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F 1: Albert, Carl ( January 1976).

a. Clipping.  "Doctor Arrested for Threat."  McCurtain Gazette.  Re:  threat made on Albert's life by a Daly City (San Francisco) doctor.  (January 9, 1976). 

b. Press release by Gene Bernhardt.  Re:  Albert's retirement.  (January 12, 1976).

c. Press release by Jim Adams.  Re:  Albert denies any suggestion of his retirement and plans to run again for office.  (January 12, 1976).

d. Article.  "Walter Scott's Personality Parade."  Parade Magazine.  Re:  question in column regarding Albert's relationship with Korean women.  (January 12, 1976).

e. Clipping.  "Albert Says He Intends to Run for Re-Election."  Duncan Banner.  Re:  Albert and 1976 election.  (January 12, 1976).

f. Clipping.  "Albert to Run Again; 'Frustration' Is Denied."  Tulsa Daily World.  Re:  Albert and 1976 election.  (January 13, 1976).

g. Clipping.  "Briscoe Fete Was Texas-Sized."  Dallas Morning News.  Re:  Jess and Betty Jo Hay, Carl Albert's niece.  (January 14, 1976). 

h. Clipping.  "Albert Anticipates Fights on Vetoes."  Tulsa Daily World.  Re:  94th Congress, Gerald Ford's veto of Congressional legislation.  (January 19, 1976).

i. Clipping.  "Albert Misses the Point."  Tulsa Daily World.  Re:  Albert complained about the television networks' treatment of Democratic Party speeches.  (January 19, 1976). 

j. Clipping.  "Albert Say Ford Is Own Ruin."  Baltimore Sun.  Re:  1976 Presidential Republican candidate, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, and Albert.  (January 19, 1976).

k. Clipping.  "Rockwell Lodge List Includes Carl Albert" by Allan Frank.  Washington Star.  Re:  Rockwell International Waterfowl hunt which Albert was invited.  (January 20, 1976).

l. Clipping.  "Democrats Claim Better Ideas."  Duncan Banner.  Re:  Congressional Democratic programs and the Ford administration programs.  (January 21, 1976).

m. Clipping. Oklahoma Legionnaire.  Re:  photo of Albert with Harry Wiles, National Commander.  (January 23, 1976).

n. Clipping.  "1876 Mementoes Unveiled But Only for Peep."  Los Angeles Herald-Examiner.  Re:  safe full of memorabilia from 1876.  (January 26, 1976). 

o. Foreword to Grant's Administration by William Willner.  Foreword written by Albert.  (full essay included). (January 1976).

p. Clipping.  "Albert Just Undecided, Not Frustrated."  Dallas Times Herald.  Re:  Albert as Speaker.  (January 13, 1976). 

F 2: Albert, Carl (February 1976).

a. Excerpts from the Congressional Record. House.  Re:  various topics.  (February 2 and 19, March 2, April 30, May 3 and 12, and June 29, 1976)

b. Clipping.  Korea Herald.  Re:  photo of Albert with President Ford.  (February 2, 1976).

c. Clipping.  "Wide Vote Clears Issue For Debate:  Albert Helps Texas Freshman To Move Issues" by Allan Cromley.  Daily Oklahoman.  Re:  passage of a bill deregulating natural gas.  (February 4, 1976). 

d. Clipping.  "Albert on Way Out as Speaker; O'Neill Likely Successor" by Denton King.  GRIT.  Re:  Albert's likely retirement and issues that O'Neill has supported.  (February 8, 1976). 

e. Clipping.  "Albert Not 'Really Sure' on Future, He Confides" by Malvina Stephenson.  Re:  Albert's plans of retirement.  (February 8, 1976). 

f. Clipping.  "Wine and Roses."  Dallas Morning News.  Re:  Congressional reform, 94th Congress, foreign policy, and the natural gas bill.  (February 10, 1976). 

g. Memorandum.  Re:  compilation of Albert's committee and subcommittee assignments since he entered Congress in 1947.  (February 19, 1976).

h. Clipping.  Daily Oklahoman.  Re:  photo of Albert's secretary, Mrs. Suzie Thomson with regard to bribes to the South Korean government.  (February 20, 1976).

i. Clipping.  "Congressmen Deny Taking Cash."  Daily Oklahoman.  Re:  Two Congressmen and Albert's secretary, Suzi Thomson who were accused of taking bribed from the South Korean government.  (February 20, 1976). 

j. Clipping.  "Albert Won't Fire Staffer Under Probe" by Vivian Vahlberg.  Oklahoma City Times.  Re:  Albert plans not to dismiss his secretary, Suzi Thomson. (February 19, 1976)

k. Clipping.  "Albert's Secretary Indicted."  Duncan Banner.  Re:  Pauline Girvin, Albert's former secretary.  (February 21, 1976). 

l. Clipping.  "Albert Points Possible Blame in Health Issue."  Tulsa Daily World.  Re:  national health insurance legislation.  (February 21, 1976). 

m. Clipping.  "Time to Retire."  Sunday Oklahoman.  Re:  editorial feels Albert should retire.  (February 22, 1976). 

n. Clipping.  "Albert Backs Boren Plan."  Duncan Banner.  Re:  David Boren's energy plan.  (February 23, 1976). 

o. Clipping.  "Newspaper Defends Albert, Blast OC Daily, Jarman."  Tulsa Daily World.  Re:  rebuttal published in the McCurtain County Daily Gazette which was written in response to an editorial published in the Sunday Oklahoman. (February 25, 1976). 

p. Clipping.  McAlester News-Capital Re:  editorial which defends Albert in a rebuttle to the editorial written in the Sunday Oklahoman.  (February 24, 1976). 

q. Clippings.  "Albert Receives Backing by Boren Over Editorial."  Re:  editorial stating Albert should retire.  "Albert Press Aide Plans Year at English School."  Re:  Mike Reed.  Daily Oklahoman.  (February 25, 1976). 

r. Clipping.  "Reed Quits as Albert's Chief Aide."  Tulsa Daily World.  Re:  Reed's resignation linked to Albert's possible retirement.  (February 24, 1976). 

s. Clipping.  "Carl Albert Retire?"  Daily Ardmoreite.  Re:  Albert's possible retirement.  (February 25, 1976). 

t. Clipping.  "We Vote No."  Sulphur Times-Democrat.  Re:  Albert's possible retirement.  (February 26, 1976). 

u. Clipping.  "Speaker's Aide Joins Lobby Firm."  Washington Star.  Re:  Michael L. Reed.  (February 26, 1976). 

v. Clipping.  "Carl Albert is Still Oklahoma Hero" by James Nance. Purcell Register.  Re:  Albert's possible retirement.  (February 26, 1976). 

w. Clipping.  "Top Albert Aide Quits to Lobby."  Washington Post.  Re:  Michael Reed.  (February 27, 1976). 

x. Clipping.  "Should Carl Albert Stay in Congress?" by Milt Phillips.  Seminole Producer.  Re:  Pros and Cons of Albert as Speaker of the House.  (February 26, 1976). 

y. Correspondence from Robert Sikes to E. K. Gaylord.  Re:  rebuttal to editorial in Sunday Oklahoman that called for Albert's retirement.  Clipping from Sunday Oklahoman included.  Also included are clippings in favor of Albert retaining his office.  (February 22, 1976).

z. Clipping.  "Fuzzy Strikes Again!"  McCurtain Daily Gazette.  Re: Albert's possible retirement.  (February 23, 1976). 

aa. Clipping.  "McCurtain County Paper Decries Editorial, Stands Up for Albert."  Shawnee News-Star.  Re:  Albert's possible retirement.  (February 28, 1976). 

bb. Clipping.  "Idabel Publisher Defends Albert."  Daily Oklahoman(?)  Re:  Albert's possible retirement.  (February 24, 1976). 

cc. Clipping.  "`Fuzzy Thinking' Image Preserved."  McAlester News-Capital.  Re:  Albert's possible retirement.  (February 23, 1976). 

dd. Clipping.  "Don`t Retire Yet, Mr. Speaker."  Oklahoma Daily.  Re:  Albert's possible retirement.  (February 28, 1976). 

