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Box 33

Box 34: NASA (1959) - Army (1960).

F 1: NASA (1959).

a. Correspondence:  re:  Congressional liaison information.

b. Fact sheet:  Project Mercury.

c. News release:  re:  McDonnel aircraft selected as capsule contractor.

d. Press conference:  re:  Mercury astronauts.

F 2: National Railroad Adjustment Board (1959).

Correspondence:  re:  constituent dispute.

F 3: National Science Foundation Department (1959).

a. Fact sheet:  re:  purpose of National Science Foundation.

b. Pamphlets:  re:  National Science Foundation educational opportunities.

c. Press release:  re:  Summer Institutes for math and science teachers.

F 4: National Science Foundation:  Graduation Applications (1959).

a. Correspondence:  re:  application, summer institute.

b. Transcript:  re:  budget items discussed.

F 5: Navy, Department of the (1959).

a. Correspondence:  re:  Oregon exhibition.

b. Announcement:  re:  ranking admirals death.

c. List:  re:  liaison officers.

F 6: Navy, Department of the (1959). Individual Claims/Request.

Correspondence:  re:  assistance requests.

F 7: Navy, Department of the (1959). McAlester Naval Ammunition Depot.

a. Correspondence:  re:  sale of surplus military land; dependent hospitalization; material requests.

b. News article:  re:  official visit for McAlester Ammo Depot.

c. List:  re:  employment positions at Depot.

F 8: Navy, Department of the (1959). McAlester Naval Ammunition Depot:  Cases.

Correspondence:  re:  demilitarization of ammunition; personnel reductions; need for assistance.

F 9: Navy, Department of the (1959). Marine Corp.

Correspondence:  re:  Commandant endorsement.

F 10: Navy, Department of the (1959). Norman Naval Base.

a. Correspondence:  re:  Norman base closing; base support; government use of base if closed.

b. Newsletter:  re:  Norman base closing.

F 11: Navy, Department of the (1959). Reserve Office Training Corp.

a. Correspondence:  re:  ROTC information provided.

b. Pamphlet:  re:  regular ROTC Information.

F 12: Railroad Retirement Board (1959).

Correspondence:  re:  claims.

F 13: Securities and Exchange Commission (1959).

Correspondence:  re:  corporation investigation report.

F 14: Selective Service System (1959).

Correspondence:  re:  information requests on state directory and student deferment.

F 15: Small Business Administration (1959).

a. Correspondence:  re:  Small Business meeting in New Orleans; Congressional report requested; research grant received; balloting.

b. News article:  re:  resignation of chief of SBA.

c. List:  re:  Licensed Small Business Investment Corporations.

F 16: Small Business Administration (1959).

Correspondence:  re:  loan requests.

F 17: Smithsonian Institute (1959).

Correspondence:  re:  assignment to work with Indian families.

F 18: State, Department of (1959).

a. Correspondence:  re:  Rhine River traffic; Indian in State Department programs; passport renewal; actions to find Korean POW's.

b. News release:  re:  visit of Soviet foreign minister.

c. Fact sheet:  re:  American exhibit in Moscow.

F 19: State, Department of (1959).  Khrushchev Visit.

Correspondence:  re:  protest to Khrushchev's visit.

F 20: State, Department of (1959).  Passports and Visas.

a. Correspondence:  re:  foreign museum work; visa and passport information and requests.

b. Bulletin:  re:  phone lines for congressional passport calls.

F 21: State, Department of (1959).  Requests.

Correspondence:  re:  information regarding funds transfer; Air Force plane shot down over Soviet Union; rumors of US-USSR negotiations.

F 22: Treasury, Department of (1959).

Correspondence:  re:  redemption schedule, savings bonds; tour.

F 23: Treasury, Department (1959).  Comptroller of the Currency.

Correspondence:  re:  release of mortgage issued.

F 24: Treasury, Department (1959).  Customs, Bureau of.

Correspondence:  re:  care in checking goods; release of goods from customs house broker; customs duty inquiry.

F 25: Treasury, Department (1959).  Internal Revenue Service.

Correspondence:  re:  case disposal; payment questions; helpful pamphlets requested; capital grains questions.

F 26: Unemployment Study Commission (1959).

Correspondence:  re:  requests.

F 27: Veterans Administration (1959).

Correspondence:  re:  McKinney, Texas VA Hospital situation; bill to assist state in rehabilitation.

F 28: Veterans Administration (1959).  Requests.

Various constituent loan assistance requests.

F 29: White House (1959).

a. Correspondence:  re:  congratulatory.

b. Committee release:  re:  purpose Cabinet Committee for Economic Growth.

F 30: Agriculture, Department of (1960). Agricultural Conservation Program.

a. Correspondence:  re:  Oklahoma conservation efforts; production of federal land requirements; program handbooks received.

b. Survey:  re:  26 State Survey of Farmers View on Program levels.

F 31: Agriculture, Department of (1960). Agricultural Conservation Program.

Correspondence:  re:  assistance needed with program regulations.

F 32: Agriculture, Department of (1960). Bulletins.

