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Box 20

Box 21: Agriculture (1955) - Health, Education, and Welfare (1955).

F 1: Agriculture, Department of (1955).  Lugert-Altus

Irrigation district:  Description of irrigation district and steps that should be taken to keep it operating.

F 2: Agriculture, Department of (1955).  Peanuts:  General.

a. Correspondence re peanut surplus disposal program, cost of peanut production per acre, reception notice, summary of proposals submitted southwestern peanut committee, collection of penalties on excess peanut production, changes of peanut provisions, containers for peanuts to be marketed in, restoration of peanuts as basic commodity, invitation to Spear at peanut growers meeting, increase in peanut allotments.

b. Chart.  U.S. Department of Agriculture statistics on peanut allotment and production.

c. Brief.  Southwest Peanut Growers Association, "Hearing on Economic Plight on Low Income Peanut Growers."  October 7, 1955.

d. Statement.  Peanut Butter Manufacturers Association.  Reference to the President's proposed farm program.  March 24, 1954.

F 3: Agriculture, Department of (1955).  Peanuts:  Grading.

a. Correspondence re grades of peanuts.

b. Resolution.  Eastland County Farm Bureau.  Damage tolerance of shelled Spanish and Runner peanuts.

F 4: Agriculture, Department of (1955).  Peanuts:  Import programs.

a. Correspondence re importation of foreign peanuts, testimony of C.A. before the Tariff Commission relating to importation of peanuts, and testimony of other key persons.

b. Notice.  U.S. Tariff Commission, "Peanuts" - public hearing notice.  November 26, 1954.

c. Peanut Crop Report.  Crop reporting board.  November 10, 1954.

d. Statement.  CA before the Tariff Commission.  Relates to importation of peanuts.  January 4, 1955.

e. Copy of Public Law -690 (H. R. 9680).

F 5: Agriculture, Department of (1950).  Peanuts:  Individual constituent problems.

Correspondence re penalties for overproduction of peanuts, government allotments for peanut production, and the 1954 peanut and cotton marketing quota programs.

F 6: Agriculture, Department of (1955). 

Correspondence re "Point 4 college contract" with Ethiopia.

F 7: Agriculture, Department of (1955).  Rural Electrification Administration.

a. Correspondence re information on rural telephones, 20th anniversary of the creation of the Rural Electrification Administration, construction of a Rural Electrification building at Hugo, Oklahoma, report on the reorganization of the Rural Electrification Administration.  Correspondents include Melvin Price, Congressman from the 24th district in Illinois.

b. Statement.  From the Peoples, Kiamichi, Choctaw, Canadian, and Southeastern electric cooperatives.  Deals with need for increased services.  May 18, 1955.

F 8: Agriculture, Department of (1955).  Rural Electrification Administration.

Correspondence re requests for service and employment.

F 9: Agriculture, Department of (1955).  Rural Electrification Administration:  Choctaw Electric Cooperative. 

Loan; general topics deal with granting of a loan, and request for various agricultural censuses.

F 10: Agriculture, Department of (1955).  Rural Electrification Administration:  Kiamichi Electric Cooperative. 

Loan, requests for service. Topics include notice of enclosure of photographs, approval of loans, extension of service.

F 11: Agriculture, Department of (1955).  Soil conservation service programs.

Topics include Watershed Protection Act, and irrigation for Pittsburgh County.

F 12: Agriculture, Department of (1955).  Soil conservation service. 

Proposed appropriations for and revamping of service. Includes information pertaining to the transfer of soil conservation technical work to states, and includes copy of Rep. Jim Wright's (D-Tex) speech "Let's Not Cripple Soil Conservation."  Letter from Rep. Wright is included.

F 13: Agriculture, Department of (1955).  Soil Conservation Service. 

Reports and actions of various soil conservation districts.  Reports from Oklahoma Association of Soil Conservation Districts, Kansas and Oklahoma Caney Watershed Council of Soil Conservation Districts, Marion Cass Soil Conservation District.  Various projects including dams and watershed associations are discussed, along with procurement of wheat allotment for McCurtain county.

F 14: Agriculture, Department of (1955).  Southwest Research Institute.

a. Correspondence.  Notice of enclosure of report.

b. Pamphlet.  Southwest Research Institute.  Information on research.

c. Report: Southwest Research Institute.  Annual report, 1954.

F 15: Agriculture, Department of (1955).  Wheat programs.

