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Box 39

Box 40:  Supreme Court (1961) - Atomic Energy Commission (1962).

F 1 State (1961) Agency for International Development.

a. Correspondence, re: small booklet enclosed; working of the International. Cooperation Administration, assistance for newspaper, and report on trip to Venezuela

b. Newspaper article, re: AID director

F 2 State (1961) Europe.

a. Correspondence, re: sale of obsolescent jet planes and "Berlin Kit"

b. Telegram, re: Russian exhibit in Oklahoma State Fair

c. Newspaper article, re: Sardis man declared dead

F 3 State (1961) Latin America.

a. Correspondence, re: teaching adults to read and write; visit of Peru's president; appointment to Bureau of Latin America; appointment as Ambassador to Mexico; loaning money to British Guiana; Mexican insurance company

b. Press release, re: Loan to British Guiana

c. Telegrams, re: tax increase; Berlin crisis

F 4 State (1961) Religious Persecution Board.

a. Correspondence, re: reported harassment of American Church in America; Methodist missionaries placed in prison in Angola; Jehovah's Witnesses persecuted in Spain

b. Pamphlet, re: a publication by Jehovah's Witnesses detailing religious persecution in Spain

F 5 State (1961) Vietnam.

a. Pamphlet, re: North Vietnam's effort to conquer South Vietnam

b. Pamphlet, re: North Vietnam's effort to conquer South Vietnam, Part II-The appendices.

F 6 Supreme Court (1961).

a. Correspondence:  re:  movement to impeach Earl Warren.

b. Pamphlet.  re: nine men against America.

c. Flyer: re:  impeach Earl Warren.

d. Brochure: re:  Hymn to the Welfare State.

F 7 Treasury, Department of the (1961).

a. Correspondence: re:  Congressional liaison to the office of the Secretary of the Treasury.

b. Pamphlet: re:  United States Savings Bond.

c. New York Times: re:  The Gold Crisis-An Analysis.

F 8 Treasury, Department of the (1961).  Coast Guard.

a. Correspondence: re: Coast Guard report of boating accidents.

b. Handbook: re:  statistical report on accidents and boat numbering.

F 9 Treasury, Department of the (1961).  Internal Revenue Service.

a. Correspondence: re:  tax foundation; IRS pressure; taxes paid on cash prizes; expense accounts; ABC financing of oil transactions; IRS collection policies; expense deductions for bricklayers; deadline for filing income tax return; topic.

b. Forms: re:  Washington D.C. individual income tax return.

c. Pamphlet: re:  federal income tax information for service person nel.

F 10 Veterans Administration (1961).

a. Correspondence: re:  speech made by Walter Thornton; allotment of direct loan funds; close the contact offices in many U.S. cities; H. R. 879; Efforts to retain VA office in Oklahoma City; air conditioning for Oklahoma City VA hospital.

b. Newspaper article: re:  city attorney is named to veterans office.

d. Pamphlet: re: pocket guide for post service officers of the veterans of foreign wars of the United States.

F 11 Veterans Administration (1961).  Office Closings .

a. Correspondence: re:  closing VA contact offices; Domiciliary care at state-operated veterans facilities; closing of the VA office in Ardmore and other contact offices.

b. Newspaper articles: re:  VA order to close contact offices.

F 12 War Claims Commission (1961).

Correspondence: re:  Missing Persons Act.

F 13 White House (1961).

a. Special White House Message: re:  housing community development.

b. Address by the President to the United Nations (Sept. 25, 1961).

c. Message on Balance of Payments and Gold (Feb. 6, 1961)

d. House Doc. no. 92: "American Education."

F 14 Agriculture, Department of (1962).  Agriculture Conservation Program.

a. Correspondence: re:  shortage of funds for Agriculture Conservation Program; Atoka rural carrier position; accomplishments of Agriculture Conservation Program.

b. Report: re:  summary of Agriculture Conservation Program accomplishments in Okla homa.

c. Handbook: re:  Agricultural Conservation Program.

d. Newspaper Ad: re:  release cotton.

F14b Agriculture, Department of (1962). Arkansas-White-Red-Basins-Inter-Agency-Committee.

