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Box 7: General Correspondence, Mi-Mo - Armed Services, Committee on: Life Insurance

F 1: General Correspondence, Mi-Mo (1955-1956).

a. Miller, Mrs. F. B. (1955).  Regarding an article by Rear Admiral D. V. Gallery entitled, "We Can Baffle the Brainwashers."
b. Miller, Mrs. Henry D. (1956).  Concerning support for H.R. 8493-S. 3069.
c. Miller, Kay D. (1956).  Assistance in getting industry to locate in the area.
d. Mingus, Etta (1956).  Desire to secure a flag to place at the Christian Center in Anadarko.
e. Minister. (1956).  With regard to Bulletin of International Christian Leadership.
f. Minnesota Avenue Christian Church (1955).  Concerning the refund on a mimeograph machine.
g. Misemer, W. P. (1956).  Concerning views on farm problems.
h. Miskel, Edd (1955).  Regarding a response to a request for information.
i. Miskel, Mrs. William Edward (1955).  Expression of sympathy.
j. Molz, Alderson (1955).  Thanks for the clipping and an offer of assistance.
k. Montgomery, Dolph (1956).  Regarding a meeting with Secretary Brucker and Secretary McKay.
l. Montgomery, P. S. (1955-1956).  Concerning a letter from the Air Research and Development Command at Baltimore, Maryland, relative to aircraft design; pertaining to an aircraft design called the "Hellbat"; concerning preparing another set of specifications for submission to Major Kilpatrick; sympathy.
m. Moody, Mr. & Mrs. Guy (1956).  Request for information on the subject of raising turkeys.
n. Moore, Bill (1956).  Concerning the real estate business.
o. Moore Hat Company (1955).  Regarding presenting a hat to Governor Sherman Adams, advisor to the President.
p. Moran, Tom (1956).  Thanks for the personal interest in campaign.
q. Morris, Emory W. (1956).  Thanks for the information regarding the history of the Kellogg Foundation and the biography of the founder, Mr. W. K. Kellogg.
r. Morrow, Melvin (1955).  Request for a list of college scholarships and a list of summer jobs open to college students.
s. Morris, Leo R. (1956).  Just elected president of the Oklahoma Broadcasters Association and will be in Washington, D. C. attending the NARTB State Broadcasters Presidents meeting; offer of assistance; rrecent appointment of Hamilton-Means Associates to cover the daily activities of the Oklahoma congressional delegation.
t. Morris, Walter (1956).  Regarding when Wickersham will be in the state again.
u. Morrison, Don (1956).  Request for a list of royalty owners in the county.
v. Mothers of the World (1955).  Concerning reports of brainwashing in training schools.
w. Mougey, W. J. (1955).  Regarding business growth and size.
x. Mounce, Guy (1955-1956).  Suggestions relative to the pensions being provided for aged citizens; desire to buy an automobile with money from pension checks.

F 2: General Correspondence, Mu-My Correspondence (1955-1956).

a. Muldrow, Fisher (1955).  Problems facing Congress related to commercial trucking.
b. Mullins, F. E. (1955).  With regard to getting Southwestern Telephone Co. to install a telephone.
c. Murdock, Myrtle Cheney (1955).  Concerning historical books which give information about the Capitol.
d. Murphy, Emmett J. (1956).  With regard to a pamphlet entitled, The Present Day Doctor of Chiropractic.
e. Musick, Patricia (1955).  Regarding securing admittance to a college where the tuition can be earned.
f. Myers, Gladys Mae (1956).  Thanks for a patron list that was sent.

F 3: General Correspondence, N (1954-1956).

a. National Education Association (1955).  Interest in obtaining community project ideas.
b. National Farmers Union (1955).  Requesting comments on a copy of "Farm Program Idea."
c. Naylor, Joe (1955).  Invitation to attend Appreciation Day at the First Baptist Church, Okeene, Oklahoma, in honor of Joe E. Naylor.
d. Neal, Mrs. Howard B. (1954).  Acknowledging letter and that it will be brought to Wickersham's attention immediately on his return.
e. Nelms, Everett (1956).  Regarding a report of the National Affairs Committee.
f. Nevil, W. C. (1955).  Concerning legislation that will modify immigration laws.
g. Newcomb, Carl (1956).  Thanks for son's visit.
h. Newhouser, Mrs. Ed (1955). Suggestions relative to problems with certain physicians.
i. Newkirk, P. G. (1955).  General.
j. Newsom, Herschel D. (1956).  Regarding a pamphlet entitled, Wheat Is Everybody's Problem.
k. Neyer, Joe L. (1955).  Concerning a resolution adopted at the National Convention of Reserve Officers Association; visit and offer of assistance.
l. Nichols, Lancing (1956).  Information about a new newspaper, The Harmon County Record.
m. Nicholson, Paula (1956).  Requests for copies of the booklet, Our Flag.
n. Nickens, May (1955).  Relative to support of the vocational education program.
o. Nimrod, Vernon (1955-1956).  Concerning a layoff of 219 employees by the Department of Defense; general.
p. Norman, Lois (1955-1956).  Request for a U.S. flag which has been flown over the Capitol of the United States; information on the Mangum High School Alumni Banquet; thanks for arranging the meeting with the group interested in the Dam.

F 4: General Correspondence, O (1954-1956). 

a. Oberfell, George G. (1955).  Concern about offending Wickersham.
b. O'Brien, Ernest (1956).  Regarding the work being done by K-9s in the Air Force.
c. Ockerman, Harry (1956).  Wish to show color photographs to the chief photographer.
d. O'Connor, Basil (1955).  Thanks for the Christmas greeting and the book, Four Billion Dimes.
e. Ogden, Charles (1956).  Requests; regarding the Southeastern Oklahoma versus Texarkana Little River Valley.
f. Ohio Power & Light Co. (1955).  Interest in securing some information for some firms who are desirous of locating in West Virginia.
g. Oklahoma City University (1955).  Request for material on Oklahoma City University and the choir.
h. Oklahoma School for the Deaf (1956).  Returning check and sincerely appreciated gift.
i. Oliver, Robert (1954).  Congratulations on re-election to the House of Representatives.
j. Olson, S. O. (1955).  Regarding a prescription for "white wash."
k. Olustee Public School (1956).  Concerning information about a possible trip to Washington, D. C. 
l. O'Rear, Frazier (1956).  With regard to securing a list of royalty owners.
m. Otsuki, Motoji (1955).  Invitation to visit.
n. Outhier, R. C. (1955).  Regarding the new Concho wheat.
o. Overstreet, F. M. (1955).  Regarding attendance at the Cherokee Strip celebration.
p. Owen, K. Kip (1956).  General.

F 5: General Correspondence, Pa-Pe (1955-1956).

a. Pace, Clint (1955).  A clipping relative to appointment to the position of director of the White House Conference on Education.
b. Page, Clarence E. (1955).  Commendation on an outstanding record of meritorious service.
c. Page Aircraft Industries (1955).  Concerning a bid covering maintenance service for fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft at Fort Sill.
d. Panhandle Agricultural and Mechanical College (1955).  Relative to the article.
e. Parham, Paul (1956).  Concerning a copy of Chapter 6 of the Biennial Survey of Education in the United States.
f. Paris, Mrs. William Francklyn (1955).  Regarding work with "shut-in's".
g. Parker, Gralyn Jean (n.d.).  A thank you for the baby gift.
h. Parker, Guy H. (1955).  Concerning parts from the pump purchased from the Daley and Sons firm.
i. Parrott, Harold G. (1956).  Regarding a general agency over several states; looking forward to visit after Congress adjourns.
j. Passman, Emil (1956).  Concerning a plan for the purchase and resale of surplus equipment; suggestions relative to re-opening an office and going back in the public relations business.
k. Patton, James G. (1956).  Concerning a congratulatory note.
l. Patterson, Ruby T. (1956).  Material on the people and customs of the Philippines.
m. Pavelle Laboratories, Inc. (1955).  Questions concerning photographs.
n. Paxton, Mr. & Mrs. Joe (1956).  Regarding a senior class trip to Washington, D. C. 
o. Paxton, Norada (1956).  Request that the Inter-American School be contacted.
p. Payne, William Howard (1956).  Requests.
q. Peanut Grower's Association, Southwestern (1956).  Concerning a campaign to increase consumer demand for peanuts and peanut products.
r. Pearce, Al (1955).  Relative to flashing lights for Velma on State Highway 7.
s. Peck, Raymond A. (1956).  Concerning a request for a yearbook and some bulletins.
t. Peeler, George W. (1955).  Visit and offer of service.
u. Perry, Gil (1956).  Suggestions relative to the U.S. foreign policy.
v. Perryman, W. H. (1955).  Concerning a communication Earl Marcum.
w. Peterson, Harold (1956).  Inquiry about approval of the purchase of holdings in the Southwest Telephone (state), the Western Light Telephone, and the General Telephone Company.

