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Box 42

Box 43:  Agriculture (1963) - GSA (1963).

F 1 Agriculture, Department of (1963).  Farmers Home Administration.

a. Correspondence: re:  Watershed loan for Wilburton; Emergency loans; Housing program; Information on publications of the Farmers Home.

b. Telegram: re:  Emergency drought loans.

c. Newspaper clipping: re:  presentation of checks for a new Wilburton water system.

F 2 Agriculture, Department of (1963).  Food Stamps

a. Correspondence: re:  Federal food stamp program in Choctaw.

b. Newspaper clipping: re:  Program rejected by State due to too high minimum standards.

c. Memorandum: re:  food stamp pilot programs.

F 3 Agriculture, Department of (1963).  Forest Service.

a. Correspondence: re:  Accelerated Public Works Program for forestry preservation; Management of National Forests; Pulpwood industry facts.

b. Handbook: re:  Pulpwood industry facts.

c. Telegram: re:  Allocation of $5.5 million for National Forest Service accelerated public works project.

d. Report: re: opportunities for forestry.

F 4 Agriculture, Department of (1963).  Forest Service.  Ouachita National Forest (Open Range).

a. Correspondence: re:  Officers of the Kiamichi Cattlemen`s Association; Closing of the open range; Opposition to the grazing policies; Hog removal program; Keep range open; Legal authority under which the Forest Service acted when closing the open range.

b. Newspaper clipping: re:  ranchers driven out of the country.

c. Map: re:  Ouachita National Forest.

d. Telegram: re:  Hog grazing.

e. Business card: re:  John T. Koen.

f. Memorandum: re: Deadline for hogs passed.

F 5 Agriculture, Department of (1963).  Forest Service.  Ouachita National Forest (Open Range).

a. Correspondence: re:  opposition to proposed closing of the open range.

b. Petition: re:  signatures of legal residents opposed to the proposed closing of the open range.

F 6 Agriculture, Department of (1963).  Forest Service.  Ouachita National Forest (Skyline Drive)

a. Correspondence: re:  land acquisition in the Ouachita National Forest for purpose of permitting acquisition of right-of-way for Skyline Drive from Mena.

b. Newspaper clipping: re:  scenic drive.  Funds set up for land on Skyline Drive.

c. Memorandum: re:  meeting with group regarding Skyline Dr. in Arkansas-Oklahoma.

F 7 Agriculture, Department of (1963).  Grain.

a. Correspondence: re:  Cereal leaf beetle problem; buying surplus corn and milo-maze from government storage.

b. Pamphlet: re:  watching for the cereal leaf beetle.

F 8 Agriculture, Department of (1963).  Grain Storage.

a. Correspondence: re:  Distribution of available surplus grain storage facilities located in Oklahoma; Storage of Government owned cotton.

b. Statistics: re:  CCC stocks all grains.

c. Release: re:  pricing policy for CCC wheat to meet expanded export needs announced.

d. Storage of CCC, Government owned grain and support prices.

e. Telegram: re:  price supports in Kansas compared to supports in Oklahoma.

F 9 Agriculture, Department of (1963).  Livestock.

Correspondence: re:  Presidents l963 tax message with respect to the gain from the sale of livestock.

F10 Agriculture.  Peanuts (1962-l963).

a. Correspondence: re:  Resolution passed by farmers; department of Agriculture lunch and direct distribution program; Peanut research laboratory at Dawson, Georgia; Peanut price support differentials; Distribution of research funds; Luncheon on the 4th of October; Agriculture Appropriations Bill;

b. Newspaper clipping: re:  City of Dawson, Georgia launched all-out effort for lab.

c. Statement: re:  opposition to $1.6 million for construction of a peanut marketing research facility at Dawson, Georgia.

F11 Agriculture, Department of (1963).  Rural Development

Report: re:  Rural areas development tour - South Indiana.

F12 Agriculture, Department of (1963).  Rural Electrification Administration.

Correspondence: re:  Rural electrification Administration secretive method that the office uses in making loans.

F13 Agriculture, Department of (1962-1963).  Rural Electrification Administration.  NRECA.

a. Correspondence: re:  views of the rural electric consumer-owners.

b. Report: re:  resolution.

c. Newsletter: re: Industry net income rebounds; Pork barrel.

d. Memorandum: re:  Bob Partridge of NRECA.