F 3: Albert, Carl (March 1-11, 1976).

a. Clipping.  "Should Carl Albert Stay in Congress."  Seminole Producer.  Re:  pros and cons of Albert's leadership as Speaker.  Correspondents include Jeff Johnston.  (March 1, 1976).

b. Clipping.  "Carl Albert Is Still an Oklahoma Hero" by James Nance.  Purcell Register.  Re:  defense of Albert as Speaker of the House.  (March 1, 1976).

c. Clipping.  "Should Carl Albert Retire?"  Re:  Albert's possible retirement. 

d. Resolution made by Pontotoc County Democratic Central Committee.  Re:  response to editorial in the Sunday Oklahoman.  Correspondence included.  (March 3, 1976)

e. Clipping.  "We Vote 'No.'"  Sulphur Times-Democrat.  Re:  Albert's possible retirement.  (February 26, 1976). 

f. Resolution by the Disabled American Veteran.  Re:  Albert's possible retirement.  Correspondence included.  (March 3, 1976).

g. Resolution by Stephens County Democrats.  Re:  commendation of Albert's services as Third District Congressman and Speaker of the House.  (March 8, 1976).

h. Resolutions by Lincoln County Democrats.  Re:  Albert's possible retirement.  (March 8, 1976).

i. Clipping.  "County Democratic Delegates Chosen."  Hugo Daily News.  Re:  delegates chosen at the Choctaw County Democratic convention.  The convention passed a resolution commending Albert for his services.  (March 9, 1976). 

j. Correspondence with interview with Albert.  The topics of the interview include legislation, Congress as an institution, individual congressmen and committees, congressional investigations, districts, jobs as Speaker and its privileges and immunities.  (March 10, 1976).

k. Clipping.  "Albert is Hero."  McCurtain County Gazette.  Re: appreciation of Albert.  (March 10, 1976). 

l. Clippings.  "Magna Carta `No' Vote Condemned."  McAlester News-Capital.  Re:  proposed trip of delegation of Congressman to London to bring over the Magna Carta.  (March 10, 1976).

m. Clipping.  "Jones Denies Knowledge of Gulf Requests."  Re:  Jim Jones and illegal political contributions.  Tulsa Daily World.  (March 10, 1976). 

n. Clipping.  "House Vote Reset on British Junket" and "Magna Carta Overkill."  Tulsa Daily World.  Re:  Albert's efforts to finance a Congressional trip to London to pick up the Magna Carta.  (March 11, 1976). 

o. Clipping.  "House Smells a Junket, but Albert's Nose Reacts Differently" by Alan Cromley.  Daily Oklahoman.  Re:  Albert's efforts to finance a Congressional trip to London to pick up the Magna Carta.  (March 11, 1976). 

p. Clipping.  "Don't Retire Yet, Mr. Speaker." Oklahoma Daily.  Re:  commendation of Albert's service as Speaker of the House.  (March 5, 1976)

F 4: Albert, Carl (March 12-19, 1976).

a. Correspondence.  Re:  list of all bills and resolutions Albert sponsored or co-sponsored since he came to Congress in 1947 (80th Congress-1971 (91st Congress).

b. Clipping.  "Don't Retire Yet, Mr. Speaker" by Lewis Pulley.  Durant Daily Democrat.  Re:  commendation of Albert's services as Speaker of the House.  (March 12, 1976). 

c. Resolution by Choctaw County Democrats.  Re:  commendation of Albert's services as Speaker of the House.  (March 12, 1976)

d. Clipping.  "Albert Leans Toward Race, Boren Believes."  Tulsa Daily World.  Re:  Albert's possible retirement.  (March 12, 1976). 

e. Clipping.  "Magna Carta Clause Missing" by Allan Cromley.  Sunday Oklahoman.  Re:  chaos that the Magna Carta is causing in Congress.  (March 14, 1976).

f. Clipping.  "Albert Decision May Affect Another Office."  Daily McAlester Democrat.  Re:  Albert's decision to retire and its possible consequences.  (March 14, 1976). 

g. Clipping.  Oklahoma Journal.  Re:  letter by Robert Sikes praising Albert's congressional record.  Also, included is essay by Lyle Boren.  (March 14, 1976). 

h. Clipping.  "Hamilton Rejects Race for Congressional Seat" by Ed Montgomery.  Daily Oklahoman.  Re:  candidates for the Third District if Albert retires.  (March 17, 1976). 

i. Clipping.  "Senate Leader Has No Plans for District Seat."  Daily McAlester Democrat.  Re:  denial by Rep. Hamilton that he has any plans to run for the Third District seat.  (March 17, 1976). 

j. Clipping.  "Albert to Quit? Predictions Gain" by Allan Cromley.  Daily Oklahoman.  Re:  speculation of Albert's retirement.  (March 18, 1976). 

k. Clipping.  "Hamilton Likes Ward for Carl Albert's Post."  Heavener Ledger.  Re:  Charles Ward as possible candidate for the Third District seat.  (March 18, 1976). 

l. Clipping.  "Writers Suggest Albert Leaning Toward Retirement" by Fred Turner.  McAlester News-Capital.  Re: Albert's possible retirement.  (March 18, 1976). 

m. Clipping.  "They're After Carl Albert."  Madill Record.  Re:  Albert's leadership abilities and supports his position as Third District congressman.  (March 14, 1976). 

n. Clipping.  Edmond Sun.  Re:  editorial defends Albert as Speaker of the House.  (March 19, 1976). 

o. Newspaper.  Trojan Banner (Carl Albert Junior College newspaper).  Re: endorsement of Albert as Speaker of the House.  (March 19, 1976)

p. Cartoon.  Independent Press-Telegram (Long Beach, California).  Re:  Albert endorsing the reception of the copy of the Magna Carta.  (March 19, 1976). 

q. Clipping.  "Candid Albert Shows No Desire to Quit."  Tulsa Daily World.  Re:  Albert's views on retirement.  (March 18, 1976). 

