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Box 32: Agriculture (1959) - Health, Education and Welfare (1959).

F 1: Agriculture, Department of (1959). Commodity Stabilization Service:  Cotton.

a. Correspondence:  re:  cotton allotment, Kiowa County, Oklahoma; boll weevil problem.

b. Bulletins:  re:  acreage allotment requirements; cotton production.

F 2: Agriculture, Department of (1959). Farmers Home Administration. 

Correspondence:  re:  interest rates; loans for flood damage; jobs; crop damage.

F 3: Agriculture, Department of (1959). Farmers Home Administration:  Tishomingo Office.

Correspondence:  re:  retention of Tishomingo Office.

F 4: Agriculture, Department of (1959). Forest Service.

Correspondence:  re:  McCurtain County Utilization Project; private land in Ouachita National Forest; timber information requested; leaseable federal land inquiry; timber road closing.

F 5: Agriculture, Department of (1959). Peanuts.

a. Correspondence re grading of peanuts.

b. Newsletter from the Southwestern Peanut Growers' Association.

F 6: Agriculture, Department of (1959). Rural Electrification Administration.

a. Correspondence:  re:  electric loans made; telephone service; president's veto of the REA bill (Humphrey-Price bill). Correspondents include Oklahoma Association of Electric Cooperatives; Billy Matthews; National Rural Electric Cooperative Association.

b. Newsletters.

F 7: Agriculture, Department of (1959). Soil Conservation.

a. Correspondence:  re:  fish and wildlife development; information on land in Grady County; flood control projects; weed control; soil conservation programs in Orangeburg County, South Carolina; personnel issues.

b. News Article:  Partisan Wrangling, Congressional Session.

c. Excerpt from news article:  Sam Rayburn View on Soil Bank.

d. House Pamphlet:  re:  Public Works Appropriation Bill (1960).

e. Speech Transcript:  re:  Great Plains Conservation.

f. Congressional Act:  re:  Public Law 566, Federal State Cooperation in Flood Control.

g. Bulletin:  re:  Soil Survey in Oklahoma.

h. Bulletins:  re:  Information, Soil Conservation Districts of America.

F 8: Agriculture, Department of (1959). Soil Conservation Service: Watersheds:  General.

Correspondence:  re:  Upstream Flood Control projects, Washita River; Lower Blue River Watershed; Kickapoo Sandy Watershed; Cawey-Coon Creek.

F 9: Agriculture, Department of (1959). Soil Conservation Service: Watersheds:  Brushy - Peaceable Creek.

a. Correspondence:  re:  Watershed Association formed and approved for state assistance.

b. News Article:  re:  Brushy-Peaceable Creek.

F 10: Agriculture, Department of (1959). Soil Conservation Service: Watersheds:  Norwood Creek.

Correspondence:  re:  plans for Norwood Creek watershed; municipal water for Haworth.

F 11: Agriculture, Department of (1959). Soil Conservation Service: Watersheds: Whitegrass - Waterhole.

Correspondence:  re:  watershed contracts let; construction of watershed underway; board meeting record; progress of watershed project; project approval.

F 12: Air Force, Department of the (1959).

Correspondence:  re:  Air Force base underutilized; changes in classification and pay rate of blue collar workers at Tinker Field.

F 13-14: Air Force, Department of the (1959). Ardmore Air Force Base.

a. Correspondence re: transfer of base to city of Ardmore; Temco; Bailey bridge. Much of the correspondence to officials in Ardmore was either to or from R. C. Cavins or John Sauerwine

b. Summary of Ardmore Air Base Facilities.

c. Claim for Restoration, Ardmore AFB.

F 15: Army, Department of the (1959).

Correspondence re:  Army staff and facilities reductions; national cemeteries; transportation; supplies..

F 16: Army, Department of the (1959).  Corps of Engineers.

a. Correspondence:  re:  Trinity River reclamation project; purchase of mineral rights; Oologah Reservoir Project; District Engineer appointment; P. L. 86-37 concerning moving expenses; miscellaneous requests..

b. News release:  re:  increased appropriation for Army Corps of Engineers.

F 17: Army, Department of the (1959). Corps of Engineers: Eufaula.

Correspondence:  re:  work in Pittsburg County; road relocation; land acquisition; relocation Office in McAlester; land use dispute; lake maps received; job request.

F 18: Army, Department of the (1959). Corps of Engineers: Kaw Reservoir.

Correspondence:  re:  hearings on Kaw River.

F 19: Army, Department of the (1959). Corps of Engineers: Oklahoma projects.

a. Correspondence:  re:  Civil Works projects in 3rd district; status of Denison Dam.

b. News Article:  Congressional, Engineers Visit to Poteau.

c. Fact Sheet:  re:  Oklahoma Water Projects.

d. Report:  re:  water development in Oklahoma.

F 20: Army, Department of the (1959). Corps of Engineers: Little River.

Correspondence:  re:  data; Broken Bow, Milwood projects.

F 21: Army, Department of the (1959). Corps of Engineers: Red River/Lake Texoma.

Correspondence:  re:  status of Red River projects; personal; gravel removal - Denison Reservoir; corn growth around Lake Texoma; government land leasing; land leasing regulations; recreation lease.

F 22: Army, Department of the (1959). Corps of Engineers: Salt Creek.