F 6: General Correspondence, Ph-Pl (1954-1956).

a. Pharis, Cora (1955).  Letter has been referred to the Library of Congress and will send reply as soon as available.
b. Phelps, Malcolm E. (1956).  Congratulations on election as president of the American Academy of General Practice.
c. Phillips, Ferman (1956).  Concerning breakfast with the Oklahoma school administrators group in Washington.
d. Phillips, Grant (1956).  Regarding sale of some property on Clinton.
e. Phillips, Thomas D. (1955).  Concerning problems at church.
f. Piasecki Air Craft Plant (1955).  Relative to the first public demonstration of the Piasecki YH16A.
g. Piasecki Helicopter Corporation (1956).  Regarding a brochure showing the pictorial record of the recent "Operation Tampico" by the Navy.
h. Pickett, Ingram B. (1956).  Concerning the coming election.
i. Pierce, Pauline (1955).  Concerning a hearing by the Pardon and Parole Board regarding her brother.
j. Pilgreen, W. J. (1955).  Thanks re wedding and books.
k. Pisell, Mrs. Robert G. (1954).  Thanks for the various books regarding child care and cooking, and also for the 1954 yearbook.
l. Ploeser, Walter C. (1955).  Concerning renewal of an old acquaintance.
m. Plummer, Charles E. (1955).  Thanks for information contained in the copy of letter addressed to Dean Reinhardt, President, League of Young Democrats.

F 7: General Correspondence, Po-Pr (1954-1956).

a. Poindexter, Mr. & Mrs. A. C. (1955).  Request for a copy of a world map.
b. Ponca City Chamber of Commerce (1955).  Regarding the Cherokee Strip celebration.
c. Pollock, Beckie (n.d.). Concerning an allotment check.
d. Poolaw, Moose (1955).  Request for information in regard to the purchase of a buffalo for the Indian Baptist Association.
e. Pope, L. C. (1955).  Thanks for the information and a request for separate details on these tracts.
f. Powers, LeRoy (1955).  Visit in Washington.
g. Powers, Percy (1955).  Request for information about Oklahoma.
h. Pressman Toy Corporation (1955).  Concerning a desire for industry to locate in the area.
i. Price, F. B. (1955).  Regarding the sale of some land.
j. Price W. Vernon (1956).  Assistance in getting industry located in the area.
k. Prince, Joe (1956).  Concerning problems with farm legislation; offer of assistance during his campaign for re-election to the Congress.
l. Pritchett, Dan E. (1956).  Regarding Veterans of Foreign Wars posts located in the sixth district of Oklahoma.
m. Procter, Dan (1955).  Concerning a girl yodeler from Arkansas.
n. Proxmire, William (1954).  Concerning voting on farm legislation in the coming session. 

F 8: General Correspondence, Q (n.d.).

Quaker Valley Constructors, Inc. (n.d.).  Regarding brochures sent to the Secretary of the Army, the Secretary of the Air Force, and the Secretary of the Interior.

F 9: General Correspondence, Ra-Ric (1955-1956).

a. Raborn, Ennis E. (1955).  Regarding a change in system of government and exposing Roman Catholicism.
b. Rackley, J. R. (1955).  Concerning appointment as deputy commissioner in the U.S. Office of Education.
c. Rader, L. E. (1955).  Possibility of permitting aged citizens who are receiving assistance from the government to work part-time without endangering their monthly payments; pamphlets published by the Department of Public Welfare with regard to categorical assistance.
d. Rasler, Paul (1955).  Personally called national director F.S.A. urging.
e. Rawlins, Rube (1956).  Thanks for returning the questionnaire and for comments written on the reverse side.
f. Rayburn, Sam (1955-1956).  Thanks for remembering birthday; singing telegram; House Democrats have a weekly caucus.
g. Rea, W. J. (1956).  Information and data on Muskogee.
h. Rea, Bill (1956).  Request.
i. Reed, B. Frank (1955).  Appreciation.
j. Reed, E. F. (1956).  Appreciation for the time given the Oklahoma Automobile Dealers during the recent N.A.D.A. convention in Washington, D. C.
k. Reed, Edward W. (1955).  Suggestions relative to the Arkansas River development program.
l. Reeder, Fred (1955).  Appreciated being of service.
m. Reeves, Cecil H. (1956).  Thanks for the suggestions.
n. Reeves, Lawler (1955).  Regarding effects of excise taxes on truck-bus tires, tubes, recaps and retreads, proposed in H.R. 7072.
o. Reeves, Robert W. (1956).  Concerning an inquiry about his compensation case and stating that his lawyer has offered to settle with the insurance company.
p. Reeves, Thomas G., Sr. (1955).  Concerning a self-explanatory letter received from the administrative assistant to the President.
q. Repplier, T. S. (1956).  An invitation to visit the exhibit which is being given a public review by the Advertising Council Inc.
r. Reynal, Eugene (1954).  Regarding the book Power and Policy by Thomas K. Finletter.
s.  Reynolds, C. M. (1956).  Concerning parts for some old machines.
t. Rice, John (1955).  Interest in getting industry to come to Oklahoma.
u. Rice, Robert E. (1955-1956).  Requests.
v. Richter, Clara (1955).  Case up with the Civil Service Commission.
w. Richards, Burr (1956).  Facts relating to Indian leasing.
x. Richardson, Bessie (1956).  Request for an investigation of daughter's case by National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis.
y. Richardson, Eva (1956).  Offer to be of service.
z. Richardson, Ramon (1955).  Desire to obtain a scholarship.
aa. Richmond, A. C. (1956).  Regarding employment opportunities in the American Merchant Marine.

F 10: General Correspondence, Rid-Ru (1954-1956).

a. Ridgely, John R. (1955).  Appreciated visit.
b. Ritter, Cecil E. (1954).  Regarding a column together with biography which may be of use in publication.
c. Rizley & Wilson (1955).  Regarding child support for a grandchild.
d. Robberson, R. W. (1955-1956).  Concerning the article "There Is Healing In Kind Words"; suggestions and advice relative to a program for disposing of surplus commodities; concerning government-operated industry competing with private industry.
e. Roberson, Mrs. George (1955).  Regarding a parole violation.
f. Roberts, Tom (1955).  No longer interested in pursuing the report that surplus commodities were hurting trade.
g. Robertson, Arthur Clendenin (1956).  Concerning articles in the Democratic Digest.
h. Robinson, Carrol Nan (1955).  Request for a wall map of the United States.
i.  Robinson, Mrs. John (1956).  Regarding a pension.
j. Robinson, T. A. (1955-1956).  Concerning the farm price situation; leadership of the Farmers Union in Oklahoma.
k. Roda, di C. d'A. Alberto (1956).  An offer to be of service.
l. Rodgers, H. L. (1956).  Offer to help with campaigning.
m.  Rodgers, J. L. (1955).  Enjoyed the visit, also an offer to be of assistance.
n. Rodgers, Marie (1956).  Request.
o. Rogers, Cleeta John (1954).  Concerning the quarterly financial report of United States Manufacturing Corporation.
p. Rogers, Joe (1956).  Enjoyed visit at the Farmers Union meeting and an offer to be of service.
q. Rogers, Leon H. (1956).  Appreciated the courtesies extended while in Washington and an offer to be of assistance.
r. Romig, Edna B. (1956).  Concerning the charge for a transcript of the hearing of the court on January 6,1956, in the case of Edmond C. Fletcher v. Norfolk Newspapers, Inc.
s. Roosevelt, Centennial Commission, Theodore (1956).  Regarding an enclosed "Call to the American People" and a request for support.
t. Rosell, Merv (1955).  Request for a letter of introduction.
u. Rothbaum, Julian J. (1956).  Thanks for the assistance while in Washington, D. C. 
v. Roush, W. H. (1955).  Desire to join the Plumber's Union with the International Plumber's Union in Washington.
w. Rowe, Mrs. Wayne (1956).  Desire to secure a copy of bulletin 1951, no. 16 on scholarships and fellowships.
x. Ross, Stoyte O. (1956).  Concerning an honorary membership to the Bolling Air Force Base Officers Club.
y. Rowlodge, Jesse (1956).  Dealing with various Indian matters.
z. Runyon, Audry (1956).  Regarding assistance in obtaining employment with the Fort Pitt Packing Company.
aa. Rush, H. L. (1956).  Concerning ideas for increasing the activities of the Boy Scouts.
bb. Rust, Raymond E. (1956).  Reference to recent congressional banquet at the Sheraton-Park Hotel.
cc. Ruth, Kent (1955).  Thanks for arranging the helicopter display at a recent fair.

