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Box 41

Box 42:  Labor (1962) - Agriculture (1963).

F 1 Labor, Department of (1962).

a. Correspondence: re:  Supreme Court nomination; Department of Labor 50th Anniversary; training program for unemployed; on-campus placement offices; American Airlines; minimum wage law; supervisory unions; Kennedy vs.  United States Steel; application for membership of the National Mediation Board; strike by 27,000 flight engineers;

b. Memorandum: re:  delegation project; Boswell re-training application.

c. Regulation: re:  Wage-hour for full-time students.

d. Newspaper clipping: re:  minimum pay.

F 2 Labor, Department of (1962).  Davis-Bacon Question.

Correspondence: re:  grants under P.L. 660; Wage determination AA-20, 057; wage scale on Eufaula Dam Project.

F 3 Labor, Department of (1962).  Employment Security.

a. Correspondence: re:  state veterans employment representative; complaint concerning state employee office in Oklahoma City.

b. Formal report: re:  Oklahoma Security Review on a monthly basis.

F 4 Labor, Department of (1962).  Oklahoma Veterans Program.

a. Correspondence: re:  appointment as Veterans Employment Representative for Oklahoma; grant from vocational rehabilitation, HEW; Veteran's Re-employment Rights, Bureau of; application/appointment of-veterans Employment Representative for Oklahoma.

b. Address: re:  J. M. Powers, Veteran's Employment Representative for Oklahoma.

c. Pamphlet: re:  Re-employment rights; Announcement of examination for state Veterans Employment Representative.

F 5 Labor, Department of (1962).  Railroads.

a. Correspondence: re:  dispute of the railroad operating unions and the carriers; response to newspaper clip concerning railroads.

b. Newspaper clippings: re:  controversy existing between the railroads and their employees.

F 6 Library of Congress (1962).

a. Correspondence: re:  Legislative Reference Service.

b. Formal report: re:  free trade, tariff legislation, and common markets.

c. Table of information: re:  status of major bills-first session l961.

d. Data element: re:  classification of reports and memos in American Law Division, Legislative Reference Service.

F 7 NASA (1962).

a. Correspondence: re:  aero space lines crafts; Russian space flight conference.

b. Release: re:  news conference on Russian space shot.

c. Bulletin: re:  new gold flow policy.

d. Release: re:  Grumman selected to build LEM.

e. Article: re:  four states received two-thirds of NASA budget.

f. Telegram: re:  Lunar project.

g. Memorandum: re:  James Webb.

F 8 National Guard (1962).

a. Correspondence: re:  Berlin mobilization and deployment; increases in pay for Army technicians.

b. Readers Digest reprint: re:  The Inside Story of "Stairstep".

c. Magazine: re:  the National Guardsman.

F 9 National Science Foundation (1962).

a. Correspondence: re:  amendment of the National Science Foundation Act.

b. Release: re:  National Defense Student Loan Program; announcements for training programs for high school students; science programs of colleges and universities; science faculty fellowship awards.

F10 Navy, Department of the (1962).

a. Correspondence: re:  Sea trials of the USS John Marshall; Defense contracting; Joint travel reg; NROTC students; USS Boxer; Adm. Bird; return of the USS Bainbridge; USS plunger; K. S. Masterson-Chief of the Bureau of Naval Weapons; Navy's new Chief of Information.

b. Magazine: re:  destroyers (60th Anniversary).

c. Newspaper clipping: re:  Admiral Bird.

d. Telegram: re:  appointment of K. S. Masterson as chief of the Bureau of Naval Operations.

e. Memorandum: re:  list of candidates selected for NROTC.

F11 Navy, Department of the (1962).  Naval Ammunition Department.

a. Correspondence: re:  eligibility of employees of U.S. Naval Ammunition Department; shipments from the Naval Depot at McAlester; new commander at the N.A.D; inquiry concerning information about McAlester, Oklahoma; scrap lumber from NAD; add employees as a result of increased work load; new schedule of wages.

b. Announcement: re:  competitive exam for NAD jobs.

c. Newsletter: re:  general NAD news.

d. Pamphlet: re:  general information concerning NAD in McAlester, Oklahoma.

e. Newspaper clippings: re:  USNAD adds to payroll.

f. Memorandum: re: new hires.

g. Information sheet: re:  background information on Amedeo H. Galvani.

F12 Navy, Department of the (1962).  Naval Ammunition Depot.  Plant Location.

a. Correspondence: re:  Carl Albert seeks to interest firms into coming to McAlester, Oklahoma area; beautification of NAD grounds; Aero-Jet.

b. List: re:  Manufactures and Processors in McAlester, Oklahoma.

c. Newspaper clipping: re:  Aero-Jet; Industries consider USNAD for plant locations.

d. Memorandum: re:  footage of unoccupied space at NAD; Navy training programs in Meteorology.

e. Report: re:  detailed inventory of Naval shore facilities-real property.

f. Pamphlet: re:  McAlester, Oklahoma.

