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F 1: Rees, Thomas M. (1966-1967, 1971, 1973, 1975).

News release, form letter, correspondence regarding re-election, illness, Bow Amendment to cut $5 billion out of budget, presiding over Committee of the Whole, Americans for Good Habits Rating, committee appointment, budget deficit, Watergate.

F 2: Reid, Charlotte T. (1967).

Form letter regarding Parade magazine article.

F 3: Reid, Ogden R. (1972-1973).

Memo, correspondence regarding committee and party seniority, constitutional questions.

F 4: Resnick, Joseph Y. (1966-1967).

Clipping, biographical sketch, correspondence regarding Agricultural Marketing Act, illness, re-election, tribute.

F 5: Reuss, Henry S. (1966-1967, 1971-1972, 1974-1975).

Biographical sketch, newsletters, correspondence regarding re-election, "Do Something Congress," Lockheed bill, President's economic plan, Democratic economic stance, Democratic Legislative program, lunch, CBS Radio address.

F 6: Rhodes, George M. (1966).

Correspondence regarding illness, re-election.

F 7: Rhodes, John H. (1972, 1974-1976).

Correspondence, newsletter, clipping regarding trip, room for Republican staff, inflation, gravel.

F 8: Richmond, Frederick W. (1974).

Biographical sketch.

F 9: Riegle, Don (1972).

Correspondence, newsletters regarding book, questionnaire.

F 10: Riley, John J. (1962).

Remarks regarding eulogy.

F 11: Risenhoover, Ted (1974-1975).

Biographical sketch, newsletter, correspondence regarding support of Democratic party, election, photos, actions of 94th Congress, letter of appreciation.

F 12: Rivers, L. Mendel (1966, 1971).

Correspondence, magazine regarding illness, re-election, naming of submarine, eulogy, Armed Force Journal article (tribute).

F 13: Rivers, Ralph (1966).

Correspondence regarding Alaska Centennial bill.

F 14: Roberts, Ray (1966-1967, 1969, 1971-1972).

Biographical sketch, clipping, correspondence regarding illness, re-election, tribute, committee assignments, visit to Boles Home for Children, general.

F 15: Robinson, J. Kenneth (1972).

Correspondence regarding funeral of Congressman Andrews.

F 16: Robison, Howard W. (1974-1976).

Correspondence regarding retirement, letter of appreciation.

F 17: Rodino, Peter J. (1966, 1971-1972, 1974).

Clipping, remarks, correspondence regarding re-election, general, undelivered telegram, greetings to Italians, disbanding House Select Committee on Crime, impeachment inquiry, new stature of Democratic party.

F 18: Roe, Robert (1973-1974).

Biographical sketch, correspondence regarding tribute, birthday.

F 19: Rogers, Byron G. (1966-1967).

Biographical sketch, correspondence regarding re-election.

F 20: Rogers, Paul G. (1966-1967, 1972, 1974-1975).

Biographical sketch, correspondence regarding illness, letters of appreciation.

F 21: Rogers, Walter (1966).

Correspondence regarding retirement.

F 22: Ronan, Daniel J. (1966-1967).

Biographical sketch, correspondence regarding re-election.

F 23: Roncalio, Teno (1966, 1970-1973, 1975).

News release, biographical sketch, newsletter, correspondence regarding public record of, election, new Whip zone, committee assignments, appointment to Board of Visitors to the United States Merchant Marine Academy, Selective Service Act, general, fund-raiser, tribute, cattle crisis.

F 24: Rooney, Fred B. (1966).

Correspondence regarding illness, re-election.

F 25: Rooney, John J. (1964-1966, 1971-1972, 1974).

Biographical sketch, campaign material, testimony, clipping, remarks, correspondence regarding immigration policies, election speech, Civil Rights bill, illness, re-election, re-appointment to Smithsonian Institution, training general practice physicians, cancer research, disputed primary election, revenue sharing, photos, retirement.

F 26: Roosevelt, Eleanor (1963).

Remarks regarding tribute.

F 27: Roosevelt, Franklin D. (undated).

Remarks regarding commemoration.

F 28: Roosevelt, James (1965).

Clipping regarding resignation.

F 29: Roy, William (1971-1974).

Biographical sketch, correspondence, clipping, newsletter regarding general, energy shortages, Wilbur Mills problem.

F 30: Rose, Charles III (1972-1973).

Biographical sketch, press release regarding Rural Environmental Assistance Program.

F 31: Rosenthal, Benjamin S. (1962, 1966).

Correspondence, clipping regarding re-election, illness, Vietnam.

