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Box 38

Box 39:  Indian Claims Commission (1961) - State (1961).

F 1 Indian Claims Commission (1961).

Correspondence.  re: appointment on the Indian Claims Commission.

F 2 Interior, Department of the (1961).  General/Miscellaneous.

a. Correspondence.  re:  selection of under:  Secretary of Interior post; fish hatchery; Assistant Secretary of Interior for Mineral Resources; Oil import control program.

b. Table.  re:  federal agency responsibilities in water.

c. News release.  re: address by Secretary of the Interior, Department of the (1961).

d. News release.  re:  Arbuckle project in Oklahoma.

e. Newspaper article.  re:  national historical landmarks.

F 3 Interior, Department of the (1961).  Fish and Wildlife Service.

a. Correspondence.  re:  Fisheries Research Unit in Oklahoma; full-time range; hazards of coyotes; jobs as troopers; application for fish; predatory animal hunter; commission approved to proceed with Wister program.

b. Pamphlet.  re: migratory bird regulations.

F 4 Interior, Department of the (1961).  Indian Affairs.

Correspondence:  re:  appointment of Governor of the Chickasaws; line of authority of Association Solicitor for Indian Affairs; Bureau of Indian Affair activities. Correspondents include Angie Debo, Toby Morris, Stewart L. Udall, and Earl Boyd Pierce.

F 5 Interior, Department of the (1961).  Land Management, Bureau of.

Correspondence.  re: land lease in Pittsburg County; U.S. vs. Choctaw and Chickasaw nations over land rights; application for land lease; land claims; issuance of patent; request for manual.

F 6 Interior, Department of the (1961).  National Park Service.

Correspondence.  re:  Archaeological Salvage Program; summer employment with National Park Service.

F 7 Interior, Department of the (1961).  Reclamation, Bureau of.

a. Correspondence.  re:  reclamation project.

b. Pamphlet.  re:  reclamation recreation opportunities.

c. Report.  re: descriptive summary sheets on reclamation program.

d. News release.  re:  Interior approved a plan for a national wildlife refuge on Foss reservoir.

F 8 Interior, Department of the (1961).  Southwestern Power Administration.

a. Correspondence.  re:  appointment of the Secretariat of the Interior, Department of the (1961).

b. Report.  re:  Department of the Interior SW Power Administration progress report.

F 9 Inter Communications Commission (1961).

Correspondence.  re:  Red River navigation at Shreveport, Louisiana; issuance of permit.

F10 Justice, Department of (1961).  General/Miscellaneous.

a. Correspondence.  re:  hiring-firing discrimination in government and companies with federal contracts; price fixing; marshals sent to Montgomery, Alabama to protect interstate travel and communications; antitrust efforts.

b. Pamphlet.  re:  internal demise of America.

c. Pamphlet.  re:  General Motors.  Antitrust and monopoly.

d. Pamphlet.  re: "Meet The Press" with Robert Kennedy.

F11 Justice, Department of (1961).  Attorney, U.S..

a. Correspondence.  re:  U.S. Attorney for Southern California.

b. Telegram.  re: appointment under jurisdiction of U.S. Senators.

F12 Justice, Department of (1961).  F.B.I..

a. Correspondence.  re: threat of Communism; career with F.B.I.; F.B.I. School; support for J. Edgar Hoover; F.B.I. investigation.

b. Newspaper article.  re:  the hidden attack on Hoover.

c. Pamphlet.  re:  how to become a fingerprint technician with the F.B.I.

F13 Justice, Department of (1961).  Immigration/Naturalization.

Correspondence.  re:  immigration of Hungarian, Yugoslavian and Austrian refugees; admitted to citizenship in Oklahoma; American citizenship; Assistant Commissioner, Enforcement, of Immigration and Naturalization Service; petition for immigrant VISA.

F14 Justice, Department of (1961).  Judgeships.

a. Correspondence.  re:  appointment of Federal judge; request for Albert's autographed picture.

b. Newspaper article.  re:  U.S. judge appointments.

c. Albert may succeed as Speaker of the House.

F15 Justice, Department of (1961).  Marshal, U.S..

a. Correspondence.  re:  marshal and deputy marshal position; moving deputy marshal's to McAlester. Correspondents include Mike Monroney.

b. Telegram.  re:  recommendation for U.S. Marshal.

c. Newspaper article.  re:  U.S. Marshal resigns.

d. Newspaper article.  re:  job of U.S. district attorney in Oklahoma City.

F16 Justice, Department of (1961).  Parole Board.

a. Correspondence.  re:  denial of parole.

b. Correspondence.  re:  efforts a gain parole.

c. Telegram.  re:  approval of parole.

