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Box 24

Box 25: Library of Congress (1956) - Agriculture (1957).

F 1: Library of Congress (1956).  Individual requests for information.

Requests re genealogy, U. S. economic aid to foreign countries, debate propositions, material on economics, treaty information, copyrighting of songs, text of speech, electoral college system, educational facilities in the United States, guaranteed annual wage, and copyright information.

F 2: Library of Congress (1956).  Office matters and general.

Casualty figures from World War I to Korean conflict, and disposal of surplus government books.

F 3: Navy, Department of the (1956).  American shipbuilding.

Report on imported boats and their effects.

F 4: Navy, Department of the (1956).  Individual cases.

Physical handicap of school student.

F 5: Navy, Department of the (1956).  Miscellaneous policy and other matters.

Correspondence re creation of new aircraft fuel, extension of active duty, death of retired fleet admiral, seniority of promotions, various discrepancies in position appointment, release to inactive duty.

F 6: Navy, Department of the (1956).  Miscellaneous requests.

Naval Ammunition Depot, business dealings of the Assistant Secretary of Defense, invitation for bids for construction projects, whereabouts of members of the naval service, program question, and material payments due constituents.

F 7: Navy, Department of the (1956).  Naval ammunition depot - McAlester:  Personnel reduction.

Deals with reduction of personnel at the Naval Ammunition Depot, and industry situation in McAlester.

F 8: Navy, Department of the (1956).  Naval Ammunition Depot - McAlester:  Individual cases.

Topics deal with reduction in force complaints, rehiring of employees appointments transfers, retirement, and various other questions relating to employment.

F 9: Navy, Department of the (1956).  Naval Ammunition Depot.  Miscellaneous topics.

Topics deal with location of a secret chemical plant facility, replacement of marine guards at the Depot, ammunition stored at the Depot, guided missile production, establishment of new industries in McAlester, reduction in force at the McAlester N.A.D., and information of two bills in the House.

F 10: Navy, Department of the (1956).  Naval Reserve Officer's Training Corps Program.

Lists of candidate admitted to the program.

F 11: Navy, Department of the (1956).  Norman Naval Air Technical Training Center Relocation.

Topics deal with transportation to the Norman facility, proposed relocation of the Norman facility, and retention of the facility, includes letters from John Jarman nd Charles Thomas, Secretary of the Navy.

F 12: Railroad Retirement Board (1956).  Individual cases.

Payment of annuity, and request for refund of tax deductions.

F 13: Selective Service System (1956).  Regulations.

F 14: Selective Service (1956).  Constituent cases. 

Deferral requests, and National Guard participation.

F 15: Small Business Administration (1956).  Individual cases.

Topics deal with loan information, national forest timber in Oklahoma, and establishment of a fertilizer mixing plant in Oklahoma.

F 16: State Department (1956).  Miscellaneous requests.

Requests deal with letters of introduction to American ambassadors in Europe, transportation tax on travel to Canada, shipment of onions, and government payment of travel expenses.

F 17: State Department (1956).  "Mutual Security Program for Fiscal Year 1957."

F 18: State Department (1956).  Passport Office.

Notice of enclosure of pamphlet, statistics on passport issuances, and copy of requirements when applying for a passport.

F 19: State Department (1956).  Passport requests.

Requests for assistance in obtaining passports quickly.

F 20: State Department (1956).  Refugee Relief Program.

Orphans from other nations to be adopted by U. S. citizens, and new limitations put on the number of refugees being allowed in the U. S.

F 21: State Department (1956).  Suez Canal.

Information on the Suez Canal.

F 22: State Department (1956).  Visa requests.

Requests for assistance in obtaining a visa for various people.

F 23: Tariff Commission (1956).  Cotton blouse imports.

Pending investigation.

F 24: Tariff Commission (1956).  Peanut imports.

Tariffs proposed hearings, and copy of CA's statement before the U. S. Tariff Commission.

F 25: Tennessee Valley Authority (1956).  Explanation of the T.V.A's cost to CA's constituents.

