Box and Folder Inventory

Box 26

Box 27: Commerce (1957) - Navy (1957).

F 1: Commerce, Department of (1957).  Civil Aeronautics Administration.

a. Correspondence:  re:  rate increases for airlines, guidelines for aviation schools and extension of airline routes.

b. Report:  US. Department of Commerce:  "1958 Federal-Aid Airport Program."  (April 2, 1957).  52 pages.

F 2: Commerce, Department of (1957).  Imports.

Correspondence:  re:  import duties on leather goods and oil imports.

F 3: Commerce, Department of (1957).  Patents.

Correspondence:  re:  request for information booklets about patents and request for the identity of a person who filed a certain patent.

F 4: Commerce, Department of (1957).  Public Roads Administration.

a. Correspondence:  re:  farm to Market Road construction costs and location of the new Interstate route connecting Oklahoma City and Little Rock.

b. Resolution from the City Council of Clinton, Oklahoma concerning the Numbering of alternate or service routes that connect with Interstate.

F 5: Commerce, Department of (1957).  Weather Bureau.

Correspondence:  re:  the possibility of establishing weather stations in the extreme southeastern and northeastern parts of Oklahoma; rain gauges; cloud colors.

F 6: Defense, Department of (1957).  General.

a. Correspondence:  re:  Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile; future of Douglas Air Plane Plant in Tulsa; and cost cutting measures in the Department of Defense.

b. Poster from Douglas Aircraft Plant advertising the New Thor Missile.

c. Article:  Tulsa Tribune:  "No Way to Catch Up" (December 19, 1957).  2 copies.

F 7: Defense, Department of (1957).  Press releases/publications.

a. Press Releases:  "Military Construction and Family Housing Authorization Requested of Congress" (May 1, 1957); "Two More Army Divisions to Reorganize as Atomic Combat Units" (March 28, 1957); "New Programs for Army Reserve Components become effective on Monday April 1" (March 30, 1957); "647,115,000 Sought for Civil Works Program of Army Engineers in Fiscal Year 1958" (January 16, 1957).

b. Civil Works Budget of the United States Army, Corps of Engineers for Fiscal Year 1958.  (January 16, 1957).  14 pages.

c. Memorandum for the secretaries of the Army, Navy, Air Force, and the Director of Administrative Services OSD, concerning reduction of personnel in the Departmental Headquarters (March 18, 1957).  3 pages.

d. Report entitled "Summary of Military Public Works Bill (For fiscal year 1958) Continental United States.  15 pages.

e. Booklet:  "It's Your Choice, How To Choose The Military Service Program That Will Serve You Best."  16 pages.

F 8: Defense Mobilization, Office of (1957).

a. Brief of West Coast Pipeline Company in support of the Defense Essentiality of a Crude Oil Pipeline from Texas to California, to the Director of the Office of Defense Mobilization (October 7, 1957).  44 pages.

b. Press Release:  Executive Office of the President, Office of Defense Mobilization:  re:  Oil Imports (March 6, 1957).

F 9: Federal Communications Commission (1957).

a. Correspondence:  re:  pay television and the movement to repeal section 309 of the Communication Act of 1930.

b. Press Release:  Federal Communications Commission:  re:  Appointment of Joseph M. Sitrick as legislative assistant to Chairman John C. Doerfer.

F 10: Federal Home Loan Bank Board (1957).

Correspondence:  re:  The possibility of establishing a Federal Savings and Loan Association in Hugo, Oklahoma.

F 11: Federal Power Commission (1957).

a. Correspondence:  re:  proposed raising of power rates.

b. A decision in the matter of United States Department of the Interior, Southwestern Power Plant Administration concerning the order confirming and approving rate schedules.  2 copies.

F 12: Foreign Claims Commission (1957).

Press release:  Foreign Claims Settlement Commission:  "Commissioner Pearl Carter Pace's investigative trip to Southern Europe.

F 13: Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (1957).

a. Correspondence:  re:  Banking Bill 1451 and the Financial Institution Act.

b. Article:  "Extension of FDIC Power Hits State Bank Departments" from the Independent Banker Magazine.

F 14: General Accounting Office (1957).

Correspondence:  re:  constituent case involving inability pay a debt owed to the General Accounting Office.

F 15: Government Printing Office (1957).

a. Correspondence:  re:  request by a constituent for a copy of the 1958 budget.

b. Two delivery receipts from the Government Printing Office.

F 16: General Services Administration (1957).  Constituent requests and cases.

Correspondence:  re:  requests for establishing age claims against the government and other cases.

F 17: General Services Administration (1957).  General.

Correspondence:  re:  General Services Administration informing Mr. Albert of a Files hand book for Congressional Offices.

