recent trip to Washington; looking forward to the Chamber of Commerce meeting.
j. Kefauver, Estes (1955-1956).  Concerning the chances of becoming the Democratic nominee for President; Thanks for a copy of a Doris Fleeson article; concerning recent trip; request for autographs on photos.
k. Keithley Packing Company (1956).  Thanks for the courtesy in showing plant.
l. Kelly, George F. (1955).  Request for copies of "Major Geologic Features of the U.S. and Cuba."
m. Kelting, Mrs. Russel (1955).  Arrangements made.
n. Kennison, Art (1956).  With regard to the possible issuance of commitments for additional housing at Altus.
o. Kenyon, W. D. (1956).  Regarding Republicans not giving much consideration to an issue; concerning fifteen letters, envelopes and seeds.
p. Keogh, Eugene J. (1955).  Transfer of 2,500 farmer's bulletins from allotment to Wickersham.
q. Kerchee, Walter N. (1955).  Concerning collection of a debt.
r. Keys, Leon G. (1955).  Copy of company's bulletin Selected Investments News.
s. Kidd, Frank I. (1955).  Invitation to visit while in Paris, France.
t. Killian, Mr. (1956).  Need for a new bridge on the Red River linking Highway 55 to 283 west of Carter.
u. King features Syndicate (1955).  Regarding a reproduction of cartoon.
v. King, Joseph T. (1955).  Appreciated visit.
w. King, Son (1956).  Concerning approval of an application.
x. Kirwan, Michael J. (1955).  Request for a ticket to the Army-Navy game.

F 40: General Correspondence, Kl-Ky (1955-1956).

a. Klahran, Saul (1956).  Concerning B-N-G Tyrosinase.
b. Klemme, Randall T. (1956).  Program the state of Oklahoma has underway to balance agricultural and oil economy with industry.
c. Knight, Dorman (1955).  Desire to study commercial art under the G.I. Bill.
d. Knight, Nina (1955).  Requesting some watermelon seeds.
e. Kolaja, J. (n.d.).  Memoranda concerning the negotiation with the U.S.S.R. on the unification of Germany and the neutralization of Germany and Central Europe.
f. Koo, V. K. Wellington (1955).  Plans have changed and will not accompany the Armed Services Committee members to the Far East.
g. Kouri, Gus (1955-1956).  Inquiring about a phone call that was missed; pamphlet entitled, How to Buy Surplus Personal Property.
h. Kroger, A. H. (1956).  Concerning a bill to permit the aged to work one-half time without reduction in their checks.
i. Kupha, Robert (1955).  Request for information concerning some statements.
j. Kusworm, Sidney C., Sr. (1955).  Apology for not being able to attend the dinner in honor of Judge Simon E. Sobeloff.
k. Keyes, Roger M. (1956).  Appreciated note with respect to Air Force award.

F 41: General Correspondence, La-Lem (1954-1956).

a. Laffoon, Mrs. Clyde (1955).  Offer of assistance.
b. Lakey, William D. (1956).  Possibility of establishing an industry in Sayre.
c. Lancaster, Mr. & Mrs. John (1955).  Concerns visit.
d. Landers, J. C. (1956).  Concerning a list of those people invited to attend the congressional dinner last year.
e. Landrith, Nick (1955).  Relative to a parking space in the area of the Canadian embassy.
f. Langdon, Ben (1955).  Concerning interesting a plant into coming to Mangum.
g. Langer, William (1955).  Reallocation of copies of farmers' bulletins.
h. Langston, Czar, Jr. (1955).  Regarding a copy of a letter addressed to Robert E. McNett, president of the Royal Electric, Inc.
i. Lauderdale, T. E. (1955).  Concerning pictures of V.I.M.
j. Lawter, Zed (1956).  The Oklahoma delegation proud of the winners and delegates sponsored by the Oklahoma Farmers Union.
k. Leader, George M. (1955).  Concerns a copy of "Water Resources Development in Pennsylvania" prepared by the Corps of Engineers; thank you for the Pennsylvania Complimentary Non-Resident Hunting License for 1955-1956.
l. League of Young Democrats (n.d.).  Wish for success and offer of assistance.
m. LeCompte, Karl M. (1955-1956).  Regarding a copy of a little booklet printed by the state of Iowa entitled The State of Iowa Welcomes You; concerning the contribution of some yearbooks and farm bulletins.
n. Lee, Clyde (1954-1955).  In regard to state highway from Apache to Cooperton; assistance in obtaining legs for Mr. Barcia; request that Wickersham contact the Spanish priest who is going to handle the matter; request made known to Monsignor Swanstom, Catholic Relief Services.
o. Lemons, Wishard F., Jr. (1955).  Resolution adopted by the meeting of the State Executive Committee for the Christian Rural Overseas Program.

