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Box 40

Box 41:  Civil Aeronautics Board (1962) - Justice (1962).

F 1 Civil Aeronautics Board National (1962).

a. Correspondence: re:  Flight engineers on planes; protesting Civil Aeronautics Board actions suspension of service at Fayetteville and Wilmington, N.C.

b. Bulletin: re:  Eastern Airlines-strikebreakers.

c. Petition: re:  reconsideration of order E-18125.

d. Amendment: re:  Engle Amendment-Sec.(e)(6).

e. Newspaper article: re:  United European airline.

f. Annual Report: re:  Civil Aeronautics Board.

g. Background facts: re:  Dallas and Ft. Worth Airports.

F 2 Civil Aeronautics Board Southeast (1962).

a. Correspondence: re:  Cargo carrier by Central Airlines to Ardmore Industrial Airpark; Southwestern Area Local Service Case; testimony at the Civil Aeronautics Board hearing; number of passengers boarded by Central Airlines; "Bargain Fare" at McAlester; Data-Central Airlines.

b. Brief: re: supporting an exception to the initial decision of examiner H. K. Bryan.

F 3 Civil Service Commission (1962).

a. Correspondence: re:  Tabulations of Federal Civil employment; Vice President of National Federation of Federal Employees; Supporting postal revision act of l961,

b. Table: re:  Federal civil employment figures.

c. Job Notice: re:  training specialist. (GS-11, GS-9).

d. Examination Announcement: re:  substitute clerk-carrier.

e. Statement: re:  pay raise hearings.

f. Brochure: re:  jobs in government; political activity of federal officers/employees; federal jobs overseas.

g. Application: re:  federal employment.

h. General amendment: re: entrance salaries.

F 4 Commerce,  Department of (1962).

a. Correspondence: re:  business service center; imported brooms; briefing sessions; request congressional district studies; Merchant Marine Academy Information Booklet; large residual oil importers quotas; membership on the National Public Advisory Committee on Area Redevelopment.

b. Report: re: value of prime contracts awarded by federal agencies in areas of substantial unemployment.

F 5 Commerce, Department of (1962).  Census, Bureau of the.

Correspondence: re:  estimated cost of a special census of Wilburton, Oklahoma; data on per capita income-Pushmataha County, Oklahoma; summary of the United States; request for census information from l960; special census of Wister, Oklahoma.

F 6 Commerce, Department of (1962).  Public Roads, Bureau of.

Correspondence: re:  first aid station on U.S. 271; Location of I-35 through southern portion of Oklahoma; Southwestern turnpike; maintenance expenditures by Oklahoma Highway Department; retaining number 66 for interstate route.

F 7 Commerce, Department of (1962).  Weather Bureau.

a. Correspondence: re:  weather observer at Durant, Oklahoma; weather forecasts for Southeastern Oklahoma area and the need for a weather bureau station at Broken Bow, Oklahoma.

b. Flyer: re:  telephone numbers for weather information.

F 8 Defense, Department of Defense (1962).

a. Correspondence: re:  McAlester aircraft; servicemen's dependents travel abroad; realignment of the Reserve components of the Army; Easter recess of the House of Representatives; obtaining radar equipment for southern Oklahoma; awarding Lockheed C-141 Cargo Airplane door assemblies contract; wider geographic distribution; Defense contract shift under study; war dead from LeFlore County.

b. News release: re:  40,000 more army troops ordered to Europe.

c. Telegram: re:  Emergency operating center.

d. Brochure: re:  ending the use of reservists.

e. Pamphlet: re:  changing patterns of defense procurement.

F 9 Defense, Department of (1962).  Civil Defense.

a. Correspondence: re:  civil defense shelter incentive program; community shelters/lack of funds; church and civil defense; government surplus property.

b. Pamphlet: re:  National Civil Defense policy guidance.

c. Pamphlet: re:  government plan to seize church.

d. News release: re:  study emergency planning and post-attack recovery.

e. Telegram: re:  appointment of regional director, Office Civil Defense Region 5.