F 18: General Services Administration (1957).  National Archives:  constituent requests.

Correspondence:  re:  requests to help establish birth dates, information on old forts and other historical information.

F 19: General Services Administration (1957).  Public Buildings Service.

Correspondence:  re:  campaign of one individual to get bronze plaques, with "In God We Trust" engraved in them, to be placed in all post offices; selling of property to the Internal Revenue Services and the taking over of property by the General Service Administration.

F 20: Health, Education and Welfare, Department of (1957).  Education, Office of. 

Payments to individual school districts. Form letter from the Commissioner of Education informing Mr. Albert of action of the applications for federal assistance.  24 copies of the same letter but to different applicants.

F 21: Health, Education and Welfare, Department of (1957).  Education, Office of:  "Teaching Opportunities."

a. Correspondence:  re:  request for information booklet - "Teaching Opportunities."

b. Copy of a report from the United States Department of Health, Education and Welfare - Office of Education Division of Higher Education entitled, "Teaching Opportunities" (December 1955).

F 22: Health, Education and Welfare, Department of (1957).  Food and Drug Administration.

Correspondence:  re:  appropriations for the Pure Food and Drug Administration, and inquiries on how to legally sell homemade medicine.

F 23: Health, Education and Welfare, Department of (1957).  Health Care:  General.

a. Correspondence:  re:  requests for pamphlets on mental hygiene.

b. Special Report 85-3 from the American Medical Association, Washington Office, report covers general medical statistics.  (March 7, 1957) 5 pages.

F 24: Health, Education and Welfare, Department of (1957).  Public Health Service:  constituent requests and cases.

Correspondence:  re:  requests for information on the eligibility requirements to get into an Indian Hospital, request for letter or recommendation and request for information on a job applications.

F 25: Health, Education and Welfare, Department of (1957).  Public Health Service:  Oklahoma Projects:  Ardmore - Clayton.

a. Correspondence:  re:  funding for sewer system in Ardmore; raising money for the Atoka Memorial hospital; spraying for mosquitoes in Caddo.

b. List of Applications for Disaster Aid funds (July 8, 1957).  3 pages.

c. Report from the State Department of Health Hospital Division, entitled "Estimate of Future Needs Oklahoma Hill-Burton Hospital and Medical Facilities Construction Program Summary of Needs" (January 7, 1957).  4 pages.

F 26: Health, Education and Welfare, Department of (1957).  Public Health Service:  Oklahoma Projects:  Hugo - Talihina.

a. Correspondence: re:  laundry contract of Talihina Hospital.

b. Approval of applications for the following projects by the Health Service following the approval by the Oklahoma State Department of Health, Choctaw Memorial Hospital City of Marietta, City of Kingston, Murray County Health Center.

c. Report:  "Background Information on the Construction Grants Program, Public Law 660."  5 pages.

F 26b Health, Education and Welfare, Department of (1957). Public Health Service: Talihina Indian Hospital.

Re: reduction of staffing at Talihina Hospital.

F 27: Health, Education and Welfare, Department of (1957).  Social Security Administration:  Constituent questions.

a. Correspondence:  re:  information on the Social Security System, and taxes on livestock.

b. Clipping - story the Daily Ardmoreite entitled "Benefits, Story Made Clear By Social Office."

F 28: Health, Education and Welfare, Department of (1957).  Social Security Administration:  data.

a. Booklet:  Health, Education and Welfare:  "If You Are Disabled."  26 pages.

b. Booklet:  Health, Education and Welfare:  "Farmers are Asking Farm Rental Income Soil Bank Payments How Do They Affect My Social Security?"  11 pages.

c. Booklet:  Health, Education and Welfare:  "Social Security Information for Crew Headers and Farmers."  2 pages.

d. Tabled from the Office of Health, Education and Welfare detailing the number and amount in dollars of monthly old-age and survivors insurance.

e. Article:  Ray Harry:  "Social Security Coverage Earned."

f. Article:  Ray Harry:  "Early Retirement Forces A Choice."

g. Copy of the Veterans Newsletter for January 1957.

F 29: Housing and Home Finance Agency (1957).  Federal Housing Administration.

Correspondence:  re:  lowering of down payments for FHA loans; FHA loans for nursing homes, and a complaint to the FHA about conditions of a house.

F 30: Housing and Home Finance Agency (1957).  Federal National Mortgage Association:  Constituent case.

A Constituent case involving late mortgage payments to the Federal National Mortgage Association (June 1957).

F 31: Housing and Home Finance Agency (1957).  Oklahoma projects.

a. Correspondence:  re:  application of the City of Kiowa for aid in the construction of a water line.

b. Department of Commerce and Industry Newsletter (June 1957).  4 pages.

