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Box 11: Legislation Correspondence: Agriculture - Personal Correspondence: Russia and N.A.T.O. Trip

Series 6: Legislation Correspondence, 1951-1955

F 1: Agriculture (1954).

a. Correspondence. 

b. H. R. 8465: To amend the Agricultural Act of 1949 to provide a limitation on the downward adjustment of price supports for milk and butterfat and the products of milk and butterfat. by Mr. Wickersham. 

F 2: Committees (1953-1955).

a. Correspondence. Topics include: request for report on H. R. 1096 introduced by Wickersham; reference to the status of H. R. 5794; H. R. 3814, urging favorable enactment of legislation which would provide for a 10 percent increase in the wages of postal employees; vocational education; vocational rehabilitation; statement to the Judiciary Committee; support for clergy receiving reduced fairs on airlines; H. R. 306 re railroad retirement; H.J. Res. 181 to grant the state of Oklahoma consent to sue the United States in the United States Court of Claims; H.R. 965; report relative to H.R. 964, for the relief of Joyce Aitcheson Lock; floor amendment to the Department of Commerce appropriation bill; Department of Defense comments of H. R. 5799; reports on H. R. 303, to extend the watershed program authorized in section 13 of the Flood Control Act of December 22,1944; H. R. 348 and H. R. 496, referred to the Research and Extension Subcommittee; request report from the Interior Department on H. R. 1518; Kerr-Monroney-Wickersham Bill; notice of adverse report on H. R. 6479; request for political donations; notice of hearing on H. R. 967 by Committee on the Judiciary.

b. Rules of Procedure; Committee on the Judiciary.

c. H. R. 8199: (1954).  To extend the Federal old-age and survivors insurance system to ministers and members of religious orders. By Mr. Wickersham.

d. H. R. 8201: (1954).  To terminate the war tax on admissions to public parks, and to provide that no tax on admission shall apply in the case of admissions to public parks where the cost of admission is less than 60 cents. By Mr. Wickersham.

e. S. 1175: (1953).  To amend and extend until June 30,1954, the provision of title II of the First War Powers Act, 1941, as amended, and to prescribe standards for the implementation of such provisions. By Mr Thye.

F 3: First War Powers Act (1953-1954).

a. Correspondence. Topics include: views and merits of H. R. 3715.

b. H. R. 3715: (1953).  To amend and extend until June 30,1954, the provision of title II of the First War Powers Act, 1941, as amended, and to prescribe standards for the implementation of such provisions. By Mr. Wickersham.

F 4: Individuals (1954-1955).

a. Correspondence. Topics include: information concerning the stepchildren of Clarence Madden; bill for the relief of Madden; H. R. 6479- for the relief of Marie Heintz and daughter, Charlotte Heintz; Mike Demenchesen's bill before the Immigration and Naturalization Committee; Public Law 159; concerning a bill for the relief of Frederick D. Stalford, not with standing the provisions of sections 302 (c) and 306 (e) of Title III of Public Law 810, 80th Congress; request for comments of the Department of Defense on H. R. 9200, 83rd Congress; citation for the Legion of Merit to Colonel Bennett H. Griffin; House of Representatives Report 2009 authorizing the award of the Distinguished Flying Cross to Col. Bennett Hill Griffin.

b. H. R. 9200: (1954).  To authorize the President of the United States to present the Distinguished Flying Cross to Colonel Bennett Hill Griffin.

F 5: Miscellaneous (1951-1955).

Correspondence. Topics include: Hoover Commission recommendations; child delinquency; medical care of veterans; Miami Beach hotel strike; Ballot No. 208; resume of work done at various bases; interest in legislation to reduce the minimum 90-day service requirement for qualification for non-service-connected benefits; concerning efforts in behalf of S. 118; help in the passage of bill, H. R. 310; serving of alcoholic beverages on airplanes; H. R. 7225, the Social Security Amendments; request for support of bills now pending in Senate and House to require humane methods of animal slaughter; H. R. 8493 and S. 3069, bills to exempt women's clubs from real estate taxation; recommendations regarding the bill, H. R. 2820; requesting support of 2732, a bill to increase civil service annuities; S. 719, legislation regarding freight absorption and good faith competition; appearance before the Ways and Means Committee on H. R. 1; miscellaneous notes concerning the Committee on Armed Services; transcript of television program involving V. K. Wellington Koo, Chinese ambassador, and Harold C. Ostertag, July 30, 1953.