Correspondence:  re:  Salt Creek Study.

F 23: Army, Department of the (1959). Fort Chaffee.

a. Correspondence on retention of Fort Chaffee as active base. Correspondents include Jim Trimble.

b. Typescript on importance of not closing Fort Chaffee.

F 24: Army, Department of the (1959). Reserves.

a. Correspondence re construction of armories..

b. Reorganization plan for the reserves of the Fourth United States Army.

F 25: Budget, Office of the (1959).

Correspondence re importance of balanced budget; inflation. Many correspondents completed a form (probably from a newspaper) which they submitted to Albert.

F 26: Civil and Defense Mobilization, Office of (1959).

a. Correspondence.

b. Brochure: What You Should Know about the National Plan for Civil Defense and Defense Mobilization.

c. Brochure: The Family Fallout Shelter.

F 27: Civil Service Commission (1959).

Correspondence:  re:  Civil Service appeal process.

F 28: Commerce, Department of (1959).

Correspondence:  re:  questionnaire results; legislation requiring participation in Seattle exposition; civil aeronautics..

F 29: Commerce, Department of (1959). Census.

a. Correspondence.

b. Leaflets from the department.

F 30: Commerce, Department of (1959). Maritime Administration.

Correspondence:  re:  Cadet Medical requirements.

F 31: Commerce, Department of (1959). Patent Office.

Correspondence:  re:  Information about Dairy Queen Trademark; patent information request.

F 32: Commerce, Department of (1959). Public Roads, Bureau of:  Oklahoma.

Correspondence:  re:  state road projects.

F 33: Commerce, Department of (1959). Public Roads, Bureau of:  Out-of-State.

a. Correspondence:  re:  remarks of Senator Gore about Federal-State Highway relationship.

b. Agenda for the week of August 31, 1959.

F 34: Commerce, Department of (1959). Weather Bureau.

Correspondence:  re:  climate information requested.

F 35: Defense, Department of (1959).

a. Correspondence:  re:  Defense Transportation policy; security clearance requested.

b. Death Announcement:  re:  Deputy Defense Secretary Quarlu.

c. News Release:  re:  housing request.

d. Legislative draft:  re:  housing.

F 36: Defense, Department of (1959).  National Guard.

a. Correspondence:  re:  National Guard Situation.

b. Annual Report:  re:  chief National Guard Bureau.

c. News Article:  re:  Oklahoma National Guard Monument dedication.

d. News Articles:  re:  Oklahoma National Guard.

F 37: Defense, Department of (1959).  Surplus Property.

Correspondence:  re:  information and requests for surplus property.

F 38: Federal Aviation Administration (1959).

a. Correspondence:  re:  radio range commissioned; employment; Regulation Report; power purchase for Eaker Field, Durant; crop spraying damage; new route request.

b. News Article:  re:  Federal Aid to Oklahoma airports.

F 39: Federal Communications Commission (1959).

Correspondence:  re:  telegraph service to Antlers, Ok.

F 40: Federal Communications Commission (1959).  Television.

a. Correspondence:  re:  television interference; legislative action urged; station application; Television Permit transfer.

b. Broadcast Applications Bulletin.

F 41: Federal Home Loan Bank Board (1959).

Correspondence:  re:  mortgage release.

F 42: Federal Power Commission (1959).

Correspondence:  re:  summary of the Federal Power hearing; Commission case examination.

F 43: Federal Trade Commission (1959).

News Photo:  re:  FTC chairman.

F 44: General Accounting Office (1959).

Correspondence:  re:  hospital debt collection.

F 45: General Service Administration (1959).

a. Correspondence:  re:  bidding opportunity; Conference; seized material disposal; building information; employee transfer; information request.

b. News Article:  re:  Congressional Contact Representative Succession.

c. News Release:  re:  GSA Bidding Opportunity.

F 46: Health, Education and Welfare, Department of (1959).

a. Correspondence:  re:  federal funds not connected with Public assistance for mental or penal institution

b. Bulletin:  re:  number of old age benefits.

c. Resolution:  re:  aid to needy children.

F 47: Health, Education and Welfare, Department of (1959).  Vocational Rehabilitation.

Correspondence:  re:  reports acknowledgment.

F 48: Health, Education and Welfare, Department of (1959).  Education, Office of.

Correspondence:  re:  report acknowledgment; program improvement.

F 49: Health, Education and Welfare, Department of (1959).  Education, Office of:  District Grants.

Various Correspondence:  re:  Oklahoma School District grants.

F 50: Health, Education and Welfare, Department of (1959).  Education, Office of:  National Defense Education Act.

a. Correspondence:  re:  program description; OU application as foreign language institute.

b. Defense Education Act.

c. Appropriation Sheet:  re:  State by State Fund Allocation.

d. News Release:  re:  purpose of Nation Defense Education Act.

F 51: Health, Education and Welfare, Department of (1959).  Education, Office of:  National Defense Student Loans:  Individuals.

Correspondence:  re:  student loan assistance and information.

F 52: Health, Education and Welfare, Department of (1959).  Education, Office of:  National Defense Student Loan:  Programs.

a. Correspondence:  re:  program information; allocation concerns; Oklahoma Conference of Higher Education planned; loyalty oath for students to be continued.

b. Pamphlets:  re:  program description.

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