F 32: Housing and Home Finance Agency (1957).  Voluntary Home Mortgage Credit Program.

Voluntary Home Mortgage Credit Program Newsletter.  Vol. I (September 13, 1957).  2 pages.

F 33: Interior, Department of the 91957).  Defense Minerals Exploration Administration.

a. Booklet:  "Defense Minerals Exploration Program."  Published by United States Department of the Interior.

b. Application for federal assistance in the mining of strategic minerals.  4 copies.

c. A geological report from Grand Junction Laboratories.

F 34: Interior, Department of the (1957).  Fish and Wildlife Service.

Correspondence:  re:  constituents ask for a predator hunter be assigned to their areas and constituents concerned with the effects of a proposed flood control project would have on fish and wildlife.

F 35: Interior, Department of the (1957).  General.

Correspondence:  re:  relocation of the Office of the United States Trial Attorney to the City of Ardmore, and a letter from the Special Assistant to the Secretary of the Interior, offering his services.

F 36: Interior, Department of the (1957).  Geological Survey.

Press Release:  Information Service of the Department of the Interior:  "Oklahoma Coal Reserves."  (December 16, 1957).

F 37: Interior, Department of the (1957).  Indian Affairs, Bureau of.

Correspondence:  re:  proposed construction of two lakes on Indian land and acquiring tracts of land for the city of McAlester, Talihina and other Indian hospitals in Oklahoma.

F 38: Interior, Department of the (1957).  Indian Affairs, Bureau of:  Personnel.

Correspondence:  re:  request from constituent asking for help in finding employment.

F 39: Interior, Department of the (1957).  Land Management, Bureau of.

Correspondence:  re:  inquiry about obtaining a lease to drill for oil on an Army Base; purchasing Indian Lands; establishing ownership of mining claims; and buying government lands.

F 40: Interior, Department of the (1957).  Mines, Bureau of:  Coal Research.

a. Correspondence:  re:  bill calling for an appropriation for coal research in the State of Oklahoma.

b. Booklet:  Bureau of Mines:  "Outlook and Research Possibilities for Bituminous Coal."  (May 1956).  52 pages.

F 41: Interior, Department of the (1957).  Mines, Bureau of:  Helium.

Report from Mr. Wilcox, Assistant to the Chief of Helium Activity, Bureau of Mines.  Report details where helium is found, how much it costs, and where to find it.  3 copies.

F 42: Interior, Department of the (1957).  Mines, Bureau of:  Petroleum.

a. Correspondence:  re:  request from constituents for information on the production of oil from oil shale.

b. Booklet:  Bureau of Mines:  "Analyses for Brines from Oil-Productive Formations in Oklahoma."  (April 1957).  71 pages.

F 43: Interior, Department of the (1957).  National Park Service:  General.

a. Correspondence:  re:  proposed closing of overnight lodging on the East side of Rocky Mountain National Park.

b. Booklet:  Department of Interior:  "Statue of Liberty."

F 44: Interior, Department of the (1957).  National Park Service:  Platt National Park.

Report:  National Park Service:  "Mission 66 for Platt National Park."  2 copies.

F 45: Interior, Department of the (1957).  Reclamation, Bureau of.

Booklet:  Bureau of Reclamation:  "The Reclamation Era."  (February 1957).  25 pages.

F 46: Interior, Department of the (1957).  Southwestern Power Administration:  Proposed rate increase.

a. Correspondence:  re:  a delay in the rate increase for South Western Power Administration.

Correspondents include:  Page Belcher; Ed Edmondson; J. W. Trimble; John Jarman; Tom Steed; Carl Albert; Toby Morris; Oren Harris, and Walter Rogers.

b. Letter from Mr. Albert to the Federal Power Commission protesting the 26% rate increase by Southwestern Power Administration.  (January 18, 1957) 8 copies.

F 47: Interior, Department of the (1957).  Southwestern Power Administration:  Report.

a. Report:  Southwestern Power Administration:  "Report of Progress."  (June 1957).

b. Booklet:  National Water Resources Committee:  "Water."

F 48: Interstate Commerce Commission (1957).  General.

a. Article:  Human Events:  "Walter Reuther - Economic Demagogue, The Truth About Wages, Prices, and Inflation."  Written by Senator John Marshall Butler.  (November 2, 1957).

b. Order from the Interstate Commerce Commission - Ex Parte No. 206.  Increased freight rates.  Eastern and Western Territories (1956).

