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F 1: Hanson, Julia (1964, 1966-1968, 1971-1975).

Fact sheet, biographical sketch, remarks, clipping, correspondence regarding election, letter of support, violations of rules of comity, Department of Interior appropriations, spending cuts Republican sustaining membership blank, Lynda Johnson Robb gift, photo, Congressional reform, questionnaire on committee structure and chairmanship, appointment of subcommittee chair, Committee on Organization, study and review, Paul McCloskey's presidential candidacy, appointment to the Public Works Subcommittee on Appropriations, story in the Washington Post, Bicentennial Commission, San Juan-Chama Project, Israel aid, pay raises, letter of appreciation, retirement, removal of personal effects, her difficulties as a woman in politics-ramification on family members.

F 2: Hansen, George (1975).

Telegrams regarding pleas for leniency.

F 3: Hansen, Orval (1974).

Newsletter to constituents regarding farmers/ranchers.

F 4: Hardesty, Bob (1976).

Correspondence, clipping regarding appointment to the Board of Governors of the United States Postal Service.

F 5: Harding, Ralph R. (undated, 1976).

Issue Brief.

F 6: Hardy, Porter Jr. (1966).

Correspondence regarding re-election, retirement.

F 7: Harkin, Tom (1974).

Biographical sketch.

F 8: Harrington, Michael J. (1971, 1973-1975).

Clipping, remarks, correspondence regarding Vietnamese policy, budgetary impact, Dickey-Lincoln Hydroelectric Project, Democrat's policy vacuum, disclosure of CIA operations in Chile.

F 9: Harris, Fred (1966-1968, 1970-1971).

Remarks, clipping, correspondence, regarding Capitol Report, Advisory Commission on Civil Disorders, timetable of medical research goals, "Alarms and Hope," insertion of statements on Vietnam by Senator Bellmon, runestones in Heavener, Poteau and Shawnee.

F 10: Harris, Herbert E. II (1974).

Biographical sketch.

F 11: Harris, Oren (1960-1961).

Clipping, biographical sketch, regarding "broadcasting" article, presentation of portrait.

F 12: Hartke, Vance (1974).

Clipping, correspondence regarding "Silent Majority," re-election.

F 13: Harvey, James (1973-1974).

Biographical sketch, correspondence regarding tribute, resignation.

F 14: Hastings, James F. (1976).

Correspondence regarding resignation.

F 15: Hathaway, William D. (1966-1967, 1971-1972).

Correspondence, campaign material, biographical sketch regarding Dickey-Lincoln Hydroelectric Power Project, booklet, illness, birthday, Quality Education amendment, Potato bill.

F 16: Hawkins, Augustus F. (1966-1967).

Biographical sketch, newsletter, correspondence regarding re-election.

F 17: Hayden, Carl (1967).

Remarks regarding tribute.

F 18: Hayes, Philip H. (1974).

Biographical sketch.

F 19: Hayes, Wayne (1966-1967, 1972-1973, 1975-1976).

Clippings, biographical sketch, correspondence, speech regarding "Hayes and Foes on Hill...," photo, requests that Hays resign from Congressional Campaign Committee (conflict of interest), "Airport Police Criticized," "Economic Recovery and Republican Obstructionism," re-election to House Administration Committee, petition for Hayes to resign chairmanship, resignation from Congress, "Hayes Probe To Be Closed," real estate holdings, primary win, 'Czar' in the House, Elizabeth Ray scandal, selected editorials, proposed House Committee on Standards of Official Conduct hearing, grand jury.

F 20: Hebert, F. Edward (1966, 1971-1973, 1975-1976).

Biographical sketch, correspondence regarding tribute, re-election, subject of heroin addiction, disability compensation for prisoners of war, Military Order of the World Wars, service as chairman of House Armed Services Committee, retirement.

F 21: Hechler, Ken (1966, 1971, 1974).

Biographical sketch, correspondence regarding re-election, tribute, photos.

F 22: Hefner, W. G. (1974).

Biographical sketch.

F 23: Helstoski, Henry (1966-1967, 1971-1972, 1974-1976).

Correspondence regarding committee appointments, publications, case of Onofrio Milazzo, portrait.