F 11: General Correspondence, Sa-Se (1955-1956).

a. Salee, Bill (1955).  Enjoyed visit.
b. Savage, Ted (1955-1956).  Concerning some mail; thanks for the newspaper clipping taken at the John Deere Day festivities at the Lorenz Implement Company.
c. Sawyer, W. E. (1956).  Concerning assistance in entering one of the service academies.
d. Sayre, Mrs. Horace H. (1956).  Regarding southern Oklahoma getting a dam.
e. Scanlan Clinic (1955).  Thanks for the book Our Capital.
f. Schaefer, Phillip H. (1956).  Assistance in getting industry to locate in the area.
g. Schaffler, W. W. (1956).  Concerning work as one of the "top campaigners."
h. Scherger, John W. (1956).  Regarding the Kings Point Permanency Bill.
i. Schiller, Mr. & Mrs. O. R. (1956).  With regard to a possible oil lease; farm problems.
j. Schultz, Capt. (n.d.).  Concerning the arrival of Capt. Schultz's remains and family in Clinton, Oklahoma.
k. Schwartz, Mortimer (1955).  Requests.
l. Scobey, William P. (1955).  General.
m. Sconce, Mr. & Mrs. H. P. (1955).  Concerning a tape made on Russia.
n. Scott, Byron N. (1956).  A matter regarding Royal Electric.
o. Scott, Clarence J. (1956).  Acknowledging receipt of the Red Red Rose membership ticket.
p. Scott, Joe C. (1955-1956).  Regarding support for re-election; general.
q. Scott, R. V. (1955).  Enjoyed visit and offer to be of assistance.
r. Scott, W. H. (1956).  In regard to a need for telephone service in community.
s. Senter, W. O. (1956).  Concerning the contract with Boyington Company of Oklahoma City, for operating Slack Air Force Base, Shreveport, La.
t. Settle, Mr. & Mrs. James M. (1955).  Regarding assistance in connection with irrigation system.

F 12: General Correspondence, Sh-Smith (1955-1956).

a. Shadid, Hoyt (1955-1956).  Request; general.
b. Shaffer, James R. (1955).  Enjoyed visit.
c. Shaffer, Wilford C. (1956).  Assistance in getting industry to locate in the area.
d. Sharp, Phillip G. (1955).  Appreciate the Boy Scout pen to be worn during Boy Scout Appreciation Week.
e. Shaw, Fern Hibish (1955).  Expression of sympathy.
f. Sheam, Paul W. (1956).  Assistance in getting industry to locate in area.
g. Shipman, Mrs. Jake L. (1955).  Information concerning a desire to purchase a dinner size plate with the capital on it.
h. Shoemaker, John (1955).  Request for the Biographical Directory of the American Congress.
i. Shook, Buford (1955).  Problems with a small check from the Veteran's Administration.
j. Shook, Vynomma (1955-1956).  Regarding the Off Base Housing Bill and 90-10 Highway Appropriation Bill; general; land for sale near the Oklahoma City Airport.
k. Sickles, Charlie G. (1955).  Problems due to lack of transportation.
l. Simpson, Mr. & Mrs. Bill (1955).  Expressions of deep sympathy.
m. Skirvan Hotel (1956).  Reservation.
n. Slape, Mr. & Mrs. Miles (1955).  Request to information on ham radio.
o. Sliger, Mrs. (1955).  Relative to mothers need for financial assistance.
p. Small, Mamie (1955-1956).  Surplus books offered by the Library of Congress; thanks for the Congressional Directory.
q. Smart, C. J. (1956).  Report on the proposed relocation of the Plastiforms Corporation of Waterbury, Connecticut.
r. Smith Charles D. (1955).  Request for recruiting duty in Oklahoma City or Norman, Oklahoma.
s. Smith, Elizabeth (1956).  Assistance in obtaining a birth certificate from the state of Kansas.
t. Smith, John A. (Jack) (1956).  Regarding the gift of a desk calendar-U.S. map.
u. Smith, Mrs. Joseph Linden (1955).  Concerning a program and some narratives on the American Indian.
v. Smith, Margaret Chase (1956).  Acknowledgment of receipt of note and the article from the Washington Post.
w. Smith, Robert L. (1956).  Regarding uranium or other radioactive samples.
x. Smith, Selwyn (1956).  Concerning action on a title.

F 13: General Correspondence, Smithen-Sta (1954-1956).

a. Smithen, Wilson (1956).  Suggestions relative to the forthcoming campaign.
b. Snipes, Mr. & Mrs. Buster (1955).  Visit and offer to be of assistance; Wickersham's interest in son's activities at West Point.
c. Snoddy, Carolyn (1956).  Desire to secure seventy-five booklets on the United States flag.
d. Snyder, Susan (1954).  With regard to a letter concerning Sunday.
e. Son, Do Shim (1956).  Enjoyed recent visit in Washington.
f. Southwestern Bell Telephone Company (1956).  Telephone directories; difficulties in securing a telephone for the home; Cookietown, Oklahoma in need of telephone service.
g. Southwick, Paul (1956).  Congratulations on the honor of being chosen an the all-state football team.
h. Spann, Mr. & Mrs. D. M. (1955).  Enjoyed recent visit.
i. Sparger, Richard Rex (1955).  Suggestions relative to the probable future activities of the men who have just been released from Red China.
j. Speck, John K. (1955).  Concerning assistance in a tax matter.
k. Sperling, Mrs. Edgar (1956).  Difficulties in connection with a home in Lawton.
l. Spicer, Bill M. (1956).  Thanks for the courtesies shown recently and an offer to be of help.
m. Spies, Gordon (1955).  Concerning men who would be most helpful in a school matter.
n. Spradling, Ray (1955).  Assistance in letting Luther Harrison and E. K. Gaylord know about the friends in and the help given Okla. City.
o. Stafford, Lily F. (1956).  Congratulations on the honors bestowed by the Professional Engineers of Oklahoma.
p. Stafford High School (1956).  A graduation announcement for Elmo D. Ruyle.
q. Stahl, Steve (1955).  A petition for a balanced budget by the federal government.
r. Stadler, Alva E. (1956).  Concerning the removal of Ft. Sill and the desire for employment.
s. Stanfield, Paul S. (1956).  Representatives and Senators use of mass communication media within their home district or state.
t. Stancik, Joseph D. (1955).  Favorable reaction to the service by Braniff International Airways.
u. Stanton, F. J. (n.d.).  Request for 100 lobby report blanks.
v. Stapleton Realty Exchange (n.d.).  Regarding the price of some real estate in Florida.
w. Stauffer, Frank (1956).  Concerning an expected child.