Topics deal with wheat acreage.

F 16: Air Force, Department of the ( ).  Air Force Association. 

a. Invitation.  Air Force Association.  Ninth annual convention, August 10-14, 1955.

b. Pamphlet.  Air Force Association, "1955 Convention and Air power Panorama."  1955.

F 17: Air Force, Department of the (1955).  Housing construction.

a. Correspondence.  Transfer of ownership, appropriations, and general.  Relates to funds for construction at Ardmore Air Force Base, names of commanding generals at Ardmore and the 18th Air Force, and donations of property to Ardmore Air Force Base.

b. Press Release.  U. S. Department of Defense, "Military Public Works and Family Housing Authorization Requested of Congress."  April 20, 1955.

F 18: Air Force, Department of the (1955).  Ardmore Air Force Base:  Employment and other requests.

Requests for employment, compensation for property damage.

F 19: Air Force, Department of the (1955).  Budget

a. Correspondence.  Notes enclosure of following booklet.

b. Booklet.  U. S. Air Force: "The Air Force Budget." 1958.

F 20: Air Force, Department of the (1955).  Contractors and work.

Topics deal with irregularities in a McDonnel-Douglas plant in Tulsa, and offers of employment and production in Oklahoma of the aircraft industry.

F 21: Air Force, Department of the (1955).  General:  Policy, programs, etc.

a. Correspondence.  Topics deal with legislative liaisons, employment of a reserve flying field in Eakel, Ok, submission of weapon ideas to the Department of Defense, tours of an Oklahoma airfield.

b. Press Release.  Department of Defense, "Air Force to Increase Air Reserve Officer Participation in its Reserve Training Programs."  March 16, 1955.

c. Press Release.  Carl Albert's Office.  Reassignment of ex prisoner of war.  March 22, 1955.

d. Article.  The Dallas Morning News, "Don't Let Censorship Destroy Us."  September 18, 1955.

F 22: Air Force, Department of the (1955).  Requests.

Topics include information of aviation as a career, the 1955 Air Force register, liability of the Air Force in a mishap at Tulsa International Airport, strike problem at Plattsburgh Air Force Base, continued education while in the U. S. Military, and G.I. loan problems with a constituent. 

F 23: Air Force, Department of the (1955).  Semi-automatic Ground Environment (S.A.G.E) air defense system.

Article.  No listed source, "Participation by Bell System in the S.A.G.E. Project."  October 3, 1955.

F 24: Army, Department of the (1955).  Armories in District.

Topics deal with construction of new training centers in the 3rd district, McAlester, specifically.

F 25: Army, Department of the (1955).  Corps of engineers:  General.

a. Correspondence.  Topics deal with problems on the Red River, and a proposed meeting on the Red River.  Letter from Hon. Wright Patman, M.C., 1st district of Texas.

b. Newspaper clipping.  Notes transfer of Army corps of engineers officer.

F 26: Army, Department of the (1955).  Corps of engineers, Lake Eufaula.

Topic deals with location of corps of engineers office.

F 27: Army, Department of the (1955).  Corps of engineers: 

Miscellaneous projects. Topics deal with the establishment of an armory in McAlester, a bridge to be constructed over the Red River, bank caving problems on the Arkansas River, restoration of a Tishomingo bridge (photographs (2) included), and request for information regarding contract work with the corps of engineers.

F 28: Army, Department of the (1955).  Fort Sill expansion project. 

a. Statement.  Wichita Landowners Association ... "The Proposed Expansion of Fort Sill, Oklahoma."  June 9, 1955.

b. Resolution.  National Society, Daughters of the American Revolution.  Resolutions dealing with development of the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge.

F 29: Army, Department of the (1955).  Fort Sill expansion projects: petitions.

Petitions from people residing in the Fort Sill area to the Oklahoma Congressional district opposing the proposed expansion of Fort Sill.

F 30: Army, Department of the (1955).  Fort Sill Expansion Project. 

Letters of opposition to the proposed expansion.

F 31: Army, Department of the (1955).  Fort Sill Expansion Project. 

Letters in favor of the proposed expansion.

F 32: Army, Department of the (1955).  General.

a. Correspondence.  Topics include question and answer sheet referring to the Reserve Forces Act, the National Guard, invitation to maneuvers at Fort Bragg, N.C., establishing an Army base at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, and information pertaining to court martial of former soldiers.

b. Article.  Reprinted from The Army Times, "Guard Was Ready in the Time of Trouble."  January 1, 1955.

