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Box 13: Bills - Constituency Questionnaires: Woodward County

F 1: H. R. 227 (1955).  Terminate War Tax on Admissions to Theater.

F 2: H. R. 228 (1955).  Terminate Tax on Admissions to Theater.

F 3: H. J. Res. 261 (1951).  Reapportion Amendment.

F 4: H. J. Res. 274 (1955).  18-Year-Old Vote.

F 5: H. R. 294 (1955).  Leasing Restricted Indian Lands of the Cheyenne and Arapaho Indian Tribes of Oklahoma.

F 6: H. R. 295 (1955).  Amend Civil Aeronautics Act of 1938 to Permit the Granting of Free or Reduced-rate Transportation to Ministers of Religion.

F 7: H. R. 296 (1955).  Washita Valley Flood Prevention.

F 8: H. R. 297 (1955).  Recognition for Adelaide Johnson, the Sculptor of The Woman's Monument.

F 9: H. R. 298: (1955).  Recognition for Adelaide Johnson, the Sculptor of The Woman's Monument.. 

F 10: H. R. 299 (1955).  Federal Insurance for Religious Orders.

F 11: H. R. 300 (1955).  Improve Runoff and Waterflow Retardation and Soil Erosion Prevention on Beaver Creek Watershed.

F 12: H. R. 301 (1955).  Provide Survey of Beaver Creek Run-Off.

F 13: H. R. 302 (1955).  Increase Income Tax Exemption from $600 to $1000.

F 14: H. R. 303 (1955).  Extend Watershed Programs Authorized in Section 13 of the Flood Control Act of December 22, 1944.

F 15: H. R. 304 (1955).  Terminate War Tax on Admissions to Public Parks.

F 16: H. R. 305 (1955).  Terminate War Tax on Theater Admissions.

F 17: H. R. 306 (1955).  Amend Railroad Retirement Act to Provide That a Railroad Employee Who Has Completed Thirty Years Service May Retire on a Full Annuity.

F 18: H. R. 307 (1955).  To Amend and Extend until June 30,1956, the Provision of Title II of the First War Powers Act, 1941.

F 19: H. R. 308 (1955).  Price Supports for 1955 Cotton Crop.

F 20: H. R. 309 (1955).  Commission to Investigate Costs of Watershed Programs.

F 21: H. J. Res. 323 (1953).  To Grant Oklahoma Consent to Sue in U.S. Supreme Court.

F 22: H. R. 348 (1955).  Aid A & M College to Establish Experimental Farm.

F 23: H. J. Res. 350 (1955).  Revision of the Status Of Forces Agreement.

F 24: H. R. 422 (1951).  Amend Postal Service Act to Increase the Equipment Maintenance Allowance Payable to Rural Carriers.

F 25: H. R. 425 (1951).  Provide for the Payment of Direct Federal Old-age Assistance to Citizens Sixty Years of Age or Over.

F 26: H. R. 427 (1951).  Repeal Restrictions on Cotton Acreage Reports.

F 27: H. R. 495 (1955).  Authorize Research in Weed Control at Panhandle A & M. 

F 28: H. R. 892 (1950).  Committee to Investigate Farmers' Implement Needs.

F 29: H. R. 893 (1950).  Expenses for H. Res. 892 Committee.

F 30: H. R. 964 (1953).  Relief of Mrs. Joyce Aitheson Lock.

F 31: H. R. 965 (1953).  Relief of Michael Demcheshen.

F 32: H. R. 968 (1953).  Relief of Rosa Egner And Son, Gerald.

F 33: H. R. 969 (1953).  Relief of Thomas J. Morris.

F 34: H. R. 1093 (1953).  Terminate Tax on Theater Admissions.

F 35: H. R. 1094 (1953).  Terminate Tax on Admissions.

F 36: H. R. 1096 (1953).  To Authorize the Canton Reclamation Project.

F 37: H. R. 1097 (1953).  To Authorize the Washita River Basin Project.

F 38: H. R. 1511 (1955).  Relief of R. G. Bulldeath, etc.

F 39: H. R. 1512 (1955).  Relief of Phil Wallace.

F 40: H. R. 1514 (1955).  Relief of Nettie Whitfield.

F 41: H. R. 1515 (1955).  Relief of T. J. Morris.

F 42: H. R. 1517 (1955).  Patent in Fee to P. T.LaBreche.

F 43: H. R. 1518 (1955).  Patent in Fee to A. G. Ramser.

F 44: H. R. 2896 (1951).  Extend Time Limit for Claims to Indian Claims Commission.

