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Box 26

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F 1: Alphabetical File of Correspondence, 1949,"A" Correspondence.

F 2-3: Alphabetical File of Correspondence, 1949,"C" Correspondence.

F 4: Alphabetical File of Correspondence, 1949, "D" Correspondence.

F 5: Alphabetical File of Correspondence, 1949, "E", "I", "J", "M" - "N" Correspondence.

F 6-10: Campaign, n.d., 1946 - 1948, 1950.

Topics include Martin Garber. Correspondents include J. Edgar Hoover, Elmer Thomas, and Tom Hieronymus.

F 11: Your Congressman Speaks.

F 12: Bills introduced by George Howard Wilson during the 81st Congress, 1949-1950.

Series 5: Addition, 1929-1985

F 13-27: Addition, Assignments, n.d., 1954 - 1967, 1972 - 1974, 1976 - 1977.

Other items found in these folders include correspondence and various court documents relating to cases assigned to Wilson. Topics include the United States Constitution, the 4th Amendment, court calendars, custody of children, divorce suits, estates (law), criminal judgments in Oklahoma, parole, right of property, search and seizures, and trial transcripts. Correspondents include Joe Cannon, W.H. Blackbird, and Charles Nesbitt. Topics in these folders are also found in Box 27, Folders 1-11.

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