Correspondence:  re:  farm bulletin requests and allotment.

F 33: Agriculture, Department of (1960). Commodity Stabilization.

a. Correspondence:  re:  price dispute; contract dispute and over payments.

b. News article:  re:  grain slugging practices.

F 34: Agriculture, Department of (1960). Cattle and Dairy.

a. Correspondence:  re:  cattle inspection; market order suspension; supply and demand provision suspended.

b. News article:  re:  cattle production in McAlester.

F 35: Agriculture, Department of (1960). Cotton.

Correspondence:  re:  trade disadvantages discussed and cotton resolution.

F 36: Agriculture, Department of (1960). Departmental Programs and Policies.

a. Correspondence:  re:  agricultural policies flawed; national grange policies; constituent views; non farm jobs; agriculture reorganization.

b. News articles:  re:  Republican agricultural position.

F 37: Agriculture, Department of (1960). Experimental Station and Extension Service.

Correspondence:  re:  funding allocations; county extension agent consideration.

F 38: Agriculture, Department of (1960). Farmers Home Administration:  Loan application.

Correspondence:  re:  town application for water system loan; constituent loan application.

F 39: Agriculture, Department of (1960). Farmers Home Administration:  Personnel.

a. Correspondence:  re:  employment; Civil Service complaint.

b. News article:  re:  C. Arthur Ray named head of FHA.

F 40: Agriculture, Department of (1960). Farmers Home Administration:  Programs.

a. News article:  re:  storm areas to get FHA loans.

b. News article:  re:  less government control urged.

F 41: Agriculture, Department of (1960). Forest Service.

a. Correspondence:  re:  appropriation for tree research urged; highway improvement along scenic route; access to Cedar Lake urged; Forest Service appropriations letter to John F. Kennedy.

b. News article:  re:  tree concerns.

F 42: Agriculture, Department of (1960).  Forest Service.

Correspondence:  re:  national forests in Oklahoma.

F 43: Agriculture, Department of (1960). General/Miscellaneous Correspondence. Includes letter re: CA's Appointment as Secretary of Agriculture.

F 44: Agriculture, Department of (1960). Grains.

Correspondence:  re:  financial condition of corn belt farmer; grain elevator rates; protesting grain elevator rate reductions.

F 45: Agriculture, Department of (1960). Migrant Labor.

Correspondence:  re:  view on migrant labor.

F 46: Agriculture, Department of (1960). Peanuts.

Correspondence:  re:  peanut grading equipment shown.

F 47: Agriculture, Department of (1960). Pesticides.

Correspondence:  re:  pesticide residue in farm products.

F 48: Agriculture, Department of (1960). Poultry.

Correspondence:  re:  lack of uniformity in poultry inspection; turkey literature requested; boiler condemnation. 

F 49: Agriculture, Department of (1960). Rice.

Correspondence:  re:  increase in rice acreage allotment.

F 50: Agriculture, Department of (1960). Rural Electrification Administration.

a. Correspondence:  re:  power association resolution.

b. News article:  re:  Pittsburg County to get REA money.

c. News article:  re:  Eisenhower tight REA Money Opposed.

d. Report:  re:  REA Activities for 1959.

F 51: Agriculture, Department of (1960). Rural Electrification Administration: NRECA.

Correspondence:  re:  fact book; legislative information; resolutions.

F 52: Agriculture, Department of (1960). Rural Electrification Administration: Oklahoma Association of Electric Co-Operatives.

Correspondence:  re:  resolution; congressional records.

F 53: Agriculture, Department of (1960). Rural Electrification Administration: Silver Jubilee.

a. Correspondence:  re:  transcript of REA speech sent.

b. News article:  re:  Carl Albert support of REA on floor.

c. Request:  re:  Time to Address REA issue on floor of house.

d. Transcript:  re:  Radio address about Silver Jubilee of REA.

F 54: Agriculture, Department of (1960). Rural Electrification Administration: Requests.

Correspondence:  re:  requests and problems with electric and telephone connections.

F 55: Agriculture, Department of (1960). Rural Electrification Administration: Oklahoma Co-Ops.

a. Correspondence:  re:  loans approved.

b. News article:  re:  loans for Choctaw co-ops.

c. List of Durant Co-op officers.

F 56: Agriculture, Department of (1960). School Lunch Program.

a. Correspondence:  re:  data requests; protests against school lunch program reduction; no appropriation decrease for program; allocation formula reported.

b. News article:  re:  Carl Albert Support for School Lunch Program.

F 57: Agriculture, Department of (1960). Soil Conservation Service.

a. Correspondence:  re:  Congratulatory, District Election; Caddo Creek plan.

b. News article:  re:  pond building increase.

c. Transcript:  re:  Speech about Soil Conservation Service role in the future.

d. News article:  re:  top soil concern.

e. Newsletters:  re:  news in various conservation districts.

F 58: Agriculture, Department of (1960). Soil Conservation Service:  Personnel/requests.

Correspondence:  re:  gasoline business in Bryan district; employment transfer; district clerks pay grade.