F13 Navy, Department of the (1962).  Naval Ammunition Depot.  Plant Location.

Chrysler memorandum: re:  Rejuvenated Chrysler's interest; Albert meeting with Chrysler executive; Chrysler requested data of McAlester, Oklahoma.

F14 Navy, Department of the (1962).  Naval Ammunition Depot.  Plant Location (Lockheed).

a. Correspondence: re:  Capabilities of the Arkansas Basin Industrial Planners; Lockheed's move to McAlester; biography on Mr. Vernon A. Johnson; Model P-3V contract with the Navy.

b. Newspaper clipping: re:  Lockheed's refusing to follow the course of others members of industry.

c. Release: re:  general information of Navy's contract with Lockheed.

d. Memorandum: re:  pyrotechnic deal.

e. Booklet: re:  plans for establishment of a Lockheed subassembly plant in McAlester, Oklahoma.

f. Announcement: re:  date Carl Albert would be in McAlester.

F15 Navy, Department of the (1962).  Naval Ammunition Depot.  Plant Location (Radiaphone).

a. Correspondence: re:  Radiaphone industry in McAlester, Oklahoma; General Electric contract went to a town other than McAlester, Oklahoma.

b. Memorandum: re:  George Hatch called Carl Albert several times about Radiaphone.

F16 Peace Corps (1962).

a. Correspondence: re:  l963 Peace Corps Congressional presentation; Peace Corps statistics; Peace Corps relationships with Southern universities; Acoma Indians and the Foreign Aid Bill of l962; Syllabus for Peace Corps Training Program at the University of Oklahoma; Booklet with pictures and biographies of volunteer trainees now at Norman, Oklahoma; letter of congratulations from Carl Albert to Miss Boatner for being selected as a Peace Corps volunteer.

b. Newspaper clipping: re:  South's race policies bar Peace Corps; view that supports Peace Corps; U.S. Indian Tribe-Acoma-applies for the services of the Peace Corps.

c. Booklet: re:  trainees at the University of Oklahoma.

d. List: re:  list of volunteers chosen for Malaya.

F16b Post Office (1962). General.

F17 Public Works (1962).

Correspondence: re:  governmental in infringement of private enterprise in the construction industry; general construction data.

F18 Public Works (1962). Packwood Lake Project.

F19 Small Business Administration (1962).

Press release: re:  Small Business Administration approved disaster loan; eight company loans totaling $1,199,700 approved; SBA received 960 applications for business loans; during September the SBA approved 540 business, disaster and local development company loans; 1,300 jobs created as direct result of 12 SBA loans made during August; in October, the SBA approved 586 loans of all types.

F20 Small Business Administration (1962).

a. Correspondence: re:  maximum size of loans; New lending program SBA developed in cooperation with the Bankers Association; Assistance to constituents with small business problems; Lending program; Firm was ineligible as a small business for contract award; Loans to local development companies mad through March 31, l962.

b. List: re:  local development companies by States to which section 502 loans granted by SBA.

c. Statement.  Re:  John Horne before subcommittee no.2.

d. Regulations: re:  small business size standards.

e. Pamphlets: re:  obtain financing under Small Business Investment Act of l958; Rural area development; Small construction firms; Limited loan participation plan.

f. Survey: re:  competition, pricing, profits, imports, and taxes.

g. Memorandum: re:  John Savage called for Carl Albert.

F20b St. Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation (1962).

General Advisory Board.

F21 State, Department of (1962). 

a. Correspondence: re:  Project HOPE fund raiser; Employment of foreign officers; Passport policy; Japanese fishing in waters off Alaska; Congressional Committees plans for trips abroad; Foreign aid program; State-Commerce Agreement on International Commercial Activities; Progress of the Alliance for Progress.

b. Information sheet: re:  passport applicants.

c. Pamphlet: re:  Goals of U.S. foreign policy.

d. Reader's Digest reprint: re:  "We Can Be Proud of Our Foreign Service."

e. Congressional Record Summary: re:  Committee satellite bill approved by Foreign Relations Committee.

f. Reminder: re:  Foreign policy briefing.

g. Telegram: re:  town affiliation program.

F22 State, Department of (1962).  Africa.

a. Correspondence: re:  Angolan problem; Missionary in Libya deported

b. Statement for the Press:  Africa and food for peace; The United Nations Plan for the Congo; Adlai E. Stevenson in Plenary Session on Angola.

c. Telegram: re:  missionary in Libya.

d. Newspaper clipping: re:  Catholic labels on food bags used in foreign relief.