F 5: Albert, Carl (March 20-29, 1976).

a. Clipping.  "Lockheed Says Jobs Stable Despite Shift."  McAlester News-Capital.  Re:  Lockheed plant in Albert's hometown, McAlester.  (March 20, 1976). 

b. Clipping.  "Bust of Albert Tagged $15,000."  McAlester News-Capital.  Re:  bronze bust of Albert.  (March 21, 1976). 

c. Clipping.  "That Magna Carta Must Weigh a Ton" by Alan Cromley.  Sunday Oklahoman.  Re:  Albert leading a Congressional delegation to London to accept the Magna Carta.  (March 21, 1976)

d. Clipping.  "Junket by Any Name."  Tulsa Daily World.  Re: Albert leading a Congressional delegation to London to accept the Magna Carta.  (March 20, 1976).  

e. Cartoon.  Daily Oklahoman.  Re:  Albert's possible retirement.  (March 21, 1976). 

f. Clipping.  "The Albert-Steed Combination."  Duncan Banner.  Re:  Steed defends Albert.  (March 21, 1976). 

g. Clipping.  "Carl Albert--A Great Okie" by Virgie White.  Durant Daily Democrat.  Re:  support for Albert for re-election and commends his service to Oklahoma.  (March 24, 1976). 

h. Clipping.  "Oklahoma Party Splits on Carter" by James Sterba.  New York Times.  Re:  Albert as one of the three uncommitted delegates selected from Oklahoma's Third District.  (March 21, 1976). 

i. Clipping.  "Albert, Steed May Quit."  Re:  Albert's possible plans to retire along with Steed.  "Go, Albert."  Re:  Albert for re-election.  Lawton Constitution.  (March 22, 1976). 

j. Cartoon.  Tulsa Tribune.  Re:  Albert's trip to London to receive the Magna Carta.  (March 23, 1976). 

k. Clipping.  "Albert's Strange Priorities."  Re:  Congressional trip to London to receive the Magna Carta.  (March 27, 1976).  (ns).

l. Clipping.  "Lawmaking Getting More Expensive."  Sunday Oklahoman.  Re:  salaries of the Oklahoma House members.  Employees of Albert are main topic.  (March 28, 1976). 

m. Resolution made by the Oklahoma State Senate.  Re:  commendation of Albert's service to his state.  (March 29, 1976).

n. Clipping.  "Fuzzy Strikes Again."  McCurtain Daily Gazette.  Re:  Albert's possible retirement.  (February 23, 1976). 

F 6: Albert, Carl (March 30-31, 1976).

a. Clipping.  "Magna Carta 'Junket' Strike Snag in Senate" by Allan Cromley.  Re:  debate existing over the government paid trip to London to receive the Magna Carta.  (March 30, 1976). 

b. Clipping.  "Carl Albert-A Great Okie" by Virgie White.  Durant Daily Democrat.  Re:  support for Albert's re-election and commends his service to Oklahoma.  (March 30, 1976). 

c. Correspondence with various editorials attached.  Re:  defense of Albert in response to the editorial printed in the Daily Oklahoman suggesting Albert retire.

d. Clipping.  "Leadership of House:  Struggle Involves Ideology and Legislation" by Richard Lyons.  New York Times.  Re:  power struggle in the House and the question of leadership in the House pending Albert's retirement.  (March 31, 1976). 

e. Clipping.  "Studies Tax U.S. Thinkers" by Dick Phillips.  Times Advocate (Escondido, CA).  Re:  government expenditure studies, also includes list of funds given to Albert.  (March 31, 1976). 

F 7: Albert, Carl (April 1976).

a. Clipping.  "Potential Foe Won't Care Whether Albert's in Race" by Allan Cromley.  Re:  Marvin D. Andrews who plans to run in Albert's district for Congress.  "Congressman Sets City Talk."  Daily Oklahoman.  (April 2, 1976). 

b. Clipping.  "Public Employe (sic) Unions Diminish Government."  Mobile Register.  Re:  collective bargaining for public employees.  (April 6, 1976). 

c. Clipping.  "Albert Denounces Retirement Story."  Oklahoma Journal.  Re:  Albert's possible retirement.  (April 8, 1976). 

d. Typescript speech.  Re:  Introduction of Carl Albert by Tom Steed at Pottawatomie County Democratic Club.  (April 10, 1976).

e. Clipping.  "Carl Running for Now"  and "Steed Delays Decision" by Ed Montgomery.  Sunday Oklahoman.  Re:  Both Steed's and Albert's possible retirement.  (April 11, 1976). 

f. Clipping.  "Albert Sticks to Original Script:  He's Running `Now'."  McAlester News-Capital.  Re:  Albert running for re-election.  (April 11, 1976). 

g. Clipping.  "Appreciation Day."  Daily Ardmoreite.  Re:  photo of Albert and David Boren at "Appreciation Day" ceremonies for Albert in Shawnee.  (April 11, 1976). 

h. Clipping.  "More Honor Due to Carl Albert."  Altus Times Democrat.  Re:  commendation of Albert's service.  (April 13, 1976)

i. Clipping.  "From This Moment" by Jim Bradshaw.  Shawnee News-Star.  Re:  visit Albert made to Shawnee.  (April 16, 1976). 

j. Clipping.  "State Editors Say."  Norman Transcript.  Re:  issue of crime and Albert's plan to limit it.  (April 17, 1976). 

k. Newspaper.  "Albert Called 'Steading Hand' on Nation" by Will Sentell. Re:  Carl Albert Appreciation Day sponsored by Pottawatomie County Democrat Leadership Club.  Photos included.  "Albert Resists Pressure to Make Final Decision on Race" by Will Sentell.  Re:  Albert states he has made a final decision on running for re-election.  Article included quotes for speech.  Photos included.  Oklahoma Journal.  (April 21, 1976). 

l. Clipping.  "Albert Still Uncommitted" by James Campbell.  Seminole Daily Producer.  Re:  Albert's possible retirement.  (April 26, 1976). 

m. Clipping.  "Albert Visits Mideast Oil Nation, Spain" by Mike Flanagan.  Tulsa Daily World. Re:  Albert's trip to oil-producing Middle-East nations.  (April 27, 1976). 

n. Clipping.  "Attacks Mystify a lot of People."  El Reno American.  Re:  response to criticism made against Albert.  (April 27, 1976).

o. Clipping.  "Albert Vents Frustrations" by Mike Flanagan Re:  Albert's frustration in being misunderstood by the Press.  "Questions About Trip Irk Albert."  Re:  Albert's possible retirement.  Tulsa Daily World.  (April 28, 1976). 

p. Clipping.  "Appreciating Albert."  Tulsa Daily World.  Re:  Albert frustrations in being misunderstood by the press.  (April 29, 1976). 

q. Clipping.  McAlester News-Capital.  Re:  what happened in McAlester 50 years ago on the April 30; Carl Albert won first place in an oratorical contest.  (April 30, 1976). 

r. Newspaper.  "Albert Receives Re-Election Encouragement" and other articles on Albert.  Shawnee News-Star.  Re:  Albert's trip to Shawnee.  (April 11, 1976). 