F 33: Army, Department of the (1955).  Personnel.

Topics deal with promotion of 2 Army Reserve officers, and a copy of the discharge report on Dr. Irving Percts.

F 34: Army, Department of the (1955).  Texas City Claims Act.

Correspondence re procedure to follow in making a claim from disaster at Texas City, Texas.

F 35: Atomic Energy Commission (1955).  General.

Topics deal with various programs, tests, the Dixon-Yeats proposal, and uranium mining.

F 36: Civil Aeronautics Board (1955).  General.

a. Correspondence.  Topics deal with reappointment of Josh Lee to the Civil Aeronautics Board, expansion of Oklahoma's air service, (letter from Luther Bohanon included)

b. Paper Aircoach Transport Association, Inc., "Supplemental Air Carriers."  (no date)

c. Article.  Aviation Week, "Washington Roundup."  July 18, 1955.

d. Civil Aeronautics Board Docket Number 7487.  "Application for a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity for the Performance of Helicopter Service in the Area of Tulsa, Ok. and Oklahoma City, Ok."  October 18, 1955."

F 37: Civil Service Commission (1955).  Individual requests and cases.

Topics deal with employee downgrading at Tinker Field, various job applications with the Civil Service, status of employment changes, retirement fund deductions various other questions relating to retirement, annual leave, job vacancies, and accumulated leave.

F 38: Civil Service Commission (1955).

a. Correspondence.  Notice of Congressional contact office of the U.S. Civil Service Commission.

b. Notices of job openings within the Civil Service.

F 39: Commerce, Department of (1955).  Census Bureau:

Complaints, requests for information, and employment. Topics deal with complaints regarding the census of business form, the census of Love County, instructions for requesting a search of Federal Census records, and requests for various county censuses.

F 40: Commerce, Department of (1955).  Census Bureau.

Requests for data on individuals.

F 41: Commerce, Department of (1955).  Civil Aeronautics Administration.

Topics deal with helicopter service to Durant, and the establishment of the Civil Aeronautics Administration as an independent government agency.

F 42: Commerce, Department of (1955).

Request for spare navigation charts from Howard W. Smith (8th district, Virginia).

F 43: Commerce, Department of (1955).  Industrial development programs for 3rd district.

F 44: Commerce, Department of (1955).  Industrial development programs for 3rd district.

Topics deal with the possibilities for development in the 3rd district and ways to go about that development.

F 45: Commerce, Department of (1955).  Maritime administration U. S. Merchant Marine.

Topics deal with foreign competition, legal rights of seamen in certain instances, and notice of enclosure of book, "Know Your Waterways."

F 46: Commerce, Department of (1955).  Maritime Administration:  Merchant Marine Academy.

a. Correspondence.  Notes enclosure of information pertaining to appointment in the U. S. Merchant Marine Academy.

b. Booklet.  U. S. Merchant Marine Academy, "Course of Instruction at the U. S. Merchant Marine Academy, Kings Point, N.Y."  1954-5

F 47: Commerce, Department of (1955).  Maritime Administration. 

Constituent request pertaining to filing a claim for personal injury.

F 48: Commerce, Department of (1955).  Patent Office:  Patent and trademark requests.

a. Correspondence.  Topics include information on certain patents, names of officials in charge of patents, registering names in the patent office.

b. Booklet.  U. S. Patent Office, "General Information Concerning Trademarks."  (April, 1953)

F 49: Commerce, Department of (1955).  Weather Bureau:  Oklahoma Climate.

a. Correspondence.  Notes enclosure of pamphlet.

b. Pamphlet.  U. S. Department of Commerce.  "Climatic Summary of the United States - Supplement for 1931 through 1952; Oklahoma."  1952

F 50: Defense, Department of (1955).  Air Defense Program, National reserve plan and commemorative stamp.

a. Correspondence.  Topics include notice of enclosure of pamphlet, and interest in the air defense program.

b. Program.  Department of Defense, "First day of issue ceremony of the commemorative stamp honoring the armed forces reserve."  21 May, 1955.

c. Pamphlet.  Department of Defense.  "Proposed National Defense Plan."  3 copies, no date.