F 26: Treasury Department (1956).  Coast Guard Academy.

Announcements of entrance examination dates.

F 27: Treasury Department (1956).  Internal Revenue Service; individual tax cases.

Deals with official searches, additional taxes due, overpayment of taxes, authorized expense deductions, legal steps by the I.R.S. in collecting due taxes, and refund problems.

F 28: Treasury Department (1956).  Internal Revenue Service:  Information requests. 

Narcotics sales, auto air conditioners manufacturers, excise tax, federal retail liquor stamps, tax on sales of cattle, and information on filing tax returns.

F 29: United States Information Agency (1956). 

Soviet orbit propaganda, and copy of America Illustrated (magazine to be distributed in Russia).

F 30: Veterans Administration (1956).  Miscellaneous.

Topics deal with veteran pensions for widows, government insurance, selling merchandise to the Veterans Administration, veterans service office success in Durant.

F 31: Veterans Administration (1956).  Closing of VA Hospital at McKinney, Texas is protested.

F 32: Veterans Administration (1956).  Individual case.

Request for loan assistance.

F 33: Veterans Administration (1956). Korean G.I. Bill.

Information on various G.I. benefits for service in the Korean War.

F 34: Veterans Administration (1956).  Oklahoma programs.

Information on the Oklahoma V.A's programs.

F 35: Veterans Administration (1956).  V.A. loan program and personnel.

Removal of V.A. appraiser from office, and friction between V.A. office and Tulsa builders.

F 36: Veterans Administration (1956).  War orphans program.

Program is described.

F 37: Agriculture, Department of (1957).  General correspondence.

Deals with various agricultural tests, curing of Irish potatoes, subsidization of agriculture, disaster assistance, support of the National Farmers Union for the President.

F 38: Agriculture, Department of (1957).  Agricultural Marketing Service. 

Discusses provision for flood disaster victims and school lunch programs.

F 39: Agriculture, Department of (1957).  Agricultural Programs and Policy.

a. Correspondence re various aspects of farm policy, including price supports.  Correspondents include Farmers Union.  Includes carbons of letters to Robert S. Kerr and Tom Steed.

b. Recommendations:  Enid Union Equity Co-operative (?):  "A Program to Stabilize Price of Farm Crops."  Typescript:  nineteen pages, including two discussing the President's farm message.  Other data attached to plan.

c. Study report:  U. S. D. A. (October 10, 1957):  "Estimates of Cost of Programs for Price Support by Direct Payments."  Mimeographed; eleven pages.

d. Study:  Emmett Simmermon, South Solon, Ohio (n.d.):  The Simmermon Farm Plan."  Mimeographed; eleven pages.

e. Report:  L.F. Miller and J. S. Plaxico, Department of Agricultural Economics, Oklahoma State University (n.d.):  "Utilizing Existing Agricultural Services to facilitate Farm Adjustments."  Prepared for the Joint Economic Committee.  Typescript:  fourteen pages.

f. Report:  U. S. D. A. (?) (June 12, 1957):  "Public Law 480."  Concerns sale of surplus U. S. agricultural commodities to foreign nations.  Fourteen pages.

F 40: Agriculture, Department of (1957).  Agricultural Research Service:  alfalfa aphid control. 

Correspondence from K. S. Quisenberry concerning their work with spotted aphid control.  Correspondence from G. Gibson regarding control of aphids.  Return letter from CA to G. Gibson.

F 41: Agriculture, Department of (1957).  Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service :  Agricultural Conservation Program funds.

a. Correspondence from several members of the district concerning A.C.P. funds concerning flood relief; special funds for Pittsburg County.  Handbook detailing rules and requirements for the A.C.P. program.

b. Handbook:  Agricultural Conservation Program Service:  "Oklahoma" Handbook for 1957. Washington:  G.P.O., 1956.

F 42: Agriculture, Department of (1957).  Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service:  General. 

a. Correspondence concerning cotton and peanut allotments.  Correspondence concerning the 1957 agriculture yearbook.

b. Correspondence.  Topics include cotton and peanut allotments and the 1957 agricultural yearbook.