F 8: Albert, Carl (May 1976).

a. Clipping.  "Albert's Complaint."  Tulsa Daily World.  Re:  editorial on Albert.  (May 5, 1976). 

b. Clipping.  "50 Years Ago."  McAlester News-Capital.  Re:  Albert's recitation in an oratorical contest in Kansas City 50 years ago.  (May 6, 1976). 

c. Clipping.  "Aides, Fellow-Solons Try To Guess Albert Decision."  Tulsa Daily World.  Re:  Albert's possible retirement.  (May 9, 1976). 

d. Clipping.  "Albert Help Appreciated."  Sunday Constitution.  Re:  commendation of Albert service to Oklahoma.  Attached is political cartoon.  (May 10, 1976). 

e. Clipping.  "No `Announcement' At Albert's Party."  Washington Star.  Re:  Albert's possible retirement.  (May 11, 1976). 

f. Clipping.  "OU Alums Fete Albert At 68th Birthday Party."  Tulsa Daily World.  (May 11, 1976). 

g. Clipping.  "Steed Thinks Albert Prepared to Retire" by Allan Cromley.  Daily Oklahoman.  Re:  Steed thoughts on Albert's possible retirement.  (May 12, 1976). 

h. Clipping.  "Albert Appoints 12 House Members for Magna Carta Trip."  Tulsa World.  (May 12, 1976). 

i. Newspaper.  Daily McAlester Democrat.  Re:  pages contain articles and advertisements welcoming and congratulating Albert.  Includes biographical sketches with emphasis on youth and climb to Speakership.  (May 15, 1976). 

j. Clipping.  "Albert `Rumors' Often Have Innocent Start" by Mike Flanagan.  Tulsa Daily World.  Re:  origin of rumors started about Albert.  (May 16, 1976). 

k. Clipping.  "Thanks for Carl" by William Morgan.  Hughes County Times.  Re:  defense of Albert in light of recent press criticism.  (May 18, 1976).

l. Clippings.  "Round the Clock" by Troy Gordon.  Tulsa World.  Clippings have no direct relation to Albert.  (May 18, 1976).

m. Correspondence.  Re:  limericks about congressmen, Albert included.

n. Clipping.  "Albert Greets Carter, Forgoes Endorsement."  Tulsa Daily World.  Re:  Carl Albert and Jimmy Carter.  (May 19, 1976). 

o. Clipping.  Tulsa Daily World.  Re:  photo of Mr. and Mrs. Albert in England with Spencer Churchill.  (May 25, 1976). 

p. Clipping.  "Hays Scandal Could Shift Power Balance, Aid Albert" by Malvina Stephenson.  Tulsa Daily World.  Re:  scandal involving Wayne Hays and its possible effects on Albert.  (May 25, 1976).

q. Clipping.  "Golden Magna Carta Is Presented to U.S."  Washington Star.  Re:  lending of the Magna Carta to U.S. Congressional delegation by British Parliament.  Photos of presentation included.  (May 26, 1976). 

r. Clipping.  "More Albert" by E. M. Eddy Young.  Hartshorne Sun.  Re:  commendation of Albert's services.  (May 27, 1976). 

s. Clipping.  "Albert Seat Pretenders Facing Problems."  Daily McAlester Democrat.  Re:  Albert's possible retirement and possible candidates for his position as Speaker.  (May 27, 1976). 

t. Clipping.  "A Gift For America."  Los Angeles Times.  Re:  photo of Albert accepting the copy of the Magna Carta in Westminster Hall, England.  (May 27, 1976). 

u. Clipping.  "Replica of Magna Carta Given to Congress Group."  Albert and the Magna Carta trip. 

v. Clipping.  "Magna Carta Trip Praised by Albert."  Daily Oklahoman.  Re:  government paid trip to London to receive the Magna Carta.  (May 28, 1976). 

F 9: Albert, Carl - Retirement (June 1976).

a. Clipping.  "Sex Scandal May Hurt Rep. Albert."  New York Post.  Re:  rumor that Albert had been allowing use of his office for sexual relations.  (June 1, 1976).

b. Proposed schedule of events for the Magna Carta arrival.

c. Clipping.  "Carl Albert-Unique Man of Politics."  Ada Evening News.  Re:  Albert's retirement.  (June 8, 1976). 

d. Clipping.  "Race for Albert Post Begins."  Oklahoma Journal.  Re:  candidates for the postion of Speaker of the House.  (June 6, 1976). 

e. Clipping.  "Albert Won't Run Again."  Oklahoma Journal.  Re:  Albert's decision to retire.  (June 6, 1976). 

f. Clipping.  "Albert Will Retire at End of Year."  Duncan Banner.  Re:  Albert's retirement.  (June 6, 1976). 

g. Clipping.  "Albert Leaving a Congress at End of Term."  McAlester Sunday News-Capital.  Re:  Albert's retirement.  (June 6, 1976). 

h. Clipping.  "Albert to Retire From Congress at End of Year" by Mary Russell and Morton Mintz.  Washington Post.  Re:  candidates for Albert's position of Speaker of the House and announcement of Albert's retirement.  (June 6, 1976). 

i. Clipping.  "Albert to Retirement; O'Neill Favored as New Speaker" by Richard Madden.  New York Times.  Re:  Alberts's retirement and his possible replacement.  (June 6, 1976). 

j. Clipping.  "A Lifetime of Sincere and Faithful Service."  McAlester News-Capital.  Re:  Albert's retirement and public life.  (June 6, 1976). 

k. Clipping.  "Albert's Retirement Statement in Full."  Duncan Banner.  Re:  Albert's retirement.  (June 6, 1976). 

l. Clipping.  "Albert to Retire After 30 Years on Capital Hill."  Los Angeles Times.  (June 6, 1976). 

m. Clipping.  "Bug Tussle Folks Ready to Greet Albert's Return" by Debby Baxter.  Daily Oklahoman.  Re:  Bug Tussle and Albert's retirement.  (June 7, 1976). 

n. Clipping.  "Albert Calls it Quits."  Tulsa Daily World.  Re:  Albert's retirement.  (June 7, 1976). 

o. Clipping.  "Leadership of the House:  Changes Loom" by David E. Rosenbaum.  New York Times.  Re:  Albert's retirement and its effects. 

p. Speech by Thomas O'Neill.  Re:  retirement of Albert. 

q. Clipping.  "Albert to Leave Congress."  Baltimore Sun.  Re:  Albert's retirement and possible replacements.  (June 7, 1976). 

r. Clipping.  "Albert Hailed, Leadership Drive is On."  New York Times.  Re:  candidates for Albert's position and a tribute the House paid Albert.  (June 7, 1976).

s. Speeches.  "Retirement of Speaker Carl Albert."  Congressional Record.  Re:  Albert's retirement.  (June 7, 1976).

t. Clipping.  "Changing the Guard."  Re:  Albert as Speaker and present candidates for his position.  New York Times.  (June 8, 1976). 

u. Clipping.  "Albert Steps Down."  McCurtain Daily Gazette.  Re: Albert's retirement.  (June 8, 1976). 

v. Clipping.  "Leadership in the House."  Washington Star.  Re:  change in House leadership and criticizes the House.  (June 8, 1976). 

w. Clipping.  "Carl Albert."  Duncan Banner.  Re:  appreciation of Albert for his past services.  (June 8, 1976). 

x. Clipping.  "Albert Supports O'Neill for Speaker."  Los Angeles Times.  Re:  Carl Albert, Speakership, and Thomas P. O'Neill.  (June 8, 1976). 

y. Clipping.  "Albert:  Steadying Influence."  Oklahoma Journal.  Re: Albert's past leadership performance.  (June 9, 1976). 

z. Clipping.  "Albert Retirement Will Have Impact" by Jim Young.  Oklahoma City Times.  Re:  Albert's power in the House and the impact his retirement will have on Oklahoma.  (June 9, 1976). 

aa. Clipping.  "Speaker Albert Steps Down."  Washington Post.  Re:  Albert' retirement.  (June 9, 1976). 