F10 Defense, Department of (1962).  Civil Defense.

a. Correspondence: re:  transmittal letter-Civil Defense booklets.

b. Booklets: re:  National Shelter Program; fallout protection; annual report.

F10b Executive Office of the President (1962).

a. Correspondence re: Office of Emergency Planning; Office of Science and Technology; Bureau of the Budget.

F10c Export - Import Bank of Washington (1962).

General correspondence.

F11 Farm Credit Administration (1962).

a. Report: re:  request of President to order the Governor of the Farm Credit Administration to perform various activities.

b. Correspondence: re:  reply of Governor Tootell; Federal Land Bank Association of U.S.

c. Resolution: re:  Oklahoma Federation of Federal Land Bank Association.

d. Memorandum: re:  controversy between Farm Credit Administration and National Federation.

e. Organizational Chart: re:  Cooperative Farm Credit System.

f. Statement: re:  Federal Farm Credit Board.

F12 Federal Aviation Administration (1962).

a. Newsletter: re:  proposed legislation.

b. News release: re:  Halany's record defended; deadline for requests under Federal Aid Airport Program.

c. Newspaper article: re:  research use of bears denied.

d. Report: re:  annual distribution of Federal-Aid Airport Program Funds.

e. Booklet: re:  Federal-Aid for Airports for fiscal year l963; Beacon; FAA annual report.

f. Industry Advisory Committee.

F13 Federal Communications Commission (1962).

a. Correspondence: re:  Petition File #RM-370; provisions of Public 87-552; TV Station in the McAlester area; notice of proposed rule making in establishing a schedule of fees for licensing; shifting VHF television stations to VHF; assignment of amateur radio station call signals; KSEO radio station.

b. Newspaper clipping: re:  TV in rural areas threatened by FCC ruling.

c. Newsletter: re:  stations plans to file application for use of power in excess of 50 kilowatts.

d. Statement: re:  establishment of fees for the commission's licensing and regulatory activities.

e. Appendix: re:  testimony of William Lowell Putnam.

f. Memorandum: re:  assign additional VHF channel to Oklahoma City; expanded use of VHF TV channels.

F14 Federal Communications Commission (1962).  McAlester.

a. Correspondence: re:  file number BPTTV-98; KTEN; transmitter for McAlester; Booster Station; T.V. translator.

b. Newspaper clippings: re:  television station tower planned for north of McAlester; Application to FCC to construct a VHF translator station.

F15 Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. (1962).

Correspondence: re:  approval for State Capital Bank by Federal Deposit Insurance.

F15b Federal Maritime Commission (1962). General.

F15c Federal Mediation Conciliation Service (1962).

F16 Federal Power Commission (1962).

a. Correspondence: re:  Senate Bill l595 amending the Natural Gas Act to provide for suspension and refunds upon industrial resale rate for natural gas; application of Lone Star Gas to provide service for Valliant, Oklahoma; application of Lone Star Gas Co. to provide service for Valliant, Oklahoma.

b. Booklet: re:  annual report of the Federal Power Commission.

F17 Federal Reserve Board (1962).

Correspondence: re:  public hearings; authorizing a bank holding company in Oklahoma.

F18 Federal Trade Commission (1962).

Correspondence: re:  uniform shipping weights for plywood; practices in the plywood industry.

F18b Foreign Claims Settlement Commission (1962). General.

F19 General Services Administration (1962).

a. Correspondence: re:  acknowledged receipt of pamphlet.

b. Memorandum: re:  GSA emergency stores service; federal supply service telephone contacts; appointment of GSA area manager for the state of Oklahoma; reimbursement to General Supply Fund; transportation workshops; procedure for handling loss; teletypewriter service, billing rates.

c. Pamphlet: re:  public buildings design and construction.

F20 General Services Administration (1962).  NHPRC.

a. Correspondence: re:  draft of National Historical Publications Commission; Oxonian dinner.

b. Report: re:  meet needs of a national program for collection, preservation, and publication of documentary sources of America history.