F 32: Rostenkowski, Dan (1966, 1970-1972).

Correspondence, press release regarding illness, re-election, Committee on Organization, reception, proposed joint committee on the environment.

F 33: Roush, Edward J. (1966, 1968, 1972).

Biographical sketch, correspondence regarding re-election, Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore Project, CA visit.

F 34: Rousselot, John H. (1971).

Newsletter regarding 91st Congress.

F 35: Roybal, Edward R. (1966).

Biographical sketch, correspondence regarding re-election.

F 36: Runnels, Harold Lowell (1970).

Biographical sketch, correspondence regarding election.

F 37: Rusk, Dean (1964).

Speech regarding foreign aid.

F 38: Russo, Martin A. (1975-1976).

Biographical sketch, correspondence regarding freshman Whip, Chair of the Committee of the Whole.

F 39: Ruth, Earl B. (1971).


F 40: Ryan, Harold M. (1964).

Telegram regarding re-election.

F 41: Ryan, Leo J. (1972-1975).

Biographical sketch, correspondence regarding autograph, Watergate, pay raises, platform committee of Democratic convention, improper disclosures by Congressman Harrington.

F 42: Ryan, William F. (1966-1967, 1971-1972).

Biographical sketch, correspondence, memo regarding illness, re-election, tribute, proposed national recreation area.

F 43: Sabath, Adolph J. (1971).

Correspondence regarding research on.

F 44: St. Germain, Fernand J. (1966-1967, 1971).

Biographical sketch, correspondence regarding re-election, optometric professional, appointment to Select Committee on Small Business.

F 45: St. Onge, William L. (1966-1967).

Biographical sketch, remarks, newsletter, correspondence regarding re-election, review of first year, "Do Something Congress".

F 46: Santini, James (1974).

Biographical sketch.

F 47: Sarasin, Ronald A. (1974).

Correspondence regarding recess.

F 48: Sarbanes, Paul (1970-1972, 1976).

Biographical sketch, correspondence. regarding Judiciary Committee appointment, general, minimum wage bill.

F 49: Satterfield, David E. III (1964, 1966-1967).

Biographical sketch, correspondence regarding re-election.

F 50: Saylor, John (1971).

Telegram regarding Interservice Council Achievement Award

F 51: Scherle, Bill (1973).

Newsletter regarding two Chinas.

F 52: Scheuer, James H. (1966-1967, 1971-1972, 1974).

Newsletters, clipping, remarks, correspondence, biographical sketch regarding illness, re-election, family planning service, National Institute for Crime Prevention and Control, Democratic Reform movement, National Crime Research Agency, Social Security increases, switches district, Vienna Conference on Psychotropic Drugs, Contempt of Congress citation against CBS, Nixon economic record, birthday, tribute.

F 53: Schroeder, Patricia (1973-1976).

Biographical sketch, correspondence, clipping regarding National Women's Political Caucus, O'Neill Resolution, Steering Committee appointment, CBS program, general, West Front extension, battle with House leadership, United States bombing in Cambodia, Conference of the Committee on Disarmament, Southeast Asia, Watergate, session length, marbles, fund-raiser, Magna Carta.

F 54: Schwabe, George B. [1952].

Remarks regarding eulogy.

F 55: Seaton, Fred A. (1959).

Speech regarding commencement exercise.

F 56: Sebelius, Keith G. (1971).

Correspondence regarding Day of Bread Observance.

F 57: Secrest, Robert T. (1962).

Biographical sketch.

F 58: Seiberling, John F. (1970-1971, 1974).

Biographical sketch, survey, House resolution, form letter, correspondence regarding committee assignments, Economic Opportunity Act, Land and Water Conservation Fund Program.

F 59: Selden, Armistead I. Jr. (1966-1967).

Biographical sketch, correspondence regarding re-election.

F 60: Senner, George F. Jr. (1962).

Biographical sketch.

F 61: Schaffer, Morris F. (1976).

Correspondence, clippings regarding Army's downgrading of opportunities for civilian scientists, Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, CA retirement.

F 62: Sharp, Philip R. (1974-1976).

Biographical sketch, correspondence regarding swearing in, Bicentennial reception.

F 63: Shipley, George (1966).

Correspondence regarding re-election.

F 64: Shuster, E.G. (1973).

Correspondence regarding CA Today Show appearance.

F 65: Sickles, Carlton R. (1965).

Biographical sketch, correspondence regarding "Home Rule for D.C."

F 66: Simon, Paul (1974-1975).