F14 Agriculture, Department of (1963).  Rural Electrification Administration Oklahoma Co-ops.

a. Correspondence: re:  Capital credit payments; Funds to construct the Mooreland Power Plant; Criticizing an editorial, "Turn On The Light."; Interconnections linking systems in Northwest Oklahoma with Western Farmers Electric Cooperative; Community antenna system in Broken Bow with funds from Rural Electrification Administration loan; Telephone call from Pine Telephone Company of Broken Bow; Families in Lake West Area to receive telephone service; Efforts to bring Rural Electrification Administration under jurisdiction of the Federal Power Commission; Carl Albert believes in Lyndon Johnson ability to handle the problems of the rural American; Approval by Area Development Administration of $2,000 technical assistance; Rural Electrification Administration approved loan to Rural Electric Co-op, Inc.

b. Pamphlet: re:  Electric Co-ops.

c. Resolutions: re:  Free enterprise electric co-ops.

F15 Agriculture, Department of (1963). Rural Electrification Administration.

a. Reader's Digest article.

F16 Agriculture, Department of (1963).  Soil Conservation Service.

a. Correspondence: re:  Watershed planning funds; Requests for funds; Valliant Soil Conservation Board; Increase in appropriations; Upstream flood prevention projects in Oklahoma; Duck pond project; Survey report on Shilder Reservoir, Salt Creek, Oklahoma; Sans Bois Creek Watershed application; Coalgate Water Reservoir Project; Rock Creek watershed in Latimer and LeFlore counties.

b. Report: re:  Authorization for planning assistance on watershed applications; Washita River Sub-Watersheds; Watershed work in Oklahoma; Developing plan for Poteau River Basin.

c. Newspaper clippings: re:  Upstream flood control in Oklahoma.

d. Information: re:  congress considered a 36-new start limitation.

F17 Agriculture, Department of (1962-1963).  Soil Conservation Service.

a. Newsletters: re: Watershed protection and flood prevention l962; State meeting of Oklahoma Association of Soil and Water; Liberalizing watershed financing; increase in USDI financing; pecan tree; Public hearing on water board.

b. Newspaper clippings: re:  Bermuda grass hit by disease in Oklahoma

c. Magazine article: re:  upstream flood control.

d. Report: re:  resource conservation and development project in Oklahoma.

F18 Agriculture, Department of (1963).  Soil Conservation Service (Small Watershed Act) (1962).

a. Correspondence: re:  Progress report on the Watershed Program in Oklahoma; Budget recommendations for the Upstream Watershed Program.

b. Report: re:  Status of program in Oklahoma; Timber Creek Watershed Project annual progress summary.

c. Act: re:  HR-8750.  Watershed Protection and Flood Prevention Act.

d. Pamphlet: re:  outdoor recreation in small watershed projects.

F19 Agriculture, Department of (1963).  Sugar (1962).

a. Correspondence: re:  U.S. administration's global sugar quota plan.

b. Fact sheet: re:  high sugar prices.

c. Newspaper clipping: re:  critics of global sugar quotas.

d. Memorandum: re:  the Holly Sugar Company.

F20 Agriculture, Department of (1963).  Wheat.

a. Correspondence: re:  Shipment of wheat to Austria; Kansas farmers allowed to plant wheat acreage in grain sorghums; Newly designed wheat sample display folder; Resignation of Executive Officer to return to Department of Agriculture.

b. Newsletter: re:  Common market becoming a reality; U.S. Wheat Industry approaching critical period.

c. Telegram: re:  U.S. wheat deal with U.S.S.R.

d. News release: re: announcement l964 Wheat Program.

e. Regulation: re:  official grain standards of the U.S.A.

f. Statement of Policy: re:  the U.S. wheat situation in l962.

F21 Air Force, Department of the (1963).

a. Correspondence: re:  Col.  Sims completed tour of duty; Appendix M of Air Force Manual 35-11L; Promotion of Airman First Class James L. William; Abuses of the veterans preference law at Tinker Air Force Base; Chartered planes for the transporting military dependents; Support for Senator John McClellan and his committee on the TFX plan; Reinstatement of the mandatory Class Q allotment; Special Assistant for Manpower, Personnel and Reserve Forces; Air Force officer inquiry concerning duty hours and hardships; B-58 supersonic training flights; OCAMA activities during l962; Status of civilian employees who are Ready Reservists.

b. Department of Defense Instruction: re:  Special screening program for employees who are Ready Reservists.

