Box and Folder Inventory

Box 37

Box 38:  AEC (1961) - Housing and Home Finance (1961)). 

F 1: Atomic Energy Commission (1961).  Hanford Production Reactor.

a. Correspondence:  re:  Hanford production reactor.

b. Newspaper clipping: re:  U.S. atomic tests.

c. Newspaper clipping: re:  cartoon.

d. Telegram: re:  atomic energy authorization bill H.R. 7576.

e. Pamphlet: re:  facts about Hanford production reactor.

F 2 Budget, Bureau of the (1961).  Budget Deficit.

a. Correspondence:  re:  Albert provides deficit information.

b. Newspaper article: re:  Albert on T.V.'s "Meet the Press."

F 3 Civil Aeronautic Board (1961).  Flight Service to McAlester.

a. Newspaper article: re:  city airline service.

b. Report: re:  rules of practice in economic proceedings.

c. Report: re:  data about McAlester for the Civil Aeronautic Board.

d. Correspondence:  re: flight bag; flight service to McAlester suspended.

F 4 Civil Defense (1961).  Disaster Aid.

a. Newspaper article: re:  Congressmen deny aid to Konawa.

b. Newspaper article: re:  tornado damage near Boswell, Oklahoma.

c. Correspondence:  re:  disaster aid for Seminole county; red cross assistance in Boswell.

F 5 Civil Defense (1961).  Emergency Operating Center for Oklahoma.

a. Newspaper article: re:  defense shelters.

b. News release: re:  construction of Emergency operating center.

c. Telegram: re:  Civil Defense Capitol Building project.

d. Telegram.  construction of emergency operating center.

e. Correspondence: re:  construction of a State Emergency Center.

F 6 Civil Defense (1961).  Fallout Shelters.

a. Correspondence: re:  president's shelter program; nationwide civil defense training exercise-operation alert.

b. Booklet: re:  the family fallout shelter.

c. Booklet: re:  clay masonry family fallout shelters.

d. Pamphlet: re:  home protection exercises.

e. Statement: re:  Federation of American Scientists on Defense shelters.

f. News release. re:  coal mines as fallout shelters.

g. Telegram: re:  no federal funds for school shelter construction.

h. Preliminary draft: re:  research proposal on shelters.

F 7 Civil Defense (1961).  General.

Correspondence: re:  responsibilities of defense department; request for spending in Civil Defense.

F 8 Civil Defense (1961).  Oklahoma Office.  Miscellaneous.

a. Correspondence: re:  OCDM coordinator; tie in civil defense functions to the Dept. of Defense; matching funds.

b. Data sheet: re:  list of civil defense directors.

F 9 Civil Defense (1961).  Personnel.

Correspondence: re:  appointment to Rural Activities Office at Battle Creek Headquarters; request for civil service employment.

F10 Civil Defense (1961).  Reports.

a. Brochure: re:  general information.

b. Pamphlet: re:  record of car maintenance.

c. Pamphlet: re:  home protection exercises.

d. House report: re:  New Civil Defense Program.

F11 Civil Defense (1961).  Surplus Property.

a. Correspondence: re:  notes transmittal of civil defense manuals.

b. Correspondence: re:  CD surplus Property program in Oklahoma.

c. Report: re:  list of CD surplus property.

d. Manual: re:  surplus property.

F12 Civil Service (1961).  Commission Correspondence/Data.

a. Correspondence: re:  filling postmaster positions; filling clerk-carrier positions; appointment of director; organizational changes.

b. Pamphlet: re:  civil service examinations.

c. Booklet: re:  political activities of federal officers and employees.

d. Brochure: re:  information concerning transfer.

e. Applications: re:  instructions/forms.

f. Information sheets: re:  job information.

F13 Civil Service (1961).  Constituent Requests (B-I).

a. Correspondence: re:  employment opportunities.

b. Correspondence: re:  civil service insurance.

F14 Civil Service (1961).  Constituent Requests (M-W).

a. Correspondence: re: attempt to reinstate Bo McAlester; job assignments; annuity payments; civil service annuity; Group Life Insurance Act of l954; Aircraft jet engines.

b. Newspaper clipping: re:  John F. Kennedy.

F15 Civil Service (1961).  General.

Correspondence: re:  discrimination of career employees; military service credit for members of Congress; conflict of working two state jobs; federal career outlook.