F 24: Henderson, David N. (1966-1967, 1971-1972, 1975).

Correspondence, biographical sketch, report regarding illness, re-election, career appointments of certain government employees, Adam Clayton Powell seat, list of "approved attorneys," FBI employees, reception, committee appointments, voluntary retirement of federal employees after 30 years.

F 25: Herlong, A. S. Jr. (1966).

Correspondence regarding re-election, illness.

F 26: Hicks, Floyd V. (1966-1967).

Biographical sketch, correspondence regarding re-election.

F 27: Hicks, Louise Day (1972).

Biographical sketch, correspondence regarding letter of appreciation.

F 28: Hightower, Jack E. (1974).

Biographical sketch.

F 29: Hinshaw, Andrew (1976).

Clippings, newsletter, correspondence regarding voting privileges, district unrepresented, removal from office.

F 30: Holifield, Chet (1956, 1966-1968, 1971-1974).

Biographical sketch, clipping, correspondence, speech regarding Civil Defense, world problems, re-election, illness, tribute, employment application, photo, Democratic National Committee reception, Consumer Protection Agency Act, list of laws passed since 1943 dealing with consumer affairs, 1973 National Civil Service League Award, portrait.

F 31: Holland, Elmer J. (1966-1967).

Biographical sketch, correspondence regarding re-election.

F 32: Holland, Kenneth L. (1976).

Biographical sketch, correspondence regarding reception, letter of appreciation.

F 33: Holt, Marjorie (1973, 1975).

Correspondence regarding general.

F 34: Holtzman, Elizabeth (1972-1973, 1975-1976).

Correspondence regarding Boy Scouts, invitation to sit as speaker, nomination to Budget Committee, speaker pro tempore.

F 35: Hook, Frank E. (1967).

Correspondence regarding retirement benefits.

F 36: Hoover, Herbert (1961, 1964).

Clipping, biographical sketch, remarks regarding birthday, illness, death.

F 37: Hoover, J. Edgar (1972).

Remarks regarding death.

F 38: Horton, Frank (1971, 1974-1976).

Remarks, clipping, correspondence regarding anniversary of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution, personal, tribute, arrested in auto chase.

F 39: Hosmer, Craig (1974-1975).

Correspondence regarding passing of Murray Chotiner, discharge petition on the vitamin bill, members-press elevator incident, Price-Anderson Nuclear indemnity.

F 40: Howard, James J. (1966-1967, 1971).

Biographical sketch, correspondence regarding re-election, book.

F 41: Howe, Allan T. (1974-1976).

Biographical sketch, clipping, correspondence regarding "Congress, Sex and the Press," tribute, sex case.

F 42: Hubbard, Carroll Jr. (1974-1976).

Biographical sketch, correspondence regarding office space, committee assignments, election, photos, CA retirement.

F 43: Huddleston, George Jr. (1971).

Clipping, regarding death.

F 44: Hughes, William J. (1974-1976).

Biographical sketch, correspondence regarding Congressional budget, meeting with young constituent, flag request, request for appointment to the Special Study Commission to review the administration of House accounts.

F 45: Hull, W. R. Jr. (1966, 1971-1972).

Correspondence regarding tribute, Board of Visitors to the United States Military Academy, re-election.

F 46: Humphrey, Hubert (1965, 1966, 1973-1974, 1976).

Clipping, remarks, correspondence regarding profile, birthday, addresses Women's Democratic Conference, cards, cancer.

F 47: Hungate, William L. (1964, 1966, 1971).

Biographical sketch, correspondence regarding illness, re-election, Small Business Committee, letter of appreciation.

F 48: Hurley, Patrick J. (1963).

Remarks regarding tribute.

F 49: Hutchinson, Edward (undated).

Christmas card.

F 50: Hyde, Henry J. (1976).

Letter, remarks regarding $1.00 deduction on income tax form for national debt reduction.

F 51: Ichord, Richard (1966-1967, 1972-1973).

Biographical sketch, correspondence, remarks regarding re-election, compensation of maitre d'hotel, tribute, veto override vote (Medical Services-S504).

F 52: Irwin, Don (1967).

Biographical sketch.

F 53: Jacobs, Andrew Jr. (1967, 1974).

