Box and Folder Inventory

Box 35

Box 36: Labor (1960) - Agriculture (1961).

F 1: Labor, Department of (1960).  Employee Compensation:  Case Files.

Correspondence:  re:  claims for assistance.

F 2: Labor, Department of (1960).  Labor Employment Security Commission:  Case Files.

Correspondence:  re:  claims for assistance.

F 3: Labor, Department of (1960).  General.

a. Correspondence:  re:  living cost information; labor resolution AFL-CIO; Bethlehem strike information.

b. News article:  power of organized labor.

F 4: Labor, Department of (1960).  Minimum Wage/Prevailing Wage.

Correspondence:  re:  minimum wage questions; prevailing wage information; wage bills in congress.

F 5: Labor, Department of (1960).  Women.

a. Correspondence:  re:  women's commemorative stamp.

b. Pamphlet:  re:  legal status of women in Oklahoma.

F 6: Library of Congress (1960).  Carl Albert Office.

Correspondence:  re:  request for loaned material; checkout authorization for staff.

F 7: Library of Congress (1960).  Requests.

Correspondence:  re:  information requests.

F 8: Library of Congress (1960).  Capital Punishment.

a. Congressional Record:  re:  case against capital punishment.

b. Reference data:  re:  summary of arguments on capital punishment.

F 9: Library of Congress (1960).  Policies/Vacancies.

a. Correspondence:  re:  interlibrary loans.

b. Newspaper clipping:  "Symbols on Dollar Bill Cleared Up."

c. Bulletin:  re:  interlibrary loans.

d. Bulletin:  re:  list of vacancies.

F 10: National Capital Housing Authority (1960).

Correspondence:  re:  housing needs for veterans.

F 11: National Science Foundation (1960).

Correspondence:  re:  applications to the National Science Foundations for scholarships.

F 12: Navy, Department of the (1960).

Correspondence:  re:  congratulations for successful sea voyages; invitations to the Southeast Exhibit of Business Opportunities.

F 13: Navy, Department of the (1960).  Constituent Cases.

Correspondence:  re:  constituents case.

F 14: Navy, Department of the (1960).  Haifa Clause.

Correspondence:  re:  Navy ends use of Haifa Clause.

F 15: Navy, Department of the (1960).  Navy Cruises.

Correspondence:  re:  invitations for a navy cruise.

F 16: Navy, Department of the (1960).  McAlester Ammunition Depot.

a. Correspondence:  re:  promotions for the Naval Reserve Unit Service Division 8-82 (M), McAlester, Oklahoma.

b. Report:  re:  promotion plan for inactive duty naval reserve officers.

c. Clipping:  re:  McAlester Naval Depot.

F 17: Navy, Department of the (1960).  Surplus Property.

Correspondence:  re:  Navy surplus cooling systems to be donated to the Savanna PTA, OK.

F 18: Railroad Retirement Board (1960).

Correspondence:  re:  annuity payments under the Railroad Retirement Board.

F 19: Selective Service System (1960).

Correspondence:  re:  selective service.

F 20: Small Business Administration (1960).  Departmental Materials.

a. Press release:  re:  firms receiving financial assistance.

b. Rules and regulations.

F 21: Small Business Administration (1960). Loan Applicants:  Herron.

a. Correspondence:  re:  loan for Herron Lumber Inc.

b. Clipping:  re:  tree planting.

F 22: Small Business Administration (1960). Loan Applicants:  Miscellaneous.

Correspondence:  re:  loans for corps.

F 23: Small Business Administration (1960). Oklahoma Tornado Damage.

a. Correspondence:  re:  disaster aid at Bokoshe.

b. Newspaper clippings:  re:  SBA assistance.

F 24: Small Business Administration (1960). Wilburton:  Flood.

a. Correspondence:  re:  SBA assistance to Wilburton.

b. Newspaper clippings:  re:  flood damage.

F 25: State, Department of (1960).

a. Correspondence:  re:  foreign policy.

b. Brochure:  re:  educational exchange grants.