F 14: General Correspondence, Ste-Stu (1954-1956).

a. Steed, Tom (1955).  Thanks for the article regarding Fort Sill.
b. Steele, Ben (1956).  Concerning an appointment at the White House.
c. Steel, B. L. (1955).  With regard to meeting a employee who works in Wickersham's office.
d. Stephens, Alva R. (1955).  Request for a copy of Public Law 305, 84th Congress.
e. Stephens, Carl (1955).  Concerning the progress of Carlois Housing Corporation.
f. Stevenson, Adlai E. (1955).  Announcement of candidacy for the Democratic nomination for President.
g. Stewart, A. M. (1956). Concerning an alumni banquet.
h. Stewart, Hiwanah (1956).  Request for a copy of a cookbook.
i. Stewart, W. D. (1954).  Contacted the proper authorities in regard to request.
j.  Stickler, Mrs. Harry (1956).  Concerning a request for flags of Sweden and the United States.
k.  Stiles, Doyle (1955).  In regard to permission to attend an atom bomb test.
l. Stocks, Ernest J. (1959).  Regarding when the Clinton delegation will arrive in Washington, D. C. 
m. Stoner, Paul (1956).  Request for reaction to the idea of having a short T.V. program of reel made called "This is Your Congressman's Life."
n. Stonum, Paul F. (1956).  With regard to the Foss and Cobb Creek project, an offer of use of theaters for a meeting, and the changing of names of Capitol cities.
o. Stoup, Mr. & Mrs. Oliver Lee (1955).  Congratulations on the birth of a daughter.
p. Stout, Albert (1955).  Appreciation for assistance and season's greetings.
q. Stout, Eldon (1955).  Concerning information on propeller spinners; regarding a machine shop that is for sale.
r.  Stout, Olina (1954).  Pleased with the good job of representation and wish that the teachers be remembered.
s. Stover, Mrs. C. L. (1956).  Concerning a poem entitled "Why Study English?"
t. Strader, Horace Y. (1954).  With regard to Oklahoma being selected as the site for the 1955 Southern States Apprenticeship Conference.
u. Strasbaugh, Paul B. (1955).  Regarding a brochure on the 1955 Oklahoma Industrial Tour.
v. Stroman, Jim (1955).  Request for a picture of Wickersham.
w. Stroud, Joe C. (1955).  Views relative to an extension of Public Law 874.
x. Stuart, R. T., Sr. (1955).  Enjoyed the dinner and the hospitality afforded recently when Sam Rayburn was in Oklahoma City.
y. Sturgeon, H. Violet (1956).  Enjoyed visit.

F 15: General Correspondence, Su-Sy (1954-1956).

a. Sugg, P. A (1954).  Concerning award given by the National Safety Council.
b. Superintendent of Schools (1955).  Request for a listing of the schools and teachers.
c. Suthers, W. K. (1956).  Assistance in getting industry to locate in the area.
d. Sutton, Mr. & Mrs. Alfred (1956).  Concerning son's desire to attend the Oklahoma University Medical School.
e. Sweeney, Kenneth K. (1955).  Concerning the return of admission for the Thomas-Buffalo football game.
f. Swyden, Mr. & Mrs. Problems with house.
g. Symcox, Raymond and others (1955).  Request for addresses of certain parties.

F 16: General Correspondence, T-V (1954-1956).

a. Tabor, James (1955).  Reference to certain accounts that have been uncollectible.
b. Tankersley, Dan (1955).  Assistance with Lawton and other projects.
c. Taylor, Edd (1956).  Forwarding communication to Congressman John J. Dempsey.
d. Taylor, Mr. & Mrs. John W. M. (1955).  Enjoyed visit.
e. Taylor, Maxwell D. (1955).  Congratulations upon recent selection as chief of staff of the Army.
f. Taylor, Paul (1955).  Concerning the seniors of this year's graduating class visiting Washington, D. C. 
g. Teague, Charles M. (1956).  Thanks so much for kind comments.
h. Texhoma High School (1955-1956).  Request for copies of the U.S. Department of Agriculture yearbooks.
i. Thomas, Albert (1955).  Get well wishes; general.
j. Thomas, Elmer (1956).  Telephone visit.
k. Thomas, Ernest A. (1955).  Request for a copy of a publication entitled "Education for the Professions."
l. Thompson, A. S. (1956).  Concerning the Roosevelt bill.
m. Thompson, Carl H. (1956).  Dental conditions.
n. Thompson, Clark W. (1955).  Suggestions relative to a recent visit to Katy, Texas.
o. Thompson Nursing Home (1955).  Season's greetings and enjoyed recent visit.
p. Thurmond, A. L. (1955).  Request for copies of Report No. 1622-Housing Amendments of 1955.
q. Tinker, Mrs. Harry (1956).  Congratulations on selection as one of the pioneer women for Payne County, Oklahoma.
r. Tomkins, Mr. & Mrs. H. A. (1954).  Concerning the work at Clinton-Sherman Air Base.
s. Trans-American Life Insurance Company (1955).  Regarding consideration of an agency contract or a general agency.
t. Travis, James E. (1955).  Job.
u. Treadwell, Robert W. (1955-1956).  Desire for the yearbook on insects; contacted the Rolla School of Mines in regard to letter concerning Dr. Hann from Rolla.
v. Trent, G. C. (1954).  Have already contacted the proper authorities.
w. Trest, Marcus S., Jr. (1956).  Concerning a discharge from the Coast Guard in order to enlist in another Armed Force.
x. Tucker, Howard A. (1956).  Regarding the Daily Oklahoman's owners committing a swindle by which they profited more than $11,500.
y. Tucker, James I. (1955).  Interest in bidding on Army surplus material.
z. Turner, Edmund Pendleton (1955).  Concerning a copy of a broadcast by Dean Manion.
aa. Twig (n.d.).  Clippings and visit.
bb. Vermillion, Bob (1955).  Interest in the plumbing to be done at the new Air Force Academy.

F 17: General Correspondence, Wa-We (1954-1956).

a. Wade, Glen F. (1956).  Washington trip.
b. Wade, Virgil (1956).  Invitation to visit school.
c. Wahlgemuth, Percy and Emma Walker (n.d.).  Expressions of sympathy.
d. Walker, Bill and Seibert Worley (1956).  Invitation to attend the annual St. Patrick's Day Celebration in Shamrock, Texas on March 17.
e. Walker, Kathleen (1956).  Concerning the article "My Trip Was Worth It," by Congressman Porter Hardy, Jr., of Virginia.
f. Wallace, Wayne (1955).  General.
g. Waller, Blynn (1955).  List of all Indians (names and addresses) residing in congressional district is not available;
information relative to family and also the names of the employees of the Indian Service in the Anadarko Area.
h. Waller, C. A. (1956).  Suggestions relative to Dr. Taylor, naturopath, who has been having some difficulty in connection with his practice.
i. Waller, Gladstone (1955).  Request for a copy of the 1952 agricultural yearbook on insects.
j. Ward, C. E. B. (1955).  Regarding the forwarding of a letter.
k. Ward, L. D. (1955).  Concerning being of assistance.
l. Warden, Joe Harp (1955).  Regarding an order for 46 brief cases.
m. Ware, David (1956).  Urging adoption of favorable action on a resolution.
n. Warkentien, D. A. (1956). General.
o. Warram, Jim (1956).  Interest in campaign.
p. Warren, Emory S. and Company (1955).  Regarding an article typical of the Russian attitude.
q. Warren, Mr. & Mrs. William J. (1955).  Invitation to attend fiftieth wedding anniversary.
r. Washington, C. H. (1955).  Invitation to visit at the post office when in Texhoma.
s. Washington, Ted (1955).  Request for several pictures of the United Nations, and of the Capitol.
t. Watkins, W. J. (1956).  Views relative to the so-called gas bill now before the Congress.
u. Watson, Frank (1955).  Suggestions relative to the present farm situation.
v. Watson, Maureen (1954).  Plans to sell home.
w. Webb, A. A. (1955).  With regard to various types of cotton.
x. Webb, J. A. (1955).  Clipping.
y. Webb, J. W. (1956).  Request for literature on public school relations or school administration.
z. Wells, Kenneth D. (1955).  Concerning a Freedom's Foundation Award.
aa. Wells, W. R. (1956).  Thanks for the careful analysis of questionaire.
bb. Weible, Walter L. (1955).  An invitation to attend the first annual meeting of the Association of the U.S. Army at Ft. Benning, Georgia.
cc. Weiss, Stanley D. (1956).  Thanks for the clips and remarks in the Congressional Record; congratulations and very best of wishes for the continued success of North American Airlines.
dd. Wells, Derrell, Jr. (1956).  Thank you for the material for research.
ee. Wensch, Glen (1955).  Thanks for the candy.
ff. West, Ray (1955).  Security check approved; application finally approved.
gg. Weyrich, Mrs. Charles (1956).  Concerning a church that burned down.

