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Box 16: Invitations - Printed Material

Series 11: Invitations and Printed Material, 1947-1956

F 1: Invitations, Extended (December 1954-March 1955). 

Includes invitation from President and Mrs. Eisenhower.

F 2: Invitations, Extended (April-August 1955).

Includes invitations from the Ambassador of Ethiopia and Madame Deressa; Tom Steed; and Ed Edmondson.

F 3: Invitations, Extended (September 1955).

Includes invitation from Maxwell D. Taylor.

F 4: Invitations, Extended (October-December 1955).

Includes invitations from Vice Admiral and Mrs. Arthur Struble; Governor and Mrs. Raymond Gray; Trustees of the National Gallery of Art, Smithsonian Institution; National Council of Negro Women; Young Democratic Clubs of America; and the President of the United States.

F 5: Invitations, Accepted (January 1955). 

F 6: Invitations, Accepted (February 1955). 

Includes invitations from: Strom Thurmond; Robert T. Stevens, Secretary of the Army.

F 7: Invitations, Accepted (March-July 1955). 

Includes invitations from: Secretary of the Air Force; Harold E. Talbott; and the Chief of Staff of the United States Air Force, General Nathan F. Twining.

F 8: Invitations, Accepted (August 1955).

Includes invitations from: Secretary of Defense and Mrs. Wilson.

F 9: Invitations, Accepted (September 1955).

F 10: Invitations, Accepted (October-December 1955).

Includes invitations from: Charles S. Thomas, Secretary of the Navy.

F 11: Invitations, Extended (January 1956).

Includes invitations from: Julian Rothbaum and John W. McCormack.

F 12: Invitations, Extended (February 1956). 

F 13: Invitations, Extended (March 1956).

F 14: Invitations, Extended (April 1956). 

Includes invitations from Ed Edmondson; and Robert F. Wagner, Mayor of New York City.

F 15: Invitations, Extended (May-December 1956).

F 16: Invitations, Accepted (January-February 1956).

F 17: Invitations, Accepted (March 1956).

F 18: Invitations, Accepted (April 1956).

Includes invitation from Honorable Raymond Gary.

F 19: Invitations, Accepted (May-December 1956). 

Printed Materials
(Includes magazines, brochures, surveys, government publications, bulletins, committee reports, field reports, transcripts, etc.)

F 20: Brochures, Promotional Literature, and Official Publications (n.d., 1947-1955).

a. Lugert-Altus Irrigation District (1947).  Altus--The Irrigation Pioneer of Oklahoma.

b. Jess Ludrick & Sons, Printers and the Altus Chamber of Commerce (1950-1951). Altus--The City with a Future to Share.

c. Altus Junior College [1952].  The Altus Junior College: A Municipal Junior College.

d. Altus Chamber of Commerce (n.d.).  Have You Ever Been In Altus, Oklahoma? City With A Future To Share?

e. Altus Chamber of Commerce (1955 ).  "Introducing Altus--The City With A Future To Share With You!"

f. Bartlesville Chamber of Commerce (1954).  Bartlesville, Oklahoma.

g. Division of State Parks, Oklahoma Planning And Resources Board (n.d ).  Quartz Mountain State Park.

h. Chickasha Chamber of Commerce (n.d.).  Chickasha, Oklahoma--"Queen of the Washita Valley."

i. Elk City-Conservation Through Cooperation (1951).

j. Oklahoma Planning & Resources Board (n.d.).  Oklahoma "Home of the Red Man."

k. Oklahoma Planning & Resources Board (n.d.).  Historical Oklahoma Museums and Monuments. 

l. Oklahoma Planning & Resources Board (n.d.).  Oklahoma Travel Stamp Album and Guide Book. (with complete set of stamps).

m. Tulsa Chamber of Commerce (1954).  Tulsa-Oil Capital of the World. 

n. Congress Publishing Company (1950).  Your Congress Magazine: Pictorial Directory of the 81st Congress. 

o. U.S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of the Census (1950).  1950 Census Of Population, Advance Reports, Population of Oklahoma: April 1, 1950. 

p. U.S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of the Census (1956).  1954 Census of Business, Retail Trade, Oklahoma. 

F 21: Brochures, Promotional Literature, and Official Publications (1953).

Eugene C. Mann, Secretary-Manager, Hobart Chamber of Commerce (1953). Brochure of Hobart, Oklahoma (industrial report).

F 22: Brochures, Promotional Literature, and Official Publications (1954).

Eugene C. Mann, Secretary-Manager, Hobart Chamber of Commerce (1954). Brochure of Hobart, Oklahoma. (supplemental to above).

F 23: Oklahoma Topical Materials (n.d., 1953).

a. Washita County Soil Conservation District, Cordell, Oklahoma. (n.d.). "Hope For Tomorrow's Children."

b. Oklahoma Planning & Resources Board, Division of Water Resources (1953).  "Oklahoma's Water Resources." 