F 26: State, Department of (1960). International Co-Operation Administration.

Correspondence:  re:  Point IV program; overseas construction contracts.

F 27: State, Department of (1960). Requests.

Correspondence:  re:  request for assistance.

F 28: State, Department of (1960). Panama.

Correspondence:  re:  surrendering control over the Canal Zone.

F 29: State, Department of (1960). Passports.

a. Correspondence:  re:  passports requests.

b. Passport applications.

c. Bulletin:  re:  information for passport applications.

F 30: State, Department of (1960). Visas.

Correspondence:  re:  visa requests.

F 31: Surplus Property - OK (1960).

Correspondence:  re:  Boy Scouts requesting surplus tents.

F 32: Supreme Court (1960).

a. Correspondence:  re:  admission to the Bar of the United States.

b. Certificate:  re:  Oklahoma Bar Association.

c. Press release.

F 33: Tariff Commission (1960).  Broom.

Correspondence:  re:  importation of brooms.

F 34: Tariff Commission (1960).  Steel Import.

a. Correspondence:  re:  steel import problem.

b. Newspaper clippings:  re:  imports of foreign steel.

F 35: Treasury, Department of the (1960).

Correspondence:  re:  treasury.

F 36: Treasury, Department of the (1960).  Customs.

Correspondence:  re:  customs.

F 37: Treasury, Department of the (1960).  Internal Revenue.

Correspondence:  re:  problems with the IRS.

F 38: Treasury, Department of the (1960).  Mint.

Correspondence:  re:  value of 1943 pennies.

F 39: Veterans Administration (1960).

Correspondence:  re:  treatment of veterans; dinner honoring members of Congress who have served in the armed forces.

F 40: Veterans Administration (1960).

a. Correspondence:  re:  cases.

b. Loan application.

F 41: War Claims Commission (1960).

Correspondence:  re:  legislation for pay of Korean prisoners of war.

F 42: White House (1960).

Newspaper clipping:  re:  "White House Statement on Proposed Atom Test-Ban Pact."

F 43: Agriculture, Department of (1961). Agricultural Conservation Program.

a. Correspondence:  re:  agricultural conservation program.

b. Newsletter:  re:  ASC Farm Program.

c. Handbook:  Agriculture Conservation Program, LeFlore County.

F 44: Agriculture, Department of (1961). Agricultural Conservation Program/Requests.

Correspondence:  re:  committee appointments.

F 45: Agriculture, Department of (1961). Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation.

F 46: Agriculture, Department of (1961). Albert Legislation, etc.

a. Correspondence:  re:  Public Works Committee.

b. Speech:  re:  military preparedness program at OSU to Oklahoma Farm Bureau.

F 47: Agriculture, Department of (1961). American Farm Bureau Federation.

Correspondence:  re:  AFB statistics and information.

F 48: Agriculture, Department of (1961). Beekeeper's Association.

Correspondence:  re:  open letter to Congress which had requested honey to be included in the Omnibus Farm Bill.

F 49: Agriculture, Department of (1961). Commodity Distribution.

a. Correspondence:  re:  commodity distribution.

b. Statistical Bulletin:  "Cash Receipts From Major Farm Commodities by States."

F 50: Agriculture, Department of (1961). Commodity Stabilization Service.

Correspondence:  re:  movement of CSS office from Dallas to Temple, Texas. 

F 51: Agriculture, Department of (1961). Constituent Requests.

General correspondence.

F 52: Agriculture, Department of (1961). Cotton.

a. Correspondence:  re:  flooded cotton farms.

b. Congressional Record:  re:  legislation for flooded farms.

F 53: Agriculture, Department of (1961). Crop Insurance.

a. Correspondence:  re:  expansion of Federal Crop Insurance.

b. Press release:  notification of Federal Crop Insurance.

F 54: Agriculture, Department of (1961). Dairy.

Correspondence:  re:  Study Committee for Marketing Orders.