Remarks, biographical sketch, correspondence regarding luncheon, seniority system.

F 54: Jarman, John (1966, 1973, 1975-1976).

Correspondence, clipping regarding re-election, Republican party affiliation, funeral of James V. Smith, retirement.

F 55: Javits, Jacob K. (1972, 1974).

Biographical sketch, correspondence regarding constituent letter.

F 56: Jennings, W. Pat (1965).

Correspondence, speech regarding tribute.

F 57: Jenrette, John W. (1974).

Biographical sketch.

F 58: Joelson, Charles S. (1966).

Correspondence regarding election, illness.

F 59: Johnson, Harold (1966, 1971, 1974).

Correspondence regarding re-election, lunch, forest fires, natural resources.

F 60: Johnson, Jed (1963).

Remarks regarding eulogy.

F 61: Johnson, Lyndon B. (1964, 1965, 1972-1973).

Correspondence, remarks, clippings, speeches regarding Democratic Congressional dinner, Associated Press luncheon, New Jersey State Democratic Committee, Cook County fundraiser, stock market, foreign aid, labor, Nixon, war "impossible," Bobby Baker, civil rights, State of the Union message, tribute, Wright Patman speech, major legislation memo, personal note to CA, funeral services, obituaries.

F 62: Jonas, Charles Raper (1972).

Correspondence regarding tribute.

F 63: Jones, Ed (1972).

Correspondence, remarks, newsletter regarding oath of office, tribute.

F 64: Jones, James R. (1972-1976).

Clipping, correspondence regarding price supports, committee appointments, photo, tribute, Research and Treatment for the Problems of Human Growth, Deputy Whip position, failure to report campaign contribution.

F 65: Jones, Walter B. (1966-1967, 1974, 1976).

Correspondence, biographical sketch, regarding re-election, peanut legislation, condition on night of October 1, 1976.

F 66: Jones, Robert E. (1966, 1972-1973, 1975-1976).

Biographical sketch, correspondence, speech, remarks regarding re-election, death of George Andrews, gavel, tribute.

F 67: Jordan, Barbara (1972-1974).

Biographical sketch, clippings, correspondence regarding election, Cambodian issue, tribute, statement on Nixon impeachment, "Black Woman Keynoter."

F 68: Jordan, Everett B. (1971).

Correspondence regarding illness.

F 69: Judd, Walter (1972).

Correspondence, regarding address of.

F 70: Karsten, Frank M. (1966-1967).

Correspondence, biographical sketch regarding re-election.

F 71: Karth, Joseph E. (1966-1967).

Biographical sketch, correspondence regarding re-election, committee appointment.

F 72: Kastenmeir, Bob (1966-1967, 1972).

Biographical sketch, joint resolution, correspondence regarding "School Safety Patrols," re-election, permission to quote.

F 73: Kazen, Abraham (1966-1967).

Biographical sketch, correspondence, regarding election, visit.

F 74: Kearns, Carroll (1972).

Clipping regarding death of.

F 75: Kee, James (1964, 1966, 1968, 1971-1972).

Correspondence, remarks, campaign material regarding re-election, foreign policy, tribute, presidential vote in district, photo, illness, dinner.

F 76: Kefauver, Estes (1963).

Remarks regarding eulogy.

F 77: Kelly, Edna F. (1966).

Correspondence regarding illness, delivery of mail.

F 78: Kemp, Jack (1973-1974).

Remarks regarding Flag Day, banquet.

F 79: Kennedy, John F. (1961, 1963, 1971, 1974).

Remarks, correspondence regarding appraisal of 1st 100 days, Tax Reduction Bill, relations with Soviet Union, eulogy, Congressional Medal of Honor, CA association with JFK, international reaction to assassination, and various newsletters, including one from Claude Pepper, re the assassination.

F 80: Kennedy, Robert (1966, 1968).

Correspondence, remarks regarding "Suppose God is Black," eulogy.

F 81: Kerr, Robert S. (1962-1963, 1965).

Speech, correspondence, remarks, correspondence regarding state Democratic meeting, eulogy, prayer, Kerr Airport dedication, estate, dedicatory remarks.

F 82: Ketchum, William (1973, 1976).