F23 State, Department of (1962).  Agency for International Development.

a. Correspondence: re:  Latin American housing program proposal; Administrator of the A.I.D; American private enterprise in development of lesser developed countries.

b. Memorandum: re:  Aids to Business.

c. Pamphlet: re:  International development contract operations.

d. Press release: re:  Oklahoma contracts; Aid-financed overseas orders;

e. Booklet: re:  trade opportunities for American Suppliers.

f. Pamphlet: re:  the alliance for progress.

F24 State, Department of (1962).  Communism.

a. Correspondence: re:  Freeing servicemen in Communist countries; Communism in Latin America.

b. Report: re:  Failures of communists; Sino-Soviet economic offensive.

c. Newspaper clipping: re:  State Department policy on changes in Red China.

F25 State, Department of (1962).  Congo.

Correspondence: re:  unity in the Congo.

F26 State, Department of (1962).  Cuba .

a. Correspondence: re: exclusion of Cuba from the OAS; Castro's regime in Cuba and the possible liberation of Communist China.

b. Memorandum: re:  regional briefings on the Cuban situation.

c. Secret paper: re:  shipping to Cuba.

d. News release: re: Castro Regime in Cuba; Sino-Soviet block military aid to Cuba.

e. Pamphlet: re:  the cause of Cuba.

F27 State, Department of (1962).  Disarmament.

a. Correspondence: re:  UN force to replace national armies; Test ban proposals from USA.

b. Statement: re:  joint statement of U.S. President and the Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom.

c. Brochure: re:  treason treaty.

F28 State, Department of (1962).  Foreign Visitors.

Correspondence: re:  foreign heads of states to address a joint meeting of Congress.

F29 State, Department of (1962).  Latin America.

Press release: re:  British Guiana's program for economic and social development.

F30 State, Department of (1962).  U.S.S.R..

a. Correspondence: re:  Izvestia article concerning American democracy; U. S. spy plane over USSR.

b. Newspaper article: re:  comparisons between USA and USSR democracy.

c. U.S. reply: re:  Soviet note of U.S. violation of Soviet air space.

d. Newspaper clipping: re:  U.S. draft seeks pledge on peace.

F31 State, Department of (1962).  United Nations.

a. Correspondence: re: briefing materials on UN General Assembly; committee on peaceful uses of outer space.

b. News release: re:  A. Stevenson statement to UN in Plenary Session; UN finance of peace-keeping operations in Congo and Middle East; The UN and the real world.

c. Summary: re:  World Court opinion concerning UN assemblies for peace-keeping operations.

F32 State, Department of (1962).  Viet Nam.

a. Correspondence: re:  policies in South Vietnam.

b. Pamphlet: re:  Vietnam free world challenge in Asia.

c. Report: re:  American aid to Vietnam; Record of accomplishment of U.S. economic aid to Vietnam.

d. Article reprint: re:  what U.S. did in Southeast Asia.

F33 Supreme Court (1962)..

Telegram: re:  appointment of Arthur Goldberg to Supreme Court.

F34 Tariff Commission (1962).

a. Correspondence: re: Broomcorn industry; Softwood lumber; Importation of residual oil.

b. Report: re:  Brooms made of Broomcorn.

F35 Tariff Commission (1962).  Zinc.

a. Correspondence: re:  import quotas and reduction in tariff zinc concentrates.

b. Memorandum: re:  tariff Commission's investigation of lead and zinc industry.

F36 Tennessee Valley Authority (1962).

Summary: re:  power exchange arrangements.  Tennessee Valley Authority and all participating electric companies.

F37 Treasury, Department of (1962).

Correspondence: re:  commerce with Cuba; treasury borrowing of Swiss francs; advisory committee.

F38 Treasury, Department of (1962).  Coast Guard.

a. Correspondence: re:  second annual coast guard report of boating accidents.

b. Report.  recreational boating in the U.S., a report on accidents, numbering, and related activities.

c. Data card: re:  U.S. Coast Guard liaison information.

F39 Treasury, Department of (1962).  Comptroller of the Currency.

a. Correspondence: re:  collateral repurchase agreement; merger of banks; line of credit extended by bank to an automobile leasing company; sell textile machinery to a foreign buyer.

b. Statement: re:  bank merger; bank moves branch office; banks apply to consolidate.

c. Bulletin: re:  new bank applications.

d. News release: re:  personnel changes.

e. Regulations: re:  collective investment of trust funds; bond issues for purchase by national banks.

F40 Treasury, Department of (1962).  Internal Revenue Service.

a. Correspondence: re:  IRS regulations; IRS agents help congressmen with income tax returns; construction of bomb proof shelters; federal excise tax payments by Southeastern State College; expense accounts; income tax penalties.

b. Bulletin: re:  possible government publications for tax information.