F21 Health, Education and Welfare, Department of (1962).

a. Correspondence: re:  federal programs for the aging; annual conference of the Oklahoma Health and Welfare Association; Manpower Development and Training Act of l962; appointment of the Secretary of Health, education, and Welfare; ADC programs; indicators.

b. News release: re:  Verla Nylene Reese received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics.

c. Bulletin: re:  Suggested news items from the bulletin.

d. Pamphlet: re:  Health, Education and Welfare indicators.

F22 Health, Education and Welfare, Department of (1962).  APW Program.

a. Correspondence: re:  proposed hospital at Jay, Oklahoma.

b. News release: re:  approval of 55 projects to expand the Nation's health facilities.

F23 Health, Education and Welfare, Department of (1962).  Education, Office of -Grants.

a. Correspondence:  re:  farm mechanic approved for public schools; federal assistance for independent schools; federal assistance for dependent schools; growing school enrollment; entitlement under Public Law 874; H.R. 12800; retraining program for unemployed residing in the Choctaw County, Oklahoma; approval for federal assistance.

b. Newspaper article: re:  Quinton and Crowder School fund approved.

F24 Health, Education and Welfare, Department of (1962). Education, Office of.

a. Correspondence: re:  College Academic Facilities Act; federal funds to subsidize salaries; special education funds; experimental school; steel industry's proposal to increase price; accreditation of schools; Fulbright scholarships for foreign students; O'Hara Bill, H.R. 12800; excellence in education; appointment of Commissioner of Education; summer institutes.

b. Pamphlet: re:  Improvement of Educational Quality Act of l962.

c. Pamphlet: re:  H.R. 11888.

F25 Health, Education and Welfare, Department of (1962).  Education, Office of - N.D.E.A Student Loan.

a. Correspondence: re:  University of Chicago re-entry to the student loan program under provisions of the National Defense Education Act.

b. Brochure.  Re: The National Defense Student Loan Program.

F26 Health, Education and Welfare, Department of (1962) Education, Office of.

Releases: re:  program activity report; outline of provisions of Public Law 874 and 815; complication of Public Law 874 and 815; National Defense Education Act; allotments by Public Law 87-531; Guidance Training Institutes; reorganization of the office of Education, U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare.

F27 Health, Education and Welfare, Department of (1962).  Food and Drug Administration.

Correspondence: re:  N2 had been proposed for use by dentists in root canal treatment.

F28 Health, Education and Welfare, Department of (1962).  Food and Drug Administration.  Vitamin Labeling.

Correspondence: re:  objecting to the proposal to revise the Food and Drug Act; revision of regulations for labeling of foods for special dietary use.

F29 Health, Education and Welfare, Department of (1962).  Physically Handicapped.

a. Correspondence:  re:  Negotiating contracts with defense establishment; employment of handicapped; rehabilitation program.

b. Memorandum: re:  reclaimable surplus provisions of Air Force as material training and employment of handicapped persons.

c. Telegram:  re:  three-year demonstration to establish the feasibility of the Defense Department negotiating contracts; Congressman Edmondson and contract matter.

F30 Health, Education and Welfare, Department of (1962).  Public Health Service.

Correspondence: re:  nursing homes; Federal Water Pollution Control Act; diagnostic and treatment center; Indian Sanitation Facilities Act; Title VI of the Public Health Service Act; wage rates on Tishomingo hospital project.

F31 Health, Education and Welfare, Department of (1962).  Public Health Service.  Indian Health.

a. Correspondence: re:  improvement of Indian Health; area medical officer in charge of Indian health; water storage tank.

b. Information sheet. re:  expenses related with information services.

c. Guide notes. re:  using information services.

d. Pamphlet. re:  Indian health are led by Oklahoma.

e. Memorandum. re:  public relations.

f. Releases. re:  Public Health Service training course; Indian hospitals.

g. Newsletter. re:  Indian school nurses.