F 43: Agriculture, Department of (1957). Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service:  constituent cases.

a. Telegrams concerning allocation of A.C.P. funds to flood damaged counties.  Correspondence concerning peanut allotments.

b. Release:  U.S.D.A. (September 6, 1957).  Concerning emergency conservation aid due to flood damage in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Kentucky.

F 44: Agriculture, Department of (1957).  Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service:  emergency conservation funds for Oklahoma.

a.. Telegrams to local newspaper publishers saying that an additional $30,000 in funds had been allocated to four counties.  Correspondence from U.S.D.A concerning the same subject.

b. Release:  U.S.D.A. (September 6, 1957):  same as in F 43.

F 45: Agriculture, Department of (1957).  Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service :  personnel. 

Correspondence from Minnesota concerning the dismissal of a farmer from his job as chairman of the Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation committee.  Clipping concerning the same thing.  Another clipping detailing the appointment of an Oklahoma man to the local A.S.C.P.

F 46: Agriculture, Department of (1957).  Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service:  1957 county committeemen list.

County committeemen list.  The correspondence is dated December 6, 1956.

F 47: Agriculture, Department of (1957).  Commodity Stabilization Service. 

Correspondence concerning the renting of cold storage space to the U. S. Dept. of Agriculture.

Tables:  U.S.D.A.:  "Quantity and Value of Commodities Pledged for Outstanding Loans and Commodities in Price Support Inventory as of June 30, 1956" and "Analysis of Program Results from October 17, 1933 through June 30, 1957."

F 48: Agriculture, Department of (1957).  Cotton.

Correspondence concerning the declining cotton acreage allotments in McCurtain county.  Correspondence concerned with lowering the qualifications of cotton for loans.  Also world cotton market.

F 49: Agriculture, Department of (1957).  Departmental reports and publications.

a. General reports concerning the activities of the U. S. Department of Agriculture. 

b. Booklet:  Howard A. Cowden: "What Course for American Agriculture?"  1957.

c. Report:  U.S.D.A. (September, 1956) "Activities of the U. S. Department of Agriculture."

F 50: Agriculture, Department of (1957).  Drought relief: data.

News clipping offering solution to drought. 

a. Press releases from President Eisenhower (March 5, 1957) concerning federal policy on drought and other natural disasters.  Also a response from Ezra Taft Benson detailing the federal programs to help alleviate the problems of drought.

b. Press release:  National Farmer's Union (James G. Patton) (March 6, 1957):  re Eisenhower drought message.

F 51: Agriculture, Department of (1957).  Drought relief:  general.

Telegram from CA and others assuring Governor Raymond Gary they will oppose the imposition of a provision requiring states to pay 25% of federal drought card.  Also:  emergency feed program.

F 52: Agriculture, Department of (1957).  Drought relief:  individual requests.

Correspondence concerning eligibility for the emergency feed program.

F 53: Agriculture, Department of (1957).  Farm Credit Administration:  Land Bank loans.

Correspondence concerning Land Bank Loans.

F 54: Agriculture, Department of (1957).  Farm organizations.

Correspondence from Georgia Farm Bureau stating he is retiring.  An agenda for the meeting of the Nation-Wide Committee of Industry, Agriculture and Labor on Import - Export Policy.

F 55: Agriculture, Department of (1957).  Farmers Home Administration:  general.

General correspondence.

F 56: Agriculture, Department of (1957).  Farmers Home Administration:  drought relief.

a. Correspondence and booklet on drought relief.

b. F.H.A. (October, 1956), "Emergency Loans Available in Designated Areas."

F 57: Agriculture, Department of (1957).  Farmers Home Administration:  Emergency Feed Program.

General correspondence.

F 58: Agriculture, Department of (1957).  Farmers Home Administration:  establishment of office at McAlester.

General correspondence concerned with establishment of F.H.A. office at McAlester.

F 59: Agriculture, Department of (1957).  Farmers Home Administration:  individual loan requests.

Correspondence concerning individual loans.