F 18: General Correspondence, Wh-Wilk (1954-1956).

a. Wheeler Brothers Grain Co. (1955).  Concerning a surplus of Chinese red beans and Mung beans.
b. Wheeless, Vera (1956).  Request for a copy of the Report of the New York State Joint Legislature Committee Studying the Publication and Dissemination of Objectionable and Obscene Materials.
c. White, Charles Robert (1956).  Request for an autograph and literature on Oklahoma.
d. White, Francis L. (1956).  With regard to a church-sponsored Bible Week.
e. White, Frank, Sr. (1955).  A copy of the report on the national police set up and jail conditions.
f. White, J. J. (1956).  Concerning the campaign for re-election.
g. White, Perry E. (1954).  Regarding the change in newspaper ownership.
h. Whiteman, W. W., Jr. (1956).  Concerning an Adlai Stevenson dinner.
i. Whitten, George C. (1955).  General; thanks for the football tickets.
j. Whittington, Mrs. Robert (1954).  Thanks for efforts to secure information.
k. Wickersham, Bill (1956).  Enjoyed visit to Washington, D. C.
l. Wickersham, Dan L. (1955-1956).  Concerning a trip overseas, apple market in Colombia, photographs.
m. Wickersham, Mrs. Frank M. (1955).  Concerning family and friends.
n. Wickersham, Jeff (1956).  Relative to an application for a position in Phillips Chemical Company's new ammonia plan; general.
o. Wickersham, Victor (1954).  Letter from "Brodie" concerning a planned trip to the States.
p. Widner, R. L. (1956).  Placed on list of those who receive the Congressional Record.
q. Wilcox, Jerra (1956).  Concerning an article from the Arlington (Texas) Citizen, titled "Drew Pearson Gets Bitter Criticism From Investors In U.S. Trust."
r. Wilds, Alton J. (1955).  Request for conclusions on the Bridgeport School; questions concerning some land; problems with land tax; request.
s. Wilgus, Herbert S. (1955).  Visit and offer of assistance.
t. Wilkinson, Bud (1955).  Best wishes and season's greetings.

F 19: General Correspondence, Will-Wit (1954-1956).

a. Willham, Oliver S. (1955).  Concerning a courtesy card to athletic events during the 1955-56 academic year at Oklahoma A. and M. College.
b. Willingham, Lela (1956).  Regarding medical expenses for a niece; concern over niece's estate.
c. Willis, Ione (1956).  Request for a copy of the International Revenue Code.
d. Willis, Nioma and Barbara Kittley (1954).  Support for "The Star Spangled Banner" as National Anthem.
e. Williams, Bill and Dick Moore (1956).  Regarding the grand opening of Quartz Mountain Park Lodge.
f. Williams, Cowboy Pink (1955).  Enjoyed the flight to Dodge City; concerning the honor of being made a Top Hand and Chief Mule Skinner on the ranch.
g. Williams, Edward T. (1955).  Regarding pictures and autographs.
h. Williams, G. Mennen (1955).  Concerning chances of becoming the Democratic nominee for President.
i. Williams, Marciadean (1956).  Request forwarded to the proper authorities and when answer received will send it immediately.
j. Williams, Mattye Wilson (1955).  Request for material about Oklahoma; regarding an application for the Boy Scout trip to Europe.
k. Williamson, K. W. (Bill) (1956).  Concerning an envelope addressed to the President of the United States. 
l. Wilson, Charles M. (1956).  Regarding the payment of child support; thanks for the June 1955 Report of the Commission on Intergovernmental Relations.
m. Wilson, Raymond F. (1954).  Information requested regarding concession of the barber shop at Clinton-Sherman Air Force Base.
n. Wimberly, Frank (1956).  Concerning the establishment of industries in communities in Oklahoma.
o. Winn, Pat (1955).  Enjoyed the barbecue and the tour around the Capitol.
p. Winter, John E. (1956).  Regarding assistance with a California claim.
q. Winter, Z. P. H. (1956).  Assistance in the passage of the Lyndon Johnson bill and the James Roosevelt bill.
r. Witherspoon, Jeanene (1955).  Request for copies of the song "Pledge to the Flag."

F 20: General Correspondence, Wo-Wy (1955-1956).

a. Woodard, Dillon (1955).  Concerning withdrawal from the U.N.
b. Woodruff, Louis V. (1956).  Certified copy of mother's passport.
c. Woods, Mrs. Odie (1955).  Forwarding communication to Congressman Paul C. Jones.
d. Woody, Ed. M. (1955).  Regarding a flag flown over the Capitol.
e. Woolf, L. R. (1955).  Concerning the claim filed for benefits under the policy with Standard Life and Accident Insurance Co.
f. Wornstaff, Mrs. H. P. (1955).  Information concerning the availability.
g. Worrel, Lee Ann (1956).  Desire to secure material to assist in carrying on a convention, a meeting of Congress, or a court case.
h. Worthington, Joan (1955-1956).  Regarding a list of embassies to request material pertaining to that country's music; request for any data available from the Mexican Embassy; official reply received from the Canadian Embassy
i. Wright, Albert (1956).  Visit.
j. Wyett, George W. (1956).  Material on the heart.
k. Wynn, W. T. (1955).  Concerning a copy of the "Price and the Future of U.S. Cotton."

F 21: General Correspondence, Y-Z (1955).

a. Zablocki, Congressman (1955).  Acknowledgment of letter.
b. Zapf, William Frederick, Jr. (1955).  Desire to secure a photostatic copy of his birth certificate.
c. Zinn, Fern M,. (1955).  Thanks for assistance.

Series 3: Legislative, 1951-1956

82nd Congress

F 22: Agriculture, Committee on: Sulfur (1951). 

Pamphlet: Special Subcommittee on Fertilizer and Farm Machinery of the Committee on Agriculture, House of Representatives. Sulfur and Its Importance in Food Production.

F 23: Armed Services, Committee on: Air Force (1951).

Correspondence. Topics include: protest of the transfer of Hughes Aircraft Plant at Tucson, Arizona to the Department of Air Force.

F 24: Armed Services, Committee on: Alameda, California, Shipyard (1951).

Report: Committee of Armed Services.  Request for authority to lease to Plant Brothers Drydock Company.

F 25: Armed Services, Committee on:  Career Compensation Act Amendments (1951).

H.R. 5715 (Report No. 1190): A Bill to amend sections 201(a), 301(e), 302(f), 302(g), 508, 527, 528 of Public Law 351, Eighty-first Congress, as amended. Original Bill by Paul J. Kilday (Texas). 82nd Congress, 1st Session.

F 26: Armed Services, Committee on: Committee Materials (1951).

Correspondence. Topics include: proposals relative to certain real estate acquisitions.

F 27: Armed Services, Committee on: General Correspondence (1951).

a. Herron, V.  Views and comments concerning U.S. position in Korea.

b. Miley, Thomas Jefferson.  The Commerce and Industry Association of New York's new "Small Plant Network Plan."

c. Simmons, Mrs. C. L. Concerning provision for transportation of rotated troops from combat.

d. St. Mary, Robert N. Regarding the Armed Services Reserve Act of 1951.

F 28: Armed Services, Committee on: Morgantown, West Virginia, Ordinance Plant (1951).

a. Correspondence. Topics include: the coke ovens at the plant; and criticism of the Army's treatment of sealed bid proposal to lease the Morgantown Ordinance Works.

b. S.J. Res. 182: To authorize the temporary operation of the Morgantown Ordinance Works at Morgantown, West Virginia. Res. by Harley M. Kilgore - (West Virginia); Mathew M. Neely - (West Virginia).  (Senate).

c. H.J. Res. 477: To authorize the temporary operation of the Morgantown Ordinance Works at Morgantown, West Virginia. Res. by Harley O. Staggers - (West Virginia). 81st Congress, 1st Session.

F 29: Armed Services, Committee on: Procurement Policy (1951).

Gould, Leslie.  "Why Russia Leads the United States in Jet Planes."

F 30: Armed Services, Committee on: Universal Military Training, Correspondence (1951-1952).

a. Brubaker, Mr & Mrs. W. R. (1951).  Opposition. to the U.M.T. program.

b. Cameron, A. Donald (1951).  General plan for developing a real professional Army and a method for expanding the civilian part of the Army.

c. Chandler, E. E. (1951).  Disapproval of U.M.T. Bill.

d. Coffman, A. R. (1951).  Disapproval of U.M.T. becoming the American program.

e. Excerpt from the Georgetown University Forum (1952).  "What We Have Learned In Korea."

