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F 1: McCollister, John (1975).

Correspondence regarding tribute.

F 2: McCormack, C. G. Mike (1972-1975).

Biographical sketch, correspondence, House resolution, regarding election, letter of support, personal, Nuclear Power Plant Sitting Bill.

F 3: McCormack, Edward J. (1963).

Remarks, regarding eulogy

F 4: McCormack, Edward J. Jr. (1966).

Correspondence regarding tribute.

F 5: McCormack, John (1961-1964, 1966-1975).

Biographical sketch, remarks, speech, clippings, resolution, correspondence regarding tributes, duties of the Speaker, interview with Martin Agronsky, illness, re-election, volunteer agencies, election challenge, scandals associated with Speaker McCormack House leadership, aides under investigation, Udall challenge, "Demos kill no confidence move," retirement, reception, DSG Legislative Report, award by government of Italy, Nixon investigation of, dedication of Federal Post Office, Hale Boggs, birthday, "Medal of Honor," photo, personal.

F 6: McCulloch, William M. (1972).

Correspondence regarding retirement.

F 7: McDade, Joseph M. (undated).

Christmas card.

F 8: McDonald, Lawrence (1974, 1976).

Biographical sketch, correspondence regarding remarks in record.

F 9: McFall, John J. (1966-1967, 1972-1973, 1975).

Biographical sketch, correspondence, form letter regarding re-election, birthday, oil tariff.

F 10: McGovern, George (1962, 1970).

Remarks, form letter, correspondence regarding Director of Food for Peace, campaign for President, Reform of Party Rules, election.

F 11: McGranery, James (1963).

Remarks regarding tribute.

F 12: McGrath, Thomas C. Jr. (1964).

Correspondence regarding election.

F 13: McHugh, Matthew F. (1974).

Biographical sketch.

F 14: McKay, Gunn (1970, 1972-1973).

Newsletter, biographical sketch, remarks, visit to Utah, committee assignments, birthday.

F 15: McKevitt, James D. (1971).

Correspondence regarding House resolution, signature.

F 16: McMillan, John L. (1966, 1971-1972).

Clipping, print, remarks, correspondence regarding re-election, luncheon, House District Committee, tribute, District Revenue bill, career as hobbyist, portrait ceremony.

F 17: McSpadden, Clem (1972-1974).

Clipping, newsletter regarding recommended appointment as Secretary of Agriculture, farm price supports, committee appointments, staff information.

F 18: McVicker, Roy H. (1964, 1966).

Correspondence regarding offer of assistance, condolences.

F 19: Meeds, Lloyd (1966-1967).

Correspondence, biographical sketch, regarding election.

F 20: Melcher, John (1969).

Correspondence, remarks regarding election.

F 21: Metcalfe, Ralph H. (1970, 1973-1974, 1976).

Biographical sketch, correspondence, remarks regarding re-election, National Commission on Regulatory Reform, Interstate Commerce Commission statistical reporting, tribute.

F 22: Meyner, Helen (1974-1975).

Correspondence, biographical sketch, regarding resignation from the Committee on the District.

F 23: Mezvinsky, Edward (1972).

Correspondence regarding election.

F 24: Michel, Robert H. (1976).

Form letter, correspondence regarding brochure, murder of CIA agent Richard Welch, Christmas card.

F 25: Mikua, Abner (1971, 1974).

Biographical sketch, correspondence regarding Hugo Black tribute, Southeast Asia.

F 26: Milford, Dale (1972-1974, 1976).

Clipping, biographical sketch, correspondence, House resolution regarding freshmen comments on floor, Emergency Medical Service Act, Nixon resignation, illness.

F 27: Miller, George P. (1962, 1966, 1974-1975).

Biographical sketch, correspondence, magazine article, re-election.

F 28: Miller, William (1966).

Correspondence regarding tribute.

F 29: Mills, Wilbur (1966-1967, 1969, 1971-1975).

Biographical sketch, clippings, magazine articles, campaign material, remarks, correspondence regarding tribute, Watergate probe, Mills for President, oil-tax bill, re-election, expenditure control and tax policy, tax reform, personal, joint session of Oklahoma legislature, general revenue sharing, "Wilbur Mills" barge, "Power on the Potomac" debt ceiling bill, illness, letters about "Fanne Fox" episode and resignation.

F 30: Mills, William (1971, 1973).

