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Box 34

Box 35: Atomic Energy Commission (1960) - Justice (1960).

F 1: Atomic Energy Commission (1960).

News article:  re:  ten-year nuclear energy plan.

F 2: Budget, Bureau of the (1960).

Correspondence:  re:  transportation study complete; advanced copy of 1961 budget; budget analysis.

F 3: Budget, Bureau of the (1960).

Correspondence:  re:  constituent views on federal spending.

F 4: Civil Aeronautics Board (1960).  Ardmore.

Correspondence:  re:  Ardmore air traffic and air route continuation.

F 5: Civil and Defense Mobilization, Office of (1960).  General.

a. Correspondence:  re:  matching funds approval; assistance request for securing fire truck; appreciation for support at Civil Defense rally.

b. Newsletter:  re:  civil defense class planned.

F 6: Civil and Defense Mobilization, Office of (1960).  Tornado Damage.

a. Correspondence:  re:  cooperation of agencies during Soper duster; Wilburton tornado damage; disaster area classification urged for Oklahoma counties; Presidential reconsideration of disaster area; tornado relief for farmers.

b. News articles:  re:  disaster relief efforts.

c. List:  re:  telegrams sent to various Oklahoma officials.

F 7: Civil Service Commission (1960).

a. Correspondence:  re:  urge to use Commission services.

b. Announcement:  re:  position of electrician available at Naval Deport, McAlester.

c. Examination:  re:  pretest for academy entrance exam.

F 8: Civil Service Commission (1960). Health Benefits.

Correspondence:  re:  questions about Civil Service health benefits; hospitalization plan for letter carriers.

F 9: Civil Service Commission (1960). Political Activity.

a. Correspondence:  re:  political activity questions; Naval Ammunition Depot, McAlester.

b. Pamphlet:  re:  political activity rules for federal employees.

c. Poster:  re:  political activity restrictions.

F 10: Civil Service Commission (1960). Requests.

Correspondence:  re:  requests with civil service problems.

F 11: Commerce, Department of (1960).

Press release:  re:  program to increase U.S. exports.

F 12: Commerce, Department of (1960). Business and Defense Services.

Correspondence:  re:  Office of Area Development report on Ardmore requested; sources for supply of steel forms for concrete requested.

F 13: Commerce, Department of (1960). Census Bureau.

a. Correspondence:  re:  application for census taker; boundary lines for Sulphur checked; census confidence betrayal charged; census employment requirements.

b. News article:  re:  census taking in McAlester.

c. Report:  re:  early census and representative apportionment.

d. Memorandum:  re:  Pittsburg, Kansas Age Search.

e. News article:  re:  Census statistics for state.

F 14: Commerce, Department of (1960). Census Bureau:  Requests.

Correspondence:  re:  requests for statistical information.

F 15: Commerce, Department of (1960). Census Bureau:  Enumerator jobs.

Correspondence:  re:  census employment requested.

F 16: Commerce, Department of (1960). Foreign Commerce, Bureau of.

Correspondence:  re:  requirements for foreign importers; requests for sources of imported clocks and radios; importing information requested.

F 17: Commerce, Department of (1960). Patent Office.

Correspondence:  re:  congressional influence requested in patent infringement literature attacked; application for patent protection; questions concerning patent rejection.

F 18: Commerce, Department of (1960). Public Roads, Bureau of.

Correspondence:  re:  resolution of multi-state road conference.

F 19: Commerce, Department of (1960). Public Roads, Bureau of:  Interstate Highway.

a. Correspondence:  re:  financing ideas for interstate highway building.

b. News articles:  re:  highway building in state.

F 20: Commerce, Department of (1960). Public Roads, Bureau of:  Interstate Highways US 69.

Correspondence:  re:  constituent dislike of U.S. 69 project; resolutions to include U.S. 69 into the interstate system.

F 21: Commerce, Department of (1960). Public Roads, Bureau of:  Oklahoma Projects.

Correspondence:  re:  Department of Highways Budget for 1962-63; improvement for highways; driver training; employment with Corps of Engineers; urge state to start U.S. 199 project; U.S. 70 improvement urged; Employment in Highway Department; road building projects. State Route 4005 approved.

F 22: Commerce, Department of (1960). Standards, Bureau of.

Correspondence:  re:  frequencies for two stations.

F 23: Defense, Department of (1960).  Weather Bureau.

Correspondence:  re:  weather station in Southeast Oklahoma.

F 24: Defense, Department of (1960).

Correspondence:  re:  amendment to H. R. 11998; dual office holding prohibited in NASA; research center for materials science; National Guard research program.

F 25: Defense, Department of (1960). Data.

a. Correspondence:  re:  military installations in Oklahoma 3rd District.

b. Information sheet:  employment application centers.

c. News article:  re:  military payroll increase.

d. Press release:  re:  military construction totals.

F 26: Defense, Department of (1960). Dependents Travel Abroad.

a. Correspondence:  re: presidential director responses.

b. Directive:  re:  dependent overseas travel.

F 27: Defense, Department of (1960). Movements of Household Goods.

a. Correspondence:  re:  response to change in regulations.

b. Directive:  re:  transport of household goods.

F 28: Defense, Department of (1960). Requests.

Correspondence:  re:  information requests about Korean war dead.

F 29: Defense, Department of (1960). ROTC.

Correspondence:  re:  protests over compulsory ROTC.

F 30: Federal Aviation Administration (1960). Ardmore.

Correspondence:  re:  control tower requested.

F 31: Federal Aviation Administration (1960).

Correspondence:  re:  aerial spraying investigation; no military function for Federal Aviation Administration; helicopter crash reporting.

F 32: Federal Aviation Administration (1960). Data.