F41 Veterans Administration (1962).

a. Correspondence: re:  closing of the V.A; Liaison Service; Increase veterans disability compensation; Resume of activities in the 87th Congress; Reappointment of a new director; Elimination of itinerant contact services to Ardmore; Pension benefits for a widow of a Spanish-American War'; Purchase of Uniforms.

b. Form: re:  hospital treatment.

c. List: re:  V.A. offices in U.S.

d. Pamphlet: re:  an Act Public Law 87-645; News veteran's pension law; Federal benefits for veterans and dependents.

e. Information slide ruler: re:  veterans Administration hospitals.

F41b White House (1962).

Presidential messages.

F41c White House (1962).

a. Correspondence re: steel; juvenile delinquency

b. Clippings

F42 Agriculture, Department of (1963).

a. Correspondence: re:  surplus food as an economic and military tool; World food Congress and Congress; Stillwater office received cutbacks; "Food Faddists"; Research facilities proposal for Oklahoma State University; Over-all Economic Development program completed for Love County, Oklahoma; Views on Farm Program.

b. Memorandum: re:  Department of Agriculture office hours; Jobs in Agriculture; Farm price and income figures. 

c. Bulletin: re:  farm life.

d. Pamphlet.  Re:  23,000,000 agriculture related jobs.

e. Booklet: re:  Demand and price situation..

F43 Agriculture, Department of (1963).  Agricultural Research Service.

a. Correspondence: re:  Plant Quarantine #37.

b. Memorandum: re:  rumor Dr. Brady named to position in Department of Agriculture over Agriculture Research Service, Cooperative State Research and other divisions.

F44 Agriculture, Department of (1963).  Agricultural Stabilization/Conservation Service.

a. Correspondence: re:  plight of the small dirt farmer; Supervisors of the Soil Conservation District; A.S.C.S. funds; ACP Handbook; A.S.C.S. programs; Furnishing names and addresses to commercial; A.S.C. programs administered; A.S.C. convention in Oklahoma City; Conservation program in Oklahoma.

b. Appointment of Oklahoma State Agriculture Stabilization and Conservation Commission.

c. News release: re:  new member named to Oklahoma Association.

d. Table: re:  Financial analysis of program.

e. Pamphlet: re:  ASC handbook.  Ag. Conservation Program.

f. Telegram: re:  ASC convention.

F45 Agriculture, Department of (1963).  Appropriations.

Pamphlet: re:  Department of Agriculture and related appropriation bill.

F46 Agriculture, Department of (1963).  Beef Imports.

a. Correspondence: re:  tariff on beef imports; Cattle growers of Oklahoma; Hearings before the U.S. Tariff Commission; Glutted beef market in U. S; Labeling of foreign meat products; Reduce imports; Statistical information concerning beef imports to the U.S.; wire over beef imports.

b. Bulletin: re:  22 million pounds of beef on way to U.S. from Australia.

c. Newspaper: re:  hike in tariff urged; Area cattlemen meet.

d. Newsletter: re:  study of cattle and beef import.

e. Bill: re:  duties on cattle, beef and veal import.

F47 Agriculture, Department of (1963).  Cattle.

Correspondence: re:  USDA proposal to effect new beef grading system.

F48 Agriculture, Department of (1963).  Commodity Credit Corporation.

a. Correspondence: re:  cotton storage rates; USDA hearing on cotton storage.

b. Financial statement: re:  realized loss (or gain) and CCC costs.

c. Study: re:  equalization of CCC owned wheat stocks; Storage of Government owned cotton.

d. Summary: re:  request to compete for storage of government owned cotton.

e. Statement: re:  warehousing be maintained in the areas of production.

F49 Agriculture, Department of (1963).  Cotton.

Correspondence: re:  beginning research project at Chickasha; Proposed change of method of determining storage fees for government owned cotton; Mechanical cotton picker.

F50 Agriculture, Department of (1963).  Dairy.

Correspondence: re:  judgement in the Metzger law suit; Pricing relief sought by dairy farmers; Price increase of 10 cents per l00 pounds in bottling milk prices paid producers; Hearing by dairy branch of Department of Agriculture on price increase.

F51 Agriculture, Department of (1963).  Drought Assistance.

a. Correspondence: re:  drought conditions in Southeastern Oklahoma; Certification by Governor for need of drought assistance; Poteau newspaper-Farmers and ranchers seeking assistance because of drought; Determine the extent of drought damage; Statewide survey of Oklahoma; Relief from the federal government; Reduction of freight rates in areas stricken by drought; Emergency loans; Livestock Feed Program; Carl Albert defends freedom.

b. Newspaper clippings: re:  Governor Bellmon gets plea for drought aid.

c. Map: re:  status of drought emergency Program.

d. News release: re:  approval of drought assistance; Government owned grain offered at reduced prices.

e. Telegram: re:  Latimer County eligible for drought relief; Beef import problem; Emergency drought loans.

f. Photo: re:  Albert and others around table watching Freeman approve disaster relief.

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