F 49: Interstate Commerce Commission (1957).  Jordan Bus Company.

a. Correspondence:  re:  Jordan Bus Company's application for a certificate of Public Convenience.

b. Application from the Jordan Bus Company for a certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity.  Reply from the Interstate Commerce Commission awarding the certificate.

F 50: Interstate Commerce Commission (1957).  Luper Transportation Company.

Letter sent to Mr. Albert asking for help with Interstate Commerce Commission included is a copy of Luper Transportation's exhibit A that was sent to the Interstate Commerce Commission.

F 51: Interstate Commerce Commission (1957).  Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad.

a. Correspondence:  re:  KATy and Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroads.

b. Press release:  Interstate Commerce Commission:  re:  Investigation of the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad.  (April 3, 1957).

c. Press Release:  Interstate Commerce Commission:  re:  safety checks on the KATY railroad.  (May 3, 1957).

F 52: Interstate Commerce Commission (1957).  Union Transportation Company.

Letter from Union Transportation Company questioning the Interstate Commerce Commission authority over bus terminals.

F 53: Justice, Department of (1957).  Anti-Trust Actions.

Correspondence:  re:  anti-trust action cases.

F 54: Justice, Department of (1957).  Constituent case file.

Correspondence:  re:  constituent cases directed to the Immigration and Naturalization Service concerning citizenship status.

F 55: Justice, Department of (1957).  Prisons, Bureau of:  case file.

Correspondence:  re:  requests for transfer to different prisons, shorter prison terms, and earlier parole dates.

F 56: Justice, Department of (1957).  Tax Case File.

Correspondence:  re:  memos taken from phone calls concerning non-tax base whiskey; and wanting to know about an IRS official.

F 57: Labor, Department of (1957).  Employees' Compensation, Bureau of:  Constituent claims and cases.

Claims from constituents concerning Employee's Compensation benefits.

F 58: Labor, Department of (1957).  Employment Security, Bureau of:  claim.

Claim from a constituent seeking unemployment benefits.

F 59: Labor, Department of (1957).  Oklahoma project.

Letter from the Davis School system requesting a new wage scale for the school district.

F 60: Library of Congress (1957).  Constituent request for data.

a. List from the Library of Congress of foundations which might be willing to contribute to a building program of St. Peters Hall at Oxford University.

b. Request from constituents for data from the Library of Congress.

F 61: Library of Congress (1957).  Position vacancies.

Publications from Library of Congress:  "List of Vacancies".  Included are positions available from January 14, 1957 to October 7, 1957.

F 62: Library of Congress (1957).  Program/CA Office Charges.

Correspondence from the Library of Congress, Music Division, telling of a Chamber Music Concert.  Letter re:  books on loan.

F 63: National Labor Relations Board (1957).  Case File.

Correspondence:  re:  Excel Body Corporation and problems with the union.

F 64: Navy, Department of the (1957).  General.

Correspondence:  re:  requests for currents addresses of certain naval personnel and permission to board a navy ship.

F 65: Navy, Department of the (1957).  Personnel matters.

Correspondence:  re:  personal cases with the Department of the Navy.

F 66: Navy, Department of the (1957).  McAlester Naval Ammunition Depot: 

a. Correspondence:  re:  reducing the size of the armed forces.

b. Report:  Defense Department:  "Military Prime Contracts, Big State!"

c. Article:  re:  Reducing Forces.  (July 1, 1957:  edition of the Congressional Record).

d. Article from the McAlester paper concerning the military.

F 67: Navy, Department of the (1957).  McAlester Naval Ammunition Depot: 

a. Correspondence dealing with the reduction of naval forces.

b. Memorandum from the Office of Legislative Liaison concerning with reducing Naval Ordinance activities.  (October 11, 1957).  2 copies.

F 68: Navy, Department of the (1957).  McAlester Naval Ammunition Deport: 

General correspondence, particularly regarding reduction in force:  A - K.

F 69: Navy, Department of the (1957).  McAlester Naval Ammunition Depot: 

General correspondence, particularly regarding reduction in force:  L - Y.

F 70: Navy, Department of the (1957).  McAlester Naval Ammunition Depot:  Claim regarding flooding.

a. Report:  Department of Commerce:  "Climatic Summary of the United States - Supplement for 1931 through 1952."

b. Report:  Weather Bureau:  "Climatic Summary of the United States."

c. Report:  Department of Commerce:  "Climatological Data - Oklahoma."  2 copies.

d. Claims from constituents concerning flooding caused by the McAlester Naval Ammunition Depot.

F 71: Navy, Department of the (1957).  McAlester Naval Ammunition Depot:  Personnel.

Correspondence:  re:  obtaining or being rehired to jobs at the McAlester Naval Ammunition Depot.

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