George Howard Wilson

Photo Collection

1. Portrait of Sam Rayburn.

2. 1940 and 1964 Valentine cards. The 1964 has a picture of George Howard Wilson, his wife Myrna, and their grandchildren Susan Ann Meyers and Charles Lynn Dobbs. Negative.

3. Color autographed picture of Richard M. Nixon. Official photo of the White House. 1969.

4. Closeup of George Howard Wilson. Negative.

5. Newkirk (Oklahoma) City Building, front (East) view. ca. 1950.

6. Newkirk (Oklahoma) City Building, south view. ca. 1950.

7. Newkirk (Oklahoma) City Building, north view. Signs for Public Library and Post Office. ca. 1950.

8. Newkirk (Oklahoma) City Building, interior view, upper floor, facing north, in library. ca. 1950.

9. Newkirk (Oklahoma) City Building, interior view, facing south. ca. 1950.

10. Newkirk (Oklahoma) City Building, interior view, post office quarters. ca. 1950.

11. Newkirk (Oklahoma) City Building, interior view, post office quarters. ca. 1950.

12. Colorado River somewhere in southern California.

13. U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce members and staff participating in field trip to the oil and gas fields of the Panhandle of Texas and Hugoton gas field of Oklahoma and Kansas, April 28 - 30, 1950. Group at the lunch given in the Warren Hotel, Liberal, Kansas, by the Oil and Gas Committee of the Liberal Chamber of Commerce, Sunday April 30, 1950. Left to right: J. Chester Naylor, president of the Liberal Chamber of Commerce; Jeff A. Robertson, Topeka, Kansas, chairman of the Kansas Corporation Commission; Oren Harris, Arkansas, chairman, Subcommittee on Petroleum and Federal Power of the House Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce; Eugene J. Keogh, New York, chairman, Imports Subcommittee of the House Select Committee on Small Business; John W. Heselton, Massachusetts; William G. Maguire, New York City, chairman of the board, Panhandle Eastern Pipeline Company; Charles H. Hinton, production engineer, Panhandle Eastern Pipeline Company, Amarillo, Texas and Liberal, Kansas.

14. a-b) Black & White. Photos of intersection where a car accident occurred. Photos used for a case judged by Wilson. 1961.

15. Black & White. Photo of George Howard Wilson. 2 copies. Probably used in elections. [1958].

16. Black & White. Special Agent Major James M. Wilson at an Air Force Graduation Ceremony, O.S.I. Training School. 1952.

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