F16 Commerce, Department of (1961).  Area Development/Redevelopment.

a. Telegram: re:  area redevelopment legislation.

b. Pamphlet: re:  Area Redevelopment Act.

c. Pamphlet: re:  overall Economic Development Program.

d. Pamphlet: re:  value of prime contracts awarded by federal agencies.

F17 Commerce, Department of (1961).  Census:  Constituent Requests.

Correspondence: re:  request for birth certificate; request for social security benefits; request for advance population counts; genealogical work.

F18 Commerce, Department of (1961) Census:  General.

a. Correspondence: re:  correction in l960 census; enumerator positions in Oklahoma; "Congressional District Data Book"; survey of public schools finances.

b. Graph: re:  composite construction cost index.

c. Pamphlet: re:  hearing before Committee on Post Office and Civil Service.

d. Newspaper articles: re:  final census figures.

F19 Commerce, Department of (1961).  Census:  Oklahoma Reports.

a. Report: re:  preliminary county totals for Oklahoma in l960.

b. Report: re:  memorandum of information.

c. Report: re:  advance report-final population count for Oklahoma.

d. Report: re:  census of agriculture.

F20 Commerce, Department of (1961).  Coast and Geodetic Survey.

a. Memorandum: re:  Coast and Geodetic Survey.

b. Correspondence: re:  Geological Survey program.

F21 Commerce, Department of (1961).  Foreign Commerce.

a. Correspondence: re:  government loans to El Salvador; land sale in Brazil.

b. Report: re:  interest to prospective investors in Brazilian Lands.

F22 Commerce, Department of (1961).  General.

Correspondence: re:  request for employment; request for book titled "Future Development of the San Francisco Bay Area."; request for information about cold storage warehouses; U.S. Trade Missions. Correspondents include John Jarman.

F23 Commerce, Department of (1961).  Public Roads (General).

a. Correspondence.  re: financing federal highway program.

b. Report: re:  Federal-AID Highway Program.

F24 Commerce, Department of (1961).  Public Roads (Oklahoma Project).

a. Correspondence: re:  resurfacing highways; Road damage from flood; location of interstate; funds for Oklahoma Highways; highways; road conditions; state highway project on U.S. 271; request for employment with highway department; Oklahoma Users Conference.

b. Newspaper articles: re:  state roads.

F25 Commerce, Department of (1961).  Travel Service.

a. Correspondence: re:  requesting a fact sheet on the U.S. travel Service.

b. Report: re:  Activities of the United states Travel Service.

F26 Commerce, Department of (1961).  Weather Bureau.

a. Correspondence: re:  Especially equipped laboratory airplanes.

b. Brochure: re:  weather bureau phone numbers.

F27 Defense, Department of (1961).

a. Information sheet.  re: Army's expansion.

b. Report: re:  general deferment and screening procedures and policy.

c. Brochure: re:  Department of Defense employment information.  How to apply.

d. Newspaper articles: re:  Defense Department.

F28 Defense, Department of (1961).  General .

a. Correspondence: re:  invention; Silica Sand Shipment; National Guard/Reserve units; fallout shelter; Anti-Communist indoctrination program; movement of household goods for the military; religious programs on Armed Forces Radio; military in political activities; active duty time; commissaries vs. private business.

b. Questionnaire: re:  Defense Company Questionnaire.

F29 Federal Aeronautics Administration (1961). Correspondence.

a. Correspondence: re:  Boardings at McAlester; Applicants for employment at Aeronautical Center; Relocation of the Flight Service Station; Report of International Liaison Officer of Federal Aeronautics Administration (1961).; Federal Aeronautics Administration (1961).-Hugo Study; Airplane crash transporting army recruits. Central Airlines.

b. Brochure: re:  Central Airlines.

c. Newspaper article: re:  central daily flight to Tulsa.

d. Pamphlet: re:  entertaining international guests.

e. Telegram: re:  request for employment with Federal Aeronautics Administration (1961)..

f. Newspaper articles: re:  Federal Aeronautics Administration (1961). unfair.

F30 Federal Aeronautics Administration (1961). Data.

a. Report: re:  Federal Aeronautics Administration (1961). District Airport Engineer.

b. Report: re:  operations under the Federal Airport Act.

c. Newsletter: re:  equipment purchased by Federal Aeronautics Administration (1961)..

d. Magazine: re:  Aeronautical center.

e. Newspaper article: re:  creation of eight airports in state.