F 6: National Federation Of Independent Business (1955). 

Correspondence. Topics include: N.F.I.B. Ballot 215-use of the Robinson-Patman Act; tax cut on earnings of American firm foreign branches, S. 2247; central control of surplus property disposal, H. R. 5694; flat 5 percent excise tax on all manufacturing goods, S. 662; extend wage-hour law to larger retail firms.

F 7: Oklahoma versus United States (1954).

Correspondence. Topics include: reports, recommendations, criticisms of H. J. Res. 323, to grant the state of Oklahoma the right to sue the United States in the Supreme Court.

F 8: Statements in Committee and on the Floor (1954-1955). 

Correspondence. Topics include: endorsement of Marie Moore Stewart appointment as a congressional liaison officer; statement for the hearing on H. R. 967; statement in support of H. R. 203; statement of Wickersham before the Senate Post Office and Civil Service Committee on postal pay raises; statement of Wickersham before the Subcommittee on Education and Labor urging the extension of Public Law 815 and Public Law 874 (81st Congress); speech by Wickersham in the House of Representatives; Wickersham addressing the House on national oil policy.

F 9: Water Projects (1955). 

Correspondence. Topics include: views of the Agriculture Department on H. R. 303; the Beaver Creek Watershed Project covered in bill, H. R. 300; opposition to the Upper Colorado River Project. (H. R. 3383 and S. 500).

Series 7: Personal Correspondence, 1941-1956

F 10: Alaska Trip (1949-1950).

F 11: Accident (1954). 

Correspondence. Topics include: doctor's reports; insurance settlements; facts of the case; authorization to secure medical records; accident report; witness statements, and medical reports.

F 12: Birthday (1955).

Correspondence. Topics include: legend of the famous Patrick County, Virginia, Fairy or Lucky Stones; wedding attended; tickets for the Orange Bowl Game, January 2, 1956; request for a photostatic copy of the Treaty of 1883 covering the Fort Reno Reservation; world premiere of the film Oklahoma; deep regret at the death of the sister of  Pearle Sayre; search for a lower paid secretary; Ann Hulin's recent visit to Washington; birthday greetings from various people and organizations.

F 13: Central Airlines (1952-1956).

a. Brief: (1952).  "Before the Civil Aeronautics Board. Central Airlines, Inc., Renewal Proceeding. Docket No. 4083 et al. Brief in Support of Exceptions of the Secretary of the Army on behalf of the Department of Defense."

b. Notice: (1952).  Central Renewal Proceeding Docket No. 4083 et al. Notice to All Parties.

c. Brief: Before the Civil Aeronautics Board. In the matter of the application of Central Airlines, Inc. for renewal of its temporary certificate of convenience and necessity authorizing air transportation of persons, property and mail over route 81. Brief in support of exceptions of the city of Magnolia, Arkansas and the Magnolia Chamber of Commerce.

d. Correspondence. (1952, 1956).  Central Airlines to Wickersham concerning a route in southwestern Oklahoma; from Pogue & Neal Law Offices regarding air service to Fort Sill, Oklahoma;  Wickersham to represent Milton Keating for Central Airlines at the hearing on Sept. 30th; exhibit prepared by Central Airlines, Inc., to support proposed service to Guymon, Oklahoma; exhibits submitted by Central Airlines in the service to Liberal, Kansas case.

e. Press Release. (1956).  Election of Central Airlines' principal officers.

f. Exhibit. (1951).  Before the Civil Aeronautics Board, Washington, D.C. exhibits of the city of Lawton, Oklahoma and the Lawton Chamber of Commerce.

g. Decision. (1952).  Before the Civil Aeronautics Board, Washington, D.C., Central Renewal Proceeding; Docket No. 4083 et al., Ascertains of Central Airlines, Inc. to initial decision of the examiner.

F 14: Clinton Housing And Home Finance Administration (n.d.).