F 31: Armed Service, Committee on: Universal Military Training, Statements (1951-1952).

a. Statement of Dr. Karl T. Compton, Commissioner, Before the House Committee on Armed Services Hearings on Proposed National Security Corps. Act.

b. Statement by General J. Lawton Collins, Chief of Staff, United States Army, Before the Committee on Armed Services, House of Representatives, on the Proposals Made by the National Security Training Commission in its First Report to Congress, Dated October, 1951.

c. Statement of Admiral Thomas C. Kinkaid, Commissioner, Before the House Committee on Armed Services Hearings on Proposed National Security Training Corps. Act.

d. Statement of Lt. General Raymond S. McClain, Commissioner, at House Armed Services Committee Hearings on National Security Training Corps. Act.

e. Statement of the Chief of Naval Operations concerning H.R. 5904, To provide for the administration and discipline of the National Security Training Corps, and for other purposes.

f. Statement on National Security Training Corps Legislation by General Lemuel C. Shepherd, Jr. Commandant of the Marine Corps.

g. Statement of General Hoyt S. Vandenberg, Chief of Staff, U.S. Air Force, Before the Committee on Armed Services, House of Representatives, on Universal Military Training.

h. Statement of Honorable James W. Wadsworth, Chairman, National Security Training Commission Before the House Committee on Armed Services Hearings on Proposed National Security Training Corps. Act.

F 32: Armed Services, Committee on:  Universal Military Training, Documents (1951-1952).

a. National Security Training Commission (1951).  Universal Military Training, Foundation of Enduring National Strength, First Report to the Congress by the National security Training Commission.

b. National Security Training Commission. (1951).  The Price of Liberty, Official Condensation of the First Report to the Congress by the National Security Training Commission.

c. House Committee on Armed Services (1952).  Universal Military Training, Analysis of the Universal Military Training and Service Act (Public Law 51, 82nd Congress), In so far as it pertains to Universal Military Training, together with an Analysis of the First Report to the Congress by the National Security Training Commission. 

F 33: Banking and Currency, Committee on: Price Controls (1951).

Correspondence. Topics include: National Affairs Committee, Chickasha Chamber of Commerce opposed to price controls.

F 34: Foreign Affairs, Committee on: Foreign Aid (1952).

Correspondence. Topics include: American churches belief that voluntary relief for Korea, India, the Middle East and Central Europe is a valuable supplement to government aid.

F 35: Foreign Affairs, Committee on: General Correspondence (1951).

a. Robberson, R. W. Countries saved from the totalitarian rule of Europe should be called upon to make some payments.

b. Wilson, Donald R. A copy of a resolution contained in the report of the Foreign Relations Committee which was adopted at the National Convention of the American Legion held at Miami, Florida.

F 36: Foreign Affairs, Committee on: Representative to Vatican (1951).

Correspondence. Topics include: opposition and support for the creation of an office of ambassador to the Vatican.

F 37: Government Operations, Committee on: Government Spending (1951).

Correspondence. Topics include: obsolete and asinine laws that are not applicable to the present-day way of life.

F 38: Interstate and Foreign Commerce, Committee on: Communications (1951).

a. Correspondence. Topics include: the McFarland Bill (S. 658) and the Benton Bill (S. 1579) and Senate Joint Resolution (76).

b. S. 658: To further amend the Communications Act of 1934. Bill by Ernest W. McFarland - (Arizona). (Senate and House).

c. S. 1579: To establish a National Citizens Advisory Board on Radio and Television. Bill by William Benton - (Connecticut); Lester C. Hunt - (Wyoming); John W. Bricker - (Ohio); Leverett Saltonstall - (Massachusetts). (Senate).

d. S. J. Res. 76: Relating to television frequency assignments, construction of new stations, and television programing. Bill by William Benton - (Connecticut); Lester C. Hunt - (Wyoming); John W. Bricker - (Ohio); Leverett Saltonstall - Massachusetts). (Senate).

F 39: Interstate and Foreign Commerce, Committee on: Rural Health (1951).

Correspondence. Topics include: invitation to attend the Seventh National Conference on Rural Health.

F 40: Judiciary, Committee on the: Civil Rights (1951). 

Correspondence. Topics include: so-called equality is not the correction which is needed.

F 41: Judiciary, Committee on the: Immigration (1952).

Correspondence. Topics include: interest in aiding Mrs. Gutierrez.

F 42: Post Office and Civil Service, Committee on: Benefits and General (1951).

a. Correspondence. Topics include: dedication of the Christmas issue of the official publication "State of the Union"; thanks for the fair consideration of all legislation introduced in the 82nd Congress effecting career employees of the United States Government; appreciation of remarks and action on the floor of the House on September 20, 1951 while H. R. 339 and H.R. 244 were under debate; support for H. R. 2732, raising civil service retirement 25 percent.

b. H.R. 244: To amend the act of July 6, 1945, as amended, so as to reduce the number of grades for the various positions under such act, and for other purposes. Bill by George P. Miller - (California). 

c. H.R. 339: To increase the rates of compensation of officers and employees of the Federal Government, and for other purposes. Bill by George M. Rhodes - (Pennsylvania).

d. H.R. 2732: To amend the Civil Service Retirement Act of May 29,1930, as amended, to provide increased retirement benefits for annuitants and survivors. Bill by Frank M. Karsten - (Missouri).

F 43: Questionnaires (1951). 

Correspondence. Topics include: cutting defense spending to zero; tabulation of the vote taken in district on ballot no. 181.

F 44: Veterans Affairs, Committee on: Digest of Bills and General (1951-1952).

Correspondence. Topics include: by virtue of Public Law 28, 170, and 187, all of the benefits granted to WWII veterans have been extended to those who served on and after June 27,1950 with the exception of the benefits provided by the Servicemen's Readjustment Act of 1944, the so-called G. I. Bill of Rights; request for a copy of a fill for war veterans of both world wars; miscellaneous bills related to Servicemen's Readjustment Act to veterans serving on or after June 27,1950, H.R. 301, H.R. 302, H.R.313, H.R. 1072, H.R. 2384, H.R. 3193, H.R. 3205, H.R. 3549, H.R. 3932, H.R. 4000, H.R. 4108, H.R. 4233, H.R. 4387, H.R. 4394.

F 45: Ways and Means, Committee on: Government Spending/Taxation (1951-1952).

a. Correspondence re speech material.

b. Booklet: The Tax Foundation, Incorporated (1951).  Tax Outlook, Toward Better Government Through Citizen Understanding.

c. Booklet: Prentice-Hall, Inc. (1951).  Individual Federal Income Tax Specimen Returns. Completely Worked Out For Filing in 1952

F 46: Ways and Means, Committee on: Townsend Plan (1951).

Correspondence. Topics include: discharge petition 4.

F 47: Ways and Means, Committee on:  Tuna Imports (1951).

a. Correspondence. Topics include: situation of the tuna industry has gone from bad to worse; appreciation for cooperation regarding the tuna tariff on fresh and frozen fish.

b. H.R. 5693: To amend the Tariff Act of 1930 so as to impose certain duties upon the importation of tuna fish, and for other purposes. Bill by A. Sidney Camp - (California). (House).

83rd Congress

F 48: Agriculture, Committee on: Agriculture Policy (1954).

Correspondence. Topics include: wrong approach is being taken with regard to the farm problem.

F 49: Armed Services, Committee on: Civil Air Patrol (1954).

H.R. 2275: To amend the act entitled, An act to establish the Civil Air Patrol as a civilian auxiliary of the Secretary of the United States Air Force and to authorize the Secretary of the Air Force to extend aid to Civil Air Patrol in the fulfillment of its objectives, and for other purposes. Bill by Leroy Johnson - (California). (House).

F 50: Armed Services, Committee on: Travel Allowances (1953).

a. H. Report 593: Authorizing the disposal of the Government-Owned Rubber-Producing Facilities, and for other purposes. 83rd Congress, 1st Session. [To accompany H. R. 5728.]

b. H. Report 999: Rubber Producing Facilities Disposal Act of 1953.  83rd Congress, 1st Session. [To accompany H. R. 5728.]

c. H. Report 1055: Rubber Producing Facilities Disposal Act of 1953.

d. H.R. 5728: To provide that certain retired members of the uniformed services shall be paid certain travel and transportation expenses incurred in establishing a home within one year after their retirement. Bill by Clifton Young - (Nevada).

F 51: Education and Labor, Committee on: Vocational Rehabilitation (1954).

Correspondence, Topics include: purpose of this agency is to persons disabled by physical or mental conditions to become employed and rehabilitated; method of financing rehabilitation; language in the 1954 appropriation act for health, education, and welfare, with special reference to vocational rehabilitation.