F31 Federal Communications Commission (1961). Communications.

a. Correspondence: re:  Industrial radiolocation service in Ardmore; Applications of Sapulpa Broadcasters; Deprive New Jersey of its only VHF-TV channel; Communications satellite possibilities.

b. Bulletin: re:  Broadcast Application Procedure.

c. Telegram: re:  granting industrial radio application.

d. Newspaper article: re:  overhaul F.C.C.

F32 Federal Insurance Deposit Corporation (1961).

Correspondence: re:  Increase in prime rate; Application for a new bank at DeQueen, Arkansas; Application for Federal deposit insurance for State Capitol Bank.

F33 Federal Power Commission (1961).

a. Correspondence: re:  proposed rule making docket; gas well in Love County, Oklahoma; resale of natural gas; appointment to FPC.

b. Newspaper clipping: re:  appointment of J. C. Swidler.

F34 Federal Trade Commission (1961).  Job.

Correspondence: re:  John L. Collin's Son.

F35 Foreign Claims Settlement Commission. (1961).  Nationalization of Property.

Bulletin: re:  U.S. Nationals with claims against Poland.

F36 General Services Administration (1961). Archives.

Correspondence: re:  request for information concerning family members.

F37 General Services Administration (1961). General.

Correspondence: re:  topic.

F38 General Services Administration (1961).

a. Correspondence: re:  appointment of General Services Administration administrator; sale of government surplus property; business sector doing business with Government; Navy record of an individual; new federal courthouse for McAlester.

b. Report: re:  federal courthouses.

F39 General Services Administration (1961). General.  Data.

a. Bulletin: re:  interstate shipments.

b. Pamphlet: re:  disposal of surplus property.

c. Newspaper articles: re:  secrecy of ordinance works.

d. Bulletin: re:  interagency motor pool system.

e. Bulletin: re:  federal supply service telephone contacts.

f. Report: re:  regulatory rate proceedings.

F40 General Services Administration (1961). General.  Jobs.

Correspondence: re:  employment with transportation and communications service; employment with General Services Administration as General Services Administration Congressional Liaison assistant job; Bob Davis' sickness.

F41 Government Printing Office (1961).

a. Correspondence: re:  Public survey.

b. Receipts: re: users.

F42 Health, Education and Welfare, Department of (1961).

a. Correspondence: re: speaking engagement for Albert; consultant for established juvenile problems seminar.

b. Brochure: re:  juvenile problems.

c. Report: re:  Budget for the Department of Health, Education and Welfare for l962.

F43 Health, Education and Welfare, Department of (1961).  Education Data.

a. Correspondence: re:  federal aid to Oklahoma schools.

b. Report: re:  federal education agency for the future.

c. Statement: re:  objection to federal aid to education.

d. Pamphlet: re:  recommendations on action affecting higher education.

e. Newspaper article: re:  Office of Liaison.

F44 Health, Education and Welfare, Department of (1961). Education.  Data.

a. News release: re:  report loans and programs.

b. Report: re: program activity.

c. Report: re:  funds obligated for construction of school facilities.

F45 Health, Education and Welfare, Department of (1961).  Education.  Data (NEA).

a. Correspondence: re:  received pamphlet.

b. Pamphlet: re:  facts about taxes.

c. Pamphlet: re: NEA program of services.

d. Pamphlet: re:  case for federal support of education.

F46 Health, Education and Welfare, Department of (1961).  Education General.

a. Correspondence: re:  education provisions of the G.I. Bill; school building improvements; federal aid to education; Freedom Foundation; foreign language training programs.

b. Telegram: re:  Cooperative Research Program.

F47 Health, Education and Welfare, Department of (1961). Education.  Hann, George.

a. Correspondence: re:  appointment as regional representative of Office of Education; assistance to elementary and secondary schools; Carter seminary.

b. Telegram: re:  appointment of Hann to executive committee of National Educators.

c. Pamphlet: re:  education research and program specialist examination.

d. Brochure: re:  educators for Kennedy-Johnson.

F48 Health, Education and Welfare, Department of (1961). Education.  Loan Program.

a. Correspondence: re:  funds for student loans.

b. Pamphlet: re:  the National Defense Student Loan Program.