Correspondence:  re:  annual report of operation, Airport Act; liaison service for Congress; report of airport aid program for fiscal year 1961; air navigation facilities program; clarification of FAA position.

F 33: Federal Aviation Administration (1960). Idabel.

Correspondence:  re:  Airport preservation in Idabel; aid to Idabel Airport.

F 34: Federal Communications Commission (1960).

Correspondence:  re:  radio license renewal; license approved; station transfer.

F 35: Federal Home Loan Bank Board (1960).

Correspondence:  re:  California bank closing.

F 36: Federal Power Commission (1960).

Correspondence:  re:  pending application.

F 37: Federal Trade Commission (1960).

Correspondence:  re:  student recommendation.

F 38: General Services Administration (1960).

a. Correspondence:  re:  proposed federal building in Tulsa; facilities transfer; commodities transfer inquiry.

b. News article:  re:  Norman voters back land grant.

c. Circular changes in bills of lading

F 39: General Services Administration (1960).  Personnel.

Correspondence:  re:  GSA administrator recommendation.

F 40: General Services Administration 91960).  National Archives.

a. Correspondence:  re:  army record requested; Civil War information; military road information; WWI records.

b. Bulletin:  re:  Day to Day Record of the Life of Lincoln.

F 41: Government Printing Office (1960).

Correspondence:  re:  vaccination certificates requested; FHA document requested.

F 42: Health, Education and Welfare (1960).

Correspondence:  re:  personnel changes; broilers controversy; interest in conference on aging.

F 43: Health, Education and Welfare, Department of (1960). Education, Office of.

a. Correspondence:  re:  viewpoint about Cuban situation; diplomatic training inquiry; language institute planned in Durant; absenteeism information from NEA; adult education programs needed; reaction to testimony of Secretary of Education; new audio visual system proposed.

b. Bulletin:  re:  media program announced.

F 44: Health, Education and Welfare, Department of (1960). Education, Office of:  District Grants.

Correspondence and news articles:  re:  grants given to various school districts in Oklahoma.

F 45: Health, Education and Welfare, Department of (1960). Education, Office of:  Student Loan Program.

a. Correspondence:  re:  opposition to oath for participants in program; loan information.

b. Pamphlet:  re:  graduate fellowship.

F 46: Health, Education and Welfare, Department of (1960). Food and Drug Administration.

a. Correspondence:  re:  poison deaths in U.S.

b. Editorial:  FDA methods questioned.

F 47: Health, Education and Welfare, Department of (1960). Public Health Service.

a. Correspondence:  re:  proposed Marshall County health center approved; grant for Bryan County hospital; HEW appropriations bill; hospital construction appropriations.

b. News articles:  re:  health costs increasing.

F 48: Health, Education and Welfare, Department of (1960). Social Security.

a. Correspondence:  re:  AFDC statistics.

b. Statement, hearing:  re:  Social Security change discussed.

c. Press release:  re:  25th Anniversary of Social Security.

F 49: Housing and Home Finance Agency (1960). Departmental Data.

a. Bulletin:  re:  loan assistance rules.

b. Bulletin:  re:  loan assistance information.

F 50: Housing and Home Finance Agency (1960). District Projects.

Correspondence:  re:  loans.

F 51: Housing and Home Finance Agency (1960). Personnel.

Correspondence:  re:  district interest and programs; regional administrator recommendation; treatment chronology.

F 52: Housing and Home Finance Agency (1960). Federal Housing Administration.

Correspondence:  re:  nursing home loan.

F 53: Housing and Home Finance Agency (1960). Public Housing Administration.

Correspondence:  re:  Highway 103 status; low rent housing.

F 54: Indian Claims Commission (1960).

Correspondence:  re:  Choctaw Indian claim.

F 55: Interior, Department of the (1960).

a. News article:  re:  mines and water.

b. Press release:  re:  Hawaii statehood.

F 56: Interior, Department of the (1960). Fish and Wildlife Service.

a. Correspondence:  re:  trapper needed for wolves; elk license application; program for rodent control.

b. News article:  re:  land for hunting in Tishomingo.

F 57: Interior, Department of the (1960). Geological Survey.

Correspondence:  re: topographic and quadrangle maps.

F 58: Interior, Department of the (1960). Indian Affairs.

Correspondence:  re:  Indian education information; assistance requested.

F 59: Interior, Department of the (1960). Land Management, Bureau of.

a. Correspondence:  re:  land availability.

b. List of land sales.

F 60: Interior, Department of the (1960). Mines, Bureau of.

Correspondence:  re:  Coal mine explosion; annual report for 1959.

F 61: Interior, Department of the (1960). National Park Service.

a. Correspondence:  re:  Pea Ridge project in Arkansas; statue request; cave exploration; Five Civilized Tribes Memorial.

b. List of National Park addresses.

F 62: Interior, Department of the (1960). Reclamation, Bureau of.

a. Congressional Record:  Kerr remarks on reclamation.

b. News article:  re:  Red River Irrigation System.

F 63: Interior, Department of the (1960). SPA.

News article:  re:  SRDA Opportunities.

F 64: Interstate Commerce Commission (1960).

a. Correspondence:  re:  liaison officer appointed; carrier authority questioned; asphalt freight rate adjustment.

b. News article:  re:  wheat growers block ICC rate increase.

F 65: Justice, Department of (1960). Federal Bureau of Investigations.

Correspondence:  re:  income tax problem; visit.

F 66: Justice, Department of (1960). Immigration and Naturalization.

a. Correspondence:  re:  requested INS problems.

b. Visa petition.

c. List of naturalized residents of Oklahoma.

F 67: Justice, Department of (1960). Marshal Service.

Correspondence:  re:  retirement postponed.

F 68: Justice, Department of (1960). Parole Board.

Correspondence:  re:  request for parole consideration; parole granted.

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