F 45: H. R. 3202 (1953).  Increase Income Tax Exemptions from $600 to $1000.

F 46: H. R. 3238 (1955).  Extend Time Limits for Claims to Indian Claims Commission.

F 47: H. R. 3291 (1955).  Relief of F. D. Stalford.

F 48: H. R. 3322 (1955).  To Amend Federal Property And Administrative Services Act Of 1949 to Improve the Administration of the Program for the Utilization of Surplus Property for Educational and Public Health Purposes. By Mr. McCormack.

F 49: H. R. 3612 (1953).  Transfer of Certain Lands to State Of Oklahoma.

F 50: H. R. 3613 (1953).  Aid to Oklahoma A & M for Experimental Farm.

F 51: H. R. 3715 (1953).  Extend First War Powers Act.

F 52: H. R. 4498 (1953).  Provide Survey of Beaver Creek Watershed.

F 53: H. R. 4508 (1953).  Authorize Sale of Certain Lands to Oklahoma.

F 54: H. R. 4896 (1953).  Patent in Fee to P. T. LaBreche.

F 55: H. R. 5009 (1955).  Assistance for Medical Building for Soldiers' Home.

F 56: H. R. 5237 (1955).  Relief of Mrs. Ella Madden.

F 57: H. R. 5799 (1955-1956).  To Promote Use of Privately Owned Tankers for Navy Transport Service.

F 58: H. R. 5881 (1955).  Optima Dam. 

F 59: H. R. 6150 (1955).  Canton Project.

F 60: H. R. 6151 (1955).  Voluntary Coverage of Insurance for Self-Employed Veterinarians.

F 61: H. R. 6479 (1953).  Relief of M. F. and U. C. Heintz.

F 62: H. R. 7793 (1955).  To Amend Naval Aviation Cadet Act of 1942.

F 63: H. R. 8032 (1950).  To Provide Emergency Cotton Allotments Due to Green Bugs.

F 64: H. R. 8199 (1954).  Extend Federal Old-Age Insurance to Religious Orders.

F 65: H. R. 8200 (1954).  Terminate War Tax on Theater Admissions.

F 66: H. R. 8201 (1954).  Terminate War Tax on Public Park

F 67: H. R. 8465 (1954).  To Amend Agricultural Act Of 1949 to Provide a Limitation on the Downward Adjustment of Price Supports for Milk and Butterfat and the Products of Milk and Butterfat.

F 68: H. R. 8980 (1954).  Relief of Frances Irene Smart.

F 69: H. R. 9121 (1954).  Washita River Basin. 

F 70: H. R. 9200 (1954).  To Authorize the President of the United States to Present the Distinguished Flying Cross to Colonel Bennett Hill Griffin.

F 71: H. R. 9367 (1956).  To Amend Civil Aeronautics Act Of 1938 to Permit the Granting of Reduced-rate Transportation to Ministers of Religion.

F 72: Natural Gas Legislation (n.d., 1955). 

a. Correspondence. Topics include: H.R. 6645, regarding the date of the investigation of the natural gas industry.

b. Pamphlet: Natural Gas Oil Resources Committee [1955 ].  Some Questions People Are Asking...About Natural Gas.

c. Flyer: Natural Gas and Oil Resources Committee (n.d.).  "It Isn't the Price Paid the Producer that Determines the Size of Your Gas Bill."

d. Statement of John W. Boatwright, Standard Oil Company (Indiana) Chicago, Illinois; in support of S. 1853 before the Senate Interstate and Foreign Commerce Committee, 84th Congress, 1st Session (1955).  Consumer Interest in Natural Gas Competition.

F 73: Highway Bill Legislation (n.d.). 

Statistics re revenue from current proposals and revenue from alternate proposals.

F 74: Correspondence (n.d, 1951, 1955).

Correspondence. Topics include: a list of various bills; a bill extending the existence of the Indian Claims Commission; support for H. R. 4393; an Oklahoma winner of the National 4-H Club Achievement Award; Public Law 159.

Series 10: Miscellaneous, 1950-1956

F 75: Newsletters (1951).