bb. Speech by Gillis Long.  Congressional Record.  Re:  Albert's retirement.  (June 10, 1976). 

cc. Speech by John Fary.  "Tribute to Hon. Carl Albert."  Congressional Record.  Re:  Albert's retirement.  (June 10, 1976). 

dd. Speech.  "Display of Certain Historical Documents in the Capital."  Congressional Record.  (June 10, 1976).

ee. Clipping.  "Carl Albert's Son David Might Try for 3rd District Seat in 1980" by Malvina Stephenson.  Tulsa Daily World.  Re:  David Albert running for his father Congressional district.  (June 11, 1976). 

ff. Clipping.  "Albert:  Effective Leader."  Sunday Constitution.  Re:  Albert's retirement.  (June 13, 1976). 

gg. Clipping.  "Retirement Brings Editorials About Albert."  McAlester News-Capital and Ada Evening News.  Re:  Albert's retirement.  (June 14, 1976). 

hh. Clipping.  "Albert Knew a Secret 30 Years Ago" by Joseph Howell.  Tulsa Tribune.  Re:  beginnings of Albert's political career.  (June 14, 1976). 

ii. Clipping.  "Albert's Fairness Will Be Missed."  Southwest Times Record.  Re:  Albert's retirement.  (June 15, 1976). 

jj. Clipping.  "What Others Are Saying."  Duncan Banner.  Re:  Albert's retirement.  (June 15, 1976). 

kk. Clipping.  "Albert's Endorsement Puts Damper on Hopes for Lively Race."  Tulsa Daily World.  Re:  Carl Albert, Charles Ward, and the Congressional election in the Third District of Oklahoma.  (June 20, 1976). 

ll. Clipping.  "Albert Endorses Ward."  Re:  photo of Albert with Charles Ward.

mm. Clipping.  "Albert Backs Top Aide."  Re:  Carl Albert, Charles Ward, and the Congressional election in the Third District of Oklahoma.

nn. Correspondence with three articles attached.  Re:  Carl Albert Memorial Commissions Funds which was formed in order to finance a statue of Carl Albert.  A list of contributors is included.  Clippings from McAlester News-Capital and McAlester Daily Democrat.  (June 22, 1976).

oo. Clipping.  "Carl Albert:  Great American Success Story."  Oklahoma Journal.  Re:  tribute to Albert's achievements.  (June 1976). 

pp. Clipping.  "Reaction to Albert's Move Told."  Re:  reaction from Congressmen about Albert's retirement.

qq. Clipping.  "Carl Albert Will Vacate House Seat" by Mike Flanagan.  Tulsa Daily World.  Re:  Albert's political career and his retirement.  (June 6, 1976).

rr. Clipping.  "Albert Memorial Group to Kick Off Fund Raising."  Re:  fund raising campaign to pay for the erection of a bronze bust of Albert.

ss. Statement by Albert.  Re:  plans to retire from his position as Speaker of the House. (June 4, 1976).

tt. Correspondence from Albert.  Re:  his plans to publicly announce his retirement.  (June 4, 1976).

uu. Article.  "When Congressmen Went to Get the Magna Carta."  U.S. News and World Report.  Re:  Congressional trip to London led by Albert.  (June 7, 1976). 

vv. Clipping.  "`Mr. Speaker' Carl Albert to Retire."  Durant Daily Democrat.  (June 14, 1976). 

ww. Clipping.  "House Albert Will Resign" and "Carl Albert Returning to Red Hills of Oklahoma."  Texarkana Gazette.  Re:  Albert's retirement.  (June 14, 1976). 

xx. Clipping.  "Albert's Farewell Letter" and "Albert Resignation Opens Door."  South Bend Tribune.  Re: Albert's retirement.  (June 18, 1976). 

yy. Clipping.  "Restive Liberal Made Job Difficult for Albert and "Albert Knew a Secret 30 Years Ago."  Tulsa Tribune.  Re:  Albert's retirement (June 28, 1976). 

zz. Clipping.  "Albert Going to Retire!"  Seminole Producer.  Re:  Albert's retirement.  (June 6, 1976). 

F 10: Albert, Carl - Retirement (June 1976).

a. Newspaper.  "Albert Says No Decision on Hays," "Albert to Retire in Steed's Opinion," and "Bob Patterson and Wayne Young Win."  McAlester News-Capital.  Re:  Albert's retirement and the Hay's sex scandal.  (June 1, 1976). 

b. Newspaper.  "Albert Leaving Congress at End of Term," "Resignation No Surprise to Most," "Response of Albert Upon Elevation to Speakership 5 Years Ago," and "A Lifetime of Sincere and Faithful Service."  McAlester Sunday News-Capital.  Re:  Albert's retirement.  (June 6, 1976). 

c. Magazine.  Family Weekly.  Re:  question to Albert about his trip to London to receive the Magna Carta.  (June 6, 1976). 

d. Newsapaper.  "Albert Coming Home" and "Officials React to Decision."  McAlester Democrat.  Re:  Albert's retirement.  (June 6, 1976). 

e. Newspaper.  "Carl Albert Will Vacate Seat," "Carl Albert to Retire After 30 years in House," and "Race for Albert's Seat Is Wide Open."  Tulsa Sunday World.  (June 6, 1976). 

f. Newspaper.  "Albert Retiring From House," "Carl's Quiet Methods a Strength, Weakness," "Carl Albert Ending 30-Year Career in Nation's Congress," and "Albert Plans to Retire From House."  Sunday Oklahoman.  Re:  Albert's retirement.  (June 6, 1976).  Photos included. 

g. Newspaper.  "Home Folks Await Albert's Return With Open Arms."  Daily Oklahoman.  Re:  Albert's retirement.  (June 7, 1976). 

h. Clipping.  "Albert Known for Fairness."  Progress Bulletin.  Re:  Albert's retirement.  (June 13, 1975). 

F 11: Albert, Carl -- Retirement (June 1976).

Correspondence.  Re:  Albert's retirement.

F 12: Albert, Carl (July 1976).

a. Speech by Albert.  "A More Perfect Union."  Re:  Bicentennial Era and U.S. history.  Included is photo of Albert, President Nixon, and Chief Justice Burger.  Copy of speech is included in a booklet called United States of America, 1776-1976 and newsletter called American Revolution Bicentennial Commission Letter.  (July 3, 1976). 

b. Clipping.  "Legislative, Executive, Judical."  Re:  photo of Albert, Gerald Ford, and Warren Burger at a ceremony at the National Archives which marked the beginning of a continuous 76-hour display of the Declaration of Independence. 

c. Clipping.  "Albert Honored."  Southwest Times Record.  Re:  photo of Democratic National Chairman Robert Strauss presenting a plaque to honor Albert.  (July 13, 1976). 

d. Clipping.  "Campaigns Starting."  McCurtain Gazette.  Re:  Third District Congressional race and Albert's endorsement for the race.  (July 19, 1976). 

e. Clipping.  "Albert Retires."  McCurtain Gazette.  Biographical sketch of Albert as Speaker of the House.  (July 21, 1976). 

f. Clippings. "Months of Planning Result in Precise Luncheon for Queen," Tulsa Daily World, 9 July 1976; and "Balcony View Next Best Thing," n.d.

g. Clipping, "Carl Albert Gives Insight Into Personality and Wit of Queen Elizabeth," Tulsa Daily World, 16 July 1976.