F32 Health, Education and Welfare, Department of (1962). Social Security.

a. Correspondence: re:  benefit payments; economic survey of 6 southeastern counties of Oklahoma; retirement age being dropped to 60.

b. Report. re:  monthly benefit comparisons.

F33 Health, Education and Welfare, Department of (1962).  Welfare.

Pamphlet. re:  American welfare.

F34 Housing and Home Finance (1962).

a. Correspondence: re:  list of Advisory Committees.

b. News release. re:  community improvement.

F35 Housing and Home Finance (1962).  Community Facilities Administration.

a. Correspondence: re:  public facility loan project.

b. Memorandum. re:  money for public facilities.

c. Telegram. re:  improving Idabel, Oklahoma water system and distribution lines.

d. Releases: re:  loans for water and sewage facilities; Accelerated Public Works Program.

F36 Housing and Home Finance (1962).  Community Facilities Administration:  McAlester Project.

a. Correspondence: re:  McAlester Parking Authority bonds; Urban Renewal program - McAlester; ARA application; public facility loan; Grand Avenue project; Valliant project application; urban renewal problems; McAlester Parking Authority.

b. Report: re:  McAlester Public Parking Authority.

c. Form: re:  project proposal (P.L 87-27).

d. Release:  re:  CFA approved loan to McAlester for parking facilities.

F37 Housing and Home Finance (1962).  Federal Housing Administration.

Correspondence: re:  street improvements; low-rent housing; housing program for the elderly.

F38 Housing and Home Finance (1962).  Urban Renewal Administration.

a. Telegram. re:  Community Renewal program; urban planning grant to Antlers.

b. News release. re:  urban planning grant to Antlers; federal funds to aid in renewal activity.

F39 Interstate Commerce Commission (1962).

a. Correspondence:  re:  Osage Nation vs. United States; Cherokees permitted to server their claim for just compensation for the taking of a part of their fee title lands, and to file a new petition therefore.

b. Pamphlet. re:  Cherokee Nation vs. United States.

F40 Interior, Department of (1962).

a. Correspondence: re:  admission fees charged for public outdoor recreation areas; retraining bill; Advisory Committee.

b. Newspaper clipping. re:  a fee for Texoma visitors under study; school drop outs.

c. Memorandum. re:  summary of major conservation accomplishments.

d. Magazine. re:  Wilderness Act.

F41 Interior, Department of (1962).  Coal.

a. Correspondence: re: conservation of anthracite coal resources H.R. 3035 and H.R. 4094; expedite work on "Project Bootstrap."

b. Annual report. re: U.S. Department of the Interior.

c. Bulletin. re:  members of coal exporters association of the United States, Inc.

F42 Interior, Department of (1962).  Fish and Wildlife Service.

Correspondence: re:  grazing on Tishomingo National Wildlife Refuge; research on the channel catfish under a $100,000 contract with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

F43 Interior, Department of (1962).  Indian Affairs, Bureau of.

Correspondence: re:  per capita payments to the Chickasaw Indians.

F44 Interior, Department of (1962).  Indian Affairs, Bureau of. Talihina Hospital.

a. Correspondence: re:  administrator of the Talihina Indian Hospital; removal of Dudley Billy from Talihina Indian Hospital.

b. Report: re:  informal hearing -Dudley C. Billy.

c. Report: re:  confidential personnel data on Dudley C. Billy.

F45 Interior, Department of (1962).  Land Management, Bureau of.

News release: re:  BLM distributes resource payments to twenty-seven states.

F46 Interior, Department of (1962).  Mines, Bureau of.

Correspondence: re:  financial assistance from federal government in determining the coal potentialities in Coal County.

F47 Interior, Department of (1962).  National Park Service.

a. Correspondence: re:  Robert Kennedy vacation party in the Olympic National Park; honorary committee for the l962 Christmas Pageant of Peace.

b. Newspaper clipping. re:  Robert Kennedy camps in style.