F49 Health, Education and Welfare, Department of (1961). Education.  Oklahoma Grants.

a. Correspondence:  re:  payments under PL874; payments under PL815; federal grant of $21,170.00 for a new building.

b. Telegram.  Re: financial assistance under PL874.

F50 Health, Education and Welfare, Department of (1961). Education.  Southeastern College Application.

a. Correspondence: re:  Foreign language project; George Hann's indebted to Albert.

b. Report: re:  research project.

F51 Health, Education and Welfare, Department of (1961). Food and Drug Administration.

a. Correspondence: re:  ticks and flies on cattle.

b. Newspaper article: re:  drug bill.

F52 Health, Education and Welfare, Department of (1961). Public Health Service.  General.

a. Correspondence: re:  medical care for the aged; Hill-Burton Hospital Act; Water Pollution Control Act; job opening on the National Advisory Council.

b. Bulletin: re:  resolution of Oklahoma Water Resources Board.

c. Pamphlet.  re: family fallout shelters.

d. News release: re:  Indian public health.

e. Journal: re:  public health.

f. Resolution: re:  water pollution research.

F53 Health, Education and Welfare, Department of (1961). Public Health Service.  Constituent Request

a. Correspondence: re:  Mr. Hudgins needs food not hospitalization.

b. Telegram: re:  unable to find John Holloway.

F54 Health, Education and Welfare, Department of (1961). Public Health Service.

a. Correspondence: re:  grant for sewage treatment plant; funds for city hospital projects; Grants for sewers; Funds for hospitals;

b. Newspaper article: re:  sewer extension project.

F55 Health, Education and Welfare, Department of (1961). Social Security.

a. Correspondence: re:  Social security benefits; Coverage for employees; Medical care; Job opportunities in SSA.

b. Report: re:  l961 SS Amendments.

c. Report: re:  table showing monthly amount of benefits being paid.

d. Newspaper article: re:  social security law changes.

e. Pamphlet: re:  benefits paid to disabled workers.

f. Pamphlet: re:  right to appeal Social Security Administration.

F56 Health, Education and Welfare, Department of (1961). Social Security.  Jobs.

Correspondence: re:  request for help in obtaining jobs with Health, Education and Welfare, Department of (1961). Regional office.

F57 Housing and Home Finance, Department of (1961). Community Facilities Administration.

a. Fact sheet: re:  public facility loans.

b. Booklet: re:  housing for the elderly via the direct loan program.

c. Pamphlet: re:  provisions of S.l922, the Housing Act of l961.

d. Brochure: re:  information for loan applications.

e. Report: re: approved loans.

f. Newsletter: re:  college loans.

g. Brochure: re:  public works planning.

F58 Housing and Home Finance, Department of (1961). Community Facilities Admission.  Oklahoma.

a. Correspondence: re:  loans to finance sewer installations; planning to water facilities; sewer problems; relocation of U.S. Highway 69; build sewage system; loans to finance sewage; planning of water facilities.

b. News release: re:  receiving loans for water system construction.

c. Report: re:  backlog of loan applications. 

d. Newspaper clipping: re:  Clayton townspeople discuss city water.

F59 Housing and Home Finance, Department of (1961). Federal Housing Administration.

a. Correspondence: re:  residential building sewers; home loans; housing program.

b. Weekly report: re:  precedents to guide trade.

c. Pamphlet: re:  minimum property standard for nursing home.

d. Booklet: re:  nursing home mortgage insurance.

e. Newspaper clippings: re:  FHA loans.

F60 Housing and Home Finance, Department of (1961). Federal Housing Administration (Personnel/Jobs).

a. Correspondence: re:  appointment of Federal Housing Administration.

b. Telegram: re: director of Eastern Oklahoma FHA.

c. Newspaper article: re: federal job.

F61 Housing and Home Finance, Department of (1961). General.

Correspondence: re:  selection of regional administration for region V, housing and home finance agency.

F62 Housing and Home Finance, Department of (1961). Housing.

a. Correspondence: re:  direct lending program for housing for the elderly.

b. Pamphlet: re:  housing for the elderly.

F63 Housing and Home Finance, Department of (1961). Oklahoma Project.

a. Correspondence: re: housing for the elderly; O.U. housing needs; community improvement; loan to establish a sewer system; approval of sewage treatment plant.

b. Newspaper clipping: re:  urban development.

F64 Housing and Home Finance, Department of (1961). Urban Renewal.

Correspondence; fact sheet; pamphlet.

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