Topics include: agriculture as a defense industry; the Farm--Our First Line of Defense; the housing industry; Altus Air Force Base reactivation; civil defense; mental test for draft exemption; inspection of new radar and defense installations in Alaska; Altus, Oklahoma, Municipal Airport project; Clinton contact office retained; CCC loans extended; farm storage urged; Washington visitor; Servicemen's Insurance Bill passed; Mrs. A. B. Snipes stricken; Indian claim bill introduced; congressman's daughter honored; Legion convention; architects selected for Oklahoma jobs; progress made on Washita and Cobb Creek projects; no CAA funds available for Shattuck; post office at Rhea kept; dependents travel ban lifted; rotation; firm attitude toward Russia urged by Oklahomans; loan approved; increase payments on wheat crop insurance; R.E.A. convention mobilization; poultry advisory committee; cotton and cotton seed; Navy shipbuilding program; Congress has busy week; Farmers Home Administration reports; Mrs. A. B. Snipes dies; large cotton acreage urged; oil crisis in Iran; congressmen call Communist's hand; agriculture as defense industry; price ceiling on raw cotton; overtaxing of facilities at Lackland Air Base; branch offices for the Office of Price Stabilization in Oklahoma City; Manpower Bill taking form; Gallaudet College the world's only college for the deaf; Armed Services Committee; "ground floor" in Congress; " A Friend In Need..."; "In Washington with Victor Wickersham"; reactivation of the air bases at Clinton, Altus and Frederick; concerning discussion of the revolving credit loan fund; relief and employment of Indians; Fred Harris's rare disease; Korean situation; possibilities of a flood control and reclamation project near Mangum and Mountain View, Oklahoma.

F 76: Newsletters (1952).

Topics include: unused publications available to the members of the two houses of Congress; Korean G.I. Bill; flood control projects; Oklahoma industrial opportunities to get national attention; agriculture troubles.

F 77: Newsletters (1953).

Topics include: reactivation of Clinton-Sherman Municipal Airport, Clinton, Oklahoma; annual meeting of teachers at Atlantic City; "Statement of the Korean Truce By H. E. Dr. V. K. Wellington Koo to the American Broadcasting Corporation"; House Education Committee; cotton crop insurance; housing; government to step up purchases of beef for school lunch from other outlets; rate of theater closings; visitors from Oklahoma; CAA; Central Airlines Sayre, Oklahoma; "The Four-Way Test"; House Appropriations Committee; inspection of Langley Aeronautical Laboratory; annual chamber of commerce dinner; Oklahoma congressional delegation; Civil Aeronautics Board; Washita Valley flood preventions; Wickersham urges further relief for drought stricken area; tidelands; appropriations cut; agriculture situation; fish for Oklahoma; American Legion opposes cuts; Civil Service announces substitute clerk exams; chief U.S. engineer confers with Oklahomans; Moore Hat Company Lawton; patronage grabs by the Republicans; long distance call from Nagoya, Japan; letter from headquarters of Strategic Air Command; R.E.A. advised approval; vocational rehabilitation; old-age assistance checks; legislation to retire the federal government from the field of taxation of gasoline; news by Victor Wickersham; hay situation; national defense; livestock and meats; 45th Division in Korea; hat situation; five million bushels grain storage approved; Burns Flat base may be reopened by Air Force; Civil Service Commission; inspection trip as a member of the House of Representatives Armed Services Committee.

F 78: Newsletters (1954).

Topics include: electrical power generation by the use of atomic fuels; West Point and Annapolis appointments announced; disaster area; "Most-Shot-At" legislative body in the world; income tax relief for cattlemen because of "X" disease; views on the Eisenhower budget for agriculture; Indian delegations; Commerce appropriation bill; establishment of mobile highway post office service and star route service in connection with Katy Railroad; "terminating" the American Indian; R.E.A. program; vote for H.R. 8300 to cut taxes; U.S. flag given to Korean President Rhee by Corporal Galen Wickersham; 25-day trip behind the Iron Curtain; Wickersham finds Soviet's aim unaltered; Wickersham sees the light; appropriations for the Air Force; visit to the Moscow Baptist Church; Strategic Air Command; cut federal funds for vocational rehabilitation centers.

F 79: Easter Recess Schedule (1956).

F 80: Petition for Writ of Mandamus and Alternative Writ of Mandamus Involving the Case of Victor Wickersham vs. The State Election Board of Oklahoma, et al (1954).

F 81: Judges Campaigning for Other Than Judicial Office (1956).

Brief by Samuel H. Still, Jr., member American Bar Association (1956). Judges Running for Office Other Than a Judicial Office Without Resigning As Judge--Particular Reference to Oklahoma.

F 82: Radio Broadcasts (1950). 

Highlights of the news report on "Congress Today," as broadcast over WMAL nightly. Monday through Friday, at 7:00 p.m., by Gunnar Back, Washington radio reporter and commentator, for the weeks beginning Monday, Nov. 27, Dec. 4, Dec. 11, 1950.