Biographical sketch, remarks, correspondence regarding telephone conversation with speaker, general, government structure.

F 67: Sikes, Robert L.F. (1966-1967, 1969, 1971, 1973-1976).

Correspondence, report speech, clipping, biographical sketch, House Resolution, campaign material regarding illness, re-election, redistricted states, National Rifle Association, Florida statistical abstract, gun gift, 1968 election in Florida, Federal & State Firearms Controls, National Agricultural Marketing and Bargaining Act of 1971, Vietnam, general, Robert L.F. Sikes Library, reading of Washington's Farewell Address, common cause controversy, vote of confidence, resignation from insurance company, 60 Minutes program, House reprimand.

F 68: Sisk, B.F. (1962, 1966-1967, 1972, 1974, 1976).

Clipping, biographical sketch, correspondence, telegram, speech regarding National League Franchise in Washington, tribute, re-election, political philosophy, dairy industry, anniversary, criticizes CA's leadership.

F 69: Skubitz, Joe (1976).

Correspondence regarding gavel.

F 70: Slack, John M. Jr (1966-1967, 1971-1975).

Biographical sketch, correspondence regarding illness, re-election, mailing list for news releases and news reports, general, page appointment, Nixon impeachment.

F 71: Smith, Gomer [1953].

Remarks regarding eulogy.

F 72: Smith, Gorman C. (1972).

Biographical sketch, clipping, correspondence regarding photos, promotion.

F 73: Smith, H. Allen (1972).

Biographical sketch, correspondence regarding retirement.

F 74: Smith, Howard W. (1964).

Telegram regarding anti-poverty bill.

F 75: Smith, Neal (1966-1967, 1972).

Issue brief, biographical sketch, correspondence regarding illness, re-election, birthday.

F 76: Solarz, Stephen J. (1975).

Biographical sketch, correspondence regarding radio editorial.

F 77: Spellman, Gladys Noon (1974-1975).

Biographical sketch, clipping, correspondence regarding proposed transfer of the Pesticide Chemistry and Microbiology laboratories (EPA), opponents "confusion," receptions.

F 78: Spence, Floyd D. (1972).

Magazine article regarding fraternities.

F 79: Springer, William L. (1972).

Correspondence regarding retirement.

F 80: Staebler, Neil (1962).

Biographical sketch.

F 81: Staggers, Harley O. (1966-1967, 1971, 1973-1976).

Clipping, biographical sketch, correspondence regarding "The Selling of the Pentagon," re-election, luncheon, subpoena of the President of CBS, subject of heroin addiction, speech, portrait, autographs.

F 82: Stanton, James V. (1970).

Biographical sketch.

F 83: Stanton, William J. (1971).

Correspondence regarding shorter sessions, letter of appreciation.

F 84: Stark, Fortney H. (1972-1976).

Clipping, correspondence regarding divorce, visit, committee appointments, CA presidential possibility, Washington Press Club dinner, tribute, scheduling proposal, exception from Mead's Rule, visit to China, fund-raiser.

F 85: Steed, Tom (1962, 1966, 1971-1973).

Biographical sketch, clipping, correspondence, newsletter regarding death of CA's brother, analysis of Steed vote (1968), re-election, new FAA building, problems facing United States, re-election decision.

F 86: Steele, Robert H. (1972).

Form letter, correspondence regarding film documentary, Firetrap book.

F 87: Stennis, John (1973).

Correspondence regarding Stennis's illness.

F 88: Stephens, Robert G., Jr. (1966, 1972, 1974-1976).

Biographical sketch, newsletter, correspondence regarding right-to-work, general, re-election, candidate for chairman of the Banking, Currency and Housing Committee, retirement.

F 89: Stevens, Ted (1973).

Correspondence regarding Arctic Winter Games, legislation.

F 90: Stevenson, Adlai and Adlai III (1965, 1976).

Correspondence regarding excerpts from "Desiderata," study mission to the Middle East.

F 91: Stockman, Lowell (1962).

Remarks regarding eulogy.

F 92: Stokes, Carl B. [1971].

Report, correspondence regarding minority employment.

F 93: Stokes, Louis (1968).

Biographical sketch, telegram regarding Vietnam.

F 94: Stratton, Samuel S. (1966-1967, 1971).

Biographical sketch, correspondence regarding illness, re-election, re-appointment to the Board of Visitors to United States Naval Academy, Canada-United States Interparliamentary Group.

F 95: Strauss, Robert (1972).

Correspondence regarding American Friends of the Hebrew University.

F 96: Stubblefield, Frank A. (1966).

Correspondence regarding re-election.