F17 Labor, Department of (1961).  General/Miscellaneous

a. Correspondence.  re:  special assistant to the Secretary of Labor; labor conference; prisoners on public work projects; position with the Department of Labor; geography of industry shifting to eight southern and western states; unemployed miners.

b. Pamphlet.  re:  labor looks at Congress.

F18 Labor, Department of (1961).  Employees' Compensation, Bureau of.

Correspondence.  re:  employee compensation claim; eligibility for additional compensation; disability compensation.

F19 Labor, Department of (1961).  Employment Security, Bureau of (General)

a. Correspondence.  re:  extended unemployment compensation; areas of substantial Labor Surplus.

b. Pamphlet.  re:  unemployment compensation.

c. Pamphlet.  re:  Public Law 87-6.

d. Handbook.  re:  employment security review.

F20 Labor, Department of (1961).  Employment Security, Bureau of (Constituent Cases).

Correspondence.  re:  request for assistance; extended unemployment compensation; claim for unemployment benefits; claim for unemployment insurance.

F21 Labor, Department of (1961).  Labor-Management Reports, Bureau of.

a. Correspondence.  re:  notification of enclosure.

b. Pamphlet.  re:  register of reporting labor organizations.

F22 Labor, Department of (1961).  Oklahoma Department of Labor

Correspondence.  re:  collection of wages; request for the address of the Oklahoma Department of Labor.

F23 Labor, Department of (1961).  Wage/Hour

a. Correspondence.  re: labor standards for Blanchard and Tuttle, Oklahoma; changing the federal wage-hour laws; views of Oklahoma Retail Merchants Association; Savanna Public Works Authority; minimum wage for steel industry; change in wage determination in a hospital addition project; Durant convalescent home; information concerning wage and hour law; amendments to the Fair Labor Standards Act; wage scales; opposition to a petition filed by SW Peanut Association; objections to wage-hour regulations; missile program.

b. Pamphlet, re:  retail and service establishments; computing overtime pay; hours worked; agriculture and related exemptions.

F24 Library of Congress (1961).

Correspondence.  re:  project for new library building; correspondence courses; request for material.

F25 NASA (1961).

a. Correspondence.  re:  manned moon shot; Manned Space Flight Laboratory; Manned Space Flight Laboratory located in Houston, Texas; Moon project.

b. News release.  re:  manned lunar launch site selected.

F26 National Guard (1961).

a. Correspondence.  re:  active duty with Air National Guard; Priority Air Force Units; Air National Guard converted to Boeing C-97 Stratofreighters.

b. Report.  re:  Chief National Board Bureau, Annual report.

F27 National Science Foundation (1961).

a. Correspondence.  re:  request for fellowship.

b. Report.  re:  announcements of fellowship awards.

F28 Navy, Department of the (1961).  General/Miscellaneous.

a. Correspondence.  re:  Office of the Navy Comptroller; thank you letter; doctor in charge in naval hospital at Camp Perry Williams; Mineman rate; list of distinguished midshipmen; college entrance examination board.

b. Memorandum.  re:  Navy's plan for reducing the number of dependents in foreign countries.

c. List.  re: Names and addresses of candidates in the Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps.

d. Newspaper clippings.  re:  Anderson picked to be Navy Chief.

F29 Navy, Department of the (1961).  Naval Ammunition Department (McAlester).

a. Correspondence.  re:  Armed Forces Day; inspection of depot; reassignment of functions; availability of surplus YON's and helium cylinders; surplus labor area; new propellant plant; obtaining punch presses from the depot; new schedule of wages; Add employees to NAD.

b. Newspaper.  re:  add 300 to staff.

c. Pamphlet.  re:  open exam for appointment to the position of equipment specialist.

F30 Navy, Department of the (1961).  Rickover.

a. Correspondence.  re:  sea trials of the USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN; sea trials of the USS SCULPIN; sea trials of the USS SCAMP; sea trials of the USS THOMAS A. EDISON; sea trials of the USS SHARK.

b. Note card.  re:  christening of the USS BAINBRIDGE.

c. Newspaper clipping.  re:  reforms suggested.

F31 Peace Corps (1961).  Correspondence/Data.

a. Correspondence.  re:  Peace Corps information; Peace Corps in Latin America; representatives in Ghana and Nigeria; establishment of Peace Corps; appropriations; selection of Peace Corp Volunteers.

b. Editorial.  re:  Pro-USA, supportive of Peace Corps.

c. Pamphlet.  re:  general information.

d. News release.  re:  people selected for Peace Corps in Tanganyika.

e. News release.  re:  Peace Corps announced names selected for the Columbian project.