F 13: Albert, Carl (August 1976).

a. Correspondence.  Re:  biographical sketch.

b. Clipping.  "Energy Problems Top Watergate, Albert Says."  Re:  energy crisis. 

c. Clipping.  "Carl Albert."  Duncan Banner.  Re:  appreciation of Albert.  (June 8, 1976). 

d. Clipping.  "Albert Outlines Recent Problems."  Duncan Banner.  Re:  Watergate and energy crisis.  (August 20, 1976). 

e. Clipping.  "'Mr. Speaker' to Make Bug Tussle Home After Retirement" by Carl Hill.  Durant Daily Democrat.  Re:  Albert's retirement and his plans.  Also, included is biographical sketch of Albert during World War II and as a member of Congress.  (August 22, 1976). 

f. Clipping.  "Bugtussle Eyes Albert 'Center.'"  Duncan Banner.  Re:  proposed Carl Albert Cultural Interpretation Center in Bug Tussle, Oklahoma.  (August 26, 1976). 

g. Clipping.  "Bentsen Praise Albert."  Duncan Banner.  Re:  Carl Albert and Lloyd Bentsen.  (August 26, 1976). 

h. Article.  Esquire.  Re:  speech made by President Ford during which Albert fell asleep.  (August 1976). 

F 14: Albert, Carl - Retirement (September 1976).

a. Clipping.  "Thomson Granted Immunity in Probe of Alleged Bribes" by John Goshko and Timothy Robinson.  Washington Post.  Re:  Suzi Park Thomson, who was accused of accepting bribes from the South Korean government.  (September 11, 1976). 

b. Clipping.  "Being an American First."  Duncan Banner.  Re:  appreciation of Albert services.  (September 11, 1976). 

c. Clipping.  "Albert's Actions Praised at Fete."  Southwest Times Record.  Re:  Oklahoma salute to Albert, includes remarks by David Boren made at banquet.  (September 15, 1976). 

d. Clipping.  "They Could Afford Trip, Not a Report."  Washington Star.  Re:  Carl Albert and Congressional trip to Eastern Europe.  (September 19, 1976). 

e. Clipping.  "Albert Blocks Move Faulting South Korea."  Washington Post.  Re:  Albert blocked passage of a resolution criticizing South Korea for sentencing eighteen prominent dissidents.  (September 23, 1976). 

f. Clipping.  "A Hug on the Record."  Washington Post.  Re:  Ralph Metcalfe and Carl Albert.  Includes photo.  (September 25, 1976). 

g. Clipping.  "House Bids Albert Sentimental Farewell."  Duncan Banner.  Re:  Albert's retirement.  (September 30, 1976). 

h. Clipping.  "Albert Aide Told to Answer Panel."  Re:  Albert's secretary, Suzi Park Thomson. 

i. Clipping.  "Scribe Couldn't Applaud Albert" by Milt Phillips.  Re:  Albert's retirement.

j. Program. Banquet Program from "Oklahoma's Salute to Carl Albert." (September 14, 1976).

F 15: Albert, Carl (October 1976).

a. Clipping.  New York Times.  Re:  photo of Carl Albert with Thomas O'Neill, Daniel J. Flood, and Daniel J. Flood.  (October 1, 1976). 

b. Clipping.  "Farewell."  Washington Post.  Re:  photo of Albert in the Speaker's office.  (October 3, 1976). 

c. Clipping.  "The Chief Waves Goodbye."  Des Moines Register.  Re:  photo of Albert in Indian headress at the Oklahoma Day Bicentennial Ball.  (October 4, 1976).   

d. Clipping.  "Financing Farewell Can Be Problem" by Malvina Stephenson.  Tulsa Daily World.  Re:  the planning of a ball to honor Albert for his service.  (October 4, 1976). 

e. Clipping.  "House Increases Staff Allowance."  Tulsa Daily World.  Re:  (October 7, 1976). 

f. Clipping.  "Cronies Care for Carl."  Tulsa Daily World.  Re:  Albert's retirement.  (October 8, 1976). 

g. Clipping.  "Cracks in Sub" by Jack Anderson with Les Whitten.  Re:  Albert's retirement.  (October 13, 1976). 

h. Clipping.  Durant Daily Democrat.  Re:  Charles Ward, Albert's Administrative Assistant.  (October 20, 1976). 

i. Clipping.  "Albert Allowed Staff Increase."  Re:  Albert's retirement.  (October 6, 1976).  (ns).

j. Clipping.  "Albert Dinner Draws Only $2,000 `Profit'."  Tulsa Daily World.  Re:  Oklahoma salute to Carl Albert dinner.  (October 29, 1976). 

F 16: Albert, Carl (November 1976).

a. Clipping.  "D.C. Bar Admit Albert."  (November 6, 1976). 

b. Clipping.  "In the Spotlight."  Tulsa Daily World.  Re:  photo of Albert with George Mahon, Thomas P. O'Neill, Al Ullman, and Jimmy Carter.  (November 23, 1976). 

F 17: Albert, Carl (December 1976).

Clipping.  "Carter Threat Reported, Man Held."  Washington Star.  Re:  man who threatened President Carter's life.  This man, also, had threatened Albert's life.  (December 5, 1976).

F 18: Albert, Carl (1976).

Correspondence.  Re:  Letters urge Albert to seek re-election, give general support, and commend his past service to the Third District.  Correspondents include Larry Derryberry and Julian J. Rothbaum.

F 19: Albert, Carl (1976).

Correspondence.  Re:  letters from February, March, and May which are responses to an editorial which appeared in Daily Oklahoman (February 22, 1976) urging Albert to retire.

F 20: Albert, Carl - Retirement (1976).

a. Correspondence.  Re:  letters from May and July-December in regard to Albert's retirement.  Correspondents include Jimmy Carter.

b. Excerpts from the 1931 University of Oklahoma Yearbook.  Re:  Carl Albert on Dad's Day and as a member of PE-ET and the Men's Council.

F 21: Albert, Carl (1976).

a. Essay by Albert's former teacher, Lottie Ross.  "My Most Memorable Student."  Re:  Albert as her student.

b. Editorial.  "Albert's Fairness Will Be Missed."  Re:  Albert's decision to retire. 

c. Resolution.  American Legion.  Re:  tribute to Albert's leadership abilities. (nd).

d. Clipping.  "Albert Dinner Draws Mixed Feelings From State GOP" by Allan Cromley.  Re:  dinner for Albert. 

e. Clipping.  "Albert Allowed Staff Increase" by Vivian Vahlberg.  Re:  staff provided for Albert throughout his retirement.  (ns;nd).

f. Clipping.  "O'Neill of Eighth."  Norman Transcript.  Re:  Thomas O'Neill and his credentials to be Speaker of the House.  (nd).

g. Clipping.  "Something New On Seventh Avenue."  Re:  photo of Albert with New York woman, Janet Harper. 

h. Clipping.  "Albert Befriends Women in Office" by Jack Anderson and Les Whitten.  Re:  Albert and his female friends. 

i. Clipping.  "Carl Albert Dismayed Over Nixon China Trip" by Gil Delaney.  Re:  issues facing Congress and comments on the political scene.  Includes photo of Albert family at a wrestling match of David Albert's.