Correspondence. Topics include: certification of the Clinton, Elk City, Cordell area of Oklahoma as a "Critical Defense Housing Area" under Public Law 139.

F 15: Cotton (1942-1950).

a. Cotton census from 1942 to 1949.

b. Speech by Wickersham concerning the Cotton Quota Act.

c. Chart showing cotton planted acreage and production in the United States by state, 1945-1949.

d. Bureau of Agriculture Economics, U.S.D.A. (1949).  "The Cotton Situation."

e. Report. House of Representatives (1950).  "Emergency Cotton Quota Adjustments."

f. U.S.D.A.: Bureau of Agricultural Economics (1945).  "Farm Production, Farm Disposition and Value of Cotton and Cottonseed, and Related Data, 1928-1944."

F 16: Congressional Debate on the Electoral College (1941-1950).

a. "American Government and Politics: The Term of Office of the President" an article by Everett S. Brown

b. "Presidential Election Reform," paper by Prof. Joseph E. Kallenbach; in Congressional Record (1949)

c. "Radio Address to My Constituents." Extension of Remarks of Hon. Edwin Arthur Hall of New York; Congressional Record, 1947.

d. Library of Congress: Public Affairs Abstracts (1947).  "Only Two Terms for a President?" by Henry Steele Commager.

e. Library of Congress: Public Affairs Abstracts (1947).  "The Third Term Issue," by Arthur M. Schlesinger.

f. Library of Congress: (1941). "Statement of Various Presidents of the United States with Reference to the Presidential Term."

g. "Presidential Elections and the Constitution: A Comment on Proposed Amendment,"  an article by Herbert Wechler.

h. "Electoral Change Sharply Debated," by Harold B. Hinton; an article in the New York Times (1950).

i. U.S. News & World Report (1950).  "Election Plan: Shifts in Power." 

j. Sunday Star, Washington D.C. (1950).  "Partisanship May Enter Electoral College Issue," by Gould Lincoln.

k. Washington Post (1950).  "Lodge Battles With Taft On Vote Change."

l. Washington Post (1950).  "Electoral Reform", by Marquis Childs.

m. Washington Post (1950).  "Flaws in New Electoral Plan," by Ferdinand A. Hermens.

n. "Mr. Lea Discusses the Electoral College." Extension of Remarks of Hon. J. Percy Priest of Tennessee; Congressional Record Appendix (1950).

o. "A Substitute for the Lodge-Gossett Plan." Extension of Remarks of Hon. Fredric R. Coudert, Jr. of New York; Congressional Record Appendix (1950).

p. "Analysis of Lodge-Gossett Plan."  Extension of Remarks of Hon. Richard M. Nixon of California; Congressional Record Appendix (1949).

q. "Counting of Electoral Votes." Extension of Remarks of Hon. Homer Ferguson of Michigan; Congressional Record Appendix (1949).

r. Washington Post (1950).  "The Gallup Poll: Electoral Bill Heavily Backed." By George Gallup.

s. Washington Post (1950).  "Minority President."

t. Washington Post (1950).  "Electoral Reform."

u. New York Times (1950).  "Presidential Electors," letter by J. Harvie Williams.

v. Evening Star, Washington, D.C. (1950).  "Coudert Pushes Plan For Electoral Reform" by Gould Lincoln.

w. Washington Post (1950).  "Electing a President: Parts I, II, III." by Walter Lippmann.

x. New York Times (1950).  "The Proposed Change in Counting Electors" by Arthur Krock.

y. "Proposed Change in Method of Election of President and Vice President"; Congressional Record (1950).

F 17: Democratic National Committee (1951-1956).

a. Correspondence. Topics include: recommendation as a representative for the Democratic National Committee; Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinner results; Democratic nomination for President; fund-raising dinner; recommendation to do the invocation of the benediction at the National Convention; suggestions relative to activities of the Democratic Congressmen during the 1st session of the 84th Congress; Democratic Digest subscription in force during past four months; a well-filled 1956 campaign chest; television-radio programs; Democratic congressional victory in 1956; House Armed Services; clarification of inference and innuendo concerning the chairman of the Democratic National Committee.

b. List of 84th Congress.

c. List of New Members Elect - 84th Congress.

d. "Plain Words About Politics," an Address by Frank E. McKinney, Chairman, Democratic National Committee (1951).

e. "Choosing Our Course for the Next Four Years," an Address by Harry S. Truman before the Woman's National Democratic Club (1951).

f. Roster of Democratic women serving in state and national elective posts. From the  Office of Women's Activities, Democratic National Committee (1955).