F32 Peace Corps(1961).  Data.

a. Pamphlet.  re:  fact book.

b. Bulletin.  re:  for the use of the U.S. educational institutions interested in Peace Corps.

c. Questionnaire.  re:  Peace Corps Volunteers.

d. Bulletin.  re:  information for agencies interested in Peace Corps participation.

e. Transcript.  re:  radio news briefing.

f. Pamphlet.  re:  summary of report to the President on the Peace Corps.

g. Bulletin.  re:  Peace Corps in Tanganyika.

h. Correspondence.  re:  invitation to take Peace Corps Entrance Test.

i. Bulletin.  re:  list of Peace Corps testing centers.

j. Questionnaire.  re:  Peace Corps Volunteers.

F33 Selective Service (1961).

a. Correspondence.  re:  Selective Service Regulations; Selective Service board clerk; recommendations on Selective Service classifications; Selective Service classifications.

b. Pamphlet.  re:  the Selective Service Act as Amended.

F34 Small Business Administration (1961).  General/Miscellaneous.

a. Correspondence.  re:  appointment as regional director of the Small Business Administration; office furnishings; National Federation of Independent Business; deputy staff director; speaking engagements; loan policy of the Small Business Administration; large construction firms which form small companies to gain SBA aid; information on the investment programs; labor surplus; small business problems; Leflore County distressed area.

b. Bulletin.  re:  resolution.

c. Newspaper clipping.  re:  appointee proposed.

F35 Small Business Administration (1961).  Data

a. Press release.  re:  high levels of business loans.

b. Press release.  re:  appointment of William L. Sturdevant, Jr.

c. Press release.  re:  SBA program report.

F36 Small Business Administration (1961). Data

a. Pamphlet.  re: management and research assistance.

b. Pamphlet.  re: limited loan participation plan.

c. Pamphlet.  re:  Bank-SBA participation loan plan.

d. Report.  re:  study of opportunities for small business in lake recreational areas in Oklahoma.

e. Amendment.  re:  SBA rules and regulations.

f. Bulletin.  re:  to persons interested in the SBIC program.

g. Pamphlet. re:  Community Economic Development.

h. Pamphlet.  re:  loans to local development companies.

i. Bulletin.  re:  SBA publications.

F37 Small Business Administration (1961).

a. Pamphlet.  re:  advertising for SBA services; rural development; long-term capital; selling to U.S. Government; SBA disaster loans.

b. Congressional Record.  re:  tax relief for small business.

c. Pamphlet.  re:  Small Business Act.

d. Brochure.  re:  loan plans.

e. Brochure.  re:  field office addresses.

f. Directory.  re:  firms located within labor surplus areas.

F38 Small Business Administration.  Data (1958-l961).

a. Pamphlet.  re: Small Business Act.

b. Pamphlet.  re: capital for small business.

c. Pamphlet.  re:  long-term capital.

d. Pamphlet.  re: selling to U.S. Government.

e. Pamphlet.  re: management and research assistance.

f. Pamphlet.  re: Community Economic Development.

g. Bulletin.  re:  loan plan; lists of available books; list of field office address.

F39 Small Business Administration (1961).  Data:  Small Business Investment Act (1958-61).

a. Pamphlet.  re:  Small Business Act (1960); SBIC Regulations to aid processing; loans to state and local development companies; small business investment companies; capital and long-term loans for small business.

b. Brochure.  re:  list of field office addresses; companies licensed by SBA.

F40 Small Business Administration (1961).  Data:  State and Local Development Companies.

a. Pamphlet.  re:  loans to state and local development companies, long-term capital for small business.

b. Press release.  re:  optional size standard.

c. Application.  re:  loan statement of personal history.

d. Bulletin.  re:  SBA and regulations.

F41 Small Business Administration (1961).  Loan Requests

Correspondence.  re:  regional director of SBA; SBA literature enclosed; SBA loans; request for information; job appointments; loan approval; dairy products industry.

F42 State, Department of (1961).  General.

a. Pamphlet.  re:  customs hints; food for peace; foreign policy, l961.

b. Press release.  re: Joint Rusk-Dillion news conference; National Council of Churches.

c. Correspondence.  re:  key personnel in Department of State; formation of "Peace Corps."; foreign policy; appointment as Ambassador to Mexico; loaning money to British Guiana; Mexican insurance company.

d. Press release.  re:  loan to British Guiana.

e. Telegram.  re:  Tax increase.

f. Telegram.  re:  Berlin crisis.

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