F22 Army, Department of the (1963).

a. Correspondence: re:  Protesting the closing of Ft. Chaffee; Free workman's compensation for military personnel employed on a part-time basis; Korean armistice; White Sands Missile Range Contract; New policy of the Armed Services concerning payment of allotments to dependents; Nomination to the rank of Major General.

b. Information sheet: re: Base allowance for quarters and class Q allotments; Discharge of enlisted personnel on account of dependency or hardship; Retention in an active status.

F23 Army, Department of the (1963).  Judge Advocate General.

a. Pamphlet: re:  Judge Advocate legal service.

b. Bulletin: re:  amending the manual for courts-martial.

c. Army Regulations.  military justice non-judicial punishment.

F24 Army, Department of the (1963).  Corps of Engineers.

a. Correspondence: re:  Request for map of proposed Sherwood Reservoir; Mountain Creek Project; Plans for land-based recreational facilities; Grants for moving homes to Valliant; Department of Wildlife conservation lease land owned by the Army; Construction of embankment and dike at the Broken Bow Dam; Information about Boggy Dam; Pine Creek Reservoir; Poteau's water supply problem.

b. Map: re:  Hugo Reservoir, Oklahoma.

c. Question and Answer Data: re:  Marine Engineering.

d. General specifications: re:  Deck loads, root loads, and wind loads.

e. Engineering specifications: re:  wave action.

f. Brochure: re:  MEECO marinas.

g. Telegram: re:  Contract awarded; Bids on FT. Sill BOQ; Broken Bow Dam construction-low bidder; Preliminary investigation on Mountain Creek, LeFlore County, at Wister.

h. Memorandum: re:  cost of reservoir.  Corps of Engineers.

i. Announcement: re:  3 new personnel assignments.

F25 Army Engineer.  Arkansas Basin (Non-Eufaula).

a. Correspondence: re:  Property owners in the Tenkiller Lake area; Project constructed by the Grand River Dam Authority; Banquet of the Arkansas Basin Development Association.

b. Map: re:  Arkansas River and tributaries.

c. Agenda sheet: re:  ABDA meeting.

d. U.S. News and World Report reprint: re:  "Seaports" for Oklahoma.

F26 Army, Department of the (1963). Corps of Engineers.  Central Oklahoma Project.

a. Correspondence: re:  hearing which pertained to navigation.

b. Announcement: re:  Central Oklahoma navigation plan.

c. Map: re:  Southeastern Oklahoma counties.

d. Telegram: re:  Public hearing on Central Oklahoma Project.

F27 Army, Department of the (1963). Engineers.  Eufaula Reservoir.

a. Correspondence: re:  Gaines Creek area of the Eufaula Reservoir project; Clear timber and brush along the shoreline of Lake Eufaula; Improvement of Road P28 and P30; Land available for public hunting; Agricultural purposes in the Fame bottoms area.

b. Map: re:  Lake Eufaula.

c. Petition: re:  Clear land along shoreline so people may develop land for personal use.

d. Telegram: re:  Farmers in Fame Bottoms; Low Bidder for construction of roads, parking areas, and boat ramps.

e. Memo: re:  Contract award.

F28 Army, Department of the (1963). Corps of Engineers.  Grazing Questions.

a. Correspondence: re:  protesting the action of Corps of Engineers in licensing to the Oklahoma Wildlife Conservation Department 20,000 acres of government owned land in Wagoner County.

b. Memorandum: re:  inquiry from Senator Clem Hamilton about Wister Lake leases.

F29 Army, Department of the (1963).  Corps of Engineers.  Lake Texoma

a. Correspondence: re:  Extension of the Briar Creek road; Construction of a park adjoining the swimming area of the Methodist Camp; possible pollution of Tishomingo water supply by operation of Denison Reservoir.

b. Memorandum: re:  cash settlement of Tishomingo.

F30 Budget, Bureau of the (1963).

a. Correspondence: re:  99 billion dollar budget; Budget.  $300,000 for Red River levees; $1,500,000 for construction of Short Mountain Dam; Operation and maintenance of Eufaula Reservoir.

c. Bulletin: re:  Budget reference material.

d. Memorandum: re:  Oklahoma projects in budget for fiscal year l963.