Minutes of meeting; report.

F15 Agriculture, Department of (1962).  A.S.C.S.

a. Correspondence: re:  legislation made by the Texas Grain and Feed Dealers Association; eligibility of pond vendors; invitation to A.S.C.S. committee meeting; Albert answers charges; acknowledgment of receipt of the form ACP-230-A.

b.  Newsletter: re:  Secretary Freeman announced reorganization of A.S.C.S.

F16 Agriculture, Department of (1962).  Cattle.

a. Correspondence: re:  Packers and Stockyards Division of the Department of Agriculture, Department of (1962). Concerning rule making; cattleman opposed to administration farm program; made views known to Department of Agriculture.

b. Newsletter: re:  USDA invited comment on proposed amendment to packers and stock yards regulations; Livestock man suspended under P&S Act.

c. Newspaper clipping: re:  threat to effective meat promotion.

d. Notice: re:  Regulations under Packers and Stockyards Act.

F17 Agriculture, Department of (1962).  Commodity Credit Corporation.

Telegram: re:  commodity Credit Corporation secured a rate on corn from the Southern Railway considerably lower than going rate.

F18 Agriculture, Department of (1962).  Grain Storage.

a. Correspondence: re:  equal treatment to all who are in the grain storage business for the Commodity Credit Corporation; transfer from Dallas field office to Kansas region of the Agricultural stabilization and conservation service; request Oklahoma be placed under Kansas City Office.

b. Memorandum: re:  grain storage in Eastern Oklahoma.

F19 Agriculture, Department of (1962).  Grain Storage.

a. Correspondence: re:  discrimination against Oklahoma in the matter of grain storage; conference with Under Secretary Murphy date was set; recommendation for transfer from Dallas office.

b. Report: re:  feed grains used in Western Arkansas.

F20 Agriculture, Department of (1962).  Conservation.

a. Correspondence: re: comprehensive land and water program; supporting upstream flood prevention and soil and water conservation.

b. Transmittal letter.  re: tabulations of data on departments programs for agricultural research and soil and water conservation.

d. Report: re:  data on U.S. Department of Agriculture, fiscal years, l940-l963.

F21 Agriculture, Department of (1962).  Cotton.

a. Correspondence: re:  price study for cotton belt.

b. Pamphlet: re:  price and today's markets for U.S. cotton.

c. Telegram: re:  new regulations to apply to export sales of cotton.

d. Pamphlet: re:  speech of Secretary of the Department of Agriculture concerning cotton.

F22 Agriculture, Department of (1962).  Crop Insurance.

a. Correspondence: re:  transmittal letter concerning a Federal Crop Insurance article; transmittal letter regarding improvement of Federal Crop Insurance.

b. News releases: re:  Federal Crop Insurance expansion; all risk insurance expanded for dryland grain sorghum.

F23 Agriculture, Department of (1962). Dairy.

a. Correspondence: re:  Producer-Handler Proposal for N.Y. - N.J.

b. News release: re:  N.Y. - N.J. federal state milk marketing order.

c. Telegram: re:  federal intervention to handle supervision of Oklahoma butter contracts.

d. News release: re:  marketing year dairy support prices at 75% of parity.

e. Newspaper clipping: re:  theme is on milk.

F24 Agriculture, Department of (1962).  Department Release.

News release: re:  statement by Secretary of Agriculture on the report of the Farmer Committee System Study Committee; conversion of farmland to recreational use; grain sale to Japan; statements by Secretary of Agriculture on dairy price supports and other agricultural reports.

F25 Agriculture, Department of (1962).  Estes, Billy Sol.

a. Correspondence: re:  Estes investigation; transmittal letter-Tulsa World Article.

b. Newspaper article: re:  Estes/Albert deal called a sham.

C. Committee Print, Investigation of Department of Agriculture, Testimony of William E. Morris, June 29- 30, 1962. 87th Congress, 2nd Session.

F26 Agriculture, Department of (1962).  Experiment Station.

a. Message: re:  successor named to administrator of the Cooperative State Experiment Station Service.

b. Message: re:  upgrading state experiment stations in agriculture department.