F 42: General Correspondence, Lev-Lu (1954-1956).

a. Leven, Stephen A. (1956).  Congratulations upon recent appointment to the post of Titular Bishop of Bure, Auxillary to Archbishop Lucey of San Antonio.
b. Leverette, James W. (1956).  Concerning the address of Ed. Cole.
c. Levite, Mr. & Mrs. George (1955).  Thanks for the courtesy tendered our daughter.
d. Levy, Samuel A. (1956).  Thanks for sending the stamps "Remember the Sick Veterans."
e. Lewis, Lavon (1956).  Desire information on the country of Ecuador, South America; thank you for information on the current boom in Ecuador.
f. Lewis, Martin (1956).  Offer of assistance.
g. Lewright, Forrest D. (1956).  Assistance in getting industry to locate in the area.
h. Linder, J. C. (1956).  Concerning views relative to the United Nations organization.
i. Lines Hotel (1955).  Enjoyed the visit.
j. Lippert Bros., Inc. (1955).  Withdrawal of protest regarding Specification No. 44002, Hangar Building, Denver.
k. Litch, Glinda (1955).  Assistance with a science report.
l. Littlefield, John (1956).  Assistance by encouraging industry to locate in the area.
m. Livingston, Billy J. (1956).  Concerning the Republican Party and patronage.
n. Loewenstein, M. (1955).  Concerning assistance with a theater tax fight.
o. Long, Charley (1954).  Regarding eligibility for a pension.
p. Long, Charley W. (1955-1956).  Request to be placed on bidders list; concerning an electrical bill; problem with incorrect address.
q. Longmire, Mr. & Mrs. Carl (1955).  Best wishes in the coming campaign.
r. Lorenz, Otto (1956).  Thanks for participation in the John Deere Day Program.
s. Lovell, Mrs. Earl (19551956).  Assistance in determining if John Peter Robinson was in the Army; assistance in determining eligibility for a pension.
t. Lowe, J. N. (1955).  Information relative to some Washington property.
u. Lowry, Hughrene (1956).  Request payment for care and maintenance of Lela I. Willingham.
v. Luginbyhl, W. C. (1956).  Concerning visiting the district and various legislation. 
w. Lundy, Walter J. (1955).  Regarding a refund that was received.

F 43: General Correspondence, Mc (1954-1956). 