F31 Atomic Energy Commission (1963).

a. Correspondence: re:  coal organizations protest civilian nuclear power program.

b. Pamphlet: re:  text of remarks presented to the annual Conference of Atomic Industrial Forum.

F32 Civil Aeronautics Board (1963).

a. Correspondence: re:  Passenger carriers limited to carrying only the cargo which can carried in their jet belly compartments; C.A.B. standards.

b. Newsletter.  re:  C.A.B. action on airfreight.

F33 Civil Aeronautics Board (1963).  Airlines Subsidies

a. Correspondence: re:  Chamber of Commerce's resolution relating to local airline subsidies; Reduction of subsidies to the local service airlines.

b. Pamphlet: re:  Central Airlines.

F34 Civil Aeronautics Board.  Ardmore Service

a. Correspondence:  re:  Termination of air service to Ardmore; Two-week extension for submitting petitions.

b. Opinion sheet: re:  Southwestern area local service case.

c. Petition: re:  petition for reconsideration in the Southwestern area local service case.

d. Newspaper article: re:  Air service fight.

e. Telegram: re:  termination of air service to Ardmore.

f. Memorandum: re:  phone call from Andy Riddle.

F35 Civil Defense (1963).

a. Correspondence: re:  Social science position; Oklahoma civil Defense Stockholders Report, l961-63; Civil Defense material; Procurement of Communications equipment to be used by Sheriff's department; Federal Funds available to McAlester; Receipt of the Federal Disaster Assistance Handbook; Surplus fire truck; Approval of application for procurement of communications equipment; Procurement of mobile radio equipment, light duty rescue vehicle; Fire truck problem.

b. Pamphlet: re:  Oklahoma emergency operating center; Federal Disaster assistance handbook. 

c. Newsletter: re:  Sign Of The Times.  Special edition for Carl Albert; Test ban treaty.

F36 Civil Defense (1963).  Fallout Shelters

a. Correspondence: re:  Survey of existing shelter space in the U.S.A.; Summary data for Oklahoma on the Civil Defense Fallout Shelter Survey; Fallout shelter in post office and federal building in Wilburton, Oklahoma; Bill to set up a fallout shelter program; Converting mines into bomb proof housing and shelters.

b. Report: re:  National Shelter Survey.

c. Newspaper clippings: re:  Poteau football linemen.

d. Bulletin: re:  Statement by R.S. McNamara on Civil Defense; Underground building in Poteau, Oklahoma.

F37 Civil Service Commission (1963).

a. Correspondence: re:  Discrimination and unfair employment practices; Appointment of Gracie Pfost to Civil Service Commission; Written exam for men for appointment to the U.S. Air Force Academy, U.S. Merchant Marine Academy, U.S. Military Academy, and U.S. Merchant Marine; Garnishing the Salary of a civil service employee; Wage board pay rates protested at TAFB.

b. Fact sheet: re:  Army and Air Force wage reports.

c. Petition: re:  TAFB pay rates.

d. Notice: re:  places where civil Service examinations are held.

e. Announcement: re:  Stenographer job available.

f. Memorandum: re:  Contact the Army/Air Force Wage Board.

F38 Commerce, Department of (1963).

a. Correspondence: re:  Trade Mission Program; Admission and training of cadets at the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy; U.S. private investment in Latin America; Economic illiteracy of the average American citizen; Election of mayor of Lone Grove, Oklahoma; Export on expansion booklet; Increase in the price of Coca-cola fountain syrup; Overall Economic Development Program; Attorney engaged in the practice of patent law.

b. Release: re:  appointment of John S. Stillman as Deputy to the Secretary for Congressional Relations.

c. Pamphlet: re:  Profits:  the key to progress.

F39 Commerce, Department of (1963).  Census, Bureau of.

Correspondence: re: phenomenal growth in northern Kentucky.

F40 Commerce, Department of (1963).  Public Roads, Bureau of

a. Correspondence: re:  Road passing through Big Cedar; Survey made for I-35 from Purcell, Oklahoma South to near Marietta, Oklahoma; Access road problem submitted by Durant Chamber of Commerce; New Mexico's anti-bypass act; Design of sections of U.S. Highway 70 in Durant area.

b. Article: re:  Bridge claims 2nd life in 9 days.

c. Brochure: re:  Information about Pauls Valley, Oklahoma.