F27 Agriculture, Department of (1962).  Farmers Home Administration.

a. Message: re:  low FHA appraisals.

b. Correspondence: re:  funds for operating loans; appraisal activity in southeast Oklahoma; appointee to the FHA; data on loans made by FHA.

c. Telegram: re:  processing loans.

d. Newsletter: re:  Barter program interest rate.

e. Newsletter: re:  rural housing loans.

F28 Agriculture, Department of (1962).  Farmers Union.

a. Correspondence: re:  invitation to speak at Oklahoma Farmers Union convention.

b. Newsletter: re:  house passes farm program.

F29 Agriculture, Department of (1962).  Feed Grains.

a. Correspondence: re:  evaluating radioactivity in stored grain.

b. Bulletin: re:  Federal Crop Insurance Service expanded in Oklahoma.

c. Bulletin: re:  articles found in September issue of Foreign Agriculture.

d. Message: re:  exempting malting barley.

F30 Agriculture, Department of (1962).  Food Stamps.

a. Correspondence: re:  pilot food stamp program; Speech in Antlers, Oklahoma.

b. Pamphlet: re:  the food stamp program.

c. Pamphlet: re:  questions and answers for retailers and wholesalers concerning the pilot food stamp program.

e. Memorandum: re:  participants in the food stamp program.

f. Newspaper clipping: re:  food stamp program to go into effect in Choctaw County.

F31 Agriculture, Department of (1962).  Forest Service.

a. Correspondence: re:  road on Rich Mountain; appointment of successor of Mr. Dahl as forest supervisor; Ouachita National Forest revenue payments; deputy regional forester; Ouachita National Forest grazing ranges.

b. Brochure: re:  summer job with the Forest Service.

F32 Agriculture, Department of (1962).  General.

a. Correspondence: re:  Tulsa State Fair; inspection in Oklahoma; Federal Market News Service; Conference on Food and People; Communist agriculture failures; department tour.

b. Report: re:  estimated obligations for activities in Oklahoma.

c. Bulletin: re:  GTA daily radio roundup.

d. Newsletter: re:  the outlook for peanuts.

e. Newspaper clipping: re:  President Kennedy's A-B-C-D farming program.

F33 Agriculture, Department of (1962).  Peanuts.  Correspondence Data (January-July).

a. Correspondence: re:  opposition to Agriculture Appropriation Bill; peanut differentials problem; proposed National Peanut Research Laboratory.

b. Statement: re:  views of Association of Virginia Peanut and Hog Growers.

c. Newspaper clipping: re:  J. Ralph resigns as aid to Freeman.  (Secretary of Agriculture).

F34 Agriculture, Department of (1962).  Peanuts.  C/D (July-December).

a. Correspondence: re:  funding of a National Peanut Research Laboratory; establishment of a peanut shelling plant.

b. Newspaper clipping: re:  peanut lab.

c. Report: re:  selected states of the House members who voted for and against SW Peanut Shellers Association.

d. Printed appropriation: re:  National Peanut Research Laboratory.

e. Telegram: re:  appropriation for peanut laboratory.

f. Congressional Journal: re:  establishment of a peanut research laboratory at Dawson, Ga.

F35 Agriculture, Department of (1962).  Peanuts.  Data.

a. Handbook: re: Peanut research.

b. Pamphlet: re:  Peanut utilization research conference.

c. Bulletin: re:  new peanut crop insurance.

d. Bulletin.  re: final support prices for l962 crop peanuts announced.

e. Newsletter: re:  winter wheat acreage.

f. Bulletin: re: peanut growers approves marketing quotas for l963, l964, and l965 crops.

F36 Agriculture, Department of (1962).  Poultry.

a. Correspondence: re: transmittal letter-issue of Southeastern Poultry Times.

b. Newspaper article: re:  charging Alabama ASCS Administrative officer with activities believed to be in violations of federal laws.

F37 Agriculture, Department of (1962).  Rice.

Bulletin: re:  USDA asking for offers to supply l9 million pounds of milled rice for donation.