F 97: Stuckey, Williamson S., Jr. (1966, 1974).

Biographical sketch, correspondence, campaign material regarding re-election, general.

F 98: Studds, Gerry E. (1973).

Biographical sketch, correspondence regarding reception.

F 99: Sullivan, Leonor K. (1966-1968, 1973-1976).

Correspondence, clipping, biographical sketch regarding re-election, portrait, "Loneliest Gal in Town," Consumer Protection Act, tribute, additional space, Coastal Energy Impact Fund.

F 100: Symington, James Wadsworth (1971-1972, 1976).

Clipping, newsletters, correspondence, biographical sketch regarding committee appointments, tribute, space shuttle, economic developments, voting record (92nd Congress), general, public town meeting, Mexican-United States Interparliamentary Conference, "Emerges as House Conciliator".

F 101: Symington, Stuart (1976).

Correspondence, clipping regarding retirement, arms warning.

F 102: Symms, Steven D. (1973, 1976).

Clipping, correspondence regarding view of House of Representatives, visit by Dr. J. Naro.

F 103: Talley, Dixie Lee (1976).

Remarks regarding eulogy.

F 104: Taubman, Herman P. (1961).

Remarks regarding eulogy.

F 105: Taylor, Roy A. (1967, 1972, 1976).

Biographical sketch, issue brief, correspondence regarding re-election, general, tribute, 4-H Alumni Award.

F 106: Teague, Charles M. (1974).

Clipping regarding death.

F 107: Teague, Olin E. (1971-1972, 1975).

Correspondence regarding "Caucus on the Caucus" meeting, subject of heroin addiction, re-election, general, Board of Visitors to West Point, tribute.

F 108: Tenzer, Herbert (1964, 1966-1969).

Remarks, biographical sketch, correspondence regarding general, re-election, retirement, tribute, Bnai Zion Gold Medal.

F 109: Terry, John H. (1972).

Correspondence regarding retirement.

F 110: Thomas, Albert (1963).

Remarks regarding retirement.

F 111: Thomas, Elmer (1965).

Clipping, correspondence regarding death.

F 112: Thompson, Clark [1966].

Telegram regarding retirement.

F 113: Thompson, Fletcher (1971-1972).

Form letter, correspondence regarding constitutional amendment to prohibit busing.

F 114: Thompson, Frank, Jr. (1966-1967, 1973-1975).

Voting record, biographical sketch, clipping, correspondence regarding CA illness, Erlenborn Amendment, general.

F 115: Thompson, T. Ashton (1967).

Correspondence regarding settlement of insurance claim.

F 116: Thone, Charles (1971, 1973, 1975).

Correspondence regarding exception to the limitation on employment of certain retired military personnel, guide to pronouncing names of members of Congress, general.

F 117: Thornberry, Homer (1962-1964, 1968).

Remarks, correspondence, biographical sketch regarding vacancy on the Court of Claims, tribute, general, appointment as federal judge.

F 118: Thornton, Ray (1972, 1975).

Biographical sketch, correspondence regarding resignation from the Committee on the Judiciary.

F 119: Thurmond, Strom (1972).

Correspondence regarding permission to use quote.

F 120: Tiernan, Robert O. (1968).

Clipping, correspondence regarding record as a freshman member.

F 121: Truman, Harry (1963-1964, 1973-1974).

Remarks, clipping, correspondence regarding birthday, agricultural record, memorial service, eulogy, appraisal of contributions, Truman symposium.

F 122: Tsongas, Paul E. (1974).

Biographical sketch

F 123: Tuck, Williams M. (1966-1967).

Biographical sketch, remarks, correspondence regarding Civil Rights legislation, retirement, re-election.

F 124: Tunney, John V. (1964-1964, 1967-1968).

Clipping, remarks, biographical sketch, speech, correspondence regarding election plans, re-election, Maghreb countries, Jefferson-Jackson Day, University of California, general.

F 125: Tuten, J. Russell (1962).

Biographical sketch.

F 126: Udall, Morris K. (1966-1967, 1970-1971, 1973-1974).

Biographical sketch, clipping, correspondence regarding tribute, illness, re-election, re-appointment to Mexico-United States Interparliamentary Group, Watergate, presidential candidacy, land use.

F 127: Ullman, Al (1962, 1966-1967).

Remarks, biographical sketch, correspondence regarding re-election, economy.

F 128: Van Deerlin, Lionel (1964, 1966-1967).

Speech, clipping, biographical sketch, correspondence regarding trip to San Diego, illness, re-election.