F 18: Farmers Union (1953).

Correspondence. Topics include: visit to Washington, D.C.

F 19: Foss And Cobb Creek (1955). 

a. Correspondence. Topics include: acres to be irrigated; people in trade territory; H. R. 310 to construct, operate and maintain the Washita River Basin Project; agenda for Senate hearing-Washita Project; thanks to the subcommittee; assistance in passage of H. R. 310; statement of Washita Basin Improvement Association of Oklahoma to the chairman and members of the House Subcommittee on Irrigation and Reclamation of Interior and Insular Affairs Committee (Statement of Irrigation) by Parker Woodall; changes in the House public works appropriations bill; statement entered in the appendix of the Congressional Record by the Honorable Edgar W. Hiestand.

b. Report: House of Representatives (1955).  "Authorizing the Secretary of the Interior to Construct, Operate and Maintain the Washita River Basin Reclamation Project, Oklahoma."

F 20: High School Graduates Lists (1951-1952).

F 21: High School Graduates Lists (1949-1951).

F 22: Industrial Information (1947-1951).

a. Memo: (1951).  Regarding Gulf Improvement Co., loan application under section 302 of the Defense Production Act of 1950.

b. De Leon Peanut Company (1951).  Analysis of the BAE peanut report of March 31, 1951.

c. Report on ammonia sulfate from gypsum and nitric acid facilities (n.d.).

d. Report: Girdler (1951).  120 T/D Ammonia Plant & 246 T/D Ammonia Nitrate Plant.

e. U.S. Steel Quarterly (1951).  "As the Corporation Enters its Second Half-Century."

f. Pamphlet: Shell Chemical Corp. (1947).  What Should You Know About Shell Agricultural Ammonia- NH3?

g. Pamphlet: Chemical Solvents Corporation (n.d.).  Sword into Ploughshare.

h. Pamphlet: Lion Oil Company (1951).  Looking at Lion Oil Company.

F 23: Jed Johnson (1955-1956). 

Correspondence. Topics include: assistance to C. A. Marcum's son; amended suggestions; draft of resolution calling for the resignation and/or dismissal of the present Secretary of Agriculture; campaign against Toby Morris; ideas on salaries; appointment of Jed, Jr. as page; campaign organization; suggestions regarding the federal aid for school bill; tickets to opening day of Congress; bulletin from the Biological Survey; material on women who have served in Congress; tickets to the Army-Navy football game.

F 24: Korean Information (1950).

a. Library of Congress, Legislative Reference Service.  "Korea: A Brief Statement on Background Questions and a Chronology of Events."

b. Speeches by Victor Wickersham (1950).  "The Korean Situation"; "Nature of the Arrangements by Which We Are in Korea"; "The Invasion of South Korea-A Challenge to the World"; "Battle Stations"; "The Korean Conflict and American Morale"; "The President Speaks."

c. Press Release by Robert T. Oliver. "Periscope on Asia."

d. Press Release by Harry S. Truman. Announcing the Korean War.

e. Congressional Series #80, Labor's League for Political Education. "Senator Francis Myers Speaks on the Korean Crisis."

F 25: League of Young Democrats (1956).

Correspondence. Topics include: differences and disputes within the League of Young Democrats in Oklahoma; ad in the brochure for the Fourth District rally of the League of Young Democrats; announcing the League of Young Democrats new statewide Democratic newspaper.

F 26: Malone, Bob (1955). 

a. Correspondence. Topics include: explanation of draft bill to amend P. L. 575; hearings on the apparent lag in the merchant marine replacement-new construction program; response to H. Res. 197; construction and charter to the Navy of the fifteen modern tankers under P. L. 575; task force report on transportation; several Hoover Commission recommendations; member's letter asking views on H. R. 5799; informal historical narrative and presentation of the case of H. R. 5799; scorecard on requests made to executive and advisory agencies for views on the subject bill.

b. H. R. 5799: (1955).  To amend the Act of August 10, 1954 (68 Stat. 681, ch. 665, sec. 10). By Mr. Wickersham.