F 52: Foreign Affairs, Committee on:  St. Lawrence Seaway (1953-1954).

a. Correspondence. Topics include: present status of the St. Lawrence Seaway; national security interests in the St. Lawrence-Great Lakes Seaway Project; participation by the United States in the seaway project is highly desirable; inquiry requesting views on the national security aspects of S. 2150; time has arrived when facts must be faced in regard to the St. Lawrence Seaway proposal; U.S. participation in the ownership and control of a St. Lawrence Seaway; possible solutions to this development.

b. Pamphlet: Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Assn. (1953).  The St. Lawrence Seaway Project, Should the United States Participate? Current Status.

c. S. 2150: Providing for creation of the St. Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation to construct part of the St. Lawrence Seaway in United States territory in the interest of national security; authorizing the Corporation to consummate certain arrangements with.

F 53: House Administration, Committee on: Johnson, Adelaide (1953).

a. Johnson, Adelaide (1953).  Congressional Record proceedings and cebates of the 83rd Congress, 1st Session. Concerning H.R. 193.

b. H.R. 193: To provide for National recognition of Adelaide Johnson, the sculptor of the Woman's Monument, and for other purposes. Bill by Victor Wickersham - (Oklahoma). (House).

F 54: Interior and Insular Affairs, Committee on:  Canton Reclamation Project (1953-1954).

Correspondence. Topics include: urging committee members to take early action on the Cobb Creek and Canton Dam Projects in Oklahoma; possibility of considering the Canton Project an extension and not a new project; irrigation storage allocation in Canton Reservoir.

F 55: Judiciary, Committee on the: Defense Contracts (1954).

a. Statement: Victor Wickersham (1954).  The merits of H.R. 3715.

b. H.R. 3715: To amend and extend until June 30, 1954, the provisions of title II of the First War Powers Act, 1941, as amended, to prescribe standards for the implementation of such provisions. Bill by Victor Wickersham - (Oklahoma). (House).

F 56: Judiciary, Committee on the: Robinson-Patman Amendments (1954).

a. Correspondence. Topics include: most of the grocers strongly in favor of the Robinson-Patman; United States Wholesale Grocers' Association statement of reasons why H. R. 7198 should not be passed; brokerage bills, S. 2604 and H. R. 7198 discriminate against many types of independents and would put vast numbers out of business.

b. S. 2604: To relieve independent distributors from restrictions on their freedom to compete imposed by section 2(c) of the Robinson - Patman Act. Bill by William Langer- (North Dakota). 83rd Congress, 2nd Session. (Senate).

c. H.R. 7198: To relieve independent distributors from restrictions on their freedom to compete imposed by section 2(c) of the Robinson - Patman Act. Bill by Chancey W. Reed- (Illinois). (House).

F 57: Post Office and Civil Service, Committee on: Pay and Benefits (1954).

a. Correspondence. Topics include: the Whitten rider of 1950, which serves to put a ceiling on the number of permanent civil service employees and the curbing of permanent promotions; urging support of the postal salary increase bills, H.R. 2344 and H.R. 2297.

b. S. 1685: To adjust the salaries of postmasters, supervisors, and employees in the field service of the Post Office Department. Bill by William Langer - (North Dakota). 

c. H.R. 2297: To adjust the salaries of postmasters, supervisors, and employees in the field service of the Post Office Department.  Bill by George M. Rhodes - (Pennsylvania).

d. H.R. 2344: To adjust the salaries of postmasters, supervisors, and employees of the field service of the Post Office Department.  Bill by Gardener R. Withrow - (Wisconsin).

84th Congress

F 58: Agriculture, Commission on: Acreage Division Program (1955).

a. Correspondence. Topics include: request for the Department of Agricultures' views on H. R. 2420.

b. H.R. 3420: To authorize the Secretary of Agriculture to establish policies and programs for the use of acreage diverted from production by the establishment of acreage allotments. Bill by Fred Marshall - (Minnesota).

F 59: Agriculture, Committee on: Agricultural Policy (1955-1956). 

Correspondence. Topics include: suggestions relative to an improved farm program; necessary provisions in the new farm bill; thoughts of the Oklahoma Soil Conservation Board and the Oklahoma Association of Soil Conservation Districts, relative to the long-range program for American agriculture; 90 percent of parity on all agri-products; new Senate Agriculture Committee bill as compared with the president's bill and the House Agricultural Committee bill; government surplus; need for more cotton acreage; homestead exemption for homeowners.

F 60: Agriculture, Committee on: Beaver Creek Watershed (1956).

Correspondence. Topics include: petition to prevent the building and construction of a big dam on Beaver Creek.

F 61: Agriculture, Committee on: Cotton (1955).

Press release: U.S. Department of Agriculture. Highlights of the Secretary's speech before the National Cotton Council, Shamrock Hotel, Houston, Texas.

F 62: Agriculture, Committee on: Cotton Legislation (1956).

a. Correspondence. Topics include: interest in legislation affecting the cotton industry; effort be made to accelerate the movement of cotton into foreign export channels.

b. H.R. 8658: To amend the Agricultural Act of 1949, as amended, and the Agricultural Adjustment Act of 1938, as amended, and for other purposes. Bill by E. C. Gathings - (Arkansas). (House).

c. H.R. 8659: To amend the Agricultural Act of 1949, as amended, and the Agricultural Adjustment Act of 1938, as amended, and for other purposes. Bill by Thomas G. Abernethy - (Mississippi). (House). 

d. H.R. 9703: To protect the income of cotton producers, encourage the expansion of domestic and world cotton markets, and provide an equitable competitive position for the United States cotton textile industry, by establishing the support level of American upland cotton at 75 percent of parity and providing for compliance payments to cooperators, and for other purposes. Bill by W. R. Poage - (Texas). 

F 63: Agriculture, Committee on: Farm Bureau (1956).

Correspondence. Topics include: urging support of certain principles in the final consideration of the farm bill.

F 64: Agriculture, Committee on: Farm Credit (1956).

Correspondence. Topics include: bill to be offered to Congress by the Federal Farm Credit Board.

F 65: Agriculture, Committee on: Farmers Union (1955-1956).

a. Correspondence. Topics include: documents relating to the farm crisis; state of agricultural income; petition and prayer to Congress for a more equitable distribution of the present cotton allotments.

b. Leaflets: National Farmers Union (1955-1956).  A series of four leaflets on Farmers Union policy for legislation.

F 66: Agriculture, Committee on: Feed Grains (1956).

a. Correspondence. Topics include: information concerning an application.

b. News release from Victor Wickersham re supports on feed grains.

F 67: Agriculture, Committee on: Hearings (1955).

Correspondence. Topics include: family farms subcommittee schedule already formulated; arrangements for the open hearings by the Senate Agriculture Committee in Stillwater on November 8, 1955.

F 68: Agriculture, Committee on: Humane Slaughter (1956).

a. Correspondence. Topics include: views relative to the provisions of H.R. 8540.

b. H.R. 8540: To require the use of humane methods in the slaughter of livestock and poultry in interstate or foreign commerce, and for other purposes. Bill by Martha W. Griffiths - (Michigan). (House).

F 69: Agriculture, Committee on: Reclamation (1956).

Correspondence. Topics include: remarks made in the Senate relative to the reclamation program; estimate of the various costs for every possible Bureau of Reclamation project in Oklahoma.

F 70: Agriculture, Committee on: Resolutions (1956).

Correspondence. Topics include: three resolutions adopted by the Board of Directors of the Oklahoma Cattleman's Association on December 15 and which were adopted at the American National Cattlemen's Association meeting on January 9.

F 71: Agriculture, Committee on: School Milk/Brucellosis Control (1956).

a. Correspondence. Topics include: suggestions relative to H.R. 8320.

b. H.R. 8320: To amend the Agriculture Act of 1949 and the Agriculture Act of 1954 with respect to the special school milk program and the brucellosis eradication program for the fiscal year ending June 30,1956. Bill by Thomas G. Abernethy - (Mississippi). (House).

F 72: Agriculture, Committee on: Soil Bank(1956).

Correspondence. Topics include: pending legislation on soil bank; opposition to the soil bank plan making advanced payments on 1957 decreased acreage; Oklahoma Farm Bureau and the American Farm Bureau Federation resolutions.

F 73: Agriculture, Committee on: Soil Bank Legislation (1956).

a. Correspondence. Topics include: discussion of the proposed soil bank bill.

b. S. 3183: To provide for an improved Farm program. Bill by Allen J. Ellender - (Louisiana). (Senate).

F 74: Agriculture, Committee on: Watershed Protection/Flood Control (1956).

a.  Correspondence. Topics include: endorsement of the revisions to Public Law 566, Watershed Protection and Flood Prevention Act of 1954.

b. H.R. 8750: To amend the Watershed Protection and Flood Prevention Act. Bill by W. R. Poage - (Texas). (House). 