j. Clipping.  "Albert Still Not Saying."  Re:  Albert's retirement.  Includes photo of Albert at the University of Oklahoma. 

k. Clipping.  "Speculation Gains of Albert's Possible Retirement." 

l. Clipping.  Re:  photo of Albert in Duncan, Oklahoma.

m. Clipping.  "Albert Pondering Retirement?"  Re:  Albert's possible retirement.

n. Clipping.  "She's Not Impressed."  Re:  photo of Albert with Gerald Ford at opening of a Centennial time capsule. 

o. Clipping.  "Albert's Tree."  Re:  photo of Albert with Thomas O'Neill and John McCormack planting a tree in Albert's honor. 

p. Clipping.  "Bowing Out."  Re:  Albert with Mike Mansfield.

q. Clipping.  Re:  photo of Albert with Gerald Ford.

r. Clipping.  Re:  photo of Albert, Gerald Ford and Nelson Rockefeller in front of Congress.

s. Clipping.  Re:  photo of Lindy Boggs, Mark Hatfield and Carl Albert at the opening of a Centennial time capsule. 

t. Clipping.  "Congress Will Not be the Same."  Re:  Albert's retirement. 

u. Clipping.  "Carl Albert Ends Career of Magnitude."  Ada Evening News.  Re:  Albert's retirement.

v. Clipping.  "Albert Sees More Conflict."  Re:  Albert, Congressional Democrats and their legislation, Ford administration, and U.S. economy.

F 22: Albert, Carl - Family (n.d., 1962-1975).

a. Clippings.  "He's a Father" and "Early Quorum Call."  Re:  birth of David Albert.  Includes photo of Carl Albert.

b. Clipping.  "The Carl Alberts -- Washington."  McAlester Democrat.  Re:  photo of Albert with his family.  (March 24, 1955). 

c. Clipping.  "Mrs. Albert Has Beautiful Lilac Bushes-But She Seldom Sees them" by Rose McKee.  Hugo News.  (April 11, 1962).

d. Clipping.  "McAlester`s Carl Albert Family."  Re:  photo of Carl and Mary Albert with their daughter, Mary Frances.  (1963). 

e. Clipping.  "Social Calender Always Full for Carl Alberts" by Madelaine Wilson.  Sunday Oklahoman, Re:  social engagements and Mrs. Albert's management of social activites.  (June 14, 1964).

f. Clipping.  "It's Carl's Boy."  Daily Oklahoman.  Re:  Photo of David Albert with President Lyndon B. Johnson.  (April 13, 1965). 

g. Short descriptions of Albert children.  (October 9, 1965).

h. Clipping.  "Washington Comes to Like as Johnson, Congress Return" by Malvina Stephenson.  Tulsa Daily World.  Re:  Albert family, mainly about Mary Frances.  (January 9, 1966).

i. Pamphlet.  "Operational Government."  Re:  committee which Mrs. Albert is a member.  (1967).

j. Clipping.  "Albert Makes Social Splash" by Malvina Stephenson.  Roll Call.  Re:  party given for democratic congresswomen.  (May 25, 1967).

k. Clipping.  "Mrs. Albert:  D.C. Is Hectic, Fascinating" by Norma Hanlon.  The State Women.  Re:  Mrs. Albert life in Washington, D.C.  (March 27, 1968). 

l. Request for biographical information on Mrs. Albert.  Includes short biographical essays, one dealing with both Mr. and Mrs. Albert.  (August 19, 1968).

m. "Woman Power," speech delivered by Mrs. Albert to the Democratic Women's Council of South Carolina.  (September 6, 1969).

n. Clipping.  "Words of Discontent Arise After Royal Ball" by Malvina Stephenson.  Tulsa Daily World.  Re:  Mary Frances' comments about a White House function involving Prince Charles and Princess Anne.  (July 21, 1970).

o. Clipping.  "Politician's Kin Talk on 'Gaps.'"  Houston Post (Woman's World).  Re:  Mary Frances's relationship with her father.  (November 9, 1970).

p. Clipping.  "Daughter Didn't Vote for Albert."  Tulsa Daily World. Re:  short interview with Mary Frances.  (November 14, 1970).

q. Clipping.  "Mrs. Carl Albert Keeps Bi-Partisan Social Life." Tulsa Daily World.  Re:  Mrs. Albert's social life in Washington, D.C. and her relationship with her husband.  (January 14, 1971).

r. Clipping.  "Her Father is Two Heartbeats From the Presidency" by Mary Lu Zuber.  Re:  Mary Frances' view about her father's political position.

s. Clipping.  "The Speaker and His Wife Are Living a Dream."  Sunday Star-Bulletin and Advertiser.  Re:  Mrs. Albert's role as the Speaker's wife. (August 8, 1971).

t. Clipping.  "Harris's Golf Clinic On Tap at Lakeside."  Stillwater News-Press.  Re:  photo of David Albert at golf clinic in Stillwater, Oklahoma.  (1971?). 

u. Clipping.  "Hay the Cream of the Crop" by Dave McNeely.  Dallas Morning News. Re:  Jesse Hay, Albert's niece's husband, being named National Democratic Committeeman.  (June 18, 1972).

v. Clipping.  "Miss Nancy Albert, Ronald Charles Moore Wed at First Baptist."  McAlester News-Capital.  Re:  marriage of Albert's niece, Nancy Albert Moore.  (September 1, 1972). 

w. Clipping.  "Secret Serviceless Life Happiest" by Isabelle Shelton.  Re" Mrs. Albert's thoughts about her husband not wanting to fill the President's position.  (November 27, 1973).

x. Clipping.  Wall Street Journal Re:  brief statement by David Albert regarding his views on Watergate.  (October 26, 1973).

y. Clipping.  "Mrs. Albert: `In Politics You Learn to Cope With A Lot Of Unexpected Things'" The State Women.  (March 10, 1973). 

z. Clipping.  "Miss Albert, Mr. Winn Are Wed."  McAlester News-Capital.  Re:  marriage of Albert's niece, Kathryn Albert Winn.  (April 22, 1973). 

aa. Clipping.  "Earl Albert Wins Title."  McAlester News-Capital.  Re:  Earl Albert, winner of McAlester Country Club Handicapp Golf Tournament.  (May 14, 1973). 

bb. Newspage.  "'Mrs. A' Prefers Girl Talk to Politics."  Stillwater News-Press.  Re:  Mary Albert.  Includes photo of Mary Albert with Mrs. Robert Kamm.  (January 20, 1974). 

cc. Clipping.  "Teen-Age Son of Carl Albert Eying Father's Seat in House."  Tulsa Daily World.  Re:  David Albert.  (February 10, 1974). 

dd. Clipping.  McAlester News-Capital.  Re:  Mary Albert.  (March 29, 1974). 

ee. Clipping.  "Speaker's Wife Misses Oklahoma Home" by Vivian Vahlberg.  Daily Oklahoman.  Re:  interview with Mrs. Albert.  (June 25, 1974).

ff. Clipping.  Hugo Daily News.  Re:  David Albert.  (September 12, 1974). 

gg. Clipping.  Hugo Daily News.  Re:  David Albert.  (September 1974).   

hh. Newsletter. AFOWC.  "Protocol."  Re:  Mrs. Albert's first experience with the Air Force.  (May 1975).

ii. Clipping.  "Congressman's Ceiling All Wet."  Columbia Record.  Re:  leak in Albert's apartment.  Includes photo of Carl and David Albert.  (July 15, 1975). 

jj. Clipping, "She's a 'Silent' Political Partner," Daily Oklahoman, re: Mary Albert (December 16, 1962).