Correspondence regarding proposed move of San Diego Padres, cartoon, luncheon.

F 83: Keys, Martha (1974-1975).

Biographical sketch, correspondence regarding letter of appreciation, recess.

F 84: Kilgore, Joe M. (1964).

Correspondence regarding letter of appreciation.

F 85: Kindness, Thomas (1975).

Correspondence regarding appointment to Commission on Individual Rights.

F 86: King, Cecil R. (1966-1967).

Correspondence, remarks, biographical sketch regarding re-election, Medicare.

F 87: King, David S. (1964).

Correspondence regarding election.

F 88: King, William (1972).

Correspondence regarding lack of representation by Congressman Coughlin.

F 89: Kinnaly, Eugene T. (undated).

Regarding retirement.

F 90: Kirwan, Michael J. (1966-1967).

Biographical sketch, correspondence regarding re-election.

F 91: Koch, Edward I. (1970-1974).

Clipping, biographical sketch, correspondence regarding committee appointment, Lockheed bill, Bicycle Transportation Act of 1971, book Let My People Go, Israeli Olympic team, H.R. 6452, tax cut proposal, complaints about House leadership.

F 92: Kluczynski, John C. (1966-1967, 1969-1972, 1975).

Biographical sketch, correspondence regarding re-election, anniversary, tribute, committee appointment, birthday, death of.

F 93: Kornegay, Horace R. (1966-1968).

Biographical sketch, correspondence regarding re-election, special order, retirement.

F 94: Krebs, John H. (1974).

Biographical sketch.

F 95: Krebs, Paul J. (1964).

Correspondence regarding election.

F 96: Krueger, Robert (1974).

Biographical sketch, campaign material.

F 97: Kunkel, John (1970).

Telegram regarding condolences.

F 98: Kupferman, Ted (undated).

Correspondence regarding letter of appreciation.

F 99: Kuykendall, Dan (1973).


F 100: Kyl, John (1972).

Correspondence regarding special order.

F 101: Kyros, Peter N. (1967, 1971).

Biographical sketch, correspondence regarding Greek Americans, tribute.

F 102: LaFalce, John J. (1974, 1976).

Biographical sketch, correspondence regarding recess.

F 103: LaGomarsino, Robert J. (1974).

Correspondence regarding swearing in ceremony.

F 104: Landgrebe, Earl F. (1973-1974).

Correspondence regarding Orville Redenbacher popcorn, cartoon.

F 105: Landrum, Phil M. (1965-1966, 1976).

Biographical sketch, correspondence regarding illness, re-election, retirement.

F 106: Langen, Odin (1972).

Correspondence regarding retirement.

F 107: Lasseter, Dillard B. (1953).

Remarks regarding retirement.

F 108: Latch, Edward (1966).

Clipping regarding appointment as Chaplain of the House.

F 109: Leggett, Robert L. (1966, 1968, 1972).

Biographical sketch, clipping, correspondence, form letter regarding re-election, illness, birthday, 10 years in Congress, Joint House-Senate Caucus, leak of Executive Session transcript, South Korean bribes.

F 110: Lehman, William (1972-1976).

Biographical sketch, correspondence regarding Democratic Study Group, President's environmental message, reception, LBJ Congressional Intern Bill, recess, constituent letter, tribute, personal.

F 111: Lennon, Alton A. (1966-1967).

Biographical sketch, correspondence regarding re-election.

F 112: Levitas, Elliot H. (1974).

Biographical sketch.

F 113: Lichtenwalter, Franklin H. (1973).

Biographical sketch, remarks, correspondence regarding special order, eulogy.

F 114: Link, Arthur A. (1970).

Biographical sketch.

F 115: Litton, Jerry (1972-1974).

Newsletter, biographical sketch, correspondence, campaign material regarding Pattonsburg Lake Reservoir, luncheon, eulogy.

F 116: Lloyd, Jim (1974-1975).

Biographical sketch, newsletter.

F 117: Lloyd, Marilyn (1974-1975).

Biographical sketch, correspondence regarding luncheon, photos, support for CA.

F 118: Long, Clarence D. (1966-1967, 1970-1972, 1975).