a. McAdoo, Mrs. D. W. (1956).  Recent illness and problems paying the bill.
b. McAlister, Zula (1955).  Assistance with the repairing and furnishing of a church.
c. McCammon, Mrs. Charles S. (1954).  Views on pending legislation and various problems before the Congress.
d. McCarthy, Floyd J. (1955-1956).  Concerning the offer of a bribe by Cadillac in its effort to be designated as the site for the USAF jet base; referred letter to Congressman L. Mendel Rivers for consideration and reply; misleading statements regarding Cadillac.
e. McCasland, T. H. (1955).  Enjoyed our visit, and an offer of assistance.
f. McClain, D. D. (1955).  Request for ideas and suggestions for the coming campaign.
g. McCormack, John (1956).  Concerning the Democratic Party and the coming campaign.
h. McCracken, Harold W. (1956).  Thanks for the recent assistance in behalf of my brother.
i. McCullough, George (1954).  Wish for a safe trip.
j. McCurley, Roy (1956).  Congratulations on acquiring the newspapers.
k. McCurry, D. Ernest (1956).  Concerning a need to "bone up" on history.
l. McDaniel, Robert S. (1955).  Concerning visit at the Press Club.
m. McDonald, T-Bone (1955).  Miscellaneous.
n. McElhaney, Joseph G. (1954).  Regarding matters being handled by the Turnpike Authority.
o. McGrew, E. A. (1956).  Concerning visit and an offer of assistance.
p. McKim, Phil (1955).  With regard to air-conditioning.
q. McMillian, George (1955-1956).  Concerning the airport in Gage; wall map of the United States requested.
r. McNett, Bob (1955).  The seating list for the dinner held in honor of Judge Simon E. Sobeloff.
s. McVey, Raymond (1955).  Request for suggestions on improving services as a representative, also suggestions on the campaign.

F 44: General Correspondence, Ma-Me (1955-1956). 

a. Machrowicz, Thaddeaus M. (1956).  Regarding support of Wickersham's nomination for membership on the Ways and Means Committee.
b. Madden, Clarence (1955).  Concerning the possible nominees on the Democratic platform; regarding a car for Wickersham's son.
c. Mahaffey, Rosie (1955).  Concerning a dictionary, a cookbook and a book on infant care.
d. Males, L. L. (1956).  Concerning testimony in behalf of the Washita project; regarding hotel reservations in Washington, D. C.
e. Mallen, W. D., Jr. (1955).  Request for ideas on the Congressional campaign; regarding a check on Scheaffer sets.
f. Maness, Walter (1955).  Expression of sympathy.
g. Mangold, Mr. & Mrs. C. O. (1955).  Best wishes, and offer of assistance.
h. Marble, Samuel W. (1955).  Thanks for the books and pamphlets.
i. Marincic, Mrs. Phil (1956).  Thanks for the assistance for the Papes.
j. Marks, Morris A. (1956).  Concerning visit.
k. Marshall, Fred (1955).  Concerning support of Congressman McCarthy as a member of the Committee on Ways and Means.
l. Marshall, James (1956).  Regarding coring and drilling equipment.
m. Martin, John C. (1955).  Thank you for the interest in my matter.
n. Martin, S. (1956).  With regard to a second class mailing license.
o. Martin, Mrs. Walter (1956).  Concerning interest in her sister.
p. Marx, Louis (1955).  Regarding industry locating in the area.
q. Mason, W. S., Jr. (1956).  Concerning distribution of surplus commodities to state penal institutions.
r. Masters, E. M. (1956).  Request concerning the validity of insurance.
s. Mates, Leo (1955).  Regarding invitation to a reception to be given on the anniversary of Federal Peoples Republic of Yugoslavia. 
t. Mayer, Ed. (1955).  Concerning a trip to Washington, D. C. 
u. Meade, R. H. (1955).  Appreciated note and good wishes.
v. Meade, Robert H. (1955).  Congratulations upon recent appointment.
w. Meier, Meinard (1955).  With regard to the postmaster appointment at Hanston.
x. Melton, Elmer (1956).  Concern about Government spending.
y. Menetre, Elmer S. (1956).  Suggestions and advice relative to pending legislation and existing conditions.
z. Menetre, Elmo (1956).  Questions concerning employment.
aa. Menkus, Jerry (1955).  Miss visits to the office.
bb. Merer, George (1956).  Thoroughly enjoyed meeting.
cc. Messick, Homer A. (1955).  Request for pictures on all varieties of chickens.
dd. Methodist Youth, National Conference of (1955).  Concerning the fifteenth annual National Conference of Methodist Youth.
ee. Mexico, Embajada de (1956).  Regarding a trip by the Alfalfa Senior Class of 1956 to Mexico.

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