F41 Defense, Department of (1963).

a. Correspondence: re:  North American Saturn Intercommunication Set Proposal; Saturn Missile program; Contract award by Seiscor; Advanced Development Program.  (ADP); Cost of uniforms and instructors for high school R.O.T.C.; Medical care at Tinker Air Force Base; Study of sniper rifle proposals; Sea trials of the USS BARB; Report Fort Chaffee may be closed; Changes in Ling-Temco - Vought organizational structure.

b. Pamphlet: re:  Facts about American Red Cross Services for military personnel.

c. Petition: re:  Cancellation of the "Skybolt" program.

d. Statement: re:  Construction of fallout shelters.

e. Telegram: re:  Fort Chaffee on list to be inactivated.

F42 Farm Credit Board (1963).

Memorandum: re:  K. Anderson appointed to Federal Farm Credit Board.

F43 Federal Aviation Administration (1963).

a. Correspondence: re:  Addendum No. 1; Change private licenses of pilots; International Institute of Space Law meeting.

b. Report: re:  Burnelli Avionics Corporation.

c. Brochure: re: Career opportunities for aircraft mechanic.

d. Statement: re:  Formulation of space law.

e. Regulations: re:  Federal procurement.

f. Announcement: re:  New air navigation facilities and equipment program.

F44 Federal Aviation Administration (1963).  Ardmore.

a. Correspondence: re:  Number of instrument approaches at Ardmore Airpark; Lake Murray Airstrip project; F.A.A. approved application for increase in grant for Ardmore airport project to permit extension of runway to 3,000 feet.

b. Newspaper article: re:  Airstrip bid.

c. Memorandum: re: permit extension of Ardmore airport runway.

F45 Federal Aviation Administration (1963).  Other Oklahoma Project (1962).

a. Correspondence: re:  Federal aid Airport Program - include Idabel Municipal; Improving the local airport for Valliant, Oklahoma; F.A.A. had not approved El Reno's application for $70,000; Oklahoma Aeronautic Commission.

b. Report: re:  Federal aid Airport Program.

c. Pamphlet: re:  El Reno's library.

F46 Federal Communications Commission (1963).

a. Correspondence: re:  Better broadcast and TV reception for Wilburton, Oklahoma; Limiting daytime radio stations for 500 watts of power before sunrise; CBS survey of what public likes in television; Programming of TV stations; Public Safety applications pending for McCurtain County, Oklahoma; Two-way radio for Union Cab Co. in Durant; Jack Pear show; Lifting 50kw ceiling; Fairness Doctrine; Regulations of CATV.

b. Articles: re:  CCBS ask to go above 50 kw ceiling; New ambulance for Durant; Poteau gets new TV channels; McAlester T.V. Jam.

c. Report: re:  FCC reply to two broadcast station inquiries; Comments of the Michigan Association of Broadcasters; Fees for Commission's licensing and regulatory activities' Additional VHF channel to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Biography of Walter B. Emry.

d. Pamphlet: re:  American Television.

e. Pamphlet: re:  American television.

f. Memorandum: re:  applications for citizens radio licenses.

F47 Federal Communications Commission (1963).  Commercial Practice:  Dockets 15803.

a. Correspondence: re:  Restrict commercial practices of radio; Adoption of N.A.B. commercial standards as part of FCC rules; Limiting commercial time.

b. Order: re:  Advertising on standard, FM, and Television Broadcast Stations.

c. Memorandum: re:  Senator Monroney not going to appear before FCC for oral argument.

F48 Federal Power Commission (1963).

a. Correspondence: re:  FPC and Arkansas Louisiana Gas Companies gas purchases in Western Oklahoma.

b. Memorandum: re:  regulatory treatment given investment tax credit.

c. Report: re:  applicability of parts I and II of the Federal Power Act to rural electric cooperatives.

F49 Federal Reserve (1963).

Correspondence: re:  Silver standard.

F50 Federal Trade Commission (1963).

Memorandum: re:  Milk price war in Atoka; Mr. Fletcher Cohn in FTC wants transfer.

F51 General Accounting Office (1963).

Correspondence: re:  Federal Reimbursement for the operation of the Veterans Ward at Norman, Oklahoma.

F52 General Services Administration (1963).

a. Correspondence: re:  location of a new post office and its present building converted to a Federal building to house all Federal Agencies.

b. Agenda: re:  Federal Motor Equipment Management Conference.

c. Memorandum: re:  10 acres of unimproved land for sale by GSA.

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