F 82b: Your Congressman Reports from Washington by Oakley Hunter (October-November 1953).

F 83: Republican Press Release (1950).

Letter from Rep. Leonard W. Hall of New York, chairman of the Republican Congressional Committee, addressed to all Democratic nominees for Congress who received a communication from the Democratic National Congressional Committee entitled "Korea, Background Information on History of United States Aid and Causes Leading to the Present Conflict, dated Friday, July 28,1950."

F 84: Sixth District Lists Of Government Employees (n.d.).

F 85: Sixth District Lists Of Registered Voters (1952). 

F 86: Sixth District Lists Of Registered Voters: Stephens County (1952). 

F 87: Oklahoma Water Resources Authority Act (n.d.).

a. Summary proposed of Oklahoma Water Resources Authority Act.

b. Summary of proposed constitutional amendment to be known as Section 32, Article X of the Constitution of Oklahoma.

F 88: Wickersham News Releases (1954).

Topics include: funds for the maintenance of vocational rehabilitation center; Washita Basin Reclamation Project; urges the House Insular and Interior Committee to proceed on H. R. 1067 or S. B. 118; itinerary for Wickersham during lull in the legislative calender; Wickersham and Stone, both Oklahomans, meet at Elgin Field during an advanced weapons show; duty is "to represent"; "Wickersham Says Farm Census Office Slated For District"; "Oklahoma's economic foundation is agriculture"; emergency drought relief; GOP appointees to governmental offices; rural carrier vacancies; an irrigation development in connection with Canton dam; advance of electricity to farm homes; urges the establishment of a helium plant at Keyes, Oklahoma; allocations for vocational education; utilization of farm surpluses; passage of S. 118 to authorize the construction, operation, and maintenance of the Washita Basin Reclamation Project.

F 89: Campaign Materials: Wickersham Accomplishments by County (n.d.).

F 90: Wickersham Notes Taken on a Tour of the Soviet Union and Satellite Countries [1955].

F 91: Red Star Rising (1955). 

Typescript by Wickersham based on his trips to the Soviet Union. This material is concerned with Georgi Zhukov.

F 92: Peace Is Possible [1955].

Typescript by Wickersham based on his trips to the Soviet Union.

F 93: The Satellite--A Soviet Liability [1955].

Typescript by Wickersham based on his trips to the Soviet Union.

F 94: Backyard Hero (1954). 

Typescript by Wickersham on Oklahoma Indian Joseph Oklahombi.

F 95: Bennett H. Griffin (n.d.).

Typescript by Wickersham.

F 96: Wickersham Remarks in Congressional Record (n.d., 1951).

Topics include: soil conservation; atomic energy program; protests cattle rollback; conclusions on Korean rehabilitation.

F 97: Oklahoma State Senate Concurrent Resolution on Indian Claims Commission (1951).

F 98: Standard Cable Corporation in Chickasha (1953). 

F 99: Farm Questionnaire No. 3. (1956).

F 100: Questionnaire No. 2. (1956).

Constituency Questionnaires By County

F 101: Constituency Questionnaire: Beaver County (1955).

F 102: Constituency Questionnaire: Beckham County (1955).

F 103: Constituency Questionnaire: Blaine County (1955).

F 104: Constituency Questionnaire: Caddo County (1955).

F 105: Constituency Questionnaire: Cimarron County (1955).

F 106: Constituency Questionnaire: Comanche County (1955).

F 107: Constituency Questionnaire: Cotton County (1955).

F 108: Constituency Questionnaire: Custer County (1955).

F 109: Constituency Questionnaire: Dewey County (1955). 

F 110: Constituency Questionnaire: Ellis County (1955).

F 111: Constituency Questionnaire: Greer County (1955).

F 112: Constituency Questionnaire: Harmon County (1955).

F 113: Constituency Questionnaire: Harper County (1955).

F 114: Constituency Questionnaire: Jackson County (1955).

F 115: Constituency Questionnaire: Jefferson County (1955).

F 116: Constituency Questionnaire: Kingfisher County (1955).

F 117: Constituency Questionnaire: Kiowa County (1955).

F 118: Constituency Questionnaire: Roger Mills County (1955).

F 119: Constituency Questionnaire: Stephens County (1955).

F 120: Constituency Questionnaire: Texas County (1955).

F 121: Constituency Questionnaire: Tillman County (1955).

F 122: Constituency Questionnaire: Washita County (1955).

F 123: Constituency Questionnaire: Woodward County (1955). 

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