F 75: Appropriations, Committee on: Forestry (1956).

Correspondence. Topics include: testimony given before the Subcommittee on the Department of Interior and related agencies of the House Appropriations Committee, January 31,1956.

F 76: Appropriations, Committee on: Health (1956).

Correspondence. Topics include: 1957 appropriation for tuberculosis; support for an enlarged dental research program.

F 77: Appropriations, Committee on Health: Hill-Burton Program (1956).

Correspondence. Topics include: statistical and financial reports on the Oklahoma Hill-Burton program.

F 78: Appropriations, Committee on: Military (1956).

Correspondence. Topics include: approval of the 1957 military appropriations of $33 billion dollars; when the appropriations for Altus Air Force Base, Clinton-Sherman Air Force Base, and Fort Sill are scheduled to be approved; the strengthening and support of an adequate Air Force reserve program.

F 79: Appropriations, Committee on: Military: S.A.G.E. (1955-1956).

Booklet. Includes excerpts from hearings before Senate Subcommittee on Appropriations; decision of the Comptroller General; correspondence with Air Force; McCormack release; release of American Company, Western Electric Company and Air Force; notes from Magnuson letter to FCC; correspondence with FCC re: rates; newspaper editorials; and speech on air defense system by Major General Gordon A. Blake.

F 80: Appropriations, Committee on: Rural Electrification Administration (1955).

Correspondence. Topics include: resolutions and statements adopted by the North Dakota Association of Rural Electric Cooperatives.

F 81: Appropriations, Committee on: Soil Conservation (1956).

Correspondence. Topics include: request for the names of the staff members and senators on the committee who handle the appropriations for the Soil Conservation Service.

F 82: Armed Services, Committee on: Air Force (1955-1956).

Correspondence. Topics include: tour for the purpose of familiarizing members of Congress with the latest Air Force developments in the fields of missiles and supersonic aircraft; who will represent the Air Force before the House Appropriations and Armed Services Committees in their hearings on the Spanish portion of the Public Works Program; list of Strategic Air Command officers.

F 83: Armed Services, Committee on: Air Force Association (n.d.).

Correspondence. Topics include: Air Defense Conference of the Air Force Association, Colorado Springs.

F 84: Armed Services, Committee on: Altus Air Force Base (1956).

Correspondence. Topics include: 700 family housing units; approval of Altus land acquisition; commitments to local builders at Altus for additional housing.

F 85: Armed Services, Committee on:  Armory at Montclair, New Jersey (1956).

Correspondence. Topics include: speech made on the House floor regarding an Army Reserve Training Center, Montclair, N. J. 

F 86: Armed Services, Committee on: Benefits (1956).

Correspondence. Topics include: suggestions relative to certain amendments to existing laws concerning the military personnel of the country.

F 87: Armed Services, Committee on: Chaplains (1956).

a.  Correspondence. Topics include: support for S.3290.

b. S. 3290: To provide for the appointment of a Chief of Chaplains of the United States Air Force. Bill by John M. Butler - (Maryland). Senate.

F 88: Armed Services, Committee on: Civil Air Patrol (1956). 

a. Correspondence. Topics include: support for S.1135 and H.R. 3936.

b. S. 1135: "To amend the act entitled An act to establish Civil Air Patrol as a civilian auxiliary of the United States Air Force and to authorize the Secretary of the Air Force to extend aid to Civil Air Patrol in the fulfillment of its objectives, and for other purposes. Bill by Richard B. Russell - (Georgia). and Leverett Saltonstall - (Massachusetts). (Senate).

c. H.R. 3936: To amend the act entitled An act to establish Civil Air Patrol as a civilian auxiliary of the United States Air Force and to authorize the Secretary of the Air Force to extend aid to Civil Air Patrol in the Fulfillment of its Objectives, and for other purposes. Bill by Melvin Price - (Illinois). (House).

F 89: Armed Services, Committee on: Civilian Worker Displacement (1956).

Correspondence. Topics include: suggestions and support for permanent legislation with the intent of section 638 of the act of July 13,1955.

F 90: Armed Services, Committee on:  Clinton-Sherman Air Force Base (n.d.).

Correspondence. Topics include: improvements and additions to access roads, and sufficient on and off the base housing.

F 91: Armed Services, Committee on:  Committee Matters (n.d.). 

Correspondence. Topics include: tour with the Korean delegation; individuals invited to be members of Military-Industrial Conference Committee.

F 92: Armed Services, Committee on: Curtis-Wright Corporation (1956).

Correspondence. Topics include: corrupt management of Curtis-Wright.

F 93: Armed Services, Committee on: Discharges, Etc. (1956).

a. Correspondence. Topics include: legislation which purports to provide that veterans will be furnished information as to their serial numbers by the Adjutant General without cost.

b. H.R. 6274: To provide that no fee shall be charged a veteran for furnishing him a copy of his discharge or a copy of his certificate of service. Bill by Olin E. Teague - (Texas). (House).

F 94: Armed Services, Committee on: Fort Sill (1955).

a.  Correspondence. Topics include: resolution adopted by the Izaak Walton League of America, Inc.; Fort Sill military strengthened by 2000 June 30,1956; resolution adopted by the Oklahoma Garden Clubs, Inc.

b. H.R. 5700: To authorize certain construction at Military, Naval and Air Force installations, and for other purposes. Bill by Carl Vinson - (Georgia). (House). 

c. H.R. 6829: To authorize certain construction at Military, Naval and Air Force installations, and for other purposes. Bill by Carl Vinson - (Georgia). (House).

F 95: Armed Services, Committee on: Griffin, Bennet Hill (1955).

a. Correspondence. Topics include: copy of H.R. 1516 that was favorably reported by the House Committee on Armed Services.

b.  H.R. 1516: To authorize the President of the United States to present the Distinguished Flying Cross to Col. Bennett Hill Griffin. Bill by Victor Wickersham - (Oklahoma). (House).

F 96: Armed Services, Committee on: Health Care (1956).

a. Correspondence. Topics include: views relative to the provisions of both H.R. 7806 and H.R. 9429.

b. H.R. 7806: To provide health care for dependents of members of the Armed Forces of the United States, and for other purposes.  Bill by Melvin Price - (Illinois). (House).

c. H.R. 9429. To provide medical care for dependents of members of the uniformed services, and for other purposes. Bill by Paul J. Kilday - (Texas). (House).

F 97: Armed Services, Committee on: Housing (1956). 

a. Correspondence. Topics include: list of proposed Title VIII family housing projects under Public Law 345, 84th Congress; status of the military housing program.

b. News Release: Department of the Air Force. Presentation to the Committee on Armed Services, House of Representatives, Military Construction Authorization FY 1957, Family Housing. 

c. Statement: Defense Production Administration (n.d.).  Critical Defense Housing Areas: An Explanation of How They Are Determined and Certified.

F 98: Armed Services, Committee on: Institute, West Virginia, Rubber Plant (1956).

a. Correspondence. Topics include: H. Res. 396 which would disapprove the sale of the rubber producing facility at Institute, West Virginia.

b. S. Res. 197: To oppose sale of Government-owned synthetic-rubber plant at Institute, West Virginia. Bill by J. William Fulbright - (Arkansas). (Senate). 

c. H. Res. 396: Disapproving the sale of the Institute, West Virginia, copolymer plant, Plancor 980. Bill by Sidney R. Yates - (Illinois). (House).

d. H.R. 7301: To amend the Rubber Producing Facilities Disposal Act of 1953, as heretofore amended, so as to permit the disposal, thereunder of Plancor No. 980 at Institute, West Virginia. Bill by Robert C. Byrd - (West Virginia). (House).

F 99: Armed Services, committee on: Leave (1955).

H.R. 3332: To amend the Armed Forces Leave Act of 1946, to provide that members of the Armed Forces shall be granted leave upon the critical illness or death of a close relative. Bill by Frank E. Smith - (Mississippi). 84th Congress, 1st Session (House).

F 100: Armed Services, Committee on: Lemoore, California, Naval Air Station (1956).  

Correspondence. Topics include: approving the authorization of the Naval Air Station at Lemoore, California.

F 101: Armed Services, Committee on: Life Insurance (1955).

Correspondence. Topics include: hearings into the inquiry on the sale of commercial life insurance.

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