F 60: Agriculture, Department of (1957).  Forest Service.

Pamphlets about forest service and correspondence dealing with the Forest Service.

F 61: Agriculture, Department of (1957).  Forest Service:  McCurtain County Land Utilization Project.

Two-page letter to Secretary of Agriculture, Ezra Benson from Kiwanis of Idabel concerning the land utilization project located in McCurtain County.  Correspondence to and from CA concerning land utilization in McCurtain County.

F 62: Agriculture, Department of (1957).  Insecticide use. 

Correspondence from Laura Shepard advocating the use of selective insecticides.

F 63: Agriculture, Department of (1957).  Livestock.

Correspondence re promotion of the sale of beef pack and lamb:  three pages.  Studies from Oklahoma Cattleman's Association and U. S. Atomic Energy Commission on the eradication of the screw-worm.  Clipping entitled "Livestock Surplus Purchases by U.S.D.A. Total $48 Million."  Twelve pages from the Fort Smith Stockyards on the Livestock Market News.  Program maps and charts are included.

F 64: Agriculture, Department of (1957).  Oklahoma data.

Four page report on Oklahoma farm data.  This includes average size, how many utilize federal loan programs, etc.

F 65: Agriculture, Department of (1957).  Parity program.

Report: Re possible methods of improving the parity formula.  Report commissioned by the U.S.D.A. as required by section 602 of the Agricultural Act of 1956.  Fifty-five pages.

F 66: Agriculture, Department of (1957).  Research station proposal.

Correspondence re possible location of a flood research station to be set up on the Washita River.

F 67: Agriculture, Department of (1957).  Rural Development Program.

a. Guide to the Rural Development Program.  Twenty-six pages.  Includes government services in the program, outline of county program and the entries concerning rural development.

b. Speech: True D. Morse (Under-Secretary of Agriculture): re Rural Development Program.  Delivered in Oklahoma, Arkansas, and New Mexico regional conferences.  Six pages.

c. Progress report on pilot operations.

d. Correspondence re procurement of a loan for feed grain facilities.

e. Newsletter: "Rural Development."  Four pages.

F 68: Agriculture, Department of (1957).  Rural Electrification Administration. 

a. Correspondence concerning the Rural Electrification Administration.

b. Reports: National Rural Electric Coop Association.  One alleges private power companies are misleading the private sector with misleading information.  Also includes copy of N.R.E.C.A. resolutions passed at Region VIII meeting.

c. Expansion of phone service.

F 69: Agriculture, Department of (1957).  Rural Electrification Administration:  Arkansas Valley Electric Cooperative.

Memos describing loans received by the Arkansas Valley Electric Coop.

F 70: Agriculture, Department of (1957).  Rural Electrification Administration:  Choctaw Electric Cooperative.

a. Correspondence re installation of power lines in rural areas.

b. Telegram from CA to Jack Gambeill advising him of the approval of $100,000 loan to Choctaw Electric Cooperative.

F 71: Agriculture, Department of (1957).  Rural Electrification Administration:  Grant to Oklahoma Automatic Telephone Company at Kiowa.

a. Report from R.E.A. informing CA that Oklahoma will receive $260,000 in loans to improve telephone service.

b. News releases to 5 papers stating the same thing.

F 72: Agriculture, Department of (1957).  Rural Electrification Administration:  Red River Rural Electric Cooperative.

Telegram and correspondence re $320,000 loan, Love, Jefferson, and Marshall received from the R.E.A.

F 73: Agriculture, Department of (1957).  Rural Electrification Administration:  Rich Mountain Electric Cooperative.

Memo re $145,000 loan from R.E.A. to Rich Mountain Electric Cooperative.

F 74: Agriculture, Department of (1957).  Soil Conservation Service:  General.

a. Newsletter: "The Oklahoma Soil Saver."

b. Newspaper clipping: Hugo Daily News re F.F.A. and soil conservation activities.

F 75: Agriculture, Department of (1957).  Soil Conservation Service:  CA speeches.

Speeches by CA on upstream flood control and soil and water conservation.

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