F 129: Vander Veen, Richard F. (1974).

Memo, correspondence, biographical sketch, clipping regarding tribute, election.

F 130: Vanik, Charles A. (1966-1968, 1970, 1974).

Biographical sketch, correspondence, remarks, statement regarding re-election, 89th Congress, nomination of Louis Stakes to the Appropriations Committee, need to expedite substantive legislation.

F 131: Veysey, Victor V. (1974).

Correspondence regarding retirement.

F 132: Vigorito, Joseph P. (1966-1968).

Biographical sketch, correspondence regarding re-election, cherry marketing order bill.

F 133: Vinson, Carl (1963, 1975).

Remarks, correspondence regarding tribute.

F 134: Vivian, Weston E. (1964).

Correspondence regarding re-election.

F 135: Waggonner, Joe D., Jr. (1966-1968, 1971-1972, 1974, 1976).

Biographical sketch, clipping, correspondence, remarks regarding illness, re-election, disassociation from Benson/Thurmond Presidential campaign, modernization of House Gallery Facilities Commission, newspaper attack on CA, tribute, Hansen Re-organization bill, arrested for solicitation, Mr. Shreveport Award.

F 136: Waldie, Jerome R. (1966-1967, 1970-1974).

Correspondence regarding re-election, re-appointment in California, display of North Vietnamese prisoner case, confrontation between the House and CBS, general, tribute, guidelines relating to preferential treatment and release of information from investigative files.

F 137: Walker, E. S. Johnny (1964, 1966-1967).

Correspondence regarding congratulatory letter, re-election, re-apportionment bill.

F 138: Walter, Francis (1963).

Remarks regarding Walter's hospitalization, death.

F 139: Watson, Albert W. (1962).

Biographical sketch.

F 140: Watts, John Clarence (1966-1967).

Biographical sketch, remarks, correspondence. regarding re-election, death.

F 141: Waxman, Henry A. (1974).

Biographical sketch.

F 142: Weaver, James (1974).

Biographical sketch.

F 143: Weis, Jessica M. (1963).

Remarks regarding eulogy.

F 144: Weltner, Charles L. (1963).

Biographical sketch, speech regarding Young Democrats.

F 145: Whalen, Charles W., Jr. (1967).

Correspondence, statement regarding devaluation of British Pound.

F 146: Whalley, J. Irving (1971-1973).

Correspondence, form letter regarding holidays, retirement, tribute.

F 147: White, Compton I., Jr. (1962).

Biographical sketch.

F 148: White, Richard C. (1964, 1966-1967, 1971-1974, 1976).

Biographical sketch, correspondence regarding election, illness, legislative interests, change in vote procedure, veterans affairs, general, committee assignments, letter of appreciation, AFL-CIO complaints about CA endorsement of White.

F 149: Whitehurst, G. William (1974).

Correspondence regarding fuel crisis.

F 150: Whitener, Basil L. (1966-1967).

Biographical sketch, speech, issue brief, correspondence regarding Federal debt, tribute, re-election.

F 151: Whitman, Roy L. (1963).

Remarks regarding tribute.

F 152: Whitten, Jamie L. (1966-1967, 1971-1972).

Biographical sketch, correspondence regarding re-election, book, son's essay, general.

F 153: Wiggins, Charles E. (1972-1973).

Correspondence, newsletter regarding marriage, Supreme Court abortion decision.

F 154: Williams, John Bell (1966-1967).

Biographical sketch, correspondence regarding illness, loss of seniority, re-election

F 155: Williams, Lawrence G. (1974).

Newsletter regarding pension reform.

F 156: Willis, Edwin E. (1966-1968).

Biographical sketch, clipping, correspondence regarding tribute, re-election, demonstrations, honorary degree.

F 157: Wilson, Bob (1974).

Correspondence regarding marriage.

F 158: Wilson, Charles (Texas) (1972).

Biographical sketch, correspondence regarding greetings.

F 159: Wilson, Charles H. (1967, 1971-1972, 1974).

Biographical sketch, news releases, correspondence regarding re-election, Postal Corporation, general, tribute, Postal Services' Capital Investment Programs.

F 160: Wirth, Timothy E. (1974-1976).

Biographical sketch, correspondence regarding resignation from House Veteran's Affairs Committee, Payne Expedition.

F 161: Wolff, Lester (1970-1971, 1973-1974).

Resolution, clipping, newsletters, correspondence regarding Man of the Year, Civil Air Academy, re-election, Vietnam vote, "Ask Congress," TV show, urges CA as vice president, Turkish opium trade.

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