Clipping, magazine article, correspondence regarding swearing in.

F 31: Mineta, Norm (1974, 1976).

Biographical sketch, form letter, correspondence regarding Indochinese Refugee Children Assistance Act, reception.

F 32: Minish, Joseph G. (1966, 1971, 1974).

Speech, newsletter, correspondence regarding re-election, undelivered telegram, Federal Food Safety Administration, inflation.

F 33: Mink, Patsy T. (1965-1967, 1971, 1975).

Biographical sketch, news release, correspondence regarding English teachers training program, flowers, re-election, day care centers, appointment to Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs, women in government, Hawaiian election of 1968.

F 34: Minshall, William E. (1966).

Report regarding opinion poll.

F 35: Mitchell, Darren J. (1970-1971, 1973-1976).

Biographical sketch, correspondence, speech regarding letter of thanks, Lockheed bill, Democratic Steering and Policy Committee, Community Action Agencies, N.A.A.C.P. Convention, photo, election to House Budget Committee, tribute.

F 36: Moakley, John J. (undated).

Biographical sketch.

F 37: Moeller, Walter (1967).

Correspondence regarding help with job.

F 38: Moffett, Toby (1974-1975).

Biographical sketch, correspondence regarding death of constituent.

F 39: Mollohan, Robert H. (1972, 1974).

Biographical sketch, correspondence regarding congratulations, letter from constituent on congressional leadership.

F 40: Monagan, John S. (1962, 1964-1967, 1970-1972).

Biographical sketch, profile, clipping, speech, correspondence remarks regarding tribute, immigrant law, gift, re-election, retirement, reappointed to the Board of Visitors of United States Coast Guard Academy.

F 41: Monroney, Mike (1952, 1964-1966).

Speech, correspondence regarding legislative reform resolution, dedication of Will Rogers Airport.

F 42: Montgomery, Sonny (1967, 1971, 1973-1974).

Biographical sketch, correspondence regarding letter of thanks, legislative goals, trip to Southeast Asia, Vietnamese drug suppression effort, presiding over the Committee of the Whole House, George Washington farewell address.

F 43: Montoya, Joseph M. (1964, 1976).

Record, correspondence regarding letter of thanks, tribute.

F 44: Moorhead, William S. (1967, 1971).

Correspondence, remarks, news release, House resolution, campaign material regarding re-election, committee appointments, education, lowering of voting age, construction of educational television facilities, United Nations Peace Force, rapid transit, appointment to Joint Economic Committee, Lockheed bill.

F 45: Morgan, Thomas E. (1966, 1971, 1976).

Biographical sketch, statement, correspondence regarding re-election, tribute, subject of heroin addition, retirement.

F 46: Morse, F. Bradford (1972).

Correspondence regarding autograph.

F 47: Morris, Thomas G. (1966-1968).

Biographical sketch, correspondence regarding re-election, long staple cotton, absence.

F 48: Morse, Wayne (1964).

Remarks regarding opposition to war in Asia.

F 49: Morton, Rogers (1967).

Correspondence regarding booklet.

F 50: Mosher, Charles A. (1965).

Remarks regarding "Scientists and Congressmen."

F 51: Moss, Frank E. (1972).

Correspondence regarding re-election.

F 52: Moss, John E. (1966, 1968, 1970-1975).

News release, clipping, correspondence regarding tribute, illness, challenges seniority system, appointment to the United States-Mexico Interparliamentary Group, gift, photo, Nixon impeachment, revolt against leadership, house subpoena by contempt.

F 53: Motti, Ronald M. (1974-1975).

Biographical sketch, correspondence regarding freshman revolt.

F 54: Multer, Abraham J. (1966, 1976).

Correspondence, biographical sketch regarding illness, re-election, tribute.

F 55: Murphy, John M. (1966-1968, 1971-1974).

Biographical sketch, clipping, correspondence regarding Korean ties, re-election, illness, campaign material, fund-raiser, tribute, general, polls.

F 56: Murphy, Morgan (1971, 1976).

Biographical sketch, correspondence regarding reception, committee appointment (Select Committee on Crime), letter of appreciation.

F 57: Murphy, William T. (1966-1967, 1971).

Biographical sketch, correspondence regarding re-election, retirement.

F 58: Murtha, John P. (1974).

Remarks, correspondence regarding oath of office, tribute.