Magazine, clipping, correspondence, biographical sketch regarding re-election, "The Economics of LBJ," tribute, appointment to Joint Committee on the Environment, Nixon economic record, personal.

F 119: Long, George S. (1954).

Speech, regarding differences between Republican and Democratic Parties.

F 120: Long, Gillis (1972).

Biographical sketch.

F 121: Long, Russell B. (1973).

Biographical sketch.

F 122: Long, Speedy O. (1966).

Correspondence regarding re-election.

F 123: Love, Rodney M. (1964).

Correspondence regarding election.

F 124: Lowenstein, Allard (1969).

Biographical sketch, clipping, correspondence regarding letter of appreciation, "Unconventional Member of Congress."

F 125: Lujan, Manuel (1973).

Remarks regarding spending our federal dollars.

F 126: Luken, Thomas (1974).

Clippings, remarks, correspondence regarding Ohio election, letter of appreciation.

F 127: Lundine, Stanley (1976).

Clipping, correspondence regarding election.

F 128: MacArthur, Douglas (1962-1964).

Speech, clippings, remarks regarding farewell address, eulogies, burial.

F 129: Macdonald, Torbert (1966).

Clipping, correspondence regarding death of.

F 130: Machen, Harvey G. (1966-1967).

Correspondence, biographical sketch regarding illness, re-election.

F 131: Mackay, James A. (1964).

Correspondence regarding election.

F 132: MacNeil, Neil (1963).

Remarks regarding tribute.

F 133: Madden, Ray J. (1966, 1972, 1974, 1976).

Biographical sketch, clipping, remarks, correspondence regarding re-election, portrait ceremony, National Black Political Convention, committee appointment, Hansen reorganization bill, letter of appreciation, tribute.

F 134: Madigan, Edward R. (1974).

Correspondence, House resolution regarding mechanism for averting crises in the supply of raw materials.

F 135: Maguire, Andrew (1974).

Biographical sketch.

F 136 Mahon, George (1966, 1971, 1973-1974).

Print, speech, correspondence regarding re-election, reduction of federal spending, Nixon economic record, foreign assistance and related programs appropriations bill, Agnew request for a house investigation, FY 1975 budget review, luncheon, George and Helen Mahon Library, Agricultural-Environment and Consumer Protection bill, tribute, portrait.

F 137: Mann, James R. (1974).

Biographical sketch, correspondence regarding letter of appreciation.

F 138: Mansfield, Mike (1967, 1973, 1976).

Remarks, clipping, correspondence regarding Mike Mansfield Fund, Congressional Reapportionment bill, letter of appreciation, problem with mail, "Congress and Foreign Policy," tributes, retirement.

F 139: Marsh, John O. (1966-1968).

Biographical sketch, correspondence regarding re-election, organization of the house, Guam and American Somoa, American Renaissance, Vietnam, 50th anniversary of Armistice Day.

F 140: Marshall, Fred (1962).

Remarks regarding tribute.

F 141: Mathias, Charles Jr. (1973).

Christmas card.

F 142: Mathias, Robert (1972).


F 143: Mathis, Dawson (1970-1971, 1973-1975).

Biographical sketch, correspondence, clipping regarding urban and rural-oriented legislation, House Rules Committee vacancy, Jane Fonda speech, peanut program, political feuds, controlling federal spending.

F 144: Matsunago, Spark (1966-1968, 1971-1974, 1976).

Biographical sketch, correspondence, clipping, newsletter, speech regarding re-election, congressional redistricting, tribute, Internal Security Act of 1950, "Let us teach our Children to Pray," Nixon's economic record, Japanese journalists, flowers, State of Union message, "Rulemakers of the House," tribute.

F 145: Mazzoli, Romano (1970-1975).

Correspondence regarding appointment to Joint Commission on the Coinage, benefit auction, trip to Korea, farewell address, letter of thanks, committee vacancy.

F 146: McCarthy, Richard D. (1966-1967, 1970).

Biographical sketch, correspondence regarding illness, re-election, 39th District House race.

F 147: McClellan, John L. (1975).

Correspondence regarding Arkansas River Navigation System.

F 148: McClory, Robert (1975).

Biographical sketch, correspondence regarding tribute.

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