F 23: Albert, Carl - Biographical Information (n.d.).

a. Editorial by Alan Cromley.  "Speaker's Behavior Concerns Nation."  Daily Oklahoman.  Re:  Albert's job as Speaker; trip to eastern Europe.  (October 19, 19?).

b. Clipping.  "Caution on Vietnam."  Tulsa Daily World.  (December 29, 19?).

c. Editorial. "Just One Man's Point of View."  Re:  the treatment Albert receives by the press.

d. Press release.  re: recommendations from the President to Congress.

e. Clipping.  "Albert Speeches Prepared."  Norman Transcript.  Re:  Albert's trip to Asia.  (August 6, 19?).

f. Clipping.  "Former 4-H'er Carl Albert To Get Award."  Tulsa Tribune.  (May 21, 19?).

g. Press release.  Re:  Business of the House of Representatives.

h. Clipping.  "What Holiday?"  Coalgate Record? Re:  Albert being overworked.  (June 5, 19?).

F 24: Albert, Carl - Biographical Material (n.d., 1953).

a. Typescript article by John M. Virden.  "Tales Told by Me:  The Honorable Congressman and the Green Hickory Time."  From the Air Force Times.  Re:  stories of Albert's boyhood.  (October 1953).

b. Typescript article.  "House Majority Leader Agrees `Comparability' For Government Employees is a `Fair Idea.'" and "`Little Giant From Dixie" is a Skilled Parliamentary Leader Who Understands the Problems Faced in Federal Employment."  From the Government Standard.  (n.d.).

c. Speech by Carl Albert.  Re:  Christian service through action for others. 

d. Biographical sketch of Albert.  Re:  political career and achievements. 

e. Biographical sketch of Albert by Rex Chaney.  Re:  Albert's background includes stories of Albert. 

f. List of excerpts from the McAlester and University of Oklahoma annuals.  Re:  Carl Albert and high school and college activities.

g. Questionnaire.  Re:  Albert's association with Dean Rusk as Rhodes Scholars. 

h. Biographical sketch.  Re:  Albert's statement of military service, includes appointments, promotions, and educations.

i. Biographical sketch.  Re:  brief statistics on Albert.

j. Speech by Albert.  Re:  public speaking and how it has effected his life, cites specific examples. 

k. Biographical sketch.  Re:  Albert's ancestors, 1887-1946.

l. Biographical sketch.  "The Democratic Whip."  Re:  Albert as his position as Whip.

m. Typescript essay.  Re:  events which tested Albert's leadership abilities, such as the Arab oil embargo, Watergate, and the proposed presidential impeachment.

F 25: Albert, Carl - Biographical Material (n.d.).

a. Quotes from speeches by Albert, re: various topics.

b. Biographical sketch of Albert.

c. Typescript essay, re: educational background of Albert.

d. Script, re: "Potomac Pictorial," a film in which Albert provides information to children about Washington, D.C., and his job as member of Congress.

F 26 Albert, Carl - Bug Tussle (n.d., 1962, 1968-1969, 1975).

a. Clipping, "Flames Add to Horror of Mine Disaster," Muskogee Daily Phoenix, re: explosion of Degnan-McConnell Coal Mine in Hartshorne, Oklahoma (January 14, 1926).

b. Press release from office of Carl Albert on closing of Bug Tussle School (May 18, 1968).

c. Clipping, "Sad Day for Those at Closing of School," McAlester News-Capitol, re: closing of Bug Tussle School (May 20, 1968).

d. Clipping, "Albert Attends 'Funeral' for Bug Tussle School," Tulsa Tribune (May 20, 1968)

e. Correspondence about school closing with clipping, "Not Real Life, Real Life," Dallas Morning News (May 19, 1968).

f. Clipping, "A Sad Day at Bug Tussle," Atlanta Constitution (June 4, 1968).

g. Clipping, "Nostalgia for Old Towns Surface," Washington Star (June 4, 1968).

h. Clipping photo of Albert at closing of Bug Tussle School, Kiamichi Magazine (July 7, 1968).

i. Clipping, "Pre-Carl Albert Bug Tussle School," McAlester Democrat, re: history of Bug Tussle School (October 11, 1962).

j. Clipping, "Indians Slap Carl Albert," El Reno (Okla.) Daily Tribune, re: Carl Albert High School (April 25, 1969)

k. Clipping, "Carl Albert Due Honor at Bugtussle," Daily Oklahoman, re: proposed Carl Albert Cultural Interpretation Center in Bug Tussle (August 27, 1975).

l. Clipping, "Big Plans for Bugtussle," McAlester News-Capital (August 25, 1975).

m. Clipping, "Expert Tussles with Names of Texas Cities," Dallas Morning News, re: Bug Tussle (October 5, 1975).

n. Clipping, "Carl Albert's Bugtussle Teacher to be Honored," Times, re: Lottie Ross (October 21, 1975).

o. Clipping, "Bug Tussle - the Reality," re: Albert and Bug Jussle School.

p. Clipping, "Society to Mark Albert's Birthplace," McAlester News-Capital, re: plans to mark and dedicate the birthplace of Albert by the Oklahoma Historical Society (January 11, ?)

q. Clipping, "Plans Made to Mark Albert's Birthplace," McAlester News-Capital (n.d.).

r. Fact sheet, re: Oklahoma state flags.

F 27: Albert, Carl - Gifts (n.d., 1971, 1974).

a. Memoranda.  Re:  wooden map of the state of Oklahoma by Larry Cate.  (1971).

b. Clipping.  "Deaf Students Honor Speaker."  Re:  buffet tray given to Albert by students at the Oklahoma School for the Deaf. (n.d.).

c. Correspondence.  Re:  gift.

d. Clipping.  "Little Giant, Big Gavel."  Pauls Valley Democrat.  Re:  gavel given to Albert by Jim Morphew.  Includes photo of Albert.  (September 10, 1974). 

F 28: Albert, Carl - Newspapers (1960-1976).

Folder includes numerous clippings, many of which have no reference to Albert.

F 29: Albert, Carl - Paintings, Sculptures, and Busts (n.d., 1974).

a. Correspondence.  Re:  topic.

b. Correspondence.  Re:  portrait of Carl Albert by Judith Ware Bishop located at the Oklahoma Heritage Center in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

c. Press release with Clippings.  Re:  Fredda Brilliant and bronze bust of Albert at St. Peters College, Oxford.  (1974).

F 30: Albert, Carl - Requests and Letters.

F 31: Albert, Carl - Biographical Material (n.d.).

F 32: Albert, Carl (1926).

Copy of the 1926 McAlester High School annual, the Dancing Rabbit. This was donated by Dr. Dan A. Davis, Dean of the College of Liberal Studies. Carl Albert was a junior.

F 33: Albert, Carl - U.S. Army Congressional Command and Operations Group, USAR, 1957-1959, 1961-1962.

Folder contains mainly notices of meetings of the organization. Occasionally, there are separate sheets which have information on Carl Albert's inactive duty record.

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