F 59: Muskie, Edmund S. (1971).

Correspondence, speech, news release regarding Vietnam policy, drug abuse programs, fraudulent letter (possibly related to 1972: campaign tactics), Public Works bill.

F 60: Myers, Gary A. (1975).

Correspondence regarding letter of appreciation.

F 61: Myers, John T. (1971).

Correspondence regarding POW's & MIA's.

F 62: Natcher, William H. (1965-1967, 1972).

Biographical sketch, correspondence, remarks regarding agriculture appropriations, holidays, re-election.

F 63: Neal, Stephen L. (1974, 1976).

Biographical sketch, correspondence regarding economy.

F 64: Nedzi, Lucien N. (1966-1967, 1975).

Biographical sketch, clipping, correspondence regarding re-election, CIA violations.

F 65: Nichols, Bill (1966-1967, 1974).

Correspondence regarding election, committee appointments, tribute.

F 66: Nix, Robert N. C. (1966, 1971).

Correspondence regarding illness, re-election, tribute, condolences.

F 67: Nixon, Richard M. (1971-1972, 1974).

Correspondence, clipping, speech regarding Nixon economic record, Nixon record, busing, price freeze, State of the Union Message.

F 68: Nolan, Richard (1974).

Biographical sketch.

F 69: Nowak, Henry J. (1974-1976).

Biographical sketch, correspondence regarding tribute, water pollution control projects.

F 70: Nygaard, Hjalmar (1963).

Remarks regarding eulogy.

F 71: Oberstar, James L. (1974-1976).

Biographical sketch, clipping, correspondence regarding unfavorable column on CA, record of first item.

F 72: Obey, David (1969, 1971, 1974).

Remarks, correspondence regarding election victory, postal pay, condolences, public service jobs.

F 73: O'Brien, George M. (1975).

Correspondence regarding speech, tribute.

F 74: O'Brien, Lawrence F. (1962, 1968).

Remarks, correspondence regarding address to Women's National Press Club.

F 75: O'Brien, Thomas J. (1963).

Remarks regarding tribute.

F 76: O'Hara, Barratt (1966, 1968).

Biographical sketch, correspondence regarding re-election, birthday, retirement.

F 77: O'Hara, James G. (1966-1967, 1971).

Correspondence, clipping, "dear colleague" letter, biographical sketch regarding illness, re-election, Democratic Study Group, rioting, committee appointment (Congressional Operations).

F 78: Olsen, Arnold (1966-1967).

Biographical sketch, correspondence regarding re-election.

F 79: Olson, Alec G. (1962).

Biographical sketch.

F 80: O'Neal, Maston (1964, 1966-1967).

Biographical sketch, correspondence regarding re-election.

F 81: O'Neill, Thomas P. (1966-1967, 1971, 1973-1976).

Biographical sketch, correspondence, clipping, news release, remarks regarding illness, re-election, appointment of Walter Fauntroy to Banking & Currency Committee, whip zones, low grain prices, majority leader position, summer jobs program, Nixon economic policies, meeting with Nixon, impeachment proceedings, general, Angola, campaign financing.

F 82: Ottinger, Richard L. (1966-1967, 1974-1975).

Biographical sketch, correspondence regarding illness, re-election, tribute.

F 83: Owens, Wayne (1972-1974).

Biographical sketch, correspondence regarding Committee on Committee's assignments, general.

F 84: Passman, Otto E. (1958, 1966, 1973, 1975-1976).

Speech, clipping, correspondence regarding banquet, re-election, defense of Nixon, denies use of coercion on shipping contracts.

F 85: Patman, Wright (1963, 1966-1968, 1970-1971, 1973-1974, 1976).

Remarks, clipping, correspondence, speech, biographical sketch regarding tribute, bank legislation, birthday, illness, re-election, change at Federal Reserve, "Our American Government," Lockheed bill, general, eulogy.

F 86: Patten, Edward J. (1966-1967, 1975-1976).

Biographical sketch, clipping, correspondence regarding National Conference of State Legislators Leaders, illness, re-election, McCloskey interview, general.

F 87: Patterson, Jerry M. (1974-1976).

Biographical sketch, correspondence regarding fund raisers.

F 88: Pattison, Edward W. (1974, 1976).

Biographical sketch, correspondence regarding Commission on the Humane Treatment of Animals.

F 89: Pell, Claiborne (1975).