F 24: Oklahoma Topical Materials (n.d., 1954).

a. State-Wide Engineering Committee (1954).  Oklahoma Long Range Water Program, Report to the Governor and Legislature. 

b. A Survey of the Western Oklahoma Airfield Facility: Recommended as a Western Oklahoma Military Airbase by the following cities: Clinton, Cordell, Elk City, Hobart, Sayre, Sentinel, Thomas, and Weatherford (n.d.).

F 25: Oklahoma Topical Materials (1953, 1955).

a. Bureau of Indian Affairs, Anadarko Area Office, Osage Agency (1953).  The Osage People and Their Trust Property.

b. Continental-Allied Air, Inc. (1955).  Memorandum for the Honorable Victor Wickersham: How We Brought the Brantly Helicopter To Frederick, Oklahoma.

F 26: Oklahoma Topical Materials (1952).

Chickasha Chamber of Commerce (1952).  Chickasha, Oklahoma Airport and Facilities (promotional).

F 27: Egypt (n.d, 1951-1953).

a. Egyptian Information Bureau (1952).  Egypt.

b. S.O.P.- Press (n.d.). Egypt.

c. Egyptian Information Bureau [1951].  The Egyptian Question, 1882-1951: Sixty-Nine Years of British Occupation of Egypt and the Sudan.

d. Headline Series, Foreign Policy Association, No. 98 (1953).  The Emergence of Modern Egypt. 

e. Egyptian Information Bureau (1952).  Modern Egypt-A Quarter Century of Progress. 

f. Egyptian State Tourism Department (1953).  Egypt Tourist Information. 

g. S.O.P.- Press (n.d.).  "Aswan"

F 28: Formosa (1950, 1952).

a. Office of the Secretary of Defense (1950).  Armed Forces Talk 335: Formosa-An Island Neutralized.

b. Mutual Security Agency (1952).  Fuel for the Good Dragon.

F 29: India (1951, 1953).

a. Government of India Information Services (1953).  About India.

b. Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India (1951).  The Handbook of India.

F 30: Indochina (1952-1953).

a. Office of the Secretary of Defense (1953).  Armed Forces Talk No. 439: The War In Indochina.

b. Mutual Security Agency (1952).  Dateline Saigon: Our Quiet War in Indochina.

F 31: Malaya, Morocco, And NATO (1952).

a. British Information Services (1952).  Malaya-The Facts.

b. Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (1952).  International Conciliation: Morocco (September 1952, No. 483).

c. Department of State Publication 4630 (1952).  NATO-Its Development and Significance. 

F 32: Pakistan (n.d., 1953).

a. Director of Foreign Publicity, Government of Pakistan (n.d.).  Pakistan-The Struggle of a Nation.

b. Pakistan Publications Karachi (1953).  Sixth Year: A Brief Survey.

F 33: Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Taiwan (1952-1953).

a. Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia (1953).  The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Part I.

b. Slovak League of America (1953).  Slovakia (September 1953, vol. 3, no. 3).

c. Chen Cheng, Premier of the Republic of China (1952).  Report On Free China. 

F 34: Thailand, Wake Island (1950, 1952).

a. Mutual Security Agency (1952).  East Meets West in Thailand.

b. Department of State, Office of Public Affairs (1950).  Thailand: Its People and Economy (Fact Sheet)..

c. "Wake Island" (1952) (excerpt from a unknown publication).

F 35: Miscellaneous Publications (1953).

Library of Congress, Foreign Affairs Division (1953).  Prepared according to the instructions of the Honorable Victor Wickersham: "The Danger of the Korean Truce" (by J. Clement Lapp, August 4,1953); "Japan and Korea: Tokyo and Seoul" (by J. Clement Lapp and Joseph Whelan, September 15,1953); and "Italy and Portugal: Rome, Naples, Lisbon and Azores" (Ellen C. Collier and Ruth Kaye, September 15,1953).

F 36: Miscellaneous Publications and Clippings (n.d, 1947, 1950, 1953-1955).

a. Official Publication of the Bureau of Reclamation (June and July 1950).  The Reclamation ERA

b. Consolidated Gas Utilities Corporation (November 1947).  The Consolidator.

c. Johnston Murray, Governor of Oklahoma; Oklahoma State Sponsors (1954). The Thirty-first Annual, Oklahoma State Sunday Service in the Washington Memorial Chapel, the National Shrine at Valley Forge, Nov. 14,1954 (program).

d. Hawaii, U.S.A. and Statehood [1950].

e. Irrigation Question & Answers Applicable to the W. C. Austin Irrigation Project (n.d.).

f. Miscellaneous newspaper clippings (1953-1955).

F 37: Missionary Album (1954).

Folder includes the Missionary Album of Missionaries Serving Under the Board of Foreign Missions, the Mennonite Brethren Conference, Inc.

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