F38 Agriculture, Department of (1962).  Rural Development.

a. Newsletter: re:  president calls for rural renewal.

b. Bulletin: re: funds made available for rural housing loans.

F39 Agriculture, Department of (1962).  REA

a. Correspondence:  re:  Cooperative of Western Farmers Electric breaking with Alva and Woodward interconnection; building an electric generating plant in northwestern Oklahoma.

b. Pamphlet: re:  report of the administrator of the rural electrification administration.

c. Memorandum: re:  electric service to South Lodge and Park near Canadian, Oklahoma.

F40 Agriculture, Department of (1962).  REA.  Rural Cooperatives.

a. Correspondence: re:  approval of loan to Red River Valley Electric Association; purchase territory located in and around Roland, Oklahoma by Arkansas Valley Electric Cooperative.

b. Resolution: re:  Cookson Hills Electric Cooperative, Inc.

c. Telegram: re:  Loan approval by REA; Annual meeting of Red River valley Rural Electric Association.

d. Bulletin.  Re: REA telephone loans announced.

e. Bulletin: re:  Book wire.

f. Newspaper clippings: re:  loans approved for phone firm.

F41 Agriculture, Department of (1962).  REA.  N.R.E.C.A.

a. Correspondence: re:  Clarify language dealing with REA in House Report accompanying the farm; Rural electric system policies on general funds; Transmittal letter.  (Enclosed resolutions).

b. Resolutions: re:  National Rural Electric Cooperative Association, Inc.

c. Newsletter: re:  House rejects Van Zandt motion.

d. Pamphlet: re:  Rural electric system policies on general funds.

F42 Agriculture, Department of (1962).  Soil Conservation Service.

a. Correspondence: re: Upper Big Cabin Watershed Application; Funding the Small Watershed Program in Oklahoma; Channel of the Deep-Fork river; Work of the National Association of Soil Conservation Districts; construction of the Copan Dam; opposition to the Soil Conservation Service; distribution of ACP funds; pollution and siltation; Public Works Acceleration program funds; support for Frying Pan, Arkansas; report budget items for watershed protection.

c. News release: re:  Small Watershed Conservation Program gains success.

d. Newsletter: re:  Blue River flood prevention.

e. Newsletter: re: Soil Conservation Board.

f. Newsletter: re:  Christmas greetings.

g. Newsletter: re:  convention report of National Association of Soil Conservation Districts.

h. Newspaper clipping: re:  Bryan District Wins State Honor.

i. Newsletter: re:  Goodyear Soil Conservation Award.

j. Brochure: re:  Atoka Water Supply Project.

F43 Agriculture, Department of (1962).  Wheat.

a. Correspondence: re:  l962 Crop Report; wheat available from the Great Plains; l961 Crop Report;

b. Newsletter: re:  National Association of Wheat Growers.

F44 Air Force, Department of the (1962).

a. Correspondence: re:  development of a new tactical fighter aircraft; mandatory retirement age; Missile silo near McAlester; Air Force Reserve Recovery program; location of a fifth minute man site; work on TITAN II; mobile mid-range ballistic missile.  (MMRBM); Mail service to Thule, Greenland.

b. Military Records: re:  application; correction of military records.

c. Fact Sheet: re:  travel of dependents to Western Europe.

d. News release: re:  movement of more than 200 jet fighters to Europe.

F45 Air Force, Department of the (1962).  Bolling AFB.

a. Pamphlet: re:  44 years of aviation history.

F46 Air Force, Department of the (1962).  Tinker AFB.

a. Correspondence: re:  activities of Tinker Air Force Base; honorary membership in the Officers' Open Mess at Tinker Air Force; grievances of employees of Tinker AFB; OCAMA's record; salary cuts in field maintenance shops.

b. Memorandum: re:  military construction program.

c. Newspaper article: re:  Tinker job gets past committee.

F47 Army, Department of the (1962).

a. Correspondence: re: reservists being called back; selling to the military; military personnel; activities of the Defense Department; deferment of pharmacists; Berlin mobilization; assignment with NATO; Oklahoma convention of Department Reserve Officers Association; 4200 Reserve unit consolidated with parent company.

b. Resolution: re:  adopted by 45th Infantry Division.

c. Brochure: re:  how to contact your army liaison officer.

d. Newspaper clippings: re:  Ardmore Losing 4002; soldiers wives picket.