F 90: Pelly, Thomas M. (1972).

Correspondence regarding purchase of desk and chair.

F 91: Pepper, Claude (1970-1974, 1976).

Correspondence, biographical sketch regarding tribute, general, poem, illness, poll.

F 92: Perkins, Carl D. (1966-1967, 1971, 1974).

Correspondence, form letter regarding illness, re-election, economic opportunity bill, staff vacancy.

F 93: Pettis, Shirley (1975).

Clipping, correspondence regarding card, House race of.

F 94: Philbin, Philip J. (1966, 1971-1973).

Correspondence, house resolution regarding illness, re-election, portrait, eulogy.

F 95: Pickle, J. J. (1966-1967, 1969, 1971-1974, 1976).

Remarks, correspondence, House resolution, clipping, biographical sketch regarding illness, re-election, travel congestion, disposition of executive papers, rural electric cooperatives, contempt citation against CBS president, holiday card, birthday, tribute, general.

F 96: Pike, Otis G. (1966, 1970, 1972, 1975-1976).

Correspondence, biographical sketch regarding re-election, tribute, gravel, committee report.

F 97: Poage, W. R. (1966-1968, 1971, 1976).

Remarks, correspondence, report, biographical sketch regarding re-election, dogs and cats for research purposes, onion futures, flood prevention program, Agriculture bill, rural electrification, farm program, humane slaughter of livestock, land conveyance (Glendale, Ariz.), tribute, portrait, staff vacancy.

F 98: Podell, Bertram L. (1971).

Clipping, correspondence regarding House Democrats group, tribute, Joint Committee on the Environment.

F 99: Polanco-Abreu, Santiago (1966-1967).

Form letter, correspondence regarding legislation on Puerto Rico, re-election, Puerto Rico plebiscite.

F 100: Pool, Joe R. (1966-1967).

Biographical sketch, correspondence regarding re-election.

F 101: Powell, Adam Clayton (1966-1967, 1970, 1972).

Report, clipping, biographical sketch, correspondence regarding illness, election, House seat controversy, recovery of funds, discussions on how to proceed with Powell expulsion, exclusion and declaration of vacancy, primary race, funeral, letters regarding expulsion.

F 102: Pressler, Larry (1976).

Correspondence regarding special congressional session.

F 103: Preyer, Richardson (1968).

Biographical sketch, card.

F 104: Price, Melvin (1966-1967, 1971, 1974).

Biographical sketch, correspondence regarding re-election, general, tribute.

F 105: Price, Bob (1967, 1973).

Correspondence, news release regarding general, IRS action affecting cattle feeding industry.

F 106: Proxmire, William (1973).

Correspondence regarding President's speech on energy crisis.

F 107: Pryor, David (1967, 1972, 1976).

Biographical sketch, clipping, correspondence regarding retirement, fund offers from South Koreans.

F 108: Pucinski, Roman (1966-1967, 1972).

Biographical sketch, remarks, correspondence regarding illness, re-election, Pentagon papers, general.

F 109: Purcell, Graham (1966-1967, 1971-1972).

Remarks, House resolution, news release, correspondence regarding illness, re-election, leadership of President Johnson, conflict in Middle East, rural America, general.

F 110: Quie, Albert H. (1974).

Correspondence regarding Right to Privacy Act.

F 111: Rabaut, Louis C. (1962).

Remarks regarding eulogy.

F 112: Railsback, Tom (1971).

Correspondence regarding CA wartime friend.

F 113: Rains, Albert (1961).

Remarks regarding urban renewal and planning.

F 114: Randall, William J. (1966-1967, 1974).

Form letter, biographical sketch, correspondence regarding re-election, Truman Memorial, gift, picnic.

F 115: Randolph, Jennings (1971-1972).

Biographical sketch correspondence regarding tribute.

F 116: Rangel, Charles B. (1970-1971, 1974, 1976).

Biographical sketch correspondence regarding committee assignments.

F 117: Rarick, John R. (1967, 1972-1973).

Biographical sketch, correspondence regarding birthday, Stratton Resolution on the Vietnam War, tribute.

F 118: Rayburn, Sam (1937-1941, 1961-1962).

Clipping, remarks, biographical sketch regarding Fair Labor standards, election as majority leader, repeal of arms embargo, House leadership under control of White House, re-organization bill, relief bill, election as speaker, eulogies, biography.

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