F 55: Agriculture, Department of (1961). Data.

a. Newsletter:  "Washington Farm Letter."

b. Report:  re:  pollution control grants.

c. News Clipping:  re:  Carter Farms getting better.

d. Magazine:  re:  Dollars Flowing to Swiss Banks.

e. Bulletin:  re:  land retirement and farm policy.

f. Newsletter:  re:  daily summary for November 27, 1961.

F 56: Agriculture, Department of (1961). Departmental Correspondence/Data.

Address:  re:  American agriculture.

F 57: Agriculture, Department of (1961). Experiment Station.

a. Correspondence:  re:  committee meetings for state experiment station.

b. Memorandum:  re:  establishing a state experiment station service.

c. Statement:  re:  The Place of the State Experiment Stations Division.

F 58: Agriculture, Department of (1961). Exports.

a. Correspondence:  re:  foreign markets for U.S. agricultural commodities.

b. Address:  re:  Food and Agriculture Organization.

c. Newsletter:  re:  foreign agriculture.

F 59: Agriculture, Department of (1961). Farm Bill.

a. Correspondence:  re:  committee meeting.

b. Digest of "Agricultural Act of 1964."

c. Handbook:  re:  Amendment of Title I of Public Law 480.

d. Report:  re:  Commodity Credit Corp sales.

F 60: Agriculture, Department of (1961). Farmers Home Administration. 

a. Correspondence:  re:  FHA.

b. Report:  re:  farm ownership loan policies, procedures, and authorities.

c. Brochure:  re:  farm ownership loans.

F 61: Agriculture, Department of (1961). Farmers Home Administration:  Requests.

Correspondence:  re:  loans to purchase land.

F 62: Agriculture, Department of (1961). Farmers Home Administration:  Personnel.

a. Correspondence:  re:  personnel.

b. Newspaper clipping:  re:  new director of FHA.

F 63: Agriculture, Department of (1961). Farmers Union.

a. Correspondence:  re:  setting straight misconceptions and myths circulated by farm organizations; recommendations. 

b. Newsletter:  re:  battle over farm bill.

c. Statement:  re:  National Farmers Unions position concerning the Agricultural Act of 1961.

F 64: Agriculture, Department of (1961). Feed Grains.

a. Correspondence:  re:  feed grain program.

b. Memorandum:  re:  emergency feed grain program.

F 65: Agriculture, Department of (1961). Forest Service.

a. Correspondence:  re:  commemorative postage stamp; National Grasslands.

b. Newspaper clipping:  re:  forest.

c. Report:  re:  National Forest Reservation Commission.

d. Magazine:  re:  Operation Outdoors.

F 66: Agriculture, Department of (1961). Forest Service:  Oklahoma Projects.

a. Correspondence:  re:  forests.

b. Magazine:  re:  Oklahoma Forest Facts.

F 67: Agriculture, Department of (1961). Forest Service:  Request/Personnel.

Correspondence:  re:  helping constituents in matters which concerned the Forest Service.

F 68: Agriculture, Department of (1961). General/Miscellaneous.


F 69: Agriculture, Department of (1961). Grain Storage.

a. Correspondence:  re:  grain storage.

b. Newspaper clippings:  re:  flood glut.

F 70: Agriculture, Department of (1961). Livestock.

a. Correspondence:  re:  cattle.

b. Handbook:  re:  Animals and Animal Products.

c. Handbook:  re:  Bovine Brucellosis Eradication.

F 71: Agriculture, Department of (1961). Peanuts.

a. Report:  re:  peanut quotas.

b. Newspaper clipping:  re:  Miss National Nut and a large peanut crop.

F 72: Agriculture, Department of (1961). Peanuts:  Requests.

Correspondence:  re:  new grower peanut allotments; Commodity Stabilization Service.

F 73: Agriculture, Department of (1961). Peanuts:  Legislation.

Correspondence:  re:  hearings held by the Committee on Agriculture; support of H. R. 6400.

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