F48 Army, Department of the (1962).  Data.

a. Correspondence: re:  transmittal letter-enclosure of "One Army" In Action booklet.

b. Booklet: re:  "One Army" In Action.

c. Statement.  re: reorganization of the Department of the Army.

d. Statement.  re: when the recalled reservists and national guardsmen will be released.

e. Pamphlet: re:  opinions of the United States Court of Military Appeals.

f. Pamphlet: re:  class allotment.

g. Memorandum: re:  Reserve Force being cut.

h. Bulletin: re:  early release to attend school and to accept seasonal employment.

i. Pamphlet: re:  Army information.

j. Pamphlet: re:  new might for U.S. Troops.

F49 Army, Department of the (1962).  Corps of Engineers.

a. Correspondence: re:  Clayton Dam; Southwest Division engineer; Arkansas River Development program; transfer of engineers work at Ft. Sill to Albuquerque; appraisals of land; Assignment in Korea; water supply problem at Spiro; wage determination.

b. Map.

c. Resolution: re:  favoring reservoirs; tributaries of lower Verdigris River.

d. Statement: re:  recommendations for Civil Works Projects.

e. List of civil works programs.

F50 Army, Department of the (1962). Corps of Engineers: Arkansas River Bank Stabilization.

Telegram: re:  bank stabilization and channel rectification of the Arkansas River.

F51 Army, Department of the (1962). Corps of Engineers: Eufaula Reservoir.

a. Correspondence: re:  leasing tracts of land by Eufaula; upstream conservation; purchase of timber in the Eufaula Reservoir area.

b.  Newsletter: re:  watershed funds.

c. Telegram: re:  relocation of l7.7 miles of Pittsburg county roads; relocation of Oklahoma State highway 9; awarded by the U.S. Army engineers; navigation study hearings.

F52 Army, Department of the (1962). Corps of Engineers: Fallout Shelter.

Telegram: re:  nationwide fallout shelter survey contracts awarded.

F53 Army, Department of the (1962). Corps of Engineers: McAlester Paving Project.

a. Correspondence: re:  federal assistance.

b. Drawing: re:  parking section.

F54 Army, Department of the (1962). Corps of Engineers: McAlester Water Supply.

a. Correspondence: re:  water supply problem; relocation of McAlester water supply; Public Works Committee Staff; financial assistance.

b. Resolution: re:  water supply and water works system.

c. Map: re:  Lake Eufaula.

d. Report: re:  changes of McAlester water system facilities.

e. Report: re:  proposed new supply for McAlester waterworks to relocate caused by Eufaula reservoir.

F55 Army, Department of the (1962). Corps of Engineers: Millwood Reservoir.

Correspondence: re:  location of the Real Estate Project Office.

F56 Army, Department of the (1962). Corps of Engineers: Red River.

Correspondence: re:  survey report of Red River; Taking fish for scientific purposes at Denison Dam.

F57 Army, Department of the (1962). Corps of Engineers: Trailer Policy.

a. Correspondence: re:  screened-in porches on trailers; development of concession sites; Public use on Lake Texoma; house trailers at Lake Texoma.

b. Bulletin: re:  rules regarding trailer space in commercial concession lease areas.

F58 Army, Department of the (1962).  Fort Chaffee.

a. Correspondence: re:  commissary store at Ft. Chaffee.

b. Telegram: re:  assurances that Ft. Chaffee would not be closed.

F59 Army, Department of the (1962).  Medal of Honor

a. Correspondence: re:  Medal of Honor.

b. Congressional Record: re:  Albert speech about the Medal of Honor.

c. News release: re:  Medal of Honor centennial.

d. Report: re:  information plan-Medal of Honor Centennial.  (U.S. Army).

F60 Atomic Energy Commission (1964).

Correspondence: re:  sending a medallion in commemoration of commissioning of the U.S. BAINBRIDGE.

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