F 59: Agriculture, Department of (1960). Soil Conservation Service:  Watershed Program.

a. Correspondence:  re:  watershed data sent; grants for watershed projects.

b. News article:  re:  watershed study begins.

c. Fact sheet:  re:  progress in watershed planning.

d. Transcript:  re:  Senate proceedings:  agriculture appropriations.

e. News release:  re:  watershed appropriation increased.

F 60: Agriculture, Department of (1960). Soil Conservation Service: Blue River.

a. Correspondence:  general.

b. News article:  re:  progress on Blue River Projects.

c. News release:  re:  Upper Blue River Watershed approved.

F 61: Agriculture, Department of (1960). Soil Conservation Service: Boggy Creek.

a. Correspondence:  re:  easement project resolved; Middle Boggy Creek Project approval.

b. News article:  re:  Boggy Creek Project Commended.

c. Work Plan:  re:  Upper Boggy Creek Project.

F 62: Agriculture, Department of (1960). Soil Conservation Service: Brushy-Peaceable.

a. News article:  re:  conservation district urged.

b. News article:  re:  Brushy-Peaceable District Seen as Recreational Area.

c. News article:  re:  hearings about proposed district planned.

d. News article:  re:  dam sites survey to conveyance.

F 63: Agriculture, Department of (1960). Soil Conservation Service: Cache Creek.

News release:  re:  assistance approved for Cache Creek.

F 64: Agriculture, Department of (1960). Soil Conservation Service: Fourche Maline.

Correspondence:  re:  documents outlining progress of project; project approval; stages of project.

F 65: Agriculture, Department of (1960). Soil Conservation Service: Whitegrass and Waterhole.

Correspondence:  re:  project improvements approved; constituent view on flood control.

F 66: Agriculture, Department of (1960). Sugar.

a. News article:  re:  sugar control mechanism for Presidential fails in Committee.

b. Memorandum:  re:  sugar study group.

F 67: Agriculture, Department of (1960). Surplus Commodities.

a. Correspondence:  re:  surplus food disposal views; surplus food distribution methods.

b. Fact sheet:  re:  district commodity recipients.

F 68: Air Force, Department of (1960).

Correspondence:  re:  academy nomination; animal health concerns; active duty recall request; specification causing dangerous monopoly.

F 69: Air Force, Department of (1960).  Altus Air Force Base.

Correspondence:  re:  boy scout interest in surplus building.

F 70: Air Force, Department of (1960). Ardmore Air Force Base.

a. Correspondence:  re:  steps to acquire base after deactivation; Department of Commerce's study of Ardmore.

b. Numerous articles dealing the Air Force Base closing.

F 71: Air Force, Department of (1960). Surplus Property.

Correspondence:  re:  surplus heater request; typewriter; property disposal procedure

F 72: Army, Department of (1960).

a. Correspondence:  re:  tank design adaptation; formation of association of Army; exhibits for Armed Forces Day 1960; activation of Army Corps at Fort Chaffee.

b. Congressional release:  re:  Fort Sill Missile Range Expansion.

c. News articles:  re:  Armed Forces Day in Oklahoma.

F 73: Army, Department of (1960). Carl Albert.

Correspondence:  re:  promotion and refresher courses for Lt. Col. Carl Albert.

F 73b: Army, Department of (1960). Corps of Engineers: General.

Correspondence, clippings: re: Corps personnel, boundary disputes, requests.

F 74: Army, Department of (1960). Corps of Engineers: Antlers Armory.

a. Official invitation and schedule for Reserve Center in Antlers.

F 75: Army, Department of (1960). Corps of Engineers: Ardmore Armory

Correspondence:  re:  contract for construction of Ardmore facility; progress of facility.

F 76: Army, Department of (1960). Corps of Engineers: Durant Armory.

a. Correspondence:  re:  construction of Durant Armory.

b. News article:  re:  Durant Armory progress.

F 76b: Army, Department of (1960). Corps of Engineers: Eufaula Reservoir.

Correspondence, telegrams: re: condemnation of property, relocation of roads, project personnel

F 77: Army, Department of (1960). Corps of Engineers: McAlester Armory.

a. Correspondence:  re:  repair approval for McAlester Armory.

b. News article:  re:  armory repair.

F 78: Army, Department of (1960). Corps of Engineers: Reservoirs.

a. Correspondence:  re:  liberalization of acquisition policy for reservoirs.

b. Correspondence, clippings, reports: re: projects at Eufaula, Oologah, Pine Creek, and Tulsa District Reservoirs and Little and Buford Dams.

F 79: Army, Department of (1960). Personnel.

Correspondence:  re:  assignment problems and requests.

F 80: Army, Department of (1960). Requests.

Correspondence:  re:  requests for various problems with the Army.

F 81: Army, Department of (1960). Reserves and National Guard.

a. Correspondence:  re:  Construction approval McAlester Armory; employment separation regulation change; National Reserve Convention Site Selection.

b. News article:  re:  Ardmore Armory.

c. Fact sheet:  re:  Oklahoma reserve facilities.

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