F48 Interior, Department of (1962).  National Park Service.  Fort Washita.

a. Correspondence: re:  restoration of Ft. Washita; funds needed to complete restoration of Ft. Washita; gifts of land to Oklahoma History Society for the Site of Ft. Washita; Ft.  Washita considered for "National Survey of Historic Sites and Buildings."; tours of Ft. Washita.

b. Newspaper articles. re:  restoration of Ft. Washita.

F49 Interior, Department of (1962).  National Park Service:  Platt National Park.

a. Correspondence: re:  access roads.

b. Bill. re:  acquisition of Oklahoma land.

c. Maps. re:  city of Sulphur, Platt N.P. and Arbuckle Mountains.

d. Newspaper clipping: re:  Platt N.P. expansion; U.S. park sought in Arbuckle area.

e. Pamphlet. re:  Platt N.P.

F50 Interior, Department of (1962).  National Park Service.  Turner Falls.

a. Correspondence. re:  Turner Falls addition to the National Park System.

b. Newspaper article. re:  purchase of Turner Falls.

F51 Interior, Department of (1962).  Oil Import Administration.

Release.  re:  Oil Import Program.  Second half l962.

F52 Interior, Department of (1962).  Reclamation, Bureau of.

a. Correspondence: re:  surplus of agricultural lands; Arbuckle Lake Bill; highway construction; anniversary of signing of Reclamation Act of l902.

b. Pamphlets. re:  IX Watershed Congress; Arkansas Valley water supply.

c. Newsletter. re:  conservation.

d. Release. re:  planning of water resource.

e. Report.  Re: National Forest Reservation Commission.

F53 Interior, Department of (1962).  Southwestern Power Administration.

Report. re:  progress of SW Power Administration.

F54 Interstate Commerce Commission (1962).

a. Correspondence: re:  trucks for hire in interstate shipment; common carrier authority; hours of service of drivers; Interstate Commerce Act; Presidential Railroad Commission; commission's congressional liaison officer; hearing in January.

b. Regulation. re: class rates; hours of service of drivers

c. Release. re:  freight rates.

d. Memorandum. re:  appointment with Kelly Circus.

F55 Interstate Commerce Commission (1962).   Petroleum Equipment Supplier Association.

a. Correspondence. re:  modify Section l95.2.

b. Regulations.  re: hours of service of drivers.

c. Pesa petition. re:  hours of service of drivers.

d. Newspaper clipping. re:  "Oil Patch Doctors" in trouble because of Section l95.1.

F56 Justice, Department of (1962).

a. Correspondence: re:  Robert Kennedy invitation to attend Oklahoma City University Law Day Banquet; Robert Kennedy's proceeds from book sales; General Ed Walker; J. Edgar Hoover and communism; national health agencies.

b. Statement. re:  Israel Foreign Ministry Statement on Soblen case.

c. Correspondence re: Advisory Committee appointments.

F57 Justice, Department of (1962).  F.B.I.

Memorandum. re:  FBI tour.

F58 Justice, Department of (1962).  Immigration and Naturalization Service.

List of names. re:  residents of Oklahoma who were admitted to U.S. citizenship during l962.

F59 Justice, Department of (1962).  Judgeships.

a. Correspondence: re:  race for majority leader of the House of Representatives - Carl Albert.

b. Newspaper article. re:  A. E. Barrow nomination for Federal Judge post.

F60 Justice, Department of (1962).  Juvenile Delinquency.

a. Correspondence: re:  problems of youth.

b. Report. re: juvenile delinquency.

c. Report. re:  facts on the national youth problem.

d. Memorandum. re:  grant to New York City and mobilization for Youth, Inc.

F61 Justice, Department of (1962).  Legislation.

a. Correspondence: re:  obstruction of Investigation Bill.

b. Memorandum. re:  Court of Claims; obstruction to Investigation Bill.

F62 Justice, Department of (1962).  Mississippi.

a. Correspondence: re:  integration of the University of Mississippi; integration of the University of Mississippi.

b. Newspaper clipping. re:  University of Mississippi and Mr. Meredith.

c. Cartoon. re:  states rights.

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