F 27: Miscellaneous Expenses (1953-1956).

Receipts and correspondence.

F 28: Machine Letters and Samples (n.d.).

Includes examples of form letters.

F 29: News Releases (1953).

a. Correspondence. Topics include: highway safety; income tax exemptions; availability of Farmers Home Administration loan funds for shallow-well irrigation in Oklahoma; Foss and Cobb Creek Projects; Gold Star Wives of America; concert by the Pasquier Trio from Paris; 45th Division; proposed statement to the press clarifying the statements of Colonel Robert L. Lancefield; Louisiana State Purchase Mardi Gras.

b. H. R. 1096: (1953).  To authorize the construction, operation, and maintenance of the Canton reclamation project, Oklahoma, by the Secretary of the Interior. By Mr. Wickersham.

F 30: Office Business (1954-1955).

Miscellaneous correspondence. Topics include: stationery room; sales; moving congressional district office from Mangum to Hobart, Oklahoma; problem with disbursing office and a check; interest in building a number of cabins; payment for secretarial services; congressional salaries; donation to the Victor Wickersham for Congress Club; search for press secretary; speech to the League of Young Democrats; importance of letters; campaign assistance; recipe for white-wash.

F 31: Oklahoma Turnpike Authority (1952).

a. Correspondence. Topics include: structural steel needed to complete the Turner Turnpike; delay due to the nationwide steel strike; authorization for commencement of construction; importance of the turnpike to the military; construction of concession facilities on the Turner Turnpike near Chandler, Oklahoma; substituting prestressed concrete beams for structural steel beams for turnpike bridges; applications by the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority for an authorized construction schedule and a related allotment of controlled materials; H. E. Bailey and securing steel for the Oklahoma turnpike; self-authorization provisions of revised CMP Regulation 6.

b. Pamphlet: American Iron and Steel Institute. Steel Facts.

F 32: Out-of-State Industry For Western Oklahoma (1956).

Correspondence. Topics include: Royal Electric looking for a community wherein to locate a manufacturing plant; list of small businesses who desire to locate in southwestern Oklahoma.

F 33: Private Correspondence/Writings (1951-1956).

a. Correspondence. Topics include: condolences; secured prescribed medicine; Mangum alumni banquet, redistricting bill; Truman-MacArthur controversy; letter and newspaper from the U.S.S. Missouri; Korea; family news to Mrs. Billy Van Pelt; hosts for honoring Oklahoma congressional delegation, May 3,1955; farm land for sale; editorial on the issue of corruption in government; thanks for brief case; H R. 8340; H. R. 5426; "Share Ownership in the United States"; support from the Hydro legion; interest in shopping places with mail order service in foreign countries and the islands; the placing of children in the orphans home at Tipton.

b. Typescript of "Christian Missions in All the World" by Wickersham; "To Spite Whose Face?"by Wickersham; and list of subjects of various short stories by Wickersham.

F 34: Politics of Re-Election (n.d, 1950, 1955).

Correspondence. Topics include: defense of time in office and campaign; conference with Secretary of Defense Louis Johnson and Assistant Secretary Paul Griffith concerning the Korean situation; reputation of a columnist; thoughts of the past; new acreage allotments; "Duty as Seen by Lincoln"; "How Oklahoma Has Prospered Under 17 Years of National Democratic Administration"; statements on the Korean crisis; use of a helicopter for campaigning; Air Force radar device; changes in committee assignments; announcement of candidacy for office.

F 35: Rayburn, Sam (1952-1955). 

Includes a variety of published materials on Speaker of the House Sam Rayburn.

F 36: Russia And N.A.T.O. Trip (1954).

Correspondence. Topics include: visas for various countries; proposed itinerary for Wickersham; schedule going to and from Russia; question about whether committee will pay expenses; list on clothing to take on trip to Russia; request for funds from the Department of State for Russian and N.A.T.O. countries trip; request to use counterpart funds in accordance with the provisions of Section 502 (b) of the Mutual Security Act of 1954; notes.

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