F 51: Defense, Department of (1955).  Purchasing and employment information.

a. Correspondence.  Notes enclosure of pamphlets, and a notice of the function, location and operation of the Department of Defense's procurement information center, and a copy of Department of Defense's employment information.

b. Pamphlet.  Department of Defense, "How to Sell to the Department of Defense." (no date)

c. Pamphlet.  Department of Defense.  "Purchased Items and Purchasing Locations of the Department of Defense."  No date.

F 52: Federal Communications Commission (1955).  Dockets and chairmanship. 

Topics deal with chairmanship of the Federal Communications Commission (letter from Wilburn Cartwright), radio station's attempt to modify its daytime broadcasting range (a docket before the Federal Communications Commission), request for a recommendation from CA for a friend who's attempting to purchase the interests of a television station, legality of T.V. signal "boosters," and a proposed review of the 1952 allocation plan by the Federal Communications Commission.

F 53: Federal Trade Commission (1955).  Requests.

Topics include requests for certain documents, and for results on certain tests, as well as a letter of thanks from the chairman of the Federal Trade Commission.

F 54: Foreign Claims Settlement Commission (1955).

Individual cases dealing with claiming the assets of deceased members of the military.

F 55: Foreign Claims Settlement Commission (1955). 

a. Correspondence.  Notifies CA of procedure for Korean War Prisoners of War to follow in making claims.

b. Press Release.  Foreign Claims Settlement Commission Notes number of ex-P.O.W`s who have not applied for benefits. (no date)

F 56: Foreign Operations Administration (1955).  Purchase of Oklahoma coal.

All correspondence deals with U. S. Government purchasing Oklahoma coal.

F 57: General Accounting Office (1955).  Claims.

Various claims against the federal government, including a claim by the Kaw Indians. 

F 58: General Services Administration (1955).  Government properties.

Topics deal with establishing a permanent walkway across government land, offers of leaseable space to the government, purchase of ore from the government, and leasing of office space to the government.

F 59: General Services Administration (1955).  National Archives and Records Service:  Individual requests for data.

Topics include list of names of people employed as "information searchers" by the general services administration, requests for copies of individual's draft registration cards, information on various people, and other similar requests.

F 60: Government Printing Office (1955).  Data and repositories.

a. Correspondence.  Requests for information on government publications, and designations for limited depository libraries.

b. Booklet.  Government Printing Office, "Government Depository Libraries."  April, 1955

F 61: Health Education and Welfare, Department of (1955).  General Programs and Policies, including Surplus Property and Liaison Office.

Topics deal with old age assistance program (includes letter from the Secretary of H.E.W., Oveta Hobby), surplus materials, information on child care, standards of construction and equipment on federally built hospitals, and the establishment of a legislative liaison office.

F 62: Health, Education and Welfare, Department of (1953).

Topics deal with school district's federal aid fund.

F 63: Health, Education and Welfare, Department of (1955).  Education, Office of.

Topic deals with school lunch program for Indian children.

F 64: Health, Education and Welfare, Department of (1955).  Education, Office of.

a. Correspondence.  Topics deal with availability of government surplus property.

b. Proposal.  The office of President Dwight D. Eisenhower.  Proposal to construct additional classrooms. February 8, 1955

F 65: Health, Education and Welfare, Department of (1955).  Education, Office of.

Topic deals with vocational education.

F 66: Health, Education and Welfare, Department of (1955).  Education, Office of.

Topics deal with White House and state conferences on education.

F 67: Health, Education and Welfare, Department of (1955).  Public Health Service.

Topics deal with hospital construction.

F 68: Health, Education and Welfare, Department of (1955).  Public Health Service.

Topics deal with the McAlester hospital and various complaints, including ones about the bidding procedure.

F 69: Health, Education and Welfare, Department of (1955).  Public Health Service.

Topics deal with polio vaccine and malaria.

F 70: Health, Education and Welfare, Department of (1955).  Public Health Service:  Talihina Medical Center.

Topics deal with employment and treatment policy questions.

F 71: Health, Education and Welfare, Department of (1955).  Public Health Service.

Topics deal with brutality at the United States Public Health Hospital, Ft. Worth, Texas, and with emergency treatment procedures at McCurtain Memorial Hospital, Idabel, OK.

F 72: Health, Education and Welfare, Department of (1955).  Social Security Administration.

Topics deal with mandatory retirement age, benefits for farm families, lawyers under social security, old age survivors benefit insurance program, and list of publications for parents available from the Social Security Administration.

F 73: Health, Education and Welfare, Department of (1955).  Social Security Administration.

Topics deal with questions on eligibility of social security benefits.

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